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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Tied Up Teens

Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 02:40:35 -0400
From: William <>
Subject: Tied up teens

(Author's Note: This story is a work of fiction. However, the images are
based on boys featured on my website. If you wish to see them, please
email me as above.)

It was summer, and I had recently moved house. I had taken a few weeks
holiday to make sure that I could get my new place sorted out before going
back to work. I had been pleased to note already that the street had its
fair share of cute teens racing up and down on skate boards, roller blades,
playing basket ball, etc. at every opportunity.

Of particular note was Kyle, the "boy next door" and his seemingly constant
companion Jesse. I put their ages at about 15 or 16 and they were as
gorgeous as they were different. Kyle was the typical blond, blue eyed
type; thin hipped and broad shouldered, he sported a tan from hours spent
in the open. He was muscly in that lean adolescent kind of way and looked
as if he was growing a centimetre every day. He was lean and long with the
best set of legs and cutest, tightest little arse I have ever seen. The
light dusting of fair hairs over his legs was reflected in his honey blond
hair which was spiky but thick with tufts tickling out from beneath his
baseball cap (permanent uniform) down his lean brown neck

By contrast Jesse was the dark and sultry type; his eyes were a deep
chocolate and his skin the brown that resulted not just from hours in the
sun but a natural olive complexion. Where Kyle was thin hipped and broad
shouldered, Jesse was a little thicker set and shorter than his friend, but
he still had that unique adolescent boy appeal of taut smooth skin
stretched over well exercised muscles, and an energy level which was almost
dangerous. Jesse's black hair was long and slightly wavy, falling across
his eyes in a smoulderingly sexy way. I couldn't fail to be distracted
whenever they raced past my place intent on some boyish prank, dressed of
course in the teen uniform of baggy shorts and layers of shirts hanging
around their torsos.

My blood pressure rose substantially when last week on a rather hotter day
they sauntered past my front lawn with shirts hanging down from their
shorts revealing fully their well muscled and totally hairless chests.
Pert nipples adorned pectorals to die for. Did these boys work out at the
gym, or were they just blessed with perfect genes? (Some time later I was
to discover that both boys were keen rowers, hence the muscular physique -
but that's another story!) To my endless frustration there was no hint of
what equipment might be concealed beneath the boxers/CKs which were usually
evident above the waistband of their shorts. I managed a wave and a cheery
hello despite my pounding heart, and received the flash of beautiful teeth,
wide smiles, and waves in return. The girls must be queueing up to get
into their pants, I surmised.

One day, about ten days after school had returned, I was surprised to
notice the two boys returning to the house about lunch time. Surely they
could not both have a half day holiday? They seemed even more intent on
each other than usual as they bustled past in their school uniform of
blazers, shirts and ties, and light grey shorts. They did not notice me on
my knees in the garden as they passed.

A short time later, I was alerted by a strange noise coming from Kyle's
house next door. I had already observed that Kyle's bedroom opened closely
onto our adjoining side fence. (Indeed, upon this discovery, I had taken
the opportunity to discreetly prune the creeper on the trellis to afford me
a better view - I lived in hope. I had noticed whilst doing so that Kyle's
bedroom walls were adorned not with the usual teenage boy's collection of
naked women, but posters of Devon Sawa, Brad Renfro, and directly above his
bed a still of River Phoenix in Stand By Me - one of my own favourites.)
Getting up from my weeding, I carefully approached the fence and peeped
through the trellis. Being a warm day, Kyle must have opened the window as
soon as he got home, and I could see clearly into his bedroom. The two
boys had removed their school blazers which lay carelessly across a chair
by the door. Their shoes likewise were scattered nearby.

Nothing could have prepared me for the sight which met my eyes. Jesse was
lying on his back on Kyle's bed, spreadeagled with his arms above his head.
His hands were lashed to the sides of Kyle's bedhead with the boys' school
ties, while around his ankles appeared to be the boys belts. The bed had
no base board, so the belts must have been attached to the base somehow -
around the bed legs perhaps. Jesse was still dressed in his short sleeved
shirt, grey shorts and school socks. Kyle, dressed likewise, was kneeling
astride Jesse, his perfect arse nestled closely on Jesse's groin. It may
have been just possible that this was some innocent boy game but for
Jesse's distinctly sexual moan, and the thrusting of his pelvis upwards
into the hot box of Kyle perched above him.

As I watched, transfixed by this incredible display of boyhood lust, Kyle
proceeded to slowly unbutton Jesse's shirt. With his arms extended above
his head, Jesse's shirt had pulled up out of his shorts and the waistband
of his CKs was visible along with his washboard stomach - and not a hair in
sight. Starting at the neck, Kyle slowly undid each button of Jesse's
school shirt until his hairless chest was laid bare beneath his touch.
Briefly his hands caressed his well defined pectorals and down to his
stomach. The kid moaned and squirmed beneath Kyle even more.

Then, Kyle reached up to his own school shirt and repeated the process on
himself - slowly undoing each button from the neck down until his chest, a
somewhat paler twin to Jesse's was revealed in all its boyhood glory.
Jesse watched this enticing strip with the anticipation of one who has been
down this path before! Kyle then untucked his shirt and shrugged it off
onto the floor. There he sat, astride the constantly squirming kid. He
caressed Jesse's chest and stomach lightly squeezing his nipples, then
repeated the process to himself. After a few minutes of this he lent
forward, smooth chests together and kissed Jesse fully on the mouth. The
kid responded with a more vigorous thrust of his pelvis up into Kyle's
groin, but Kyle lifted himself up more onto his knees, avoiding too much
contact. Clearly, he was intent on drawing out this sensory overload to
the max.

Sitting up, Kyle caressed his own chest and stomach again, but this time
with each stroke his hands went further down until he was gently rubbing
his groin. The bulge in his grey school shorts was clearly a strain on the
fabric, and the next thing I knew he was slowly lowering the fly and
undoing the top button. The waistband of his shorts sagged wide as his
bulging cock, held in only by his satin boxers was freed of the restraint.
Briefly he moved off Jesse and the bed, dropping his shorts to the floor
but leaving on his boxers. Lithe as an athlete, he was swiftly back
astride Jesse, and proceeded to stroke his cock through his boxers. The
kid's eyes were fixed on Kyle's hands and he moaned louder, licking his
lips and trying to hold his head up towards the bigger boy's crotch.
Finally, Kyle reached through the fly of his boxers and drew out his sword
- and what a prize it was. Easily 7", it was thick and cut, its head
clearly defined from the shaft and standing out from his body like a flag
pole. His cock was hard and strong - a piece of meat any adult would have
been proud of. Jesse gasped, not in surprise for by now I was quite
certain he had seen this many times before but in rapture, and his mouth
dropped open clearly in anticipation of the treat which he hoped was
imminent; but Kyle was in no hurry!

He stroked his meat lovingly with his right hand while his left hand played
with his balls, still concealed within the satin folds of his boxers.
Paying special attention to the magnificent head, he coaxed and teased it
until it was so engorged that it seemed it would burst. All the while,
Jesse alternately moaned and gasped, his body writhing beneath Kyle who
held him firmly between his knees. At last, Kyle shuffled further up the
bed until he was astride the kid's chest. Leaning with his left hand
against the bedhead he reached with his right hand behind Jesse's neck and
lifted him forward. Jesse's tied arms ensured he was powerless to either
assist or resist (not that that seemed to be an option!) Resting his
weight against the bedhead, Kyle slowly tilted his pelvis forward closer
and closer to Jesse's open mouth until finally the two met, and Jesse's
tongue slid lusciously around the enflamed head of Kyle's cock. In unison,
the boys both moaned with the exquisite pleasure of this long anticipated
joining. Kyle's head was thrown backward so that his lithe young body
formed an arc, then gradually, he pressed his pelvis forward until Jesse
was taking his full length down his throat.

Slowly he eased his cock in and out of the kid's soft mouth, hand clamped
firmly behind his head, guiding and pacing the performance entirely to his
own demands. Talk about hot!! These kids were young alright, but they
were certainly no novices! Kyle built up the pace, thrusting deep and
long, his own lips were parted in a wet half smile as he focussed on his
own pleasure. All the while Jesse wriggled beneath the bigger boy's weight
still held firmly in place by Kyle's knees astride his chest. He strained
against the school ties holding his hands firmly to the bedhead and pumped
his own pelvis in the air. Kyle's face was showing a deep blush beneath
his tan, and I was sure he would soon unleash his hot sauce down Jesse's
eager throat. But just then I was again taken by surprise when Kyle,
seemingly coming back from another place, deliberately slowed his thrusting
and gradually withdrew his length from Jesse's eager mouth. Holding
Jesse's head just close enough he let the younger kid lick hungrily at the
tender underside of his cock head before lowering Jesse back to the pillow;
then, tucking his wet engorged cock back into his boxers he slowly moved a
little back down the bed eventually sinking his crotch into the boy's
stomach, his own arse teasingly close to Jesse's own bursting school
shorts. How that cock length must have pressed into his belly! In just
his school socks and satin boxers, Kyle enfolded his friend in an embrace,
licking his cheeks, chin, chewing on his full lips and then sinking into a
deep kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Kyle's right hand combed Jesse's long dark hair away
from his forehead, then, grasping his hair more firmly he gently pulled his
head back revealing the kid's throat. His wet kisses extended gently down
Jesse's chin over the lump of his adam's apple and to the sweet hollow at
the base of his throat. Releasing Jesse's hair, Kyle wriggled his own arse
backward so that he was again holding the boy's hips between his knees.
Leaning forward and pulling back the unbuttoned school shirt as far as it
would go, he licked from Jesse's throat to one armpit and then across to
the other, carefully avoiding his erect nipples. Next, he traced a curve
around the outline of Jesse's well defined pectoral muscles. I noticed
that for the first time Jesse had become quite still. He had stopped
thrusting and squirming and other than a few moans was fairly quiet.
Having thoroughly licked and nipped the boy's chest Kyle started to lick in
ever decreasing circles around first one nipple and then the other. After
what seemed an eternity he flicked the kid's right nipple with just the tip
of his long tongue. Jesse let out a long low moan. Kyle moved on his left
nipple with the same treatment, and the moaning intensified. When he had
given each nipple a complete tongue bath, Kyle again repositioned himself.
Moving further back down Jesse's body, Kyle brought his own knees together
between Jesse's thighs. Then he started inexorably to trace a tongue line
from chest to belly button, and from belly button further south towards the
waistband of Jesse's CKs and school shorts. At this point Jesse's moans
and gasps gave way alternately to something more like a whimpering. The
boy's body must by this time have been in sensory overload...but Kyle was
not through yet!

Sitting back on his haunches between Jesse's shins Kyle caressed the kid's
quite hairy legs, running his nails up from ankle to the hem of his school
shorts and back again. Each time his long fingers went just a little
further up under the school shorts, stroking Jesse's inner thighs. Next he
bent forward and reached right up the boy's shorts but on the outside of
his legs and then started tugging. At first uncertain what Kyle was up to
I soon noticed that the waistband of Jesse's CKs had disappeared from view
as Kyle pulled them down from within Jesse's shorts. Jesse started to moan
again and lifted his hips up to ease Kyle's mission. Quickly the bundled
CKs appeared at the bottom of the grey school shorts. Kyle reached back
and released Jesse's left leg from the belt tying him to the bed. Then
with some assistance from Jesse he stretched the CKs down the leg over the
knee and released them over his ankle and foot. Immediately he resecured
Jesse's leg and then pulled the CKs back through the crotch of his school
shorts and tugged them down his right leg to the ankle where they lay
crumpled up with his sagging school sock.

Lying spreadeagled on the bed, his open school shirt up around his
shoulders, socks around his ankles, and just his grey school shorts to
cover him, Jesse made quite a sight. His face was flushed with lust, his
dark hair wet with perspiration, chest shiny with Kyle's lick and his own
sweat, and his shorts were tented with the urgency of his erection. Kyle
returned his look of lust, and looked down on him with a mix of power and
tenderness. Kyle of course was wearing only his school socks and satin
boxers. His heaving chest was wet with his exertions and the hint of blond
underarm hair was dark with perspiration. With a smile which promised
everything he bent to his task. Slowly he worked both hands up the inside
of the kid's shorts. Keeping well clear of the major bulge in the front of
Jesse's pants, Kyle caressed the kid's balls before lowering his face to
the waistband and licking again at the hairless washboard stomach.
Removing his hands momentarily he undid the waistband button and clip, then
went back to the boy's balls. Jesse's head arched back on the pillow and
he whimpered as Kyle bent down again and with only his teeth grasped the
zip and slowly, slowly drew it down. When about half way down the fly,
Jesse's length sprung out of its prison. Much the same size as Kyle's it
looked even bigger on the smaller boy. Looking fit to burst, the head was
shiny with precum which must have been leaking for a long time. Kyle
finished lowering the zip without touching the kid's cock. Then, as with
the CKs, he released Jesse's left leg from its belt, took the shorts off
over his foot and pulled them down to his right ankle. This time however,
he did not secure the kid's left leg but bent it at the knee and pushed it
back providing him with total access to the kid's balls and arse. Jesse's
balls sported a light covering of dark hair which along with a small patch
at the base of his cock was his only pubic hair. By any comparison his
balls were generous - like two dark plums they were drawn up tight and
clearly urgent for action. Holding the kid's leg back, Kyle licked his
balls and the tender skin between his balls and arsehole, and he squirmed
and groaned aloud.

Ever so slowly Kyle moved towards the quivering shaft of his cock. I could
actually see the precum oozing from the head as Kyle tongued his was up the
thick hot shaft. Reaching the wet engorged head he licked it like an
icecream before engulfing it in his hot mouth. Jesse cried out and arched
his back. His left leg came down and wrapped around Kyle's shoulders,
urging him on - willing him not to stop - and this time, finally, he
didn't. Any fool would know that with the sort of build up this kid had
been subject to, cumming was not going to be far off. But Kyle made the
most of it. He took the kid fully down his throat, but kept it slow.
There was no pumping - just deep slow strokes the full length of the kid's
ample shaft. Even so, within a minute, Jesse's breathing was becoming fast
and shallow, his face coloured under his olive complexion, and his head was
thrown back into the pillow. He was thrusting urgently with his hips and
had held Kyle gripped with his left leg as if his life depended on it.
Just as his breathing turned to gasping Kyle pulled himself off the kid's
cock and, with one hand caressed his balls and with the other pumped his
shaft rhythmically, all the while watching his friend's face intently.
With a cry Jesse let fly a huge stream of cum which reached all the way to
the pillow his head was buried in. Spurt after spurt of cum landed on his
chest, chin and stomach. Kyle slowly stroked the snake which had delivered
such a load then, licking cum from Jesse's belly button, he lay full length
on his friend and joined lips for a long kiss.

After a minute or two Kyle eased himself up from his partner and, reaching
up, untied Jesse's arms from their fixture to the bedhead. With a smile
Jesse sat up forcing Kyle to move back further down the bed where he
stayed, upright on his knees. Still tied by one leg to the bed, Jesse
looked up at his teen lover as his hands slid slowly up the wide legs of
Kyle's satin boxers, caressing those magnificent buttocks, his inner
thighs, and balls. The front of Kyle's boxers tented out and up as his
cock struggled to escape. After stroking and caressing for what seemed an
eternity, Jesse started to pull the boxers down over Kyle's hips and arse.
His cock, jutting out like a flagpole held up the front of the boxers at
the waistband and Jesse left it like that as he caressed Kyle's lower back
and now fully exposed arse cheeks.

Finally, Jesse eased the waistband over the head of Kyle's straining pole
and let the boxers drop to his knees on the bed. Pushing Kyle back so that
he had to take his weight on his arms behind himself, Jesse reached between
his fully exposed crotch and handled his balls again. Then, as if he were
weighing them, he hefted Kyle's balls above the level of his reclining
thighs and for the first time (because the boys were side on to the window)
I was able to actually see clearly the prize which had rested within those
satin folds for so long. If Kyle's cock was impressive his balls were
something else. They were large like two hens eggs, but the most
extraordinary thing was the sack which held the jewels. It hung deep and
low. Even after the amount of stimulation these two boys had delivered
each other Kyle's balls still hung loose in his silken sack, and Jesse made
the most of them. He stroked them, he joggled them in his cupped hands,
then leaning further forward he licked and sucked them. All the while Kyle
was leaning back taking his weight on his left arm while his right hand
stroked his partner's long black locks. Kyle's cock, which was curved like
a giant banana, reflected the backward arch of his body on the bed,
throbbing against his firm stomach. Restricted by the satin boxers still
around his knees, his whole long body was an arc of teen muscle. His chest
heaved, his biceps bulged with the strain of supporting his body weight
backwards on the bed, and his wisps of blond underarm hair were spiky with

Jesse made his way forward to Kyle's pole. Grasping it firmly around the
base he pulled it forward so that it was upright and sticking out from
Kyle's body. What a cock! Starting at the base he licked up to the head
in one smooth movement; then he swirled his tongue around the flared
helmet. He did not take the cock into his mouth but continued to lick and
suck just the bulging head. Kyle groaned aloud and tried to thrust into
Jesse's mouth, but Jesse held him off. Jesse's left hand was constantly
working Kyle's ball sack which finally was tightening against his crotch.
Kyle started to cry out and his breathing which had been erratic took on a
more regular rhythm. He was going to cum and it was going to be big!
Jesse tormented him a little longer and then, when Kyle's groans and cries
were coming with every breath he suddenly let go of his cock and balls with
his hands, grasped Kyle's tight little arse and pulled him deep into his
mouth and throat.

"Oh God!" cried Kyle as he plunged his shaft into the smaller boy's mouth.
"Oh God, Oh Fuck!".

His whole body shuddered as his cock shot what must have been a huge load
of teen cum into the appreciative mouth of his lover boy. Time and again
Kyle thrust his meat up into Jesse's soft mouth. Trickles of creamy cum
dribbled down Jesse's chin, but he kept slurping away on his loverboy's hot
meat, his eyes watching from beneath his dark thatch as Kyle groaned and
panted under his sweet attention. Sweat running off both of them, Jesse
waited until Kyle's monster had delivered its last spurt before releasing
him. Cum slimed around his lips and chin he pulled Kyle on top of him as
he lay back against the pillow. Jesse still secured by his right ankle,
and Kyle by his boxers around his knees, the two boys lay panting in each
other's arms. Young they were, but it would be hard to imagine two better
matched individuals.

As they rested after their lustful endeavours, I could not help wondering
if they ever reversed roles. Was Kyle ever the one to be tied up?

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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Tied Up Teens