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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Arkansas Vacation - Arkansas Vacation 18

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:28:08 EDT
Subject: Arkansas Vacation 18

This story is a work of fiction. It contains scenes of man-teen and
teen-teen male sex. If this material displeases you or is illegal in your
neck of the woods please leave. Otherwise read and enjoy. Aaron Carter
and Haley Joel Osment make guest appearances in this episode and as always
this does not imply anything but fantasies about their actual sexual
orientation. And remember, Peckertown does not exist so please do nothing
to a boy to make him go look for it. All comments to

Appropriately this is the fortieth chapter of the Arkansas Vacation saga.
The twenty-fourth by me to go with ten by Dave, two by Pyro and four by
some very good friends. I want to thank all these talented writers who
have done my fictional town proud. As Pyro pointed out he's been waiting
for this chapter for almost six years and I hope it was worth the wait. I
also want to thank all of you who've stuck with me, us, all this time.

Enjoy. Thanks.
Sid G.

Arkansas Vacation 18: Wedding of the Year
by Sid G. Copyright 2003

       Daniel and I were sitting on our living room couch calmly
discussing our wedding plans. (That sounds so great.) Calmly might be
exaggerating it a bit.

       "Love, do you understand what you're thinking," I said.

       "Yes and I think it makes perfect sense. I'm not saying to invite
everybody to the reception, just to the wedding and have a buffet after,"
Daniel said.

       "Invite every single person who either lives in Peckertown or works
for Jorgenson Enterprises to our wedding? Do you have any idea how many
people that is?"

       "I don't care. Lots of the residents are people I've known all my
life, from when this was still a nice quiet southern town. Most of the
others we know or make money from. Or are you being like Scott over the
first Oscar party and not trusting the whores to behave themselves?"

       I leaned back stunned, started to refute that by reminding him he
was talking about inviting more than twenty-five hundred people to our
wedding ceremony. The most important day of our lives together. Then
caught myself.

       "You really want this?"

       "I do. I know its crazy and going to cost a fortune but I know it
will add so much. Aaron and Jennifer took care of the business contacts at
their wedding so except for a couple whom we've become personal friends
with we don't need to invite them to the wedding or reception. And the
buffet doesn't have to be fancy, mom can come up with what they used to
serve at weddings in the firehouse in the old day and Benjy's crew can do
that easy," Daniel paused, took a breath, "But it just feels so right to me
to have everybody there. They are our people from long time residents like
Mrs. Thorpe to the newest throwaway whose trying to make a life for
himself. They're us. Do you understand Marc?"

       I nodded. I did understand and he was right. Closing the clubs
and other company owned businesses for a few hours, for the day even,
wasn't a big deal, we've done it before. And bottom line what was wrong
with sharing that special moment with as many people as possible.

       "I do understand, you're right, it is the right thing to do for us
and everybody else. But how?"

       My Lion roared in delight and pulled out a large pad of paper from
behind his end of the couch.

       "I've been putting together a few ideas, just got to pray it
doesn't rain."

       "Wouldn't dare," I said and looked at the first page he showed me.

       The next day the office door opened and Margaret looked up from her

       "Hi Aaron, how you doing?"

       "Fine, is Marc or Lion around?"

       Margaret took a quick look at the switchboard, "They're both in
their offices and off the phone which one do you want?"

       I walked out of my office right then heading over to Daniel's and I
spotted Aaron Carter talking to Margaret.

       "Hey Aaron, how you doing?"

       "Fine, you got a minute?" Aaron said.

       "Sure, just on my way to Daniel's office or do you want me alone?"

       "Both of you are always better than one," he said with a smile.

       "Too true, something wrong with your voice?"

       "Nope, just a little sore, guess I've been practicing too much for
the next CD."

       Daniel's door was open so we walked in and sat down. Right then we
heard the front door open.

       "Huh? What are you doing here Aaron? Thought you went back with
Marc two seconds ago?" Margaret said loud enough for the three of us to

       "How's that possible?" Aaron said in his normal voice, "Haley and I
just walked over from across the street."

       "Yeah, how could you mistake anybody for my sweetheart?" Haley

       "You two come with me," Margaret said and we heard her chair fly
backward into the wall.

       Seconds later she led Aaron and Haley into Daniel's office. Daniel
and I both looked back and forth between the two blond teens. They both
wore the same muscle t-shirts and long blue shorts, white socks pushed down
to their high top sneakers.

       "Hi Aaron," the one sitting said.

       "Hi Aaron," the one standing with Haley and Margaret said.

       The one sitting rose and stood next to the other Aaron and I looked
closely at them. Now I know the real Aaron Carter's twin is a girl and
while there's never been much press on the other parts of the family nobody
has ever mentioned a relative who was Aaron's twin. And they seemed
identical, almost.

       Almost. As I've said before I can tell identical twins apart and
this time it was in the eyes. Yes they'd sounded different but the one I'd
walked into Daniel's room eyes had a more distant look to them. A look I'd
seen on too many boys who'd worked the streets elsewhere before coming to

       I looked right at the newcomer.

       "Is your name really Aaron?" I said.

       "Told you," Haley said.

       "Yes, my name really is Aaron. I'm from Miami originally," the
other Aaron said, "How did you tell us apart? The voice?"

       "With both of you here that was a part of it. What really did it
were the eyes. You were a working boy down in Miami," I said.

       "You've seen that thousand miles stare up here a lot I bet."

       "All too fucking often," Daniel said.

       "Haley and I were walking down the street this morning, autograph
seekers aren't as bad then when a couple of the boys who work the park came
running over and begged us to follow them. That we had to see something.
Swore up and down it was good, nobody was going to hurt us or anything. So
we followed them. One ran ahead and we heard him shout `they're coming.'
We entered a grove and it was like looking into a mirror," Aaron Carter

       "Totally weird and awesome," the other Aaron said, "The other boys
had been telling me constantly how much I looked like Aaron. I mean I knew
it was close enough that it helped make me extra money whoring but these
were kids who had met him up close. They made me show my knee to make sure
I was telling the truth. My knee's are almost scar free."

       "Unlike a certain someone who stepped into a garbage pail with
broken glass and scared his gorgeous knee for life. But I have to admit I
looked back and forth and couldn't tell them apart. Grabbed my honey's
hand so I wouldn't lose track," Haley said.

       "So we walked over to Wayne's and split a sausage and pineapple pie
and talked. Aaron's only family was his mother and he was born homeless.
Has no idea who his father is or any family on his mother's side," Aaron
Carter said.

       "She was a good Mom but had her problems. Made a home for us in an
abandoned factory, stayed there even after she died. Taught me to read and
write which was more than a lot of my friends knew," the other Aaron said.

       "I'm sure she was, did the best she could for you which is a lot
more than some of the other boys here can say," Daniel said.

       "We hired Aaron to be our assistant, Aaron's double, caretaker of
the ranch when we're not here and he's going to move in with his boyfriend
Nick. We decided on this gag because we had a question to ask, favor
really," Haley said.

       "What is it?" Daniel said.

       "Want to run a DNA comparison to see if we are related," Aaron
Carter said.

       "Dr. Schwartz and his son are away on vacation but Dr. George can
set it up and keep it anonymous but there are risks, emotional risks if
there is a match. Especially a close match," I said.

       "I've been trying to tell him that. That I don't care if we are
related or not. What they're offering me and Nick is more than we ever had
or expected to have. I'm not looking for any more of the Carter family
fortune than that," the other Aaron said.

       "And there's no rush, it can be done any time," I said.

       Carter nodded, "We'll wait for now. Maybe when brother Nick comes
to visit next month we can talk about it again."

       "Now where's your Nick?" Daniel said.

       "Waiting at The Tasty Buns for us. You know us growing boys need
more than a single pizza to fill us up," Haley said.

       "Why didn't you want them to do that DNA test? Daniel asked at
supper in our dining room that night.

       Not only has he grown from when I met him three years ago but he's
matured and recently developed his own cooking talents. The fettuccini
alfredo with shrimp he'd made would have made a chef in Italy's finest
restaurant proud.

       "DNA comparisons like paternity tests are done by matching the two
strings and seeing how much matches. You compare my dad's and mine and
you'll fine a certain level of matching, me and my sister a little less."

       "And with Orin even less," Daniel said, "So if it comes up with a
high degree of matching then maybe they're half-brothers."

       "And what does that do to the Carter family?" I said.

       "Nothing worthwhile," Daniel said, "Wonder if we should invite the
Carters and Osments too?"

       "Sure, why not, invite the President and the Governor for that
matter," I said.

       "Shit, I forgot to put the Governor and his wife on the list. He
couldn't make Aaron's but said he'd try to make ours, now that's three
Aarons we have to keep straight." Daniel said and jotted down a note.

       "Fortunately only one of them is straight," I said.

       It was now the end of May, two months before the wedding and we
still had a lot to do. At the weekly family brunch the Sunday before
Memorial Day Daniel and I announced our wedding plans from the huge
wedding, the smaller reception after and that we'd be leaving the next
morning for a two-week honeymoon.

       "How many people do you want me to cook for?" Benjy said.

       I couldn't tell what he was feeling. Was it fear that his crew
couldn't do it, that it meant not being in the wedding party or the dollar
signs racking up.

       "Just a buffet for say 2,500 to 3,000 people and yes a lot of them
will be growing boys who will probably be very hungry," I said.

       "And you can use kitchen space and personnel from the hotels and
restaurants," Elija said.

       "See that's the problem. Logistically there's no problem. But my
staff will want to be there and I have a feeling you're going to get the
same problem with any other workers. Whom are you going to tell at the
hotels they can't come?" Benjy said.

       "Let's just stick with your operation son," Elija said, "Can you
and Jake figure out a menu and schedule that will let you have everything
there and setup over warmers or ice an hour before the ceremony so that you
can all be at the wedding and positioned so that as soon as its over they
can walk over and be ready?"

       Benjy looked over at his brother.

       "The menu choice for the buffet is up to you. Whatever makes this
work is fine with Marc and me," Daniel said.

       Benjy nodded, "OK, I'll sit down with Jake first thing in the
morning. Do you want the Slave Orchestra either place?"

       "For both if it works for you. Don't know what your plans for the
club are for that night," Daniel said.

       "Can open without those boys there, especially for the show. The
real question is what masters aren't you going to invite to the reception,"
Benjy said.

       "Close the club for the day that way you can pull whomever you want
to work at the buffet and kitchens the rest have an easy day," Elija said.

       "Thanks Dad," Benjy and Daniel said.

       "How you going to invite everybody and organize this thing? It was
tough enough for Aaron and me? Jennifer said from her perch a millimeter
from her new husband on the couch.

       Daniel took out his giant pad and turned to the layout page.

       "The ceremony as we said will be at the park. We'll probably have
to reimburse some of the working boys for lost income but shouldn't be a
major expense. The ceremony itself will be here at the top of the park,
furthest away from the road," Daniel said pointing to the place, "The
invited guests will sit on folding chairs in the roped off area. Everybody
else will either stand or bring their own chairs outside that. Benjy you
can either set everything up on one side or split on both, that's up to

       "Neither, off to the left facing the preacher man is a small patch
of trees with a path leading through it to the ball fields. I'll set up
there and you can do your reception line at the entrance to the path. My
guys can watch from that area and protect it from anybody wanting an early
snack," Benjy said.

       "That's my boyfriend the caterer for you," Roger said and Benjy

       Benjy has really enjoyed running his catering service and with
Caleb doing more and more of administrative work at the Little Leather Club
and Jake the same at Benjy's Catering Service the new teenager was enjoying
himself more than he had in a long time. Caleb, to his own surprise, found
he enjoys the administrative end and has started helping Paulo with it at
the Peckertown Training Academy as well.

       "That way there will be more room for guests so everybody will be
more comfortable," Daniel said.

       "Works for me," I said.

       "That leaves one more subject for tonight," Daniel said, "Dad, Mom
I would like the two of you to walk me down the aisle."

       "We'd be honored to son," Elija said.

       "Aaron, I'd like you to be my best man, Benjy, Kristen I would like
you to be two of my groomsmen" Daniel said.

       "Yes," Aaron shouted but I'm not sure my love heard since Benjy's
arms were around him.

       "Bro, did you think I was leaving you out because of the catering?"
Daniel said.

       Benjy nodded.

       "Shit, I'm sorry. Guess I should have done this first."

       "No its fine, just baby bro being baby bro," Benjy said.

       "Does this mean I have to wear a tuxedo too?" the only Jorgenson
daughter asked.

       "Not unless you want to. If you'd rather a new dress that goes
with the tuxedos' that's fine too," I said.

       "Then they'd better be a light color if you want me to match it, I
am not wearing black or gray," Kristen said.

       "What about me Uncle Marc," Orin said from the corner where he'd
been sitting with his boyfriend eating chips like he'd hadn't eaten in a
week instead of an hour.

       "We would like our two nephews to be our ring bearers," Daniel

       "Sweet," Orin said.

       "Cool, I was afraid I was going to be the flower girl," Bruce said
and everybody laughed.

       "Who else are you having in your party son?" Francis said.

       "Just one more Cody," Daniel said.

       "Not Lance?" Aaron asked surprised.

       "He's going to be in mine along with Margaret and Scott with Zeus
as my best man. I already asked and Josie and Sam will give me away.

       "We're meeting at the Inn tomorrow to finalize plans for the
reception that night. Except for making sure the orchestra is there you
have nothing to do but enjoy baby bro," Daniel said.

       "Don't call me baby bro," Benjy said and stuck his tongue out.

       "Ah yes; those are my little boys," Francis said and wiped a tear
from her eye.

       Daniel had a couple of errands to run the next morning so he
arrived about an hour later than I did at the office. He was enjoying the
Subaru Impresza WRX he'd just bought for himself. Mostly we used my larger
Outback but the Impresza was a lot more fun.

       He walked into the office and saw Margaret's stunned face. Taking
a look Daniel decided it was a good stunned and relaxed.

       "What's up cousin? Junior pop the question?"

       Margaret shook her head, "Marc asked me to be in his wedding party.
I never expected that."

       "You did say yes I hope, Kristen is in mine," Daniel said.

       "I did, just, wow. Now I've got to get another gown and hopefully
Junior will get the idea."

       "Just make sure you catch the garter and he gets the bouquet."

       Margaret handed me my messages and sent me on my way.

       The meeting at the Jorgenson Inn with Zeus, Chef Emryl and his
executive chef was frustrating. Daniel and I had decided on a fairly basic
menu featuring local favorites. Chef had a gourmet French dinner for two
hundred in his mind. Most of the selections Daniel had never heard of and
I don't like.

       "But Mr. Marc, Mr. Daniel, what you ask is so plain, not worthy of
you two."

       "Thank you Chef but what you suggest doesn't feel right to me,"
Daniel said."

       This went around for an hour with everything either one suggesting
the other rejecting. Zeus and I were rolling our eyes between staring at
the other chef who was slumping lower and lower in his chair.

       "Enough, how about this. At the buffet before do half the items
you want and half from our list. You will do our basic menu but you can
use the side dishes you want and prepare the food fancier but without going
overboard. We will come back with Daniel's parents in two weeks for
samples. Is that acceptable? Good. See you in two weeks for supper.
Let's go love we've got work to do."

       With that I stood, winked at Zeus who was trying not to laugh and
walked out with Daniel running to catch up.

       "What happened?" Daniel said as I pulled the car out of our
reserved space.

       "We'd have been there till the wedding the way you two were going
at each other. This way we tell him to tone down anything that's over the
top and everybody's happy."

       Daniel leaned on my shoulder and I put my right arm around his.
"What's next?"

       "For the wedding just the invitations and Peter Pressman is coming
to the office in the morning for that. I think we need three different
ones, though one will be more of a flyer."

       "One, is for the people we're inviting to the seating area and the
reception and the flyer is for the boys and other people around town. But
who's the second invite for?" Daniel said.

       "I was thinking there are boys, employees, townspeople who we don't
want to invite for the reception but we'd want to send something to instead
of counting on them to see flyer."

       "Like Byron and Bryan?" Daniel said.

       "Exactly, or Scott's cousins."

       "They're on the list now, Scott asked me too when I asked him to be
in the wedding party."

       I shrugged, "No problem but you get the idea."

       "Good one, now do we really have to go back to work?"

       I looked at the dashboard, thought about the pile on my desk,
looked at the closed eyes next to me and headed home.

       The love of my life opened his eyes when I turned the car off and
said, "Take me to bed."

       "Sleep or sex?"

       Daniel smiled then yawned.

       We napped for two hours, his long back mane spreading out onto my
shoulders. For once it was not the phone nor the call of nature that woke
us. It was an even more essential call.

       "I'm hungry, feed me," Daniel whispered into my ear after shaking
me slightly awake.

       "Blow me, that'll keep you nourished," I said.

       Daniel turned into Lion and slid downwards while licking my torso
as he approached his prey, the meat he wanted to devour. When I felt his
smooth cheek rest on my thigh a rippling purr followed as his tongue slowly
licking my hardening cock up and down.

       I leaned back and ran my fingers through his hair.

       Lion moved and took my cockhead into his mouth and began to lightly
chew his meat as he slowly took it further and further into his mouth, his
throat. Once his lips touched my trimmed pubic bush he shook the meat in
his mouth and the moan from the effects of his sensuous lips was the only
thing that prevented a laugh from his playfulness from coming out.

       And like a lion in the wild my Lion never wastes time playing with
his meat. Quickly he started sliding his hot mouth up and down my
expanding shaft. He growled as his favorite piece of meat grew even larger
and started throbbing in his mouth. He was truly a hungry lion looking to
fill his stomach as fast as he could and like the king of the jungle the
crown prince of Peckertown, Arkansas gets what he wants and I erupted,
filling his stomach with my seed.

       Momentarily sated he moved up next to me and I ran my hand over his
royal member and he quickly pushed my mouth down on top of it to receive
his love.

       We cuddled for a few more minutes and then Daniel said, "That was
fun but I think I need something a little more solid and I don't feel like

       "Cody's for steaks?" I said.

       "Cool, haven't seen them in a while anyway."

       We got from the Jorgenson Inn's front entrance to Cody's Sports Bar
& Grill with hardly any interruptions and no problems and while not a
record was a relief. Keith greeted us and seated us away from the main

       "So how you and Tad doing?" Daniel asked.

       "Fine, we're both working extra hours because of the house so it
cuts down on our time together but it is so worth it. Don't get me wrong,
I loved living with Cody and Justin and Tad with Zeus and the twins but to
really have our own space," Keith said with a huge smile.

       "Great, glad to hear it. Is big brother around?" Daniel said.

       "In the office, I'll get him for you and send Kyle over to be your

       "Thanks," I said.

       Kyle arrived a few minutes later. Thirteen, five feet tall, white
blond hair that was almost as long as Daniel's and framed a perfect clear
white face. In keeping with the restaurant's theme he wore a running shirt
and shorts and had the perfect body for the outfit. Except for his
sneakers it was evident those were the only two garments he was wearing.

       "Good evening sirs, welcome to Cody's Sports Bar and Grill. Can I
get either of you something from the bar or put your appetizer order in,"
Kyle said.

       Daniel and I looked at each other. Neither of us had seen him
before nor had we heard such a proper welcome in a long time.

       "You've worked in a restaurant before?" I asked.

       "Yes sir, my parents owned a French restaurant in Washington,
D.C. and I worked as a busboy and fill in waiter there for two years until
I moved here two months ago," Kyle said.

       "Why did you come here?" I said.

       "I'd rather not say sir," Kyle said and stiffened.

       "That's fine, welcome to my hometown and hope you enjoy your time
here. I'll have a Coors Lite," Daniel said in the thicker Southern accent
he produces when he feels it's warranted.

       "Thank you sir," he nodded to Daniel and turned to me.

       "Screwdriver, its his turn to drive. And the Daniel sampler platter
for the appetizer," I said.

       "Very good."

       We both watched the hot ass depart and then Cody and Justin walk
toward us.

       "Don't you even think of stealing him from us," Justin said, "he's
the best waiter we have."

       We all chuckled as they took the empty seats at our table for four.

       "If the rest of his serving ability equals what we've seen we'd be
tempted to take him as a trainer," I said.

       "Oh it is, he already has some regulars who will wait for his
section," Cody said, "Keith said you were looking for me."

       "Cody, as my oldest and dearest friend I would be honored if you
would be in my wedding party," Daniel said.

       Cody was hugging him so fast that a couple of nearby staff and
customers started thinking he'd fallen.

       "Of course, yes, yes"

       "What's up?" Keith said hurrying up.

       "Lion just asked Cody to be in his wedding party," Justin said as
he peeled his lover off of mine.

       That was followed immediately by the sound of two broken glasses
and running feet. By the time we could react Kyle was running out the
front door.

       One of the busboys cleaned up the mess, a waiter brought our drinks
and the platter and took our order while Cody and Justin apologized to the
nearby guests for the outbursts. They rejoined us when our steaks arrived
and they didn't have a clue as to what could have caused Kyle to react that

       "I asked him why he'd come down from DC and he said he preferred
not talking about it and we didn't push him, just gave him the drink and
appetizer order," I said.

       "Wouldn't tell us either which is normally a big strike but the
experience he had was too much to pass on," Justin said.

       "Boy won't tell why he's here he may be running for the wrong
reasons and that makes us uncomfortable," Cody added.

       I nodded, over the years we'd had police come down from various
other states, and even a couple feds, looking for a boy wanted for a
serious crime and while we'll protect a boy from his family or guardians if
he's over thirteen all we can do in those cases is hold an extradition
hearing if the boy requests one.

       "Don't think that's the problem here. You said my name and the
glasses dropped if I heard right and I didn't recognize him or the name,"
Daniel said.

       "And I said Lion, not Daniel," Justin said.

       "You going to take him back if he comes back?" I said.

       "The first time we always do. Face it we get a lot of new arrivals
here and even with the boys' been here around a while something can set
them off. A face that seems familiar, a name. I've even seen it with a
drink order that matches the parents. We try and get them to talk about it
but don't press. If there's a repeat then it's either talk, counseling or
gone. Most take the counseling which is fine with us," Cody said.

       "Face it if we don't understand who will," Justin added and I
raised my glass in a toast.

       We spent the rest of our time together talking about the wedding
and ensuring everybody that Keith and Tad were going to be invited to
everything. After signing the check we headed over to the club for the
comedy show.

       Boydini and Ninja-boy are still performing at the Jorgenson Inn's
nightclub every night but with the popularity of the Wednesday night
variety shows at the Big Lick Zeus had transformed the early show on Friday
and the Sunday matinee into comedy shows. Except for the rare gay comedian
who was willing to come all the performers were boys. There was one local
who did a Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a redneck if" type routine" but the
rest were all newcomers. And mostly working boys at that.

       Their routines were interesting. Some had no sexual content, no
profanity at all. At the other extreme were profanity laced routines with
graphic hand motions and scanty costumes. The most interesting ones though
were clearly based on clients. Some Daniel and I recognized.

       After the show we had a quick drink at the bar then retold some of
the jokes as we drove home.

       As I turned into our driveway the headlights swept over a figure on
the steps. The figure was curled up into a ball and didn't react to the
light. I stopped the car at the end of the porch and we got out and walked
up together. We walked noisily but the figure still didn't stir, even when
we were standing over it on the porch.

       "It's Kyle, he still has his uniform on," Daniel said.

       "I don't get it, he runs at the sound of your name and ends up

       Daniel knelt behind the boy and shook his shoulder. Kyle sat up so
fast he almost banged his head against Daniel's chin.

       "Don't be mad, don't punish me please," Kyle said obviously scared.

       "Were not mad, we were all concerned after you ran out of the
restaurant and hotel. And nobody's going to hurt you," Daniel said.

       "Promise," I added seeing the look in his eyes, "Lets go in and

       "Can we talk out here please?" Kyle said.

       "Sure," I said and sat down next to him.

       "Do you want anything to drink or eat?" Daniel said.

       "Soda if you've got one, don't care what kind," Kyle said.

       "Be back in a couple of minutes, don't start without me," Daniel
said and went in.

       He was gone long enough I knew that he'd called Cody and Justin to
tell them the news. He brought out a coke for Kyle and himself and a diet
coke for me along with a plate of Mrs. Thorpe's chocolate chip cookies.

       Kyle gobbled two of the cookies down before the plate hit the
ground and then blushed.

       "Sorry, missed family meal and never had a chance to grab something
to eat. Uh, family meal is what we call the help's meal," Kyle said.

       "I know, used to work at the Tasty Buns," Daniel said.

       "But that was really family meal," Kyle said.

       "True," Daniel said, "Can you tell us what's going on Kyle? Why
did hearing my nickname cause you to drop the glasses, runaway and end up

       "Lion, can I call you that?"

       "Sure Kyle," Daniel said.

       "You know your father's family originally came from up north."

       "Sure it was his father who moved down here," Daniel said softly.

       "Well my grandfather was your grandfather's older brother which
makes us cousins of some sort or other. Never knew this part of the family
existed until I saw the articles in TIME, People and about the film Aaron
and Haley made. One of those articles, I forget which, mentioned the
Jorgenson family and how you were prominent down here. And there was a
mention of a Lion Jorgenson. I asked my father and he acknowledged the
family relationship but there had been a rift long ago so they weren't
really family.

       "And while to our clients he didn't care straight or gay when
father found me blowing the chef he couldn't take it but since he needed
the chef more than me he kicked me out of the house. I figured come down
here where there were loads of other boys like me. I asked around and
found out about the family pretty fast even though I used Mom's maiden name
instead of Kyle Jorgenson."

       "Why didn't you contact us?" Daniel said as he put his arm around
his cousin's shoulders.

       "From what I remember gramps saying it wasn't a friendly parting
and that the bloodlines had gotten pretty thin. Plus I didn't want you to
think I was here to live off the connection. But when I heard Justin call
you Lion it hit home and hit hard I guess. When I calmed down I decided it
was time to meet you and this was the best place."

       "It was cousin, welcome to the family," Daniel said.

       "Yeah Kyle, welcome to the family," I added.

       "You ready to come in?" Daniel asked.

       "Yeah, can I spend the night? Don't feel like going back to the
barracks," Kyle said.

       "The one behind the hotel?" I said as I rose.

       "Yes, no utilities or anything but a bunch of us who work at the
hotel live there. Sort of honor system where you don't touch anything
don't belong to you or you're not only out of home but out of job. And I
guess I'm out of that too after today."

       Daniel and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Neither of
us knew about this living arrangement and I doubted Zeus did either.

       "Don't worry, Cody and Justin will take their best waiter back in a
second and if they don't we'll find you a job," Daniel said.

       "They really called me their best waiter?" Kyle said.

       "Kid, you're the best waiter I've seen since New York City, and
better than a lot of those," I said.

       "Thanks Marc," Kyle said, "I'm tired and the couch is fine."

       "Nonsense, there's an empty guest room upstairs with its own
bathroom and you can stay here as long as you want," I said before Daniel

       We were rewarded by a dazzling smile.

       "I'll get you settled in and explain the couple house rules while
Marc makes the couple phone calls he has to," Daniel said.

       It was my turn to call Cody and Justin. I filled them in and told
them that Kyle would be taking tomorrow off but nobody but the three of
them could know about the family ties until he was ready. Then I asked
them if they knew of the living arrangements.

       "No way Marc. A lot of the boys use the shower and changing area
we set up in the rear of the kitchen before and after shifts and we figured
they were either working or saving on utility bills. I know the barracks
weren't bad before the slaves moved out but I don't know what condition
it's in now," Justin said.

       "We don't have any problem with them living there either but we
turned all the utilities off including water when we moved the Little
Leather Club boys out of there. I'll let you know what's going on. I'm
going to call Zeus now and bitch about security."

       That got the desired laugh from the two Erikson boys and Justin.
But I was only half joking. We hired security to patrol the grounds of the
hotel and how could they miss the comings and goings out of the barracks or
not report it. Unless some were living there too.

       Mike Snitz answered the phone and got Zeus for me.

       "Hi boss, what's up?" the big man said.

       "Do you know some of your and Cody's employees are living in the
barracks?" I said.

       "What? Hell no Marc, in fact we were talking about renovating it
for storage at the managers meeting yesterday. How'd you hear about this?"

       I relayed the night's highlights.

       "What are we going to do boss? You know we can't just dump those
boys out on the streets. Even turning on the utilities without talking to
them might scare them out."

       "I know, I know and I may use Kyle to help us with them but what I
need you to do tomorrow is find out why your security team never said
anything to you. I am pissed off about that."

       "First thing Marc and I'll call you as soon as I have any news,"
Zeus said.

       "Fine, talk to you then. Now get back to your boys," I said and
hung up once again wondered how even a man as well endowed as Zeus kept the
twins satisfied.

       Daniel handed me the rest of my soda and we sat on the couch.

       "He's asleep already."

       "Zeus was shocked, said they were talking about renovating the
barracks for storage."

       Daniel nodded, "That was on the agenda we got the other day. So
what do we do?"

       "Can't kick them out, can't even turn on the utilities without a
plan. Don't even know how many boys are living there."

       "Kyle said about thirty every night and there's another twenty
regulars. He figures they're whoring and if they don't get client for
night they go there. And he claims he hasn't whored, but that might just
be for our consumption. He was surprised at the sex rule, especially when
I told him it included family."

       "Cool, we'll go with him tomorrow and round up as many of them as
possible and work things out. With that many boys we can say charge them a
buck a night and cover all expenses," I said.

       "Ten a week guarantees their bed regardless if they spend the night
or not and all they have to do is keep the place clean.

       "Do you know about the rift Kyle was talking about?" I asked my

       "Not really. Great-grandfather owned a bunch of restaurants but my
grandfather was more interested in banking. He went to work for Chase
Manhattan and quickly moved up the ranks plus was a good investor. He and
grandma didn't like it up in New York City, didn't think it was fit for the
family they were starting, and one day he saw an ad that the Peckertown
Bank was for sale. He negotiated a price he could afford with his assets
and a loan from Chase and moved the family down here. Dad was about five I
think and Uncle Jeb was seven. Uncle Jeb inherited the banking genes and
Dad got the restaurant genes. Why the branches split apart I don't know
and I don't know if even Dad does. Grandpa and Grandma died within weeks
of each other when Benjy was a baby and I have very few memories of them."

       "Shame, but as we know too well families fall apart all too often.
Breakfast at the Tasty Buns and introduce him to the rest of the family?"

       "Sure, why not. Maybe by the time we get there Benjy will show up
in his leathers," Daniel said and rose.

       Kyle was willing to go meet the family but felt a little
uncomfortable going in his work clothes. Which he reluctantly admitted was
the only clothing he had. Anything of Daniel's was way too big so we
stopped at Cliff's California Wear for some new clothes. Cliff Agoura came
out of the back to help us. Cliff is 15, blond, wears his blond hair split
down the middle and thick and long enough to cover his ears. He was
wearing his trademark cutoff jean shorts, from top to bottom they are about
nine inches, maybe a foot and there's no top button. He was wearing an
open short-sleeve shirt in a blue and yellow swirl design of his own.

       "Hi Daniel, Marc, how are you and who is," Cliff paused to look up
and down, "who is your friend."

       "My name's Kyle Murray, I'm a waiter at Cody's and last night they
offered to show me a great place for clothes shopping. From the looks of
things they were right," Kyle said as their eyes locked.

       "We'll wonder around Cliff while you help Kyle, just put it on my
tab and we'll be back in half-an-hour," Daniel said.

       "Make it an hour," Cliff said.

       We walked out the door.

       The three of us walked into the Tasty Buns a half-hour after that
and Kyle was still hot wearing an open turquoise and lavender shirt that
matched the one Cliff had been wearing. The Cliff jean shorts were missing
the top button but came down to mid-thigh. The few extra inches of fabric
made for a more modest look but the shorts were still tight enough that
everything was obvious. But nothing as obvious as the smile on Kyle's face
that had nothing to do with new clothes.

       Aaron gave a double take when we walked in and I knew he was
looking at Kyle. Since Aaron is so straight he isn't even a good judge of
boy hotness it wasn't that.

       "Hi bro, you look like you've seen a ghost," Daniel said.

       "Dad, Mom, can you come out here now," Aaron called.

       We looked at each other and then heard hurrying footsteps from the
kitchen. As we turned toward Elija and Francis I noticed all the patrons
were staring at us too.

       "What's wrong Aaron?" Elija said and then stopped in his tracks so
fast his wife almost plowed into him.

       "Dear God," Elija whispered.

       Kyle leaned into Daniel and was definitely scared as his cousin put
his arm around him.

       "Incredible," Francis said, "Kristen, run into the living room and
get that photo album we were looking at last night."

       "Yes Mom," Kristen yelled.

       "Mom, Dad, what's going on. You're scaring us," Daniel said.

       "Orin, Bruce, put tables together for all of us. If you need to
move people give them dessert on the house," Aaron said and my naked nephew
and his equally naked boyfriend soon had a table for eight set up and sat
down with us as Kristen walked in with an obviously old photo album and
handed it to her mother before taking her seat. She too never took her
eyes off of Kyle.

       Francis quickly flipped through the pages before stopping, nodding
and showing the picture to Elija.

       "You're a Jorgenson, from up north aren't you son?" he asked.

       "Yes, my name's Kyle Murray Jorgenson, your father and my
grandfather were brothers. But how did you know? Far as I know nobody
knows I'm here and been no contact with this branch since the split," Kyle

       In response Elija passed the photo album along first to Bruce then
Orin and after seeing their shock it finally came to me.

       Silently I pushed the book in front of Kyle and Daniel leaned over.

       "Jesus, that's me," Kyle said.

       "No, that's my father about your age. He brought that book with
him when we moved down here. He was working in the restaurant in New York
City then while going to school."

       "Jennifer, my wife, came over after closing last night for supper
and asked if we had any old family pictures and instead of going to when I
was a kid Mom pulled this one out and that's how come this old picture was
fresh in our mind Kyle," Aaron said.

       "Well that ruined this surprise," I said.

       "So did you come down to look for family or some other reason son?"
Francis said.

       "Both Ma'am, guess it's a story you've heard before. Dad's in
restaurant business in DC and caught me and the chef and tossed me out and
kept the chef. Seen the stories about Peckertown and the family so decided
to come on down. Got a waiter's job at Cody's and that's where I saw Marc
and Daniel last night."

       He skipped the rest of the story and I wasn't going to fill in the

       "Why didn't you come straight here son? You should of known we'd
welcome you with open arms," Elija said.

       "Knew that sir, just didn't want you to think I was going to
freeload on the family and since like your Dad I waited tables in the
restaurant so I got job at Cody's and was just looking for right moment and
last nigh was it," Kyle said.

       "Proud of you son. Now where you staying?" Elija said and Kyle

       I put my hand on Kyle's arm. "That brings up the related reason
Daniel and I are here sir. Last night and for now Kyle is living with us
in the spare bedroom. Up till then he was living in the barracks behind
the JI."

       It took a moment or two longer than I expected but it came.

       "What in hell's name do you mean he was sleeping in the barracks?
We closed that place years ago and there hasn't been any electric, even
water to shit in there. How?" Elija sputtered to a close as Francis pulled
him back down.

       "Dad, we don't know how or for how long but according to Kyle
there's about fifty boys living there and about all of them work in the
hotel, either for us or Cody's. We both have showers and changing
facilities so it works out for them that way. Called Zeus last night and
he was going to get on Sargent on how this was happening," Daniel said.

       "Some of the security guards sleep there," Kyle said softly.

       "What we sort of figured," I said just as softly.

       "Then I guess you got a plan that doesn't include throwing fifty
boys out of their home?"

       "Yes sir," I said.

       "Then do it and get to work you two while we get to know this young

       "Sure Dad. Kyle we'll pick you up in an hour or so when we're
ready to go to the Inn. We're going to need your help there," Daniel said.

       "And I owe my bosses a big apology for last night too," Kyle said.

       "Yes, but I talked to them and they understand," I said.

       Benjy and Roger hurried in the door as we were leaving.

       "What's wrong?" Benjy said.

       "Dad will explain, but it includes how you maintain one of your
properties," Daniel said and we managed to get across the street before we
broke out laughing.

       The three of us had just sat down at Wayne's Pizza that night to
celebrate a successful and happy day when Cliff walked in with another boy.

       "Who's that with Cliff?" Kyle said and you could feel the air rush
out of him.

       Just then a third boy walked in, put his arm around the second's
waist and kissed his cheek. Cliff spotted us, or should I say Kyle, and
strode over, walked behind Kyle, turned him around and kissed him hard on
the lips.

       "Now I know these two have money to spend on a hot boy like you but
they can't possibly give you the satisfaction and loving I can so why are
you hanging out with them?" Cliff said.

       "Remind me to double his rent next lease," Daniel said.

       "You wouldn't dare cousin," Kyle said.

       Cliff let him go and stood straight up. "Cousin? On your Mom's
side Lion?"

       "No his Dad's side. Cliff please don't be mad but I sort of left
something out this morning because wanted to make sure you really liked
me," Kyle said.

       Cliff knelt in front of Kyle and took his hands, "I do like you and
for more than that very hot body of yours. What did you leave out besides
being Lion's cousin?"

       "Murray's my middle name, last name is Jorgenson, our grandpas were

       Cliff smiled, "Don't mind, like it in fact because you like me for
more than my money and free clothes."

       Everybody started laughing.

       "And who are your friends boyfriend?" Kyle said.

       Cliff gave Kyle another long kiss before answering.

       "They are more than good friends, Calvin here on the left is my
production manager, he makes sure my designs see the light of day the way I
want and Yves, sexy French accent and all, is my tailor and Cal's

       "Do you guys want one big table in the back room? I can set up a
table for five in no time," Jackie said.

       "There six of us darling," Yves said.

       Jackie pointed a very feminine finger at Kyle and with his Adam's
Apple bobbing said, "I'm going to take care of this newbie personally."

       Kyle blushed and Cliff put his arms around him, "To late Jack, he's
all mine."

       "Jack?" Kyle said.

       "You're from the District and you've never seen a transvestite
before?" I said.

       "Not one this hot," Kyle said, "and sorry Jack."

       "Dressed like this I'm Jackie but if Cliff says you're his you are
one lucky boy. Now do you want that table for seven or not?"

       "Sure, and please join us when you can," Cliff said and kissed
Jackie on the cheek."

       "Oh, boys I think I'm going to swoon from that. Follow me lads,
you too Marc," Jackie said.

       "Wait till I tell Dan you said that," I said.

       "You mean Mr. Saltshaker? Though the way he's going he'll have
more white than black soon. Wayne's just wearing his hubby out," Jackie
said with an exaggerated thrust of his hips.

       "Mr. Saltshaker still writes the paychecks so move that dainty ass
of yours girlie," Dan shouted from the kitchen and the whole place roared.

       Wayne has great pizza and the nicest pizzeria in town but I swear
Jackie is responsible for half the business.

       Cliff came home with us after supper and it didn't take long for
them to say good-night and head up to Kyle's room. Three hours later when
we went to bed at eleven it was clear they still hadn't gone to sleep.

       And yes that night we added two more names to both the A-list and
B-list for the wedding invitations. Which was good because we had
rescheduled the meeting with Peter Pressman about our invitations for the
first thing in the morning and we were running out of time.

       Unbelievably we agreed on the first one he showed us. It was a
light blue background with two men in silhouette. While it would cost more
we decided that the A-list men would be light blue, the B-list would be
navy blue and the men on the flyers would be lavender.

       "I hope you know this will cost extra because of what you're asking
and take a little longer unless we put a rush on it and that bumps the
charge up to," Pressman said.

       Daniel reached behind and lifted a folder and placed it on his
desk. On the top of the thick folder the label clearly read "Pressman

       "But as I was about to say because you gentlemen are such good
customers we'll waive all extra costs," Pressman said.

       "We appreciate that, and by the way here's payment on a couple of
bills we owe you," Daniel said as he pulled a check out of the top.

       "Thanks a lot Daniel, Marc. Let me get things rolling."

       Daniel walked him out and returned with our morning cans of soda
and closed the door behind him.

       "Damn, the way he blanched I thought he was going to give the
invitations to us as our wedding gift," Daniel said and we both laughed.

       May turned into June and we were torn between wedding preparations,
increased business at all our properties and the start of the annual influx
of new boys that marked the end of every school year.

       The house was also more crowded than we were used to with Orin and
Bruce sleeping in one guest bedroom and Kyle, and more and more frequently
Cliff, in the other. That was because Cliff shared a one-bedroom apartment
with Calvin and Yves and despite being the boss he had the sofa bed. The
four of them usually stripped as soon as they walked in the door, not that
any of them were wearing much to begin with. In fact there were a few days
when Daniel and I called over to the Tasty Buns for them to come over so we
could go home that they didn't bother putting their shorts on and just
walked across the road bareassed.

       Most nights there were various friends over for a swim, dinner,
talking whatever. Peckertown was beginning to remind me of Las Vegas.
Vegas had the strip and downtown with the casinos and the rest of the
tourist attractions. Go beyond them and it was just another growing city
with regular houses and regular people who made everything go, like Orin
and Bruce and their parents. We had the few main streets were all the
businesses were from the Tasty Buns on one end to the Jorgenson Inn at the
other with the park, clubs, and the other restaurants and hotels in the
middle. Some extended to nearby side streets but like Vegas it quickly
becomes the quiet southern town many of its former residents would

       How they would feel about the working boys who grouped together to
buy some of the houses or even boys like Cliff who are successful
businessmen is a different question.

       June turned into July and we had most of the responses back on the
invitations. The tuxedos and gowns were ready and acceptable to all. It
had taken two food tastings to get everybody happy. The only thing left
was the honeymoon and I'd just smiled when Daniel said surprise me. There
were limitations since he didn't have a passport but a bit of surfing and I
had the perfect place.

       Once that was done there were only two events between us and wedded
bliss. Two bachelor parties. All either of us knew was that we weren't
getting invited to the other one and that they had flipped a coin to see
who went first.

       It turned out that Zeus won the toss.

       I was getting ready to leave the office around five on Friday, July
12th when Kevin called apologetically telling me he needed me right away at
the In-Boy-Inn's banquet hall. Daniel was already home and I knew laying
naked by the pool and that thought had a lot more appeal than more work and
tried to get Kevin to tell me the problem over the phone. Now the fact
that his refusal was odd didn't sink in and I agreed to drive over for
"just a couple minutes."

       My second clue should have been the empty parking lot on that side
of the building while the rest of the lot was jammed.

       The third and final clue, and the one that began sinking into my
brain was Kevin waiting outside the door, opening it for me and insisting I
go first. The room was dark, as dark as it was, as dark as it was on the
night of my surprise birthday party my first week here!

       It would be easy enough to say, and not that big a lie, to say the
next thing I remembered was sometime on Sunday. Fortunately for everybody
I do remember enough.

       As the door closed behind me there were shouts from all over the
room: "SURPRISE!!!"

       With that the lights came on and after I recovered from the sudden
light I saw just about everybody I knew was there. Orin and Bruce came up
to me still naked as pair of jay birds and led me through the room to a
high-backed chair at the far end at sat me down then started to kneel at
each side of me.

       "Boys put something on," I said.

       They giggled and went behind the chair and reemerged moments later
wearing the briefest of loincloths. They covered enough so if any pictures
got back to their parents they would have an argument against a child porn

       Zeus walked up from the rear and stopped in the center of the room
and motioned for everybody to take their seats. As soon as they had nude
waiters appeared with bottles of champagne and filled our glasses. At the
rear I saw the boys take their own glasses and raise them toward me.

       "Gentlemen," Zeus began, "We are here to honor one of the best men
ever to grace the streets of our fair town. Unfortunately he wasn't able
to attend so we will have to do with this poor sucker."

       The room laughed, and to be honest so did I.

       "To Marc C. Fogel, may he find nothing but peace and happiness with
his beloved," Zeus finished.

       "To Marc," everybody shouted and emptied their glasses.

       With that Orin and Bruce led me to a table where I ate along with
them, Zeus, Aaron, Benjy, Roger, Marc and Mike Snitz, and Elija.

       Did a double take at that and he laughed.

       "I'm not that much older than you son," he said and we laughed.

       The food was great and the liquor flowed. Which is why some of the
night is hazy. After dinner I was escorted back to my throne and the
presents were presented. There were a couple nice and sentimental presents
but mostly it looked like they'd emptied out the several adult novelties
stores in town. At the end Benjy went to the door and brought out two of
the boys from the Little Leather Club dressed in their leathers.

       "Mister Marc, we represent all the boys who have ever been a part
of the Little Leather Club and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank
you for all your kindness and consideration to us by making you, with
Master Benjy's permission, an honorary master."

       With that they unveiled a plaque which had a man on the left
holding a whip and a strung up boy on the right waiting. I stood, thanked
and hugged the two boys.

        I told Benjy I wanted to hang it in my office the next day but he
asked me to wait since they were giving Daniel the same thing. I agreed
and told Benjy it was a beautiful thing the boys had done. He smiled as he
always loved to hear praise about his boys.

       The presents done and moved to the side a couple of the waiters
rolled out a giant cake and I started laughing. "Better not be a naked
woman in there."

       Zeus stood, "Ten, nine, eight," by this point everybody joined in.

       When we got to zero sparklers went off all over the cake and out
popped the hottest Mexican boy I have ever seen. A little over five foot
tall with medium length jet black hair and brown eyes. The only other hair
on his body was a small trimmed pubic bush and what a magnificent brown
body it was down to the almost five inch uncut cock jutting out.

       Two of the waiters helped him out of the cardboard cake and led him
to me. He sat on my lap, grinding his hot ass on my hardening cock.

       "My name is Jose and I am yours for the night. They tell me they
have reserved a room for you upstairs that has a lot of meaning for you.
But first, but now you are wearing much too much clothes for the next part
of the evening."

       With that Jose brought his lips to mine and slipped his tongue
between mine. I felt hands working on my shirt, pants, each shoe and knew
the hands feeling my quickly naked chest belonged to the boy on my lap. I
didn't look but hoped my nephew and his boyfriend weren't involved. With
several quick shifts I was naked and Jose was playing with my nipples.

       Once naked I let my hands roam over his body and enjoyed its
perfection. I felt his rigid prick rubbing against my still flat stomach
as my right hand caressed his firm ass. My left hand stroked his silky
black hair down to his neck and upper back.

       Jose finally broke the kiss and the applause was both embarrassing
and heartening. I am after all fifty-two. The boy stood and I noticed
Orin and Bruce were now back at the table and then the bed in the center of
the room. A bed Jose was leading me too.

       "What's this? I thought you said," I said.

       Jose smiled and laughed, "There's more to come later tonight sir
but the reason I was hired was my own special brand of oral satisfaction.
As the guest of honor you go first and you are the only one allowed inside
my hot Latino ass. Now sir, on your back."

       Who was I to argue? I'd heard stories of a new boy in town whose
oral skills were incredible and I guess my friends had found him.

       Jose waited till I was flat and then lay on top of me and slowly
kissed his way down from my lips through both nipples and down my chest to
the top of pubic hair. He looked up and smiled, I blew him a kiss that he

       Instead of taking my cock into his mouth Jose started licking my
pubic hair, moistening it with his saliva and patting it down even further
out of the way with his tongue. My head was raised by several pillows so I
could clearly see what he was doing and even though I trimmed my pubes my
erect cock looked longer than ever, balls looked bigger.

       When he moved down I figured, almost hoped he'd begin sucking me
but he moved past my cock to my balls and started bathing them with his
tongue before taking first one, then the other and finally both into his
talented mouth. My balls dropped lower, lower than they'd ever been and I
felt my seed moving inside them in primeval ecstasy.

       Jose let my eggs slip out of his mouth and moved up and took my rod
into his hand and I waited for him to guide it into his mouth. Instead he
started licking my cock. Up, down, up and then a gentle nip at my
cockhead, a little pain to counteract the pleasure and keep orgasm away.

       From where I lay I knew all I had to do was lift my eyes and see
the time but I never did so I don't know how long this part took. Just
that it was both too long and not long enough.

       I prayed that now he would work on my cock but instead he went back
to work on my balls which had pulled back up.

       Once they were loose he smiled at me and stuck his tongue out. I
reached down and pulled his mouth to mine and we kissed.

       "Take my hot man tool into your hot boy mouth," I said.

       And he did. Jose wrapped his lips around my cock and slowly,
almost painfully slowly started bobbing up and down. I leaned my head back
and let myself enjoy what was truly one of the greatest blow jobs of my
life. The only stray thought was a prayer that his ass would be as hot
upstairs later.

       I felt orgasm coming and knew he wouldn't let me shoot this easily,
this quickly. And I was right. Jose pulled off and swallowed my balls. I
felt his fingers slip between my legs and I spread them. Instead of going
for my hole he pressed the spot in between just hard enough to bring me
back down.

       Once my breathing was back to normal he took my cock in his mouth a
second time and did as before.

       And to my dismay stopped a second time and waited a little longer
for me to calm down.

       The third time he started as before but when he felt me coming
close he backed his head off so only my cockhead was in his mouth. He
gently stroked my rod and I quickly filled his mouth with my seed. Jose
kept pumping and pumping, milking every ounce of cum out of me.

       When I stopped shooting he sucked me back in and licked my
softening rod.

       Finally finished he came back to lay next to me and we kissed.
Kissed deeply for a long time, sharing the taste of my sperm. As we did I
reached down and took his boy cock into my hand and began stroking. It did
not take long for him to break our kiss with a scream as he erupted.

       The applause and cheers were so loud we looked around and saw we
were getting a standing ovation.

       Jose leaned over, "I will be at your side when the party is over
but for now I have been hired to also service as many of your friends as
who desire it."

       "I understand, and I would like you to start with my nephew and his
lover together on the bed."

       "The two little ones I have seen at the Tasty Buns? You let your
family work?"

       "They're only here for the summer and that is the only work they
can do and they live with me and Daniel. And yes their rents know," I said
touched by his concern.

       "Cool, and I've wanted them so it will be my pleasure," Jose said
with a beautiful perfect smile.

       I got out of bed and one of the waiters was there with a large
terrycloth robe.

       "Orin, Bruce, up you go," I said as I slipped the robe on.

       "Really?" Orin said.

       "Cool," Bruce said.

       Neither waited for a reply and had their loincloth off before they
were on the bed.

       Instead of heading back to my throne I went to the table and sat

       Elija was shaking his head, "Marc I don't believe that kid. Or you
for that matter. Even for an old straight guy that was hot. If you guys
promise not to tell Francis I may even let him have a go."

       I and his two sons and everybody else at the table quickly swore.
Then he asked me not to tell you either, sorry.

       While Jose had everybody's attention as he was doing Orin and Bruce
some waiters brought out a large screen TV and started playing a movie
called "Cookie Boy." This one really hot boy, light or strawberry blond
hair, lots of freckles and hot as hell with a big cock and large balls
walks onto the set and plays with himself but nothing serious. He lays
down on the floor and stretches out. The camera pans from his feet past
his erect cock to his smiling face. Then the camera pulls back and reveals
gorgeous boy after gorgeous boy walking in naked, circling the boy on the
floor and jerking off.

       I lost count at some point but I'll swear it was at least a
hundred. Where they got all these boys from thirteen to sixteen I don't
know, especially since I didn't recognize any of them. Soon boys began to
cum and it all seemed to land on cookie boy. When a boy finished he moved
to the back while continuing to stroke. Quite a few of the boys returned
for a second orgasm.

       By the end of the movie cookie boy was covered from top of his head
to the bottom of his feet. When he was alone again he started stroking his
cock, taking his time. Periodically he wiped a dab of cum off his body and
licked the finger clean. It took the boy the final fifteen minutes of a
ninety minute movie to finally cum.

       Now don't ask what time the party broke up because Jose and I were
upstairs in the same room I stayed in my first week in Peckertown.

       Nor should you ask what the two of us did because frankly I enjoyed
myself too much to remember the details of how many times I fucked that hot
ass, sucked his cock or whatever else we did that night, morning, both. We
did get some sleep before the final good-bye fuck.

       Jose's clothes were already in the room so he was properly dressed
when we came down about noon. Daniel was there along with Orin, Bruce,
Benjy, Roger, Zeus and the Snitz twins. I went to give him a kiss but he
held up a hand.

       "First, I don't ask you about yours and you don't ask about mine,"
Daniel said.

       "Deal," I said and finished the kiss. "Jose, this is my fiancee
Daniel. Daniel, this is Jose, an artist who performed last night."

       Jose laughed, "I hope to perform my art for you one day."

       Daniel just looked the boy up and down, smiled, tossed his mane and

Daniel: A week later.

       I was expecting the party to be today, after all last Friday was
Marc's and next weekend is our wedding.

       Our wedding. I cannot tell you how great I feel when I think about
walking down that aisle with Mom and Dad. Marc up there waiting to take me
from them the rest of the way to the alter.

       Marc was up at the Jorgenson Inn when Benjy called me from the
slave training facility outside of town.

       "Bro, can you come over for a bit. We've been going over some
renovation plans and need a non-master's input," Benjy said.

       I glanced down at the checks on my desk that needed signing. "Give
me a half hour or so, still got some bills to sign that need getting out."

       "Cool, see ya when you get here," Benjy said and hung up.

       When I finished signing I straightened up my desk for the weekend,
called Marc's cell and left a message and dropped the checks on Margaret's
desk on my way out.

       There were the expected cars in front and when I reached for the
door it was opened by a new slave I didn't recognize. He was about
fourteen, blond hair almost as long as mine, otherwise hairless and naked
except for the thick collar around his neck.

       "Mister Daniel?"

       "Yes boy," I said.

       He handed me the leash.

       "I am to take you to Master Benjy. Please follow me."

       I took the leash and he headed away from the office and conference
space where I'd expected to go but toward the main training room. Still
dense I figured that's where the renovations were for so I just followed
the hot ass.

       An ass so hot that I didn't notice everybody lining the back wall
as the boy led me up to a table where Benjy, Caleb and Roy were standing.

       "Masters, Mister Daniel is here."

       Benjy looked up and smiled, "Remain here Bjorn. Hi bro, and by the

       The shouts of SURPRISE from behind me made me jump.

       Benjy hugged me as the crowd approached. "Gotcha good big brother.
I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your eyes of our Viking."

       "Can't imagine why a boy this hot wants to be a slave," I said.

       "He's just for bondage and light spanking for clients. No whip
work for this beauty, and he's yours for the night," Benjy said.

       I pulled Bjorn's face to mine and kissed him, our tongues dancing
as a rhythmic applause built around us. One arm went around his smooth
back and the other around his bubble butt and brought him closer to me. He
began to grind into my cock and when it felt tight I broke the kiss.

       "Good, that is not how I want to make you cum tonight," Bjorn said
with a slight but noticeable Nordic accent.

       As we headed to the bar slaves-in-training brought out long tables
and placed them in a square. Another set of boys from Benjy's Catering
Service quickly set the tables. Once set we were led to our seat by a
personal slave boy who knelt at our side.

       Looking around I noticed that Orin and Bruce seemed a little
uncomfortable with this, especially since their slaves were obviously the
older than they were. I ran my hand through my boy's long blond hair and
mouthed "Just enjoy him."

       Orin nodded and whispered in a confused Bruce's ear. Both of them
smiled back and began stroking their boy's hair.

       Benjy rose, "Gentlemen, I know for almost all of you this is your
first time at the Little Leather Club training center and for many if not
most of you the first time you've had your own slave boy. And while they
are here to meet any and all of your sexual needs there is no need to go
past pure vanilla sex, as painful as that concept is for me," everybody
laughed but I could see some sighs of relief as well, "Without further ado
let me introduce your host for tonight and my eldest brother, Aaron."

       I rose and hugged Benjy on my right as Aaron rose on my left.

       "Just over three years ago a man came to our fair city and
captivated my little brother's heart. To be honest we were a little
nervous about taking this stranger into our family and business even after
the quick background check we ran," Aaron said.

       "What!" I said.

       Aaron continued like I hadn't said a word.

       "And here we are eight days away from their wedding day. A day
we've been waiting for almost since then. Gentlemen, please stand and
raise your glass to our guest of honor, my brother Daniel."

       "To Daniel," everybody responded.

       Then from either side of me and spreading quickly the floor started
vibrating as every slave in the room started pounding the floor. The first
time I had ever heard them do that for someone who was not one of their

       The food was great and plentiful and I fed Bjorn some. Benjy
laughed at the boy's soft purr of appreciation and fed his own. Within
minutes the sound of purring slaves filled the room.

       After dinner the presents were distributed. Same kinds and variety
as Marc's. When a couple of the senior slaves came out and presented me
with my plaque I cried.

       We've tried telling and showing you from that Sunday Marc and I
left for New Jersey when that boy, Andrew McMartin, died of AIDS, how much
the slave boys under our care mean to us. Yes even more than the others
who work for Jorgenson Enterprises' other businesses because they are so
dependent on us. Place so much faith in us. These plaques tell me that
we've successfully translated our hearts into the business.

       Paulo came over to me and hugged me. "They, we really mean it for
you, Marc, the whole family. Even before you set me up with the PTA you
gave me home I never had," he kissed me on the cheek and turned to the

       "Slaves rise," they all did, "To Daniel and all his family!"

       "To Daniel and all his family,!" rang through out the room from
ever slave there.

       And while I'd half expected it the live entertainment wasn't Jose
but a really hot show that first had a bunch of the dancers from the
Dancing Boys Club performing followed by a really hot sex show put on by
some of the slaves.

       Sometime during that part Bjorn disappeared between my legs and I
felt my zipper being pulled down and buttons opened. When I felt his
fingers around my waist I lifted my hips and he slid them down and off over
my loafers. His hand was delicate on my shaft as he licked my cockhead
while his other hand massaged my balls.

       As hot as the action was on the makeshift stage when his silky lips
enveloped my shaft I leaned back, closed my eyes and let out a low guttural
moan of delight. Closing my mind to everything but the sensations
emanating from my cock due to the ministrations of this beautiful teen I
found myself picturing all the other boys and men who had ever been in
Bjorn's position. Some meant a lot, some were just working boys I'd paid
to relieve my needs. Didn't try ranking them especially since my heart put
my beloved number one and friends like Lance right after.

       The building pleasure in my cock brought me back to the present as
Bjorn gently worked my cock. I looked down and saw him smiling as he
worked then reached down and stroked his hair. He purred around my
throbbing cock and I exploded down his throat. Bjorn swallowed every drop,
milked me dry and cleaned my cock before pulling off. He went to resume
his position but I pulled him up and brought his mouth to mine. As we
kissed I tasted myself and started stroking Bjorn's long thin rod.

       Our tongues danced and I heard him moaning down my throat. I felt
him begin to throb and pointed his cock at my chest just before he shot his
load. It was a large load, though not his largest of the night and when he
recovered he looked into my eyes with a radiant smile.

       "Thanks Master Daniel, I'll take care of that mess now," and began
licking his seed off my chest.

       I stroked his golden hair, "It's not a mess Bjorn, not a mess at

       When he finished he resumed his original position but I told him to
sit and be comfortable. He thanked me.

       The live show over the movie began. It was called Glory Hole Boy
and it opened with this hot strawberry blond boy wearing only short
dungaree cutoffs and sneakers walks into the bathroom and into a stall. He
pulls down his shorts revealing a large cock with big balls. One by one
other teen boys enter the adjacent stall, drop their pants, shorts or
swimsuits and stick their cocks through the glory hole where the hero
quickly works on them. Each load shoots over the cocksucker's chest or
face so by the time he finally cums at the same time as the last and
biggest boy of the lot he is covered with that precious substance known as
boy seed.

       While I was watching Bjorn had gone between my legs again and
started working on my cock again but not letting me shoot. When the lights
went back up I was hard but saw a lot of satisfied looks from around my
friends. At that point Bjorn pulled off, stood and whispered in my ear.

       "Master Daniel, the master bedroom in the rear is prepared for your
use whenever you desire along with myself and as many other of the slaves
as you desire."

       "You alone will be fine, just fine my Norse God," I said.

Orin: July 27, 2002 The Wedding

       I am so honored Marc and Daniel trusted me to write this final
segment. They even gave me carte blanch too, though I admit I had to look
that up to see they meant I could do anything I want. And while I would
love to spend the time telling you about how hot my boyfriend is, how smart
Bruce is, how much I love him I'll only say he's hot, smart and I love my

       Daniel was right about how Bruce and I felt when those boys knelt
down by us, willing to do whatever we wanted. Then hearing from first
Daniel and then Benjy that we weren't expected to hurt them made it a lot
easier, even cool. And yes they blew us during the stage show, the movie
and yes we fucked then jerked them off later. What Daniel and his hot
slave did in back I have no idea but when he got home Saturday afternoon he
was tired and happy.

       The week was really busy from picking up our tuxedos, traditional
black though we got to choose our own shirt colors. Marc and Daniel chose
white while everybody else chose a color, Bruce and I picked lavender.
Guests started coming in on Thursday with the couples and family staying at
the Jorgenson Inn and the single men at the In-Boy-Inn. And yes my parents
stayed at the JI because they knew the presence of a woman would just
interfere with our normal patterns. Like not wearing clothes.

       Mrs. Jorgenson, Aunt Francis, closed the Tasty Buns after lunch on
Friday and sent us over to the office after we put our shorts and sneakers
on to order them home too. Marc and Daniel drove us over to the JI so we
could spend some time with our parents, Bruce's were there too, before the
rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that night. Both were held at the Inn.

       Rehearsal was fun. The first walk down the aisle they let us goof
off as much as we wanted to get it out of our system. Bruce and I
pretended to be little ballerinas twirling up the aisle. My parents and
Marc almost limboed down the aisle and I was honestly shocked to see how
low they could go. Not to be outdone Daniel and his parents did a hoe-down
till where they met Marc who joined them for the rest of the trip.

       "Ladies and Gentlemen, and that includes you two little girls,"
Rev. John Brannigan said, the last looking at us with a big smile, "Now
let's take positions and run through it seriously."

       It took another two tries walking down the aisle to get it right
and everybody in final position.

       "Very good, blah blah blah, Marc you say your piece and then Daniel
you say yours with no roaring at the end please," the Reverend said.

       Daniel roared, "Sorry, had to get it out of the system then."

       The minister sighed, "At this point the ring bearers will give each
of you your rings."

       I stepped up to Marc and handed him a box as Bruce did the same to

       "Open it brother, both of you," Mom whispered.

       They did and Marc's jaw dropped.

       Daniel looked and his eyes showed confusion.

       "These are Mom and Dad's rings," Marc finally said.

       "Mom gave them to me shortly before she passed. The first time
she'd taken hers off since Dad put it on her finger. Told me that if you
ever got married she wanted you to have them. Now I know you're not going
to use them tomorrow but this way she has her wish."

       Marc slowly took the one he had out of the box and placed it on
Daniel's outstretched ring finger then Daniel did the same.

       "I now declare you wed, you may kiss and then," the Reverend
stopped since it was clear the happy couple wasn't about to stop kissing.

       When they finally did Marc took his sister in his arms and they
cried. Saturday they attached the rings to their necklaces and wore them
under their shirts.

       The rehearsal dinner was just for the wedding party and families
and a couple friends of Marc's from back in New Jersey. Now a couple of
brothers you met a few chapters back but there were a couple of his former
co-workers he's kept in touch with and a few of his gay friends. Even the
gay ones said they were shocked by the openness, and a little scared over
how much the boys appealed to them.

       The food was great and there was even a little dance combo that
gave Bruce and I a chance to dance in front of our parents. I mean we know
they're comfortable with our being gay and being lovers but seeing us
dancing close we thought might be something else.

       Surprised the hell out of us when our Dads got up and cut in and
danced with their sons. At first I kept a proper distance from my Dad but
then moved in closer so we were hugging. He bent down, kissed my head then
whispered into my ear, "I love you son and can accept everything. Well,
maybe except seeing the two of you at work."

       I turned my head and kissed his cheek, "Love you Dad and thanks.
To be honest I'd rather you didn't come there either while I'm working."

       We laughed and then the two fathers changed places.

       "Son," Bruce's father said to me, "I'm so happy to see you two here
so happy and free. We'll do our best to keep it that way once you get

       "Thanks Dad, I really appreciate that," I said.

       There was talk about a trip to the Big Lick but Elija vetoed it
because we all had a big day ahead and as always he was right.

       Saturday morning came as always way to soon but the Gods were
smiling at us because it was a beautiful warm day. It was ten when Bruce
and I started down the steps only to meet Kyle hurrying back up.

       "Clothes, Mrs. Thorpe is here to make us breakfast."

       We turned and hurried back up the stairs. Mrs. Thorpe's cooking,
and especially her breakfasts and desserts are fantastic. Uh, almost as
good as Mom's.

       The mood in the house was upbeat but subdued. Not much talk around
the breakfast table or until we got into the limo for the short ride to the

       The streets were almost empty until we got close to the park. We
were due at two for pictures and despite the fact that the wedding wasn't
until four a crowd was starting to form. Mostly for the C list crowd, most
up by the front but some near the path to the food. I will tell you this,
the working boys there were not in their work clothes. A cheer went up
when we left the car and Daniel and Marc went over to the line and shook
hands with as many of the boys as they could reach, thanking them for

       The photographer's assistant came over and took pictures of that
and then the crowd. One of the boys asked if they could get pictures of
themselves all dressed up. The photographer looked to Marc who nodded and
then called over two of the boys who it turned out worked security at the
JI to organize it.

       We headed over to the platform and I don't want to know how many
pictures we were in much less were taken altogether. Even a few with our
parents. As time went on more and more people arrived. By the time the
photographers finished at 3:30 the B and C list areas were filled and most
of the A list people were waiting to be admitted. The wedding party was
led to an enclosed tent off to the side to freshen up and wait. Bruce and
I headed over to the refreshment table and were handed cokes in glasses
with lids and straws. I mean, like we were going to spill all over

       Four came and we moved into position and they opened the tent
flaps. The slave boy orchestra was playing and it was beautifully
romantic. I felt a tug on my hand and looked at Bruce.

       "One day it will be us," my love said and we kissed.

       "Let's do it. As we rehearsed please," the Reverend John Brannigan
said and we lined up behind him.

       The music changed and the minister started off and after he turned
up the aisle I went next to be followed by Scott, Margaret, Lance and
finally Zeus. Lance's brother Richie walked to a microphone set in front
of the orchestra and as Marc turned the corner between my parents, his
sister and brother-in-law, began to sing All I have to Give by the Back
Street Boys.

       When Richie finished he blew Marc a kiss and went to the side.

       The orchestra started again and Bruce started up followed by Cody,
Kristen, Benjamin (as I've been instructed to call him for this part) and
then Aaron.

       This time Aaron Carter stepped up and they started playing a
symphonic arrangement of "I Want Candy." He gave them a look and the music
changed and as Daniel started up the aisle on his parents' arms Aaron began
singing Phil Collins' "Hold On My Heart."

       The music stopped when they were about three-quarters down the
aisle and Marc headed back down to meet them. He hugged Mr. &
Mrs. Jorgenson then took Daniel's arm in his and walked back to where
everybody was waiting for him. Once there Richie and Yoshi join Aaron in
front of the orchestra.

       "Marc, Daniel," Richie began, "the three of us want to thank you
here and now for asking us to be part of your wedding. We know that you
will find even more happiness married than you've had these past three plus
years. We'd like to sing this song for you."

       The song was "All for Love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting.

       When they were finished and seated everybody's eyes returned to the
stage. The wedding party was standing on the second steps but the ceremony
itself took place two levels up so as many people on the side could see it.
It was perfectly still, not a sound when the Reverend began.

       "Ladies and gentlemen, it is so good to see all of you here today
for the wedding of these two fine men. We all know them and love each of
them and both of them together. The way they opened up this most special
day to every resident of Peckertown, everybody who works for any of their
companies indicates not only the kind of people they are but the quality of
their families and their parents.

       "On a personal note I want to thank the boys of Peckertown for what
they have contributed to my hometown and to my ministry. I ask all of you
to remember and take to your heart that despite what you've heard from all
those who use his name in vain that God does love you and blesses each and
every one of you."

       "Amen," Elija said loud enough to be heard and it rippled through
the crowd.

       "Marc. Daniel. As our talented singers said it is an honor to
officiate today as it was at Aaron and Jennifer's recent wedding. Daniel,
your parents have been blessed by four outstanding children who have and
are making them proud. Not just professionally but with the soul you bring
to your responsibilities and your lives.

       "Marc, unfortunately I never met your parents but from the little
time I spent with your sister and her family I know that they too were good
people who are watching you from God's side today and are just as proud of
you and happy for you as the friends and family with you today.

       "We are here today to join Marc C. Fogel and Daniel Jorgenson in
holy matrimony. Marriage is an important step in any relationship even if
you have been living and loving together for many years. Each person is
saying to the other that yes I have loved you all this time. I love you
more today and I am here today before friends and family to say I know that
our love is such that I am committing myself, my love, my life, my soul, my
heart to you. And this is what these two men have come before us to do.

       "Marc and Daniel have each asked for a few minutes now to speak
their hearts. Marc."

       Marc took a deep breath and took a quick glance around before
focusing on Daniel and beginning.

       "My beloved Lion, when I came down here thirty-nine months ago on a
week's vacation I was looking for a good time. A place where I could
openly enjoy desires that had to be hidden away back home from all except a
few I knew were safe to be honest with. Then on my very first day here,
before I even checked in I stopped to eat and met this very hot young boy
who not only agreed to show up at my room that night but actually did.
That lunch, that night, that week changed my life more than I could ever
have dreamed. You went from being a hot boy to a young man I cared deeply
for and who showed me the real Peckertown, a town and its people I could
also care for. When we moved into our house and Mrs. Thorpe brought us
that apple pie I knew it was our home. Every night since that one I have
thanked God for bringing you and your family and friends into my life.
Today I thank him for making you my spouse."

       Daniel wiped his eyes and shook his long black loose flowing hair
and I sensed a roar building but he suppressed it.

       "I so want to roar. Roar out my happiness. Roar out my love for
you Marc."

       "Roar my Lion," Marc said and Daniel did. A long triumphant roar
of the alpha male to his pride.

       "Marc, I too felt something that first day. You may have just seen
a hot boy at the Tasty Buns but the way you acted was different than a lot
of the men who came there. You asked me to your room didn't say be there.
Once there you let me set my limits instead of imposing yours. That's why
I took you to the Big Lick to meet Lance and his brothers. The next
morning as Lance and I were walking home he said one thing to me. `Lion, if
you're ready this one is the one for you.' And I was ready and you were,
you are the one I was waiting for. Everything you did or said that week
showed me more and more you were right not just for me but my family, our
business and our town. And that love for you has grown every day since
then to now. I love you Marc."

       After a long pause Rev. Brannigan stepped forward.

       "Will the ring bearers bring their precious burdens forward."

       Bruce and I stepped down to the first step, over to the center then
up to where Marc and Daniel were standing and opened the boxes. The rings
are a band of white gold with a slightly narrower band of yellow gold on
top. Inside the inscriptions read: From MCF to DJ with eternal
love. 07/27/02, on the one Marc gave Daniel and the initials reversed on
the other.

       "Marc Fogel, do you take Daniel Jorgenson to be your lawful spouse
from this day forward. To love him, respect him, take care of him and his
needs. To do what's best for him over all else. In sickness and in
health, in youth and old age, in good times and bad."

       Marc took the ring I was holding and placed it on Daniel's finger.

       "I do," Marc said.

       "Daniel Jorgenson, do you take Marc Fogel to be your lawful spouse
from this day forward. To love him, respect him, take care of him and his
needs. To do what's best for him over all else. In sickness and in
health, in youth and old age, in good times and bad."

       Daniel took the ring Bruce was holding and placed it on Marc's

       "I do," Marc said.

       Then in accordance with the laws of God and the State of Arkansas I
do pronounce you wed. You may kiss," Rev. Brannigan concluded.

       And so do I.

       To be continued, (after the honeymoon)

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