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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Jakes Big Mistake

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 19:36:49 -0500
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Jake's Big Mistake

Jake's Big Mistake
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing initially nonconsensual sex between a
teen and his preteen brother. If you have a hard time separating fantasy
from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue

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Mom and Dad were at work while my 10-year-old brother and I were home from
school for some stupid teacher's work day. I didn't care. I was just glad
to not have to be in school, even though they had given us a shit load of
homework. Sometimes I really hated high school. While Jake was busy I was
feeling super horny, and so I decided to rub one out.

There I was in my room, pants and underwear completely off, cock lubed up
and my hand going nice and slow when I heard a noise by my door. I looked
over to see Jake fucking spying on me! "What the fuck, Jake!" I yelled and
jumped up.

He immediately ran to his room, and I was right on his tail. He tried to
shut the door on me, but I just shoved it aside. I shoved him down on his
bed. "What the fuck were you doing, Jake? You a little faggot? You wanna
see my dick?"

"No! Let me go!" he yelled as I grabbed him by the hair.

I smacked him on his little ass. "You like staring at cock, faggot?" I
asked again. I swatted him a second time.

Have you ever had one of those moments when something. . . just kind of
snapped? You made a split-second decision that later made you look back and
ask yourself What the hell? Yeah, this was mine. "I didn't know my little
brother liked cock so much," I said. I held his head down with one hand
and with the other I yanked his shorts and briefs down. He squirmed and
kicked, and I could hear his muffled yelling since I had his face pushed
into the pillow.

That's when it happened. I felt his smooth, small, tight ass under my
hand. . . My cock was hard and lubed. . . Yeah I think you know where this
is going. "Well, I got a nice big cock for you!" I said, and then I
quickly got into position over him. I used my knees to thrust his legs
apart, and then I put my weight against him since he was moving around so
much. With my free hand I took hold of my cock and pushed the head into
his hole. It. Was. Heaven! "Fuck that's tight, Jake! Goddamn!" I was
hooked. There was no way I was stopping now. I began pushing my cock into
his straining ass. I didn't want to hurt him, but I also didn't have
patience to go at this too slowly.

I finally had to let go of his head so I could support my weight. I was
afraid if I lay on top of him right away it would just force my cock in,
and that might cause some problems. As soon as I let go of his head he
yelled: "Stop it! Get it out!"

"Fuck you, faggot! You wanted a nice fat dick, and now you're getting one."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he began yelling.

"I'm not!" I started moving my dick back and forth slightly. Fuck it was
incredible! I had never had pussy this good before. It was getting really
warm, and so I pulled my shirt off. I could feel the fabric of his shirt
against me skin, and I lowered myself down against him so I could feel his
heat more. I put my mouth near his ear and whispered "Goddamn, Jake! Your
ass is one hot piece of meat. I've never felt this good before."

I used my knees to push his legs even further apart. I moved one of my
legs against the smooth skin of his calf. My foot found his clothes, and I
extended my leg so that they slid off his thin leg. With more of my cock
inside his tight little ass, he was resisting me less. I was able to fuck
him a little more easily, and so I pushed my hips forward more. His ass
tightened around my cock, and then suddenly it just slid the rest of the
way in. We moaned at the same time. I pressed my pubes into his ass
cheeks. I wanted to feel his skin against me, and so I reached down and
grabbed his shirt. I pulled it upward and slid it off his arms so that we
were both totally naked.

I wanted this to last forever, but he was so fucking tight, and this was so
fucking hot, I knew I didn't have much more time. I wrapped my arms around
his thin chest and started fucking him harder. Once I started doing this,
there was no slowing down. Soon I was pounding those small, perfect
mounds. I could hear my pelvis slapping against his hot little ass as I
drove my cock into him repeatedly. Jake was moaning loudly. I looked at
his cherubic face. His blue eyes were closed, and the skin of his cheeks
was flushed. I noticed his damp brown hair sticking to his face, and then
saw that his mouth was open. It looked so inviting. I moved my head
closer to his and kissed him on his open mouth. His eyes opened for that,
and while I looked into his eyes, I put my lips against his again and
kissed him harder. Finally I slid my tongue into his mouth. It was so
fast he couldn't shut his mouth quick enough. He tried to move his head,
but he was really pinned. Soon he started kissing me back, and I felt a
wave of fire rush through me.

I started kissing him harder and then slamming my rod into his hole faster.
My groin was tingling, and I knew I was about ready to blow. "Fuck you're
awesome!" I said before covering his mouth with mine again. I broke the
kiss and lifted my torso up more with my elbows so I could drive my cock a
little more deeper. It was so hot watching his body rock as I rammed into
him. A few seconds later I collapsed against him as my cock unleashed the
biggest load I had ever shot. It almost felt like my goddamn cock
exploded. I actually waited to feel pain, but instead I just experienced
waves of ecstasy as my seed filled his hole in constant jets.

I grabbed him and rolled so that we were lying on our side. I kept my dick
wedged in his ass as it was still squeezing out cum. I ran my hands up and
down his torso as I sucked on his neck. Curious I ran my hand down between
his legs and rubbed his small cock and balls. His dick was soft, so I
played with it a little bit before moving my hand up to his nipples and
pinching them as I tongue kissed him again.

My dick had gotten only about halfway soft. His tight hole was keeping it
interested, and I was okay with that really. I looked at my watch and saw
we still had plenty of time before our parents came home. Not completely
sure I was ever going to get the chance again, I kept it in his hole. I
started kissing him again. I moved his hand so that it rested on my ass
cheek, and I started moving my dick back and forth slightly not wanting it
to fall out. "Know what we're going to be doing for as long as we can
today?" He shook his head. I stroked his cheek with my fingers. "I'm
gonna fuck your sweet hole, of course. When I'm done this time, we're
going to go into the living room. I want to fuck you in Dad's favorite
chair." I wasn't sure why I wanted to bone my little bro in our dad's
Lazy-Boy, but damn it seemed hot to imagine Dad sitting in it unaware of
what had gone on it earlier.

I took hold of his cock again and stroked the head with my thumb as my cock
continued to swell in my brother's ass. His meat began to respond, and
that turned me on. I looked at his lips and thought how wonderful they
would feel on my cock. I'd work on that later, though. "I sure am glad
you spied on me today, Jake. I might never have found out how fucking
incredible your butt is." My cock was hard again, and I started moving it
back and forth more now, pulling my meat out further and pushing it back
in. "You and your hot fucking ass are my new best friends, Jake," I said
rolling him back onto his stomach. "Fuck, I love you!"

After a few seconds I began pulling my cock way back, until it almost
popped out, and then I paused before driving it straight back in. Jake
moaned loudly. Well, at least I decided it was a moan. His head snapped up
each time my cock plunged forward which only made me want to fuck him
harder. I kept this up for as long as I could stand it. I decided to take
a risk. . . well, not really. Like he could resist me even if he
wanted. HA! I pulled out of him and got off the bed. I quickly grabbed
his legs and yanked him to the edge of the mattress. Once his butt was at
the edge, I was back inside him. I pounded him hard several times making
him call my name loudly.

"Yes! That faggot ass loves my big, fat cock, doesn't it?" I asked. I
drove it in deep and then held it there, moving my hips from side to side
while pressed as deep inside him as I could. "You love that cock, don't
you?" I asked. He didn't say anything. I drew my cock back and then
rammed it in again.

"YES!" he cried out. "Yes! Okay?"

I reached forward, grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. "That's
right, faggot. When I ask you a question, I expect a fucking answer," I
said calmly. Fuck this was getting me even hotter than I could've imagined.
"Now, beg me to fuck you hard." Where was this shit coming from? I

"Fuck me hard."

I pulled his hair a little harder. "Beg, you fucking bitch!"

He swallowed, his eyes wide with a little fear. "Fuck me hard! Please! I
beg you!"

I released his hair. "That's better." I started pounding his hole a little
faster now. "You want it harder, fag boy?"

"YES! Fuck me harder!" he blurted out rapidly obviously hoping it was what
I wanted to hear.

"Fuck yes, Jake!" I gripped his shoulders, bent my knees a bit, and then
started using my hips and back to really give it to him good and hard. I
watched his head bounce up and down as I slammed into hole. Goddamn it was
hot! I smacked him on his ass as I continued ramming him hard.

When I slowed down, I rested my body against his back and widened my stance
more. I put my hand underneath him and found his cock. It was soft again.
I played with it until it got hard. I spat on my fingers and then stroked
his little wood while I slowly humped him. I kissed him and then whispered
into his ear: "Your ass is all mine now. And you better not tell a goddamn
soul. Understand?" He nodded his head yes. "When I tell you I want that
tight pussy, you give it to me. No arguing, no questions." He nodded
again. "That's a really good boy, Jake." I nibbled on his ear gently and
then tongue kissed him again.

I had never been like this with a girl. It kind of freaked me out how
raunchy I could be with my own brother, but really it was too hot to make
me care about it too much. I was fucking enjoying it, and I was going to
continue enjoying having my own personal faggot. I wondered if other
brothers secretly did shit like this. Seems like a good thing, really.
You always have a hole or mouth nice and handy, and no one really suspects
anything since it's common for brothers to be in their underwear together,
naked, sharing a bed, whatever. I thought about one of my besties, Nate.
He had a brother around the same age as Jake, and they seemed close. It
always surprised me how close they were. Was this what made them that way
I wondered?

I returned to pounding him hard and fast enjoying whenever he moaned
particularly loudly. I pulled out again. "Lay on your back," I ordered.
He got on his bed on his back and watched me intently as I climbed over
him. I grabbed his legs and bent them over him so that his ass was in a
perfect position, his hole open like a ripe flower. I slid my cock into
him and watched his face contort as its thickness filled him from this new
angle. His eyes were closed and his mouth open again as I buried my rod
deep inside his guts. "Open your eyes and look at me." I watched his blue
eyes appear from behind his lens, and I slowly pulled my cock backward and
then plunged it forward.

"Kevin!" he cried out again, his eyes wide.

I pinned his ankles to the mattress and stretched out my legs. I withdrew
my cock again, and then when I rammed it back in, I let my weight push my
meat just a bit more.

"Gawd!" he said, licking his lips.

I shoved my tongue in his mouth and then rammed him again. I felt his
hands grip my forearms, and he started kissing me back more eagerly. I
pulled my head back to look into his eyes. "Fuck me! Oh gawd fuck me!" he
said. I shoved my tongue into his mouth hard and then started pounding his
ass. I heard his muffled moans and could feel his fingers clawing me. I
leaned so that I was kneeling. I had his legs resting against me, his
heels on my shoulders. I grabbed his cock and stroked it while I fucked
his hole. He was writhing on the bed. "Fuck me harder!" he yelled.

I released his legs and let them fall to my sides while I leaned in. I
kissed him roughly as I stroked his small cock while shoving my dick up his
ass. "You know where else that fat cock is going?" I asked. He shook his
head no. "Down your throat. Later you're going to suck my fucking cock,

"Okay, Kevin. Okay! Oh gawd. Fuck me!"

For an instant I thought about Nate fucking his little bro like this. I
really did wonder if they did. Then, for some weird reason, I wondered
about Dad and Uncle Ray. That was just gross, so I shook my head to get
rid of that image. Wondered what Dad would do if he walked in and saw us
like this. That was kind of funny, actually. I returned my focus to
working my brother's hole. I grabbed his wrists and held them against the
mattress. It just seemed hotter this way. He bit his lower lip hard as I
continued plowing his hole.

Suddenly Jake's eyes opened wide and his body gave a big shiver. "Are you
okay?" I asked a little freaked. I could feel his ass hole gripping my
cock. Curious I reached down and took hold of his dick and felt it jerk.
Nothing came out, so I realized he must have had a dry orgasm.

"FUCK!" he said. I laughed and kissed him again. I started fucking him
harder, and soon I was blasting his innards with my jizz again. I kissed
him as my dick twitched deep inside him. His little arms wrapped around my
neck and his legs around my side as he kissed me back. To be honest it
shocked the hell out of me that he was getting this into it, but I wasn't
going to complain. I was having too much fun and planned on getting my
cock inside his sweet hole as often as I could. If he went along for the
ride, well that just made things easier.

After making out for a while, I pulled out of his ass and lay on my back.
He cuddled up against me, and I kissed him on his forehead. He sought my
lips, and we were tongue kissing again, but this time more gently. After a
bit he leaned up on his elbow and looked serious. "Kevin?"


"Can I . . . can I touch it?"

"You've been wanting my cock for a while, huh, bro?"

He shrugged, but his blushing gave him away. "I'm just curious is all."

"Go ahead, bro. Play with my balls, too, if you want. Just be gentle,
they're kind of sensitive."

I crossed my arms beneath my head and watched as my brother situated
himself by my side. He looked at everything so intently. "You have a lot
of hair down here."

"Happens to all boys eventually."

He then started rubbing my cock gently and then my sac. I suddenly had to
take a piss really bad, so I had to interrupt his inspection. When I had
relieved myself, he watched as I washed my cock off. "Why are you washing

"Because it's been in your ass." He shrugged and followed me as I went
into the kitchen. I got us a couple of drinks, and we sat down on the
couch. I turned on the TV. He sat next to me. When we had finished our
drinks, I pulled him against me. We began kissing again. I moved his hand
to my dick, and he immediately began stroking it. I decided to return the
favor, and so we sat making out and getting each other good and hard.
"It's time."

"You're going to fuck me again?"

"Yes, but first you need to do something else."


"Every good faggot needs to be able to suck dick really well, so you need
to start getting some practice."

He looked at me a bit surprised, and then he looked at my hard cock which
twitched almost as if in greeting. "I have to put it in my mouth?"

"Oh yes. And tomorrow you're going to get suck it off completely. Today
just for a while."

"Suck it `off'?" he asked surprised.

I chuckled. "It's just a phrase. You'll suck it until it starts twitching
like it does in your butt when I'm shooting."

"What does it shoot?"

"It's called cum. Enough questions. Get my fucking cock wet, fag boy." He
got into position, looked at it hesitantly, and then looked back up at me.
I shoved his head down forcefully, and he finally put the tip in his mouth.
"Suck the whole thing, like it's a big candy cane or something."

"I can't get it all in my mouth!"

"Get as much as you can then, faggot!" I said more impatiently and shoved
his head down. He began sucking, moving his head up and down a bit, and I
praised him. Blowjobs were one of my favorite things in the world to
receive, so I was really hopeful he would eventually get the hang of it.
His ass was already perfect, and the idea of not having to deal with any
stupid chick's shit just to get some mediocre head was quite appealing.

I let him do his thing for a while, wincing occasionally when he would get
me with his teeth a little too hard. After a while I moved him aside and
stood up. I had him sit on the edge of the couch, and then I grabbed his
head and started face fucking him. "How's my dick taste, fag boy?"

"Good," he said quickly as I didn't leave my cock out long enough for
anything else to be said. I tried deep throating him a couple of times,
and naturally he gagged and choked. I couldn't help but laugh. His
helplessness in the situation just made me even more roaringly horny. I
didn't go on for much longer before I was ready to be up inside that hole

I stepped back and motioned for him to follow me. We walked to Dad's dark
green leather recliner. I smiled and sat down in it. I had Jake climb up
into my lap. It took a little bit of careful positioning before he could
start lowering himself onto my rod. I held my cock firmly in place while
he got into position. I guided him until I felt the familiar sensation of
my head entering his sweet pussy. When my dick was in enough I could let
go of it, I reached up, grabbed his shoulders, and forced him down more
quickly than he was going. I watched his eyelids close and his mouth open
as my thick meat invaded his ass again. We kissed as he sat down all the
way, his ass cheeks pressed against me perfectly. I moved my hips back and
forth as we kissed passionately. He wrapped his arms around my neck, and
then he started raising and lowering his body. "That's right, Jake. Fuck
yourself with big brother's fat cock boy!"

At one point I pushed him away from me and felt his ass swallow more of my
rod. "Fuck yeah!" I said. "Ride that goddamn cock boy!" He picked up
speed, a smile on his face, and I took hold of his dick which this time was
already hard. I stroked him slowly as he rode my meat. I wanted him to go
a helluva lot faster, but the recliner wasn't the easiest situation for
this, so I let him keep going. When I couldn't take it any longer I helped
him out of my lap. I bent him over the seat of the chair, and then I got
behind him and rammed my cock inside his inviting hole.

"YES, Kevin! YES!" he cried out.

God love him, I thought and started pounding his ass good and hard. I
could hear his fingers clawing at the leather, and it made me want to fuck
the shit out of him. So I gripped his hips good and hard and started
plowing him rougher, his moans driving me on. I glanced over at the
kitchen table and decided it would be great to fuck him on top of that too,
so after a bit I slowed down and pulled out. "Get your ass over to the

He hustled over, and I lifted him up onto the hardwood surface. I gave the
table a good shake to make sure it seemed it could handle it. Wouldn't
THAT be a bitch to have to explain to my parents! I leaned him over the
edge, his feet dangling, and returned my cock to the tight embrace of his
sweet ass. He gripped what he could reach as his body rocked while I
abused his hole. I fucked him good and hard as the table slightly wiggled.
I was glad they had bought a sturdy table so I didn't have to hold back.
Then I pulled out, had him flip onto his back. With his legs thrust into
the air, I entered him again and continued humping his butt. We kissed and
I stroked him as I roughly used his ass.

Then I thought about the kitchen countertop and figured why the hell not!
I pulled out of him again and carried him to the kitchen. I had to pull
out Mom's step stool to get the right height to do him here, but that was
easy enough. He was on his back once again, his legs wrapped around me, as
I continued banging him.

"Fuck me harder!" he cried, and I obliged. The tiled top was cold against
my hands, and I grabbed hold of his shoulders for a while as I pounded his
small ass. As I grew closer to climax, we began kissing again. I could
feel it coming, and I answered its urgency by going even faster. Jake was
moaning loudly whenever my tongue wasn't in his mouth, his fingers digging
into my broad shoulders. And then I came. This time there wasn't as much
of a release, but it still felt damn good.

When I removed my cock from his pussy, I picked him up and carried him to
my room. We lay down on my bed and kissed some more as we cuddled.
"Kevin, what does . . . cum taste like?"

I grabbed my half swollen cock and squeezed some jizz out onto my finger.
"Here, lick this." He looked at the white glob questioningly and then
tentatively touched it with his tongue. I pushed my finger into his mouth
so that he sucked on it.

"So that's what I'll be swallowing later?"

"Yeah, what you'll be drinking as I shoot it down your throat."


It was my turn to shrug this time. "I don't know. I don't know if my cock
can take another round too soon. Maybe tonight, if not tomorrow for sure."

He cuddled against me and put an arm over my chest. My phone woke us up
about an hour later when Mom texted asking if we needed anything from the
store. I replied and then told Jake it was time to get dressed. When he
frowned, I said "Don't be sad. You'll have my cock inside you plenty of
times." And I meant it.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Jakes Big Mistake