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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Grandpas Grandsons

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:00:51 -0700
From: Wolf pomo <>
Subject: Grandpa's Grandsons (gay / incest, m/m, b/M, b/b, bb/MMM)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's
discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult
males... If this type of content offends you or you
are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
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to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your
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If it is illegal to read such material where you live or
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If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of
your own, please let me know. I am happy to write
stories from outlines.

Copyright 2008 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.

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you like. All flames will be ignored.

Grandpa's Grandsons

       There was a noise that woke Jake up during the
night. It took him a moment to figure out where the
noise was coming from. He shared a bedroom with his
older brother, James. They had a couple of twin
beds in the room. His brother was sixteen years old
and 10 years older than him.

       His brother had invited his best friend, Ronald,
to spend the night with him. Ronny was seventeen
years old. They were sharing his twin bed. When he
looked over at his brother's bed he could make out
what was going on because there was enough
moonlight coming through the window. The blankets
were practically on the floor. The sheets were also a
mess. They were both about six feet tall and slender.
They had gone to bed naked.

       Jake had not thought anything about it because
his brother always slept in the nude. But when he
figured out what his Ronny was doing to his brother
he could not believe what he was seeing.

       Ronny was laying on top of James' back and he
was humping his hips up and down. James' was
grunting with every thrust of Ronny's hips. Jake had
heard about guys fucking girls but had never heard
about guys fucking each other. He lay there watching
them until Ronny gave a grown and lay there on top of
his brother for some time.

       Eventually Ronny rose up by supporting himself
on his hands and toes. James turned under him and
they kissed each other on the mouth. That was
strange to the six year old but Ronny moved his body
up until he was sitting on James' chest. Jake watched
as James took hold of Ronny cock that was longer and
thicker than Jake had ever seen it before. James
guided the wet cock into his mouth and sucked on it
for a long time. Jake was not sure what was going on
but he found that his own youthful little cock was
getting hard.

       Jake put his hand inside his jockey shorts and
felt his little winner. Ronny eventually pulled his limp
dick out of his brothers mouth and they settled down
with James curled up against Ronny's back after they
pulled the covers over themselves. He watched them
very carefully in the morning. He was not sure if he
should ask his brother about what he had seen.

       After they had breakfast Ronny went home.
James always drove his younger brother to school so
Jake broached the subject to his brother. James
laughed it off. "Just don't go around blabbing about
what you saw last night."

       Jake asked, "I never heard about guy's fucking
each other. Does it hurt?"

       James said, "It does heart some at first but
you eventually learn to enjoy it."

       Jake asked, "Do you think I could do it?"

       James said, "We better wait until sometime in
the future. I will talk it over with Ronny. Maybe we
can do it some time with his younger brother."

       That gave Jake something to think about
because Ronny's younger brother was in the same
class with him. When it was lunch time he got Ronny's
younger brother to sit with him at a lunch table far
enough away from the other kids so that they could
talk without other kids hearing what they were

       Ronny's young brother was named William but
everyone called him Billy. They had a lot in common.
They both had dark brown hair that was trimmed
rather close with a part on the left side of their
heads. When Billy asked him what was up Jake asked
him, "Did you know that your brother and mine fuck
each other?"

       Billy said, "You're kidding. I can't believe my
brother would do anything like that."

       Jake said, "I saw them last night."

       Billy wanted to know all about what he had seen.
Jake was only too happy to tell him all about what he
had seen. They agreed to get together after school
at Billy's home and talk about it more.

       While they were making plans James had told
Ronny about his younger brother watching what they
had done last night during their physical education
class. They were in the swimming pool. He added
that Jake wanted to find out what it was like.

       Ronny sprung a boner in the cool water of the
pool that James saw. He knew that his buddy was
intrigued. "I think it would be better if you bring out
Billy and I will fuck Jake."

       James' face lit up. "That would be best. Billy
has always followed me around like a puppy when I'm
at your house."

       They agreed to meet at James place to figure
out how they were going to go about doing this. They
figured the best way would be to pick weekend when
one of their parents were going to be away for a
weekend. That way they could have a couple of days
to bring the boys out and them to recover before
their parents got home.

       When school let out Jake called his brother on
his cell phone and told him that he was going home
with Billy. That was fine with James because that
would allow him and Ronny to make their plans.

       The two boys headed straight for Billy's home.
They stopped long enough to say hi to Billy's mom and
het a sandwich and milk on their way out to the back
yard. Billy had a tree house about eight feet off of
the ground in the fork of the three main braches of
the big old pepper tree.

       The leaves of the old tree were like an umbrella
that almost reached the ground. It was so shaded
under the tree that grass would not grow under it.
There was a rope ladder to climb up into the tree
house. The best thing about it was that no one could
see what they were doing up there.

       They ate their sandwiches and drank their milk
from the tin cups first off. Then they started telling
each other what they knew about sex. That led to
them taking down their pants and checking out each
other's little cocks.

       Both of their cocks were about three and a half
inches long. The big difference was that Jake was
circumcised and Billy was not. His foreskin was long
enough that it has about a quarter inch extra beyond
his knob.

       They each played with their own cock for a
little while. They she reached between each other's
legs and played with each other's cock for a little
while. It was only natural that they took turns
inspecting each other's cock up close. They could
smell each other's cock. They could smell the laundry
soap their mother's used to wash their clothes and
the odor of warm moist skin. They took turns licking
each other's cock before they sucked each other's
cock. They really enjoyed the feeling it induced in
each other. Jake was sucking on Billy's little pecker
when they heard Billy's mother calling them to dinner.

       The boys quickly stood up and pulled their pants
up. They acted a little suspicious when they entered
the house. Billy's mother knew that had been up to
something but was not too concerned about what they
were up too. She told Jake that she had called his
mother and it was alright for him to have dinner with
Billy. She told them to go wash up. They both
smelled of the sap from the pepper tree. While they
were eating James and Ron were busy planning what
they were going to do.

       James knew that his parents were planning on
going to his father's college reunion up state. That
would mean they would be driving 300 miles up to the
State college. They had asked their mother's
grandfather to keep an eye on them for the three
days they would be out of town.

       Grandpa was a great old guy. He was in his
sixties and his hair was all white, what was left of it.
He was almost completely bald on top of his head.
There was just a ring of hair around his head and a
few strands he combed over the top. He had a little
pot belly. Jake absolutely adored his grandpa.

       From the first time he spent the night with him
his grandpa had insisted on bathing him before bed.
He loved the way his grandpa washed his body. It
felt so good the way he washed his chest, crotch and
even the crack of his ass. It tickled but felt great.

       One night about a week before their parents
were going out of town they wanted to go out to
dinner with friends. James was going to the movies
with his friend so they asked grandpa to look after

       Jake was thrilled about getting to spend the
night with grandpa. They played checkers and
watched a little TV.

       When it was bed time grandpa washed him as he
always did. He often took off all of his clothes to
wash Jake. He always said he didn't want to get his
clothes wet. While grandpa was washing his pecker
Jake sprang the biggest boner he had ever had.
Grandpa used his bare hand to milk his little pecker.
Jack sat back and enjoyed the feeling. He asked his
grandpa, "When will be able to squirt jizz like James

       Grandpa asked, "How do you know about your
brother's jizz?"

       Jake said, "I have seen him playing with his cock
when he thought I was asleep. I have seen him squirt
jizz into a towel." He was reluctant to tell him about
seeing Ronny fucking his brother.

       Grandpa said, "Most boys enter puberty
between 11 and 12. By the time they are 12 they can

       When grandpa helped him to stand in the tub he
opened the drain and started drying him off with a
bath towel as he normally did. But when he dried the
boys cock he had a big boner. He could not resist
taking hold of the boy's cock with his thumb and
forefinger and jacking him off. Jake moaned his
approval. With that grandpa bent over and took the
little cock into his mouth and sucked on it. He was
even better that Billy at sucking cock.

       When grandpa lifted his head up Jake boldly
reached for his grandpa's cock. It was every bit as
large as James'. He pulled on the loose skin until the
knob was covered. Grandpa placed his hand on the
back of the boy's head and assured him that he was
doing a good job. Jake could not resist moving his
head closer so that he could smell his cock. There
was not a strong smell of laundry soap but the flesh
had a stronger smell that Billy. He licked the knob
before he held the shaft in one hand while he put the
knob into his mouth and sucked on it like he had seen
James do to Ronny. Grandpa was so thrilled that he
could not contain himself and he warned Jake that he
was going to cum. It was too late the old man
squirted cum into Jakes mouth.

       Jake pulled his head away and bent over the
toilet and spit out most of the cum but he still had a
taste in his mouth. Grandpa assured him that he
would learn to like the taste of his cum. That thrilled
Jake because that meant that grandpa was planning
on having him suck his cock a lot more times.

       This night neither of them put on pajamas as
they went to bed. Grandpa spooned Jake like he had
so many other times but this time he wedged his cock
between Jake's legs. In the morning grandpa fucked
the boy between his thighs until he squirted cum all
over the inside of his thighs. This time Jake used his
finger to wipe it up and taste it. They lounged around
before they got dressed and grandpa took him to

       The rest of the week drug by slowly. All four
boys were looking forward to having a chance to find
out if the boys were ready to find out what it was
like to be fucked in the ass.

       When James assured grandpa that he didn't
need to spend the weekend with them because they
could take care of themselves he figured they were
planning on playing with each other. He smiled to
himself as he pictured James sticking his cock in the
mouth of his beloved Jake. He agreed to just tell
their parents that he was there if they didn't make a
mess James assured him that they would not make a

       As soon as their parents drove off James was
on the phone telling Ron to bring Billy over. Ron
drove into the driveway within a half hour. As soon
as they were in the house the teenagers had opened
some cans of beer. The two boys didn't like the taste
but they had a buzz on before they finished two cans.
They were very relaxed.

       When James proposed that they should take
off their clothes and have some fun. Jake was quick
to strip off his clothes. When he was totally naked
he helped Billy get the rest of his clothes off. James
and Ron were soon out of their clothes too.

       Ron cuddled up to Jake and sat him on his lap.
They were sipping beer while Ron began to feel Jake
up. James had scooped up Billy and was doing the
same thing. When they started playing with the boy's
dick the boys could feel their bones poking them in
the butt.

       Jake was the bolder of the two. When he
pulled the six inch cock up between his legs he found
that he was un-cut too. That gave him a lot of loose
skin to use while jacking him off. Ron had to stop him
because he had other plans on where he wanted to
deposit his load of cum.

       Jake was watching his brother kissing Billy on
the mouth while he was milking the boy's little cock.
He would not let Billy play with his cock because he
was saving his load for later. The two older boys
sucked the little boy's cocks until they actually hurt.
When the boys bed them to stop sucking is when
James brought out a jar of Vaseline and the two
older boys applied a generous amount on their cocks.

       There was a couple of coffee colored leather
footstools in the living room so they placed them
facing each other and placed the boys on their knees
with their bodies draped over the cushions. They put
some Vaseline on their fingers and stuck them into
the boy's butts. Both boys had stiff cocks pressing
into the leather. Ron was behind Jake and James was
behind Billy. They held the boys by the hips as they
positioned their cocks against the small pink openings.

       When they started inserting their cocks both
boys started begging them to stop because it hurt
too much. But the teens did not care all they could
think of was how tight their asshole were. Both of
them were crying. Their cries matched every thrust
of the teen's cocks into their assholes. Ron fucked
Jack until he climaxed and squired his load of cum
into the boy's ass. James withdrew his cock just
before he came in Billy's butt and squirted cum all
over the boys back and butt. His hand was so large
that it almost covered the entire butt of the boy as
he rubbed his cum into the boy's skin.

       Nether boy felt like moving after the teens had
fucked them. The teens carried them into the
bathroom and put them in a very warm tub of water.
They let them soak and washed them up. When they
dried them off they carried them back to the living
room and they resumed drinking beer. The boys were
pleased that they had managed to take the cocks but
were not sure they wanted to do that again. They did
enjoy the way their brothers were stroking their
warm bodies though. It took the teens a few hours
before they were horny again. This time they wanted
the boys to suck their cocks.

       Jake had learned a lot from his grandpa and
gave Ron a blow-job like a pro. Billy on the other
hand had never held his mouth open that long before
and his jaw got tired several times before James
squirted his load of cum into his mouth. Billy spit it
out all over James' belly. Jake on the other hand only
pulled his head back enough to allow room for the hot
cum. He swallowed almost all of it.

       They went to bed with James sharing his bed
with Billy and Jake sharing his with Ron. Several
times during the night Jake would wake up because
Ron was fucking him between his thighs or jacking
him off. Jake was up for every round. The loved the
feeling of that large cock in his hand or mouth.

       They didn't get dressed in the morning. They
just ate and returned to sucking cocks. By noon the
boy's assholes were feeling a little better but they
were still being teased about walking like bowlegged
cowboys. When Ron proposed fucking Jake again, he
was not sure he was ready to try that again. It took
a little persuasion and cajoling before Jake relented
and draped himself over the footstool again.

       Ron took his place behind the boy after applying
a generous amount of Vaseline to the youth's asshole
and his cock. This time the cock entered in one
continuous movement. It took Jake by surprise and
he sucked in air as he felt the cock entering his ass.
There were tears welling up in his eyes but he only
moaned as Ron began fucking him.

       James and Billy were standing in front of Jake
watching every thrust and the expression on Jake's
face. James took hold of Billy's hand and placed it
around the shaft of his cock. When Billy began
jerking him off James placed his own hand around
Billy's waist and rested his hand on the soft smooth
butt of the boy. While they were getting excited
watching Jake being fuck Billy was pulling on the
teen's cock faster and harder. James sought out the
boy's little pink asshole and stuck his finger up his
ass. When Billy was turned on enough he assumed the
position over his footstool.

       James greased the boy's ass and his own cock.
Billy moaned when James entered him. He found that
his second fucking did not hurt as much. He was
beginning to enjoy the feeling of the big cock fucking
his ass. When the two teens squirted their cum into
the boy's asses they just let them go soft and slip out
without moving.

       Jake was still horny so he moved over to Billy's
footstool and turned him over. He straddled his head
and bent over so that he could take his friend's little
cock into his mouth. Billy did the same thing with
Jake's cock. They licked each other's dicks and little
ball sacks. They gave their brother's a good show
sucking each other's cocks. While all of that was
going on grandpa was suspected that the boy's were
sucking cocks.

       He got horny enough that he had to drive over
to their house and parked his car in the alley in the
back of the old pre-World War II house and entered
the back yard.

       He was dressed in dark gray slacks, with a very
black Hawaiian type shirt with a picture of a woody
1947 Ford station wagon. The car was in yellow and
gold hues with cocoanut palms in front of a beach.
He also had on dark deck shoes without socks. The
rubber soled shoes allowed him to enter the back
door quietly enough to slip in unheard.

       As he slipped through the wet room, kitchen and
down the hall towards the living room in the front of
the house. He was following the noise. When he
reached the living room he got an unexpected treat.

       The boys were still in a 69 but the older
brothers had moved between the boy's legs. James
had just taken hold of Billy's ankles and lifted them
up and inserted his cock into the boy's asshole. Ron
has mounted the footstool and squatted over Jake's
hips and inserted his cock into the puckering asshole.

       Each boy had an unobstructed view of the
action. In Billy's case was looking up as his older
brother's scrotum as it swung back and forth along
with a good portion of the cock going in and out of his
friends asshole while he was sucking Jake's cock.
Jake, on the other hand, was looking down at his
brother's cock going in and out of Billy's asshole.
Every time he went down on Billy's cock his nose was
close enough to his brother's pubic hair that he could
smell the moist odor of his hair and feel the
tentacles hairs rubbing against his nose. Grandpa
took in the action and got a boner right away. He was
already unfastening the belt of his pants before the
teenagers saw the old man moving towards them.

       The first thought they both had was that they
were trouble until they saw him pulling down his
pants. His boner was already poking through his
boxer shorts. Grandpa's cock was a nice plump thing
that was cut and the knob had purplish downward
curve to it. Hey could also see some gray hairs
sticking through the opening. They watched as he
removed all of his clothes. He had the wrinkles men
get with age on his elbows, keens, and sagging
pectorals. The question was which one of them was
about to find out what he planned to do with his tool.

       Grandpa approached his grandson James and
felt his ass. He pushed his back enough to show
James that he wanted him to bend over a little.
When James did as he wanted, Gramps parted his ass
and could tell by way his ass was puckering that he
was no virgin. He spit into the palm of his hand and
spread it all over his cock. He was resting one hand
on James' back while he used the other hand to guide
his cock towards the teenager's asshole.

       When the cock entered he let out a moan of
discomfort that Ron stifled by kissing him on the
mouth. The only two assholes that did not have a
cock in it were Ron's and Grandpa's.

       The teenagers were quick to cum. As the
frothy white stuff gathered around the base of their
cocks Billy felt cum drip onto his forehead. Jake was
looking down at the base of the cock and watching
cum plastering the hairs to his body every time his
body pressed against Billy's ass.

       James could not move because Grandpa was still
fucking him. Ron pulled out of Jake and dismounted.
That allowed Jake to dismount too. That left Billy on
his back with James' cock in his ass going limp and
Grandpa was fucking his oldest grandson like a
fucking machine until he squirted his load of cum into
the teen's ass. Ron and Jake were sitting on the
couch playing with each other while they watched
Grandpa fucking James. When Gramps came he
pulled out of James and squirted his cum all over
James butt. He used his hands to rub it into his skin.

       Gramps had to sit down to recover. James' cock
had slipped out of Billy's asshole even before grandpa
had finished so he stepped back a little and helped
Billy sit up.

       The slender boy had been lying on his back so
long with his mouth open and it being filled with
James' cock. His jaw hurt and he was moving it from
side to side with his hand. He also wiped his mouth
with the back of his hand. The cum leaking out of his
asshole was wetting the leather his was sitting on.
His asshole was sore but he felt like a million dollars.
When he looked at the couch he saw Ron, Jake and
the grandfather lounging around.

       They were sweaty and the expression on their
faces looked like they had just had the best time of
their lives. James sat down on the footstool behind
Billy and wrapped his legs around his narrow hips and
used his hands to rub his chest with his hands.
Grandpa's cum was pooling under his ass too. He took
hold of the boy's dick with his finger and thumb and
started jacking him off.

       Grandpa was inspired to place his hand behind
Jake's head and pulled his head down to his lap. Jake
opened his mouth and started sucking the limp cock.
It smelled of James' asshole for a moment before he
tasted the skin of his grandfather's cock again. Even
Ron was stimulated watching the boy sucking his
grandfather's cock and his best friend jacking off his
little brother.

       He reached around Jake's hips and took hold of
the boy's little cock and started pulling on it just like
James was doing to his little brother. They fooled
around until the boy's could not stand having their
cocks pulled on. That started them struggling to get
away from the hands pulling on the peckers and let to
the next coupling.

       It was grandpa's idea that he wanted to have
Ron fuck his ass. He assumed the position over the
footstool and spread his butt for Ron.

       Ron got behind him and took a good look at the
old man's asshole. It was circled with hairs that
added the brown asshole looking like it was old and
having been used too many times to be counted. He
didn't bother greasing it up. He just fitted his uncut
cock against the opening and shoved it in. Grandpa's
face showed some discomfort but he didn't reprimand
the youth. The sight was very erotic for the other

       Jake and Billy sat there masturbating each
other but James could not resist taking the
opportunity to slip his cock into the ass of his buddy.
As he fucked Ron he was driving Ron's cock into
Gramps ass. They took their time and enjoyed the
feeling. They were sweating like pigs by the time
they had their climax. They were pleased that
everyone had been fucked but it was growing late.

       They all bathed and showered before cleaning
the house. They didn't want to leave any cum stains
or brown hash marks as tell tail evidence of what has
taken place during their parent's absence. After the
house was clean Ron took Billy home. Grandpa sat
down with James and Jake to talk about what they

       It was agreed that the boys would stop by after
school and they would be allowed to bring Ron and
Billy but other than that they would not include other
boys because the more people that knew about what
went on in his home the more likely that more people
would learn about it and eventually someone would
screw it up by bringing in the law.

       Jake would head directly for grandpa's home
after school. He would have more than an hour to
have grandpa to himself before James would get out
of school and get to grandpa's house. That would
allow Jake to have some time with his beloved
grandpa to himself before his older brother joined
them. Typically, as soon as he arrived, Jake would
take off all of his clothes so that his grandfather
could feel him up before sucking on his little cock.
Gramps could take his little scrotum and pecker into
his mouth at one time. The old man would suck on the
boy to get him excited before he would tickle the
boy's asshole with his finger before inserting it in the
boy's asshole. His goal was to slowly stretch his
asshole until the boy would be fucked without any
appreciable discomfort.

       When Jake was ready he would clam his beloved
grandfather's cock. He would generally suck him until
he would cum in his mouth. When he was very horny
he would get his grandfather hard and then turn his
back to him and sit down on his cock slowly sending it
up his ass. He would kind of bounce up and down on
the shaft until he would get a load of cum up his butt.

       When James would get there he would join
them by taking off his clothes. His presence would
change the dynamics of the relationship. James had
no real problem accepting the old man's cock up his
ass and of course his cock was as big as grandpas so
he could give his grandfather the kind of fucking that
the old man loved. The boys were able to enjoy their
visits for at least two years after Jake graduated
from college.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Grandpas Grandsons