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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Stretch

Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 14:46:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: rimpigfl <>
Subject: STRETCH

Disclaimer: This is another of my true stories. This really happened. In
fact, it is the story of my first sexual experience. Names were not
changed. Nobody was innocent - except maybe me and I didn't want to be!

by RimPig (c) 2002

I guess I'd been at Military School about two weeks when this incident
happened. I had spent those weeks in utter confusion and anxiety. I was
only 14 and I had never lived away from home before. Never gone on
camp-outs or anything like that. Had never spent the night anywhere except
at home - with the exception of my aunt's house which was like a second
home to me.

More to the point, I had never spent any time around other boys. I didn't
really have any as friends. Didn't ever do the 'sleep over' thing. I had
never fit into the 'boy' world very well. I was 'bookish', quiet and an
'only child', so of course I got called "sissy" and "fag" a lot. Now, here
I was living with about 50 other boys, ranging in ages from 14 to 19, in a
barracks with two to a room.

There were communal bathrooms and showers which totally blew me away! I'd
never been naked in front of anybody except my parents - and them not that
often! Now, I was forced to shower with other boys who I didn't know. The
sight of their naked bodies - especially their naked cocks - caused
feelings deep inside me which I couldn't deal with.

I was raised a good little catholic boy - altar boy, the whole nine yards!
True, I had discovered masturbation at age 4 but, being the good little
catholic boy that I was, I knew that was a huge sin! I had no idea what
exactly it was, but I knew it was sinful! Well...anything that felt that
good, had to be a sin!!! Later in my life, a friend who had also been
raised catholic like me said something I never forgot:

"You know, in a way, we were lucky to be raised catholic. It made sex
'dirty' which makes it much more fun!"

I should confess that this didn't stop me from practicing my solitary vice
at least two or three times a night! It just left me with overwhelming
guilt feelings because I couldn't confess to a priest what it was I was
doing. You see, I really didn't know what it was. I had no name for it. So
how the hell was I going to tell someone else what it was? Besides which, I
was too young to go to confession anyway! I didn't realize then that the
rule was that anything you did before you were old enough to go to
confession didn't count! Wow! What a great time I would have had if I'd
only known that!

So I continued to explore my solitary sexual activity and mound on myself
huge loads of guilt and shame. I felt totally and completely responsible
because, after all, I figured that I had 'invented' masturbation and nobody
else in the whole world knew what it was. I repeat - I was 4 at the time!
Four year olds believe stuff like that.

Now, I just know that somebody is going to read this and say "Four year
olds can't have orgasm!". Well, you're WRONG!!! Babies can have orgasm,
they just can't ejaculate. You can't shoot sperm out of your cock until you
reach puberty. But you can achieve orgasm. And let me tell you from
personal experience, the orgasm you have 'dry' is exactly the same as the
orgasm you have 'wet' - just not messy! I have to tell you, I really HATED
reaching puberty! It made jacking off such a messy proposition! No more
just jacking off, getting off and rolling over and going to sleep. NO! Now
I had to find something to wipe all this sticky shit off my body. Too bad I
didn't realize what I was missing. I didn't learn to eat my own cum until
Military School.

Of course, at Military School I quickly discovered that I had not
'invented' masturbation. Every boy did it. Not openly - at least not most
of them. I was shocked to find out that my solitary sin was so pervasive
among other males. And a lot of them, not having the advantage of a guilt-
ridden, catholic upbringing, didn't even realize it was a sin!

Two doors down from me in the barracks, there was one boy. His name was
Stretch. This was for obvious reasons. He was very tall and lanky. He was
not pretty. He was not even average looking. In the words of one of my
aunts, Stretch was "as ugly as homemade sin!". He was gawky - arms too long
and a face covered with adolescent acne. He was from "the wrong side of the
tracks" and had been sent to Military School by the juvenile court for some
delinquent offense. He was a "bad boy" - and the start of my attraction to
"bad boys"!

What Stretch lacked in looks, he made up for in the fact that he seemed to
exude sex from every pore of his body! He talked about sex with great
knowledge (which, surprisingly he actually had!). I knew nothing about sex
at all! My parents had never had "the talk" with me. In fact, I had never
heard the word 'homosexual' until I found out I was one. Stretch had fucked
girls. But he also had fucked around with guys, too. This wasn't common
knowledge but as I came to know him, it was obvious.

It was a Saturday night. I know this because the barracks was almost
deserted. Guys were either over in the TV lounge or up in the Company
Commander's room watching TV. Only a couple of us were just hanging out in
our rooms. I walked down the hall and noticed that the door to Stretch's
room was open. I saw him on the bed, wrestling with another kid. They were
really going at it both of them in nothing but jockey shorts. At first I
thought it was a fight, but then realized that they were doing it for
fun. Not being one for violence or physical exertion of that type, I was
shocked at my sudden desire to be involved in the activity. To be able to
have my body wrapped up in another boy's body seemed to me, at that moment,
to be the most desirable thing in the world.

I walked into the room and sat on the other cot, watching the two of them
wrestle. I didn't get to watch long because Stretch, with his larger size
and longer arms and legs, soon had the other boy 'pinned'. The other boy
admitted defeat and Stretch asked him if he wanted another round. The boy
said that he was tired and soon left for his own room.

Stretch looked over at me. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure he
could hear it across the room. He looked at me with his lazy, half-opened
eyes and said the magic words:

"Ya wanna wrestle?"

Oh, God! Did I want to wrestle! Stretch told me to strip down to my
underwear and get on the bed with him. My hands were shaking. I was so
nervous that I could hardly undo all the buttons on my shirt and pants. But
finally I was standing there in just my underwear. I know my hardon must
have showed, but it didn't matter because I could see that Stretch had a
hardon as well. It was evidently quite long from the bulge I could see in
the white cotton fabric. I just stood there, not sure what I was supposed
to do next.

Stretch looked up at me from the bed.

"Come on. Get on the bed." he said, a horny grin on his face.

So I got on the bed next to him. Now this was really little more than a cot
so being next to him was all but touching him. And before I knew what was
happening, he'd reached out and put his arms around me and pulled my body
against his.

At that point, feeling another male's arms around me for the first time in
my life, it was like a neon sign went off in my head - "THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE
BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!" it said in huge red flashing letters! I didn't know
this was what I'd been looking for, but I'd found it anyway!

Suddenly, I came to and realized that my hand had traveled down Stretch's
body and was inside his underwear and desperately holding on to his hard
cock! I shocked myself at being this forward! I was equally shocked that I
had absolutely no memory of putting my had down his underwear and grabbing
hold of his hard cock. To this day, I don't remember doing so - only the
feel of his warm hardness in my hand.

Stretch began to groan a thrust his hard cock into my hand. I began slowly
jacking on his cock and he moaned even louder. I really wanted to see his
cock but it was still inside his underwear so I was content with just
feeling it. Then I felt something even more wonderful! Stretch's hand
slipped inside my underwear and began stroking my cock! I was in heaven!
Despite the thousands of times that I had jacked off in the 10 years since
I discovered masturbation - at no time had it ever felt this good! Someone
else's hand was infinitely more pleasurable than my own!

We lay there for a while, grinding against each other and stroking each
other's cock. We still hadn't taken off our underwear so I still couldn't
see what Stretch's cock looked like. All I could tell was it was like him -
long and thin. Well, the thinness I know from my knowledge today - then,
since it was the only cock I'd ever touched other than my own - it was the
biggest cock I'd ever touched.

Finally, Stretch asked if I'd like to do other 'stuff'. I had no idea what
other 'stuff' being completely naive. I told him that I didn't know what
else to do and admitted to him that I had never done this with anybody in
my life. He got a real horny grin on his face at this information and he
pulled back from me and began moving down that bed.

I was greatly disappointed that he had taken his hand off my cock. Even
more disappointed that my hand no longer was stroking his. But the
disappointment was very short-lived. As soon as Stretch's face reached my
underwear he began to push it down my hips so that my hard cock was now
exposed. I had no idea what he was about to do. I'd heard the word
"blow-job" but hadn't dared to ask what the fuck that was! Now I was about
to find out.

Stretch moved over my cock and the next thing I knew, my cock was
surrounded by the warm, wetness of his mouth! I thought I would go out of
my mind at the pleasure that shot through my body. Then he began sucking
and licking at it and I started making horrendous groaning noises that
threatened to alert the entire barracks (if not the entire school!) to what
was going on!

Stretch quickly pulled of my cock and hissed at me to "shut the fuck up!",
warning me as well that if we got caught doing this, we would both be
thrown out of school. Now, if he had made this threat to me even 2 hours
earlier - I would have said "What the fuck! Who cares!". I hated Military
School. I was miserable there. That was until I ended up in bed with
Stretch. If this is what could happen between two boys and there were about
400 other ones in the school, I figured that chances were pretty good that
I was going to learn to love Military School after all! So I certainly
didn't want to get thrown out now! Not when I'd just found what, to me, was
the reason for having a stupid Military School to begin with! My father had
said he sent me to Military School to "make a man out of me". Well, he had
his reasons. I now had mine!

With my promise to "shut the fuck up", Stretch went back down on my cock
and I grabbed his pillow to bury my face in so that no one could hear the
groans that involuntarily escaped my throat. Of course, it didn't last
long. I was 14 and like any 14 year old - especially one losing his
'virginity' - I had no 'staying power' whatever! Stretch's hot sucking of
my cock rapidly brought me to the point of shooting my load. And what a
load it was! The biggest of my life - or, at least, the last two years that
I'd been able to shoot a load!

Stretch shocked me by gobbling down the entire thing! I couldn't believe
that he ate my cum! I was afraid that he'd get sick from it or puke all
over my groin! But he came up with his face grinning and licking his lips
like the cat that just got the cream. Which he did. I was still
experiencing after-shocks from this most incredible experience when he
looked me in the face and said:

"Your turn!"

Being an only child, the issue of sharing or taking turns was never brought
up. But this was one time I was only too happy to take 'my turn'! Stretch
decided that he'd rather stand by the bed while I sucked his cock. I lay
there with his bulging crotch at eye-level. Little did I know how often I
would use this same position in the baths - to the point that it became my
second most favorite way to suck cock. On my knees is still my favorite.

I nuzzled my face into the warm cotton of his underwear. The smell of him,
his sweat, his stale piss, and the leaking pre-cum combined with the
knitted cotton into a heady aroma - one that I would come to savor (and
still do!). I nuzzled and sniffed at his cock before reaching up and very
carefully pulling his underwear down to mid-thigh. His cock throbbed before
my eyes. My first vision of a male erect penis - other than my own. I
immediately stuck out my tongue and began to lick at the shaft of it. As I
dipped down, however, to start at it's base, I encountered another aroma
that was even more exciting than Stretch's underwear - his balls!

Because of his arousal, Stretch's ball-sack was drawn up tight and wrinkled
to his cock. He didn't have a lot of hair (he was only 15) and his wrinkled
sack was all but hairless. But I encountered my first smell of ball-sweat,
male musk and rut. It was incredible! I sniffed at his balls for a few
moments but was afraid to let him get an idea of what I was doing so,
instead, I began to run my tongue across his nuts. Oh, my God!!! If I
thought the smell was wonderful, the taste was even better! The saltiness
of his sweat, the tang of his musk! It was the most delicious thing I had
ever tasted. I became addicted to the natural smells and tastes of the male
body instantly!

Despite his yelling at me to keep quiet, at the touch of my tongue to his
balls, Stretch started moaning like a cheap whore. I figured immediately
that I must be doing something right and the thrill went through
me. Instantly was born my overwhelming delight in giving another male
pleasure. It was like a great warmth went through me at the thought of my
ability to make him moan in delight at what I was doing to his body. I
continued to lick at his balls and even gently nibbled at the skin of the
ball-sack. This caused the moans to become louder! Fuck, yeah!!! I was
going to turn this boy every way but loose!!!

Deciding that if this was what I could do to just his nuts, I moved up to
his cock which I knew from my own body was more sensitive. Stretch was a
'leaker', the first one I'd ever seen. I still to this day don't have much
in the way of pre-cum unless I hold off cumming for a very long time.
Stretch, on the other hand, was dripping in cock-honey and I licked it all
up as I ran my tongue from his balls up to the head of his uncut
cock. There I found the source for all of this sweet liquid and began to
tongue out his piss-hole, trying to get all I could. I then licked all over
the head of his cock, making sure I slurped up all the cock-honey there was
before finally plunging his cock into my mouth.

The taste of his cock was as good as the taste of his balls, just
different. His cock was sweaty and definitely had a faint odor of maleness
about it, but there was something about the 'nastiness' of having the penis
of another male in my mouth that caused me to become erect again. I reached
down and grabbed my cock and began jacking off as I sucked and tongued at
Stretch's hard boyhood. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was one that I
didn't expect. It didn't feel 'alien' or 'different'. That's what was
unexpected! Instead, if felt so incredibly 'right', so incredibly 'at home'
there! I felt like I had been sucking cock all of my life!

I didn't deep throat it or anything. I did, like most beginning
cocksuckers, try to ram too much of it in my mouth at once and ended up
gagging a little, but I quickly learned my 'limits' and concentrated on
tasting and licking all of his head and shaft that I could get in my
mouth. Then Stretch did something that turned me on even more. He began
thrusting his hard cock into my mouth. He was 'fucking my face' and I loved
it! I loved the vision of his groin as it came close and then retreated. I
loved the vision of his hips thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. I
loved watching my mouth get fucked!!! And I have never lost that love!!!

Even though 15 and much more experienced than I, Stretch didn't seem to
have any more 'control' than I did. Before I knew it, his hot, sticky cum
was shooting into my mouth at an amazing rate! Without even thinking about
it, I naturally began swallowing. Well - it was that or drown! At the same
time, his slimy cock-juice shooting into my mouth triggered my second
orgasm. I came and came while he, too, continued to shoot volley after
volley of his love juice down my sucking throat.

I tried to hold his cock in my mouth after he came, but he would have none
of it. He literally had to pry my mouth off of his cock, explaining to me
that the head was way too sensitive to touch now. Having never had the
experience, it would be a while before I learned for myself what he was
talking about. But I took his word for it.

What he had a hard time taking my word for was that I was a virgin. He
swore up and down that NOBODY could suck cock that good the very first
time! When he finally realized that not only had I never, ever done that
before but that I didn't even know that it was called a "blow-job", he
finally relented and accepted that I really had been a 'virgin'. He shook
his head in wonder and gave me the ultimate complement:

"You are a natural born cocksucker! I've had guys who've sucked cock for
years who couldn't do it half as good as you!" he swore.

I was elated! I now understood that I had this very useful talent and I
could use it to bring pleasure to other guys and myself. Though I continued
to occasionally have sex with Stretch throughout the rest of that school
year, I felt it was my duty to spread my talent to as many males as I
possibly could! I wanted to give every good-looking young male on that
campus all of the pleasure that my mouth could bring! And I damned near

The End of STRETCH

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