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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Filipino Family - Filipino Family 6

Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 06:45:35 -0800 (PST)
From: Ramil Beltran <>
Subject: A Filipino Family Story (Book VI)

by Ramil Beltran

This is a collection of my experiences with the men in my family. All
events happened but names of people and places were changed for obvious

If you are below 18 years old and are offended by stories involving
homosexual encounters between family members please do not read the
following stories. Otherwise, sit back, read on and enjoy.



The Filipino family is a super extended family. One will suddenly find out
that he is the cousin of this person because his mother happened to be the
daughter of the cousin of a grandmother.

So I wasn't surprised when one day last year, my mom asked me to fetch a
cousin at the airport. I was expecting it was one of my real cousins, it
turned out that this was the son of the son of my mother's father's cousin.
Confused? I was. But my mother insisted he was a cousin and he will be
staying with us for a few months while he reviews for his board exam.

I went to the airport without even knowing how this cousin looked like. I
just brought a cardboard sign with his name on it. He was Tito, and he has
the same family name as that of my mother. So that makes him a relative.

I didn't see him, he saw me with that cardboard. He was younger than me by
12 years, but taller by a few inches. His hair was closely cropped, which
made his head looked round. He was also chubby, but a little darker than
me. A combination, I must admit I find irresistible.

I introduced myself to him and he said he was happy to see me. We went to
my car and I drove us home. It turned out that my mom, knows his father
but she can't remember this boy. Anyway, she accepted him just like any of
our relatives who come to Manila from the South.

It was all right for him to stay with us because at this time, my brother
and sisters were already married and I am the only one staying with our
parents. He would stay in one of the rooms so he can review even late at

Since the school where he enrolled for his review was along the route I
take to my office, he would ride with me every morning. It was during this
travel time that I learned more about him.

He's the only one among the children who has finished university so far.
There were four of them in the family, all boys. The oldest among them, a
boy, dropped out of university when he got his girlfriend pregnant. His
two younger brothers were still studying, one in high school, the other in

When he didn't have review classes on weekends, I bring him along to watch
movies. Sometimes, he would ask me to bring him to the basketball games,
which he liked so much. I asked him once if he played basketball, he said
only with his brothers. He even asked me once to play ball with him but I
declined, I said I have bad knees.

One time, I woke up really late and I knew that I would be late for work if
I do not rush. I ran to the bathroom to take a bath and luckily it was
unlocked, which meant that nobody was using it.

I was so surprised to see Tito in the shower, stark naked with soap all
over his body. Our eyes met and there was silence.

"You should lock the door when you're inside." I told him.

He said he forgot to lock up because he woke up late. I closed the door
but not after taking another look at his body. He looked like a mini sumo
wrestler when he was naked. However, I took a longer look between his
legs. He was an average guy; there was nothing spectacular in his manhood.

"Please hurry up, I am running late too." I told him as I closed the door,
locking it behind me.

He was finished after more than 10 minutes. I was a little annoyed because
it was already late and he forgot his clothes in the hanger. I stepped
into the shower and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets with what I

Sticking on the wall was the unmistakable blob of semen. He has been
jacking off in the shower and in his rush he forgot to clean up the mess he
created. I picked it up with my finger and brought it close to my nose.
The smell confirmed I was right; it was his man juice.

I was suddenly aroused by the idea that, just minutes ago a young man was
beating his meat in the very place I was in. I was so aroused I couldn't
help but do it myself. I thought to myself that I could tell the boss that
there was heavy traffic that morning.

I did it with him in my mind. I imagined how it would be like sucking his
cock and drinking all his juice. I heard someone trying to open the
bathroom door. I didn't stop because I made sure I locked the door. When
I was finished, I made sure I cleaned the mess and even double-checked on
the shower. I got out of the shower fast, knowing how late I was already.
I met him on the way out and he said he left his clothes in the shower.

He still went with me in the car. He was so relaxed and just reading his
notes, while I was so restless and uneasy. The thought of this young man
giving his self pleasure in the bathroom gave me headache. I almost hit
the car in front me at one intersection twice. Each time he would ask me
if there was something wrong, and all I would only answer that the traffic
was getting in my nerves.

I was able get through the day without thinking of what I discovered that
morning. We had to reconstruct and finish a project proposal a colleague
accidentally erased from the computer. Luckily we were able to salvage
part of the proposal from the back-ups.

I only became aware of Tito when we were watching TV in the living room
after dinner. He was seated on a chair directly opposite me and he was
wearing shorts. His jewels were bunched up in a bulge between his legs. I
didn't know what I watched more, the TV program or that bulge.

A few months later, my mother's sister and her husband stayed in our place
for two weeks while they attended a seminar. Tito had to move in my room
while the couple was there. He said it was okay with him; I was the one
with the problem.

Ever since that morning I found his seed in the shower, Tito has become
something like the forbidden fruit to me; so tempting and desirable that I
must have him. That time, I was given the opportunity to taste the
forbidden fruit.

We just placed a foam mattress on the floor for him to sleep on. After
listening to his stories about life in the province, I fell asleep. Later,
I woke up and heard a familiar rustling sound and my immediate reaction was
to look at Tito on the floor. And I wasn't mistaken, he was jerking off.
There was light coming from the lamppost outside and I could see him. I
just watched him silently because I didn't want him to stop and he didn't
seem to notice me. I knew he was trying hard not to make other sounds that
would catch my attention. He just sighed deeply when he was finished.
After a few seconds, he stood up and went to the bathroom. I waited for
him to come back; before going back to his bed, he stopped by the foot of
my bed to check whether I was still sleeping. I didn't move and it seemed
he didn't notice I was awake. He just went back to sleep.

It was the same the following night. I began to wonder whether he was
actually jerking off every night. If he can do it while he was sharing the
room with me, how much more when he's alone, I asked myself. I just let
him finish his activity and waited for him to sleep.

To my surprise, he was at it again the following night. I just couldn't
believe at the stamina of this man! He was doing it nightly and yet he was
still full of energy the following day. I must get his secret, I told
myself. His activity was depriving me of sleep, yet I didn't want to miss
on the action.

The next morning, we were together again in my car. Traffic was a little
congested that morning because of an accident. Getting annoyed with it, I
started a conversation with Tito.

I asked him if he has a girlfriend and he said yes. I asked him if he was
having sex with his girlfriend and he said sometimes.

"How often?" I asked him.

"At least twice a week." He answered without hesitation.

"So what do you do in days you don't have it with her?" I was trying to
let him talk about his nocturnal activity.

"Nothing." He said but he was obviously embarrassed.

"Really? You don't masturbate?" I asked without looking at him.

"Well, sometimes." He answered.

I felt him getting uneasy on his seat. Lucky for him, the traffic suddenly
moved and we were at his review center in no time.

That night, Tito came back to the room after his shower wearing only his
underwear. I raised my head from reading a book and gave him a quizzical
look. He said he got his shorts wet. I asked him if he was going to sleep
in his underwear and he asked me if it was okay with me. I said I didn't
mind. He lied on the bed and put his hand on his belly. Then he started
talking about his girlfriend, and their plans to get married once he passed
his exams. I just listened; I didn't know what to say so I just read on.
He asked if I didn't have any plans to get married. I said marriage isn't
for me and directly told him I'm gay. He didn't say a thing; he just
stared at the ceiling, rubbing his belly. I continued reading my book.

I was taken aback by his next question. He asked me whether I do blowjobs
on other men. I felt my face flushed with blood. I didn't know whether I
would answer him or not. Then he said he was sorry he asked. I decided to
answer him.

"Yes, I do. But that's not the only thing I do to other men." I could
feel my heart beating fast in my chest.

He sat on the mattress and looked at me with a grin on his face.

"What other things do you do?" he asked again

I was wondering what happened to this guy. Was he interested or was he
mocking me, I asked myself.

"Well, I think it's better done than told." I smugly told him.

He chuckled and lied down again. I stopped reading and observed him. He
was rubbing his belly, but something else was moving between his legs.

"Is that a mouse between your legs?" I teased him.

He looked down at his crotch and grabbed it. He took his folded blanket
and covered his crotch with it. He said I was being naughty. I told him
that if he needs to know more, all he has to do was ask. He sat up again
and looked at me, grinning.


There was lump in my throat as my heart beat even faster. I thought is
this guy seducing me? I gathered all courage, got off the bed and crawled
towards him. He just looked at me, with wonder in his eyes. I sat in
front of him on the floor. To my surprise, he pulled down his briefs and
had a hard on. I knew I was in the point of no return; I slowly lowered my
lips on his rigid cock. I heard him gasp when I took in the head of his
member. He lied down but I didn't remove my mouth from his cock.

I worked on his cock, giving him a good blowjob. I occasionally looked at
him and his eyes were tightly closed. He was whispering something
inaudible. After a while, he started moving his hips in time with my
rhythm. He was moaning loudly now. It didn't take long before he shot his
cum in my mouth and he let out a groan. I took everything in and licked
the remaining drops from the opening.

He opened his eyes and thanked me. He said I give it better than her
girlfriend does. I wanted to laugh but I realized my shirt was wet with
sweat. I stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I got back,
he put on his clothes and went to the bathroom.

I was lying on the bed when he came in. He took off his clothes and lied
beside me. He said he wanted to sleep with me on the bed. I moved and
gave him some space to lie on. I put my arms around him as he lay on the
bed. We fell asleep that way.

It was still dark when I woke up. I saw him staring at me. When he
noticed I was already awake he said he wanted more. I was so shocked at
what he said I couldn't answer him. He started kissing my neck and sucking
my nipples. I pushed him and made him lie on bed. His cock was already
hard. I started kissing him and was working my way down his cock when he
said he wanted something else. I understood what he meant. I took the
lube from the drawer on the nightstand and put some of it on his dick and
my ass.

He positioned his self in front of me and started ramming his tool in me.
Since he was an average guy, I didn't have too much problem taking him in.
However, he was so rough and heavy that every thrust felt like an invasion.
Again he was whispering something inaudible while doing his thing. I
watched his face as he was pumping in me and the many expressions on it
turned me on. He suddenly said that, that was it and I felt his hot juice
exploding in my bowels. He collapsed on me and I started nibbling on his
ear. Being chubby, he was drenched in sweat from all of the humping he
did. He was also breathing deeply. In a few minutes, his cock went limp
and fell out of my ass, which suddenly felt like hollow.

Once again, he thanked me. He said it was a great experience and he
prefers it to blowjobs. He rolled over and lied beside me.

I started jerking my own cock to ease the tension in my lower regions. He
noticed what I was doing and laid on his side to watch me. I asked him if
he wanted to do it, he shook his head furiously. I took hold of his cock
and noticed that it was getting hard again. I started jerking it with my
other hand. He took my hand off his cock and he jerked his member. I
started shooting my load on my chest and pubic hair and he stopped what he
was doing. We lied on the bed and I felt so exhausted. Tito, his eyes
closed, started mumbling that he hoped my aunt and her husband don't go
home yet so we could do it again.

I smiled and then my alarm clock went off. It was time to get out of bed.

Little did I know that for the rest of his stay in my room, I would be his
sex slave. Tito wanted to do it every night, and every morning before the
sun rose. He wanted to try all the positions possible. I just couldn't
understand where he got all his energy. At first I was more than willing
to give in, but later on I started to think what kind of animal I have
released in him. I wanted so much to stop it but at the same time I didn't
want to miss the opportunity. Just the same, I was so thankful when my
aunt and her husband returned to their province because I was already
feeling sore from all the fucking I received from him.

That didn't stop him from knocking on my door late at night for a quick
fuck. There were times I wouldn't answer him anymore because I was afraid
that I would be permanently damaged with our nightly sex. It came to a
point that I dreaded to be close to him, even during daytime when we were
alone in my car.

His sexual appetite subsided as his examination days came near. I started
to settle down, knowing there would be respite from all the sex we've been

He took his exams and it went on smoothly. With nothing to do and to worry
on, Tito's concentration was focused on his sexual desires. He would come
to my room every night. I would give in to him each time; I knew that it
would be over soon so I wanted to have the most out of it.

When it was time for him to leave, I drove him to the same airport where we
first met. He thanked me for all his experience. He was worried, however,
where he will get the nightly sex. He knew his girlfriend wouldn't agree.
I slapped him on his back and told him he still has his hands. He laughed.

The results of his exams came out earlier this year. He was one of the
very few who passed. He called on the phone to thank my parents and me.
He also asked if it is okay to stay in our place when he takes his oath of
office. Of course he was welcome.

He only stayed for two weeks and I made sure that he got the most out of
it. I took a leave from work and we went to my cousin Ramil's place.
There we did whatever we wanted. He didn't even have any qualms about
doing it with Ramil. But he refused to have it with Ramil and me at the
same time. While my cousin and me were spent, he would still be up and
ready for another round. Even Ramil was stunned and he asked me where Tito
was getting all his sexual energy or whether my distant relative was human
at all. We practically begged for him to stop because we have had enough

One time I asked him if he has done it with a female sex worker and he said
he would rather do it with Ramil or me. He was afraid he'd catch something
he'll be sorry for the rest of his life. He added he doesn't want to do it
with other girls because he might get them pregnant. Then he added,
besides, I was always available and no way will I get pregnant. He said he
doesn't want to do it with other gay men, either. He was afraid he might
become gay himself. I laughed at what he said.

Tito found a job in a bank in the city near their home. He now lives on
his own in the same area. He plans to marry his girlfriend early next
year. He said we would all be invited.

Up to now, I am amazed at the appetite Tito has for sex. It was simply
unbelievable. I don't know if I would find another one like him.


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