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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Dad And Son In The Woods

Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 12:50:45 +0100
From: simon jones <>
Subject: Dad & Son In The Woods

Summertime was quickly approaching and John and Linda were in the front
room watching the local news when John said to his wife "Hey Linda I was
thinking about taking Matt fishing this weekend what do you think?" Linda
put down her magazine and looked over to her husband and said "Sure it
sounds great and you two can bond more then" little did she realise that
John and more than bonding in mind with his son.

A few minutes after John and Linda had finished there convocation Matt
walked down the stairs holding onto the railing, after reaching the bottom
floor Matt then walked into the front room and jumped up onto the large
leather sofa next to his dad and cuddled up to him. John looked down at his
son and said "Alright my little champ I a surprise for you" Matt moved from
his dad and looked up into his fathers eyes with excitement and joy and
said "What is it daddy what is it "John then explained to Matt that he
would be taking him finishing tomorrow" After telling his son Matt started
to jump for joy on the sofa and kept telling his dad thank you.

John then told his son to go up to his room and pack anything that he would
like to take on the trip, As soon as his dad told him Matt jumped off the
sofa and ran up the stairs and into his room, John smiled and looked over
at his wife who was also smiling.

The rest of the day and night went without much interesting happening
except for a few family friends coming over to show off there recent
holiday pictures.

The following morning John was woken up by his son next to his bed saying
"Daddy is it time yet?" John smiled looking down at his son and said "No
not yet we will be going later ok"

John then got out of his bed with only his briefs covering his manhood and
walked out of his room and into the bathroom followed closely by Matt, Once
they got into the bathroom John started to clean his teeth and Matt said
"But daddy I want to go now" John laughed and said "Don't worry champ it
wont be long" Matt then looked down at the floor for a few moments and then
suddenly he went in front of his dad and put his small hands onto the front
of his dads briefs and said "Daddy please" John gave out a small moan once
his sons hands touched the front of his briefs and looked down at his sons
face right next to his cock.

John thought for a few minuets and then closed the bathroom door locking it
as he did and then he moved Matt onto toilet seat and took off his briefs
revealing his semi erect cock and did not say anything just stood there
naked in front of his son, Matt knew what to do and got down off the toilet
seat and went over to his dads cock and took it with both hands and started
to play with it rubbing his hands up and down the now long shaft and
playing with his father's balls.

A few minutes later John pushed his sons face onto the top of his now rock
hard cock and said quietly "Suck it for me" Matt did as he was told and
opened his small mouth and put it over the massive head of his dad's cock
and started to suck on it like it was a lollypop, After a few minutes of
his son sucking on his cock John put his hand over the back of his son's
head and started to push Matt's mouth deeper down onto his cock and as he
did he started to give out small moans of pleasure.

After a couple of more minutes fucking his sons mouth with his cock he then
took his cock out of his sons mouth and told him to bend over on the
floor. Matt did as he was told and dropped to the floor on all fours and
just as John was about to pull sons clothes off and fuck him Linda knock on
the bathroom door and said "What are you two doing in there?" John's eyes
shot open he quickly took off his sons clothes and put him into the bath
tub he then grabbed his briefs off the floor and said back to his wife
"Nothing dear I am going to wash Matt in a minute are you ok?" Linda then
said back to her husband "Oh right ok I will be downstairs ok" John said
back to his wife "Ok dear we will not be long" John then heard his wife
walking off down the hallway John then turned to Matt and said "We will do
this later when we are fishing ok" Matt simply nodded his head at his dad
and sat down in the bathtub and let his farther wash him.

After twenty minutes John walked down the stairs and into the front room
with Matt in his arms and as they sat down on the large leather sofa Linda
looked over at Matt and said "So Hun how was your bath?" Matt looked over
at his dad with a smile on his face and said "It was good mummy" Linda
smiled and said "Aww that's good are you excited for today" Matt gave out
an even bigger smile and said "Yes mummy I cannot wait to go" Linda smiled
again and then turned on the television and turned on the cartoon channel
for her son and left the room.

A couple of hours past through the day without much happening, as soon as
the clock chimed signalling that it was now five pm John shouted to his son
who was upstairs in his room "COME ON MATT ITS TIME TO GO" Matt then
suddenly ran out of his room and down the stairs and over to his dad and
said "Ok daddy" Matt then ran over to his mother and gave her a big kiss
and left the house followed closely by his farther. Once they got outside
John put Matt's car chair in the front passenger seat and strapped him in,
John then went around the other side of the car and got into the drivers
seat and reversed it out of the driveway waving goodbye to his wife, Once
they hit the main road John started the two hour drive to the lake which
was situated near the states national park.

After the two hour drive John and his son reached the lake and John drove
around for a bit looking for a quiet secluded place for them to set up
camp, After a few minutes of driving John found a small area near the lake
covered by trees and bushes with a small area for tents John knew this was
a good place so he drove his truck down and parked it behind one of the big

As they got out of the truck John and his son grabbed the tent from the
back of the truck and placed it on the floor and started to construct it,
After a few minutes and a couple of laughs later they managed to put up the
tent, The two of them then got inside the tent as it was now reaching eight
pm and was too dark for them to fish

As they got inside the tent John closed the front of the tent not all the
way as he wanted to see if anyone was near them, John then turned around to
his son who was laying down on his back with his fingers in his mouth
licking them for some reason, seeing this made John instantly horny and
said "So son you want to have some fun Matt gave out a smile but did not
say anything John then took off his jeans and boots and his top and laid
there on top of his sleeping bag with only his briefs on and looked down at
his briefs and then smiled at his son.

Matt did not need to be told what to do as he knew it all by now and moved
off his sleeping bag and move in-between his dads large hairy legs and
moves his small hands over the top of his dads briefs and started to slowly
pull them down revealing a semi erect cock dangling between his legs Matt
then grabbed his dads cock with both hands and started to rub his dad's
cock with his small hands, John stopped him and decided to get straight to
it and told his son to bend over, Matt did as he was told and took off his
clothes and bent over on the floor. John looked down at his sons small
tight hairless arsehole and quickly opened his sons arse cheeks and pushed
his tongue deep inside his sons tight hole and started to lick around in
there for a couple of minutes.

After john knew that his sons hole was ready for penetration he licked one
of his fingers and slowly pushed it into his sons hole and after a short
while he managed to get another after another into his son's hole, John
then took his fingers out of his son's hole and grabbed his now rock hard
eight inch cock and pointed the head of it at his son's hole and with one
massive thrust pushed all of the eight inches of cock deep inside his sons
waiting arse, as his farther did this Matt gave out a massive moan of pain
but after a few thrusts from his dad turned into pleasure.

Whilst John was busy fucking his son's arsehole another man walked down
into the area where John and Matt were, the man was looking for somewhere
quiet to stay just like John and Matt but as he passed the truck he quickly
glanced into the open slit in the tents door and saw John fucking his son.

The man instantly grabbed his cock with his hand and started to rub it
through his jeans John at this point was furiously fucking his son's tight
asshole and the man looking at them had now dropped his jeans and was
furiously wanking his cock whilst watching John and Matt.

Back in the tent John was getting close to cumming and his son knew it as
he could feel the cock head of his dad getting bigger and bigger John then
said to his son "Matt I am going to cum" Matt did not turn his head but
said "Cum in me daddy" after hearing this John then started to pump his
cock even harder and deeper and then after a few more thrust he gave out a
massive moan and cummed inside his son's ass.

John then moved his cock out of his sons arsehole and fell over onto his
sleeping bag and as he did he saw the other man outside near his truck,
John got up off the floor and quickly ran outside completely naked and
grabbed the man sand said "Who the fuck are you and what are you doing
here" the other man smiled and said "Hi my name is Steve and by the way
nice show" John was about to punch Steve in the face and then suddenly
Steve said "Wait I just want to know one thing" John stopped in his tracks
and said "What?" Steve looked down at Johns cock and said "Did it feel good
fucking your son" John stopped and thought about it for a bit and then said
"Yes" Steve smiled and licked his lips and said "Can I join in sometime"
John thought about that for a bit longer and after a few minutes he said to
Steve "Come back tomorrow night and we will see what happens" Steve smiled
walked away and after a few minutes was out of sight, John then returned to
the tent and saw that his son was already fast asleep John decided not to
wake him and went to bed as well making sure that the front of the tent was
completely closed.

The following morning John and Matt were woken at the same time by the
sounds of the many different birds in the area, Once they woke up John and
Matt got on some clothes and left the tent and went down to the lake and
started to fish just like they said they were going to do.

After a couple of hours fishing and a few good catches by John and his son
they decided to go into the nearby town for some dinner so John put the
catch in the back of his truck and drove him and his son into the nearby
town of black lake and went into one of the many restaurants for some

After they had there dinner John took his son to watch a film in the local
cinema which was not very impressive but still good enough, After a couple
of ours when the movie finished John and his son then got back into there
truck and drove back to the camp grounds where they set up. As they
approached the tent John saw Steve sitting down on one of the rocks and
said to his son "Matt this is Steve he is going to be joining us tonight
ok" Matt nodded his head in agreement.

As John parked up his truck Matt went straight into the tent and John went
over to Steve and said "Were on follow me" Steve did as he was told and
followed John into the tent, as they got inside Steve and Matt shook hands
and Steve then said "So Matt do you think you can take me and your daddy"
Matt smiled and nodded his head and Steve then said "Good boy"

John and Steve then stood up and got undressed in front of Matt once they
were completely naked there was practically no different between his dad's
and Steve's cock John then said to his son "So Matt who do you want to fuck
you first?" Matt pointed at Steve and John then said "Ok Steve go on your
back and matt can ride you as he sucks my cock" Steve agreed and went down
on the floor and got his cock hard for Matt to sit on it.

As Matt carefully sat down on top of Steve's waiting cock his dad stood
over Steve and pointed his cock at Matt's mouth, As Matt began to go up and
down on Steve's cock he took his dad's cock in his mouth and began to suck
on it at the same time. Steve was giving out small moans of pleasure as
Matt was going up and down on the large thick cock.

After a couple of minutes John told Matt to stop and to go on all fours so
he did he carefully got off Steve's cock and went down on all fours on the
group and then John said "Steve fuck him hard he can take it" Steve went
behind Matt and trusted his cock deep inside the young arse whilst John
went down on his knees in front of his son to continue getting his cock

After around twenty minutes Steve knew he was going to cum and told Matt
but Matt ignored him and started to trust he butt deeper onto Steve's cock
Steve and John both smiled and then after a few more thrusts Steve exploded
inside Matt's hole and matt then suddenly stopped sucking his dads cock and
gave out a huge moan of pleasure, Steve then took his cock out of Matt's
arsehole and as he did John got up and moved behind Matt and quickly
trusted his cock into the now wet and very open hole and started to fuck
his son's arse, Steve then went down on his knees in front of Matt and said
"Hey suck the rest of my cum off" Matt did as he was told and moved his
mouth onto Steve's cock and stated to suck off the cum that was remaining
on his cock.

After a good couple of trusts and a few moans later John also exploded
inside his son's arse and did the same as Steve took his cock out and got
his son to suck the rest of the cum off his cock.

As soon as Matt sucked the last of the cum off his dad's cock the two men
and Matt lay down on there backs in the tent and thought about what just
happened and after a few minutes of laying there Steve said "Right guys I
got to shoot maybe I will see you here again sometime" John smiled and said
"Sure maybe" Steve then left the tent naked with his clothes under his

The following day John and Matt packed everything up and started the ride
home from the camp grounds.

After a couple of hours on the road they finally got home and Matt and John
got inside the house and Matt's mother said "So how as camping fun?" Matt
smiled at his mother and said "Yea it was great mummy I want to go again

End of part 2

Thank you all for the e-mails and comments on the first part of the story
and I hope to hear back from you again if you have any comments or
suggestions for part 3 please feel free to e-mail me at any time my e-mail

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Dad And Son In The Woods