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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Bad Boy - Bad Boy 12

Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 13:49:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Bad Boy, Chapter 12

All legalities apply as to being old enough to read this story of male/
male sex. All my stories are copyrighted.


"Now this IS HOT!....Making love to my baby after all his men have bred

"Thanks love, but you are my ONLY MAN!"

Justin leisurely fucked and bred me over the next few hours. Occasionally
I would look around and see the others making out. Dad was fucking Ryan
and Drew was fucking Dan and then they would switch. It was a real orgy
that only bonded the six of us even closer.

By late afternoon, everyone was sexually sated and we were all hungry. We
started the grill and fixed steaks and corn on the cob. There was a big
tossed salad and a big bowel of potato salad. We all sat at the picnic
table in the nude and enjoyed the food and company. I had part of a paper
towel plugging my ass to hold all the loads in me. At one point, Justin
leaned over and kissed me. He had the biggest smile on his face.

"Just wait till I get you home" he whispered. "You won't be able to walk
the hot little sexy man!" Then he kissed me passionately.

We had a great meal and visited into the night. When we were going to call
it an evening, Dad and Dan asked us to spend the night. We agreed and ended
up moving the party inside the house. We all piled up in the family
room. Dad put on a hot gay porn movie and we were soon back into a full
fledged orgy. I can not tell you how many times I got bred that night, but
my insides were fully flooded with cum. I fell asleep exhausted as Justin
bred and spooned with me on the floor.

Now Chapter 12

I woke the next morning in my old bed in my old bedroom. As I turned, I
saw Justin smiling at me, his head propped up on his arm.

"How did we..."

"I carried you in here. Drew and Ryan are in the guest bedroom."

I put a hand over my eyes as I remembered all the hot sex from the
previous day and evening. "Tell me my ass isn't worn out."

Justin snuggled in against me and kissed me. "It'll never be worn out
for me."

"Yeah, it was nice and hot but I prefer it when you're the one wearing
it out and keeping it loaded with cum."

"Don't worry love...." Another kiss. "I'll make love to you and keep you
full all you want......So how about right now?"

I giggled as I rolled on my back and Justin got on top of me, grinding
his hard cock against mine. Justin's strength came through as he
ground his body against mine and forcefully pinned me to the bed.

"Yeah stud.....remind me that I belong to you" I whispered.

"Everyday baby....everyday for the rest of our lives.....You've become
the air that I reason for living."

"Wow Justin....that's hot!" I said as I pushed up against his body.

He slowly moved my hands above my head and held my wrists together
with one hand. At the same time he was kissing me passionately, his
strong legs pried mine apart. I lifted my legs and gave him access as
the head of his huge cock poked my balls on it's way down to my
entrance. He reached down and pulled out the soppy paper towel I had
plugged myself with to hold yesterday's loads. Then I felt his cock head
push my hole open.

"Mmmm....know this baby......I'm about to fuck you into this mattress.
Your hot boy pussy is mine are you. You turn me on and
make me feel alive."

Then he plunged his thick, swollen cock balls deep inside me, causing
me to grunt. It also caused my ass muscles to clamp down on him,
holding his shaft inside my body.

"FUCK!.....You feel so awesome." Then he started kissing me, almost
devouring me as his hips pushed harder and harder against me, trying
to get every bit of his cock inside me. If he had been any larger, I
know where I would have been able to put him. Justin filled my anal
cavity completely.

He started manhandling me roughly, letting me know he was in charge.
Yet at the same time, there was a tenderness and longing in the way
he kissed me. It was almost like he was being driven to possess what
was freely given to him out of love. When he started stroking his cock
in and out of me, it was powerful and my body responded to him. My
back arched up off the bed as I moaned and shoved my ass onto his
cock. Then my ass muscles went to work, clamping and drawing him
into me.

"God drive me NUTS when you do that" he grunted.

Justin maintained a slow, steady pace as he physically drove me into
the mattress with his sheer strength. Neither of us was in a rush as
we enjoyed our mating. He had me leaking precum like crazy, which
he would reach down and swipe up, then lick his fingers clean.

"So own personal nectar."

We lost all sense of time as we made unbridled, passionate love to
each other. My old bed stood up to the pounding of our bodies as
Justin's tempo slowly increased. We were drenched in sweat as I
begged him to breed me. Our lips locked as he slammed into me
harder and faster. He was now groaning for his impending release
while I moaned in sheer pleasure. How his cock was able to swell any
larger was beyond me. My prostate was swollen. It was too much as I
exploded in a body shattering orgasm. I actually saw stars as my cock
shot my load everywhere and my ass tightened. Justin was whimpering,
then hollered in release as he sank deep inside me. It felt like a flood
gate had been opened as he spewed and gushed enormous volumes
of hot cum deep inside my bowels. With the last of our strength, we
ground against each other before we collapsed in a heap on the bed.
Justin's cock was still ejaculating and twitching inside me.

"OH BABY! That was fuckin' amazing!"

"YEAH!....I want that more often!"

Then we both cracked up laughing and started kissing again.

"DAMN!...Are you two still alive in there?"

It was Dad. I had to laugh as I thought about how rough and loud we
had been.

"You can come in Dad" Justin said.

Dad opened the door slowly, I guess expecting to see the room totally
broken apart. Behind him stood Dan, Drew and Ryan, all wide eyed.

"Wow...the bed is still intact."

"Damn guys, that was wild, besides taking forever! We could hear you
throughout the house."


"Don't had us all hard just listening to the two of you."

Justin and I just laid there enjoying our afterglow. My hands were
gripping his butt, holding his still steel-hard cock inside me.

"Son, I've seen what Justin's got and I'm impressed you're able to handle
that slab of meat."

"Well Dad, believe me, he handles it perfectly well" Justin replied.

I could feel my face go flush as I must have turned ten shades of red.

"Well, breakfast is almost ready.....I think you two need to feed your
after that session."

Dad closed the door so we could pull ourselves together before joining
the rest of the guys for breakfast. Justin slowly eased out of me and
found some fresh wadding to plug my hole. We kissed and dressed
and joined the others in the kitchen. I did find myself walking a bit
If the others noticed, they never said a word.

We had a great breakfast thanks to Dan and Ryan. Everybody remarked
about what a great weekend get together this had been. Then I reminded
the guys we had homework and house work to attend to. Once the meal
was over and the kitchen clean, we kissed and said our goodbyes to Dad
and Dan and walked down the road to our place.

We all hit the books and got our homework done. We broke for a quick
lunch of sandwiches and chips before turning our attention to the house
and doing laundry. At around 4:00, the four of us were naked in the
room watching a movie.

"How's your bottom feeling baby" Justin whispered in my ear.

"Horny and eager for a repeat of this morning" I whispered as I kissed

I noticed Drew and Ryan snuggled up together, watching us.

"Michael.....did you really enjoy Justin being so rough fucking you this

"Are you kidding?.....I loved every second of it and didn't want it to

Drew looked at Ryan "Maybe we'll have to try it rough and see how we
like it."

Ryan just smiled "I know I'll like it if it's with you."

They started making out and it wasn't long before Drew threw Ryan over
his shoulder and carried him to their bedroom. "Goodnight guys." Justin
continued to kiss me after we said our farewells.

"Are you sure you enjoyed it?...Cause I would love to fuck you rough

"Justin, you can make love to me however you want....If I don't like it,
I'll let
you know."

Justin turned off the TV and the lights and carried me to bed. It was
that night with all the noises from both bedrooms. Justin pounded and
me repeatedly. My little tummy was full of his cum loads as he eased out
and inserted my butt plug into me.

"I want your body to absorb all my loads" he said as we cuddled and fell

It was another busy week at school. Thursday found us in court over
dad. Needless to say, it got nasty when his father saw him in court.
reports and pictures of Ryan's battered body were presented to the judge.
Then Ryan had to get on the stand and testify to the judge about his dad.
When the judge took it all into account, he threw the book at his dad and
sentenced him to 5 years in prison. Ryan's dad left the courtroom calling
Ryan a worthless faggot of a son, that he no longer had a son. It all
tore Ryan apart until I told him to consider the source. Ryan looked at
and acknowledged that his dad had never really been a father, just an

Friday we were back at school. We were glad to be getting back into our
normal routine. The only thing left hanging was Greg's raping me.
attorney called and left a message that the hearing on that matter was
Monday morning. I needed to be there, along with my legal guardian. I
immediately went pale. I was hoping to get this behind me without Dad
ever finding out. Justin held me and said it would be all right.

I went into our bedroom and cried. When I came out, Justin was gone.
Drew and Ryan had just gotten home from work and informed me they
saw him walking down to Dad's house. I just sat there in a stupor, so
embarrassed and hurt that Dad had to find out. After a short while, I
got up and headed down to Dad's.

When I got there, I found Dad, Dan and Justin sitting at the kitchen
talking. When Dad saw me, he got up, came over and took me in his arms.

"Why didn't you tell me son?"

"I was too embarrassed...and just wanted it all to be over we
could move on" I sobbed.

"Well, Justin explained it all to us....We'll be there with you and get

"Just one thing Dad...once it's over, I never want to hear it mentioned

"I understand."

By this time, Justin was standing next to us. As Dad let go of me, Justin
took me in his arms and held me tight. I guess he felt I was needing all
the reassurance from him I could get.

Justin and I visited for a short while before heading back home. Drew
and Ryan were fixing dinner. They had played the message on the
recorder and figured out what was happening.

" okay?"

"Yeah...a lot better now that it's out in the open with Dad."

We had a quiet, somber meal. Then we all piled into the living room and
watched a new movie that Drew had picked up.

Saturday, Drew and Ryan both had to work at their respective jobs. Justin
kept me in bed most of the day being playful and loving. We only stopped
so we could fix dinner before the guys got home. Sunday we all spent the
day having dinner with Dad and Dan.

Monday found Justin, Dad and I in court. Greg was found guilty of rape
being under the influence of drugs. He was sentenced to two years in a
juvenile facility. The judge told him he was lucky he didn't charge him
as an

After that, our lives became more of a normal routine. In time, Drew made
amends with his father, thanks to his mother. On various occasions, we
would have his folks come out and have dinner with us. It was good to
finally see his parents accept Drew for the good person he was and to
accept Ryan as his lover.

As the years have passed, Justin and my love has only deepened. At one
point, Drew and Ryan suggested they get their own place. Justin and I
both jumped at the same time and told them this was their home, that the
four of us were like brothers and nothing would ever break us apart. The
guys relented in an instant. Seems they thought they were cramping our
style. Where they ever got that idea, I'll never know.

***Hope you enjoyed the story. All feedback is welcome.***

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Bad Boy - Bad Boy 12