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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Father And Glory Hole Son

Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 19:29:05 +0000
From: dave newman <>
Subject: Father and Glory Hole Son

Father and Glory hole Son

True with names changed

A new school, new people and Steve and I were made to sit together, from that
day a new friendship blossomed. At weekends we stayed at each others and
talked about films, music, sports, girls and what we would do to them,
although the debate of kissing a girl changed, as did our bodies from the age
of 13 onwards. We had magazines to flick through, which Steve stole from his
Dads bottom drawer, and I had a couple of DVDs I had ?borrowed? from my older

Watching the Videos we use to have conversations on what we would do to the
woman, and how we would fuck them. Over the months this turned into wanking
competitions, which led to mutual masturbation. Then one summer day, I
finally got to taste him. He dared me to slide my lips over the top, as I
did he pushed my head onto his cock and it slid into my throat. It tasted so

Over the coming years we experienced oral both ways and Steve loved to be
fucked, I tried anal myself but hurt so much, so I became the Top. We even
had 3somes with a couple of people we met from the internet. Then I
discovered toilet sex, meeting people at local rest areas, bathrooms for sex.
Fucking and sucking total strangers. Steve would come along sometimes and I
would watch him suck strangers from 18 to 60 year old before letting them
fuck him hard as he sucked me off. Then when the stranger had shot their cum
inside him, I use to lick it from his dirty hole.

When I passed my driving test, I found a quiet bathroom just out of town near
to the sports hall, a couple of urinals and 3 cubicles, each with a glory
hole between. The few occasions I took Steve along I let him have the middle
stall and I would watch the entrance to the toilets from the far end stall,
through the gap in the door I could see who entered and what they looked
like. Thumbs up to Steve if they looked okay and palms up, to make him be
wary in case it was the police or possible trouble.

It was late spring and Steve and I had been staying over at mine for a few
days. We decided to try the glory holes. He took up his position, sat on
the middle toilet, cock in hand ready for fun. As I heard the main entrance
door I saw a sports bag with a squash racquet poking from the top, then
looking upwards I saw the face of Steve?s dad. Fuck, he would kill me and
Steve if he knew we were here. I gestured to Steve to be careful and hoped
his dad would just go to the urinals, but instead he walked towards the other
end cubicle and closed the door.

Looking through the hole I could see Steve sat upwards so not to cause
suspicion, and through the other hole a trouser leg. His dad was standing,
then the familiar sound of water hitting the bowl. Good he was taking a
piss, and then he would be gone. The sound faded and noises of toilet paper
being ripped off. He was cleaning himself then an eerie silence, Minutes
passed then Steve began to slip his hand between his legs and rubbing his now
growing cock. Then I saw movement from the other stall. His dad began to
turn around I could see both trouser legs at the other side. Fuck, what
should I do. As I carried on watching Steve gestured a finger along the ridge
of the hole.

As I watched in disbelief, his father cock began sliding through. Steve held
the skin between his fingers then began stroking the foreskin up and down.
His lips kissed the hood before his mouth began sucking the shaft. His throat
took the full length of the cock and began to choke a little It was wrong,
but I was beginning to get hard. Steve had no idea who this guy was and I
did. It was so wrong but so horny.

He began wanking it a little more, a nice size 8 inches, little vein down the
side and a fantastic foreskin that slid back and forth over the hood. Steve
picked up the pace and swallowed as much cock as he could, Standing up then
getting to his knees he was taking it all. I stood up on the toilet seat and
began watching over the partition, seeing the cock inside his mouth was
making me so hard. Then the unthinkable, Steve stood up, turned around and
began positioning his ass towards the hole. The cock moved away from the
hole a little, then when Steve opened his cheeks towards it, I saw the cock
once again re enter the hole and began to slide towards him. It took a few
attempts before Steve finally got it inside him, but from my view I could see
the cock pounding his hole. With this I took my own cock out and began

With Steve?s face I could tell he was loving the fucking he was getting,
grunts from the other cubicle told me his dad was close, a pair of hands
appeared over the top of the far partition, as his dad wanted to give him
ever inch of his cock, then a couple of final shoves and I he was shooting
hot cum inside his son. At this point I shot my own cum down the wall.
The cock slid out of his ass slowly, a few seconds of paper tearing again,
zipping up, then the cubicle door opening and then main entrance door. Steve
looked up at me and smiled. ?Wanna come lick me out?. What should I say to
him, should I tell him, his own Dad had just plowed his cock inside his son?s
ass and shot his load deep inside him. I opened my door, got into the middle
cubicle and began eating the warm sperm dripping from his pulsing hole.
?What was he like?? asked Steve.

?Oh just a usual married man, wanting an ass to shoot inside and then go back
to his wife?.

?Had a great cock on him, loved when he shot it inside me?. I couldn?t tell
him what had really happened and I never did but I never looked at his dad
again in the same way.

Let me know what you think. Good or Bad
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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Father And Glory Hole Son