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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Dad Punishes His Boys

From: (Kinky_Uncut_daddy)
Subject: Daddy punishes his boys with SEX
Date: 01 Aug 1998 00:00:00 GMT

WARNING: This is a story of incest between a
father and his preteen sons. DO NOT
read if offended or underage.

Big John Tate arrived home after a hard day of
work on the construction site. He showered off
and slipped into his sheer silk robe. The robe
seemed out of place on the big burly man, but he
enjoyed the cool comfort of the silk against
his naked body. With only his 2 sons in the
house, he didn't care if his cock was partly
visable through the material.
He sat down on his favorite chair, and then
heard the large crash coming from the basement.
He bolted downstairs, and found his 10 and 12 year
old sons fighting again; and one of them had
just broken a fancy table lamp.
"That's it! I told you two not to fight in
the house, and now you've broken a valuable
lamp. You are both going to be punished for
"Sorry dad, it was an accident." the older
son said.
"Tough, I've had it with your childish
pranks - you two act more like monkeys then
young men! Take off your pants, it's time
for a whippin'"
The two boys quietly took off their pants
and stood before their father in their
white briefs.
"Take off the underware too, and bend over
the table."
"But Daaaaad..." they pleaded.
Both boys bared their butts, and bent over
the table as instructed.
Big John grabbed the wooden pizza paddle,
and administered several whacks on the
bottom if his misbehaved boys.
'WHACK'! Their butts were bright red, and
John was getting sexually excited looking
at their half naked bodies bent over for him.
He gave them each one more whack, and John
then noticed his cock was hard and poking out
of his short thin robe.
"Turn around boys" he demanded.
They stood before him. John observed their
cocks. His 12 year old son John Jr., or
'Johnny', had a small growth of blonde fuzz
growing above his cock.
David, his ten year old, was completely bald.
Both boys had uncut penises like their father.
The boys noticed the erection on their father,
but did not say anything. They didn't want
to get any more whacks.
The thin robe could no longer contain the
erect cock of the man, and it popped free from
underneath the material. The swollen purple
head of John's cock was purtruding from its
foreskin, and waved out on display in front
of his children.
"Umm, dad... can we get dressed now?"
"No, and you will not be getting dressed
at all for the next week. You have lost the
right to wear clothing. You must remain
naked in this house for the next seven
days without exception! Now hand me your
"WHAT! they muttered?"
"And if you argue with me, you can have
five more whacks, and we can make it a month!"
The boys said nothing, and stood before
their father completely naked.
Big John then took off his robe, and stood
before his sons as naked as they were. He
stroked his hard erect cock in front of them.
"On your knees boys." Big John ordered.
The boys obeyed.
Big John stroked his meat faster, just
inches away from their faces. He let out a loud
grunt, and ejaculated. His thick white cum
splattered across the faces of the boys. They
tried to turn their heads, but he held onto them
and shot the last few streams of his semen
onto their mouths.
"Lick yourself clean and don't say a word"
The boys were crying now, but slowly licked
at the salty globs of cum that covered their
John watched them, and loved it. His two
sons were covered with his cum, and they were
licking it up. He watched them until they
had cleaned up every drop, ingesting the
entire load of semen between them.
He put his robe back on, and headed back
upstairs. "Bring your naked bodies upstairs,
and try not to break anything else."
The boys quietly followed him upstairs,
and went to their room.
"I can't believe we had to do that, that
goo from his dick was too wierd." the younger
boy said to his older brother.
"I know. But at least it's over." Johnny
replied to his brother as he looked down at
his own cock. He secretly enjoyed being naked,
as was partially erect himself. He pulled back
his foreskin, and admired the head of his cock.
David looked at his older brother, and
gazed at his growing erection. "Cool Johnny,
your dick looks like dad's."
"Thanks, it kinda hurts though. I think I
need to make that white goo come out like dad
"Cool, you can make it already? I wish I
could." David said as he looked at his small
ten year old bald weiner.
Johnny started to rub his penis slowly, and
David quietly watched him. He then laid back,
and jerked his cock faster. David watched in
amazement, as Johnny's balls tightened up,
and then a small spray of semen erupted from
his cock.
"Oh god that was wonderful!!!" Johnny cried
as he scooped up some of the goo from his belly
to taste.
"David, it taste's just like Dad's. Try a
David wiped his finger on his brother's
flat stomach, and gathered up some of the new
fluid that his brother just created. He
cautiously licked at his finger.
"Yep, that's the same stuff that dad shot
all over us." David said.
They then heard their father calling from
downstairs. Johnny quickly wiped his semen
from his belly, and the boys boys ran
"Yes dad?" they asked.
"What the hell you two been doing up there?
You two have been awfully quiet up there."
They both smiled, and Johnny replied "Nothing,
just hanging around."
"Alright then, one of you fetch me a beer."
David was closer, and retrieved a cold brew
and handed it to his father.
The boys decided to go out back and play
catch. Their backyard was completely secluded
by overgrown bushes, and they were allowed to play
back there in their naked condition. Everything
was going along fine, until David started
bragging about his fastball, and it sailed
4 feet over the head of Johnny and crashed
through the dining room window!
Their father came running outside, screaming
obcenities at them. "What the fuck are you
doing? Do you both want to be grounded for
life?! This was the last straw. GET INSIDE NOW!"
Tears welled up in David's eyes, and they
both scampered inside to await their wrath.
Their father paced back and forth, wondering
what to do. "Well I see that taking your right
to wear clothes away wasn't enough to keep you
out of trouble, so now you've lost your
bathroom rights too."
"What does that mean, I have to hold it in
forever." John Jr. snapped back.
"No smartass, it means you will piss and
shit on the basement floor. And now you both
can sleep down there as well. Get downstairs
now. I don't want to see either of your faces
until morning."
The boys descended the stairs to their
prison. Their basement was small, offering
nothing more than a small storage area on
a cold concrete floor.
"Well at least the sleeping bags are down
here." Johnny grabbed them, and they rolled
them out at the far end of the basement. One
overhead lightbulb supplied their only
"Damn, I gotta pee already. Where are we
going to go?" David asked.
"I guess we have no choice but to piss in
the corner."
David walked 5 feet to the furthest corner,
and let his golden stream flow onto the wall.
A large puddle soon formed, that spread about
4 feet almost returning to their sleeping
"This really sucks, we're going to have to
sleep in this!" David said in disgust as he
looked down at the river he created.
Johhny shook his head to agree, afraid to
mention that he had to piss as well, and was
afraid he would need to take a shit soon too.
Because the basement was already damp and
humid, the piss puddle didn't go away. About
an hour later Johhny had to unload. He
tiptoed over his brother's puddle, and waved
his cock splattering his own piss that soon
mixed with his brother's on the floor. He
kept on pissing and pissing, the puddle now
covered the entire length of the basement
floor. David tried to move the sleeping bags
to dry ground, but that was now impossible.
David then heard his brother farting, and turned
around to see him squatting over his piss
puddle. A long brown turd of shit plopped and
spashed as it hit the floor.
Johnny walked back to the urine soaked
sleeping bags and sat down. This was going to
be a horrible night.
They tried to sleep but couldn't. The smell
was starting to get rank down there, and now
David knew he was going to have to dump soon
as well. He didn't want to walk on the cold wet
floor, so he quietly crapped in his own
sleeping bag and laid in his own mess. Each boy
drifted in and out of sleep, and were finally
awakened the next morning by the sound of the
upstairs door.
"Wake up boys, you can come upstairs now."
They rubbed their eyes and got out of the
damp sleeping bags. David had shit smeared all
over his butt and legs, and Johnny had a shit
covered crack himself.
When the boys returned upstairs, their father
held his nose and pointed to the kitchen door.
"Outside with you two, I need to hose you off!"
The old man took off his robe, and led his two
sons to the patio deck outside the kitchen door.
He turned on the water for the garden hose, and
proceeded to hose off his soiled sons.
"Yeeeowww! That water is cold" they shreeked.
"Shut up and take it like men" their father
"Bend over boys"
He then pointed the stream of water into the
brown streaked cracks of their asses. He intensified
the force of the stream, and clensed their butts
well. The old man was horny as hell again, and
his eight inch erection was bobbing around like
a flag pole demanding attention.
"I think that you are both clean now."
The boys stood up and saw the erection on their
father, and knew something else was going to happen
"Lay down on the lawn chairs boys, it's time for
your father to give you an anal probe."
The old man approached his oldest son first.
"Lift up your legs son, and let me take a closer
look at your butthole."
John Jr. did as instructed, but was very afraid
of what his father wanted to do.
"Very nice and clean, but I need to check it out
closer..." the father commented and he moved his
nose right to his eldest sons anus. He took in a
big whiff and savored in the anal aroma. He then
licked the outer perimeter of the hole, then lapped
at the tight opening.
"It seems to be okay son, but I need to check
the tightness now. I will start with one finger,
then more."
Johhny was getting excited, and his penis was
becoming erect. The sensation of his father licking
his tight butthole was incredible. Now his dad
lightly poked at his puckered hole with his finger,
and the feeling was sensational.
"Oh I see you like this Johnny, your pecker is
nicely hard and looking manly my son!"
"Yes dad, it feels great. Push your finger in
further please." Johnny begged.
"You got it" and his father inserted the full
length of his index finger into his son's butt.
The boy quirmed with pleasure, and wanted more.
His father then thrusted two fingers into his
asshole and the boy lifted his butt and was
moaning in pleasure.
"Well now, it seems you are ready for the full
man test. It's time to put my cock inside of
Johnny shook his head yes, and his father
brought his massive erection to Johnny's mouth
for lubrication.
His dad then generously lubricated his virgin
anus with his tongue and spit.
"Here it comes my boy," and he quickly pushed
the thick head of his penis into his son's anus.
"OWWWWWWW Johnny yelled", but then started
moaning again."
His father could see that his muscles relaxed,
and pushed in further. He had about 4 inches of
his eight inch erection inside and the feeling
was awesome. The boy's butt was so tight, and
clinged to the old mans cock as it rammed into
the boy futher.
"Yes daddy YES! Put it ALL inside of me now"
The old man was pleased. His son had a real
pleasure for butt-fucking. He hoped his younger
son enjoyed it as well. He now shoved his entire
cock into the tight brown opening. The boy was
bucking and moaning wildly. Johnny had to whack
off. He rubbed his cock as his father fucked
his ass faster. Johnny then came. His creamy
young load splattered over his chest and even
up to his chin. His father was pleased that his
son could produce semen, and then he came.
He flooded his son with semen deep inside the
boy's anus. He unloaded a river of cum that
the boy squeezed out of the old man with his
tight butt muscles.
He finally withdrew his penis, and they both
sighed in relief. All this time, the younger
son David had been watching with interest. His
own ten year old cock had a small woody working.
The old man licked some of his son's semen to
sample his juices of early manhood. His own cum
started to trickle out of the boys overstreched
"Thanks dad" Johnny said.
"No thank you. My oldest son is officially a
man today." He then turned to David and said
"Help clean up your brother. Lick his butthole
clean for him."
David leaped up and moved closer to his
brother to inspect his back side. He quickly
moved his tounge to his brother's butthole, and
licked at the white semen that was oozing out.
After a few minutes he licked it all clean.
"Good job David. Later we'll both check your
butthole for tightness!!!"

**** The END of Part 1

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Dad Punishes His Boys