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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Being His First

Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 19:09:22 +0800
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Being His First

Being His First
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his
preteen son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if
this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

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I was walking by my 12-year-old son's door when I heard some familiar
music. Is he watching porn? I wondered. I put my ear to the door and heard
him say "Fuck me!" I was a bit surprised and opened the door. He was lying
on his bed, boxers around his knees, and his hand moved away from his ass
to grab his sheets as I came into the room.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked stunned.

"I . . . I was just. . . "

I ripped the sheet off him and saw a candle sticking out of his butt. I
grabbed him and shoved him onto his stomach. "Are you fucking yourself with
a goddamn candle?" I gripped the candle and started moving it in his hole.
"Is this what you want?"

"Dad! No! I was just . . . curious!"

I kept moving the candle in his butt and noticed I was getting really
hard. Stefan's mom has been away for a few weeks taking care of her ill
mother, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super horny. Here was a willing
and waiting ass. . . You can't do this! I told myself as I shoved my shorts
and underwear down. Stefan's eyes got big when he looked back and saw me
climbing onto the bed with my hard 8 inches pointed at his ass.


"Hey, you're the one begging to get fucked. So here you go," I said. I
pushed the throbbing head of my dick into hole after removing the candle.
It was pretty well lubed. The candle was a thin taper, but at least it
loosened him up enough for me to get started. I almost moaned as his tight
ass swallowed the tip of my cock. Any doubts I had about doing this melted
away rapidly as my dick was slowly sheathed by his hole.

I looked down and saw Stefan's face buried in his pillow, his fingers
clenched into a fist. I still had a hand on his mid back holding him down,
and I relaxed. He wasn't going anywhere with my dick sliding inside him. I
was already getting sweaty, so I peeled my shirt off. I shoved his
underwear down more so I could spread his legs better.

Once my dick was more firmly wedged in his butt, I began humping him. I had
to move slowly because he was so tight. I leaned against his blue T-shirt
while I languidly pumped into his ass. I decided I didn't like the feel of
his shirt, though, so I shoved it up over his head. I liked feeling his
hot, damp, smooth skin against my chest as I devirginized him.

As his hole stretched, I started increasing my speed. I slid my arms under
his allowing more of my weight to rest against him as my hips moved
faster. His ass let more of my cock in with each thrust and soon I was able
to bury my whole tool in his butt. Fuck did that feel good!

"Now you've got the real thing crammed into your ass, son. Let me know if
you still want to get fucked when this is over." I started humping him
faster. He was grunting as my dick slammed into him. Our bodies clapped
together as I drove my hard flesh into his ass repeatedly.

He was so tight that it didn't take long for me to blow my load. When I
came, it was the most powerful blast I have ever experienced. My dick kept
unloading. I wasn't sure when it would stop! I lay against his shoulder
recovering as my cock filled him with my seed.

When I finally got off him, I slapped him on the ass, grabbed my clothes
and went to shower. I tried to feel guilty about fucking my child, but I
still couldn't. I mean he was using a candle in his ass! Isn't his dad
being his first kind of a good thing? No diseases to worry about. Not like
I can make him pregnant either.

We ate dinner in silence. He wouldn't make eye contact with me, and I was
having trouble looking at him and seeing my little boy instead of noticing
how soft his skin felt or how the curves of his developing muscles
looked. When he got up to take his dishes to the sink, I couldn't help but
admire his ass.

He returned to his room, and I watched a movie. But I couldn't keep him out
of my mind! And my dick ached. It was hard and screaming for that sweet,
tight hole. I finally gave in. I went to my room, got naked, and lubed my
cock really well.

I walked into his room and said "Take your shorts off."

"Dad, please! Not again!" he said holding up his hands as I came near him.

"Stefan, I didn't ask you if you wanted to. I said take your fucking shorts
off." I reached down and swatted him hard on the side of his ass. When he
didn't move to follow my directions, I simply grabbed his shorts and ripped
them off his legs. "I'll tear those off if I need to," I said pointing at
his plaid boxers.

"Dad. . . "

I reached down, grabbed his underwear and yanked them off as well. I
grabbed his legs and pulled them off the bed, using them to flip him over
as he grabbed onto the edge of his mattress. His hips were at the end of
the bed, and I got behind him and put my pulsating meat back inside his
ass. "Hopefully, this time will last longer," I said as I fed his hole my

As soon as I could, I started fucking him harder than last time. He moaned
when I drove it in deep. That fucking moan unhinged me. I dug my fingers
into his hips and started plowing him harder, ramming my thick cock into
his small ass while he grabbed at the blanket.

"This feel better than that fucking candle?" I pulled my dick backward and
slammed it all the way in making him moan loudly. Or yelp. I wasn't sure
which, but I liked the idea of him moaning more, so that's what I'll go
with. I did this a few more times before rabbit fucking him.

This position was getting uncomfortable, so I had him get on his bed on all
fours so I could do him doggy style. I had to pull out, but he didn't
resist me when I got behind him again. I replaced my cock into the sweet
embrace of his ass and continued fucking him.

As I grew closer to orgasm, I pulled him backward as I sat on my heels. I
wrapped my arms around his chest. Once again, I preferred the feel of his
silky skin, so I tugged his shirt off. I found myself sucking on his neck
and playing with his nipples as I continued pushing inside him. Finally, my
hand went down to his groin, and I took hold of his hard dick. This time he
moaned more loudly, and I began stroking him.

His fingers gripped my arms as I continued fucking him and stroking his
dick. Within minutes his body shook, and I felt something warm flowing over
my hand. His ass muscles grabbed onto my cock as he came. I squeezed his
dick and felt it twitch in my hand.

I wiped my hand on his blanket and returned him to the doggy position. I
pounded him fast and hard until I shot my jizz deep inside his butt.

I told him to get cleaned up before I left his room. For some reason that
last encounter bothered me more than the first. Was it because I had
touched his dick and jacked him off? Fuck, friends and I did that in high
school. No biggie.

I found myself suddenly exhausted and decided to just go to bed.

In the morning I just put on a pair of boxers and went to the kitchen for
breakfast. I was watching a sports show when Stefan finally came out. Once
again he didn't look at me and only mumbled a response when I said good
morning. Watching him eat breakfast from the living room got me hard again,
especially when he had milk on his chin from cereal.

When he was done, I called him over. I pointed at the floor. "Get on your
knees and take my boxers off for me."


"You haven't done this part yet."

He reluctantly knelt down between my legs. I moved so he could pull my
underwear off. I grabbed his head and pulled it to my groin. "Start by
sucking on my balls."


"It wasn't gross when you watching the porno! Do it!" It felt like heaven
having him between my legs. I looked at his blonde hair as he sucked on my
sac. "Now lick up the shaft." His blue eyes looked at me in disgust before
he closed them and stuck his tongue out. When his mouth arrived at the
head, I told him to lick it like a lollipop. My toes curled as his tongue
worked my throbbing head. "Now suck on it!"

He looked at me almost pleadingly before finally opening his mouth and
going down on me. "Oh gawd!" I moaned as he began working my dick. I put my
hand on his head, and he started going faster. "Yes!" I hissed. Soon I
could feel his hands on my thighs as he struggled to take my thick meat
deeper into his throat.

"Get your clothes off and get up here," I said patting the couch.

He got up and quickly stripped out of his clothes. I had him get into a
position where he could take my cock more easily. He started sucking again
earnestly as I rubbed his smooth back. I worked my hand under him and took
hold of his firm meat. I slowly stroked him and rubbed my thumb over its
head while he tried to force more of my tool inside his mouth.

Soon he was going fast on my cock. I pushed his head down and deep throated
him several times. Even though he gagged, he didn't stop sucking. I played
with his blonde hair as he continued working my throbbing meat. Fuck his
mouth felt good!

Eventually I left his dick alone and moved to his hole. I rubbed it with my
finger and heard a stifled moan. I played with the entrance, rubbing the
soft flesh around the puckered entrance. He started going crazy on my
cock. I began raising and lowering my hips, slowly fucking his throat as he
struggled to take more of it. When he had me closer to climax, I grabbed
his head with one hand and led him into a faster pace. With the other, I
returned to his dick and started stroking him faster, after spitting into
my palm. He sucked on me furiously, and right after he shot his load, he
was gagging on mine. I held his head firmly and said, "Just swallow
it. Always swallow it, son."

I could feel his throat working to consume my load. With all the fucking
yesterday, there wasn't as big of a load for him to handle, which was
probably a good thing for his first blowjob. We milked each other's dick,
and I had him suck on my balls to finish it off.

When I released him, he sat up and wiped the tears from his eyes. He didn't
look like he was crying, so it was probably just from when he was
gagging. He also wiped his saliva from his mouth. "Good job, son. That was
a great first-time blowjob." I patted him on the shoulder, and he got up to
retrieve his clothes. I watched him carry his bundle to his room while he
was still naked.

I didn't feel like getting dressed, so I just stayed on the couch as I was.

By lunchtime he still hadn't come out of his room. I had him come join me
for lunch. I ordered pizza and was fully dressed when he joined me in the
dining room. After dinner, I asked him if he would like to join me for a

"I guess," he said, shrugging.

"Oh come on. It won't be that bad," I replied, trying to be playful.

We sat down on the couch together, and I put my arm around him. A little
into the movie, I gave him a kiss on his forehead. He seemed to relax a
bit. A little while longer, I told him that I loved him. It was nice to see
his familiar grin return to his face.

I rubbed my thumb over his red lips and felt a spark. I leaned in and
kissed him gently on the lips. When I kissed him again, he kissed me
back. I felt electricity and hunger. My dick started to tingle, and I
kissed him a third time. His lips parted slightly, and I slid my tongue
into his mouth. We began frenching, and my heat grew.

As we kissed more passionately, I felt his hand sliding over my pants until
he found my hard-on. He began rubbing it. I reached down and pulled his
shirt off and quickly returned to his lips. He pulled my shirt up, and I
let him remove it for me.

I leaned him back until he was beneath me. I ground my groin against his as
we continued kissing hungrily. His small fingers dug into my back muscles,
and I just wanted him so badly. I undid my pants and pushed them and my
boxers down. His small hand found my aching hard-on and began stroking me.

I grabbed his shorts and underwear and tugged them down as well. I rubbed
our cocks together as we continued kissing. "I want you," I whispered in
his ear.

"Go ahead, Daddy."

I kissed him hard again. I got up, got out of my remaining clothing, picked
him up, and carried him to my room. Once he was on my bed, I pulled his
shorts and underwear off. I spread his legs and began kissing his thighs. I
had never ever gone down on a guy before, but suddenly I wanted to pleasure
my boy.

I pushed his creamy white legs apart and began kissing his hairless sac. My
balls are hangers even when I'm hard, but his were tucked up against his
body. I teased them with my tongue and lips until it was time to give him
first sample of a BJ.

He gasped when I took his little pecker into my mouth. I worked it slowly
and heard his fingernails digging into my bedspread. While I was curious
what his cum tasted like, for some odd reason, my cock really ached to be
back inside his ass. So, after a bit more sucking, I kissed his belly and
licked my way back to his mouth. We kissed hard as he played with my dick

I broke the kiss, and he watched interestedly while I lubed my cock. When I
was done, he smiled at me and rolled onto his stomach, spreading his legs
far apart. Once again I kissed up his thighs. When I was at his butt, I
gently bit one of his cheeks. I spread them apart so I could look at his
pink hole. I rubbed my fingertip over the tempting orifice. My cock
twitched in hunger.

I don't know why I did it, but I felt drawn to his hole. I lowered my face
into his crack and began licking his hole. He squirmed and moaned as I
pushed the tip of my tongue into the tight entrance. I could take it no
longer, and I got on the bed and mounted him.

As my cock entered him, his ass rose into the air. I gradually slid my
oiled rod in until I was pressed against his tasty ass. "Daddy!" he
breathed. I pulled back slowly and pushed it back at the same pace until I
was deep inside him again. I moved my hips in slow circles and heard him
moan. I did it again, but had to replace my cock when it slipped out.

After a few times of doing this, his hole felt more relaxed. I began to
fuck him a little harder, the bed creaking as I slammed his smaller body
into the mattress. As I pounded his hole, he arched his back so that his
butt lifted into the air more. I grabbed a pillow and put it under his hips
so I could drive my dick in deeper.

After pounding his small ass some more, I decided to slow it down again. I
kissed his neck and shoulder while I languidly humped him, burying my thick
meat inside his hole with each thrust. I ran my hands over his thin arms,
and we intertwined our fingers as I continued fucking his sweet little boy

Soon I needed to fuck him hard again, and I wasted no time in doing just
that. I moved him so I could do him doggy style again, and I gripped his
shoulders as I plowed his hole.

"That feel good, Stef?" I asked when I slowed down again.

"Yes, Dad!"

I wanted to see his face while I fucked him, so I pulled out. I had him lay
down. I grabbed his legs and hiked them into the air until that sweet
little boy pussy was in line with my cock. I put it back in him and drove
it in deep. I watched his eyes get wide and his mouth form a moan as I
buried my manhood deep inside his hole.

I started kissing him as I worked back up into a faster pace. He threw his
arm around my neck as I plowed into his hole. I pushed myself forward
lifting his ass higher so that I could basically pile drive my meat into
his delicious ass.

"You like Daddy fucking you good and deep?"

"Yes, Daddy! Fuck me! I want you, Daddy!"

I went crazy and began pounding the hell out of his hole. Suddenly he cried
out, and I felt his ass clamp down on my cock. I looked at his face and
recognized the look of someone who just came. I glanced down and could see
his white jizz resting on his pink skin.

I continued pounding his ass feeling my own climax growing near. Somehow
seeing that I had made my boy cum just by fucking him turned me on so bad
that I couldn't last much longer. I thought about slowing down, but I
couldn't now.

When I came, it seemed to drain my whole body. I had to stop kissing him
because it was hard to breathe. "I love you, Dad," I heard him say.

"I fucking love you, too, son." I kissed him more gently. I pulled my cock
out of his hole and eased his body back into a normal position. Thank god
he was flexible. I looked at the sticky mess on his chest. I leaned down
and tasted his boy juice. It was a little sweet but didn't have much

I moved down to his flaccid dick and licked his jizz from the shaft and
head before returning to his chest and cleaning his hot flesh. Without
swallowing I moved to his mouth and tongue kissed him. It was so fucking
hot to kiss him while sharing his seed.

When I was done, I turned out the light. "You're sleeping in here tonight."

"I am?" I could hear the joy in his voice.

"Yes. As long as Mommy is gone, you're my lover."

"But what about when she comes back?"

I hadn't thought that all the way through yet. "Well, I'll just have two
lovers. You'll have to sleep in your own room, but you'll be my favorite."

"I will?"

I took his hand and placed it on my shrinking dick. I couldn't believe it
hadn't gone totally soft yet! "Daddy made you with this dick. I made that
hot little ass of yours. Every time my dick is inside you, it's
special. Even if Mommy was no longer my wife, you'll always be my son. So
that makes you my favorite."

His fingers played with my pubes while his head rested on my chest. I
drifted into a deep sleep rapidly.

When I awoke, I looked over to find him sleeping. "So it wasn't a dream," I
said softly. I watched him sleep for a bit before getting out of bed to
take a piss. When I slid back in, he stirred. I kissed him on the lips.

"Morning, Daddy."

"Morning, sweet angel." As we kissed, I felt his hand on my body, and he
quickly found my cock. I was hard, and his exploring fingers felt so
good. I discovered his morning wood and returned the favor while we gently
kissed. "Are you ready for breakfast," I asked.

He nodded his head as he rubbed sleep out of his eye. "But I want you to
fuck me first."

I couldn't believe my ears! He rolled to his tummy and slid his knees up
underneath him so that his butt was pointed in the air like a cat in
heat. I pushed the sheets and cover down exposing his beautiful ass. How
could I refuse?

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Being His First