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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Sexual Experience - Stanley

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 22:13:39 +0100
From: John McQuillium <>
Subject: Stanley


The following is a true account of my second gay sexual partner. Comments
gratefully received at

It contains gay sex between me and an older teen. Usual blurb about don't
read if you are underage, etc.

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After losing my virginity to two sexy French boys I met at a nudist camp
over there I returned to England eager to find other boys who might be into
that kind fun. In the school showers or down the local pool I looked to
see if other boys looked at me as lustfully as Noel and Belen did. However
I didn't get any signals that may were gay although I would eventually cop
off with some of the lads from my school. Instead my next sexual partner
came from the youth rugby team I was a member of. I played at number 10 as
although I had good definition for my age I wasn't big enough to play the
other positions. Beside I had a good kicking aim and was a fast runner.
There was a system where the older teams mentored the younger ones. At our
club we had under 10's, under 14's, under 16's, under 18's, under 21's and
adult teams. Mentoring happened once you got into the under 14's team
onwards. The under 18's would coach the under 14's & 16's whereas the
adults coached the under 18's & 21's. It was through this system that I
met my next sexual partner.

Stanley was a very sexy 17 year old on the under 18's squad. He was a
new joiner to the club but his skills quickly got him on the team. From
the moment he first mentored me I was smitten. He truly was stunning in
every sense of the word. He had dark blond hair that he wore in a close
cropped buzz cut. He had dreamy blue eyes and lush lips that begged to be
kissed. His face was pale, flawless and a real head turner. He was
wearing the team dark blue and red skin tight rugby top which hugged his
well defined body perfectly. The armbands were taught around his defined
biceps, his lightly haired lower arms on show. Through the tight material
of his top you could see he had a toned chest and fit stomach. Below he
was wearing the team dark blue satiny rugby shorts which hugged his firm
pert arse and showed off his pale, wonderfully sexy, well toned, lightly
haired legs. For some reason I really get turned on by guy's legs and
Stanley had a hot pair. I don't think it was love at first sight but it
was definitely intense lust.

During that first session Stanley coached 4 of us, two from my team and
two from the under 16's. I have to admit my aim was off that time due to
the constant boner Stanley had given me. After the session the fear of
being made fun of because I had a boner was sufficient to deflate it.
However when I saw Stanley naked in the showers after it threatened to rise
again but luckily didn't. In his rugby kit he looked hot as hell, naked he
could make you cum. Trying to be discrete I took in his stunning face
before dropping my gaze to his chest. It was pale, silky smooth and well
toned. It wasn't a bulging chest but very well defined with pinky brown
nipples. He had a pale silky smooth washboard stomach that didn't have a
treasure trail. He had a small trim bush of blondish pubes above a pale,
nice sized looking cock. Hanging below, in a tight hairless sack, were a
pair of average sized balls. My gaze then took in the sight of pale well
toned thighs that were lightly haired, whereas his lower legs had a
slightly denser covering of blond hairs. When he turned around I was able
to see his very sexy, rock hard, pert, pale smooth arse. Needless to say
when I got home I wanked myself so silly my cock almost dropped off.
Although I still had great mental pictures of Noel and Belen and sometimes
I still thought of them when I wanked it was Stanley who was replacing
them. No disrespect to them they played an important part of my life and
yes Stanley was better looking than them in some respects. All three had
really sexy faces, which is my biggest turn on but Stanley also had a
buffer body which comes seconds. On top of that memory fades yet every
Saturday I got to see Stanley in his sexy rugby kit and then naked in the

Perving on Stanley became the most exciting point of my rugby training
but that added as a spur. Sure kicking with a boner threatened my place on
the team the first couple of sessions but then I managed to keep my cock in
control and kept on the team. This went on for a couple of months before I
started to notice him looking at me in the showers too. To start with I
thought it was him busting me perving on him and quickly looked away.
However after a couple sessions we both seemed to be eyeing each other up.
Again self doubt kicked in. There was no way this hot hunk older teen
would be interested in me. At the time I didn't know what I had because I
was fairly inexperienced, although maybe more so than most lads my age.
When I was 13.9 years old I was already developing a toned body from
playing rugby in winter and cricket in the summer. I also did a lot of
swimming and spending hours riding my bike. My golden tanned arms were
topped with biceps that were already developing. My chest also had pencil
line tone that in later life would develop into a well sculpted chest. My
stomach was flat and firm leading to my small tuft of blondish pubes. I
had a great firm bubble butt that was as golden tanned as the rest of me as
was my cock that was big for a boy my age. It was about 4 inches soft and
6 inches hard. It was also thicker than average. I knew this from
checking out the other boys at nudist camps and the school showers. It
would finally top out at a meaty 10 inches. I also had well toned golden
tanned legs that were silky smooth. By now my cum was quite thick, I
produced loads and shot it miles. It was my cute innocent face, all over
tan and big cock that grabbed Stanley's attention.

As I would find out from Stanley it was all the eye contact we made on
the pitch and in the shower that prompted him to make a move. At the time
this happened as we were both gay we were technically underage age was the
age of consent was 21 in the UK. However he was over 16 which was the age
of consent for straights so if we got caught he'd be in deep trouble. I
was prevented from making a move because on the one hand I didn't think
such a sexy older teen would be interested in me, not realising my own
assets and on the other hand petrified of anyone on the team finding out I
was gay. Luckily for me he plucked up the courage. It was after a
training session where we'd all showered, changed and were heading home.
Stanley caught me on my own and said I was doing really well and did I want
more training sessions. I loved rugby and wanted to do well at it which
was more than enough to say yes but as it would mean spending more time
with Stanley made it a definite certainty. Needless to say I readily
agreed. With this knowledge he set his plan into motion. He invited me to
his house on Wednesday evening as he knew his parents would be at their
Bridge club.

Stanley told me to wear sports kit as he would show me exercises to get a
body as defined as his. Even if I didn't want to do well in rugby, which I
did, I sure wanted a body as hot as his. Over the first couple of
extracurricular Wednesday night sessions he drew up and exercise plan for
me. It involved lots of sit ups, push ups, squat thrust, leg raises and
cardiovascular exercised. It must have been good as I always went home
with my muscles burning. By now it was July in England and believe it or
not we get the occasional good summer and this was one of them. So
Stanley's room got quite stuffy even though we had the windows open. It
was because of this that I thought that is why Stanley suggested we just
exercise topless. I was more than interested in this. I loved seeing his
pale, well toned body start to bead up and glisten with sweat. The best
bit was holding his ankles as he did sit ups. I got a close up view of his
shapely, light haired lowers legs as well as watching his pale silky smooth
six pack stomach rippling. Sure I confess I tried to sneak peeks up the
leg of his shorts but he had undies on which stopped me getting any decent

After a few couple of topless sessions Stanley popped the crunch
question. "You fancy me don't you?" Immediately I was hit by a wave of
conflicting emotions. I felt sick that I was busted as a fag, I was
worried about what he was going to do to me and I was excited at the slim
prospected he might be gay too. With his close cropped dark blond hair,
deep voice and buff body he certainly didn't look gay. Excuse me here as I
was barely 14 at the time, struggling to come to terms with my sexuality
and although I knew it went against who I was I thought gay people were
effeminate. My answer to his question was to blush bright red which was
probably as much of an affirmative as if I'd have vocally said yes.
Stanley certainly took it as a yes and took his plan to the next level. "I
thought so." He said correctly taking my blush as a yes. He chuckled
before saying. "I've seen you checking me out in the showers. Does my
body turn you on? It does the girls." Dam he's straight I thought but he
hadn't beaten me up yet so maybe he didn't mind gay people. "Do you want
to feel my bicep?" He asked as he curled his right hand up to his left pec
and tensed his bicep. My eyes bulged in envy when I saw his pale forearm,
bicep and shoulder muscles bulge and tense up. I so wanted to touch it but
was scared too. "Go on he encouraged." I was apprehensive in case it was
a final test to see if I was gay before beating me up. He signalled with
his eyes for me to touch it and this time I gave in. Tentatively I reached
out and gave it a squeeze. It was rock hard and an electric thrill ran
through me when my skin touched his. "Keep on doing the exercises I've
shown you and you'll get a body as fit as mine. Now back to work." With
that we went back to the exercising. We were both just wearing shorts and
underwear and seeing Stanley's pale buff body flexing and glistening with
sweat got me hard. Luckily my tight boxer briefs kept it hidden.

Once we'd finished our session we had a drink in his bedroom, the first
time I'd been in there. He had a gym in his garage where we'd worked out
before. We made small talk but I was so turned on from seeing him
exercising topless and now that we were sat side by side his sweaty aroma
was filling my nostrils and turning me on even more. I think my sweat
fetish, only nice fresh sweat not the stale variety, stemmed from having
sex with Noel and Belen. During our holiday the weather had been hot and
sunny so the vigour of sex led to us sweating a lot. Therefore my brain
had linked the smell of sweat with sex. I just wanted to go home and wank
off but I didn't want to appear rude and turn down the offer to see his
bedroom. Then Stanley turned the conversation to sex. "So gay boy have
you had sex yet." He said but in a friendly way. "Yes." I replied in
truth but also hoping by letting him know I wasn't a virgin I could restore
some manliness. "Go guy. I lost my cherry at 13 as well. A friend's
slutty sister pulled a train at a party. Who did you lose your cherry
too?" "Two 16 year old French boys I meet at a nudist camp in France."
"Yeah I guessed you liked to bare all with your all over body tan. It must
be great walking around seeing everyone naked. I bet you're boned up all
the time." He chuckled. "No it's not like that especially as some are old
and wrinkly." I laughed back. "So it's just boys you like and not girls?"
"Girls don't do anything for me." I replied but in a couple of years I
would change my mind. "I'm Bi. I like fucking both." He said and at
first I didn't grasp what he said. "So do you want to give me a blow job?"
He added and this I caught. "But you like girls." I said confused. "I've
just told you I'm Bi." "Bi?" I asked having not heard the term before.
"Bi-sexual, someone who likes sex with both men and women." He replied
amused at my naivety. "You've had sex with boys?" I asked in shock and
hope. Shocked as I didn't have him down as into liking gay sex and hoping
that he really did want me to suck him off. "I prefer fucking pussy but if
a cute boy comes along I don't mind bending him over and giving him one up
the arse." He said as he rubbed the obvious bulge in his white shorts.
"You really want me to give you a blow job?" I asked to double check.
"Yeah I've had my eye on your for awhile. You're a real cutie but I
thought you were too young but obviously not if you've already had sex.

Knowing that we both liked sex with other boys we let our rampant teen
hormones take over. Stanley leaned over and began to kiss me. At first I
was stunned that my wank fantasy was coming true and that I was actually
kissing the object of my dreams. However I quickly recovered and began to
kiss him back. After a couple of minutes of kissing Stanley swung around
and lay back on the bed. He put his hand behind his head which made his
biceps bulge and expose his sweaty armpits. He shaved them so they were
hairless although you could see the slightly darker stubble patch. They
were glistening with sweat and a sudden urge to lick them overcame me. I
gave into the urge and began licking the sweat from his shaved left armpit.
It tasted salty but tasty and its pungent aroma really turned me on. When
I'd lick it clean I nibbled both his pinky brown nipples and licked up some
sweat from his sexily toned smooth chest. His right armpit then received
the same treatment as his left. Then I began kissing and licking down his
pale smooth washboard abs, licking the sweat from them. Although I was
eager to see his cock hard, which from the bulge in his shorts he was, I
wanted to explore his fit legs. I admired his pale, toned lightly haired
thighs before I began kissing, licking and caressing down his left hair and
down over his slightly more hairy lower leg. When I reached his ankle I
swapped over to his right leg and kissed, licked and caressed my way up it
and was soon at the intriguing bulge in his shorts.

After glancing up at his sexy face to get the go ahead I began to pull
down his shorts and underwear. From the look on his hot face he was more
than eager to have a 13 year old boy, a couple of months shy of his 14th
birthday suck his 17 and a half year old cock. The first thing to come
into view was his pinky purple uncut knob. His foreskin had peeled most of
the way back but not all the way. Then his pale lightly veined, slightly
thicker than average cock shaft. After about 7 inches his big balls in a
tight lightly pubed sack came into view. I have to admit it was a
beautiful cock and I couldn't wait to get my mouth around it. I carried on
pulling his shorts and underwear down his strong sexily toned legs and off
his feet. I caressed my way back up his legs with a hand on each leg.
When I reached the top of his toned thighs I went in to lick his big sexy
balls. As I began to lap away at his sweaty salty balls his turned on
aroma hit my nose and drove me wild with lust.

For a few minutes I licked away at his balls or gently sucked one or the
other in my mouth. Stanley was enjoying it as I saw his sexy thick cock
throbbing and he was moaning with pleasure. But then the urge to suck his
cock overcame me. Although I was dying to get his cock in my mouth I
wanted to please and tease him and show him all the blow job skills Noel
and Belen had taught me. So I licked a short way up the underside of his
cock and back down to lick his balls. The next lick up his cock went a bit
further up before back to his balls. This went on for a minute or so with
each lick getting longer than the last. Then I reached the sensitive spot
where his foreskin joined his knob which was glistening with pre-cum. I
began lapping away at that spot which had Stanley squirming with pleasure.
Then I took his cock into my left hand and pull his foreskin all the way
back exposing his shiny pinkish purple knob. Then I began to spit polish
his knob with my tongue, licking up his tasty pre-cum which was free
flowing. Then I lifted his cock so that it pointed straight up. I began
to lick the underside of his cock as I gave him a sultry look. From the
expression on his gorgeous face the sight of an almost 14 year old boy
licking away at his cock was turning him on. His cock was certainly
throbbing like mad and leaking lots of pre-cum. Then I started swirling my
tongue all over his cock head concentrating on the thick ridge or the
sensitive spot where his foreskin joined.

For a few minutes I just licked his knob which had the desired effect.
He was soon squirming about eager to get his cock into my mouth. I'd also
resisted in order to tease him but it was now time to put us both out of
misery. With our bright blue eyes locked I kissed the tip of his knob
before descending my mouth down onto it. My tightly clamped lips slid down
his cock as my tongue licked the underside. "Fuck." Stanley gasped as I
swallowed all but the last inch of his cock in my mouth. His thick cock
throbbed as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into it. As for me I loved
the feel of his thick, rock hard throbbing cock in my mouth as his horny
turned on scent filled my nose. I couldn't believe I had this sex god's
cock in my mouth and I was determined to show him that despite my young age
I knew how to suck cock. With that I began to deep throat his thick sexy
cock. My tightly clamped lips slid up and down his thick throbbing shaft
as I licked the underside. With each thrust I managed to take more of his
cock into my mouth until I could take all 7 inch. "Fuck yeah you've taken
it all." Stanley groaned when I buried my nose in his small trim bush of
blondish pubes, all 7 inches of his 17 year old cock throbbing in my
schoolboy mouth. I held it there with his knob plugging my throat as I
strongly sucked his cock, ground my lips around the pubed base and flicked
the underside with my tongue. I savoured his slightly sweaty scent as I
felt the meaty girth, heat and throbbing pulse of his cock in my mouth.

I began to deep thrust suck Stanley's sexy cock with eager vigour. I was
determined to give him his best blow job ever and impress him so much he
would come back for more. From his groans of pleasure and the way his cock
was throbbing and leaking tasty pre-cum he sure seemed to be having me
sucking his cock. I used all the skills Noel and Belen had taught me to
orally pleasure sexy Stanley. My tightly clamped lips wanked his thick
cock shaft as I licked the underside with my tongue. I strongly sucked his
cock especially when I just had his sensitive knob in my mouth which I
sucked and swiped with my tongue tasting his delicious pre-cum. As I
greedily sucked his sexy cock my hands caressed his well toned thighs or
his washboard abs. Stanley was either moaning with pleasure or uttering
words of encouragement or telling me what a good job I was doing. Giving
this stunningly sexy, very buff 17 year old lad a blow job was really
turning me on. My hard cock was straining against my boxer briefs and
shorts which were both wet with my pre-cum. My cock also throbbed with the
pleasure of sucking off another boy. The feel of his hot hard throbbing
cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the shaft of his cock stimulating my
lips and tongue, the taste of his pre-cum and his horny teen boy scent
really got to me.

For over 10 minutes I greedily devoured his hot sexy 7 inch cock. Then I
started feeling his fit body begin to tense up so I knew I was getting him
close. Knowing that I started sucking the top couple of inches of his cock
but at a faster pace, which had an immediate effect. "Oh fuck yeah." He
loudly groaned as squirming intensified. He lasted another couple of
minutes before loudly moaning he was going to cum. I pulled up and just
sucked his knob as I rapidly swiped the sensitive underside where his
foreskin joined. I began fondling his big balls as I tickled the bridge
between his balls and arse. Then his orgasm hit and boy what an orgasm. I
felt his cock swell before the first bolt of cum blasted out of his cock
with immense force and splattered on my tongue. His cum was so think with
a strong delicious taste. That was rapidly followed by more. Stanley
loudly grunted in ecstasy and squirmed about as he powerfully pumped his
hot jizz into my mouth, a 17 year old unloading into a 13 year olds mouth.
From the amount of cum he pumped into my mouth it felt like he hadn't cum
in weeks. I counted 8 jets before his orgasm died down. I had all his
thick tasty spunk in my mouth as I nursed his spent cock. When his cock
became too sensitive I pulled off and gave him a show of swilling and
savouring his cum before swallowing it.

Once I'd swallowed his jizz he pulled me up his fit body and we began to
passionately kiss with him sucking the last remnants of his cum from my
tongue. We kissed for a couple of minutes before he rolled us over so that
he was on top of me. Then he broke the kiss and pushed my arms above my
head to expose my armpits which had a few wisps of blond hairs. Stanley
then began licking the boy sweat from left armpit. It tickled a bit but
felt so good and erotic. Once he'd licked it clean he moved over and began
licking my left nipple then gently nibbling it. "Harder." I begged and
Stanley complied by really chewing on my nipple until it became red and
swollen. When it became too painful I let him know and he turned his
attention to my right nipple which he treated as equally roughly much to my
pleasure. Then he licked out my right armpit before kissing his way down
my flat firm stomach to the waistband of my shorts. Sucking Stanley off
had turned me on so much there was a large wet patch of pre-cum on my
shorts. Stanley then began sucking the pre-cum stain on my shorts which
was a highly erotic sight.

Once Stanley had sucked all the pre-cum from my shorts he began to pull
them down. First he exposed my swollen pinkish tanned knob that was
glistening with pre-cum and fully exposed as my foreskin had retreated.
Then he started exposing my long thick tanned lightly veined cock shaft.
Just over 6 inches later he exposed my big, highly productive balls in
their tanned tight hairless sack. "Mmm I guessed you were well hung."
Stanley said with his gaze locked on my young hard cock as he pulled my
shorts down my golden tanned shapely legs and off my feet. "It is almost
as big as mine and I'm three years older than you." He said with
admiration and maybe a touch or envy as he caressed his way up my legs.

When he reached the top of my legs he fondled my big smooth balls that
made my cock tingle and an electric thrill run through me. Then he began
to lick and suck away at them which had me purring with pleasure and
squirming about in delight. Having him expertly work my cum laden boy
balls with his mouth and tongue made my cock achingly hard, throb wildly
and leak so much pre-cum my abs were soon slick with the stuff. I stroked
his close cropped head as he lapped away at my balls, sending waves of
pleasure through me.

After giving my balls a good working over he licked up the underside of
my throbbing boy cock. When he reached the sensitive spot where my
foreskin joined my knob he paused to give it several swipes with his hot
wet tongue that made my schoolboy cock pulse. With his warm right hand he
gripped my big boyhood and lifted it to the vertical. He gave me a
mischievous smile and his bright blue eyes twinkled before he started
swarming his tongue all over my swollen sensitive knob, spit polishing it
clean of my pre-cum. Then he kissed the tip before lunging his hot wet
mouth all the way down onto my cock. I loudly gasped with pleasure as the
hot wetness of his mouth soaked into my thick 6 inch cock. Stanley had his
nose buried in my small tuft of soft blond wispy pubes with his lush lips
tightly gripped around the base of my cock as he flicked the underside with
his tongue. With Stanley's hot wet mouth wrapped around my cock I realised
just how much I'd missed it since my holiday with Noel and Belen.

Stanley then began to deep throat my cock with even more skill than Noel
and Belen had displayed. His lush tightly clamped lips wanked and
stimulated the thick throbbing shaft of my teen boy cock. As he bounced
his hot wet mouth up and down he strongly sucked my cock and flicked the
underside with his tongue. With one hand he would fondle my big balls and
caress a thigh or my abs with the other and then change over. Stanley's
expert blow job had waves of pleasure coursing down my cock and through my
young fit body. I was groaning and squirming about in intense sexual
pleasure, the kind of which few boys get to experience at 13, almost 14
years old. I couldn't believe that at my age I had a stunningly sexy, well
buff 17 year old lad greedily sucking away on my big cock and he was so
good at it. It was a highly erotic sight watching his very sexy face,
dreamy blue eyes and lush lips sliding up and down my tanned, thick 6 inch
cock. Feeling his lips wank and his tongue stimulate my cock sent waves of
pleasure through me. The hot wet sucking motions of his mouth made my cock
pulse and my balls tingle.

For a good ten minutes Stanley gave me a great blow job. He kept doing
things different to keep it fresh and exciting. First he started off deep
throating me before moving on to just sucking the top few inches but at a
faster rate. Then he would stop sucking me altogether and instead lick my
cock and balls like a lollipop before repeating the process again but in a
different order. The skill of his blow job, the unbelievable sexiness of
his face, the fitness of his buff body and the fact I had lusted after him
so much really got me to boiling point. Stanley could sense the sexual
tension rising in my body so pulled his mouth up and worked the top couple
of inches. He started sucking my cock even harder and bouncing his mouth
up and down it faster. His tightly clamped lips were really wanking cock
shaft and rubbing over the thick ridge of my knob as did my foreskin. His
tongue was also very active licking the underside of my cock or the
sensitive spot where my foreskin joined. With his right hand he began
roughly fondling and squeezing my balls as he reached up with his left hand
and began to roughly pinch and tug on my right nipple.

For about a minute longer I managed to hold out. However it was a losing
battle. There was the smell of teen gay sex and sweat filling my nostrils
and turning me on. The fact I was being orally serviced by such a fit sexy
older teen was also a really turn on. Then there were the physical
pleasures of a hot wet mouth sucking on your throbbing, achingly hard cock
intensified by my lust and longing for him. "I'm going to cum." I gasped
as I reached my nuts reach critical mass. Stanley pulled his mouth up so
that just my swollen knob was in his mouth which he began to eagerly suck
away at as he swarmed his tongue all over it, although he did pay
particular attention to the spot where my foreskin joined. Then my back
arched, my cock swelled and twitched and with a loud cry the first jet of
cum exploded out of my cock with mind bending force. My cum was so thick
and there was so much in the first bolt it felt like I was passing a kidney
stone. Although that made the inside of my cock sting a bit that was far
outweighed by the intense waves of sexual ecstasy and release that flowed
through my young body. I squirmed uncontrollably on Stanley's bed as my
big boy cock pumped jet after jet of hot thick teen cum into Stanley's
mouth with immense force. Stanley purred with the pleasure of having a
younger teen boy cum in his mouth. His purrs of pleasure vibrated down my
cock prolonging my orgasm.

My orgasm felt like it went on for ages but like most was probably over
in a few seconds. However it was so intense that the after-orgasm buzz did
linger for ages and I was left totally spent. I could feel all my warm cum
around my spent knob, which Stanley was gently nursing on, so I knew he
hadn't swallowed my cum yet. For a minute I was lost in the post orgasm
afterglow and faintly aware of the pleasure of Stanley sucked the tip of my
cock. Then my cock became too sensitive so I had to take it from his
mouth. I looked at his very sexy face which had a tight lipped smile on
it. I then watched him swill my boy spunk around his mouth, him obviously
enjoying its taste before swallowing it. Knowing he was bi I was unsure
whether he would spit or swallow. I'm glad he swallowed.

When he'd swallowed the last of my jizz he pushed my golden tanned smooth
legs up to expose my arse. He then dove in and began to eat out my arse.
Again as he was bi I wasn't sure if he'd be into rimming but from the great
job he was doing I could tell he was. I cooed and quivered with pleasure
as I felt his hot wet tongue lapping away at my arse. He circled his
tongue around it, flicked over it and thrust it in and out like a small
cock. This all had my arse twitching, spasming and yenning for cock. Sex
with Noel and Belen had awoken the cock hunger in my arse and once
unleashed it was insatiable. I'm sure Stanley would have happily eaten out
my arse for longer but I needed him to fuck me and make my dream come true.
"Fuck me." I lustfully begged. Stanley didn't need asking twice. He got
off the bed and walked over to a draw and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly.
As he walked towards me I took in the sight of his sexy face, pale fit body
and swaying pale 7 inch cock. As he lubed up his cock I stuffed a pillow
under the small of my back and pulled my legs into my stomach and then out
to the side so that my eager young arse was exposed to this fit randy older
teenage boy.

With his cock prepared and me in position he got back on the bed and
shuffled up to me. I felt him press his bare slicked knob against the
tight ring of muscle at the entrance to my arse. "Fuck me hard." I
begged, eager to be ravished by the boy of my dreams. I wanted him to fuck
me hard and use me for his sexual pleasure. I wanted him to know I was his
to do whatever he wanted too. I felt so submissive and I found it a real
turn on. Stanley didn't disappoint. He gave me a wicked grin before he
powerfully slammed his slightly thicker than average 7 inch cock ball deep
into my arse. I winced and grunted at the stinging burning sensation
radiating out from my sphincter and arse as I took my biggest cock up until
that time. His cock was a good inch longer than Noel's or Belen's had been
and slightly thicker. Although I knew it was going to be painful for a
while I knew the pain would go and be replaced with a pleasure so
unbelievable that the discomfort at the start was more than worth paying.
With a loud slap he bottomed out in my arse which felt so full of his hot
hard throbbing cock, his pubes tickling my hole. "Oh you've got a fucking
hot tight arse." Stanley gasped, his eyes half closed as he savoured the
hot wet tightness of a younger boy's arse wrapped around his cock.

With me totally impaled on his thick 7 inch cock he manoeuvred himself so
that he was in the push up position above me. I looked up at his
stunningly sexy face and admired the way the muscles in his arms, shoulders
and chest bulged as they supported his weight. I reached up and began
caressing his tensed toned biceps and silky smooth chest. Stanley then
began to fuck me with long deep hard powerful thrusts of his hot thick
cock. I winced and squirmed in discomfort at the first few thrusts as my
arse struggled to accommodate a cock that was bigger than it was used too.
But I was determined to preserver as I wanted him to become my fuck buddy
if not my boyfriend. He was just the sexiest, fittest boy I'd seen up
until that time. I'm glad I did preserver as the discomfort soon left and
was replaced with that throbbing tingling pleasure that throughout my life
I would crave.

The longer and harder Stanley fucked me the better it felt. The thick
veiny shaft of his cock stretched and stimulated my sphincter as his
swollen knob boxed open the walls of my arse. His groin slapped my
upturned buttocks as his sweat dripped on me. His sweaty horny smell
really turned me on. The fact he was three years older than me, fitter
than me and fucking me really drove me wild. His cock was an inch longer
and thicker than Noel's and Belen's had been so he was tickling parts of my
arse untouched by cock before. The meaty girth of his cock was stretching
my sphincter and arse wider than it had been before as his swollen explored
deeper than any before. My tight young arse was throbbing with the
pleasure of being fucked good and hard by this sexy stud of a lad. With
each powerful thrust of his virile cock his swollen knob boxed my prostate
which made my cock throb and leak pre-cum over my stomach that was already
awash with the stuff. My hands were busy caressing and groping his sweat
slicked tensed biceps and chest as I looked at the expressions of sexual
pleasure playing across his gorgeous face.

For over 20 minutes Stanley eagerly and vigorously fucked me with the
skill you only get from experience. He might only have been 17 but with
his good looks and fit body he had plundered plenty of pussy and the arse
of a few lads too. I was more than happy to surrender my young fit body to
him and become his latest sexual conquest. Then he started fucking me even
faster and harder, really raping my young arse, intensifying the pleasure
radiating out from it. Guessing he was getting close I concentrated on
groping his chest and tweaking his nipples. "Yeah fuck me hard. That
feels so good. I want you to cum in my arse." I lustfully begged totally
swept up in the slutty submissiveness of surrendering my body to a fit
older teen for his sexual pleasure. Stanley had totally lost it now and
was fucking on pure animal instinct. His thick 7 inch cock was battering
my arse like a runaway pile driver. My arse and sphincter were on fire
with the pleasure of a hot hard cock being rapidly and forcefully rammed up
it. I saw the conflicting expressions playing across his face, the fight
against orgasm, the pleasure of fucking a younger boy's arse and the
exertion of fucking.

Stanley frantically fucked me for about another 5 minutes before his
orgasm hit. He slammed his thick 7 inch cock ball deep into my arse where
I felt it swell and throb. With a loud grunt of sexual ecstasy Stanley
began to cum in my arse. I felt a bolt of wet warmth explode out of his
cock and splatter the throbbing walls of my arse. Stanley fucked me with
short deep stabs of his cock as he powerfully orgasmed inside me. With
each ejaculation Stanley loudly grunted in ecstasy as I purred with the
pleasure of having another boy spunk up in my arse. He had a really
intense orgasm and he pumped a massive load of spunk into me. When his
orgasm finally died down he collapsed on top of me totally spent. He
remained like that for a minute or so before catching his breath.

Once Stanley had recovered from his intense orgasm he began to
passionately kiss me which I returned with equal vigour. I couldn't
believe I'd just been fucked by the lad I'd been lusting after. Stanley
then pulled his cock from my arse which although felt a little tender it
was very satisfied and full of cum. "That was so hot. I've never fucked a
younger boy before. They've either been my age or older." Stanley
breathlessly said. "When did you first get off with a guy?" "I did a
couple of circle wanks when I was 14. Then a group of us gang banged a
really effeminate boy at a party. He was so obviously gay but tried to
make out he didn't want it but by the end you could tell he was loving it."
"How many of you were there?" "Six and I was the fifth to nail his cum
soaked arse." Stanley proudly boasted. "Cool I'd loved to be gang
banged." I said partly to express a fantasy of mine and partly if he had
friends who might be interested in fucking me as well. Even at that tender
age I was beginning to become a slut. Unfortunately he didn't but we sure
fucked a lot during our time together.

For a while we just laid on the bed. I had my left cheek resting on his
sweaty right pec as with my right hand I caressed his left pec and toyed
with his nipple. I enjoyed feeling my naked young lithe body pressed up
against the side of his warm hard toned body. "I normally top but I want
you to fuck me." Stanley said, breaking the contented silence. Wow I
couldn't believe this fit sexy older teen wanted me to fuck him.
Immediately my youthful cock sprang to its full thick 6 inches. "You have
to rim me first." He said as he pulled his pale well toned legs into his
stomach and then out to the sides. When I moved around I got a wonderful
sight. I saw the back of his pale toned lightly haired thighs. Following
their V I came to his big pale balls and his arse crack. His crack was
pale and lightly haired with a prominent pink wrinkly pucker at its centre.
Just looking at his arsehole made me hungry for it.

After admiring his arse I went in to lick it. I dragged my tongue up his
sweaty lightly haired crack from the base of his spine and over his
prominent pucker which twitched when my tongue ran over it. I carried on
licking over the sweaty bridge between his arse and balls and then over
them. We both purred with pleasure, me from the taste and smell of his
clean but sweaty arse crack and Stanley from having his arse licked. I
then began to greedily rim out his sexy arse, dragging my tongue from the
base of his spine and right the way over his big balls. At the end of each
lick I saw his sexy face which had a contended pleasurable expression to it
and his eyes were half closed and glazed. For a couple of minutes I long
licked his arse before I homed in on his hole. His groans of pleasure
intensified as I concentrated on his wrinkly pucker. His arsehole spasmed
uncontrollably as I flicked my tongue over it or around it. As it was a
sticky out sphincter I began to gently chew on it which really drove
Stanley wild. "Fuck yeah chew that hole." He loudly squealed as his fit
body shuddered with pleasure. I gave his arse a good chew before I started
tongue fucking his arse, worming my tongue as deep into his arse as I
could. It was clean and tasty and licking out had made my cock achingly

Stanley had me eat out his tasty arse for ages before he was ready to be
fucked. "Fuck me." Stanley lustfully begged. I couldn't believe the guy
I thought of as a sex god wanted me to fuck him especially as he was three
years older than me. He watched me lube up my boy cock which was slightly
thicker than his despite the age gap and only an inch shorter. Once my
cock was prepped I pressed it against his arsehole. His tight sphincter
resisted and I had to increase the pressure before it gave way. Stanley
gasped when my thick ridged knob forced open tight arse lips. They slid
down over my swollen knob getting really wide at the flared bit of my knob
before tightly snapping shut around my thick cock shaft when my bulbous
knob popped inside his arse. I carried on forcing my rock hard cock into
his arse that felt so hot, wet and tight. He groaned with pleasure as I
sank my thick 6 inch cock into him. The velvety walls of his arse caressed
and stimulated the sensitive ridge of my knob as his tight sphincter
gripped and wanked my thick cock shaft. Soon I had all 6 inches of my cock
buried in his hot wet arse and it felt so good along with the fact he was
so sexy that I almost came then and there.

Once the urge to cum subsided I began to fuck Stanley with long, slow deep
hard thrusts of my thick boy cock. With each thrust his tight sphincter
gripped and wanked my thick cock shaft as my foreskin and the wet walls of
his arse caressed and stimulated my sensitive knob. When I bottomed out in
him I loved feeling his warm smooth hard arse pressed against my sparsely
pubed groin as the hot wet tightness of his arse soaked into my throbbing
cock. With each deep hard thrust of my cock expressions of pleasure
rippled over his gorgeous face as he had a well hung younger boy fuck him.
Stanley had been the object of my wank fantasies for weeks and now he his
pale buff body was pinned under my all over tanned young lithe body as I
fucked him. I kind of got a thrill from the fact he was older and fitter
than me yet he was bottoming, letting an almost 14 year old boy fuck his 17
year old arse.

As I fucked Stanley we both purred with the pleasure of it, me from the
feeling of his hot wet tight arse gripping, sucking, and stimulating my
thrusting cock as he savoured the pleasures of my hot hard throbbing teen
cock ploughing his arse. I quickly began to sweat which dripped onto his
hot body and my sweaty horny aroma mingled with his. I was determined to
show him that although I wasn't quite 14 yet I knew how to fuck arse. As I
fucked him he lustfully looked up at me as he caressed my tensed toned arms
and chest muscles.

For ages I fucked Stanley good and hard but then I felt the pressure
building in my balls. Instinct took over and I began pounding his arse
even harder and faster the before. Each deep thrust made my cock tingle as
the pressure in my balls intensified. I desperately fought the urge to cum
wanting the pleasure of fucking him to last. However it was a lost cause.
I slammed my cock into him and then my orgasm hit. Cum started violently
exploding out of my cock sending a nerve shattering orgasm ripping through
my fit young body. I loudly groaned in intense sexual pleasure, one of the
most intense I had until that time. I was on pure autopilot now and
continued fucking him with long deep hard thrusts of my thick 6 inch cock
as I powerfully pumped jet after jet of cum into his quivering arse. As
for Stanley he purred with the pleasure of having another boy cum in his
arse. I powerfully pumped six big jets of cum into him and weakly dribbled
two more. Then I was totally spent and sank all of my cock into his cum
filled arse. It was so slick with my jizz that was enough to tell me I had
an intense orgasm let alone the immense orgasmic rush flowing through me.

After a couple of minutes of savouring the after sex glow and catching my
breath I slowly pulled my spent cock from his arse, feeling it sucking and
closing after my retreating cock. With a wet plop it popped out of his
arse and I rolled over onto my back still lost in the post orgasm glow.
However being fucked had really turned Stanley on and he was ready for me.
Without warning he flipped me over onto my back and mounted me. With a
grunt of mild discomfort Stanley unceremoniously rammed his slightly
thicker than average cock ball deep into my arse. He then began to
brutally fuck me with an intensity I'd never experienced before. For the
first couple of minutes my arse struggled to adapt to his harsh fucking
style but he ignored my grunts and groans of discomfort and fucked me like
a whore. He was horny and needed to cum whether I liked it or not.

However after a couple of minutes the discomfort was replaced with a
burning pleasure and from that day I've preferred being fuck rough and hard
over slow and loving. My tight sphincter throbbed and glowed from his
thick smooth cock sliding against it. The walls of my arse pulsed from
being punched open by his swollen knob. His vigorous fucking was grinding
my cock, which was now hard again into his mattress. Soon the pleasures
I'd experienced when I was younger and dry humped my mattress returned. My
firm pert boy buttocks lightly stung from the repeated slaps of his groin
against them. I felt his sweaty fit toned smooth chest and hard abs
grinding against my back as his muscular legs rubbed against my toned
developing legs.

Although it was a relatively quick and brutal fuck it was one of the most
intense and pleasurable ones I'd had up until that time. Stanley was
stronger and more muscular than Noel and Belen had been and he was using
all that strength to pound my arse to the max. Although I had recently
orgasmed I was a virile 13.9 year old boy and I was getting some serious
stimulation. Not only was there the intense pleasure of having a fit older
boy pounding my arse like there was no tomorrow there was also the pleasure
of my hard cock grinding into his mattress. Our sweaty horny teen boy
smell filled the room as did our grunts and groans of sexual pleasure. I
loved the submissiveness of being pinned under his sweaty buff body with
nowhere to go. Then Stanley started fucking me faster and harder than
anyone before which ground my cock into his bed harder. That was the
trigger that set me off. I tried to hold it back not wanting to stain his
bed sheet but it was impossible. My cock started squirting hot cum between
my flat firm stomach and his bed. I couldn't help but groan in ecstasy as
I orgasmed. My orgasm also made my tight young arse spasm uncontrollably
around Stanley's rapidly pounding cock. This proved too much for him and
he began loudly grunting in ecstasy as he unloaded in my arse for a second
time. My groans of sexual ecstasy became intermingled with the purrs of
pleasure of having Stanley spunk up in my arse again.

When our orgasms ended Stanley collapsed on top of me squashing my body
between his and the bed. I felt so sticky but in a good way. My own spunk
was soaking my abs and his bed sheet. Stanley's sweaty chest and abs were
pressed against my sweaty back. My arse throbbed with the pleasure of
being fucked hard twice in one evening and felt so full of cum. Although
it felt tender, even a bit sore, it was also very contented and satisfied.
We lay like that for a while before Stanley pulled out of my arse and
rolled over onto his back and I rolled onto my side. "Sorry I spunked on
your bed." I said hoping he wouldn't be mad. "No worries." He said
before he bent down and sucked my cum off his bed sheet. Then he surprised
me further by licking my cum off my cock and abs. Not wanting to be
outdone I bent down and began to suck his cock. Sure it had just been up
my arse but it was clean except for my arse juice and his cum. As I sucked
it I tasted the saltiness of his jizz and the earthiness of my arse. "Fuck
no-one has done that before." Stanley cooed as I sucked his cock clean.
He must have been hyper horny or turned on by me sucking his cock as he
began to wank the base as I sucked his knob. It only took his five minutes
before he started spewing a small but very delicious load off cum into my
mouth. When his orgasm died down I savoured his thick tasty cum before
swallowing it.

Once we'd got our breath back we showered together. It was hot showering
with him and getting to soap up his sexy fit body as he did me. We then
got dressed and I left just as his parents drove up the drive. They knew
Stanley was my rugby mentor and was drawing up a fitness routine so they
weren't surprised to see me. We made some small talk before I head home
and they went inside. If only they knew what Stanley and I had been up
too. After that Stanley and I had sex as often as we could.

I'm not sure if I'll write another encounter with Stanley or I might move
onto my next partner.

I hope this one got you off and you're sat there splattered in cum. If you
did please let me know at as although I enjoy
reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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