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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Down And Out - Down And Out 8

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 03:50:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Down and Out, Chapter 8

You know the drill. You must be of legal age to read this story. If sex
between males offends you then leave now. All my stories are copy
righted. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


I awoke the next morning, my tummy gurgling with Jeff's massive cum loads.
He had slipped out of me and had eased my plug in without waking me. Dad
was quietly sipping his coffee and reading the paper.

"Good morning Dad....Is there some more coffee?"

Dad lowered his paper and looked at me. "Well, good morning sleepy head.
Yeah, there's plenty......So how is your ass feeling this morning?"

"Jeff told you?"

"Hell son, ya'll woke me up last night. It was so rough and went on so
long I almost got concerned. Then Jeff explained it all to me before he
left for work."

"Yeah, it was a little scary at first, but then I got into it......We wore
each other out!"

"I should think so after listening to the two of you."

I got off the sofa and slowly walked over to join Dad at the table. He
laughed a little at how I was moving and decided to get me my cup of
coffee. I had just downed my first sip when the phone rang.

"Probably Jeff checking to see if I was able to walk."

Dad answered the phone. It wasn't Jeff. He talked, or rather listened, for
several minutes. When he finished and hung up, he looked at me.

"That was the realtor.........they accepted our bid......we have our place
in the country."

Now Chapter 8

I was so excited, I jumped out of my chair and hugged Dad for dear life.
Within seconds, our lips were locked together and I was grinding my body
against Dad's.

"I take it you need to get fucked?"

"Yes Dad...please!"

"Son, you never have to ask me twice."

Dad gathered me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. In no time
he was out of his clothes and had my legs in the air, his big cock sliding
deep inside me.

"Damn baby, Jeff really filled you with his sperm!"

"Yeah, now it's your turn....And Dad,.....please take your time.....I want
to feel you hard and in me all day."

"Well, I don't know about ALL day, but if we nap, I'll keep it inside you."


Dad slowly moved his cock deep inside me, most of the time keeping it
buried deep. I just smiled and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his
rigid cock.

Dad took his time breeding me in various positions. After he came in me the
third time, we spooned and took a nap. He wrapped me in his arms and
pressed his still swollen cock deep inside me and kept it there. When he
woke up, he rolled me over onto my stomach and started fucking me some

"God, I love your hot little boy pussy!"

"Thanks's all yours and Jeff's!"

Dad just laid on my back pressing his cock deep inside me for the longest
time. When I started working my ass muscles, he groaned.

"Dad...pound me please!"

"You sure?"

"Yes sir."

He raised up off my back and started increasing the length of his fuck
stroke. Before I knew it, he was fucking my lights out. It was awesome
feeling him as he slammed his cock into me over and over. I was moaning out
in pleasure.

"Oh baby boy.....I will never get tired......of making love to you.....Your
ass is like a furnace.....and your ass muscles...are something else."

I was working my ass muscles along the length of his shaft. Within
moments, I could feel Dad's cock getting harder and swelling. His rubbing
of my prostate sent me over the edge. As I started cumming, I was moaning
as my ass clamped down on his cock. Dad moaned he was cumming, then
bellowed his release as he slammed into me, his cock spewing his cum load
deep inside me. I could feel his body flexing with each release. Then he
collapsed on top of me.

"Thank you son....that was awesome as usual......Now you're primed and
ready for your brother."

Dad kissed my ear and neck as he came down from his orgasm, then slowly
eased out of my ass. As he got off the bed, he lovingly slapped my ass.

No sooner was Dad in the shower than I heard Jeff enter the trailer. He
came into the bedroom and saw my ass on display awaiting his pleasure.

"Now THAT is so fucking HOT to come home to....Dad in the shower?"

"Yes, but you don't need one.....strip and breed me stud!"

Jeff chuckled. "Anything special?"

"We got the place in the country!" I said as I rolled on to my back.

A huge smile crossed Jeff's face "Oh man, I can't wait to make love to you
under that big tree by the stream."

"Well, that will have to wait" I said as I raised my legs and exposed my
hole to him. "Right now, I want you to celebrate inside here" I said as I
began fingering my hole.

A huge smile crossed Jeff's face. I looked down at his crotch and his jeans
were straining to release his huge cock. Jeff stripped off his shirt,
boots, socks and then his jeans. I could tell he was as anxious as I was to
fuck. It was like a duck on a June bug as Jeff came up the bed. Once he
was over me, he started kissing me passionately. His hands gripped my
shoulders to hold me in place as his hips pushed forward, his cock piercing
my ass muscle and sliding deep inside my rectum. His eyes closed and he
moaned as he buried his full shaft inside me. Then I was moaning as I felt
him fill me with his cock.

"Damn bro, so hot, tight and do you want it?"

"Jeff, you're in's your own pleasure."

Jeff smiled as he pulled almost out of me and then pushed back in fully,
pressing his crotch hard against my ass as he tried to get every bit of his
cock inside me. Then he took off and really started fucking me, long and
hard. He had me grunting every time he bottomed out. I loved it when he
took control and surprised me. Every few minutes, he would change his
position of attack. Then I started talking dirty to him.

"Yeah stud. Is that all you've got for your bitch boy? I want you to fuck
my brains out. Fuck your pussy boy into the mattress and fill me with your

Damn, did it work. Jeff gripped me in a death grip as he went to town
pounding my ass. I finally realized his strength as he worked me around and
pounded me into next year. It was awesome.

"Yeah, is this what my love wants...he wants his man to take charge and
dominate his pussy apart and plant his seed deep inside him?"

"YES! I want you to take and claim what is yours."

Within minutes Jeff came in buckets. His grip on my shoulders held me in
place while his cock throbbed out his release. Then he devoured my mouth
with his.

"Thanks really turn me on when you talk dirty. Makes me want to
fuck and breed you into the damn bed."

"No Jeff, thank you. I feel safe and loved when you fuck me."

It was a couple days before Dad went to the closing on the farm. In the
meantime, we had all agreed Dad, Jeff and a team of construction workers
would redo the inside of the house before we moved in. Weeks went by. I
stayed at the trailer as Dad and Jeff wanted it all to be a surprise to me.
They were gone at sunup and I didn't see them home till after dark. I guess
they noticed my mood swing since I wasn't getting fucked like I had been
use to. The next thing I knew, Dad would leave in the morning and Jeff
would stay and breed me. At noon, they would switch places. Jeff would
supervise the remodeling and dad would be home taking his turn at breeding
me. I realized I had really become a slut for cock. I needed to have Dad or
Jeff breeding me whenever the chance arose.

That is until I started burning in my ass. At first I thought I was raw but
Dad took a look at me and said I had a yeast infection. No sex for a couple
days. But once I was back to feeling like my old self, I demanded they
start fucking me again. I didn't have to ask twice, especially Jeff. That
following weekend, his cock hardly ever left my ass. We were so in love
with each other it was becoming hard to be apart.

The weeks passed. It was August when the remodeling work was completed on
the house. Dad and Jeff took me out that weekend to make my inspection. It
was awesome! The kitchen was all new with cabinets and appliances. Ceramic
tile floor. The hardwood floors had been refinished throughout the rest of
the house. They knew I hated carpet and would rather work with an
occasional rug for contrast. The master bedroom had been enlarged and an
enormous master bath added on. Every thing was coming together.

Saturday was spent furniture shopping and the next week the house was fully
furnished. The third bedroom was made into an office with a day bed. The
spare bedroom, supposedly the 'boy's room', had a queen size bed. It was
just for appearances if the need ever came up.

The following Saturday, we gathered all our clothes and other personal
belongings and said goodbye to the trailer. As I walked through it for the
last time, memories flashed through my head of all the love making that had
gone on there in every room. But now it was time to move on and create new
memories on our own farm.

That night the three of us showered together in our new master bath. We
washed each other, played around and Dad and Jeff each fucked me under the
spray as we initiated the bathroom. When we got in our new bed, they broke
it in by each breeding me again. I fell asleep sandwiched between my two
men with Jeff's cock planted deep inside me.

I awoke before sunrise as Jeff eased his cock out of my ass. I immediately
felt the emptiness and asked him what was wrong. He didn't say a word as he
picked me up in his muscular arms and kissed me. He carried me through the
house, picking up a blanket along the way, out the back door and across the
yard and pasture until we reached his oak tree. Jeff dropped the blanket
on the ground and clumsily spread it with his feet. Then he knelt down and
lowered me onto it, kissing me passionately the entire time. We lay there
lip locked, making out like it was our first time. When we got tired of
kissing and caressing each others body, I turned around into a 69 position
and took his cock head in my mouth. No small feat considering how big and
thick his cock was. At the same time, Jeff deep throated mine.

We took our time pleasuring each other, each of us moaning from the other's
oral work. Jeff's hands held my butt cheeks in a death grip as his fingers
kneaded the muscles underneath. When we both finally orgasmed at the same
time, Jeff flooded my mouth with an enormous load. I swallowed and
swallowed, not losing a drop. He didn't either, which really surprised me.
When we came up for air, he told me my cum loads were for his dining
pleasure from now on. I found I loved sucking his cock, but preferred it
and his cum inside my ass. We started kissing again as he shifted around,
pushing my legs up and sliding his cock inside my ass. I moaned with
delight to feel him back where he belonged.

"God Jeff, I swear your cock has gotten larger."

Jeff chuckled "Well it has. Just like any other muscle, it gets bigger with
regular exercise and there hasn't been any shortage of that these past few

We were both laughing as I felt him push deep inside me. Then we were
kissing again.

Jeff made slow, passionate love to me all morning long under that big oak
tree. Time and again he filled me with his sperm. It was totally amazing
that he could produce that much. But then, I wasn't complaining. My bowels
were sloshing with all his loads by the time we stopped and just lay there,
him spooning me from behind.

"This is how it's going to be for the rest of our lives.....I love you more
than anything" he whispered as he kissed my neck, then nibbled on my ear

I was very happy with my new life.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Down And Out - Down And Out 8