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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Father Brother Uncle Son - Father Brother Uncle Son 2

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 01:25:40 -0700
From: Justanother Author <>
Subject: Father-Brother-Uncle-Son-2

Here's the next installment in this story. I would appreciate any feedback
of a positive nature, and of course, flames will be ignored. You can Email
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All the usual copyrights apply. This story may involve sexual contact
between Adult Men and Younger Males, two Boys, or two Adult Men. If this
type of story is not to your liking, or for any reason is forbidden where
you live, please, PLEASE, delete this file and stop. If this is to your
tastes, then I hope you enjoy this story, for that is all it is. Fiction,
Fantasy, the musing of the Author's mind written and shared with you. Any
similarities to any person living or dead are purely coincidental. I do
not in any way condone, support, or promote any illegal act in any
jurisdiction. But, thank God, we still have the right to SAY anything as
long as we don't DO anything.

So, without any further ado, Please enjoy.



Father, Brother, Uncle, Son
Chapter 2 -- Coming Home

From Last Time:

As we drove home, I thought about our week. It was a wonderful week, and I
hoped we could do it again. I also decided that my brother wasn't anyone
so I planned on talking to him telling him how great our trip was.

Chapter 2 - Coming home

We arrived home early in the evening. Mom was just finishing the
preparations for Dinner, and my older brother Tommy was out sitting on the
front porch. He saw us driving up and yelled in to tell mom that we were
home. She came out onto the porch and told Tommy to go help bring in our
gear. He looked at me and smiled, then he looked at dad and winked.

The evening progressed as usual, we ate dinner, mom told me and Tommy to go
up and get ready for bed. She reminded me to take a bath. I was sitting
in the tub when Tommy walked into the bathroom wearing just his tighty
whities. I noticed a bulge in the front and smiled. He looked at me and
said, "You and dad have fun?" He emphasized the word 'FUN'.

"Yeah, it was totally great!" I said enthusiastically. He looked at me
and said very quietly, "Did you and he play with each other?" At first I
wasn't sure what he meant, but I figured he was probably talking about what
dad and I had been doing at night. He was rubbing his dick through his
undies as I told him about what we had been doing.

He leaned over and whispered to me, "Tonight, I want you to show me
everything you learned." After ruffling my hair, he turned and walked out
of the bathroom. I was a little confused because dad told me not to talk
about it, but how did Tommy know?

I finished my bath and dried myself, putting on clean undies and went to
our bedroom. Tommy was there laying in his bed and called me over to join
him. I idolized my brother and I knew he loved me, so I did as I was told.
He raised the covers high enough for me to get into bed with him. As I
did, I saw that he was naked. His dick was larger than mine, but that was
because he was about 3 years older. He had hair around the base of his
dick, but not as much as dad's. His dick was also hard and his foreskin
was retracted all the way so I could see his dick head.

When I climbed into bed, he reached down and pulled my undies down and off.
Then he began to rub on my chest and belly like dad had done. When he got
down to my dick and balls, my little weenie got hard right away. He
started rubbing it up and down and I reached over and started to do the
same to him.

It felt better somehow when he did it than when dad had done it. Maybe
because he was younger and not as strong so he grabbed it less tightly than
dad. While I was doing it to him, I asked if he squirt white stuff like
dad did, and he said, yeah, but not much. He told me he only started
squirting it a few months before.

He told me that what we were doing was called jacking off and it was fun
and felt really good. He told me that I was doing it just right and what a
good boy I was. I liked being praised by my brother. After a while, I
began to have my 'fit' and Tommy was kind of amazed. He told me that he
never had an orgasm when he was my age.

I looked kind of puzzled, both by his words and thinking that he did what
we were doing when he was my age. I guess he noticed my confusion and,
while I was still stroking on his weenie, he told me that what I was
calling my 'fit' was called an orgasm, and that he and dad had been doing
stuff together since he was my age. The reason he didn't go on the camping
trip was that dad wanted to be alone with me, probably to teach me what we
had done.

Tommy explained that in dad's family, the father always taught the boys
what sex was all about and they did it by showing them and letting them
experience it. I didn't think that was bad at all, I really enjoyed it.

About this time, I felt Tommy starting to tense up in his, um, yeah,
orgasm, and I decided to give him a surprise by sucking on his like dad had
showed me. His was much smaller than dad's and I was able to suck almost
all of it into my mouth. I played with the head with my tongue and almost
immediately, I felt Tommy squirt some thin stuff onto my tongue. It tasted
different than dad's too. Dad's was salty and nutty, and Tommy's was sweet
and thin.

After Tommy's dick got soft, he hugged me and told me I had done great. He
said he had a lot of stuff to teach me. Stuff that he and dad had done
since Tommy was 10. He said that maybe I would surprise dad with some of
the stuff I had learned.

Tommy and I slept together in his bed, both naked.


The next morning, Tommy woke me up very early and told me to get my jammies
on and get into my own bed before mom came in. I did what I was told. Dad
came in and told Tommy and me that we were going to go sailing that
afternoon and he wanted both of us to be ready at noon. We should get
stuff together for a overnight trip. After that, dad left.

Tommy said an overnight trip usually meant that dad wanted to have sex with
us. So I should bring stuff like jammies and undies, but I probably
wouldn't need 'em. Tommy hugged me and gave me a Charlie horse in my leg.
Ow! That hurt!

At about noon, we were waiting for Dad on the porch. When he returned, mom
brought out a basket with food for our trip, gave Tommy and me a hug and
told us to have a good time.

As soon as we drove away, Tommy said to dad, "You taught him really well,
dad. He gave me a great blow job last night!" This statement confused me,
because I didn't blow on him, I sucked him.

I guess dad saw this and told me that when you sucked on another boy it was
called a blow-job, not a suck-job. I was still confused, but I didn't say
anything. Dad told me that on this trip, he was going to let Tommy teach
me a few things, and he would show me some other stuff with him and Tommy
and me watching.

We rode the rest of the way to the docks without saying much.


When we got to the dock, Tommy hopped out and started running toward dad's
boat. Dad and I got our stuff and followed him. I was actually kind of
excited about our trip. It was neat that dad had his own company and could
take as much time with us as he wanted. Most kids aren't that lucky.

We got on board the boat and Tommy was already in his swimsuit, his other
clothing already in the cabin below decks. As he and dad got the boat
ready to leave the dock, I went below and was going to change into my
swimsuit when I realized that I hadn't brought it. I went back on deck
with my head hanging low.

Dad saw this and asked me what was wrong. I told him and he started
laughing, saying, why not just go naked. I looked at him with a shocked
look but saw that he was kidding. Instead he told me to just wear my
undies. It's like a bathing suit anyway. I was a little embarrassed by
this, but if dad said I could, why not. I took my pants off and sat there
in my white undies.

As we were sailing, Tommy asked dad if we were going to that private cove
he'd taken Tommy to before. Dad said to Tommy, "No better place, is

Tommy just smiled at dad, turned to me and told me I would like this place
a lot.

We sailed for almost 2 hours before dad moved us into a small cove. Where
we dropped anchor, we couldn't see out to sea, nor could anyone sailing by
see us. Once the anchor was down, and the engine was turned off, I saw
Tommy strip off his suit and jump into the water. Dad told me I could swim
too if I wanted, just take off my undies and hop in.

After the past week or so, I had no problem being seen naked by my dad or
brother, so I stripped and jumped in after Tommy. We swam and played for a
while until dad called that dinner was ready. Tommy swam over to the rope
ladder and started to climb. I was under him and saw his dick and balls
hanging there when he was climbing. I followed up after him and was
surprised when he sat down on deck naked waiting for dad to bring us our
dinner. If he was, so was I, so I sat down next to him, still wearing

Dad came out carrying two plates. He said we were going to have a dinner
of sausages. He looked at both of us and said it looked like we both
already had ours, but I got cheated cause Tommy had more than I did. Tommy
and dad laughed until I realized what they were talking about and laughed

We just relaxed on deck, Tommy and me naked and dad wearing a swimsuit. It
was pretty neat. When it started getting dark, dad said we should go
below. Tommy jumped up and grabbed my hand, as he was pulling me into the
cabin, he said "This is gonna be fun, Robbie!"

When we got below, dad had turned the table in the main cabin into a large
bed. Tommy hopped up and told me to join him. A few minutes later, dad
came down into the cabin and sat in the chair across from the bed. I
looked at Tommy and his dick was starting to get hard. Seeing this made
mine start.

Dad looked at us and said it looked like we were almost ready. He asked me
and Tommy if we wanted to show him what we'd been doing the night before.
Tommy smiled at me, and I lay down on the bed. He was right beside me and
he started rubbing on my dick. I started jacking him off at the same time.
I really didn't see what dad was doing.

After a few minutes, I thought about giving Tommy a, what did he call it,
yeah, blow job. I started to move over to suck on his dick and dad said,
"Wait. I want to show you something new, Robbie." I stopped and looked at

He told me and Tommy to lay with our feet at each other's head. That way
we could suck on each other at the same time. Tommy laughed and said,
"Yeah dad, a 69, I like that one!"

I moved so my feet were at Tommy's head and my head was just about even
with his dick. I then felt him starting to suck on my little dick so I
started to suck on his. It really did feel good that way. We did this
until we both had orgasms, Tommy squirting into my mouth. I really did
like the taste of that stuff.

Afterward we just lay there relaxing, letting the good feelings wash over
our bodies. After a few minutes, dad asked Tommy if he was ready to teach
me what fucking was, and Tommy said, "Hell yeah, Dad!"

Dad told me to sit in the corner of the bed and watch, then he stood and
took off his clothes. Tommy reached into the cabinet over the bed and
grabbed a tube of a clear gel. I looked at the bottle and it said K-Y
jelly. Dad climbed up onto the bed and Tommy took the tube and squirt some
on his hands. He started jacking dad off with his hands full of goo. Once
dad's dick was hard, Tommy reached around and started rubbing his gooey
hands up and down his butt crack. After that, he lay down on the bed on
his tummy and I watched dad take his big dick and push it toward Tommy's

I watched amazed as dad put his dick inside Tommy's butt and I watched it
disappear inside my brother. Tommy was looking like he really liked it.
After a few minutes, dad had his dick all the way inside Tommy and then
started to pull it out. When it was almost all the way out, he pushed it
back in. He did this over and over, and was getting faster and faster. I
heard Tommy's breathing get faster and he was moaning like he was the night
before right before he squirt into my mouth.

He told dad that he was gonna cum and dad rolled onto his side, taking
Tommy with him so Tommy's dick was pointing at me. He kept pushing his
dick into Tommy and pulling it out, when Tommy told me to suck on his dick,

I did and almost immediately, Tommy squirt more of his cum into my mouth.
I loved the taste of it. Once he'd finished, I heard dad say he was going
to cum. I wanted him to squirt into my mouth too, but his dick had been in
Tommy's butt and that sounded kinda gross, so I didn't say anything.

Dad pushed his dick all the way into Tommy, and Tommy said he could feel
dad cumming inside him. When dad was finished, he lay down on Tommy's
back, kissing Tommy's neck. Tommy looked at me and said it felt great.

A little while later, Dad asked me if I wanted to try it. I looked at
dad's big dick and I guess I had a scared look on my face, because he
laughed. He told me that I was still too little for him to do it to me,
but Tommy was much smaller than he was and Tommy could. I looked at Tommy
and he looked at me. Tommy said, "Yeah Robbie, it'll feel good!"

I told them okay and Tommy grabbed the tube of goo again, squirt some of it
on his hands and started jacking himself off with it. After he got hard he
told me to lay like he did before and he started rubbing it in my butt
crack. He even stuck a finger in my butt hole. It felt kind of weird, but
in a way it felt good too. He did this for a little while, and it started
feeling better and better. After a few minutes more, he stopped and pulled
his finger out. I almost told him to put it back because I kind of felt
empty after that. He then climbed behind and on top of me and I felt his
dick pushing at my butt hole. I felt it start to go into me and it hurt a
little. I told them but they said it would feel better in a second and I
should wait.

Tommy started pushing more of his dick inside and after a few seconds the
pain was gone. It felt kind of odd, sort of like I was taking a poop, but
it was going back in me instead of coming out. After a minute, I felt his
hair around his dick touching my butt and Tommy told me it was all the way

He lay there letting me get used to the feeling and when he asked me I told
him it felt really good. When I said this, Tommy started to pull it out
and I told him I wanted him to leave it in. Tommy chuckled, and so did
dad. When Tommy had it almost all the way out, like dad, he started
putting it back in. It was a weird feeling, but I really liked it. It was
like my brother and I were connected. It was neat.

Tommy whispered into my ear that this was called fucking.

I looked at dad while Tommy was fucking me, and saw that he was jacking off
while he looked at us. Tommy yelled that he was gonna cum, and dad told
him to cum inside me. At the same time, dad told me to turn my head toward
him and he put the end of his dick into my mouth, reminding me to swallow
after each squirt.

I felt Tommy tense up while he lay on my back and I felt him push his dick
all the way into me. I could feel his dick flexing and could even feel his
cum squirt into me. Dad almost at the same time started squirting into my
mouth. This time I remembered to swallow after every squirt.

When it was all over, Tommy pulled his dick out of me and lay on the bed
next to me. Dad had finished squirting in my mouth and I licked my lips to
get all that had dribbled out of my mouth. Tommy looked at me doing this
and laughed. He said to dad, "Looks like Robbie is a real cum-hound, dad."
Dad laughed.

We did this a couple times that night and once the next morning when Dad
asked me if I wanted to try to fuck Tommy. I wasn't sure, but Tommy said,
"Hell Yeah! Try it bro, you'll love it!" Tommy didn't wait for me to
answer, he took some of the goo from the tube and started jacking on my
dick. It got hard right away and he rubbed some onto his butt. He told me
to lay down on my back.

I did, and he sat with his knees on either side of my belly and with his
hand took my dick and held it. He lowered himself so my dick touched his
butt hole and I felt it go inside him. It was warm and tight against my
dick and it felt the best yet. Way better than him sucking on it.

Since my dick was only 3 and a half inches long when it was hard, it only
took a few seconds for Tommy to be sitting right on my lap with my dick all
the way inside him. He started to raise himself and when my dick was
almost all the way out, he started lowering himself again. He did this
over and over and it felt amazing. After a few minutes, I felt my own
orgasm starting and Tommy loved watching me thrash under him and he said he
felt my dick flexing inside even though I was too young to squirt inside

After that, Tommy lay next to me and gave me a hug. He told me that he was
happy to be my brother and that now I was really a part of the family.

We got dressed and started on our way back to the dock. We got home and
went on with our regular lives.

That night, Tommy told me to come to his bed and we played like we had been
until I fell asleep. He fucked me twice and I fucked him twice. After
that, I told him I was tired and he took his dick and put it inside me and
told me to go to sleep. He held me but he didn't fuck me, just left his
dick all the way inside me and we both went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and Tommy's dick was still inside me. I felt
behind me and felt his hard dick sticking into my butt. I could also feel
his cum dripping out of my butt. He woke up at that point and told me that
he probably squirt inside me a couple times during the night. He told me
he loved me and gave me a kiss on my neck. I really loved my brother and
was looking forward to us playing like this for a long time.

Coming Soon - Chapter 3 - My 'first' time.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Father Brother Uncle Son - Father Brother Uncle Son 2