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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Dad Gives Me A Helping Hand - Dad Gives Me A Helping Hand 5

Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 14:44:12 +1030
From: Marcus McNally <>
Subject: Dad Gives Me A Helping Hand 5

This story contains sexual situations between a father and his teenage
son. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this
story. If you are under 18 years of age you are probably not legally
allowed to read this story. This story is purely a work of fiction and any
resemblance to persons living or dead, or to events that may have occurred,
is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and
no duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the web
sites to which it has been posted) without the consent of the author.

If you haven't already done so, you should probably read the first four
chapters before embarking on this final installment.


To say that Matt was over the moon about earning a full apprenticeship in
one of Vince's restaurants would be an understatement. I spoke to him
several times after he got the news, so eager was he to share his
excitement, not only about his new job but also about his return to
Melbourne to spend my birthday with me.

He seemed to be so looking forward to our week away in Portsea, staying at
the vacant holiday mansion owned by his mate Byron's parents. I met his
folks once or twice and they were nice people. I had a good, high-paid job
in advertising, but I was nowhere in the league of these people, who made
their money on the coattails of the dot com boom.

I was eagerly looking forward to the week, too. A nice break from work and
the house, and the chance to spend some quality time with my handsome son,
who was about to become a handsome chef. I couldn't wait to try the meal
he was cooking on Saturday for my birthday. He promised something special.

I spoke to Matt on Thursday before he drove out of Sydney on his way home,
and he called a couple of times along the way when he stopped for a bite to
eat or to stretch his legs. He called me early Friday morning to tell me
he'd arrived safely in Melbourne and was about to drive directly to
Portsea, buying all the food he needed along the way.

"I wanna get the place all settled in so that you can just walk in and
chill out for your birthday," he enthused down the line. "I've got an
awesome meal planned and then you'll get your present Dad!"

I repeated that a gift wasn't necessary, just having my son home on my
birthday and having a meal cooked was more than enough. "Yeah right," he
laughed. "See ya Saturday afternoon Dad. Love ya."

The rest of Friday dragged for me. I got all my work finished in time to
be able to take a week off, but my mind was very much on relaxing in
Portsea and seeing Matt.

I was up early Saturday, packing what I needed for a week in Portsea.
Judging by the sudden storm clouds that loomed, I figured I might need
track suits and sweaters as well as jeans, shorts and tees. I
optimistically threw in my Speedo, and the last thing I packed was a small
gift I had for Matt.

On the previous Christmas Day, one of my sisters had taken a photo in the
kitchen of me standing behind Matt at the stove with my arm around Matt's
chest as he proudly held up the pan he was cooking one of his amazing
sauces for Christmas lunch. The photo really captured us both in a
gloriously happy moment. I had it framed in silver and hoped it would
always remind him of that happy moment. And I couldn't help wondering
whether he remembered that my hard, jeans-covered cock was actually pressed
into his butt cheek as I stood close behind him for the photo?

Late afternoon, when the house was locked up and the car all packed, I
jumped in and headed towards the beach road, having chosen the scenic drive
along the peninsula. It was always my preferred route when the weather was
hot and sunny, with its views of people having fun on the beaches. But
even when it was like today – cold and pissing with rain – it had its
charm. The choppy waters and menacing black clouds rolling in and out were

It was a longer trip than usual because thankfully people weren't speeding
in the wet. I'd been on the road for a little over an hour and the sun was
just starting to go down when I pulled into a shopping strip 15 minutes
from Portsea. I called Matt on his mobile to ask whether he wanted me to
pick up beer or wine, or anything he might have overlooked, but he assured
me he had everything, and everything was in hand. Made me smile,
considering there was a time when everything he had was in my hand.

I found the beachfront street and house I was looking for, and pulled into
the driveway of a massive and incredibly modern seaside mansion. I parked
my car next to Matt's in an otherwise empty four-car garage, grabbed my
bags and headed to the portico the owners had so thoughtfully built to save
people like me from getting drenched.

I rang the front door bell and a few seconds later the `man of the house'
answered. I stood for a moment or two and took in the sight of my barefoot
18 year old son, dressed in lightweight white linen pants with a white
sleeveless tee-shirt, intense when set against his suntanned skin. His
face was lit with a happy smile, his teeth as white as his clothes. And
when I glanced down, I couldn't help but register that he was free-balling,
the outline of his ample cock clearly visible through the flimsy material.

"Hey Dad, come on in" he enthused and as I steeped into the foyer and
dropped my bags, he grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug. I could
feel his breath on my neck and his soft dick against my leg.

"It's great to see you Matt," I said, squeezing him tight. "I'm really
looking forward to this week. We're gonna have ourselves a ball!"

"That's the plan Dad," he chuckled. "And you are going to do absolutely
nothing except get spoilt for a few days, like you've spoilt me all my
life. I'm gonna give you a birthday you'll never forget".

I smiled and picked up my bags. "Nice digs!" I said, stating the obvious
as I stood in the hallway of a home that was probably worth a cool five

"Come and I'll show you around," Matt said, turning to walk up the short
flight of stairs leading to the main living area of the house. Climbing
the stairs behind him, my eyes focused on his taut, perfectly shaped
teenage ass. Man, he certainly was a hot kid!

The sight that greeted me at the top of the stairs took my breath away. A
huge carpeted living area with a galley kitchen to one side was surrounded
by curved floor to ceiling windows affording an uninterrupted view of the
bay. Even through heavy rain it was entrancing.

"Fuck mate," I exclaimed. "What a view".

"Wait til you see the rest of the house Dad," Matt replied, beckoning me to
follow him.

On the other side of the family area were two sets of three stairs. One
set led to a slightly elevated dining room, the other to double doors which
opened into the most amazing master bedroom I've ever seen. Matt opened
the remote blinds to another dazzling 180 degree ocean view, and we climbed
another two carpeted stairs to an elevated king size bed.

Matt took my suitcases and dropped them on the bed. He told me to unpack
and to meet him back in the family room when I was ready. As I opened my
cases, I noticed a huge walk-in wardrobe and dressing room. I carried my
clothing in and, as I hung everything up, I noticed Matt's clothes also
hanging there, although I didn't really think anything of it. Perhaps
there was only one bedroom?

Through the dressing room was a marble and brass bathroom almost the size
of my own downstairs area, again with sweeping bay views. In one corner
was a huge sunken Jacuzzi looking out over the ocean. I unpacked my
toiletries, putting everything on the opposite side to Matt's ablutions of
the vanity, and freshened up. I kicked off my shoes and socks and changed
my tee for a loose-fitting casual shirt.

Walking back into the bedroom I noted that Matt had lit an open fire which
gave the room an even cosier glow. As I moved back to the family area I
heard a similar crackle; Matt had also thrown a match in the dining room
open fireplace.

I was standing at the window, enthralled by the relentless assault of
nature on the other side of the glass when Matt walked up to me proffering
a large crystal glass of white wine. He grinned and said, "It's a 2005
Scotchman's Hill 'Sutton Vineyard' Dad!" and I was touched that he
remembered it was from one of my favourite peninsula vineyards.

"Happy birthday Dad" he said, kissing my cheek. "I'm just finishing some
canapés, so take a wander around the rest of the house."

As Matt clattered away in the kitchen, I took a wander through the maze of
corridors, taking in the works of art that adorned the walls, the fresh
flowers dotted around on small antique tables, and the sheer opulence that
defined each room. The house had a further four bedrooms and I wondered
whether perhaps I'd presumptuously put my bags down in the master bedroom
that Matt had picked for himself. I made a mental note to ask him whether
he wanted me to move to another bedroom.

There were two further sumptuous bathrooms, a formal study, a "games' room
with table tennis and billiards tables, a small theater and a heated indoor
lap pool. I was impressed that the house had been designed in such a way
that almost every room had an uninterrupted view of the bay.

Walking back to the family room, Matt had dimmed the lights and my
favourite Diana Krall CD was thoughtfully playing in the background. He
was sitting on a plumped up white leather couch and motioned for me to sit
on the one opposite him. Between us, an antique coffee table groaned under
the weight of two eye-catching platters.

"This looks fantastic!" I enthused, as Matt proudly pointed out salt and
pepper Calamari, shiitake and portobello mushroom triangles, bacon wrapped
scallops, poached asparagus with avocado mélange and brie cheese boats with
pear sauce. So different to the corn chips and tomato salsa I served up as
a hors d'œuvre!

"Mate, I won't be able to eat anything else if I fill up on these," I
laughed as Matt encouraged me to keep sampling his offerings. "They taste
amazing Matt," I added, "my compliments to the chef!!"

As we grazed on delicacies, Matt regaled me with details of the final weeks
of his trial period in Sydney and reiterated his joy at being appointed an
apprentice chef. While I changed the CD, Matt disappeared for a while and
in the distance I thought I could hear running water. Matt returned and
refilled my glass before flopping down on the couch opposite me.

"Have you left a tap running somewhere, mate?" I asked.

He grinned and said, "I'm filling the Jacuzzi! I thought it might be cool
to have a good soak in the tub together, and then we can change into
dressing gowns and just chill out over dinner."

"Sounds great Matt," I smiled, already looking forward to relaxing in warm
water after the drive from Melbourne.

We talked some more about Matt's plans before he padded off in the
direction of the master bedroom to turn the taps off. He stuck his head
into the lounge room and, catching my eye, called out, "Come on Dad!
Bath's ready!"

I picked up my wine and wandered off to the master bathroom, noticing as I
walked through the bedroom that the bathroom lights were off and the room
was lit by little tea candles which projected a rainbow of beautiful hues
flickering in their voltaire cups.

In the bathroom, Matt was placing large fluffy towels on the vanity. In
the candlelight, he turned towards me and starting undressing. "Come on
Dad, let's go".

Unbuttoning my shirt and jeans, I watched as Matt tore his shirt off and
simply drew the string on his linen pants before they dropped to the floor.
Naked by candlelight, he was breathtaking. His toned and tanned body
contrasted sharply with the milky whiteness of his groin which had
obviously been spared the sun. That whiteness pointed to the juncture of
his legs and there hanging at a slightly inflated angle was a very
impressive, very good looking cock, hanging over a relaxed, low hanging set
of man nuts. I kicked off my jeans and stood equally naked in front of
Matt, aware that my own cock was plumper than it had been a couple of
minutes earlier.

Matt was the first to move, stepping up and over the side of the Jacuzzi
and sliding into the bubbling water. I quickly followed and sat on the
sunken marble seat opposite him. We both instantly felt tight muscles
begin to relax as we slumped back and enjoyed the moment.

When I opened my eyes, Matt was smiling at me. "You enjoying yourself,

"Mate", I replied. "I'm really starting to unwind. This is fantastic -
just what I needed. But the best part is being able to share it with you."

Matt smiled back and as I closed my eyes and lay back in the water, I felt
his legs lift and come to rest on my own legs opposite him. Without being
asked, I reached out and started to massage first his right foot, and then
his left. He let out a pleasurable groan and I immediately flashed on
those sounds that once drifted down the corridor at home late at night when
Matt was in bed jacking off.

When I'd stopped rubbing his feet, Matt withdrew them from my legs, reached
under the water and lifted my legs on to his own, and started massaging my
soles. I mirrored his reaction by putting my head back and groaning and
focused on keeping myself in check as his hands moved from my feet and
began rubbing up the insides of my legs, stopping only when they bumped
against my heavy ball sac.

We soaked for another half hour or so before Matt stretched and announced
it was time to get out and get dinner organized. I started to get up when
he pushed me back into the bubbles.

"You get another 15 minutes Dad," he grinned. "Then get can dry off and
put your robe on, and I'll have dinner happening."

I smiled at him and lay back in the water, enjoying the sight as he turned
his naked body away from me and dried himself. I was again taken by how
hot his teenage body was, especially that perfect ass. He was even hotter
when he bent forward to dry his feet and let his family jewels dangle in my
view. No doubt about it, this kid was blessed!

I languished in the water for a while before stepping out and toweling
myself dry by candlelight, the only sound the crackling of the bedroom's
open fire and the distant roar of choppy waves. Wrapped in a white
toweling robe, I wandered back to the dining room where Matt was just
starting to serve dinner. He motioned for me to sit and put before me a
white plate with roasted rack of lamb, crushed kipflers and broccoli
florets drizzled with rosemary jus, a nod to my fairly pedestrian tastes.

What can I say? It was magnificent, mouth-watering and delicious and I
savoured every morsel, as well as enjoying the sides of baby spinach salad,
and roasted field mushrooms with goat's cheese.

When our main was finished, Matt topped up our wine and chatted excitedly
about some of the dishes he was planning to introduce in Vince's
restaurant, the names of which sounded like foreign countries or medical
conditions to me. He retreated to the kitchen to prepare dessert. He
reappeared with two dishes – a lemon tart with a pine nut crust and
Persian fairy floss, the other a selection of vanilla, chocolate and mango
ice creams, and mixed berry and lemon sorbets. The perfect end to the
perfect meal.

As Matt began clearing plates, I thanked him for dishing up his Dad's
fantasy dinner and when he went back to the kitchen I remembered the gift I
had for him. I wandered back to the bedroom to retrieve it, and when I
returned, Matt had served a fruit and cheese platter and a couple of
liqueurs, and was pouring freshly brewed coffee. As I sat down opposite
him, I handed him the small white gift bag holding his photo frame wrapped
in tissue paper.

Matt looked surprised. "It's not my birthday Dad!" he said.

"What, I can't give my son a gift any time I like?" I replied. "It's just
something small, but I think you'll like it."

Matt beamed as he unwrapped the parcel and looked at the silver framed
photo of our Christmas `moment'. His eyes filled with tears as he looked
at me and said "that's beautiful Dad! Fuck, what a great photo".

He reached his hand across the table and held mine. "Thank you Dad. I love

Wiping away his tears, he took a deep breath and said, "let's have some
cheese and coffee and then I'm going to give you your birthday present."
We caught each other's stare; silently my expression was telling him he
didn't need to do anything more for me, and silently his expression was
telling me he had something he needed to give.

We took our time sharing the cheese and fruit, and finishing our coffees
and liqueurs. Matt excused himself for a few moments, before returning to
the table and coming up behind my chair. He reached out and tied a
blindfold around my eyes, telling me it was time to follow him.

He took my arm and guided me up a short set of stairs, to the bedroom it
seemed. We came to a halt and I stood, hands at my side, unsure of what
was going to happen next and secretly hoping Matt hadn't organized a room
full of people to jump out and yell "surprise"; I was enjoying this alone
time with too much to want to share.

Matt moved away from me and all I could hear was the close crackle of the
fire and the soft strains of Frank Sinatra and Bono singing "I've Got You
Under My Skin" ... interestingly, one each of our favourite singers.

Time stood still for a minute or two and then, without any warning, I felt
Matt's lips on mine as he caught me by surprise with possibly the most
sensuous kiss I'd ever felt. He pulled away and I managed to say "Matt, I
..." before he pressed his lips back into mine and a felt his tongue snake
across my bottom lip. We stayed connected at the mouth for what felt like
eternity but in reality was only a moment before he pulled away again. He
leaned forward and whispered "Happy birthday Dad" in my ear and I reached
out my arms to hug him. My hand touched his naked shoulder, and I pulled
him to me. "Thanks mate," I sighed, and my hand travelled down his back.
I was surprised to realize he appeared to be naked, having obviously
discarded his robe. Sure enough, my hand slipped low enough to find a
soft, inviting ass cheek and I squeezed it as I kissed the top of his head.
While one hand rubbed up and down his buttock, the other began its downward
journey across his chest and stomach and kept moving until it encountered
what it suspected was waiting, Matt's rampant manhood.

My fingers encircled his cock and he sighed as my hand pulsed life into his
loins. My fingertips tantalizingly circled the sensitive crown of his dick
as soft moans escaped his lips. The throbbing increased under my
ministrations and my fingers glided up and down his rigid column in light
but loving strokes. My other hand drifted down to his open thighs and the
dangling sac of his balls, and I felt a drop of precum ooze from the eye of
his cock.

Although my blindfold prevented me from seeing it, I'm sure Matt couldn't
miss the expanding tent beneath my robe as my own dick surged to life and
pointed skywards.

Matt whispered in my ear, "God, I love your hands on me. From that first
night after the accident ...". His voice trailed off as one of my hands
continued to slowly stroke his cock while the other played with his sac.
He moaned as I manipulated his hefty balls, caressing them and taunting
them at the same time.

Just as my hand was about to encircled his blood-gorged cock again, he
stepped away and once again, all was momentarily quiet except for the
crackle of the wood burning in the fireplace. A moment later, I felt my
robe being loosened and drop to the floor and I was aware that I was
standing naked, and erect, in front of my son. I heard rather than saw him
drop to his knees and a moment later, I felt the tip of his tongue lick
upwards from the underside of the base of my cock, to the very tip, where
it flicked lightly across my piss slit.

He gripped my rod tightly, squeezing its thickness as his tongue lapped at
me, sending tremors of pleasure flowing up from my balls and through my
body. My balls ached and my cock pounded with excitement, blood throbbing
through its swollen length.

Up and down that length he licked, before he leaned forward and engulfed my
cock head as I shivered under the swirling sensations his tongue was
creating. Then with one swift dive he swallowed me, my thick pulsing cock
buried deep in his hot mouth. Reason left me as I succumbed to the
sensations, banging my erection into the back of his welcoming throat.

Barely believing what was happening but powerless to stop it, I reached
down and grasped Matt's head and held him firmly impaled on my cock. For a
few moments he swirled his tongue up, down and around my shaft bringing me
perilously close to losing my load, before he suddenly and inexplicably
pulled away, leaving my cock twitching in mid air. My disappointed groan
was met with a chuckle and again the room went quiet for a minute or two
before I heard Matt say "take off the blindfold Dad."

As I pulled off the blindfold, my eyes immediately feasted on the
unbelievable sight before me - my naked 18 year old son lying spread-eagled
on his back on the king size bed, his head propped up on pillows and his
erect cock sticking up obscenely from his crotch. This was not an injured
teen looking for a `helping hand' from Dad to help him lose a load. This
was a fit, healthy man lustfully offering himself as a gift.

As I took in the sight before me, my mind was once again in turmoil. The
`logic' side of my brain was telling me one thing, the `lust' side
something completely different. The sensible parent in me wanted to heed
the `logic', but the rigid pole of man meat sticking out of my groin and
pointing longingly at my son was giving `lust' the upper hand. As Matt
held his arms out towards me invitingly, `lust' made up my mind for me and
I sprinted to the bed, hopping on to the mattress and into my son's fierce

No words were spoken as Matt's lips locked with mine and we enjoyed another
melting, passionate kiss, our hands exploring each other's naked bodies. I
shuddered as Matt's hand flicked across my nipples and moaned into his
mouth when it dropped lower and gently massaged my churning balls.

Our kiss continued until I broke for breath. I looked into my son's eyes,
then down at his pulsating tool and finally realized that yes, this is what
I wanted, and needed. For so many months I had not allowed myself to pursue
those thoughts, putting them out of my mind because they seemed so wrong.
But I knew, right at this moment, that I wanted Matt as much as be
obviously wanted me.

I lowered my head and darted my tongue across his stiff nipples before
slowly moving my tongue lower, into this belly button, then through his
treasure trail and pubes and down to his thighs, as Matt moaned and urged
me on. I moved up to lap at this loose ball bag before wrapping my mouth
around both of his balls. I looked up at him as I pleasured his oversized
nuggets, and he returned my look with glazed eyes and a slightly open
mouth. "Oh God, Dad ..." was all he could say.

I moved my tongue upwards, licking the underside of his shaft as I moved
towards its big, throbbing head and - for the first time in my life - I
wrapped my lips around another man's cock, sucking my son's manhood as far
as I could into my welcoming mouth. Surprised that I wasn't gagging, I
used my tongue and throat to massage Matt's dick, swallowing hungrily and
savouring his exquisite male taste. As I cupped his heavy nuts in my hand,
he thrust his hips forward, held his hand lightly at the back of my head
and started to fuck my face, his breath coming in ecstatic, laboured
bursts. He groaned "oh fuck Dad, fuck ..." over and over until the
sensations obviously overwhelmed him, and I felt the first jet of cum down
my throat, before spurt after spurt began filling my mouth. I tried to
swallow it all, but there was just too much and white rivulets ran out of
my mouth and over my chin.

My own cock was throbbing so hard I swear I could hear its beat as I wiped
my chin and pulled myself back to lie next to Matt, who was still
whimpering from post-orgasmic bliss. I felt the back of his hand on my
cheek. "Fuck Dad, I've been dreaming of this moment ever since I first
started jacking off, but even in my private fantasies it was never that

I went to speak but Matt leaned in and covered my parted mouth with his
lips and as I sank into his kiss I couldn't help thinking that it was like
kissing marshmallow. So soft, so sweet, so satisfying ...

Still lip-locked, Matt pulled me sideways so that I rolled onto him, our
naked bodies pressed together. Joined at the lips, joined at the stomach
and joined at the groin. My granite cock was pulsating against my son's
spent but stirring dick, and inside my mouth his tongue dancing took me to
another place. Despite being in sensory overload, I was erotically aware
when Matt's legs gently parted and the lower half of my body slipped
between his moist butt cheeks. Not breaking the kiss, Matt reached his
hand down, wrapped it around my pounding cock and lifted it so that the
head was pointing directly at his asshole. As he brushed the tip of my
cock up and down the lips of his ass, he opened his glazed eyes and smiled
at me. "I want this, Dad" he whispered, and involuntary muscles I didn't
know I had propelled my hips forward and the head of my cock sank into his
hot hole. I heard a gasp and looked down to see a pained expression on
Matt's face.

"Mate, I'm sorry, we shouldn't ..." was all I got out before Matt's hands
grasped my ass cheeks, keeping me buried inside him.

"It's OK Dad," he whispered. "Just give me a second, but please don't
stop. Please ..."

My cockhead twitched in his ass for a few moments and then he suddenly
lifted his ass off the mattress and literally swallowed my entire
length. It was my turn to groan, as my pulsing manhood found itself trapped
in what felt like a hot, moist combination of velvet and satin. It had
never occurred to me that a man's ass might ever feel better this fucking

We rested for a moment, while my mind found peace with what was happening
and Matt acclimatized to the intruder in his well-lubricated channel. The
moment ended when Matt pulled my head to his and whispered "Fuck me, Dad".

I raised myself on my elbows, gazed at the beautiful young man beneath me,
and with a will of their own my hips pulled back and dragged my thickness
from his clutching hole before surging forward, drilling my full length
into his guts.

Matt groaned and his splayed legs spread even wider as he welcomed my stiff
meat inside him. I pulled out and Matt moaned as I plunged back again, the
tight, youthful muscles of his ass squeezing my length as my hips jerked
upward, then down again, burying my cock even deeper into his body. His
hands caressed my ass cheeks and his teeth playfully nipped at my neck as I
pumped myself into his core, his ecstatic panting becoming more desperate
with each thrust.

My cock gently but rigidly plunged into his hot, caressing recess and
inadvertently I was nailing him into the mattress beneath us. Matt writhed
under me as his hips fell into synch with my fucking. Matt's body jumped as
my cock pistoned inside him and as I felt my approaching surrender, I
slipped a hand underneath him to grab a soft and sweaty buttock, jerking it
upwards to increase the angle of my thrusting tool.

Matt started that low, guttural groan I knew so well as I pumped closer and
closer to his soul, his hands clutching my ass as he pulled me even closer
with each lunge, trying to get all of me inside him before the tidal wave

All reasoning left me as my son hit his peak, his balls boiling over in the
aching depths of his sac and letting go a thick fountain of his seed which
squirted between us, coating our stomachs, chests and necks with spurt
after spurt of thick, warm semen. His sudden release was my trigger and as
I heard my own disembodied growl the realization struck me that this was
what Matt meant by connection; far from some perverted sex act, this was an
act of true love, me connecting with the love of my life - my son. As that
reality sank in, my balls gave it up and I emptied myself deep into Matt's
eager ass.

As the scalding jets erupted from the eye of my cock and flooded Matt's
guts I felt almost disembodied, as though I was outside my body watching
from somewhere else. I returned to the moment as my son held my face in
his hands and drew me into another lingering, loving kiss.

When it ended, we looked into each other's eyes and no words seemed
necessary. My cock still buried inside him and the balls that created him
18 years earlier resting against his ass crack, the candlelight, distant
music and the crackle of the fire did the talking for us. For the longest
time, we stayed in that perfect place, me occasionally running my hand
through my son's mop of hair and kissing his forehead, Matt occasionally
running his hand over my back and butt, lightly kissing my neck from time
to time.

The next time our eyes met, Matt smiled at home and I felt his ass muscles
start to flex, squeezing my cock inside him. Before I realized what he was
doing, my cock started to swell and within moments, I was throbbing inside
him. God, it had been a long time since I was boned again so soon after
shooting a load. I raised myself up on my elbows as Matt slipped his hands
behind his knees and pulled his spread legs into his chest drawing me even
deeper, my cockhead dipping into the wetness of my earlier ejaculation.

No longer was there any discomfort for Matt. He'd adapted to the length
and girth of my dick and his own juices combined with my semen had created
a slick, tight channel that was custom built for full-on fucking.

Matt's hips twitched and his ass muscles gripped my cock, and in one hard
thrust I plunged into his liquid warmth, impaling him as a rapist might
take a victim. Matt moaned as our bodies slapped together, me plunging
again and again into his body.

"Harder," Matt whispered in my ear between gasps of pleasure. "Fuck me
harder" ...

I answered by slamming my cock as hard as I could into the exquisite heat
of his core. Like a jackhammer, I pistoned my son's depths as my balls
begged for mercy.

Matt's hips worked in unison with mine; as I sank in deep, Matt jerked
upwards to take every inch of swollen cock I had to give. Our bodies
seemed to meld into one mass of hot, aching flesh as they worked together,
feeding each other.

As I plunged in and out, Matt groaned and bucked, his body caught in a
vortex of sexual desire. His groans turned into another long, gutsy roar
and as I felt his rampant cock erupt once again between our sweaty bodies,
I lost all control as a thick rush of semen shot through my cock and into
the contracting ass surrounding it. My son held me tight as the fountain
of cum spewed from my testicles, my body convulsing as I drilled into the
boy - my son - under me. I collapsed into his arms and felt, for the very
first time in my life ... connected.

When I finally lifted myself back on to my elbows and looked into Matt's
eyes, he smiled and whispered "ker-ching".

When I looked at him questioningly, he grinned at me and said "somebody hit
the jackpot!" and before I had time to laugh, he again pressed his lips
against mine ...

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Dad Gives Me A Helping Hand - Dad Gives Me A Helping Hand 5