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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Bathing


I had recently been asked by my cousin to come to their estate in
Northern England to care for my nephew while my cousin was away
in France. I had not seen my nephew since he was a brat of 7 or
8, and I knew that he was spoiled by my cousin since the death of
his father. Relunctantly, I agreed.

I arrived on the afternoon that my cousin was leaving, and when
she called for her son, he could not be found. After a half hour
of calling and yelling, he appeared from the bushes. He was so
muddy that it was hard to determine his color. It was apparent,
however, that young David was a beautiful boy, fourteen years
old, thin, with a delicious boy figure. I could hardly think, so
fast were the ideas coming to my head. I had to see that body...
I had to touch and fondle it. I promised myself that I would do
just that before the summer was out.

My cousin was beside herself with embarrassment at her son's
filthy state. I told her not to worry; I would take care of
everything. Finally, she kissed us both and boarded the coach to

David looked at me, a large smile on his face. Obviously he was
expecting the same spoiling attention from me as from his mother.
I decided to set the tone immediately. Forcefully, my hand swept
don behind him, hitting him firmly on his cheeks. "Is this how
you greet your dear uncle, boy? In this filthy state? Things will
be quite different, now, I assure you!" With that, I dragged him
to a nearby stump, and sitting on it, I pulled his dirty slim
body over my lap, and proceeded to give him another dozen
spankings. By the time I was through, he was crying openly. I
demanded that he go to his room, and stay there until I came.

He sniffled off, and I followed him inside. As he walked slowly
upstairs, I went to the servants and ordered a steaming tub of
water be delivered to his room. I also ordered a cold dinner for
us, and told the servants that they could leave after these

I went to his mothers room and rummaged through her bureau.
Finally I pulled out some clothing right for the occasion, and
went back to his room and set them neatly down. Finally the
servants carried up the tub, and soon after it was filled with
hot water. I waited for the servants to leave, then ordered him
to undress.

He looked at me with quizzical glance, then at the steaming tub
of water on the floor in front of us. When I again instructed him
to undress, he dropped his head, his blond curls almost hiding
the crimson his face had become. Slowly he lifted one leg, and
placing it on the heel of his shoe, forced it off his foot. He
repeated this, then bent down to remove his stockings. Next came
his shirt, covered in mud. I watched his bare chest heave as he
began to sob softly. He began to unbutton the dirt-crusted pants.
My breathing stopped, waiting for him to get to all of them....
1, 2, 3.... finally the last one is undone, and with a final
heave of his chest, he lets them drop down his slender legs, the
hairless white skin almost brown from the mud. His underpants
were soaked through, and my heart jumped as I watched his firm
buttocks dance against the clinging wet fabric. Finally the
moment came. His fingers slid to the final button. he released
it, and his underpants fell in a pile to his feet, and his
fourteen year old body was naked.

Again I held my breath, so intense was the beauty of his body.
Although wet and covered in mud, it was still easy to see the
graceful lines of his body; the boys chest just starting to come
out; a gentle thrust from his waist, his bottom stood, firm and
pliant. His little cock, barely nestled in a small patch of blond
hair, lay small and shriveled, but nicely formed. I went to his
side, and lay my arm around his smooth bare shoulder.

"When was the last time you bathed, boy?" I questioned firmly. He
merely shrugged in answer. "We'll," I continued, "It appears that
we must give you lessons in bathing, as you seem to have
forgotten everything!" His face went an even deeper shade of red,
and his hands remained at his groin, attempting to hide his small

Gently, I led him to the bath in the center of his bedroom, and
helped him into the hot water. This seemed to put him somewhat at
ease, probably because his privates were now somewhat hidden. I
grabbed the soap laying nearby, and after having him dunk his
head underwater, proceeded to wash his long blond locks.

I worked down from there. I elected to not use a washrag,
preferring to lather soap onto my hands so I would have nothing
between my skin and his. He closed his eyes as I lathered his
face, ears, and neck. That done, I moved on to his chest and
back, enjoying the suppleness of the skin, combined with the
slipperiness of the soap. My hands slid over his young chest,
feeling the cherry nipples, and down to his belly, taking care to
wash the belly button. Next I told him to stand.

Reluctantly, he obeyed. His slim dripping body stood up, and on
my command, turned his back to me. I softly began washing his
tight young bottom until it was creamy white. I commanded him to
bend over and spread his cheeks, and I firmly cleaned his crack,
finally even slipping my finger, slick with soap, up his little
hole the tiniest bit. He jumped at this, so I stopped and had him
turn around.

I was somewhat amazed to find that his little penis had stiffened
in the last minute. it was now jutting out and down, not quite
hard. I soaped up my hands and began lathering his entire groin
area, and began half washing him, half masturbating; my hand slid
up his dick, then down, and continued to his hard little balls,
squeezing slightly. I am sure he had never masturbated himself;
this was obviously new to him. By now his prick was as stiff as a
board, almost pointing up to his embarrassed cherubic face.

"What is this, lad?" I asked him quietly. "Why is this in such a

"I-I don't know, sir." he stammered. "It is like this in the
morning, but after I pee it goes down. But I don't have to pee
now. I feel so strange..." All this time, I was continuing my
ministrations. He stopped talking, and I thought he was about to
swoon with this new and strange pleasure, so I abruptly stopped
and stood up. I pointed at the pile of clothing I had left on the
bureau, and commanded him to dry off and dress, then meet me in
my room. "We'll examine this problem there." I assured him. With
that I left the room.


I heard a soft "Tap Tap Tap" on my door. "Enter." I replied, and
Davey came into the room, resplendant in his new clean clothes.
His mother was a small woman, evan smaller than David, so the
clothes I picked out were tight - perfect. He wore a thin white
silk shirt, so sheer that I could see his pink nipples through
it. It had long blossoming sleeves, but a short waist that
stopped just above his navel, allowing for a two to three inch
space between his pants and shirt. Below this, he wore blue short
pants, so tight that his bottom was forced out and up in a most
delicious manner. Although they could not be seen, I new he was
wearing white silk underpants of the same sheerness as the shirt.
He wore no shoes or socks. "Comfortable?" I asked. He nodded his
head. I could tell that the pants were uncomfortable, but I new
he would not be in them for long.

"Stand here" I commanded. Sheepishly, David did as he was told.
He was standing directly in front of me. "Spread your legs". He
had no choice, and complied. Gently I cupped my hand, and moved
it between his legs and squeezed gently. "We'll, it seems better
now..." I paused as if deep in thought. "I have seen pictures of
young boys in this state, somewhere..." I stood and perused my
library, finally taking out my volume on early Greeks and their
sexual practices. Motioning him to sit next to me, I opened the
book and began to rustle throught the pages.

I went from page to page, keeping a close eye on his reactions.
His mouth was hanging open in astonishment as he viewed picture
after picture of men and young boys in various positions. Men
fondling the boys, boys fellating the men, men fucking the boys.
In almost all the pictures, the boys and men had raging
erections, and with another glance at David's groin proved that
he was in the same state; his tight little shorts had become even
tighter due to the swelling between his young hairless legs.

My hand went down to that area, and again squeezed. His face went
an even deeper shade of crimson than the color caused by the
erotica. "Aha! I thought so!" I exclaimed. My arm slid to his
shoulders and gently embraced him. I proceeded to explain that
his swelling was caused by new urges in his body, and that the
book showed various ways of relieving these urges. I explained
that he was entering into manhood, and that as his summer
guardian I would help him to learn these methods.

I knew that this was new and frightening for him, so I decided to
begin immediately so as not to give him pause to think to long.
My arm pulled his neck towards me, and before he could protest, I
kissed his young warm mouth. His lips closed automatically, and I
gently demanded that he relax, and open his mouth. I kissed him
again, and this time it was much better; His open mouth met mine,
and we remained like that for a time, my lips slipping across
his. My tongue, almost with a mind of it's own, jutted quickly
into his mouth, and although surprised, he did not pull away.
Again my tongue went in, meeting his, and he responed slightly,
his little tongue whipping by mine, momentarilly meeting and
entwining. soon we were in a hard embrace, our bodies tight
together, almost dancing on the sofa.

My hand slid down his shirt to his chest. I could feel his
nipples, hard and pointed, through the thin material. I continued
down until I reached the strip of bare belly, warm and inviting.
Suddenly I found my hand gently rubbing his hard prick through
the tight pants. I found the button (only one, for quick access),
and released it easily, and gently pulled on them. He lifted his
bottom enough to allow me to slip them off. He sat next to me,
clad only in the silk underpants. These looked more like a tent,
so severe was his erection. I stroked him softly through the
silk, until I could take it no longer. I gripped the underpants
and firmly pulled them off his naked white body.

I pointed to a painting in the book of a man gently masturbating
a young dark haired boy. At the same time, I did the same to him,
my hand moving quickly up and down his thin hard shaft until his
breathing was reduced to short quick pants. Not wanting him to
release his virgin come so quickly, I paused, and standing up,
relesed the tie on my smoking jacket. I wore nothing underneath,
and my massive prick sprung out. Davey's eyes were the size of
saucers, staring uncontrollably at my erection. It was easily
twice the size of his, and it was obvious he had never seen a
man's penis in this state.

I took his soft hand and placed it around my prick, and before I
could instruct him, he began masturbating me just as I had done
to him . He worked at a fast clip, and I soon had to stop him
before I shot over both of us. I told him to go to the bed, and
had him lay on it, face up, and had him spread his legs so I
could see right up his legs. Slowly I stood up, and walked toward
the bed, my erection leading the way.

                            END PART II
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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Bathing