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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Daddy And The Perv

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 12:37:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: dws202 <>
Subject: Daddy and the Perv

This is a work of complete fiction containing scenes of m/b sex which are
all fantasy only. Please do not read if you are not of legal age or if this
material is illegal where you live. The author appreciates feedback and
comments, and please remember to donate to Nifty!

Daddy and The Perv

As they had agreed, Dan joined Jack at his apartment a few days later. "I'm
nervous," Dan admitted. "Don't be," said Jack, handing him a flash
drive. "I told you, the kid's a real pervert, he doesn't want anyone
knowing so he sure ain't gonna talk." "But he's only 13," said Dan. "Yeah,
well, he's old enough to know what's good for him," said Jack. "Why
wouldn't he go on film for you," asked Dan. Jack laughed out loud and
patted his beer gut. "Why should he want to film with me when he could do
it with Mr. Handsome over there," said Jack, referring to Dan, who
blushed. "Besides," Jack cooed and grinned evilly, "he says you remind him
of his daddy, the sick little bastard." Dan's cock immediately strained the
crotch of his slacks. He glanced over at the laptop on the desk. "How about
we take a look at this now," he suggested. Jack grinned, and took the flash
drive from Dan.

They had met online a few weeks before, after Dan had answered an ad on a
sex chat site. The ad said a middle-aged man sought buddies who were into
"dad-son" scenes for chatting only. Dan, who had long harbored his
perverted desires secretly, even as he got married and raised a family, was
intrigued. Too many people wanted to hook up right away, but because of his
situation, Dan was only seeking to talk to someone else with similar
interests. He found his online mate in Jack, who answered Dan's reply and
began a secret, online conversation. They found that they both had the same
desires, thoughts and fantasies, and Dan spent several nights late in the
evening, hidden away in the basement with his cell phone in one hand and
his hard cock in the other. It seemed Jack always knew just what to say to
make Dan crazy with lust.

As the conversation started one night, Dan finally asked a question that
had been on his mind. "So has it all just been what you fantasize about?
Have you ever down any of these things?" "Maybe," replied Jack
casually. "Come on man, I'm so fucking horny tonight," pleaded Dan. "Tell
me. What's the sickest thing you ever did?" It was then that Jack told Dan
about the boy who lived down the street, who had made it clear to Jack that
he was interested in sex with older guys. As Jack detailed how the boy had
come over to his place and offered up his tight hole to Jack, Dan jacked
off furiously, just suppressing a yell as he came all over
himself. Finally, Jack said, "that really turned you on, didn't it? Maybe
you should meet this kid." "I can't do that," Dan protested," you know I
have a family." "Suit yourself," Jack chuckled, then hung up. He knew Dan
would be in touch again soon.

He was, just a day later. But it wasn't about meeting anyone. Dan begged
Jack for some porn, not the staged crap you can find anywhere, but the good
stuff. He knew Jack must have some, and Dan was desperate. His
conversations with Jack had made him so horny he couldn't get through the
day without constant hard-ons, and it was becoming impossible to spend time
around his family. Jack said he didn't have anything like that, and even if
he did, why would he trust Dan to know? No matter how much Dan pleaded, and
promised his silence, Jack refused. And then he made his offer we can
kill two birds with one stone, he said. The kid comes over to my place, you
take him, and I film it, no heads or faces. That way you get off, you have
a hot video of yourself fucking a boy that will get you off for years to
come, and I can be sure you're not going to screw me over. Dan rejected the
plan outright, and stuck to his rejection for almost 24 hours. The next
day, on the train home, he watched as a group of young teen boys chattered
away to each other on the train home after work, noticing every aspect of
their hot young bodies. When he stood up to get off at his stop, a young
girl in front of him sniggered, and then turned away. Dan looked down at
the spreading wet stain on his crotch, feeling the precum grow cold and
sticky in his underwear. The lust inside him wouldn't be quiet, and he had
to release it. He called Jack later that night, and they made the

Dan's blood ran cold when he saw the text from Jack, who he had ignored
since getting the video from him. "Emergency, come over to my place ASAP."
Dan made an excuse and rushed from work to meet Jack, who seemed way too
calm when Dan arrived. "So what's the emergency," Dan demanded. "I just
thought that would get you over here, pal. I don't like being ignored,
especially when I did you such a big favor," Jack answered. Dan was
furious, but he knew he couldn't piss off someone with such power over him,
so he tried to keep his cool. "What the hell do you want anyway," Dan
muttered. "I just wanted to take a look at our little movie together, get
my rocks off again," said Jack. "Fine," Dan said. "I'll be back over here
later, about 10 maybe." "No need pal," Jack replied coolly. "I've got it
right here."

Dan's blood ran cold as Jack casually whipped out a flash drive and loaded
it into the laptop. He stood, unable to move, and watched as Jack began the
video, undoing his pants and dropping them to the floor, grabbing his fat
hard dick and jerking it as he watched the screen. Dan didn't even look at
the laptop, he just watched Jack pleasuring himself to the video, a sight
which despite everything couldn't help but excite him. Dan shook himself
from his reverie and walked over, grabbing Jack's arm. "I thought you said
one copy only," he practically shouted. "I lied," said Jack, turning back
to the screen and then continuing to jack off. "Besides, I like my version
better, don't you," he asked, not looking away from the laptop. Dan watched
helplessly as the image on the screen became clear, his face, twisted in
ecstasy as he fucked the boy underneath him, his own, unmistakable face and
body, pumping away at the teen boy's hole. Jack grunted and pitched his
hips forward as his semen spewed all over the towel he had grabbed and held
out in front of himself, then casually cleaned his dick off before pulling
up his pants. Dan remained frozen.

"But I checked the video before we even left the room," Dan protested. "You
saw yours, not mine," said Jack. "Two camcorders. You were so fucking
horned up and into fucking you never even noticed when I switched them."
Dan was silent, his rage dulled by dread. He managed, finally, to croak,
"what do you want?" "Oh, just for us to be good friends," said Jack. "We do
have a lot in common, you know." "I don't have anything in common with you,
you sick pervert," shouted Dan. "Oh yes you do," Jack said through clenched
teeth. "Don't forget pal, we've had lots of conversations about all those
sick, twisted things you want to do." "And what about you," Dan
retorted. "What about me," said Jack. "I have some dirty chat with a guy
online, big deal. I'm not the one with my mug all over the video, and
there's nothing to tie me to filming it either, so it's my word against
yours, and you're the one they have evidence on. Oh, and by the way, I'm
not stupid enough to have just the one here," Jack said, fingering the
flash drive. "There are others that will get out, in case, uh, anything
should happen?" Dan knew he was cornered, and he didn't like the way the
conversation was turning, so he forced himself to calm down and try to
defuse the situation. "Nothing's going to happen," he said as agreeably as
he could. "I just want to know. What do you want from me?" Jack smiled.

"Why are you showing me all these," Dan asked, as Jack pulled another flash
drive out of the laptop. He had now seen five different videos, all of
older guys fucking younger boys. Despite his growing anger, the videos had
made Dan harder than ever. "All nice," observed Jack," but all kinda the
same, no? I mean, a guy could use something different for his collection,
you know?" Jack fished another drive out of his desk and handed it to Dan,
along with an envelope. "Go home pal, you've had a long day. Oh, and don't
pop that drive in around the wife and kids, know what I'm sayin," he added
with a wink. "Fuck you," Dan muttered, and left.

After he was sure everyone upstairs was asleep Dan went to the basement and
slipped the drive into the computer he kept there. He noticed one of the
older guys in a video he had seen at Jack's, a man of about 50, slightly
balding, with glasses, a bit chubby. Jack had filmed his face, and the man,
eyes closed, was grunting in pleasure, obviously fucking. Dan wondered why
Jack would bother showing him this again, and was about to stop the video
when the camera panned down. On the bed, underneath the man, was a young
boy of 12, groaning and grunting, obviously in pain as the man fucked him
but also seeming to enjoy it as well. His face was visible, but he seemed
oblivious to the camera. Dan knew the boy was 12 because the boy was his
son, David. Panicked, Dan grabbed the envelope and tore it open. A note
inside read, "I think you know what I want. Give me a call." Dan ripped it
up, and sat in silence, watching. The man on the bed moaned louder and then
lifted himself up, his fat uncut cock plopping out of the boys abused
hole. Then the man reached down and began jacking himself furiously, his
cock still slick from being up the boy's ass. A few seconds later the man
came in great spurts, soaking David's ass and back with cum as the boy
whimpered on the bed. The camera came in for a close up of the naked,
cum-soaked boy, Dan's own son. A hot gush erupted in the crotch of Dan's
trousers, and an enormous wet, sticky spot grew larger as what seemed like
gallons of cum emptied into his pants. He looked down in surprise,
realizing that he hadn't even touched himself.

Dan slept walked through the next day, ducking down into the basement late
the following evening. Jack was expecting his call. When he absolutely
refused to give Dan any further information about the video, or how he had
come in contact with David, Dan could only think of one other question to
ask. "How do I know you're not going to screw me over on this like the last
time?" "I guess you don't," replied Jack. "But listen pal, it's not like
I'm itching to go out in public with any of this shit. I may not be in the
videos but having them is just as big of a problem, so even if you don't
trust me, all this stays in our close little circle." Dan hung up. He
grabbed the drive Jack had given him and was about to throw it on the
basement floor and smash it, when he paused. His mind went blank as his
cock twitched in his pants, and he found himself inserting the drive into
his computer. A few minutes later, milky white streams of Dan's cum
splattered all over the screen. He would clean that up later, he thought.
David sat on the bed, his head hung down so low it looked as if he might
fall asleep. Dan stood a few feet away, arms crossed, silent. His wife had
left with their daughter to visit her parents, and Dan had made an excuse
for David to stay home. Dan let David sob and heave for a while, then he
finally spoke again. "That's enough. I told you, you are not in trouble
with me, OK?" David managed to nod his head. "I just need to know how this
happened, it's very important. This is a bad man, and I need to figure out
how to handle it." Eventually, David pulled himself together and told his
father the story. The man in the video, Bob, worked at David's school. A
friend of David's had let him know that Bob was a dirty old man who liked
to dirty things, if David was interested. Once David and Bob had
established contact, Bob had persuaded David to go over to Jack's apartment
a few weeks ago, and they had been recorded. Afterwards, David was
terrified when Jack asked him if his father was Dan. He had denied it, but
could tell Jack knew the truth. He had avoided Bob and Jack ever
since. "Good," said Dan. "I'm going to figure a way out of this so we don't
get hurt, at least not too much. But you're going to have to buck up and do
what I tell you, and trust me on this. OK?" David said OK, and they left
the bedroom.

As they approached Jack's apartment David grew alarmed. "No, Dad, why are
we going there? That's where...that's where I was," he protested. "Calm
down," Dan said. "I told you we have to talk to this guy and make things
right. Just follow me and it'll all be fine." Dan took David by the
shoulders and led him up to the door, then rang. Jack answered in a
cheerful mood. "Well hello! Hey there David," he said, winking. Dan glared
at Jack, while David averted his gaze. They walked in, and Dan left David
at the entrance as he steered Jack a few feet away. "It's over," he stated
flatly. "What the hell does that mean," demanded Jack. Dan grinned,
slightly. "Just what I said. You don't win, and you're not calling the
shots anymore. I am." Jack, agitated, raised his voice. "Look, if you mean
you're not..." "Calm down, pal," Dan said, practically spitting Jack's
favorite word. "I told you. I'm calling the shots now. David," he
called. "Come with me." He took David's hand, and walked into Jack's
bedroom. Jack stood still, confused.

When he saw the bedroom David tried hard to pull away. "No, Dad, what are
you doing in here? We've gotta get out!" "Listen son," Dan replied
quietly. "There's just a few more things we need to take care of, OK? Then
this will all be over." He led his son over to the bed and sat him down as
Jack entered. "Just what are you up to, pal" he asked. "Shut up," said
Dan. "Get over there and do what I tell you," he barked. Jack stood against
the wall, camcorder in hand. "Now," said Dan, looking at David. Jack lifted
the camera and began taping. "Dad," pleaded David, "what are you doing?"
"Just relax, son," said Dan calmly. "Just relax," he repeated, as he began
to lift David's shirt over his head. David continued to protest and squirm,
and Dan had to hold him down on the bed with one hand as he undid his son's
shorts with the other. "Daddy, no" David practically screamed as Dan pulled
his shorts and tight little undies down his smooth legs, flicking them off
into the corner. Neither the stolen glances that had fueled his fantasies,
or even what he could make out of his son's body on the video he had seen,
were anything close to seeing his son naked now. David was propped against
the headboard, heaving, a wild and scared look in his eyes, as Dan held his
firmly by the ankles. His body was still slight and boyish, more so than
the boy David had fucked on this very bed. But his thighs and calves had
begun to take on definition from playing sports, and he was tan from being
outside, just a hint of golden, wispy hair on his legs. And on his balls,
which were exposed as Dan pushed David's legs apart. His scrotum was tight
against his body, just below the one thing Dan had not seen on David's
body, at least since he was very little. His son's pecker, pink and smooth,
small but beautiful, and standing erect. Despite his fear and confusion, it
was obvious David was excited.

Dan moved forward towards David, who immediately pushed back against the
headboard in fear. "No, dad, please, stop it," he begged. Dan stopped, and
looked at his son curiously. Then he reached over abruptly, grabbing
David's shoulders and pulling him closer. "So you'd let that fat guy play
with you but not me, huh," he practically hissed in David's ear. David
whined back, "it's not right, we shouldn't be doing this." Dan immediately
shot back, in a low voice so Jack couldn't hear, "you're in no position to
tell me what's right or wrong, boy." Dan glared at David, who stared
down. David's once erect pecker was now soft from fear and shame. Dan's
glance softened, and he moved forward, gently stroking his son's upper arms
and bending down to brush his lips across his bare shoulders. David
shuddered as if the temperature had fallen sharply, and he grew limp. His
father continued to move his lips across the boy's body, gently kissing his
soft pecs and hard nipples, which made his son emit a low cry. Dan's tongue
began to lick David's chest as he reached down for his son's dick, now
stiff again, and began to rub it. David's entire body went rigid with
excitement, then relaxed, as his breathing came quicker and heavier. As he
continued kissing his son's naked body and rubbing his stiff little pecker,
David felt his son's hands reach out and grab at his belt buckle. David
undid his father's trousers and tried to pull them down, but he couldn't
reach. Dan straightened up, smiled down at David, and then pulled his pants
and boxers down to his knees. The folds of his Oxford shirt came to rest on
both of his muscular thighs, and his cock, harder than it had ever been in
Dan's life, sprang out between the shirttails, all six inches throbbing,
the veins pulsing, the head purple and slit open, leaking clear
precum. David stared transfixed, pleasing his father, who watched him for a
moment. Then Dan grabbed his son gently but firmly by the hair, pushed his
head forward until his son's mouth was less than an inch from his cock, and
said, "put it in your mouth and suck it." David did as he was told.

Dan threw his head back and closed his eyes as his son sucked on his
cock. He was only able to put a few inches into his son's mouth without
gagging him, but he wanted to take it slow at first. The sensation of his
son's mouth, and looking down to see the boy blowing his father, were so
intense Dan felt the cum begin to rise inside him. He knew he needed to
pull back or this would be over too soon, so he grabbed David's hair and
pulled him off his dick. He stared down, his pulsating cock now slick with
spit, his son looking up at him with eyes burning with lust. Dan could see
Jack out of the corner of his eye, taping with one hand, furiously rubbing
his crotch with the other. He decided to play for the camera, and asked
David, "are you going to do whatever daddy tells you now?" "Yes, sir,"
David quickly agreed. "Make him prove it," Jack interjected. "Shut up," Dan
said, but thinking, not a bad idea. He smiled, and swiveled around, his
pants still around his knees. He reached behind him, grabbing his son by
the hair again, and said, "give daddy a kiss." He pushed David's head
towards him as he bent over, exposing his muscular ass and hairy crack. He
pushed harder, shoving David's face between his asscheeks, and ordered him,
"stick out your tongue and lick daddy's hole." An instant later he felt his
son's hot tongue poking into his sweaty rectum, as it began to push in and
ream his hole out. "Oh fuck," Dan sighed in absolute pleasure. "Oh fuck,"
he heard practically next to him, as Jack came in closer for a good shot of
the boy rimming his father's ass. Dan let the boy rim him for several
minutes as Jack taped them, enjoying the sensation immensely, which was
only heightened by the idea of being able to watch the filthy act
later. Then Dan pulled his son's head back and swung his legs off the bed,
standing up and taking his pants off completely now. David remained on the
bed, on his knees, his little cock stiff and throbbing, staring at his
dad's naked legs, fat cock, and hairy balls. Jack moved away to get a good
angle, taking the opportunity to lose his own pants and free his fat, hard
cock. "Good boy, that felt great," cooed Dan, as he unbuttoned his shirt.
Then he was completely naked, and sat back down on the bed. Each of them,
Dan and David, stared at each other. Each with the same wavy brown hair,
each with the same chiseled face, each with the same, sleepy, pale blue
eyes, Dan in his hairy, muscular prime, David in his slight, boyish frame,
each one a mirror image of the other separated by three decades. Then Dan

"I've wanted to do this for a long, long time. I wanted to be the first,
but, well, you beat me to it." David blushed. "It makes my dick hard when I
look at you, and I jack off at night thinking about fucking you. Do you
understand what I'm saying," Dan asked. David nodded. Then Dan asked, "did
you like what Bob did to you?" David hesitated. "I guess so," he said. "Oh,
he liked it alright, the little pervert took that fat dick straight up his
hole and begged for it," offered Jack. Dan was about to tell him to shut
the hell up when he realized he liked hearing those words, despite the
source. "Is that true," asked Dan. "I guess so," David repeated. Dan moved
a bit closer. "Do you want your daddy to do that to you too?" David stared
down at the bed. Dan lifted his chin slightly with his right hand, moved
in, and covered his son's mouth with his own, probing him with his tongue,
David gasping for air. Dan moved back, and asked again, "do you want daddy
to fuck you?" And David said, "yes, daddy." Dan replied, "I may not be the
first, but I'm gonna teach you how to fuck like a man. Some of this is
going to hurt a little but I promise, you'll be getting off on this for the
rest of your life." "OK daddy," David said in his small voice. Dan stood
up. "Get on your hands and knees," he ordered, and David complied.

Jack swooped in to get a close up of David's beautiful, plump, hairless ass
sticking up in the air, his pink puckered boyhole winking at the
camera. The he panned back to get Dan, standing above his son and admiring
him, stroking his hard cock in anticipation. David cried out in surprise
and delight as he felt his father's prickly, unshaven face scratching
against his buttcheeks, followed by his dad's hot tongue probing deep past
his sphincter. Dan spread David's cheeks wider to gain maximum access as he
dove into his son's rectum, and David sighed and moaned with pleasure. Dan
stopped, pulled back, and rested his dick at the top of David's
asscrack. Making sure Jack got it on tape, he bent down and spat a huge wad
on his cockhead, then reached down and rubbed the slick spit over the top
of his dick. Jack crept in, and had the camcorder practically on top of
Dan's head as he pushed his cock slowly down his son's asscrack, stopping
at the now partially open sphincter. Dan pushed forward as Jack zoomed to
get a shot of the father's cockhead entering his son's anus, and David drew
a sharp breath. Then Dan paused, waited a few seconds, and placed his hands
on his son's hips. With one swift movement, he shoved his cock all the way
into his son's hole.

Jack was sure his neighbors would hear David's piercing scream, but he
didn't care. He zoomed back to get a shot of Dan looking down, his cock
planted firmly in David's ass, and his son groaning, panting and grimacing,
trying desperately not to move or flinch. Dan, once again aware of the
camera, called out loudly, "do you want daddy to fuck your tight little
ass, boy?" David, still grimacing, managed to gasp out, "yes." Dan pulled
his cock out almost to the end, then rammed it forward back into the tight
hole, causing David to cry out. Dan did this again, and again, and again,
each time causing his son's head to push deeper into the bed, each time
eliciting a loud cry from David. As he continued, David's cries became more
guttural, and soon turned into moans muffled by the mattress. David's body
relaxed, his arms went limp, his head lolled to the side as he continued to
moan, over and over, his hips beginning to meet Dan's repeated thrusts. He
was getting fucked like a champ. Jack called out from the side, "How does
it feel shoving your cock up your own son's ass?" "It feels fucking
fantastic," said Dan. "How about you baby, do you like daddy's dick up your
hole?" "Yes daddy," moaned David. "Oh fuck, this is so fucking hot," said
Jack. Dan looked over at him, his fat cock practically dancing in front of
him as he filmed. David put the camcorder down, and looked at Dan. Dan
nodded, still thrusting into David. Jack came over to the bed, and placed
the camcorder on it. Then he climbed on next to the headboard and got on
his knees, grabbing the camera and resuming filming. Dan reached down,
pulled his son's head up by the hair, and moved it towards Jack's
cock. "Suck it, boy," he barked. David took as much as the fat hard dick
into his mouth as he could. Jack cried out but continued to tape, panning
down at the boy getting spitroasted by his daddy and the perv. The sight
was too hot, and the boy's eager mouth and tight hot bunghole were bringing
the men close to climax. "We need to pull out and do a cum shot," suggested
Jack. "No way," said Dan. "The first time anyone shoots his load up this
boy's ass, it's gonna be his daddy's." Jack was too excited to argue. In
just a few more seconds, Dan began to moan louder and louder, bucking
wildly, and both he and David yelled as Dan emptied his hot load into his
son's bowels. Jack had pulled his cock out of David's mouth to get the shot
of the boy taking his dad's load up the ass. He kept filming as Dan,
breathless, pulled his cock out of David's hole. David remained still,
panting, his ass in the air. "Come over here," said Dan to Jack. "Check
this out." Jack zoomed in to get a shot of David's stretched hole, his
father's cum leaking out and down onto his balls, dripping onto the
bed. "Fuck," whispered Jack. Then Dan got up and moved to the front of his
son, lifting up his head and asking, "did you like that, baby?" "Yes,
daddy," said David. "Lick it clean," ordered Dan, and David put his
father's slimy dick into his mouth. "There's your shot," said Dan to Jack.

The last scene of the video flickered in the basement gloom. It was David,
licking his dad's cock clean, as stripes of hot white cum land all over his
face and hair from an unseen dick. Dan moaned at the sight, throwing his
head back, as he shot a load all over the place, even reaching the
computer. "Shit," he muttered. He had underestimated the power of the video
to make him bust such a big load, once again. He was surprised, because he
had already cum not long before. It was another big load, and it was slowly
seeping out of his son's rectum and onto the seat of his pyjamas as he
slept soundly upstairs, tuckered out from once again taking his daddy's
cock up his ass.

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