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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Daddy Needs Help

Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 21:52:14 -0600
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Daddy Needs Help

Daddy Needs Help
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his preteen
son. It was inspired by a reader's request. If you have a hard time
separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you
shouldn't continue reading.

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Mom has been sick with cancer for a long time. She is often in and out of
the hospital. This time she's at a special one far away from home, so Dad
and I have been staying in a nearby hotel. I was in the bathroom when I
overheard Dad talking on the phone: "Yeah, I'm so fucking horny right now
I'd screw the knot in a tree!" He laughed when he said it, but I heard him
mention sex things quite a bit. I'm only 10, so I don't really know what
"horny" means, but I had seen some sex stuff in my friend's brother's
magazines. I

I waited until he got off the phone before I came out of the bathroom. I
climbed onto the bed next to him and cuddled. We were both in just our
underwear. We lay together quietly before I finally asked: "Dad, what does
`horny' mean?"

"Crap. You heard that, huh?" I nodded my head against his chest.
"Well. . . basically it means when someone needs to have sex really badly."

"Like how badly?"

"VERY badly. Like you can barely think of anything else. It drives you

I thought about that for a bit while I played with the hairs on Dad's
chest. "You have it pretty bad?"

"Ohmigawd, Seth. You have NO idea," he responded.

I remembered the pictures we had seen in the magazine. Guys always seemed
to like to have their penis in someone's mouth. I think it was called a
blowjob or something like that. I got up and moved down the bed a bit.
Dad had his eyes closed. I looked at the opening of his red and blue plaid
boxers. I took a deep breath and then quickly reached in. I grabbed his
dick and pulled it out. As Dad began to move, I put his soft thing in my
mouth and began sucking on it.

"SETH! What the hell are you doing?" I ignored him and continued sucking.
I could feel it growing in my mouth as it got hard. "Seth, STOP!" I
adjusted my position as his penis got very stiff, but I continued sucking.
It tasted a little salty, but I liked how its skin felt over his hard dick
and the feel of the veins. "Oh gawd," I heard him say, his hand resting on
my bare shoulder.

Now that he wasn't resisting, I decided to pull his boxers off. In the
magazine they always want their clothes off. I let go of his dick and
grabbed his underwear and peeled them down his legs as quickly as I could.
After they were off, I put my head between his hairy legs and began sucking
on his balls. They were covered in black curly hairs that felt weird on my
tongue, but he was moaning so I continued.

Remembering the pictures I moved up to his chest and sucked on his nipples.
His rough hands rubbed the skin on my back. "You're so soft and smooth,
Seth." When I looked up at him, he said "You should really stop, son."

His fingers were in my hair as I answered "Mommy said to take care of you,
so that's what I'm going to do." He moved my face to his, and I felt him
kiss me on the lips. Then his lips opened, and I felt his tongue enter my
mouth. It felt weird, but I figured he liked this so I just tried to do
what he was doing.

When he stopped kissing me, he looked at me. I could almost feel his brown
eyes staring through me. "You're a good boy, Seth. You really are." His
hand slid down my back and squeezed my butt. "You can't tell Mom, though.
Or anyone else. Nothing about tonight."

"I won't, Daddy." And with that promise I returned to his crotch and
continued giving him his blowjob. His legs spread wider, and he moaned as
his fingers ran through my hair. As I kept sucking on him, I mentally went
through the photos I had seen. I knew dicks went into vaginas, but I
didn't have one of those. But then I remembered seeing one of the guys had
his dick in the girl's butt. I sucked on him a bit more and then got up.

"You're not stopping are you?" he asked almost panicked.

"No, Daddy. I won't stop until you shoot that white stuff." That's when
the stories ended in the magazine. I stripped out of my underwear. Dad
smiled and motioned for me to come over. I climbed back onto the bed, and
we kissed again. As we kissed I felt his hand on my dick. He kissed me
heavier as he played with my penis. I moved over him so that my knees were
on either side of him. As he tongued my mouth, I could feel his dick
rubbing against my butt. Soon his hands were on each of my butt cheeks,
too. Then I could feel him playing with my dick again.

I stopped kissing him and moved backward. Then I began sitting on his
dick, but it kept slipping out of my crack. Dad watched me intensely until
I finally decided to grab his hard penis while I sat on it. "Seth, stop!
Just keep sucking."

"No, Daddy. I know guys like putting their dick in vaginas and butts." Then
I continued and managed to get the tip of his dick inside me. His fingers
dug into my butt, and he moaned. I kept trying to push more into me, but I
was having a hard time.

"Seth, if you're serious about this, you need lube."

"What's that?"

"It makes my dick extra slippery so it can slide in more easily," he said.

I got up. "Where is it?"

He looked at me stunned for a few seconds. "I don't have any." He thought
for a bit. "We can use lotion, though. Lots of it."

"There's some in the bathroom!" I said, and I ran into the restroom and
grabbed the small bottle. I brought it back and handed it to Daddy.

He squirted a bunch and coated his cock with it. "I should probably put
some in your butt." I was on my hands and knees, so I just turned around
so my butt was facing him. I felt his finger push into my hole, and he
slowly moved it back and forth. "Sonofabitch!" he said.


"You're super tight, son. You sure you want to go through with this? It's
probably going to hurt."

"Mommy said to take care of you!"

"I don't think that included sucking my cock and me fucking you," he said.

When I felt his finger pull out, I prepared myself. He didn't move, and so
I said "Daddy, you're supposed to get behind me."

"You want it doggy, huh?" he said as I felt him moving behind me. I could
feel the hairs of his legs against me as he got into position, and his dick
was rubbing against my butt.

"That's how they did it in the pictures, Daddy."

"There are all kinds of ways of doing it, Seth," he said as I felt his cock
pushing into me. "Holy shit!" he said, and I felt him slide a bit more
into me. At first I thought something was wrong, but since he continued I
decided he liked it. When he put more into my butt, the burning began. I
bit my lower lip as the burning got worse. When Daddy asked me if
everything was okay, I lied and said yes.

He kept entering me slowly. It felt like someone was sticking a tree
branch up my butt! I had my head against the bed by now, and so I bit a
mouthful of bedspread to help. Soon he was slowly moving it back and forth
in my hole. "Oh fuck YES!" he said. I felt him begin to pick up speed as
his fingers dug into my hips.

The pain and burning started to ease up. He started going faster as he
swore again, and then suddenly he froze. Except I could feel his dick
jumping inside my butt as he yelled "FUCK!" His fingers kept their grip as
I felt something warm inside me.

When his dick stopped moving as much, Daddy had me lay on my belly, and
then we rolled onto our side. He kissed me as his hand found my dick. It
was soft. As we kissed his hand ran up and down my body. Every so often
my butt muscle would squeeze his dick, and it would twitch again.

After a while he pulled out of me and went to the bathroom. I flexed my
butt muscles repeatedly trying to squeeze the pain away. Dad was on the
bed quickly. He rolled me onto my back. His naked body covered mine, and
he kissed me slowly with his tongue again. "I love you so much, Seth! That
was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much!"

I smiled big and said "You're welcome! I love you, too, Daddy!" He
returned my smile and said it was time for bed. "Okay, I'll get my PJs."

"No," he said, stopping me with his hand. "Let's sleep naked. I like how
you feel." We climbed into bed together. I was on my side, and he lay
behind me, his muscular arm draped over my chest snugly. I felt so secure
in his embrace and fell asleep rapidly.

In the morning he was laying on his back. I moved my leg against his
letting it tickle me. He stirred and rolled toward me. His dick was hard
again. I didn't want him to suffer from being horny again. I squirted
lotion into my hand and put more in my butt with my finger. I rolled onto
my side, held onto his dick, and then I backed up until he entered me. I
pushed backward so that it entered me more deeply. I felt his arm wrap
around me and then his whiskers against my cheek before he pushed his penis
in deeper. "You must've really enjoyed last night," he said.

"I like helping you, Daddy."

He pushed his dick into me a little harder this time and started moving
back and forth again. "You think you want to keep helping Daddy by letting
him fuck you?"

"Sure, Daddy."

"I'll get some lube today, then. That will make things go more easily."
He kept pushing, a little more forcibly than last night, so I had to bite
my pillow to deal with the pain. Daddy began fucking again, and in a bit I
felt his body pushing against me. He pushed me onto my stomach, and then
he started going a little faster. I could feel his body bumping against
me, and I wondered, as he seemed to slide in further, if he had actually
put his whole big thing in me. "Fuck that feels so good, Seth! Goddamn!"
he said as he started to pick up speed again.

Suddenly I felt the blanket and sheets flung off us. Daddy's dick pulled
out of me. "Get on your back!" he said. "I want to watch your face." I
turned over onto my back. He grabbed my legs and pushed my knees against
my chest. "Grab onto your legs." I held them as he replaced his cock
inside me. As he started fucking me again, his face lowered to mine, and
he kissed me gently. Only for a moment, though. Soon he was kissing me
hard as he was pounding against my butt. "I. So. Fucking. Love. You," he
grunted as he moved his cock back and forth inside me. He went faster and
faster, and then he stopped, and I felt that twitching again from his dick
along with the warm stuff spreading inside my hole.

He kissed me while he left his dick in my butt. I released my legs and put
my arms around his neck as we continued necking. Once he stopped kissing
me, he said "I guess we should go eat breakfast and see Mom." I nodded,
and we kissed again.

We both went to the bathroom and got dressed. He was sitting in the chair
as he put his shoes on. When he was done, he motioned for me to come over.
He spread his legs, and I moved between them. He kissed me on the lips and
then moved his rough thumb against them before he kissed me again, this
time thrusting his tongue into my mouth. He broke it and said "We better

We ate breakfast, dropped by 7-11, and then went to the cancer center to
see Mom. She was sleeping through most of the time we were there. After
lunch I was getting pretty bored and climbed into Dad's lap. I rubbed my
cheek against his, and the next thing I knew he was kissing me again, like
we had in the hotel room. Soon I felt his hand rubbing my groin. He
stopped and looked at my sleeping mother. "Go into the bathroom," he told

When I got up, he did as well, and we walked into the bathroom together.
"Sit down on the toilet," he said as he locked the door. I heard the fan
turn on before he came and stood in front of me, and I watched as he undid
his zipper. "I need you, Seth," he said as he pulled out his swollen dick.
I opened my mouth, leaned forward, and then began sucking him. "Yes, Seth!
Suck Daddy's cock! Feels so good!"

As I continued giving him a blowjob, he started pushing more of it into my
mouth. Soon he had my head and was pulling toward him as he shoved his
thick dick into my mouth. I gagged every so often, but he just kept doing
it. "Suck it, son! Suck that fucking cock! I want to feel you drain it!"
He sped up and was shoving his dick against my throat. I tried to relax
and just let him guide my head. I watched the dark curly hairs around his
thing move back and forth as his cock rocked back and forth in my mouth.
After a while I felt his dick get thicker, and then I was choking as salty
stuff flooded my mouth. I struggled against my coughing and felt like I
couldn't breathe. I felt like all I could do was swallow, and as soon as I
did Daddy said "YES! Swallow it! FUCK!"

I continued swallowing, even as the fluid stopped flowing, until Daddy told
me to stop. When he let go of my head, he pulled his dick out and looked
down at me. His eyes looked weird as he smiled at me. He had his dick in
his hand, and he wiped it against my lips. I could feel stuff on them, and
so I licked more salty stuff. He smiled, and while I looked up at him I
opened my mouth and began sucking on his somewhat soft dick. He ran his
fingers through my head.

He stepped back and guided me to my feet. He leaned down and kissed me.
He put his mouth next to my ear and said "I bought lube today. I'm going
to fuck you so hard tonight." He kissed me again, and while he did I undid
my pants and let them drop. He stopped and looked down to see what I was
doing. He smiled and sat down on the toilet. I came over to him, and he
slowly pulled down my boxers. He turned me around and bent me over. I
felt his finger push into my butt. He slowly fingered it for a while
before pulling me down onto his lap. He grabbed my chin and turned my face
toward his. He kissed me hard as he rubbed my hard dick. After a bit he
quit. "Tonight." He kissed my neck. "So hard."

We stood up, and I got dressed as he put his dick back in his pants. Then
we went and sat with Mom. We left when it was dinnertime. We stopped at a
restaurant. Daddy even let me order a banana split!

When we got home, I saw Daddy carry the small white bag from 7-11 that I
knew contained the lube. Once we got inside, Daddy set the bag down on the
nightstand, tool his shoes off, and went into the bathroom. I took mine
off and then removed the bottle from the bag while he peed. It looked like
. . . thick water. I set it down when Daddy came back into the room. Once
again he ran his thumb along my lips and smiled at me. "My sweet, precious,
little boy." I smiled at him and rubbed his crotch.

Dad moved backward and sat down in the chair. I kissed him like he had
been doing to me, and then I took hold of his shirt and pulled it off him.
I sucked on one of his nipples as I reached down and undid his belt. Then
I unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them as well. I grabbed his pants and
pulled them out from under him. He kept his hips raised so I could also
grab his underwear. After I had pulled them off his body, I moved between
his legs and took his hard dick into my mouth. I sucked him slowly and
then did his balls as well.

After a few moments, I stood up and stepped back. I removed my shirt, and
Daddy told me to move slower. I slowly undid my pants and lowered them.
Then I grabbed my underwear and slowly slid out of them as well. Dad
stroked his cock as he watched me. I grabbed the bottle. As we kissed, I
undid the lid and poured a bunch on his dick. "Rub it on," he said softly.
I rubbed the kind of sticky stuff up and down. "Yeah, that's good," he
said after a few moments. I moved in to kiss him. When he stopped the
kiss, he whispered in my ear "I want you so badly!" His hands were rubbing
up and down my back and butt softly.

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, too. So. Fucking. Much."

With that I separated from and walked to the bed. Then I climbed onto it
and got on my hands and knees and again, my butt facing him. He walked up
to me and got on the bed. I felt him pull my cheeks apart, and then I
heard him sniff. I could feel his breath on my butt. Then I felt
something wet move against my hole. I could tell his face was in my crack,
so I figured it was probably his tongue. He licked again a few more times,
and then he kissed along the crack and over the small of my back. I felt
his dick push into my hole, and then one of his hands slid up my skin and
gripped my shoulder. Then it came.

My butt felt like it was on fire as his dick slid into me faster and harder
than before. I guess that stuff he got helped because I could feel his
long dick moving inside me a lot easier. It still hurt, though. My rear
still felt like it was burning, but it also felt good. The more he got in,
and the more he moved back and forth, the better it felt. Soon I was able
to release my teeth's grip on the blanket.

His cock moved back and forth slowly. I felt his grip on my shoulders
tighten, and then all of a sudden it felt like a pole got rammed up my
butt! "Daddy!" I cried out as our bodies pressed together. I could feel
the hairs around his dick against my buns as his body stayed pushed against

"Gawd your ass feels so good, son!" he said, and then I felt his dick
moving backward. It stopped after a bit, and then it was pushed back in.
He repeated this slowly. "I'm the luckiest dad in the world! I so fucking
love you, Seth." And then he picked up speed. He was moving much more
quickly. I could feel his balls bounce against my cheeks. He did this
only for a few moments before stopping. Then he slowly humped me for a bit
before speeding up again.

After several moments of this, he stopped. I felt him pull his dick out.
I saw him lay down, and he pulled me to him. He kissed me roughly. "I
want you to sit on it, Seth. Just like how your mother likes to be

He guided me so that I was sitting by his dick. "I don't know what to do,"
I said. He grabbed his dick with one hand, and with the other he guided me
backward. I felt him enter me, and then I started sitting down pushing his
thick cock inside me deeply. Daddy kept pushing me down, and after a bit
he started pushing his hips upward. I took over and forced myself down
until my weight was resting against him.

"Yes, baby! Sit on my cock! YES! Now ride it, Seth. Ride Daddy's dick!" He
started moving his hips like when he was fucking me before, so I moved my
legs so I could start lifting my body. I moved up and down as he continued
pumping his cock. He had his hands on my hips as he stared into my eyes
while he fucked me. "You look so much like your mother, Seth." He reached
up and grabbed me by the neck. He pulled me down and shoved his tongue in
my mouth.

I felt his dick sliding back and forth inside my butt as he kissed me hard.
Then I felt his arms wrap around me, and he flipped me onto my back. His
cock stayed inside me the whole time, and he began really pounding me hard.
I was moaning in his mouth as he kissed me roughly. Just as suddenly he
pulled out of me. He got off the bed, grabbed my legs and yanked me to the
edge of the mattress. Next he turned me over, and then I felt his cock
slam into me again making me moan loudly. I could feel him ramming his
hard dick into me. I heard slapping noises as he repeatedly slammed into

He was going faster and faster, and then he pulled out of me again. "Quick,
Seth! Get my cock in your mouth." I turned over as fast as I could. As
soon as my head was within reach, he grabbed my hair and pulled me to his
dick. I felt it shoved down my throat, and he fucked my mouth hard for a
few seconds before I was choking on his salty load. I swallowed the thick
fluid as it shot into my mouth.

After the flow slowed down, Daddy pulled backward. I watched him kneel
down, and then I felt his mouth on my stiffy. I had never felt something so
incredible before! He sucked on me until I felt my dick twitching and
thought I might pass out. When it stopped moving, Daddy moved up and
kissed me again. "Fuck I love you son!"

"I love you, too, Daddy!" I sure did enjoy helping Daddy!

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Daddy Needs Help