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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Hot Little Brother - Hot Little Brother 2

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 23:04:00 -0500
From: Eric Lattenhaus <>
Subject: HOT LITTLE BROTHER - Chapter 2

(Mike's story)
--by Eric L.
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HOT LITTLE BROTHER - Mike's Story - Chapter 2

"Ohhh," Scotty said with the sexiest smile I'd seen on boy
or girl, "my big brother liked what I did."

"Oh, yeah I did, Scotty," I said softly.

This time, I kissed HIM.

As soon as my lips landed on Scotty's, his breathing went nuts--
he sounded like he'd just climbed a mountain. And his arms gave
me a bear hug I thought would break my ribs. Scotty just about
hugged himself right into me and made one person out of us.

I thought maybe I'd let loose a monster. My little brother Scott
was no monster. He was hot, both in temperature and in looks.

I guess because he sounded so desperate now, I began to think
'how long has Scotty really been wanting me?' Or maybe it wasn't
me exactly, maybe it was just his sex drive. If his dick size
had anything to do with it, his sex drive was huge. I still
couldn't believe how big he was.

And I couldn't believe how he had just sucked me--had given me
the best feelings I'd ever had--and that I had just shot a load
into his mouth, and we both liked it.

Suddenly, I was into the kiss, but when his tongue pushed into my
mouth, my dick pounded back to hardness, even though I'd just

No kiss before was a hot as this, and before I could think, I
felt Scotty's big dick poke hard into me for attention. I never
wanted to mess with a dick before, until now.

Even though we were hugging neck to neck, I could see my
brother's big hardon in my mind--hot, red, wet--bigger than life.
I doubted if even David, our 18-year-old brother, had as much of
a pole as Scotty.

I never felt as good in my life as I did when Scotty sucked me
off, and I'd watched his cute little face as I shot my stuff into
him and he'd swallowed me. That was hot. I had admitted it to
myself. Now I had to admit it to him.

"Scott, I never felt so hot--when you sucked . . . when I came in
your mouth . . . that was the best."

"Mmmm!" he said. He was so breathless maybe he couldn't talk.

I put a little space between our bodies. His cock looked even
bigger, and he had more of his precum on me than on him, like he
was marking out his territory on my body.

Seeing his huge penis, red and throbbing, I knew his need. For
the first time in my life, I wanted sex with another boy. Not
just any boy, the hot little brother I had in front of me. And I
wanted to suck his dick.

I walked Scotty to the bed, and put him on his back.

"Oh, Mike, damn!" was all he said, with his voice soft and low,
and his eyes closed, like he was dreaming. But I guess he knew
what I was going to do to him.

I knelt between his legs and looked him over. He was a little
Adonis with a huge cock, and I wanted him. I guess putting half
my brother's dick in my mouth proved that.

"Oh, fuck, yes--you fucking stud!" Scotty shouted. HE was the
stud, and he was calling me that. But still he seemed half out
of it.

I guess when he touched my cock, that made me realize I was hard
as hell. That was the final proof that I wanted my brother; that
I was hot for him; that no girl ever had this effect on me. I
had shocked myself by putting a dick in my mouth for the first
time. Now, the shock turned to want.

Scotty's dick felt and tasted so good to me that I didn't give a
shit if it meant I was gay, or what. I wanted his dick--Scotty's
dick--and it wasn't coming out of my mouth anytime soon.

I tried to do to Scotty, all the things he did to me. But when I
slid all of him in my mouth, I choked.

"Ohhh, yeahhh, Mike!"

I guess it felt good to him, even though I had to abort my
attempt at swallowing his record-sized dick. Scotty had said
seven inches, but it looked bigger to me. I know it looked damn
thick. I knew it WAS damn thick! My jaw was having a hard time
dealing with Scotty's width!

I relaxed and tried deep-throating him again. I did better that
time, but didn't quite make it. I loved it though.

"Mike, you hot fucker!"

"Scotty, am I doing it good? You like it?"

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Scotty even sounded sexy.

I don't know what came over me, but I loved it. I actually liked
choking on my baby brother's cock. So I kept doing that--
stabbing his hot, 14-year-old meat into my throat, and gagging on
it. I was driven, determined to make him cum.

In the end, my jaw gave out from being stretched for so long.
And--I don't know how--I knew this wasn't a one-time thing. I
knew I would want my brother's cock again and again.

I felt bad. Scotty had given me such a great blow job, and here
I was, stopping in the middle of sucking him. To make things
worse for the poor kid, he'd been getting close. But with the
dopey, half-drunk look on Scotty's face, I guess it didn't matter
to him--at least, not right then.

Scott kept moving his knees back and forth.

My dick ached from the stimulation I got from sucking him,
sniffing him, and hearing his incredible sexual moans. What was
I saying? Me?--getting horny from sucking a boy's dick?

He was my sexy little brother, and had me dripping for him. I
knew he was in no shape to suck me off again.

Scotty's knees in constant motion gave me the idea. I lifted his
legs almost out of habit. But what was I doing lifting a boy's
legs? My brother's legs! It didn't take me long to figure it
out. His gorgeous smile of encouragement was all I needed.

I stuck my aching hardon somewhere between Scotty's balls and his
hole. That's when I felt how much precum I had, and more coming
each second. He still seemed out of it, but he sure acted like
he wanted what I was doing, or going to do, and wiggling for
more. I made up my mind. I wanted to fuck him.

"Mmmm! Rrrrrrggggghhh!" Those sounds Scotty made were some of
the sexiest things I'd ever heard.

I had so much precum, I knew I didn't need any lube. I lined my
cock up with his hole, and gave the shove of my life.

My cock slammed into him, and never felt anything so tight or so
hot surround my dick. I never realized a guy's hole was so
tight. And on the outside, Scotty's ass was incredibly smooth.

It turned me on, even more, to feel my pubes pressed against his
sleek, solid cheeks. That is, after I slammed against them at
100 miles an hour.

murder. "Please! No! Stop! Pull it out, pull it OUT!"

I was out of him before he finished talking. "Scotty, I'm sorry!
Are you ok? Scotty!"

"OW! Oh fuck, fuck! Awwrrrrrgghh!"

He was breathing really bad, yelling how much it hurt.

"Scotty, please!" I said, more like a desperate parent than a
brother, "TALK to me! Oh, God! Please be OK, Scotty," I said,
over his screams.

"I'm okay. It's just--Ahh! Ah! Oh, God."

I rubbed him. I didn't know what else to do. I probably looked
really stupid, but I kept rubbing and touching. I wasn't sure if
that did any good, but he came out of it. I had my brother back.

"Scotty, yes!" I hugged him.

Scott pulled back, staring at my face.

"It's ok," he said, wiping a tear from my cheek. I didn't know
I'd been crying until I felt the wetness when Scott's finger
wiped it. "You love me that much you cried for me?"

"Yeah, Scotty. I thought I was losing you. Does it still hurt?
I'm sorry as hell, man."

"It's okay," he said, hugging me back, "but, Mike, what did you

"What did I DO?" I asked, a little confused.

"Yeah!" Scotty said, looking anxious to hear the answer.

"I fucked you."

"You fucked me? With WHAT?"

Now I thought I'd hurt Scotty in more ways than one.

"With my dick," I said, pointing to my lap. "I thought you--you
knew all about this."

"You're my one and only, Mike," Scotty said, giving me his cutest


"Yeah even that," he said, pointing to his mouth.

"Holy shit!" I said, stunned, "I'm sorry, Scotty!"

"Don't be sorry. I didn't know you were gay, Mike."

"I didn't either."

Then it was like you put the VCR on pause. No one moved. I
could hear my heart beat.

What I'd said moved Scott to tears. Then he came out of it and
looked sexy again. "This all happened today. You wanted me."

"Yeah," I said, not wanting to cry.

"I want you so bad, Mike," Scotty said, sounding more sexy than
ever, lying on his back, lifting his legs suggestively. "Do me."

"No! No WAY! Scotty, I'm not going to hurt you!"

"Yes you are, I want you to," he said.

I swear I felt his green eyes go right through me.

"Scott, you need to cum, right?" I said, trying to distract him.

But it was no use--his hands were likes snakes charming my body,
luring me into his lair. My cock pumped itself back up, hungry
for him. God, I couldn't believe I was thinking about sexual
desire for my brother. My cute, hot, sexy little brother.
HOT LITTLE BROTHER - Chapter 2 More to come?
by Eric

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HOT LITTLE BROTHER - Chapter 2 - Mike's story

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Hot Little Brother - Hot Little Brother 2