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Nifty - Gay - Incest - English Boy - English Boy 18

Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 16:42:32 GMT
From: Philip Burbidge <>
Subject: The English Boy 18 (Gay incest: MMMM/tt/b)

This is the story of the sexual relationship between teenage boys and their
fathers, other members of their families and itinerant horny adults. It is
an adult's fantasy looking back to a mythical past where he finds emotional
and sexual satisfaction between his father's legs and those of most of his
male relatives. It graphically describes sexual acts between family
members, which are pure invention - though grounded in personal experience
and wishful thinking. It is an adult's story for adults. The 'boys'
included in the story throughout are 'disguised' adults (i.e. me!) who
fantasize about regressing to our early teens with what we know now! It
comes, therefore, with all the usual warnings, and it is not the author's
intention to incite or commend incest or sex with minors. So if such
material is likely to offend your sensibilities, is illegal where you live,
or you are yourself under age, do not read further. I welcome comments,
observations and suggestions to which I will gladly reply, especially from
those who have similar tastes.

Thanks to all who have sent messages, particularly the loyal band who give
me their thoughts and comments as each chapter appears.

Chapter 18: Family Reunion!

The move down to Somerset went very smoothly. The house was emptied, and
dad and I set off early on a Saturday morning in a large van for granddad's
house, our new home. We arrived shortly after lunch and granddad, Uncle
Mark, Geoff and his two young sons, Justin and Jason, were there to meet
us. We all spent the rest of the day unloading our belongings and finding
a place for everything in granddad's large rambling farmhouse. Since we
were there last, Geoff had converted several of the third floor rooms into
bedrooms a extra bathrooms for himself, his boys and me and dad. Geoff had
proved a very valuable recruit as 'family pornographer-in-chief' and
skilled handyman - and also for his thick 8" cock. By six o'clock we had
finished and decided we all needed to shower before supper. Uncle Mark
stayed in the kitchen while the rest of us took turns to freshen up.

We used the shower next to granddad's bedroom which was the largest and
grandest room on the first floor. Granddad went first, and emerged from
the shower room in his dressing gown. Then it was my turn. I showered,
dried off and slipped into my dressing gown, too. We all continued our
ablutions in granddad's bedroom where my granddad towel dried my hair for
me. When he'd finished, he said,

"How does my little grandson feel about living with his granddaddy?"

He put his arms gently on my shoulders and kissed me on the lips. At that
point, dad came in. He bent down and slipped his hand under my robe on to
my hardening boy- cock, and said,

"I'd say he was pretty pleased about it judging by this," and he opened my
dressing gown exposing my sylph-like form and hard little boy dick.

"And I'd say granddad was quite happy about it, too," he added, opening his
own father's robe and taking his big mushroom headed cock in his hand. He
gently massaged his dad's meat.

He brought the two cocks head to head, and as if introducing them to one
another, he pushed the spunk-slits together and rotated the cock-heads
round each other.
On parting, silken threads of precum hung between them. Taking my cock
between his right thumb and forefingers, and his dad's in his left fist, he
wanked the two family cocks together against one another. Then he stood
up, opened his own robe, and brought out his own cock to join the
three-generational incest cock-party. After a while, he beckoned me to
suck his and granddad's cocks, so I fell to my knees and gave each paternal
cock a thoughtful and diligent servicing, comparing the taste of their
precum. They stood over me, my granddad's left arm on my right shoulder,
his right arm around his son's shoulders. My dad had his left arm around
his father's waist and his right hand on my head. A perfect family scene
as I tried to pay equal attention to each cock-head.

At this point, Geoff emerged, fresh from the shower.

"You family fuckers don't waste much time, do you? But I've told you
before, when you get it together, warn me so I can get it down on film!"
and he rushed off to get his video equipment.

Geoff was a brilliant photographer and editor of porn pictures, and under
my dad's direction and utilising his marketing skills, a nice little family
business was developing in authentic incest porn. Geoff had fixed up
several cameras in granddad's bedroom which was to be the scene of any
family action. He was becoming adept at turning several fun sex sessions
into short incest porn films and stills featuring various members of the
family. They were selling like hotcakes due to the beauty and insatiable
horniness of the 13 year old star performer (yours truly!) and his rough
raunchy handsome dad, granddad and twin uncles and their combined total of
30" of thick man-cock! Dad reckoned the major selling point was the strong
family resemblance so the punters knew they were getting the real thing.
When they saw me begging my dad to fuck me or witnessed his spunk raining
down on my angelic little face they were left in no doubt that what they
were seeing was genuine uninhibited, unbridled dad/son incest.

Geoff reappeared with a couple of hand-held cameras and activated those
installed at various vantage-points around the room and gave us the

At last, granddad got on the bed and lay on his back. He held his cock
pointing up at the ceiling with his right hand - there was a camera in situ
to record that angle. Dad told me to lay on top of granddad, and got me to
slide down until granddad's cock was firmly lodged between my thighs and
pressing hard against the seam that ran between my balls and arsehole. He
moved my legs inside granddad's and told me to clench my thighs together
and grasp granddad's cock, as granddad wrapped his powerful legs around
mine. His granddaddy cock stood some two inches proud above my arse. I
hung on to granddad's strong, broad shoulders. Then dad climbed on to the
bed and straddled granddad's hips and my arse. I felt him grease my arse
and heard him lube his dick. He placed his cock-head against my hole,
parted my cheeks and slowly eased his cock into his son's boy-cunt. Geoff
moved around deftly recording the action as unobtrusively as possible. But
he did get some good close-ups of cummy cocks and my pink starfish

At this point Justin and Jason entered the room. They had dashed off
earlier to feed granddad's ponies and had trotted up stairs wondering where
everyone was - apart from Uncle Mark who was preparing food in the kitchen.
Justin was several months younger than me, so still short of his thirteenth
birthday. His brother was eighteen months younger. They arrived in time
to see my father insert his penis slowly and thoughtfully up my arse.

"Stand well back by the door and watch, if you like," ordered their father,
his own cock making a sizeable tent in his trousers. "It's a good chance to
learn some cock-taking techniques from someone your own age. But keep

The boys did as they were told and watched, fingering their little cocks in
their shorts as they did so. Since their initial shagging some weeks ago,
their father had taken over their education - both academic and sexual.
Having moved out of the crumbling estate and into the countryside, the boys
had become reformed characters, attending school regularly, abstaining from
shop-lifting, vandalism and mugging, and conscientiously learning to
service their dad's cock. He had been shocked to the core to discover a
consuming lust for incest and for his two young son in particular. But he
had proceeded with his boys' education slowly so as not to frighten them.
They had taken to cock- sucking with alacrity, but were less enthusiastic
about bum-fucking. Their first experience had been one of gang-rape to
punish them for anti-social behaviour and its pleasures were only just
beginning to become appreciated. However, Justin was not averse to
slipping his younger brother a length at night in the large double bed they
shared after the two boys had taken turns in de-spunking their dad. Geoff
had had some difficulty in keeping granddad's pervy hands off them, but the
men in the house had agreed that it was up to the father to allow access to
his sons. 'All in good time' was the motto!

"That's it, son. Fucking hell, I can see your cock going in!" breathed
granddad to his son.

"And I can fucking feel it!" I gasped.

"Mind your language, cock-slut!" reprimanded my dad sternly as he forced
the last of his eight inches up my arse.

Then he settled into some slow deep fuck-strokes. As he thrust down,
granddad got into the rhythm and thrust his cock up between my legs into
his son's scrotum as it slapped against my arse cheeks.

"Hey, son, I can feel your fucking bollocks against my prick-head!" he said
lustfully, and thrust harder, oozing precum that greased the path between
my tight little nuts and my dad's big spunk-filled balls.

"Yea, dad, I can feel your knob pressing against the bottom of my prick
shaft. It's fucking wild!" replied dad, enthusiastically, and the two
daddies started to fuck harder.

I was ground between their revolving hips like corn between two millstones,
the breath forced out of me each time they came together. My own cock was
trapped between my belly and granddad's hairy abdomen slipping around in
its own love juices.

This was heaven. I was the filling in a family sandwich between two hunks
of horny meat, intent on using me to gratify their incestuous lust.
Granddad and dad had their arms around each other and I was crushed between
the two. If I turned my head slightly, I could just make out Justin and
Jason standing by the door. They had their cocks out of their shorts and
were masturbating them vigorously as they watched the action on the bed.
Geoff darted about, focusing the camera on the straining faces, contorted
with concentrated lust, and the movements of the two glistening organs as
they slid remorselessly back and forth.

"Fuck him, son, fuck him full of daddy spunk. I want to feel you cum
inside him!" growled granddad, increasing the pace of his pelvic thrusts.

"I sure will, dad. I've got four day's daddy spunk in these bollocks to
give him. Are you ready for it, son, are you ready for your dad's
spunk-up?" he replied breathlessly and started to build up speed. Silly

"Yes, daddy, give it to me, I want all your daddy-spunk inside me. Pump it
up me. Pump me full of daddy-juice!" I squealed ecstatically, revelling
in being the cause of such raw sexual excitement.

I was in agony and ecstasy being pummelled between these two horny men but
unable to wank my own dick.

"Go for it, son. Fucking go for it!" yelled granddad with a thrust that
rammed his prick- head straight into the base of his son's thick shaft,
just as his balls were tightening, and sending a rising geyser of spunk up
his cock and blasting his son's arse walls. (Geoff was on hand to record
the event for posterity.)

"I fucking felt it, I fucking felt you cum!" he shouted exultantly.

Dad just yelled and writhed, forcing his spunking prick as far up my arse
as he could. I'd felt granddad's thrust against my own balls, then dad's
cock expand and I braced myself for the waves of cum that would cascade
from his cock. One, two, three, four times his rampant cock launched jets
of daddy-juice into his young son's ravaged boy-pussy, before pausing and
then adding another two or three. He emptied his big bollocks, and rolled
off me panting. "How many times have I fucked you; forty, fifty? And it's
still the best!" he said, ruffling my hair.

He lay on his back and shifted me across to him. Granddad took no time in
replacing him on top of me. I felt his hammer-headed cock poised at my
arse-gate, then slide straight up me, my arsehole lubricated with his own
son's sperm and his own freely flowing precum. Was there anything to
compare with one thick, satisfied man-cock being replaced in your
cum-filled arse with another fully loaded family spunk-gun?! Was there
enough family cock and spunk in the world to satisfy me at that moment!?
Granddad wasted no time in getting into a measured, deep fucking rhythm.
But I knew he was too turned on to hold it for long. I bet he hadn't cum
for weeks, and imagined gallons of spunk churning around in his bollocks
just waiting for the chance to explode in his grandson's boy-cunt.

"Fuck him, dad, fuck him full of granddad spunk. Mix your spunk with his
dad's inside his arse!" encouraged dad.

"Here it cums, seven days of granddad's spunk for you. Granddad's firing
his spunk- gun!" and with that he unleashed his pent up load to join his
son's in his grandson's arse.

I felt his cock jump and gulp in my arse as the family spunk flowed. That
was the first time my dad and granddad had shot their loads up my arse
together! I was full of family spunk! Delicious, forbidden fruits!

Granddad climbed off me, extracting his mushroom-headed cock with the
familiar 'plop', and lay down beside me.

"Now it's your turn, when your granddad's got his breath back!" said dad,
and placed me between the two of them on my back. They each kissed my
cheeks, and nibbled my ears, pressing their sweaty, hairy bodies against me
and whispering obscenities about how I was full of their incestuous daddy
and granddaddy cum, while I worked my prick. They groped and tweaked my
balls and let their manly hands travel all over my young silky body. Then
as I got closer to cumming, they forced my hands off my cock and balls, and
dad started wanking my cock while granddad caressed my tight nuts.

"It's too much, dad, please let me wank my dick, it's agony!" I wailed.

But they wouldn't. Every time I approached a climax they would stop and
when it had receded, they would start again.

"I can't bear it!" I yelled "Please let me cum!"

"You'll cum when we want you to", laughed dad, sadistically.

"What is all the noise about!" shouted Uncle Mark, entering the room, but
not requiring an answer. "I might have known you horny buggers would be at
it while I was slaving away in the kitchen".

I was beside myself, writhing around imprisoned between my dad's and
granddad's powerful bodies as they tortured me deliciously.

"Let the poor little bugger cum, you perverts!" he said, as he quickly
extracted his cock from his tight, fade blue jeans, and walked towards the
bed wanking vigorously.

"Do you want this, Mark?" said dad offering him my cock. "Don't mind if I
do. It can be my starter! It's a long time since I tasted fresh

"And your own nephew's, too. It should taste familiar!" added granddad
lasciviously, remembering the copious amounts of his own daddy-spunk he had
pumped into Mark as a young boy.

Mark knelt across me, and, still lashing his prick, he took my cock in his
mouth and sucked it hard, up and down. Then he swirled his tongue around
my little mushroom and I felt my nuts rise out of granddad's hands, and my
cock jump in dad's fingers.

"He's cumming. He's going to shoot his boy-spunk into his uncle's mouth!"
yelled granddad. "That's it, son, cum for daddy, there's a good boy, cum
for daddy in Uncle Mark's mouth," and as dad said this, he thrust his
tongue down my throat and ground his face into mine.

Meanwhile, granddad squeezed my balls, and stuffed two fingers hard up my
spunk- greased arse as Uncle Mark thrust my cock to the back of his throat.
With a scream silenced by dad's tongue, I shot my boy-spunk straight down
Uncle Mark's throat. Like me, he didn't need to take his mouth off to
swallow, and just kept sucking as wave after wave of cum rocketed up my
prick and into his hungry mouth. Dad kept rhythmically pressing the base
of my cock shaft with his fingers and thumb, and granddad milked my balls
and twisted his fingers in my arse to extract every last drop of boy-spunk.
I moaned with pleasure as it ended and I could rest, relieved of my load!
Geoff had moved round in time to catch my torment and film my orgasm. Uncle
Mark knelt up, licking his lips, and lashed his prick to a climax,
releasing ribbons of thick pearly-white cum all over my face and chest. On
blast shot over my head on to the camera lens as Geoff moved in for a close
up on Mark's spunking dick. Dad and granddad cheered as it splashed over
my face and dripped down my chin. Granddad milked his son's swinging nuts
and my dad slapped his brother's arse, making the jets of juice shoot
further. They scooped some up and fed it to me, saying, "You must have some
of your Uncle Mark's spunk to match ours". This family spunk-up was
complete. We all collapsed with exhaustion, and wondered whether we needed
another shower before supper. Dare we risk it!

But there were still three unspent cocks in the room. Geoff had ended the
filming sequence with my being fed family spunk, but the huge bulge in his
trousers crowned with a large wet patch suggested he badly needed to get
his rocks off. His two sons had remained dutifully quiet by the door, but
the excitement had got to them in the latter stages as dad came in my arse
and granddad then replaced him. Justin had pushed his younger brother to
his knees and forced his throbbing little 4.5 inches down the lad's throat
and proceeded to face fuck him. Jason, meanwhile, had continued to wank
his 3" cocklet as he sucked on his brother's erection.

"Time for another family sex session?" suggested Mark, "It seems unfair to
leave them in that state, especially when Geoff has worked so hard!"

"Absolutely!" agreed granddad, eager for the opportunity to see the two
young boys in action.

So the bed was vacated and Geoff and his sons were invited to take centre
stage. My dad took over the job of filming as the two boys - cocks out but
still fully clothed - were escorted on to the bed. Granddad helped them,
allowing himself a good grope of the youngsters' stiff, hairless little
genitals on the way. Geoff slowly and provocatively removed their
clothing, fondling and caressing as he went. He was new to the joys of
molesting pretty young boys and still had difficulty accepting the sheer
unalloyed pleasure it gave him, enhanced by the knowledge that they were
his own flesh and blood. He pensively toyed with their hard pricklets and
soft firm balls, thinking of his spunk that had gone into making them. He
loved and lusted after them in a way that would have been incomprehensible
to him two months earlier. Up 'til then, his sex life had diminished to a
quick back-room shag with some old slag he might pick up in the bar on the
estate on a Friday or Saturday night after a skilful of booze. That was as
about as pleasurable as an average shit compared to the protracted all-male
incest orgies he had recently been introduced to. Why choose some
syphilitic old tart with a cunt the size of Calcutta when you could enjoy
the exquisite pleasure of easing your cock up the tight, velvet tunnel of a
pretty, smooth and willing young boy - especially if the boy was your son!

The two boys sat together on the edge of the big Victorian bed, their legs
dangling but nowhere near the floor, and their cocks at attention. Geoff
stood in front of them and invited them to liberate their father's cock,
straining in his trousers. Two small pairs of hands groped and fondled the
throbbing bulge, as Justin slide down the zip fastener, Jason slipped his
hand inside and grabbed his dad's cock. Geoff sighed with relief as his
sons undid his belt, allowing his trousers to fall to the floor. Each
taking a side, they peeled back the tight, white underpants that imprisoned
his fatherhood which sprang out to greet them. They each placed a hand on
the thick shaft and another under his heavy spunk-filled balls and cradled
them. A murmur of lustful approval escaped granddad's lips. Dad zoomed in
to catch the moment - Uncle Mark, sated, had returned to his kitchen
duties. For several minutes the boys milked their father's penis and
testicles while he removed his shirt exposing that broad, hairy masculine
chest that I, too, lusted after.

Removing his shoes and socks, Geoff lay on his back in the middle of the
bed, propped up at 45%, on a pillow. He opened his legs wide and slowly
wanked his thick daddy- meat, a look of undisguised lust on his face.
Justin and Jason crouched between his firm, muscular thighs and took turns
in sucking a working their father's cock. Their smooth, white, perfectly
formed little buttocks stuck up in the air, cheeks parted, exposing their
tight rosebud boy-cunts to my dad and granddad's lustful gaze. Dad moved
right in for a close-up and the look on granddad's face showed he was
having difficulty controlling his desire to plunge his boy-stretcher
straight into one of the boys' vacant holes. He settled for standing at
the foot of the bed and masturbating just a couple of feet from the young
boys' tempting rectums.

I was feeling somewhat neglected and jealous of these two young interlopers
who were getting the cock I wanted.

"Would Geoff like to fuck me if he's not going to fuck them?" I suggested.

"You've had quite enough cock for one young boy for today, you little
nympho!" replied my dad tartly. "Besides, this is an incest session. If
anyone's going to get fucked, it is one of these two."

That seemed to stir Geoff into making a decision. Taking a tube of KY he
greased up both sons' arseholes and heavily lubricated his own cock and his
eldest son's. He then spent some time gently working his fingers up the
boys' holes, loosening them for the assault to come. Next, he placed the
youngest son on his knees behind his brother and guided the older boy's
cock into his younger sibling's arse. Justin thrust his cock past his
brother's anal ring eliciting a loud yelp. Geoff moved round to support
the younger boy as his eldest son started to fuck with some force.

"Take it easy, son; and don't cum yet" he said, letting the boy settle into
some solid fucking, loosening up his boy-cunt ready for his father's much
bigger cock. The younger boy squirmed under his brother's assault.
Several minutes later, Geoff ordered his son's withdrawal and replaced his
small dick with a full-sized daddy-cock. He spread the boy's arsecheeks
wide as he introduced his much bigger weapon. Granddad and I strained to
see the moment of entry but dad pushed us out of the way to get it on film.
Geoff eased his well lubricated son-stretcher slowly into the pink, smooth
tunnel and gave his son a gentle fucking to get him used to his daddy's
cock. He bent the boy over until he was almost standing on his head on the
bed, his father towering over him and sinking his cock further and further
into the up turned arse. With the expertise of a lust driven
contortionist, his brother managed to crawl beneath his father and shove
his hard little dick inside Jason's mouth, to give him something to suck on
while his boy-cunt was being assaulted by his father. Suddenly Geoff
increased the speed and depth of his fucking.

"Shit! I've lost it!" he yelled, "I'm cumming! I can't help it, I'm
fucking cumming!"

Two violent convulsions indicated that Jason had received two waves of
daddy-spunk in his tight rectum, before Geoff pulled out his still spunking
cock and proceeded to fire the remaining copious load of cream at his son's
well-buggered boy-cunt. Spurt after spurt of spunk gathered in the well of
the boy's arsehole until it overflowed out of the cleft and down his back.
When he had almost finished, Geoff plunged his cock back into his son's
hole and the reservoir of spunk disappeared inside the boy's cock-chute
like water down a plughole.

We had all craned over to witness this impossibly erotic scene. I was
morbidly fascinated and slightly envious. I had always been on the
receiving end myself before and this was the first time I had been reduced
to the role of spectator. I felt a pang of jealously as Geoff plunged his
squelching cock back into his son's boy-cunt. I wanted that thick,
vigorous cock in my hole! But I wasn't to be entirely disappointed. The
whole scene proved proved too much for granddad. With steam coming out of
his ears he thrust his cock into the nearest hole - mine! - groaning as he
relieved his aching balls and there deposited his second contribution of
the evening.

"Granddad!" I squawked as his big granddaddy-dick erupted inside me,
triggering my own second spunk-up.

Muffled squawks and thrashing arms and legs, signalled Jason's dry orgasm
as he swallowed his brother's cum which had been shot into his mouth
shortly after his father had started filling his arse. My father, busy
catching on video as much as he possibly could, was the only one so
absorbed as not be joining in the mass spunk-up. Incest had won out again,
and Jason was the proud recipient of his father's and his big brother's

A second round of showers took place after which we all converged on the
kitchen to devour what Uncle Mark had been busy preparing while we indulged
in session two of family fun. I was the last to appear. Granddad was
teasing Mark about his Cindarella role and dad was deep in conversation
with Geoff.

"So what do you think, Geoff? Do you want to be counted in on this?

"You bet! Sun and sex on tap - and getting paid for it! It's like winning
the lottery!" replied Geoff excitedly, "I'll have to sort something out
with the boys, of course. What are you going to do with young Philip?"

"I'm working on it. The boys are a main feature of the whole enterprise
but it has to be their decision ..."

"What does?" I asked, interrupting, "What's my decision?"

"I'll tell you later when our trip to the Middle East gets closer. Don't
worry, it's something you'll like" he said with a wink.

It was all very irritating, but I could see I was going to have to be
patient. Yet I sensed something big was brewing - and knowing my horny
family, incest was almost certainly at the centre of it!

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