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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Late Night With Daddy

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 14:26:45 -0500
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Late Night with Daddy

Late Night with Daddy
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between a young boy and his
father. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this
theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

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Daddy had gone out on a date, so he got me a babysitter even though I'm
almost 10. Shelley was fun so I didn't mind it too much, but I felt like I
was old enough to not need a sitter.

I was still awake in my bed when Daddy got home. I could hear in his voice
he had been drinking. After Shelley left he walked around the house
muttering to himself. He sounded annoyed, and when I knew he was in his
bedroom I came in. He was laying on top of his bed in his boxers. I
climbed onto his bed and straddled his hips. "What's wrong, Daddy?"

"Oh nothing, Zack. Just . . . frustrated from my date."

"Can I do anything to help?" He reeked of alcohol.

"Naw, man. It's okay."

"Come on, Daddy!" I said bouncing up and down.

"Okay Zack you can stop doing that if you want to help me."

I smiled and kept doing it. "Come on, Daddy. Tell me what's the matter."
I noticed something weird under my butt, and so I started my bottom around
to try and figure it out. Daddy was in his boxers, so it couldn't be
anything in pockets, I thought. Daddy's hands were on my thighs as I kept
rubbing. Just when I was getting ready to lift up and look to see what it
was, Daddy flipped me over onto my back. He grabbed my legs and shoved
them so that my knees where in my chest.

"You really want to help Daddy?" he asked a bit angrily.

I nodded my head and softly replied, "Yes, Daddy."

Before I could react he was kissing me on the lips and in the next moment
his tongue was in my mouth moving around. I was a bit scared and not sure
of what to do, but I had seen grownups kissing like in the movies, so I
just did my best to follow along.

I could feel Daddy's hand down by my butt. He began rubbing something
against me. I moved my hand to find out what it was and found something

"Yeah, rub Daddy's dick. That feels so good."

I wanted to look and see his hard dick, but he was kissing me again. After
a bit he stopped and said "You still want to help Daddy out?" Again, I
nodded my head. Daddy quickly moved back. I felt his fingers on my white
briefs, and then he rapidly pulled them off my body and threw them behind
him. He covered my body with his as he kissed me. I heard his hand in the
nightstand, and I took hold of his dick again since he said he had enjoyed
it so much.

When he moved back again, I could see his hard dick sticking out of his
striped boxers. He had a plastic bottle with some clear fluid on it that
he began rubbing on his cock. "Lift your legs and grab your ankles," he
said. I returned to the position he had me in earlier and held onto my
ankles this time. Next Daddy squirted some stuff on his middle finger, and
then I felt him put his finger on my butthole. I was confused and felt him
pushing his finger inside me. "Goddamn," he breathed as his finger moved
around in my butt.

He tossed the bottle on the bed next to us and then moved over me and began
kissing me again. I felt his fingers in my crack again, and then something
bigger started going inside me. I moved my hand to it and could tell it
was dick with a bunch of slippery stuff on it. "Fuck this is going to help
Daddy out so much, Zack!" he said before kissing me again.

My booty burned a bit as his dick began moving inside me. Just when I was
going to ask him to stop, he started nibbling on my ear. "Fuck, I love you
SO much, son!" he said. I couldn't do it after that.

"I love you too, Daddy. Is this helping?"

"More than you could possibly now." He went back to tongue kissing me. As
more of his cock entered me he was on top of me more and told me I could
let go of my ankles. I rested my legs on his broad shoulders. He put his
arms under me and pulled me to him tightly as he started moving his hard
flesh back and forth. It started feeling less painful as he moved his
dick, and he continued pushing it forward until I could feel his underwear
pressed against my butt.

Then he started moving faster. "You feel so fucking good, son!" he said.
"I could stay in you all fucking night." I wasn't sure I would like that
too much, but I wasn't going to say anything.

He returned to kissing me while he pumped his dick back and forth. Soon he
was kissing me harder and wetter. I could feel his hardness moving in me
faster, too. Soon he grabbed my legs and pushed them down toward me while
he leaned up. He began slamming his dick into me harder making me moan and
pant. His face got a weird look on it and soon he yelled "FUCK!" His
fingers dug into my skin, and I could feel his dick jerking in my butt.

After a few moments he started kissing me again, but this time more softly.
He slowly moved backward and rolled me onto my side. Then his dick was
back inside me as we cuddled. His rough fingertips ran over my smooth
chest and tummy. "I love you, Zack. That was fucking awesome," he
whispered into my ear before kissing me softly on the face a few times. He
snuggled up against me, draped his arm over my chest, and soon I could hear
his soft breathing and knew he was asleep. I didn't want to wake him, so I
just closed my eyes and went to sleep as well.


I woke up alone and in his bed. At first I felt a little disoriented not
being in my room. Then I noticed the slight buttache from last night.
Still, if anyone asked yeah it was really fun. The way he kissed me, and
he felt so. . . I don't know, hungry. It was also cool to have him on top
of me and to be able to give him so much pleasure. Plus, once he had been
doing it for a bit it didn't really hurt as much and kinda felt good, too.

I used his bathroom and pulled my underwear back on before heading into the
living room. He was sitting on the couch in a different pair of boxers
watching TV. He smiled when he saw me. I joined him on the couch and
cuddled against him. "Did you sleep well?" he asked. I nodded my head. I
happened to look down at his crotch. His legs were kind of apart, and so
the opening of his boxers was giving me a bit of a view of his soft dick
and a bunch of hairs. I was a bit surprised to see that he had so many
hairs there.

"Wow, Daddy. You're really here down there."

He looked at me and followed my gaze. "Oh, yeah. When you're older, you
will be, too."


He smiled. "You wanna see Daddy's hairs?" I nodded my head. He winked at
me, and then I watched as he pushed his boxers down. He pushed them past
his knees and let them fall to this ankles. The black hair surrounding his
dick matched the hair on his head, and I could see his big balls were
covered in it, too, but had less hair than the bush by his dick. Without
really thinking about it first, I reached out and started playing with the
hairs. They felt different than his other hairs and were kind of fun to
play with. "Go ahead and feel the ones on my nuts," he said.

I was surprised he was letting me do so much, but then again I guess after
last night it made more sense. I played with the hairs and then felt his
balls. They, like his dick, were so much bigger than mine. "Why don't you
suck on them, Zack. That feels really good." I looked up to see if he was
joking, but it didn't look like it. He moved his feet so that his boxers
came off and spread his legs wider for me. I put my head in his crotch and
began sucking on his balls. It was kind of fun. Daddy rubbed my hair and
my bare back while I did sucked all the saltiness from the skin.

"Come up here," he said tugging on my shoulder. I sat up so that I was
kneeling next to him. He kissed me again and moved my hand to his hard
dick. I started stroking it as we tongue kissed. I felt his hands against
my skin as he took hold of my briefs and slowly pushed them down my legs.
His hand rubbed against my butt and then moved to my front. His fingers
slowly rubbed the tip of my hard dick, and he lightly rubbed my balls.
"You know what I want to feel really badly right now?" he asked.

"No, Daddy. What?"

He kissed me on the nose before responding, "My dick in your mouth. I want
you to suck on my cock, okay?"

"Really?" I asked looking at him strangely. That sounded really strange.

He kissed me again. "Mmhmm. It's called a blowjob, and it's one of my
favorite things. I just love to have my cock sucked, Zack."

I stared at him and then his dick. I felt his hand on the back of my head,
and it gently pushed me down. I moved my face to his cock and then began
sucking on it.

"Oh gawd yes!" He breathed. "What the teeth though! Don't scrape Daddy's
dick so hard with your teeth, son. Yeah that's nice." While I sucked on
him I felt his hand against my legs. He pushed my briefs down further, and
then I felt his hand sliding up my thigh. I started sucking faster and
tried to get more of his yummy cock in my mouth. This was fun! When his
hand reached my crotch, he began rubbing my balls and my dick. I shivered
and started sucking him faster. His hand moved away and then quickly
returned, but this time it was in my crack. I felt his fingertip rubbing
against my hole, and then slowly he inserted it.

"Daddy," I sighed before sucking him again.

"My beautiful, beautiful boy," he said as he slowly moved his finger back
and forth in my ass. After a while he told me lay down. I did as he
asked, and as soon as I was on my back, he had hold of my underwear. He
slowly pulled it off my legs, his fingers gliding down the skin of my legs.
Once he had them off he moved over me until his body covered mine, and then
we tongue kissed again as he rubbed his cock against mine. "I love being
naked with you, Zack. I love how your bare skin feels against me."

"I like it, too, Daddy! I want to do it all the time."

He moved my black bangs from my forehead and looked deep into my eyes. His
light blue eyes seemed to twinkle, and I moved my hand between us so I
could rub his cock. "You like Daddy's dick?"

I bit my lower lip and nodded my head yes. "I love it, Daddy!"

"Good. That makes me happy because my cock loves you, too. It wants to be
inside you, baby." He kissed me on the lips, then on the cheeks. "It
wants to be in your mouth feeling you swallow its milk." I didn't know
dicks had milk in them! He kissed me again and then sucked on my neck
which made my toes curl. "And it really loves being in your sweet, tight

We kissed a bit longer, and then he moved off of me and the couch and was
standing in front of me. I sat up and put his cock back in my mouth.
"Fuck yes, Zack! Gawd I fucking love you!" he said, putting one of his
hands on the back of my head and guiding me back and forth as he slowly
moved his hips. In a little bit he took hold of my chin and guided me to
my feet. Then he bent down and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his
lower back and my arms around his neck as we kissed again. He started to
move with me, and I felt his finger sink into my hole again. He buried it
in my ass as we kissed while he carried me down the hallway.

Once we were in his room, he lowered me to the bed. He pinned my wrists
above my head as we kissed. He ground his dick against me. His head
lowered to my chest, and he sucked on one of my nipples. I cried out
"Daddy!" and writhed on the bed. He pushed me onto the bed further, and
then I felt his hot breath on my hard dick right before it disappeared into
his mouth. Now I knew why he loved blowjobs so much! I could barely
breathe it felt so good.

After he had massaged my nuts with his lips, licked up and down my dick,
and sucked on it as well, he turned me over. My legs were hanging off the
edge of the bed. He kissed both my butt cheeks and then my lower back. I
knew what he was going to do, and this time I wanted it bad. He kissed up
my back, and by the time he was at my face I could feel his hard cock
rubbing in my crack. "Do you know what I'm going to do now?" he asked

"Yes, Daddy!"

He kissed my cheek. "I'm going to fuck my beautiful, precious, little boy.
What do you think about that?"

"I want to, Daddy."

He moved his hand under me and started stroking and rubbing my cock.
"Yeah? You want to feel Daddy's cock in your tight ass, baby?"

"YES, Daddy! Oh gawd yes!" I said as he squeezed my cock and rubbed the tip
with his thumb.

He let go of my cock, and then I felt his dick entering me. I bit the
blanket as he kept pushing it in. "You're still lubed from last night," he
said, but I heard him putting more on while part of his dick was stuck
inside my butt. "Fuck this feels even better when I'm not drunk!" He
gripped my hips and kept feeding his cock into my ass. Some would go in,
he'd move it back and forth, sometimes move in a circular pattern, and then
would push more in. He continued this until I could feel him pressed
against me. "I love being inside you, son." He kissed me, and I turned my
head so we could tongue kiss. Then he started humping me slowly.

I felt like every nerve was on fire as he moved his cock backward and then
shoved it forward. "I never knew how good it could feel to fuck my own
son," he said.

"I love you, Daddy!" I almost cried.

He pulled his cock backward, and it came out. He inserted just the head,
and then he shoved it back in making me moan loudly. "I so fucking you
love, too, baby." And then he did it again. "I think every son should
grow up being good friends with his father's cock." He did it again a few
more times before sliding his hands up my back. When they got to my
shoulders, they gripped me firmly. "I always thought it was wrong, but I
now I know better. I'm going to give you so much love through my cock,
Zack." And then he started fucking me faster. I could hear the bed
creaking as he pounded my ass.

After several moments of this, as my body was beaded with sweat, he slowed
down and started pumping very slowly, stopping for a few seconds between
each pump. "I can't wait to feel you swallowing my cum."

"What is that, Daddy?"

He kissed me. "That's Daddy's milk. It comes out of his dick. You've had
it in your ass, but later you're going to suck my dick until it comes out,
and then you're going to swallow it because that's what good boys do."

"I AM a good boy, Daddy!"

"You're the best little boy EVER," he said. Then he began fucking me hard
again. After what felt like several minutes he asked "Do you like this,

"YES, Daddy! YES!"

I heard a strange noise come out of him right before he yelled "FUCK!", and
then his dick was twitching inside me. I figured he was squirting that
milk stuff now. After he lay against me kissing and gently biting my
shoulders, he pulled out of me. He rolled me onto my back and then covered
me with his body while we kissed again. It felt so good. "Let's go get
cleaned up," he said.

We headed into his bathroom, and he got the shower going. We stepped
inside once the water was hot, and we kissed again while the shower water
ran over us. He picked me up and held me against the wall. I locked my
legs around him for support as we continued kissing. "I'm gonna love it
when you're a teenager."


"Because you'll be horny all the time and wanting to have lots of sex."

"I already do, Daddy!"

He kissed me. "I'm glad to hear that, little one." He set me down and we
took turns washing each other. Daddy's dick was halfway hard for a lot of
the time, and when I asked if he wanted me to suck it he just said not
right now. "Let my dick rest a bit."

Once we were dried off, we went into the kitchen for breakfast. I was so
excited that Daddy said we could eat naked! We never went around the house
naked before. After we were done eating, we had to get dressed, though and
run into town for some errands. When we came back, it was time for stupid
chores. Daddy and I worked in the yard for a while before he called me
over to the pool area. As I walked over, I saw Daddy take a seat in one of
the lounges. "It's time to drink my milk, son," he said. I watched as he
shoved his underwear and shorts down, lifting up his legs so he could get
them to his ankles.

"Out here?" I asked surprised.

"No one can see. Now come on and suck Daddy's cock."

I got closer and was getting ready to climb onto the chair when he stopped
me. He motioned for me to come closer to him. He kissed me while he
shoved my shorts and underwear down. "Take all your clothes off, son. I
want you naked."

I smiled and stripped out of my clothes, including my socks and shoes.
Then I said "And I want YOU naked," and so I took off his socks and shoes
before pulling his boxers off. As his legs spread apart, I climbed between
them and began sucking on his sweaty balls. When they were no longer
sweaty, I moved to his dick and began sucking him off.

"That feels so good, son," he praised me, rubbing my head. Curious, I
tried to get more of his dick in my mouth. Every time I tried I gagged a
little bit or coughed, but I kept working on it because when more of his
dick slid into my throat he moaned. Sometimes I needed a break from his
big dick, and so I would suck on his balls for a while. He loved it, and
it was fun for me, too. I loved making him so happy.

After a while he started bobbing my head, though. Again, sometimes I would
gag or choke, but I tried to do whatever he wanted. It felt kind of cool
to feel his hardness in my mouth. And eventually his dick started to swell
a bit more and his balls moved up closer against his body. I felt his
fingers grip my head hard, and then salty, thick liquid exploded into my
mouth. I tried to move my head, but his hand kept me in place, and so I
started swallowing. "Yes! Drink that shit, Zack! Swallow every drop."

I guess this was the milk he talked about the way his dick was twitching in
my mouth. It didn't taste all that bad, so I kept swallowing and sucking.
Once the flow got thinner, he released my head. I let his dick fall out of
my mouth, and wiped my face with the back of my hand from all the slobber.
He guided me up, and we kissed hard. "I can taste my jizz in your mouth.
That's fucking hot." Then we continued kissing harder.

Finally he suggested we go for a swim to cool off, and so we "skinny
dipped" as he called it. It was so much fun to swim naked! Felt so much
better than when I had to wear trunks. We kissed a lot in the pool, too,
and I kind of wished we could fuck there. Maybe latter, though.

We got out of the pool because we were hungry for lunch. We ate lunch, and
then we had to get dressed because a friend of mine was coming over to
play. Some time after dinner my friend went back home, and so we were
finally alone again. I closed the door behind my friend and then joined
Daddy on the couch.

I moved so that my legs were on either side of him as I sat on his lap. We
kissed softly at first, and then our mouths opened and tongues met. As we
continued kissing I pulled my shirt off. I wanted to feel his hot skin
next to mine, so I pulled his off, too. As we kissed I felt his hands
slide down my back and into my shorts. I ground my butt against his groin.
I lifted myself up and pushed my shorts and underwear down as far as I
could before sitting back down in his lap. I felt a finger rubbing my hole
as we kissed. "Am I still lubed?" I asked.

"Nope. Washed off in the shower and the pool I guess."

I smiled at him and climbed off. I ran to his bedroom and grabbed the
bottle and brought it to him. "Such a good boy," he said. I got out of my
clothes, and then I helped him out of his. When I got back into his lap we
kissed as he rubbed the lube onto his dick and put some into my hole again.
Then I felt him bring his cock into my crack, and I started to sit down on
it. My mouth fell open as his dick filled my hole as I continued sitting

It took a bit before I could sit down all the way, but it felt incredible
when his hips were moving and I was raising and lowering myself on his
dick. "I love you, Daddy."

"Fuck, I love you, too!"

I had never felt so happy.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Late Night With Daddy