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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Family Grandpa

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 04:23:35 +0000
Subject: Family - Grandpa

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This is a tale of intergenerational male incest. If this is not for you
seek out other stories. Nifty has them all.

My name is Rob. As someone who has experienced and enjoyed incest I would
caution that erotica is fantasy. The real deal is never a good idea. For a
list of stories (or to drop a line) contact:


Part I - Grandpa

The red-eye got me in town by 1:20 a.m.

My son met me to drive us back to his home. I knew the grandkids would be
asleep and I supposed his wife would be too. To my surprise as I enquired
David and his wife had separated. Offering the appropriate condolences my
son dismissed the pall. It was for the best according to him so I changed
the subject. We talked about his work, the boys, and my new retirement (the
reason I had flown to Amsterdam in the first place). The drive from the
airport was long but the conversation congenial enough that neither of us
seemed to mind.

At his home David denied the use of the couch and directed me to my
grandsons room. Fine with me. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than
a warm bed and soft pillow. He embraced me as warmly as he had done at the
airport and after a quick kiss good-night I brought my suitcase into
Daniels room.

The bedroom was surprisingly bright owing to the clear sky and full
moon. My grandson lay bundled under the covers curled away from me. As
quietly as I could muster I unavailed myself of watch and rings and
stripped, chastising myself for the clank of the belt buckle as my pants
folded over the back of the wooden desk chair. Sitting naked on the bed I
yawned as I pulled off my socks, lifted the covers and sank into the
inviting softness of the bed. My head cushioned into the pillow and as I
settled my butt against the warmth of my grandson's my body heaved its
exhaustion. My eyes closed. I was ready to sleep soundly until my
body-clock adjusted.

Sweet, deep sleep.


Daniel straightened, his back pressing into mine. Then murmurs as he
adjusted. His hand touching my bare thigh.

"Grand-dad?" He mumbled.

"Yes, it's grand-dad. Go back to sleep", I said softly. But it was too

He rolled towards me as I instinctively rolled on my back, my arm
pulling in the preteen. Daniels warm face settled onto the side of my furry
chest as his arm reached across my ample middle in a boys hug. My hand slid
down to cup his shoulder as the other softly stroked his forearm. Once
again I began to drift off.

"I've missed you, grand-dad", he mumbled.

I squeezed his shoulder. "Me too, Danny-boy".

"Did you just get in?"

"Almost". I kissed his forehead. "Go to sleep. We'll talk in the

His hand swept up my side only to land in the middle of my pecs. As he
twirled the hair he sighed. "I've missed you so much".

"I know. I'm here. Let's sleep".

But he would have none of it. "Did you bring me a present?"

"In the morning".

As he sighed he nuzzled my chest. Finally quiet I began to drift off.

Sort of.

I mean I wanted to. I was bushed. My body begged for sleep. Except for
my chest. And his fingers. Pulling on my chest hair. Twirling. Pulling.

Then he stopped.

And my senses tingled me fully awake.



"Didn't you miss me?"

Forget sleep. Fuck, yeah, I missed him. What the hell was I playing at?
I could sleep all tomorrow.

"Yeah, I missed you". My arms enfolded him as I rolled to my side. His
body pressed against mine. "Are you sill my sweet-assed boy?"

He sighed happily. "Oh, yes, grand-dad. I'm your cocksucker". He kissed
my lips quickly. Our eyes hypnotized each other.

"You've been taking care of daddy like you promised?"

Daniel nodded, grinning.

"That's my good cocksucker".

Another sweet kiss from him. "Will you suck daddy tomorrow?"

"Your father and I will re-bond in the morning". It was my turn to
kiss, lick, swipe tongue. "Right now I'm with my sweet-ass cocksucker".

My hand moved his head further down so his lips found my pap. Oh, he
had learned. His lips suckled with an expertise that surprised me. Tongue
flicking his mouth sucked harder than I was expecting. Fuck the boy knew
how to turn me on. He sucked, squeezed and nursed as though he were
starving. It's not where grandpas milk was.

"Oh, yes, baby", I sighed. His suckling was magic as I nestled his hair
smelling of the shampoo that rendered him ready. Clean. Pure.

"Kneel up by grand-dad. I need to say hello".

Moving quickly up to his knees he crawled by my mouth. Sweet smooth
hard pricklet standing proudly in front of my eyes; the foreskin slicked
back as throbbing knob bobbed in front of my hungry eyes.

"Did you miss me?" Daniel sighed.

Oh, fuck, yes I did.

My mouth swallowed his thin shaft as I cupped those smooth
globes. Grabbing hold I forced the boy to fuck my mouth. In and out. Hands
grabbing my hair. In and out. Pulling my hair. In and out. Little prick in
warm grandpa mouth.


My grandson.

My beautiful pricklet.

"Oh, grand-dad!" he groaned. Hips began to buck. "I can", he mumbled,
"I can".

Little buck fucking grandpas mouth, that sweet pencil sliding back and
forth over my tongue. Hair pulled hard. Harder. A groan. A yell. Hands
holding his ass. Crotch against my face. Pulling my hair hard. Harder.



My mouth full of river. Cum. My grandsons cum?! My grandson. Sweet
young innocent boy-juice. A steady stream of sweet boy nectar. Oh, god,
yes! My sweet little cocksucker can now cum. What a hot young man! Grandpas
sweet cocksucker!

Knees buckling he waivered but I held fast. I wanted every dop. Every
drop. All.

"Grand-dad, please!", he begged. Cumming at that age was so intense so
reluctantly I let him go.

My tongue slid up his torso as he sidled in beside me. Up his
stomach. Chest. Neck. Chin.

Tongue in his sweet mouth we nestled into each other. His cum-taste
lingering between us. My cum-filled breath exhaling to fill our
nostrils. My hand cupping Daniels chin we fell into each others eyes.

"You've learned something new", I said.

He grinned broadly. "Daddy said I should make it a surprise".

We both sort of giggled knowing it was a delightedly accepted surprise.

"Well", I began, "I have no new surprise. You know how much I can
shoot". I rubbed my knob against his stomach. "Has daddy taught you how to
swallow it all?"

He smiled knowingly. With hands pressing my shoulders I allowed him to
push me onto my back. Climbing on board he hovered over my face. "Do you
want to play a game?", he said slyly.

I was in it. "What kind of game?"

"Guess my weight".

Within moments my grandson was up and lowering his magnificent skinny
butt. My nostrils inhaled the soon-to-be-teen ass. As my senses experienced
the sweet scent my tongue bored at his tight hole. A poke. A push. Then my
tongue lathered over and over the smooth taught buzz. My hands pushing his
weight down I became smothered in boy ass. He began to rock on my tongue.

"Lick me, grand-dad, lick my bum".

My tongue swirled and slathered. Hungrily my lips sucked the
circumference while my tongue prodded, pushed, knocked at his back
door. The bag slid back and forth over the bridge of my nose as my tongue
insisted on his asshole.

"Oh, yes, grandy, lick me. Lick me. Please. Please".

As his hands held my head my tongue continued its assault. Swirling,
dancing, boring. In. Opening. The tip of my tongue fucked the boy-cunt. My
hands reaches between his legs as I fondled his sex hard. Twisting his
prick. Squeezing his lovely balls. Mashing his crotch. All the while my
tongue invading his asshole. Sweet asshole. So fucking tight.

Suddenly my face was free as he scooted down my torso. Backing into my
hard cock he begged, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me".

I was only too eager to comply. Flipping us about I had him on his back
as the fat knob of my prick punctured his hole. Crouching over him my cock
began to fill his sleeve. Up up. Deeper deeper. In. Full. I lay over him,
in him. Nose to nose, eye to eye.

"You want a good fuck?" I growled.

Daniel whimpered his consent.

"A nice hard fuck". My hips began to gyrate.

"Yes", he cooed. "Harder".

It was one thing to take his dads skinny seven inch prick but mine was
fat and hefty. Thick. And this slut begged with every thrust. The harder I
rocked the wider he threw his legs. Magnificent!

"Please, fuck me. Make me your bitch. Fill my cunt with your seed. Fuck
me, fuck me, fuck me".

I need no more encouragement. I thrusted hard and deep. We bounced over
the mattress with ever fucking fuck. My balls tighted with every cock suck
of his ass-sleeve. My temples thundered as my cock shoved in and out. Over
and over. Harder and harder. Faster. Faster. Deepest. I began to grunt then
groan. A low groan. Steady as I pummelled. Fucking the sweet boy-slut.

"Oh, yes", he groaned. "Now, now. Fill me with your cum. Seed me. Make
me pregnant. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuckmefuckmefuckme", he begged.

My cum started from deep in my soul and shot like rockets up his tight
hole. On and on, spurt after glorious spurt. I pumped and groaned until my
balls were dry. And then, just for good measure, gave my grandson a couple
of good solid pumps.

What a boy!

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Family Grandpa