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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Two Soccer Boys

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 22:17:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: StrokinBoy
Subject: Two Soccer Boys

Finnegan always knew he was a bit special. His parents, Sean and Mary,
emigrated from Ireland in the late 1970s to join family that had come
earlier to America. He enjoyed growing up in a comfortable middle class
home outside Chicago. He was also lucky enough to be surrounded by much of
his extended family...cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Finnegan was above average in school and decent at sports, but never quite
enjoyed the educational environment as much as his classmates did. It was
not because he did not have friends. It was just that something deep down
inside him always seemed to different.

Finnegan first started to notice why he was different in high school.
Especially during changing time for gym class. By the time he was in high
school Finnegan had developed into an attractive, but modest, Irish lad.
His fair hair and skin and slender smooth body made him among the most
attractive boys in his class. Finnegan was also quite proud of another
gift his genes gave him. The genetic material of the men before him
blessed him with quite a substantial penis. It was fully 7" and abnormally
thick by the time he reached high school. Because of his large cock
Finnegan was never ashamed to shower in gym class like much of the others
seemed to be. But over time, changing and showering became a problem. For
at the site of his classmates smooth naked teen bodies, Finnegan could feel
his cock harden in his tight white briefs. But it was a feeling he would
soon come to appreciate and explore.

Because of his strong Irish background it was almost a requirement for Finn
to play soccer, or football as his parents called it. Because he had
played for so many years with his cousins and other relatives he had become
quite good. So during high school he tried out and made the team. He
really only knew one other boy on the team, Anthony, who lived around the
corner from Finn's family. Because soccer practice was after school and
often ran late, he and Anthony quickly decided they would walk home with
each other. Though they did not speak much for those 15 blocks home, it
was nice to have company for the trek.

Anthony was quite the opposite of Finnegan physically. His family was
largely Italian and his grandparents had come to the neighborhood many
years ago. Anthony had strikingly masculine features for a boy his age.
His jaw and chin were much more chiseled and defined than Finn's, and his
physique was much broader and muscular. He also had much more hair on his
body, including a small amount circling his thick pecs and nipples.
Overall it was a very sexy body for a boy his age. And one that Finnegan
would soon come to enjoy himself.

About two months into soccer season Finnegan and Anthony were walking home
one day after practice. As always, they quietly parted ways at the corner
of Delancey and 5th Street. Finnegan turned left and headed up the
sidewalk towards his house. At the front door he reached through his
backpack to pull out his key. But it wasn't there. He couldn't believe it
because he made it home for years after school without forgetting his key.
And this day was the worst of all to make such a mistake. Because every
Wednesday evening his parents played cards with friends and wouldn't be
home for at least a couple hours. Finnegan quickly contemplated what to
do. Whether to walk to his parents or seek out a spare key from a
relative. But for some reason his first thought was to try to chase down
Anthony. So he quickly bolted back down the street and swung a left
towards Anthony's house. He caught him just in time going up the steps of
his porch.

"Hey man I lost my fucking key" Finn said.

"Shit, you have an extra hidden anywhere or anything" responded Anthony.

"No and my parents wont be back for a couple hours so I'm pretty much

"Well my parents are at a dinner tonight so you can chill here if you want.
We probably have something to eat" Anthony offered.

"Um yeah sure. I just don't feel like sitting outside forever waiting for
my parents"

They boys both crossed the porch and entered the house. Finnegan waited
cautiously by the door, unsure whether or not to take his shoes off. But
when Anthony didn't say anything, he simply followed his friend inside to
the kitchen.

"You want a beer dude? My dad is pretty cool about shit like that." Anthony

"Um yeah I guess if you don't think we'll get in trouble."

Anthony cracked open two beers and wandered back out towards the living
room. But instead of sitting down here, he instead headed up the stairs.
"We can chill in my room. Check your email if you want."

"Cool" Finn replied, and followed the Italian hunk up the stairs.
Noticing, not for the first time, how solid and firm Anthony's ass looked
in his soccer shorts. Anthony plopped down at his desk and Finn cautiously
took a seat at the edge of the bed, sipping slowly at the cold beer.

"Hey man, you wanna look at porn? My friend Matt sent me links for some
good sites" Anthony shockingly said.

"Yeah cool"

Anthony proceeded to type away and almost instantly a screen flashed up
with many small pictures of naked women. He could barely see from the bed
when Anthony offered "Grab a chair, this shit is good."

Once closer Finn could see the pictures were not only naked women, but also
some naked men fucking the women. The sight of the tits, asses, and cocks
almost immediately made his dick hard. He sat there watching Anthony smirk
as he clicked through many similar pages with just as sexy images. After a
couple minutes of clicking, and a nearly full erection, Finnegan noticed
Anthony stopped on a page with just a man. And judging by the long pause
he was beginning to tell that Anthony may be interested in what he was

"Hey man, does your dick get hard when you see other dicks" Anthony asked
without looking away from the screen.

"Um, I guess any kind of sex can sorta make you hard, even dicks."

"Cool cause my dick is really hard looking at this now and I don't want to
be some kind of freak."

"Nah, it's cool, cause mine is a little hard too."

"A little?!?" Anthony joked as he looked down to see Finn's full erection
filling his soccer shorts. "Well if you wanna jerk off man, I don't care"
he added, "because I probably am going to right now."

And right then and there Anthony decided to put his cock out of his soccer
shorts. He still hadn't changed the picture and was staring at the image
of the naked man with the big dick. Finn was shocked by this, not only
because his friend was jerking off in front of him, but also because
Anthony had a dick bigger than Finn's. In fact, it was bigger than any he
had ever screen, including his dad's, brothers', and uncles'.

"Dude I gotta say your dick is fuckin huge" Finnegan exhorted. "It's like
way bigger than mine and I thought mine was pretty big."

"Yeah, you serious man? Thanks? So you ever think about touching another
dude's dick? You can touch mine if you want. I won't say anything to

"Hmmm" Finnegan hesitate. But his own growing erection told him he must
take this chance to feel another boy's cock. So he reached his hand down
and wrapped his fingers firmly around his friend's massive teen dick. At
first he just held it there. But when Anthony shot him a smirking glance he
knew it was ok, and even expected, that we would commence stroking.

So Finnegan began to stroke the fat prick. Slow and steady at first. But
after a few quick moans from Anthony he knew it was ok to speed up and
really go to town. His friend started to shake with pleasure and began
touching his nipples as Finn kept pounding away on the meat. But then
Anthony quickly pulled his hand away and said "Dude I wanna suck your dick"
and reached over to Finn's now partially exposed shaft.

And then without debate, the Italian teen stud got on his knees under the
desk and first went for the waist bend of his Irish friend's shorts. Finn
sat up a bit and allowed Anthony to remove the modest covering, quickly
exposing a substantial and fully upright dick.

After a quick "Nice dude" from Anthony, his dick was soon engulfed in the
warm and eager mouth of his horny friend. Showing cock-sucking skill of
men many years his senior, Anthony took the fat dick nearly all the way
down his throat, choking a bit at first, but continuing on with his
pleasure giving work.

Finn was so fucking horny at the mere thought of getting a blowjob that he
nearly shot his load. But realizing he wanted to keep this suckfest going
as long as possible, regained his composure and continued to face fuck
Anthony with all his effort. The dark haired soccer stud eagerly worked
the shaft with his tongue while his hands firmly caressed the low hanging

A few times Anthony timidly moved his fingers towards Finn's hairless hole
but didn't seem to have the courage to go any further. Finn himself was
still totally unsure of what it would feel like for someone to touch his
ass. But the boiling thrill of sex emanating from his package told him
that if there was every a time to try it, this was it. So he slowly took
Anthony's hand off his throbbing prick and moved the boy's focus down to
between his smooth ass cheeks. At first Anthony did nothing and kept
sucking his friend's cock like he had been doing for the past few minutes.
But in a few moments he realized what Finn was getting at.

Anthony cautiously rubbed the tight outside of his friend's warm hole.
Finn gave a few quick but deep moans to let his pal know this new venture
was quite pleasurable. And so Anthony continued at this for a good two
minutes, all the while continuing the suck and lick the massive upright
meat in front on him. The utter pleasure surging from his hole and through
his body told Finn that he definitely liked Anthony working his ass. So
with a leap of faith he decided to himself that it was time he got fucked.
The idea of it scared him and thrilled him equally. But he knew he was a
faggot and it was time to take some cock like one.

"Hey man, I want you to fuck me" Finn blurted out. "I have some condoms my
brother gave me. Let's just do it."

And without speaking Finn reached under his bed for the box which held all
his secret things: some straight porn, a pack of cigarettes, and some
condoms. He tore the wrapper open carefully. He pulled Anthony upright and
proceeded to wrap the latex over Anthony's warm pole, using the directions
he'd stored in the back of his mind since being shown the proper technique
in health class weeks earlier.

Not knowing exactly how to proceed he laid on the bed and spread his legs
like he'd seen women do in porn films. "Should I use lotion or something"
Anthony first asked.

"I don't think I have any, just use your spit like when you jerk off.
Should work."

So Anthony spit a large amount into his hand and then lathered his rock
hard cock with the moisture. He was about to fuck his hot horny friend,
and he was ready to do it good.

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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Two Soccer Boys