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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Glory Hole And Dad

The Glory Hole and Dad

It was really the first time I had ever gone to the park
restroom and sucked a cock through a glory hole. I had
thought about it and fantasized about it, but until that day, I
had never done it.

For weeks, I had been as horny as hell just thinking about
it, but then again, what 18-year-old isn't horny at least 24
hours a day?

I'd known I was gay for the past two years. Ever
since I started to fantasize about my English teacher. I used
to go to school and get a hard-on first thing in the morning,
just thinking about him and waiting for his class to begin.

He was about 40, slightly greying hair and VERY HOT! He
wore his tight sport shirts open at the neck so I could see
all black curly hair all over his chest. And I've always had
a thing about older guys.

Even my dad is a real hunk. Very broad shoulders that taper down
into a narrow waist, thick dark hair. He had that raw, natural sex

Of course he's all man, and if he knew his son was a
cocksucker, he'd be shocked.

The other day I went to the park after school and manned
the center stall in the men's room. No one is ever in that
park in the afternoon except the cocksuckers and guys wanting
to get sucked.

I had been there about a half-hour and I already sucked a
couple of dicks, one belonging to a big hot stud in a
letterman's jacket that indicated he played football at
high school. He was hot! Then a guy in a business suit came
in who pulled his cock out of the hole before he shot his
load into his hand. His cock was long and thick and he'd shot so
much cum into my mouth that I couldn't swallow it fast enough.
A lot of it had dripped down my chin and onto my clothing.

I decided to wait a few more minutes and then go home when
another guy came in. He pulled out his big thick cock and
shoved it through the hole. It was veiny with a mushroom-
shaped head that was enormous. He rammed it down my throat
and then pulled it out just as fast, and kept this up while
I continue to lick all the way around his enormous prick.
I was sure my jaws would break with the hammering they were

Then I could feel him tense up and release as he shot a huge
load into my waiting mouth. I swallowed his mammoth load and
hear him say in a very low voice, "Thank you."

I stood up, wiped off my face with some toilet paper and
then stepped out of the stall. Standing there, combing his
hair was my father!

Holy shit!!! I had just sucked off my own dad. He didn't
seem to know how to react; neither did I. He tried to look
surprised, then I could see an angry expression form on his
face. It was not the easiest of circumstances.

"Fuck!" he yelled. "My goddam son is a fucking
bathroom cocksucker! He grabbed me roughly by the arm and
literally dragged me to his car.

We didn't talk at all on the way home, and I was relieved
when we pulled in the driveway. I headed toward the front
door, but he motioned me toward the garage. I followed him,
very much afraid of what would come mext.

He sat down on a crate and pulled me over his lap and told
me he was going to beat my ass until it was red and blistered.

He pulled down my Levis and jockey shorts and began slapping
my ass with those huge, rough hands of his. I cried out with
each smack until he told me to shut the fuck up and take it
like a man. Then he pulled a rag off the shelf and shoved it
in my mouth.

My ass was red hot and sore as hell, but much to my
surprise, my cock was rock hard. He just kept hitting my ass
harder and harder until he finally felt I had enough. My
hand reached for my burning asscheeks, certain there would be
blood. I was thankful to discover there wasn't.

He just looked at me without saying a word. I wasn't sure if
he were still angry or whether he was going to start beating
me again. Finally, he started to talk.

"So my son's suckin dick in the park, huh? Well, we all know that
cocksuckers love to get their asses plugged. Right?" And with that, he
smiled what seemed at the time to be the most evil smile I
ever saw.

I was a virgin so far as getting fucked was concerned. I had
thought about it, but not seriously. I was really frightened
at the thought of some large muscle invading my asshole.

As he unbuttoned his pants, I could see his enormous dick
again. Surely, he wasn't going to try and fuck me with that!

But then he shoved me face down on an old sofa in the garage
and spit into his hand. After coating his cock with the
saliva in his hand, there was nothing more to imagine. He
actually intended to fuck me.

Before I could adjust to the idea, he rammed his cock into
me with one enormous shove. My ass was burning inside and I
wanted to scream. But the rag he had shoved in my mouth
muffled any sound I wanted to make.

His sudden entry was painful and I struggled to get away
from him. But he wrapped his enormous forearm around my
neck and held me in position. "Okay, buster, now you're gonna
take it like a man," he said, as he started to pound my

He pulled his cock out of me slowly, then quickly shoved in
back inside me until his hot, muscled thighs were pounding
against my previously virgin ass.

"My son, the faggot, likes to get fucked, does he?, he
sneered. "Well, this is one fucking you're never going to

He pounded his cock inside me like a jackhammer, then made
broad, circular motions inside me, like he was trying to
drill a new asshole. Then he took my rock-hard prick into his
hand and started to jack me off. With each stroke, he shoved
his cock in deeply and withdrew it. He grabbed my balls with
his other hand and pulled on them hard as he jacked away. I
was ready to cum.

He rammed harder and harder, and then, without warning, he
pulled his dick out of my ass and shoved me to the floor.
Standing over me, he jacked himself off and shot his huge
load all over my face. My own cock jumped and I shot too.

Some of his cum hit me in the eye and it was burning. He
grabbed another rag off the shelf and tossed it to me.
Walking toward the door, he turned and smile, "Clean up you
little faggot and get your ass in the house for dinner."

I wheeled around and said defiantly, "Wait a minute, Dad, I
want to talk to you. What do you think Mom would say if she
found out you fucked your son? Or what do you think she sould
say if she knew that big, hot dick of yours was sticking
through every glory hole in town? I don't think she'd like it."

"You little cunt," he shot back. "Not only are you a goddam,
fucking faggot, you're a goddam snitch. I'm not gonna take
that kind of crap from you. And I'm not about to be

"No, Dad," that's not what I had in mind. But there is
something you ARE gonna take from me," I grinned while
unzipping my pants, and taking out my now rock-hard dick.
"You're gonna do what I say, or I'm gonna tell her

Dad paled at my threat. I had him by the balls, so to speak,
and although he wasn't ready to admit it quite yet, he knew

"Now drop your pants, bend over and grab you're ankles,
turkey. Now YOU'RE going to learn what it feels like to get
the big dick shoved up YOUR butt."

"You goddam little prick. I oughta beat the shit out of you
for even thinking such a thing. If you think you're gonna
fuck me, you're out of your goddam mind," he snarled.
"Well, Dad, it's either that, or I have a heart-to-heart
talk with Mom," I grinned. "And it'll be all over town that
you fucked you're own son!"

I grabbed some hand cleanser, the kind mechanics use, off
the work bench and handed it to him. You better smear some of
this around your asshole, or it's going to hurt," I ordered.
"Christ, I don't believe this! Come on, kid, I was only
playing around this afternoon. And I thought you'd enjoy a
little action. I know how horny a boy your age can get," he
said, obviously trying to assuage me. "I was just trying
to help."

"Well, Dad, it looks like it's my turn to help you," I
smiled back. "Now bend over and spread those fucking cheeks."
He looked frantic, very much like a caged tiger that knows
all the escape doors are closed.

"Please don't make me do that," his voice said pleadingly.
"You'll ruin me. I've heard that once a man gets fucked, he's
a queer for life. Do you want to do that to me?"
"That's not my problem," I said with an evil grin on my
face. "I just want to stick my dick in you to let you know what it feels likes. And if you
don't get your pants down right now, I'm gonna tell."

Dad was defeated and he knew it. He really didn't have any
options unless he wanted it all over town that he was fucking
his son.

As he bent over slowly, I approached his hot hairy ass
from behind. With some of the excess lube from his asshole, I
lathered up my dick and pressed it against his asshole. The
hairs around that hot ass felt hot as I got into final
position for the long drive home.

As I shoved it in, he let out a loud scream. "Oh, god! That
hurts like a sonafabitch!" Poor Dad. He forgot that his
faggot son had a dick like a fucking stud horse. As my cock
went further and further into his tight asshole, I could feel
that tight, hot muscle wrapping itself around me, giving me
just the friction I needed.

"Oh my god,"he whimpered, as I began to slide my
rock hard cock in and out of him. "Okay, asshole, now get
over on your back and get those legs up."

On his back, he looked hotter than ever, and I noticed his
was starting to beat himself off as I was pounding him. The
look of horror that had been on his face only seconds ago was
replaced by one that indicated he was actually enjoying it!
A few more thrusts and I exploded, sending one hot load of
hot, white cream after another into that hot, hairy asshole.
When I finished, I picked up the rag he had shoved in my
mouth and tossed it back to him.

"Here you go, Dad. Clean out your ass. Wouldn't want Mom
to know you just got his butt fucked by a faggot, would we?"

"No, I don't think we would," he said, almost grinning.
As we walked back into the house, he started to put his arm
around me affectionately. Then he caught himself and pulled
back. I could tell that a certain closeness had developed
between us within the past few hours, one that would probably
last for a long time.

I knew it was not be the last time I spend the afternoon
with Dad in the garage.

Jerry Gaither

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Glory Hole And Dad