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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Boy Love

Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:20:20 -0400
Subject: Boy Love (gay/adult youth, oral, anal, b/MM, bb/M...)


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual
acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of
sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
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If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic
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Boy Love

       When I was about ten years old everyone was always
commenting on what a sweet looking boy I was. I was average height
for my age and a little chubby. My hair was naturally curly. My hair was
a little long. I heard people say that my hair looked like a red
chrysanthemum. People always seemed to be rubbing the top of my

       The reason that was such a memorable age for me was because
that was the year my father decided he didn't want to be married to my
mother. He not only divorced her for another woman, he left the state to
never be heard of again. Mom was soon dating other men. There was a
pattern on men that would date her for a few months and then never call
again. She felt my presence was hampering her ability to find a good
man. She pawned me off on her older brother.

       Her older brother had been several years older than mom. He had
left home before she had even started dating boys. He was almost a
stranger to her. When I entered Uncle John's home with all of my
belongings, it was like I was meeting a grandfather for the first time. His
hair was gray and he looked as old as pictures of my grandfather. He
had a slender build. His blue eyes had a kind look about them. He had a
nice home. It was clean and comfortable feeling about it. I was shown a
bedroom that was going to be mine.

       I set about putting my belongings in the dresser and closet. It
was a decent sized room with a full sized bed in it. To me it looked
huge. I had never had a room large enough for a full sized bed before.
Then John showed me the rest of the house. The master bedroom was
much larger with a king sized bed. Hell the walk in closet was even
larger than any of my past bedrooms. To me the bathtub in the adjoining
bathroom look almost large enough to be a swimming pool. I was duly
impressed. He told me that his partner lived with him. I didn't think
anything about him living with another man at all.

       He told me that he and his partner owned an art studio and frame
factory. They not only sold paintings, they made frames for people too.
It was obvious that whatever they did for a living allowed them to live
comfortably. Any self pity I was feeling for myself about being
abandoned by my parents was short lived when I saw where I was going
to live. Hell, I even had a television in my room.

       When John's partner got home, he introduced me to him. His
name was Philip. He was not quit as tall as my uncle. He was younger
too. His hair was brown. He looked good in his clothes. When Philip
saw me he was very complementary towards me. He welcomed me as a
member of the family with warm hugs and kisses. We talked about my
interests and how they looked forward to helping me with my studies in

       When it was bedtime I was sent to my room. While I was lying
in bed I heard them talking, but I could not make out what was being
said. I wondered what the noise was all about. After a couple of days I
had to ask my uncle what the noise was all about. That led to my uncle
sitting me down and tried to explain his relationship with Phil. I
eventually understood that they had sex with each other. I wondered
what they did to each other. I had a vague idea about what men and
women did in bed. I just didn't understand what two men could do to
each other. When I naively asked what they did to each other, John
responded with the statement that they could show me. I found the idea
of finding out about sex with a man very erotic. It virtually gave me a

       Uncle John led me to the master bedroom and he helped me get
undressed. While I sat naked on the side of the king sized bed he took
off all of his clothes. This was the first time I had ever seen a grown man
totally naked. I was impressed with the amount of hair there was on his
body. I was also fascinated with the sight of his crotch. His cock was
no more than five inches long and dangled limply between his legs. He
was circumcised. The knob of the head of his cock had a thick purple
roll around the knob. His scrotum also swung between his legs. The left
nut hung much lower than the right one. He reached down with his right
hand and pulled his package up before letting go.

       He positioned me right in the middle of that spacious bed before
he lay down next to me. He supported my head by wrapping his long
arm around my shoulders. I was able to watch him as he took hold of
my dick with his right hand. My circumcised dick was about four inches
long at the time. The shaft was plump. John started jacking me off with
three fingers and thumb. It was very thrilling. He jacked me off until
my dick started hurting, and I begged him to stop. When I told him my
dick was sore he leaned over my body and took my dick into his mouth.

       It is impossible for me to tell you how exciting it was to have him
sucking on my dick for the first time in my life. I placed both of my
hands on top of his gray haired head and closed my eyes. I was in
heaven. I was far too young to actually cum. By the time my uncle
lifted his head up and smiled at me, I was exhausted. He took me in his
arms and hugged me while I recovered.

       My cheek was resting on his hairy chest. I was looking down at
his cock and marveled at the sight of his boner. It looked like it was at
least another inch longer. I could not resist reaching down and wrapping
my hand around the throbbing meat. I started pumping my hand up and
down. The loose skin slid up and down the stiff shaft easily. I could tell
by the beat of his heart and the sound of his breathing that he was
enjoying my hand-job. When I felt the pressure of his hands on my back,
I knew what he wanted. There was no way I was going to refuse him. I
went down and smelled his cock before putting my mouth over the knob
of his cock. I placed my hand down around the base of his cock before I
swallowed as much of the shaft as I could before gagging.

       John tired to warn me that he was about to cum. I had no idea
what that was and continued to suck on his cock. Then it swelled up and
shot hot liquid in my mouth. I almost chocked on it. It started me and I
jerked my head up a couple of gobs of white stuff all over my face.
Uncle John chucked at the sight of cum dripping from my face. He
placed his hand on top of my head and scrubbed the top. He even pulled
me back up on top of his chest and licked his cum from my face. We
were enjoying a nap when we heard the door open.

       Phil must have followed the sound of music to the bedroom.
When he opened the door he was greeted by the sight of the two of us
sprawled out on top of the bed naked and clinging to each other. His fist
words were, "I thought you were going to play it straight around your
nephew, and here you are seducing him like an old whore!"

       John chucked, "Shut the fuck up. If you want some of this
young meat get undressed and join us!"

       The music filling the room from the stereo was something like a
rumba. Philip started dancing at the foot of the bed like a striptease
dancer. We sat there watching him stripping off his clothes. When he
was finally naked I was struck by two things. The first and most
important was the size of his un-circumcised cock. When he wrapped his
hand around the shaft of his cock there were three or four inches well
beyond his hand. When he skinned back the foreskin I saw that the
knob was flatter that my uncle's and mine. There was no purple roll
around the knob. The head of his cock was very wet too. The second
thing I noticed was the lack of hair.

       There was no pubic hair above his cock, like there was above
Uncle John's. As he mounted the bed I also noticed that there was no
body hair on his chest or legs. I didn't know that he shaved his body
regularly. The two men started kissing me. They took turns kissing me
on the mouth while they rubbed their hands all over my body. It tickled
when they played with my nipples. While one stuck his tongue in my
mouth the other one sucked on my little boy breasts. Phil started jacking
me off while Uncle John ran his hand under my thigh and started tickling
my asshole. The fact that he was starting to insert his finger into my
asshole gave me a boner that I couldn't believe. I actually had my first
dry climax. I think I even passed out for a moment. We talked about
sex for a long time after I recovered.

       Philip offered to demonstrate for my benefit what anal sex was
like. He lay on his back and pulled his legs up so that Uncle John could
get ready for a missionary entry. When my uncle was in position Phil
rested his heels on John's shoulders. Phil pulled me around so that I was
sitting on his face. That way I could watch my uncle fucking his asshole
while he was periodically sucking on my dick, balls and asshole. I was
getting off on having a stiff tongue shoved up my ass while watching my
uncle fucking his lover's asshole.

       I watched Phil's dick flopping back and forth while a cock was
being shoved in and out of his asshole. I could not resist it any longer. I
leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. I no more than started
sucking on his cock than his cock exploded cum in my mouth. Shortly
after I got a mouth full of cum than John's belly bumped against the top
of my head. When my uncle finished filling Phil's ass with cum he
relaxed on top of me. That forced my head down onto Phil's cock
driving his softening cock down my throat. I couldn't breathe. My
throat felt like it was on fire. I struggled to let my uncle know I was
being smothered.

       When my uncle understood, he rolled off of me. I pulled my
head up and gulped the first breath of air. Having witnessed a man
getting fucked in the ass I was horny with the prospect of finding out
what it would be like to fuck a man's ass. My asshole tingled too. Just
the prospect of allowing two men to fuck my asshole was enough to give
me a boner.

       We showered and put on some underwear before we had
something to eat. All of the sex had us staving for something to eat. My
throat was still sore. It hurt to swallow. I was looking for food that was
easy to swallow. When we finished eating the three of us cleaned up the
aftermath of cooking and eating. They chose to entertain me by allowing
me to watch porn videos of men having sex with each other. I was
fascinated when I saw a film of a couple of guys doing what Phil called
docking. One of the men was a tall blond headed guy with a long
foreskin dangling from the end of his cock. He pulled the foreskin back
and stood face to face with the other man. He placed their dicks end to
end and then pulled the foreskin over the other guy's cock. Then he
wrapped his hand around the guys cock and actually jacked the guy off
at the same time he was jacking himself off. The other guy was clinging
to him and they were kissing. In time one or both of them climaxed and
white cum spilled out around the base of the second man's cock virtually
plastering his pubic hair against his body.

       Uncle John witnessed the boner in my underwear. He pulled
them down and played with my dick. He assumed the doggy position
on the floor in front of the television and reached back to guide my dick
towards his asshole. Philip spit on my uncle's asshole. That moistened
the hairs around his asshole before I pressed the head of my dick into his
ass. I held onto my uncle's hips while I fucked him. While I was
fucking my uncle, Philip sat on the floor in front of my uncle. That
allowed my uncle to swallow his lover's cock. I was impressed that my
uncle was able to swallow all of that cock right down to the point that
his nose was pressed against the pubic bone of Phil. Every time I
rammed my dick deep into my uncle's ass it smashed his nose against
Philip's body. It took a long time before I had my second dry climax.

       I was exhausted from all of the physical effort. We eventually
retied to the master bedroom for the night. I was sandwiched between
the two men. It was very warm nestled between the two adult men. I
was sound asleep in no time. Just smelling the body odor of the two men
was very comforting.

       The next morning I woke up because I needed to pee. I hated to
move because I didn't want to wake either of the two men. There came
a time when I had to move or piss all over my uncle's butt. I tried to
crawl out from under the blankets without disturbing the two men. Of
coursed my movement woke them up. They both sat up and allowed me
to exit the bed. I rushed towards the bathroom and emptied my bladder
into the toilet. My mouth felt like I needed to brush my teeth. While I
was busy bushing my teeth, the two men came into the bathroom. They
took turns pissing in the bowl. They also brushed their teeth at the two
sinks as I made my way back to the bedroom. Before I could climb back
into the warm bed Philip placed his hand on my ass.

       The touch of his hand gave me another boner. As I started to
crawl onto the bed Phil stopped me while I was kneeling on the side of
the bed. When I stopped moving, Uncle John handed Phil a tube of KY
lubricant. I knew what was coming. I felt my asshole pucker and tingle
long before I felt the cold jell covered finger touch my asshole. While
Phil was lubricating my asshole, my uncle lubricated Phil's cock. Philip
placed his hands on my butt and spread my cheeks apart. I assume my
uncle guided Phil's cock into towards my asshole. They told me to relax
or it would hurt a lot. I did my best to relax as his cock pressed against
my asshole. It did hurt but I tried to keep quiet as his cock entered my
ass. When it was all the way in he started pulling it out slowly. At least
when he was pulling out it didn't hurt as much. Then he shoved it back
into me again. I must have moaned. He stopped moving again. After a
moment he started slowly started fucking me again. While he was
fucking my ass my uncle reached under me and took hold of my dick
and started milking me like my dick was a cow's teat. I swear that
before Phil squirted cum into my ass I actually climaxed and a couple of
drops of clear liquid dripped from the opening of my dick.

       After Philip finished fucking me Uncle John could not resist
fucking me too. At least my asshole was well lubricated with KY and
cum. It was also a little numb. While he was fucking my ass Philip
managed to get under me and suck on my dick. I also got to suck his
cock back to life. By the time my uncle finished depositing his load of
cum in my ass and pulled out of me I felt cum dripping out of my ass
and trickling down my scrotum. When I rolled off of Philip the cum was
still madding my butt cheek wet. My uncle used his hand to rub the cum
into my skin like it was hand lotion. I was covered with sweat, not only
mine. I smelled like their sweat and cum too.

       I was so exhausted that they virtually had to carry me into the
bathroom. They drew a tub of warm scented water and placed me in the
tub. The two of them got in the tub with me and washed me. Having
their strong hands all over my body turned me on again. I had another
boner in no time. Philip sucked me off before they dried me off. I was
in heaven. I was having all the sex a boy could stand every day. Just the
same I had to go to school

       Being the new boy in school always has trials and tribulations.
The class bully started picking on me. When he forced me into a fight, I
knew I couldn't stand up to him in a fist fight. While his entourage
surrounded us I decided to attack. I rushed him and as I drove my
shoulder into his belly I grabbed his right leg and lifted his leg up. With
my left foot I swept his left leg out from under him. When he fell
backwards onto the ground I placed my foot right on his crotch. I
pressed down on his crotch while still holding his leg in the air. I
TIME I WILL SMASH YOUR NUTS!" I pressed down harder to make
him understand how much it would hurt. He promised to leave me alone
before I let him up.

       From that day on he did at least respect me. I never bothered me
again. As a result of my fight with him the other guys that had been
bullied by him saw me as their protector, if not their hero. That was not a
roll I felt comfortable with. I preferred to just be in the background. As
the weeks passed I quietly went about my business without drawing
attention to myself. I settled into the school routine.

       I did make friends with a couple of guys. We talked about the
things most guys do. We voiced our opinion about the sports teams we
liked and their chances of going all of the way to championships. We
liked the action movies that were showing theaters, and of course we
talked about which girls in school we thought were the prettiest.

       One of the guys was named Freddy. He invited me to his home
where he proudly showed me his collection of model cars. He had a
remote control electric car too. We played with it in the back yard where
he hid mounds of dirt that we could jump the car. We played several
times before he showed me his collection of pornographic pictures. He
had pictures of women masturbating and sucking pussies. We both got
boners looking at them. Then he showed me pictures of men and boys
that were naked and playing and sucking too. When I demonstrated a
strong interest in those pictures he placed his hand on the front of my
pants and squeezed my dick. That let me know that he like sex with

       I placed my hand on the front of his pants and returned the
squeeze. He started fumbling with the belt of my pants. I helped him
get my pants open and my dick out of my underwear. He was sweating
and thrilled when he got his hand around my dick. He jacked me off
until I climaxed. He was surprised when I produced several drops of
clear pre-cum. He had never done that before. I used my finger to wipe
the stuff off of my dick and stuck my finger into his mouth. He sucked
my finger. I told him to take out his cock. When he did I bent over and
sucked him off. When he had his dry cum, he was quivering. I invited
him to come home with me the next day.

       The next day when he came home with me I took him to my
room and encouraged him to get undressed with me. I took off all of my
clothes while he watched. When we were both naked we jacked each
other off for awhile. Then I proposed that we suck each other off like
the pictures he had shown me. I got on top of me head to toe so that we
could suck each other. We sucked each other off until we both came. I
got to taste my pre-cum right from the source. While we rested I played
with his asshole.

       Freddy was shocked when I stuck a finger in his asshole. He
asked me, "Can guys really fuck each other in the ass?"

       I said, "Of course they can! I can prove it to you by letting you
fuck me!"

       Freddy's cock sprang to life at the idea of getting to stick his
dick in my ass. I assumed the doggie position and helped him guide his
cock to my asshole. He was surprised that his cock slipped into my ass
so easily. He held onto my hips while he fucked me. It did not take
long before he climaxed again and slumped over my back. When he
recovered he asked me, "What does it feel like?"

       "It hurts the first few times you get fucked."

       It took him a moment before he understood that I was saying that
I had been fucked before. He asked, "Who did it to you?"

       I smiled, "You will find out someday"

       I got out some KY and greased up his asshole and my dick
before I mounted him doggie style and I fucked the shit out of him. I
was whimpering like a baby while I fucked him. When I finished we
cleaned up. I sent him home to think about it. I knew e would be sore
for awhile and he would have to decide if he wanted to do that again.

       The next day Freddy was a little shy. It was not until after
school that he approached me and asked, "Can I come home with you

       I smiled and assured him, "Of course you can, as long as you
know what you're going to do for me!"

       He fell into stride along side of me as I led the way home. As
soon as we were in my room I pulled him against my body and kissed
him on the mouth before I started pulling his clothes off. As soon as I
had him undressed I pushed him onto my bed. I took off my clothes and
retrieved my tube of KY before I got onto the bed. I teased Freddy by
sucking his cock for a little while. Eventually I lifted his butt by his legs
and shoved a firm pillow under his ass to elevate his asshole. Then I
greased up his asshole and my dick before shoving it into his asshole. I
fucked him hard and fast. I also jacked him off too. When he climaxed
I shot my pre-cum in him. We rested and he told me, "It didn't hurt as
much this time."

       I told him, "I think you're ready for bigger cocks."

       We started playing again. He was jacking me off. My dick was
still greasy with the KY. I wanted it to last as long as possible. I would
stop him before I would reach a climax and wait until I calmed down
before allowing him to continue. Eventually I could not hold it any
longer and gave him a taste of my pre-cum again.

       Freddy was horny as hell. His cock was as stiff as a board.
When I would press it down it would spring back. I assumed the
missionary position and guided Freddy's dick towards my asshole.
Freddy clung to my thighs while he fucked me. He had his eyes closed
and was sweating all over me while he was fucking me. I don't think he
heard the door open.

       The first he knew that there was someone else in the room was
when he felt a cold hand rest on his butt. His eyes flew open and when
he saw my uncle and Philip standing by the bed he tried to pull his cock
out of my ass, but was firmly held in place by John's big hand.

       Philip complemented me, "Your boyfriend is a nice looking boy!
He has a nice looking butt too!"

       Freddy was nervous as Philip ran his hand up and down his back.
He ran a finger up the sweaty crack of Freddy's ass. Uncle John and
Philip took off their clothes and got on the bed beside us. My uncle
started feeling Freddy's nipples and kissing him on the mouth while
Philip knelt behind Freddy. Philip greased up his cock and wedged it
between Freddy's cheeks. Freddy moaned into John's mouth as the
cock slide deep into his asshole. When Phil started fucking him Freddy
didn't have to do anything because every thrust drove his cock deep into
my asshole. There was nothing for him to do. By the time Phil squirted
his load into Freddy, pre-cum was dripping from my dick.

       John pulled Freddy off of me and drew Freddy's head down to
his cock. It was all Freddy could do to take the cock into his mouth. He
gave my uncle the nest blowjob he knew how. Poor Freddy waddled
home that evening with a sore ass, but one happy boy.

       By the time Freddy and I were 12-years-old we were giving John
and Phil all the cum we could produce. My circle of acquaintances had
expanded to include other men. Uncle John and Phil had introduced me
to their friends. I had been to parties where I was the center of attention.
I sat on a man's cock while another man jacked me off. I had jacked off
two men at the same time and a fourth man stood in front of me with his
cock in my mouth. By the time the party was over I was covered with
cum from head to toe. When we went home I was sitting between my
uncle and Phil naked and feeling the cum dry on my body.

       When I started sixth grade I had my first male teacher. Having
been exposed to so many gay male friends of my uncle I had developed
a pretty good gaydar. There was just something about the way Mr. Beck
talked and conducted himself that made me believe that he was gay. I
thought about ways I could find out if he was gay or not. I sat in the
class daydreaming about way to seduce him. I thought about
approaching him behind his desk and simply dropping a pencil between
his legs and making sure I felt his package while rummaging between his
legs for the pencil. I even daydreamed about simply dropping trowel in
front of him and waving my cock in his face.

       One hot afternoon I way daydreaming about ways to seduce him,
he asked me a question. I didn't even hear him the first couple of times
he asked me a question. It was not until he actually placed his hand on
my shoulder that I was aware that he was talking to me. After a
pregnant pause and unable to give him the correct response to his
question he told me to stay after the last bell. There was no point in
worrying about what he was going to do to punish me. When the rest of
the class scrambled for the exit I sat there waiting for him to tell me
whatever he had in mind.

       Mr. Beck came back to the row I was sitting in and sat down in a
desk in the row next to me. He asked me if there was a problem at home
that was causing me to be so distracted. I assured him that everything
was fine at home. He suggested that maybe he should talk to my
parents. I told him that I lived with my uncle and his partner. He gave
me a look as if he wanted to ask more but didn't.

       I decided to be bold I said, "The reason I have been daydreaming
so much is because I have been thinking about you!"

       Mr. Beck seemed to get nervous. He fidgeted in the desk for a
moment. "Are to telling me that you have been having sexual fantasies
about me?"

       I beamed because I knew I had control, "Yes! I have been
thinking about ways I could seduce you."

       He said, "There are laws that forbid an adult having sexual
relations with minors. Such an activity could lead to be being fired from
here and even jail time."

       I said, "Why don't you come home with me and meet my uncle?"

       He said, "I can't be seen driving you home."

       I wrote down my address on a slip of paper and handed it to him.
I gathered up my books and stuffed them back into my pack and headed
for the door without waiting for a response from my teacher.

       Of course Uncle John and Philip were not home from work by
the time I walked home. I let myself in and turned on the air-
conditioner. I got out of my school clothes and put on a simple pair of
shorts and T-shirt without underwear. I preferred not to wear shoes at
all. I wondered if Mr. Beck would actually come to my house. I
decided to simple put on one of our videos and jack off. I selected one
of my favorites. It was a video of a couple of boys even younger than
me spying on two grown men fucking each other while they jacked off.
They would eventually get fucked in the ass by the men it turned me on
to hear them moaning in pain as the fucked them in the ass before
squirting cum all over their backs. I had just settled down with my
shorts pulled down to my thighs and was starting to jack off when the
doorbell rang.

       I jumped up and pulled up my shorts as I headed for the front
door. My heart was pounding as I opened the door. It was Mr. Beck.
He looked almost sheepish standing there with his briefcase in hand. I
ushered him into the house. I had completely forgotten about the video
on the TV. I rushed for the remote to turn it off.

       Mr. Beck said, "You are really into gay sex aren't you?"

       I must have blushed at the question. I asked would you like
something to drink, we have just about anything you might want. He
casually asked for a beer. I told him to have a seat while I went to get
the beer. When I returned he had settled down on the couch facing the
TV and had turned the video back on. I handed him the can of beer and
he asked me, "Aren't you having anything to drink?"

       "No thank you Mr. Beck."

       He patted the couch next to him. I sat down right next to him.
He placed his hand on my knee as he took a sip of the cold beer. He
said, "It is very dangerous for a man in my position to have an affair with
a student, but in your case I suspect that you and your uncle will not turn
me in if I join you in a little peter pulling." He gave my knee a tight
squeeze and gave me a smile. I put my arms around his neck and kissed
him on the mouth. I could taste the beer in his mouth. While I was
kissing him I placed my hand on the bulge in the front of his pants. He
did have a nice large penis in his pants. I felt the outline of is cock and
was pleased with the feel of it. He was also sliding his hand up my leg
to the front of my shorts.

       As he slid his hand up my bare leg he pushed the bottom of my
shorts up exposing my dick. He found that I had a boner without
underwear in the way of his playing with my dick. I had a pretty good
sized cock that squirted cum by then. I opened his pants and pulled out
his cock. We jacked each other off while we watched the video. I could
resist bending over and taking his cock into my mouth.

       Mr. Beck told me, "If you kept that up that I'm going to cum in
your mouth."

       I sucked all the harder and rolled his ball between my fingers.
True to his word he squirted cum in my mouth. I loved the taste of his
cum. When I was finished cleaning up his dick with my tongue we
removed my T-shirt and shorts. When I was naked Mr. Beck laid me on
the couch and knelt by the couch and started sucking my dick. Time was
slipping by. I hardly even cared that my uncle and Phil would be home
soon. Mr. Beck was doing a great job sucking on my cock and he was
sticking a finger up my ass. I had my legs wrapped around his head
when the front door opened. Mr. Beck didn't hear my uncle and Philip
entered the house.

       He was scared to death when he felt my uncle place his hand on
Mr. Beck's butt. He tried to explain that he was just helping me. My
uncle chuckled and said to Philip, "It sure looks like he is helping our boy
have a good time. Don't you think that anyone so kind should be
rewarded with a good time too?"

       Phil was already removing his own clothes. My uncle pulled Mr.
Beck's pants down and pulled his underpants down too. I still had my
legs wrapped around his head holding him in place. Phil flipped a coin
to see which one of them would be the first one to fuck this man. My
uncle won calling heads. Phil helped pull off John's pants so that he
could mount my teacher. There was nothing Mr. Beck could do but
accept getting fucked in the ass. As soon as John empted his balls Philip
took his place. By the time Phil was finished I had cum twice in Mr.
Beck's mouth. Afterwards The adults all had several beers while they
discussed Mr. Beck's relationship with me. We had some great parties
after that. I did love the way he played the fem for John and Phil. He
would even dress up like a French maid to service us. I even got to fuck
him while he was dressed up in drag.

       Every time I made friends with another boy my age or younger it
was only a matter of time before I introduced them to my uncle and Phil.
I'm 18-years-old now. The latest boy I seduced was a youngster that I
caught jacking off behind some bushes. I assured him that he could
come home with me and I would help him jack off all he wanted. I
learned that he was just 11-years-old. I almost came myself when I
sucked his cock. I didn't insist that he suck me, because I want him to
get used to visiting me. I figure he will eventually ask me to let him suck
my cock. In time I will introduce him to my uncle and Phil.

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