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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Bad Uncles And Dads - Nephew Tadd

Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 10:07:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: MDB: Bad Uncles and Dads - Chapter 2. Nephew Tadd

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"Bad Uncles and Dads - Chapter 2. Nephew Tadd"

       I'd watched Tadd grow up, a beautiful boy with big brown inno-
cent eyes. While my other nieces and nephews avoided their big loud uncle,
Tadd always seemed drawn to me. Even at four years old, he'd wrap him-
self around my leg n' leave me luggin' him around everywhere I went.
       As he got older, his fascination with me began takin' a turn. At
the lake, my teenage nephews thought it was fun t' try to push big Uncle Ken
under the water. Each time, a hand would brush n' grab at my cock...a few
times reachin' up inside my shorts t' slide across it unobstructed. There was
no doubt for me that it was anyone but Tadd.
       Two years later, the family all went campin' as a group. Tadd
had been tired one afternoon n' wanted a nap. I suggested the tent my wife
n' I shared as it was the closest to the lakeside where we'd all gathered. I
claimed needin' a nap myself, n' walked to the campsite with him.
       We climbed inside the tent, talkin' casually about how nice n'
cool the lake was in the hot summer air.
       I laid back n' shucked my shorts sayin' it was too hot in the tent
for clothes. Tadd said nothin' n' jus' laid down beside me.
       I threw an arm over my eyes, leavin' a shadowed space where
I could look down my nose to my crotch. Feelin' Tadd's presence beside
me, my cock thickened n' jumped from time t' time as it approached full mast.
So, I began snorin' lightly t' give the impression I'd dozed off.
       At one point, my cock lifted n' swayed...swingin' to the side it
landed across my hip. Tadd's hand entered my field of vision n' hovered
tentatively over the length of my meat.
       I couldn't help it. My cock jerked in response to the sight, n'
smacked solidly against the palm of his hand.
       Tadd yanked his hand away, n' then slowly moved it back into
my vision n' toward my flexin' meat.
       He lowered it n' lightly grazed the surface, my body tightenin' at
his touch.
       The width of his hand barely covered half my nine-inch length.
Seein' him caress my thick shaft almost made me reach for him as I struggled
t' maintain the appearance of napping.
       My balls pulled up in their sack as a heavy flow of precum
poured from the head of my cock n' onto my hip. What happened next,
floored me.
       First, his fingers dipped into the wide puddle of precum as his
chin came into view. Then, they lifted to his lips n' disappeared inside. I
watched as he sucked the cum-coated fingertips n' felt the rest of my full load
begin t' churn inside my cum-filled balls.
       He removed his fingers n' opened his mouth as he eased his face
near the head of my strainin' meat. Two seconds later, his lips slipped over
the fat knob of my cock n' I felt another thick stream of precum gush up my
shaft and into his waitin' mouth.
       He swallowed n' sucked at the head of my now throbbin' dick,
nursin' it as if it were the most amazin' thing in the world. The contact of his
hot young mouth ended way too quickly, though.
       He pulled his head off my cock n' slipped out of view. Then, he
quickly left the tent. I laid there listenin' to the crack of twigs n' the rustle of
the grass under his feet as he quietly walked away.
       Before I could even reach for my cock, it shot off across the thick
hair of my stomach n' chest. Jet after jet splattered across my torso as my
hand slid down to tug at my balls. I hadn't been prepared for that, though,
and I had nothin' t' clean myself off with once my orgasm lessened to the last
dribblin' gobs that fell into my bellybutton.
       I pulled on my shorts n' quickly headed for the bathroom and
showers just down the trail. Luckily, I met no one on the way as eight blasts
of thick white cum clung in gobs across my chest n' stomach.
       I shucked my shorts n' dove into the four-spigot shower. There
stood Tadd...naked under the farthest showerhead and jackin' his six-inch
boy-meat. The look of shock n' embarassment on his face was priceless.
       I brushed it off, doin' my best to make him feel comfortable,
"Hell, don't be embarassed. I just shot off in my sleep, for god's sake."
       "You jus' turn around in finish that off, I'm just gonna rinse off n'
get outta your hair, chief." I added.
       "Uh, thanks Uncle Ken..." He stood there holdin' his woodie n'
starin' at the amount of cum splashed over my chest n' belly.
       One minute later, it was rinsed off n' I was gone. As I walked
away, my mind raced as I searched for a way t' get my handsome young
nephew underneath me.
       Two month later, I had the plan and the opportunity.
       My wife was goin' to a conference across the state for the week-
end n' her sister's husband, Tadd's father, was workin' over-time at the plant
where he was employed.
       That Friday I bought replacement pipe, sealant, and couplings
which I hid under a blanket in the back of my truck. Later, I drove my wife
to the airport n' spent the rest of the night anticipatin' what was to come the
next day if everything worked out right.
       First thing in the mornin,' I climbed into the attic n' pulled a male-
on-male porn magazine from under the insulation where I had several hidden.
All the rest were of women makin' it my only choice for this purpose. I put
it part-way under the towels in the cabinet above the toilet, n' left the door
wide open.
       Then, I turned t' look at myself in the full length mirror on the
       At 39, I was still in good shape. Yes, I had the beginnings of a
small belly, but the rest was strong n' fit. Sturdy muscle packed my arms,
shoulders, chest, n' legs.
       Dark hair curled over most of my tanned body. Even my back
sported a full pelt, though my wife had asked me repeatedly over the years
t' shave it. I was Tadd's only uncle nearly this hairy, and I had a feelin' it was
part of his fascination with me. Because of that, I made the decision t' skip
wearin' a shirt today. I wanted him as hot for me as possible!
       I grabbed a pair of thin sweat pants n' cut the legs into brief
shorts. Then, t' make 'em even more revealin,' I ripped the seams at the
center n' sides. Cut n' ripped that way with only a small portion of the crotch
remainin' intact, almost any movement caused my fat cock n' large balls t'
swing out from under the leg openings.
       At nine, I neatly dug a square of ground out from above the water
line I'd replaced ten years before. I drilled into it, and took a file to the open-
ing t' made it look like a gash. Then, I replaced the square of sod over the
gushin' pipe n' tamped it down until the digging became invisible.
       After that, I immediately called my wife's sister.
       "Sharon, it's Ken. Listen, a water line's busted over hear n' I was
hopin' Joe could help me find the leak n' get it fixed."
       At her response that Joe was workin,' I countered, "Well, it's not
heavy work or Tadd maybe free today?"
       She called him from outside and he readily agreed. I said I'd be
over in fifteen minutes n' suggested he wear old clothes he didn't mind ruining.
       Thirty minutes later, we were diggin' up the water-line in the back cock n' balls swingin' free from my shorts often as his eyes kept
close watch on my fat slab of meat. The summer sun beat down relentlessly,
n' I made sure we got plenty muddy as we worked.
       We "found" the busted area, replaced the pipe and couplings,
applied the sealant, n' left it all uncovered for the sealant to dry.
       I got him into the camper for a shower, claimin' a small water
reserve as the reason for us t' shower at the same time. We were pressed
t'gether in the small space, his back t' my front. I offered t' wash his back if
he'd return the favor n' turned off the water after we were wet.
       The movement of his body as he soaped up caused my cock t'
rise up n' press against his back and small ass. He said nothin,' though, n'
only handed me the soap once his front was covered. I spent a lot of time
on his back before reachin' lower.
       I circled my hands over his taut sixteen year old tail as his own
hands slowed their latherin' of the front of his body. The feel of the small
mounds of flesh in my much larger hands makin' my cock come to a full
       I slid one hand between his cheeks n' saw his chest rise sharply
when my fingers grazed his butthole.
       As my cock slid out to the side of him n' pressed forward, I said
quietly, "That mud gets in ever'where..."
       "Uh huh...." was his response, though it was so quiet I almost
missed it.
       I slid my middle finger inside his soapy hole. His hands flew up
to the wall of the shower as a gasp escaped his throat. I stroked my finger
deep inside the velvety warmth as he rose up onto his toes.
       I needed to stay in control, so I reached over with the other hand
n' turned the water back on. I kept my finger strokin' his hole, though, as the
soap was rinsed off. I wanted it squeaky clean since I planned on havin' my
tongue up inside that tight lil' pucker later.
       I'd slept with another man three times in my life. One had been
a young lil' cowboy in for the rodeo at the county fair. Later in his camper,
he'd gone nuts when I stuffed my tongue up inside his clean sweaty hole. He'd
moaned before I fucked him full of my cock that feelin' my razor stubble
against the soft skin between his asscheeks had been incredible.
       I found out with that lil' cowboy that I like eatin''a clean ass much
better'n pussy. No funky juices t' run down, just a soft clean tail t' eat while
the body attached to it responded avidly.
       "Your turn?" He asked.
       "Oh yeah," I said, turnin' the water back off. Gettin' to his ass
had been the object of the shower, n' I'd forgotten our deal that he'd return
the favor of washin' my back. I turned clumsily as did Tadd.
       "You're so hairy, Uncle Ken. Could I get that hairy? I mean,
everyone says I'm not through growin.' So, I could, couldn't I?"
       "Well," I began my response, thrillin' in the feel of his small hands
makin' designs in the soapy hair coatin' my back, "we're not related by blood,
so you'll prob'ly only end up as hairy as your mom or dad's side of the family."
       "Oh," he said, dejectedly. No one on either side of his immediate
family had much more that a light scattering of hair here n' there.
       I was about to try to say somethin' t' make him feel better when
I felt a small hand slip between MY asscheeks!
       "Oh, hold on there Tadd...."
       "You said the mud gets everywhere."
       "Well, yeah, but..." I felt a finger pushin' at my own asshole. "OH!
HO! HOOOOO! Okaaaaaaaaaay, I think we're done here."
       I turned the water on n' finished rinsin' both of us off.
       We toweled off facin' each other. Tadd no longer made any at-
tempt t' hide starin' at my cock n' balls. I toweled vigorously so they swung
heavily back n' forth under his fixated eyes.
       Wrappin' the towels around our waists, we dropped our clothes
in the washer n' started it up. Then, we headed for the kitchen.
       I told him there was sandwich stuff in the fridge n' t' help himself....
jus' t' wash his hands first. I mentioned there was only soap in the bathroom
as we were out of kitchen detergent. Then, I let him know I was gonna lay
down for a short nap.
       In the bedroom, I shed the towel n' laid down on my back. I
threw my arm over my eyes as I had in the tent months before n' watched the
       Minutes later, I saw his blond hair ease past the doorframe. Next,
big brown eyes appeared n' seemed t' try to make sure he wasn't visible to
       Tadd stepped further into the doorway, one arm movin' in a slow
rhythm at his side. Though I couldn't see enough to know for sure, it was
clear he was strokin' himself.
       I couldn't hold it still any longer. My cock bounced up from
layin' heavily over my balls n' jerked up across my hip.
       Tadd looked left n' right, then took off down the hallway toward
the bathroom where the magazine was layin' in between the towels with its
graphic nature clearly exposed.
       I jumped from the bed n' peered down the hallway. The sound
of pages turning was unmistable in the silence of the house.
       I started silently down the hall, practicin' what I was about t' do
in my head.
       I stepped through the door, pretendin' sleepiness. "Oh, sorry
Tadd, I..... What the hell???!!!"
       He dropped the magazine as if it was on fire. "I....I....I just..."
       I grabbed him by the arm n' hauled him into the bedroom. As
his towel fell from his waist, his legs got tangled up n' he fell to the floor...
naked. His hard teenage dick began deflatin' in the sudden confrontation.
       I'd grabbed the magazine as I'd dragged him from the bathroom,
n' now tossed it down onto the floor beside him. It opened t' two pages
showin' a young blond man suckin' the huge cock of a taller, hairy, and solidly
built man.
       "This what you want, boy? Is this why you're always starin' at
my crotch? Huh?" I hated treatin' the sweet kid like this, but I also figured
this was the only way t' get what both he n' I wanted.
       "I... I.... I don't know! I was.... I was just curious! I saw it
stickin' out and I just..."
       I interrupted him harshly, "You saw the magazine stickin' out or
my cock?"
       That stumped him even further. He stuttered n' stammered,
searchin' for the right way t' answer.
       He fell silent when I reached down n' grabbed my fat cock and
balls in my fist. I squeezed n' thrust them forward so they bulged out from
my crotch.
       "This is what'cha want, isn't it, boy!"
       His mouth opened n' he took a deep breath, his eyes glued to my
swollen nine-inch meat.
       "You wanna touch it, squirt? You wanna touch this big ol' brute?"
I took two steps toward him, placin' the head of my cock only inches from
his face.
       I grabbed his hair in the other fist, n' forced his head back...
wincing guiltily on the inside at the action as much as Tadd did on the outside.
       I pushed my cock forward n' laid the head across his lower lip.
He pulled against the hand in his hair n' clamped his mouth closed. I wanted
t' tell him I knew he'd sucked the head of my cock on the campin' trip, but
didn't wanna give away that I'd only been pretendin' t' sleep.
       "How do y' think your mama n' daddy'd feel if I told 'em about
you starin' at my dick all the time, n' stealin' my magazine."
       "But, I didn't...!" As soon as his mouth opened, I shoved my
thick dick inside.
       He looked up at me in shock. I swear the boy even stopped
       I gave him my deepest most threatenin' growl, "Suck it...or
mama n' daddy find out about their son bein' after my big dick. I'd say you
better suck, junior."
       Not a muscle in his body moved as he sat in the floor with the fat
head n' two inches of my cock inside his mouth. I knew this was all gonna
go my way, though, when I felt his tongue slide from one side to the other
against the underneath of my solid shaft n' its plum-shaped head.
       "Oh yeah, good boy." I urged n' watched his eyelids flutter closed
as his tongue pressed more firmly against my thick meat and a newly arrived
suction pulled another inch inside the boy's mouth.
       I held off on the precum that suddenly filled the thick tube runnin'
along the underside of my cock. I waited until he slid off t' just the broad
head n' then flexed my horny dick. I knew the minute it poured onto his
tongue by the extended moan that rose up from his chest n' the hands that
slid up through the hair on my thighs.
       So much of my precum had flowed out that a pearly drop
leaked out at one side of his lips n' then slid down his young chin. The sight
of it made me lose control n' shove my cock down into his throat.
       He'd wanted me even before he was old enough t' understand
his feelings. As he'd gotten older, I'd begun t' want him every bit as much.
And now, with him at me feet n' my cock shoved down into his throat, I
wanted t' make him mine as surely as if I branded his sexy young ass with
hot iron!
       His eyes popped wide n' then bulged up at me just as the hands
at the top of my thighs began attemptin' t' push me away.
       "Awwwww, didn't know what you were in for gettin' all hot after
your uncle's big cock did 'ja, boy." I flexed my horse-meat inside his throat
t' let him know exactly where things stood before withdrawin' it completely.
       He dropped his head, sputterin' for breath before he looked up
in a mixture of worry n' hunger.
       He opened his mouth automatically as I pulled him back onto
my cock, sinkin' it down into his throat in quick harsh stroke.
       Tadd didn't fight me this time; his throat grabbed my cock in a
grip that felt as tight as a hand. It was my turn t' groan as my handsome young
nephew swallowed over the fat meat stuffed down toward his stomach, the
action massagin' my cock forcefully. I pulled out n' shoved right back in, his
suctioning throat n' mouth buildin' the heat inside me much faster than I'd
       I closed my eyes n' threw my head back, shuttin' out everything
but the tight throat grippin' my cock as I began strokin' in n' out of my
young nephew's face. If his ass was anything like the boy's throat, I might
well be the one in trouble here!
       When I looked down, a staggered groan rolled out of my own
throat. Tadd sat there on the floor eyes filled with heat n' adoration as my
cock repeatedly filled his mouth n' throat. I felt like a depraved god above
       The physical differences in us suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.
My knees felt weak as I looked down across my hairy chest n' stomach to
my long swollen cock as it slid furiously between his puffy lips. The sight of
his slender, hairless, n' atheletic body crouched below me pushed me over
the edge as much as the idolization filling the expression on his boyish face.
       I released his hair n' grabbed his head in both my hands, cum
churnin' inside my balls n' racin' up the nine inches of my fat shaft. I wanted
him t' taste me and take all my load until it ran out the side of his mouth. But
heat took over, and I shoved his face against my crotch as the first of my cum
blasted from my cock into his stomach.
       I pulled back out t' just the head n' flooded the inside of his mouth,
gettin' what I wanted as it streamed out the corners while he struggled t' swal-
low what he could.
       As he gulped urgently around the fat dick now bathed in its own
cum, I shoved back into his throat n' shot another huge deposit into his young
       "Ummmm ummmmm mmmmm!!!" He groaned, pushin' my hips
away in an attempt t' get the cum-belchin' head of my cock out of his throat
and back t' where he could taste the thick creamy eruptions.
       I let him this time n' stared down transfixed as he pulled off till
jus' the fat head of my gushin' cock was inside his desperate mouth. The boy
sucked me like he'd just discovered the best thing in the world. Greedily, he
swallowed blast after blast of my thick load n' sucked furiously for more.
       I grabbed my heavy cock by the base n' pulled it out t' slap it
solidly against his young face. As the last of my load drooled from the head
of it, I slathered his cheeks with the final spurts.
       "Ohhhhh...maaaannnn, Uncle Ken...." He gasped quietly.
       Plan be damned. Now, I couldn't even remember what was
s'posed t' come next. I had t' have his tight sixteen year old ass, n' I had t'
have it now!
       I grabbed his arm again n' hauled him to his feet. He'd obviously
thought we were done, the surprise registering on his handsome teenage face
just as I tossed him onto the bed.
       Landin' face down, he rose up onto all fours. I moved in behind
him n' shoved his knees and thighs apart, heat n' need blurrin' my vision. All
I could see was his teenage asscheeks pulled tightly away from the most
beautiful thing I'd ever seen...his tight, incredibly pink lil' asshole!
       I dove in, foregoin' any finesse, n' shoved my tongue inside that
dazzlin' tiny pucker.
       "OH.........GOOD.........GOD.........!" The words heaved from
his chest in rapid succession. I opened my eyes t' see him grab a fist full of
one of the pillows n' throw it to the side, knockin' the lamp and alarm clock
to the floor. He was so caught up in the sensations coursin' through his inex-
perienced body, that he had no idea he'd even touched the pillow...much less
that he'd flung it t' the side.
       I twisted my tongue up inside him, his assring flutterin' wildly
against my oral assault.
       I heard, rather than saw, another pillow fly across the opposite
bedside table...the items on top crashin' to the floor.
       I slid my tongue out of his tight hole n' lapped slowly up the boy's
sweet soft crack, his ass pushin' back against my face as if tryin' t' get it back
       I grabbed his thighs in a vise-grip n' pulled him back hard against
my face. Anglin' my chin against his tender flesh, I scraped my jaw down the
cleft of his ass and across his sensitive hole. Havin' purposely skipped my
mornin' shave, I knew the feelin' must've been like rough sandpaper against
his soft smooth skin. Reachin' the spot between his ass n' balls, I ground my
stubbly chin against him and thrust my tongue back deep inside his hole.
       Tadd bucked n' cried out before buryin' his face in the mattress
t' muffle his risin' voice.
       I let go of one thigh n' reached for his slender young woodie.
       Cum splattered into my palm as Tadd's atheletic body jerked
even before I touched his dick.
       I rammed my tongue in n' out of his ass as he filled my hand with
jet after jet of sixteen year old cum. His own hands clawed n' pulled the sheets
underneath his chest as his orgasm crashed through him again and again. My
cock throbbed n' strained for his tight wet tail as his cries filled my ears.
       When his cum began overfillin' my hand, I pulled it back n'
smeared it over the boy's asshole. All the while, his dick continued t' spew
his load onto the comforter.
       I had t' get him while he was still in the explosion of his orgasm.
T' take a cock as big as mine inside that tight teen hole, he'd have t' be at the
height of excitement whether he was a virgin or not.
       I stood n' pulled his hips back t' my achin' cock.
       Positioning it right at the hole drenched in his own cum, I pushed
the wide head into him.
       His asshole dimpled inward at the pressure as my cock, too tight
t' accept my forced entry. Tadd rose up stiffly on his arms at the sudden
pressure to his cum-slathered pucker.
       His eyebrows knit together in confusion as he looked over his
       I pressed harder as he asked fearfully, "Wait, what're you......
       The head of my cock punched inside n' my nephew's suddenly
stretched assring snapped behind like a doubled-up rubber band.
       He collapsed onto his chest, panting, grittin' his teeth, and squeezin'
his eyes tightly shut.
       "Uncle Ken..." he panted heavily n' repeatedly, his ass bearin'
down n' tryin' t' push my thick cock back out, "....Uncle Ken....Uncle Ken....
please....Uncle KENNNNNNN!!!"
       I continued pressin' inward, the boy's ass dialatin' slowly t' ac-
comodate the bulky width of my long cock. Tadd tried fiercely t' pull away
from the forced intrusion into his virgin hole, clawin' his way foward across
the mattress. His scuffle underneath me only made me even more crazed
t' have him skewered on the full length of my solid meat.
       I dropped all my weight fully on top of his strugglin' form, con-
tinuin' to slowly force his tight young ass t' accept more of my fat dick inside.
       "Oh christ....oh christ....." Tadd's legs began kickin' on the out-
side of mine, the movement sinkin' about half my cock into his ass on one
sudden move.
       "This what you were after, boy? My horse-dick stuffed up your
tight lil' tail? This what'cha wanted, sport?" I growled, knowin' it sure as hell
was what 'I' wanted!!
       "Ohh..hh..hh.hhhhh...gawwwwwwwd...." He gasped, climbin'
one leg up n' preparin' t' push forward.
       The angle tilted his ass upward n' the rest of my cock slid into
him like a hot knife into butter. Even as smoothly as the last half of the entry
went, my full nine inches stuffed up inside him sent the handsome boy gaspin'
for air.
       "Uncle Ken....Uncle Ken...." He repeated as if in a confused
daze, twistin' right and then left underneath me.
       I raised up on my hands n' knees just enough t' enjoy his struggle
with my oversized cock.
       Finally able t' move somewhat, he managed t' climb up the mat-
tress to the wall...continuin' until his head n' shoulders were pressed against
it. The short trip up caused his ass t' suck n' tug at my cock along the way.
The strugglin' efforts of his sixteen year old body n' suctionin' ass stroked the
fire ragin' inside my balls higher.
       I let him rest a minute before askin', low n' quiet, "'s
it feel, Tadd? How's it feel t' have all nine-inches of your uncle's fat cock
stuffed up inside that tight lil' ass?"
       He only groaned in response.
       I took his wrists in my hands n' slid them up the wall t' rest pinned
over his head.
       "You want me t' stop, boy?" I eased a few inches out n' then
stuffed them back in.
       "You want me t' take it out, Tadd? Huh?" I leaned down n' put
my lips over his hear and whispered, "You want this big dick hauled back
outta you?"
       "Unnnnhhh," he grunted as his assring squeezed my cock gently.
       "I need t' know, boy."
       His ass squeezed my cock more firmly.
       "Say it, junior..."
       I attacked his ear...slippin' my tongue inside n' nippin' at the lobe.
       "No, no! Oh man.... Please, no!" He squirmed n' wiggled his
pert butt back against me.
       "No, what, boy?" I demanded.
       "No," he whimpered as I continued workin' on his ear. "Please
don't take it out Uncle Ken, not now. It's.... It's...."
       I shoved my hips forward n' ground them from side t' side, stirrin'
his insides with my long cock.
       "Fuuuuuuuck...." his voice died into heavin' gasps for air.
       "Fuck what, Tadd? What should I fuck here, boy?" I asked, my
voice low n' gravelly with need for his answer.
       "Me, Uncle Ken! Oh god.... " His voice rose as I ground more
forcefully into his hot young tail. "Uncle Kennnnn, pleeeeease!!!"
       I pulled all the way out, n' plowed back in as his body tensed n'
jerked in heated response. Determined that the day Tadd's favorite uncle
stripped his boy-butt of its virginity would be one neither of us would ever
forget, I set in for the long haul of fuckin' the boy full of nine-inches of fat
adult cock.
       It felt like ten mouths attackin' my fat meat...lappin,' suckin,' n'
slurpin' wildly.
       He groaned, whimpered, cried, n' thrashed underneath me like
a female Jack Russell pup bein' bred for the first time by the thick cock of a
fully grown Rottweiler.
       Tadd's ass was incredible in its innocent natural talent for takin'
a big dick. The tight wet tunnel sheathed my long thick ass-buster like a damp
velvet glove. The muscles inside his gifted ass gripped, stroked, n' suctioned
at my cock as I began pound it deep inside him time and time again.
       The steady stream of 'oh god'...'jesus'...'Uncle Ken'...and other
strained phrases continued t' build the pressure growin' at the base of my balls.
Every time a changed angle brought forth another astonished gasp, the tight-
ness in my groin increased further.
       Even though my mind threatened t' give up control t' base animal
need, I retained enough presense of mind t' avoid Tadd's prostrate. I wanted
t' wait until the very end t' teach him exactly what was hidden inside his maturin'
       Feelin' the wild internal actions of the boy's naturally talented tail
n' knowin' his ass had t' be raw as all hell by now, I realized I couldn't hold
back much longer.
       "How does it feel, boy?" I pulled out t' the head n' then slammed
back inside. "How does it feel, Tadd?"
       "It's too big," I heard the response from his bowed head as his
body jerked with the impact of my cock hittin' bottom hard n' fast.
       "But, how does it feel!" I growled, makin' the words harsh n'
       "It's sore!" He gasped as I pulled back out only t' slam back in
again. I asked again, this time punctuatin' almost every word with another
demandin' thrust of my powerful cock.
       "And, how..."
       "...your uncle's..."
       "...big ass...."
       "...feel up inside your guts, boy???"
       I pulled him up onto his knees n' pounded at his tail until his hands
reached up for the wall above him, fingers clawin' against the plaster as my
monster cock savaged his young ass.
       I stopped n' held him skewered on the end of my cock, waitin,'
       His head slowly turned from the wall. Eyelashes, spiked with tears,
framed soft brown doe-eyes made darker from pupils widened with escalatin'
desire. Skin, flushed from the poundin' that was bein' delivered to his atheletic
sixteen year old body, stretched smoothly across his handsome young face.
       His eyes rose t' my jaw, but not fully to my eyes as he shyly
whispered in awed amazement, "Incredible, like nothin' else..."
       His quiet admission hit my heart n' cock at the same time.
       "Tadd..." I pulled all the way out n' flipped him roughly onto his
       Hookin' my arms under his knees, I bent him double n' aimed
my thick throbbin' cock at the swollen gateway t' the tight piece of slick
heaven inside.
       I stared into his eyes, n' thrust deep.
       His arms flew around my neck as an involuntary gasp lurched
from his chest. Tadd's face pressed into the crook of my neck n' shoulder,
his tears mixin' with the damps sweat on my skin. Overwhelmin' affection for
my young nephew fueled my drivin' need t' make him totally mine.
       With him holdin' onto my neck for dear life, I began t' plunge into
him like a mad man. Over n' over I drove my cock inside him...shovin' his
insides apart t' make room for the horse-cock between my legs.
       It was time. Heated sexual fog was fillin' my brain n' the pressure
behind my eyes from holdin' back releasin' my load was becomin' too great.
       I pushed my hips an inch or two lower n' slammed in from the
new angle. As my bulky cock punched across n' slid forcefully over his
prostrate for the first time, Tadd's teeth bit into my neck n' his body bucked
uncontrollably underneath me.
       He pressed into my neck n' shoulder t' muffle the half yells, half
screams that tore from his throat. His reaction was that of a trapped wild
animal, thrashin' n' howlin' as I slammed into and across the swollen nut inside
him over n' over.
       I lost it. I crushed him under my weight n' straightened my legs
behind me as I began t' pile-drive his ass into oblivion.
       The roar from my chest probably burst his eardrums when my
cum began racin' up my shaft n' blasted into the hot steamy tunnel of my
nephew's incredibly tight ass.
       I lost touch with consciousness, crashin' my monster cock into
him repeatedly like an overheated machine. Spit sprayed into his face as my
chest heaved up roar after roar of sexual release.
       I found one of my hands over his mouth when some of the fog
began t' ease away. His eyes were wide n' frenzied as he repeatedly yelled
my name into my hand.
       I felt his hard young dick trapped between his smooth stomach
n' my own hairy one. It jerked n' throbbed furiously as it slid back and forth
through my coarse fur.
       Suddenly it hit me that the boy's cock was spewin' its own load
inside the sandwich of our sweaty bodies.
       I began slidin' my whole body over his as my thick strainin' meat
sloshed in its own cum...continuin' t' drive it deeply into Tadd's bowels. Soon,
the furry pelt of my stomach became a frothin' carpet soaked in a rich lather
of boy-cum.
       As the last of both our ogasms subsided, I wanted t' kiss him. I
wanted t' kiss him n' pull my handsome nephew's slender body into my own
big strong arms. But, I couldn't let him know that.
       Instead, I dragged my still-hard cock out of his ass with an audible
wet suction n' rolled off t' spread out on my back beside him. With my hands
behind my head n' legs splayed widely, my long hefty cock lolled up across
my stomach.
       Tadd rolled n' pressed himself against my side. One leg was
thrown over mine n' his hand reached down to stroke and squeeze my firm
fat meat. The thick layer of cum from my heavy load left his hand slidin' easily
up n' down my length.
       His hand slowed then stilled on my thick shaft as his head eased
off my chest n' nestled into my armpit. I only heard part of what he mumbled
as he drifted off into exhausted sleep.
       "....the way you smell..." Was all I caught, but I was sure I could
guess the rest.
       I slipped away as soon as I was sure he was asleep. I put our
clothes in the dryer n' started for the bathroom t' clean off the heavy smell of
cum n' sweat. Stoppin' at the doorway n' seein' Tadd's sweet naked form
layin' on my sheets, I decided leave the sweat n' cum just as long as I could.
       I slid quietly n' gently into the bed beside Tadd as he turned in
his sleep t' face the other direction.
       I slid one arm under t' rest his head on the pillow of my bicep n'
the other around his chest. Then, I curved my body t' fit tightly behind his.
        I leaned my head down t' take in the scent of his skin at the nape
of his neck. While I smelled like dusty cedar n' musk, my nephew smelled
young n' sweet like freshly cut grass.
       My cock swelled again at both the scent n' the feel of his sixteen
year old body. I began t' lightly move my thumb back n' forth across a taut
nipple on his slender hairless chest. The feel of the sensitive nub makin' my
cock harden further n' turn t' steel inside the slick cleft of Tadd's ass.
       Though I knew his boy-butt had t' be sore as hell at this point, I
couldn't tamp down the fire risin' between my hairy thighs..
       I eased my hips back quite a ways t' angle the full nine-inch length
of my heavy shaft back between his buttocks n' up against his cum-sodden
       The freshly n' brutally fucked opening kissed' n' fluttered on the
head of my cock, causin' my my thick hard meat t' flex n' strain with revived
       I was met with only minimal resistance when I nudged forward
n' sank the wide blunt head of my hefty dick inside the wet cum-leakin' rose-
       "Mmmmm....Daddy...." Tadd mumbled sleepily.
       Not sure whether he was asleep or half awake, jealousy n' annoy-
ance hit me unexpectedly.
       "I'm not your dad, Tadd, I'm Uncle Ken." I corrected, hopin' it
hadn't been his father he'd been thinkin' about as I took his virginity.
       "I know...." he answered quietly n' lethargically. "I just heard
Joyce Harris call her husband that one night when she'd had too much t' drink."
       He sighed n' continued, his sleepy mumbling makin' it hard t' make
out his words. "I thought it was But, Mr. Harris is skinny and
'Daddy' doesn't really fit him. It fits you, though, Uncle Ken."
       He yawned, n' his assring clamped down on my shaft just below
the head.
       "You don't mind, do ya?" He pushed his hips back n' sunk most
of my long hard dick back inside the hot cum-drenched tunnel of his tight
teenage ass. He pushed backward again n' sighed as the rest of my cock
disappeared inside his tiny asshole, stoppin' only when my balls were lyin'
smashed between his buttocks n' my thighs.
       No, I didn't mind at all.....

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