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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Breeding Dad - Breeding Dad 3

Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 19:05:24 EDT
Subject: Breeding Dad 3

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Kevin Kelly. Meet Uncle's in Philly second Sunday of each month.

Recapping from Breeding Dad 2, Mike ( Tarzan ) Gets the Father and Son
team to agree to a threesome with Him in his apartment. This is the first
time the Father Son Team of Rich and his Son Erik have gotten it on.

Erik was walking towards the Bedroom between His Dad Rich and
His 45 year old Lover he called Tarzan. His mind was racing, His stomach
turning and His emotions all over the scale. He was going to not only
have sex with his own Father but with Him and His Gay lover Tarzan. His
was so intimidated by this development he was doubting his ability to
even get a hard on? How was he to act with His Dad? Sure He had dreamed
and wished for this. Sex Male on Male with his stud handsome Dad. But now
it was real and his mouth was dry and his knees knocking.
Entering the room Mike used the control panel on the wall to dim the
lighting and turn on the above bed wide TV monitor. The soft music began
to play. Eric had long since been taking the wonderful ambience of the
Master Bed room for grated. He was enjoying watching and hearing His
Dad's first reaction to the show. True to form Dad was calm cool and
collected but Erik knew him well enough to know He was totally impressed.

Rich now holding his 18 year old Boy Erik around the shoulders. looking
at the change happening in the room said.

" This is fantastic Mike. Really out of this world, Now I just hope the
show we see lives up to this introduction?

Mike smiled and was kicking off his loafers letting them fly in the room

" Oh I can assure You nobody leaves Tarzan's bedroom without a wide smile
Rich. Just keep open to what goes on and follow my lead."

Rich kicking off his own loafers took hold of his Son and pulled him to
him and squeezed him tightly saying.

" Well Tarzan the whole object of this night is to make this Boy here
Erik have that wide ass smile on his face."

That's when as if on cue Mike came up and the three men were in a three
way embrace. All of their hands exploring and feeling each other's
bodies all over, All over with no limits given. Asses, Cook's and ball's.
Erik was in his glory. He was now holding both His Dad's and Tarzan's
ball's and feel each of their big cock in their pants. Two Titans, Two
strong powerful mover's and shakers now his to feel and hold in their
most private parts. The unthinkable was happening. His Dad's hand was
sliding down Erik's rear end feeling his young teen bare ass. Tarzan's
one hand was down the front of Erik's pants touching and feeling his bare
cock meat. Mike's other hand now also in Rich's pants feeling his big
bare Daddy cock meat. Hold the two Father and Son's cock's was making his
own strain in his pants for release. It seemed like the longest time yet
it was only minutes that this went on. This feeling and exploring and
touching. Erik yearned for more much more.
He made his move. Of the two Titan's he had to select one to begin with.
That would be his Dad.
He turned his body so he was squared with his Dad's and he was
nervously undoing his Father's fly and then pulling down Dad's pants and
out popped his Father's hard thick cock meat all strong thick 10 and a
half inches of his uncut cock was standing tall.

Mike exclaimed. " Holy Fuck man, Rich if I am Tarzan then You are
fucking Gorilla man. Holy Fuck look at that fuck cock meat will ya?

While Erik was bending down on his knees in an act of pure worship to His
Dad's cock meat.

Rich said. " Oh Yea its a good 10 and a half. Now lets see what Tarzan
has for his Gorilla man?

While Mike was taking his cock out Erik was taking in the first whiff of
his Dad's bare raw cock meat. Looking at the wide flared cock head. He
had pulled back His Dad's foreskin and now was opening wide to take in
his Dad's cock head and suck his cock.

Rich was being over whelmed to say the least. The shock, Thrill of His
handsome blonde Son's mouth now engulfing his bare cock head. At the same
time he was reaching out and taking hold of Mike's bare thick 11 and a
half cock meat. Noting that the head alone of Mike's cock meat filled
his large palm. Mike was adding to the intense pleasure for Rich. He was
feeling and playing with Rich's now bared round bubble ass and Rich was
thinking of The fat hard 11 and a half inch cock of Tarzan man pushing
into that tight hole of his. All while Erik his 18 year old Adonis Son
was giving his cock an around the world fantastic treatment. This
fantastic treatment from these two handsome men had Rich so very close to
the edge. His Son's mouth was expert on his big 10.5 cock meat. As well
as licking and eating his Dad's big hairy balls. Erik was finger fucking
his Dad's hole. He was not alone in that opening of Rich's Male pussy.
Mike Tarzan was now behind Rich and on his knees and kissing and licking
Rich's pussy hole and then his finger alone with Erik's finger both
entered into Rich's hole.
Then Oh god then both Erik and Tarzan had two fingers up inside Rich's
Male pussy, spreading him and massaging his prostate and bring him to the
end. He wanted to shout out a warning but nature and his prostate gave
him little opportunity. His ass cheeks got so tight around the four male
fat finger and then His cock was releasing a massive load of cum into his
own Son's mouth. A load the likes of which Rich had not shot in many
years. It actually pulsed and throbbed as the thick cum juice was
shooting through his 10 and a half inch cock into His Son's sucking mouth
and down the Boys throat. The act of incest was now complete between
this Father and son.The son hungrily was eating and swallowing his Dad's
massive cum load. Milking the last drops from Dad's hairy sac of balls.
Still on his knees and holding his Daddy's spent but still hard and
thick cock. Erik asked in a boyish tone.

" Dad I loved it Man I can't believe I just took all that cum of Yours.
Oh Fuck Dad Man Dad I loved it. Oh Fuck anytime Dad, Any time You want
this big dick sucked you let me know."

His father pulled him up and now the three men stood in the softly
lighten room. Tarzan in the rears humping his cum dripping cock into
Rich's ass crack. The Erik humping his cum soaked cock meat against his
Dad's cum soaked cock meat. The three Men rubbing and feeling and
pressing their bodies. Knowing they had established a new bond between
them. Knowing they still had so much to share that first night alone and
sexual as a threesome. Rich's 10.5 cock dripping and fully satisfied. His
hole having been finger fucked by the two Men now ready for some raw
cock meat. Erik's 9.5 teen cock wanting to fuck his Dad's hole for the
first time. Mike Tarzan hugging and dry fucking Rich's ass crack loving
this Father and Son team. Knowing he now had a Family in this strange
land and one he would so love. He kissed Rich's neck and Rich reached
back and patted Mike's hand reassuringly. The bond was formed, The love
there. They had so much more to share and experience with each other that
They broke for a rest time and sat naked at the bar in the bedroom over
looking the view of Montreal.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Breeding Dad - Breeding Dad 3