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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Blended Family - Blended Family Beginnings

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 00:39:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Friedrich Craig <>
Subject: Blended Family Beginnings

This is a work of fiction, a complete fantasy. If you can
not separate FANTASY from reality, are offended by the
subjects of Gay incest or sex with boys or this material is
illegal where you live; DO NOT READ this story.

If you have comments, suggestions or requests please contact
me at

`Blended Family Ties', based on a reader's suggested
scenario, lead to a second episode, `Blended Family Work
out'. I enjoyed writing both stories and got a lot of
positive response so I'm rounding out the series with the
story of how two of the Character's, Darrell and his boy
Steven, got started.

Blended Family Beginnings:
Steven Has Two Daddies

Hooking up with my little Step Bro Jeremy, and his
Cousin Danny, then taking them to the gym/baths got me
thinking about my first times with my Dad and Step Dad. It
was my Step Dad, Burt, who groomed me and turned me on to
cock sucking and getting fucked, but he let my own Daddy do
the honors of popping my cherry. Daddy's was also the first
cock I ever sucked; Burt said that's the way it should be.

Until Burt and his boy, Ben, came into the family, I
didn't have much of any relationship with my Dad. Mom
packed up and moved out on Dad, taking me with her when I
was eight. Mom never bad mouthed Dad, they didn't have a
bad relationship or anything; she left because she was
bored. Mom told me later that she had grown up in a crazy
family where everybody drank and fought all the time. When
she met my Dad he seemed so calm and stable she fell in love
and married him in less than six months. I came along less
than a year after they were married. I'm not a genius but I
can count to nine; mom was pregnant when they got married.

Mom told me that it was after I was born that she
started to realize that my `calm' `stable' Dad was actually
a really boring bland man. She said he did everything he
was supposed to do; he worked hard and made good money,
fixed things around the house, changed diaper's & helped
take care of me etc, but without any kind of emotional
involvement. Mom tried for eight years to get a spark of
life out of him and finally gave up.

True to form, Dad stepped up and did what he was
supposed to from the very beginning. Mom filed for divorce
and he didn't fight her on anything. Two weeks after we
moved out, before there was any kind of court order for
custody or visitation, Dad picked me up at school on Friday
and took me home to spend the weekend with him. He made
sure I had all my meals and took a bath and brushed my teeth
every night, then drove me to school Monday morning, but
other than that, he left me alone to watch TV or play
outside all weekend. That's what `quality time with Dad'
was for me until Mom met Burt.

Burt was the opposite of my Dad, as soon as he started
seeing mom, he started acting like a Step Dad. On weekends
when his son, Ben, was with him Burt would take the two of
us out on Saturday afternoons to do `guy stuff' and then
take my mom out Saturday evening, letting Ben `baby-sit' me.
Ben is about six years older than me, so when Burt first
started dating Mom Ben had just turned fifteen. Ben didn't
seem to mind being my unpaid baby-sitter and I really liked
getting so much attention from an adult man and an older
teen-aged boy.

Ben let me do stuff when we were alone that Mom
wouldn't. We'd make a mess in the kitchen cooking our own
pizza or horse around in the back yard, wrestling and stuff.
Ben always seemed to manage to find things for us to do
together that left us both needing a shower. I thought it
was cool that we showered together. For the first few
weeks, all we did was shower; we'd get in the shower, soap
ourselves off, rinse then towel off and go watch TV or

I was eight, going on nine, so just being naked with a
fifteen year old had been a revelation; I had never seen my
Dad in anything less than jeans and a T-shirt and I had
never even been in a locker room. Ben was cool about me
gawking at his muscles, his grown up dick and the hair he
had back then around his dick and under his arms. I felt
like a skinny little kid, which I was at the time, but Ben
assured me I'd look more like him as I got older and then he
said, "You've definitely got nothing to worry about in the
dick department, I'm nearly twice your age and your dick is
bigger than mine already. Grower or shower, you're going to
be a well hung dude."

It was the third or fourth time we were in the shower
together that Ben popped a boner. We had been wrestling in
the back yard and while we were in the shower, Ben spent a
long time soaping up and washing his dick and balls. I
noticed it was hard and he kept pulling on it. After a
while he leaned back against the wall and kept jerking
himself while playing with his balls. When he came, he shot
all over the shower curtain and on me. Ben opened his eyes
when he was through, saw his cum all over the shower curtain
then saw the splashes of it on my face and laughed.

Ben rinsed himself off, made sure the shower curtain
was clean of cum then pushed me under the shower to rinse
his cum off of me. After wards, while we were eating
dinner, Ben explained a few of the `facts of life' and
explained about jerking off. When he was through he told me
not to tell anybody about what had happened or what we'd
talked about saying, "This is stuff you're supposed to learn
from your Dad. I'm surprised he hasn't told you any of this
yet but I'm sure he will soon; just pretend like you're
hearing it all for the first time."

Ben hadn't met my Dad yet.

From then on, Ben always sported wood in the shower
with me and almost always beat off. Saying that I was
easier to rinse off than the shower curtain Ben always had
me stand in front of him so he could shoot his cum all over
me. I liked the feeling of the warm strands of cum hitting
my skin and sliding down my body. Sometimes Ben would cum
on my face and I would get it on my lips and in my mouth;
from my very first taste of the stuff, I was hooked.

Until Mom married Burt, nothing else happened with Ben
other than his jerking off and cumming on me in the shower.
Then after the wedding Mom and I moved into Burt's house and
I moved into Ben's room. There were bunk beds and Ben "let"
me have the top bunk. I realized later that to a fifteen
year old it was no big deal, but at the time I thought he
was a great guy for giving me the top bunk. Of course, even
though it was Ben's room, I had it all to myself other than
the weekends Ben visited his Dad, which alternated with the
week ends I was with my Dad.

The showers with Ben pretty much stopped after the
wedding; we didn't spend much time alone together other than
at night in `our' room. Even that time was cut into by
Burt. Right after we moved in Burt established "Man to Man
Time". Every night once I was in bed Burt would come in to
stand by the bunk bed and talk to me. He let me take the
lead and talk about whatever was on my mind. Mostly I
talked about my own Dad and how much I wished he was like

When Ben was in the bottom bunk the nightly man to man
time was the same, usually Burt would stand by the bed and
talk to me even longer on those nights and when he was
leaving he'd duck his head under my bunk and say good night
to Ben. Most nights I'd hear Ben beating off underneath me
after Burt left the room. It wasn't long before the sound
of Ben beating his meat got my own nine year old dick hard
and I started jerking off while Ben did it. The third our
fourth weekend after I started jerking off in the dark
listening to Ben do the same Ben finally heard me going at
it above him. He whispered up from beneath me, "Little
dude, are you beating off with me up there?

I froze. Even though I'd watched as Ben beat off in
the shower and sprayed me with his cum all those times, I
was embarrassed that he knew I was working my own dick above
him. Before I was able to answer him, Ben was standing
beside the bunk right where Burt had been standing a little
while earlier. I could see Ben's smile and the delight in
his eyes as he looked at my hand wrapped around my dick.
Ben reached up and wrapped his hand around mine then said,
"Whoa, that is a shower and a grower you got there, Dude!
What do you do when you pop wood at school? There's no way
you can hide that on your skinny little frame."

Up to that point I'd never had a hard on except in bed
listening to Ben beat off or in the morning when I woke up,
so I really didn't know what Ben was talking about. I still
couldn't say anything I just lay there and stared at Ben who
was squeezing and admiring my cock. Ben let go of my hand
and climbed up the ladder to my bunk. He got on his knees
between my legs, took my hand off of my cock and went down
on me. I felt his mouth slide down on my cock until the end
pushed up against the back of his mouth.

Ben stopped there for a second or two, took a deep
breath through his nose and then pushed hard and swallowed
the head of my dick into his throat. As his face slid down
the rest of the way until his nose was pressed into the
flesh above my cock I had my first real orgasm. I felt just
like I did after beating my meat long enough, but there was
more of the feeling and it was all over me. I wasn't able
to shoot anything yet, but Ben seemed to know what was
happening and he worked my cock in his throat and with his
tongue to make it as intense and as long lasting as he

When I was through thrashing around on the bed Ben
pulled his mouth off my dick, stretched out next to me and
told me that my cock was as big as his Dad's and just as
hard to deep throat. It took a moment for what he'd just
said to register and when it finally did my eyes grew even
wider as I stared back into his. He looked back at me and
said, "Yeah, I've been sucking Dad off since I was a little
younger than you are now. I suck him off every night I'm
here while you two have your `Man to Man Time'. He's been
fucking me almost as long as I've been sucking him off. We
don't have much chance to fuck lately though; he doesn't
want to freak you out by fucking me in here with you around
and we haven't been going to the gym much because they won't
let him bring you in the back until you're older."

Ben ended up sleeping in my bunk that night. We talked,
more he talked and I listened, until we both fell asleep. I
learned so much that night; all of the `facts of life' for
Daddy's and their boys. The more Ben told me the more I
wanted to be part of it; to have Burt be my Daddy the way he
was Ben's Daddy. Ben said that Burt thought he shouldn't
make me his boy; that was something my own Dad should
decide. Ben told me he didn't think he would get in trouble
if Burt found out he sucked my dick, but he didn't know how
Burt would feel about what we'd done in the shower. Ben
said he knew that he wasn't ever supposed to use me; his Dad
had told him that the first dick I sucked should be my own
Dad's and if I was going to get my cherry popped it should
be done by him too.

My mind was reeling. I could imagine Ben or Burt doing
anything they wanted to me or with me, but I just couldn't
picture my Dad doing any of it. I don't think my Dad had
ever even touched me since the last time he changed my
diaper, and I certainly didn't remember that. Once I fell
asleep I had the strangest dreams, good dreams about cock's
and getting my dick sucked and sucking Ben and Burt, but my
Dad was not in my dreams.

We found out the next day how Burt felt about Ben
sucking my cock. Burt came in to wake us up and found us
both asleep in my bunk. Burt didn't fly off the handle, he
just calmly told us we were going to go to a movie after
lunch and we'd talk then. "For now." he said, ".let's just
get up, put our dicks away, and have breakfast with your
mother." It was then that I noticed both Ben and I still
had our cocks hanging out of our flies.

Breakfast felt awkward to me, but I think it was all in
my head. Mom didn't have a clue anything was up, it was
just a normal Saturday. Later, when Burt was driving us to
the movie he asked Ben how far things had gone. Ben told
Burt everything; what we used to do in the shower, how he
sucked my cock the night before and everything he'd told me.
Burt didn't get mad. We were all sitting in the cab of
Burt's old pick-up. It had a bench seat and I was sitting
in the middle. As Ben talked, I saw Burt reach down and
adjust his obviously growing cock a few times.

Before we made it to the movie, Burt took a detour down
a dirt road. He found a place to park and had Ben lean over
me and suck him off. After the two of them got Burt's cock
out of his pants and Ben was bobbing his head up and down on
it Burt told me to unbuckle Ben's belt and open up his fly.
When I had Ben's pants open Burt pushed them down over Ben's
butt along with the briefs, reached further back and pushed
a finger into Ben's hole. While Ben was sucking his cock
Burt was fingering his boy's hole and telling him how much
he'd missed it. When Burt started to cum he told Ben, "Suck
it all out boy and swallow every drop. Tonight you're going
to get your hole bred and you're little brother is going to
get further education."

We made it to the movie late; we missed almost half of
it. After the movie we went home and had dinner with mom.
We all watched TV and played monopoly until bed time and
then Burt sent Ben and me to our room. When he came in
about 10 minutes later Burt had changed into his PJ's and a
robe. Burt wasted no time in telling both of us to strip
and then having me sit on the edge of the bottom bunk. When
Burt saw my hard cock sticking up between legs he let out a
low whistle and said Ben had not been exaggerating.

Burt had Ben get on his knees in front of me and go
down on me, watching until Ben had my cock all the way down
his throat. Satisfied Ben was doing a good job on my cock,
Burt got on his knees behind Ben, spat on his hole a few
times and started pushing the spit inside with his fingers
while he spat on his dick and aimed it at Ben's hole with
his other hand. When Burt slammed his cock into Ben's hole,
I felt Ben grunt around my cock and heard Burt mumble
something about it being to long since the last time he'd
had that hole.

Burt started fucking hard and fast right away and Ben
worked my cock like he was starving and expected he could
suck something out of me to fill his belly. Just like the
first time, the feel of my cock squeezing into Ben's throat
had me over the edge and thrashing around on the bed like I
was having a seizure. Burt told Ben, "If his little boy
balls are shooting anything out of his horse cock, you'd
better be saving some in your mouth for me boy because I'm
pumping my own load so deep in your ass I won't be able to
get a lick of it.

I was barely over my dry cum when Burt pulled Ben off
of me and spun him around to plant his mouth over Ben's.
Burt broke the kiss and said, "Nothing yet, but my dick has
plenty of my own on it, get down there and suck me clean,
but don't swallow."

Ben dove down on Burt's cock and started to lick and
suck all of Burt's cum off then lifted his face up to Burt
with his mouth open. Burt planted his mouth over Ben's
again and I could see Burt's tongue rooting around in Ben's
mouth, cleaning his own cum out. After Burt had pulled his
face off of Ben's he stood up and tucked his dick back in
his PJ's saying, "Separate bunks boys and get those PJ's
back on, don't want your mother running into a naked boy on
his way to the bathroom. If you want to jack off now boy,
you may; but make sure you swallow every drop."

After Burt left us alone I put my pajamas back on and
climbed up in my bunk. Ben lay down naked on his bunk and
started to jerk on his cock. Once I was up in my own bunk I
pulled my dick out and start to pull on it while listening
to Ben jerk himself off. Ben came with muffled groans and
then I leaned over to watch as he scooped up his own cum
from his chest and abs to eat all of it. After he'd cleaned
all the cum up Ben got up and put his pajamas on before
going to sleep.

After that weekend Burt's man to man time with me every
night started to be more of him asking me questions, mostly
about my Dad. The next few weekends Ben was visiting there
was more of the same. I guess Burt had not been able to
fuck Ben as much as he liked because he wasn't sure how I
would react. Now that he knew I was OK with it, he fucked
Ben as much as he could every weekend. I got a lot of blow
jobs from Ben and Burt even had Ben eat my hole, but Burt
insisted that I was not to suck dick or get fucked until my
own `Daddy' made that decision.

I was sure that would never happen and was
disappointed. I wanted so much to be a part of what Burt
and Ben had together, but I couldn't see how my Dad would
ever do any of it with me. Then one Friday during dinner
with Dad, he started talking to me. He'd never talked to me
about much of anything, but now, all of a sudden, he was
telling me about wanting to make some changes. Dad told me
he'd been looking into some computer dating sites and that
he had bought a video camera. Dad asked me to help him make
a video to post on one of the sites.

After dinner we set the camera up in the living room
and Dad sat down in front of it while I ran the camera. As
amazing as this new turn of events was, the video was pretty
boring for me, but my ears did perk up when Dad said
something about working out. When he was through I asked
him about it, I had never been aware of Dad going to a gym
or anything like that. Dad said that he'd recently joined a
gym after getting several flyers under his windshield wiper
blade while he was at work. Dad told me he'd been going
after work every day for about three weeks and that it was a
friend he'd made at the gym who had talked him into the
computer dating site. Dad said his friend, Burt, had met
his new wife that way.

If you've already figured out that Dad's new friend and
my step-dad were one-in-the-same, you're right; but you're a
few steps ahead of where I was that night. You have to cut
me some slack though; I wasn't quite ten years old. Dad
took me with him to the gym the next two days, but we just
worked out in front and didn't go back into the bath house
area, I don't think Dad knew anything about that yet. We
didn't see Burt and Ben there, but I found out on Monday
night during my man to man time with Burt that they had been

Burt told me that he had been putting the flyers for
the gym on Dad's car and had made a point of befriending Dad
once he finally joined. Burt said he was going to get Dad
in the back to see if he would be interested in fucking Ben
and then, hopefully he'd be able to get Dad to pop my
cherry. The whole time Burt was telling me all this I had
my hard dick in hand jerking myself off to another great dry
cum imaging my Dad and Burt fucking me.

It was several weeks later that Dad started acting a
little weird during my weekend visit. During dinner Friday
night and all evening afterwards he was hinting around about
something, but I couldn't figure out what. He asked me
about school and my friends and what kinds of things I did
with my friends. Dad had never shown much interest in me
before and I wasn't sure what to think until later when he
came into my room after I'd gone to bed.

Dad was in his pajamas and he sat down on the side of
my bed. He started talking about my friends and wondered if
they had told me anything about "guy stuff". He seemed
really nervous, and I still didn't know what he was trying
to get at, so I just looked back at him not knowing what to
say. Dad finally broke down and asked me straight out if I
knew about masturbation.

I truthfully told him I didn't; I'd never heard the
word before. I did, of course, know about jerking off, but
did not know that it was called masturbation. Dad started
to tell me about the facts of life, including masturbation,
and I figured it out. I told him I knew all about jerking
off and the other stuff; I said a friend had told me about
it all. Dad seemed somewhat relieved, but still nervous.
He asked me if I had any questions and I noticed that his
dick was hard and starting to poke out of the fly of his

I need to stop the story here to explain that I didn't
get what Burt called my "horse cock" from Mom's side of the
family. I am hung like my Dad, a `chip off the old block',
you might say. That first time I saw Dad with a hard on I
was amazed at the size of his dick. Mine has grown to be a
little bit bigger, but looks like it was cast from the same

Anyway, when I saw Dad's Dick was hard, mine sprang to
life in an instant and I was tenting the sheet and blanket
over me, big time. Dad noticed and started to tell me about
being teased when he was a boy. Dad said that it's nice to
have a big cock, but sometimes boy's will tease one another
about anything that sets one boy apart from the others. Dad
told me that when I was older and started dressing for gym I
might get teased.

The next few minutes are a little fuzzy in my memory.
It was overwhelming to have my Dad talking to me about
anything, let alone masturbation and cock size. All I can
tell you is that about ten minutes later Dad had progressed
from talking about masturbation to showing me how to do it.
Dad's dick and balls were out of the fly of his pajamas and
he was jerking himself off. I had thrown the covers back
and was doing the same.

When Dad picked up speed, closed his eye's and threw
his head back I knew he was about to shoot. Without
hesitating I let go of my own dick, sat up and leaned over
to put my mouth over the head of Dad's dick. It was too big
to swallow even the head, but when Dad felt my lips around
the tip of his dick he shouted something and his cum started
to shoot into my mouth. I pushed my lips down a bit further
and started sucking and swallowing as Dad shot and shot warm
salty cum over my tongue.

Dad's cum tasted different than the little bit of Ben's
cum I'd tasted in the shower a few times. I can't really
say how it was different; stronger maybe? I just knew that
I had wanted this for so long and I wanted as much of it as
I could suck out of his dick. When he was through shooting
I kept sucking and nursing on the head of his dick until he
patted me on the back of the head and told me to stop. I
looked up at him and asked if I had done it wrong. Dad said
I had done just fine and asked me why I'd done it. I told
him the friend who told me about jerking off had told me he
does it for his Dad sometimes so I thought he'd like it.

The rest of that weekend was the same as usual. Dad
took me to the gym Saturday and Sunday to workout. We
watched a lot of TV. Dad was on the computer some. The big
difference was that I sucked Dad off three more times before
the weekend was over. I got to where I was able to take the
head and an inch or two of the shaft into my mouth. I might
have been able to go further with a little more effort, but
every time I managed to get the whole head in, Dad would

Burt was overjoyed to hear about that weekend with Dad.
As soon as I started to tell him about Dad coming into my
room Friday Night, Burt had his dick out and was stroking
himself. After I told him about sucking down my first load
of cum, I was sure he was about to shoot. When I asked Burt
if I could suck him off he hesitated, he said he wasn't sure
about letting me do it without my Daddy's OK. I pointed out
that he'd always told me that my Daddy should be the first
and that I could suck him off after.

Burt's horniness got the better of him and he let me go
down on him and finish him off. I was able to get a lot
more of Burt's dick into my mouth; he even pushed into my
throat a few times before he let me have his load. I sucked
it all down as fast as he could shoot it out. Burt's cum
tasted different than Dad's and it tasted different then
Ben's, but I liked the taste of all of them..over the years
I've only had cum in my mouth from a couple of guys that
tasted bad; each time I've been tempted to ask them what the
hell they eat to make their cum taste so bitter...anyway,
Burt was only the third man whose cum I'd tasted and I was

After he came Burt felt guilty. He told me that I
shouldn't be sucking other men's cocks unless my Daddy said
it was OK. Burt made me promise not to tell anyone,
especially my Daddy. Later, when the three of us were
together and I sucked Burt off with Dad's permission while
Dad fucked me at the same time, we both pretended it was the
first time I'd gone down on Burt.

The next weekend I visited Dad there was more cock
sucking and Dad started telling me about his friend from the
gym. Dad asked a few questions about the `friend' I'd
mentioned who told me about sex. Dad reminded me that I had
told him my friend sometimes sucked his Daddy off. I had an
idea where he was going and I was right. Dad started
telling me his friend's boy does the same for him, and more.
I played dumb and asked Dad what else there was men and
boy's could do together.

After a lot of beating around the bush Dad finally
started talking about how some Daddy's fuck their boys. I
asked him if his friend fucks his boy and Daddy said he did.
Dad's dick was hard the whole time we were talking because
in between my questions I was going down on him. When Dad
admitted his new friend fucks his boy I pulled off Dad's
dick and looked him in the eye for a moment before asking
Dad if he'd fucked his friends boy. When Dad admitted he
had. Without going back to sucking his dick I waited
another moment and asked, "Do you want to fuck me Daddy?

Before Dad said another word I got my answer. Dad
looked down at me and tried to force the word yes out of his
mouth, but only managed a squeaky little moan as his dick
started spraying my face with cum. I felt the first shot
splat on my chin and looked down from Daddy's face to his
dick. The second shot caught me square in the bridge of my
nose and then I opened up and swallowed the head of Daddy's
dick to suck down and swallow the rest. When I'd sucked his
balls dry I looked back up into Daddy's face. Daddy wiped
some of his cum off my nose and offered it to me on his
finger saying, "Yes, I think I'd like to fuck you son, I
think I'd like that very much."

I was ready to go right then, but Daddy told me he
wasn't sure about popping my cherry with his big dick. I
told him I really wanted it and begged him to do it, but he
insisted he wanted to make sure he didn't hurt me. He said
his friend would come over the next day and "help us through
it". My dick was hard and I was fantasizing how great it
would be to have my Daddy pop my cherry and breed my hole
like Burt did Ben all evening. I sucked Daddy off three
more times before we went to bed and woke him up early in
the morning with another blow job. He told me to stop or
else he'd be worn out and unable to get it up to fuck me
later when his friend got there.

Dad and I went out for breakfast and he let me order
anything I wanted. Dad was usually a real health nut when
it came to food, so I took advantage and had bacon and
sausage with a big Belgian waffle drowned in tons of butter
and syrup. When we got back to the house Dad got out his
video camera and set it up on a tripod in his bedroom. He
said his friend had told him that he should make a video of
me getting my cherry popped. I was so excited about meeting
Dad's friend and finally getting Daddy's dick in my hole I
couldn't sit still.

When the doorbell rang I practically raced Dad to the
front door, but I stopped dead in my tracks when the door
opened and I saw my step-dad, Burt, standing there with Ben.
While Dad was greeting Burt, Ben caught my attention and put
a finger up to his lips to tell me not to say anything. I
nodded to tell him I understood and then pretended for the
rest of the day that I didn't know either of them. We
didn't let Dad in on our secret for several weeks, Burt
waited until after we had all been to the Bath House
together and Daddy had let most of the men there breed me to
let him know who he was and how he'd manipulated the whole
thing from the beginning.

There was very little small talk before all four of us
were in Daddy's bedroom, our clothes off and dicks hard.
Burt took over as director of the event and had Ben eat my
hole while I sucked on Daddy's cock. When Dad said he was
getting close Burt told me to stop, then asked Daddy if I
could suck on him for a while. Daddy told me to go ahead
and suck his friend's cock while Burt told Ben to suck my
Daddy off.

While Ben sucked Daddy's cock and I sucked Burt, Burt
bent over me and started working my hole with his fingers.
All the while this was going on Burt was talking to me about
getting my Cherry popped by my Daddy. Burt told me that it
would hurt, probably more than anything I'd ever felt
before; but it would be worth it and I'd learn to love it.
Then I heard Daddy tell Burt to spread my hole open with his
fingers and get it ready for his cock because he wasn't
going to last much longer.

Burt told Daddy to go ahead and sluice in Ben's mouth
and told Ben to hold on to it. Burt kept fucking my face
and working my hole with his fingers. When I heard Daddy
cumming in Ben's mouth Burt reminded Ben not to swallow and
then told him to pull off of Daddy's dick, but to leave a
good coat of slime on it then push the rest of it into my
hole with his tongue. Burt pulled his fingers out of me and
then I felt Ben's cum covered tongue working inside my hole.
After a few moments of that, Ben's tongue left my hole and
it was replaced with the tip of my Daddy's cock.

Daddy had just cum in Ben's mouth, so his dick wasn't
fully hard, but it wasn't going down all the way either.
Daddy started pushing against my hole right away. Burt told
him to slow down and ease into me, but Daddy didn't seem to
be paying any attention to Burt. Burt started coaching me,
telling me to relax and concentrate on his cock in my mouth
while pushing back on Daddy's dick like I was trying to push
him out. I tried to listen to Burt, but Daddy was behind me
battering my hole with his rapidly re-hardening dick. It
hurt like hell, but he didn't seem to care, he wanted his
dick in me no matter what.

When the head of Daddy's dick finally broke through
into my hole, it felt like he was tearing me open. The
intense pain of my Daddy popping my cherry was followed by
the immediate addition of the feeling of Daddy's balls and
thigh's slapping against me. Daddy's cock, just like mine,
has a huge head that tapers down to about half as big around
at the base so there was no resistance left after he broke

Burt was cooing in my ear trying to calm me down while
Daddy was intent on fucking and breeding my hole now that
he'd rammed his way in. My dick was no longer hard and I
wasn't able to do anything but hold still between Burt and
My Daddy while Daddy pounded my ass. Burt had stopped
fucking into my face and just held his cock in my mouth.
Burt kept telling me I was a good boy taking my Daddy's cock
like I was. I was overwhelmed by the pain combined with the
knowledge that my Daddy was so obviously enjoying plowing my

My Daddy, who never got excited or showed any kind of
emotion about anything, was fucking me like a mad man. He
was moaning and grunting and panting while he fucked in and
out of my wrecked hole telling me over and over how great it
felt and how much he wanted to breed me. Hearing my Daddy
and knowing how good I was making him feel made up for the
pain. In spite of myself I was pushing back towards Daddy's
dick and trying to squeeze down and suck the cum out of his
cock with my hole.

When Daddy finally did let loose and pump his load
inside me, he collapsed onto my back and wrapped his arms
around me while his cock was spewing inside me. When he was
through, Daddy and Burt flipped me over on my back on the
bed. Daddy knelt over my face with his slimy cock hanging
over my mouth. Daddy pushed his cock down and I opened up
to suck it in.

While I sucked and licked the cum off of Daddy's cock
Burt spread my legs apart and knelt between them. Burt took
hold of my ankles, one in each hand, lifted them up and
pushed them back until my Daddy took them from him and
pulled my feet to his shoulders. My butt was lifted up off
the bed and exposed to Burt who looked at it for a moment,
marveled at how "full of Daddy cum" it was then asked my
Daddy if he could be the next.

I heard my Daddy answer in what sounded almost like a
low growl, urging Burt to pound another load into my hole.
Burt rammed into my hole meeting no resistance, Daddy's club
of a dick had broken me wide open. I'd been longing for
Burt's dick in my hole for months. Even though it hurt to
have anything punching in and out of my raw hole, I reveled
in the knowledge that I was finally getting the dick I'd
watched Ben get for all of this time.

I had had my mouth wrapped around Burt's dick the whole
time my Daddy fucked me and for quite a while before so when
he plugged into my hole and started fucking he didn't last
long before he added his Daddy cum to the load already
inside me. While Burt was still spraying my insides Daddy
told Ben he was next. I'd lost track of Ben when the
fucking started, I learned later he'd gotten behind the
camera to make sure the action was recorded well. Burt came
to rest with his spent cock still buried balls deep inside
me and told Ben, "Get your dick slathered up with the
cooling cream; the boy's hole could use it and you want to
make your first time fucking another boy last a while."

Burt dismounted and Ben climbed on the bed to take his
place. A few minutes after Ben slid inside me and started
fucking, I felt a cool numbing sensation. As the pain eased
and I relaxed I started to really enjoy the feeling of Ben's
cock sliding in and out of me. My dick got hard again and
Burt took hold of it and started jacking it while Ben
fucked. I was lost in the feelings of the dick fucking my
hole and the hand working my dick when I started to feel the
most intense feelings I'd ever had that seemed to be
shooting through my dick and balls and my hole all at once.
If I had any juice in my balls I think I would have painted
my Daddy with it I came so hard. Ben told Burt he could
feel me cum around his dick and that set him off; while my
dick was pumping air Ben's was pumping me full to
overflowing with his pent-up teen-age load.

When we'd all come down from the high of our fucking,
Burt had Ben suck my hole and felch out as much of the cum
as he could. Daddy was back to his normal self, lying back
on the bed with his hand on my head while I nursed on his
spent cock. Burt wasn't quite through for the afternoon; he
got behind Ben and fucked him until he bred him while Ben
tongued and sucked my hole.


Daddy and I spent Sunday alone together; he fucked me
three or four more times following Burt's suggestion to use
his cock as an applicator for the `cooling cream'. Once I
was back home with Mom and Burt, Burt considered my hole
open for business and made use of it almost every night
during `Man to Man Time'. The next weekend Burt, Ben and I
had a great three-way Friday Night; I went to sleep with two
loads from Burt and three from Ben deep in my hole. On
Saturday Burt took Ben and I to the gym and we met up with
Daddy in the Bath House. I spent most of the afternoon in
one of the slings getting fucked and bred by just about
every man and boy there; both of my Daddies loved to share
my hole almost as much as they loved to breed it themselves.

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