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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Little Brothers - Little Brothers 2

Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 22:01:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Tague Micheals <>
Subject: Little brothers II

A couple hours later we were getting out of the Trans Am at Stephanie's
apartment building. When I told my dad that we were spending the night out
he gave me a brief, knowing nod which made me feel weird. I mean, hell, my
dad knew I was going to teach my little brother about sex, about jacking
off. How many parents would do that? Kurt and Aiden had been fairly
animated throughout dinner, goofing around, trotting off to the bathroom
together. I wouldn't say that they were planning something but it had that
kind of feel to it. I wrote it off to the plan that we'd all tacitly agreed
to which was to teach our brothers about jacking off. Uhuh.

We entered the apartment and walked the short hallway to the living room
and it seemed like Davin sort of hung back as if trying to avoid the
inevitable. My belly was a jumble of butterflies too but for a completely
different reason than Davin's would have been. Kurt and Aiden were in the
living room peeling off their shirts by the time my friend and I had made
those few steps into the living room with them. I looked at Davin and the
expression on his face was almost grief stricken. I don't think he wanted
to be there.

"Come on you guys we're ready," Kurt said and I glanced at them. Their
jeans were unsnapped but they were waiting for us. I peeled my shirt off
and tossed it out of the way and with some seeming reluctance Davin did so
as well. Both he and I unsnapped and unzipped and the four of us watched
each other as jeans started to drop until they were down to our knees. The
only thing covering us was now underwear and even Davin's were tenting
out. It was almost laughable that all 4 of us stood there, waiting, with
our thumbs in the waistband of our boxers, ready and mostly willing to let
the others see us. On some unspoken word we all pulled our underwear down
at the same time, reveling 4 fully hardened cocks. Even Davin was fully
hard which rather surprised me.

I understood why the ancient Greeks idolized boys that age. The two of them
standing there made a beautiful set of bookends, one 12 and the other 13
years old. Their bodies were gaining muscle but they were still
boys. Everything was well defined but the most prominent was the classic V
of the lower bellies on both of them. With the exception of the very small
little hairs that were starting to grow at the base of Aiden's cock, both
boys were smooth and hairless. Both tender young cocks stood tall and proud
in front of their taut young bodies. Both sets of balls were large,
verging on huge for boys their age, and hung gently in smooth sacs, at
least what I could see of them because both boys were cupping and fondling

As I said before, I think both of them would go between 6 and 7 inches,
closer to 7 than not, and they weren't pencil dicks either, they both had
some girth going on. Given that both Davin and I were large there was no
reason to think that our brother wouldn't be. I glanced over at Davin, saw
that he was all but staring at them. I was sure that he'd wanted to look at
Aiden before but because of his belief system and the circumstance he
wouldn't. Right then, it was expected.

"Can we take our clothes off," Aiden asked. My response was to kick off a
shoe which got everyone moving to get undressed. Shoes went first followed
by jeans and underwear shoved to the ankles then tugged off, one foot after
another. Last was the socks then we stood before each other and just
looked. It reminded me of one of those kids dances where the boys and girls
are lined up across from each other, one waiting for the other to make a
move of some kind.

"Are all guys as big as us," Kurt asked as he glanced from one cock to the
other. "And why do you guys shave? I wanna get hairs and keep em," my
little brother said. I looked at Davin who didn't appear to be ready to
talk quite yet.

"No they aren't," I said. "You guys might as well know that you're way
above average already, I'm quite large and Davin would be considered huge,
something you might look forward to one day Aiden. The average size of a
mature guy is about six inches hard and for boys your age the average is
about3-4 inches hard. That's only an average so you guys can see you're not

"I shave cuz I like the way it feels and my girlfriend likes it," I told
them. "I've been shaving for years because of the swim team."

"I shave cuz Stephanie likes it smooth," Davin said. I suspected he was
going to say more but he stopped. Both Kurt and Aiden wanted to touch us so
we allowed them to. They stepped up close then each grabbed onto us and
squeezed and stroked and I have to say that it felt great. I had always
felt that girls did it because they thought it was expected, they didn't
really like it. Kurt and Aiden both wanted to. For me that made all the
difference but because it was my hot little brother doing it I thought it
was even better and watching beautiful Aiden feel and stroke his older
brother's monster cock made me want to cum right there. I reached out and
took hold of my little brother's cock for the first time and reveled in the
feelings of having a hard cock in my fist which was also made better by the
fact that it was my little brother's. This was what I had been wanting to
try, well part of it anyhow. Kurt moaned as I stroked him.

"This is what jacking off is bro," I told him as I slid my hand up and down
on his eager young pole.

"It sure feels good AJ," he said, his high pitched voice already deepening
because of lust. Next to us Davin had done the same to his little brother
and as I glanced at my friends face I could tell that he wasn't as
uncomfortable with it as I thought he'd be. In fact, unless I was mistaken,
he was enjoying it and maybe even to the degree that I was. Aiden's eyes
were closed and I could see by his expression that he was feeling just as
good as the rest of us.

"What's it like to get your dick sucked AJ," my little brother asked
softly. I told him it was awesome.

"Would you show me AJ? Would you suck me," he asked. Well I have to say
that stopped everything dead cold for all of us.

"Yeah Davin, will you show me what it feels like," his little brother said.

"Uummm jeez Kurt, I don't know how to do that, I've never done it before."

"Yeah but you've had it done so you must have some idea." I think I've
already told you that I would love to suck my brother's cock; but not
necessarily with an audience although I wouldn't have minded if Aiden
watched. Actually I wouldn't mind Davin watching either but I was worried
about what he'd think of me. And I was worried that I might show too much
eagerness, and how would I explain that. I looked at Davin who's expression
indicated that he wasn't about to go there.

"Please AJ," Kurt said, his friend mimicking the statement to Davin.

"If you show me I'll do it to you AJ," Kurt said, upping the ante. The idea
of looking down and seeing my little brother's hot lips wrapped around my
cock made me want to cum. But then, everything about this whole thing made
me want to cum.

"Goddamn Bro you're really asking a lot," Davin said and the exasperation
in his voice was very clear. My heart was hammering through my chest. It
was there in front of me; the opportunity to suck my brother off. I
wondered briefly what it would be like if Kurt shot off in my mouth.

"Okay. I'll try but don't fucking expect miracles here okay?" I put on a
gruff voice which I'm sure my brother saw right through but he played
along. "So first off you have to cover your teeth, like this," I said,
showing them both.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and took a brief second to admire his
body from up close. I pulled his cock down and moved my head in closer and
took him inside. My heart was beating so hard I wouldn't have been
surprised if they'd heard it. I bobbed my head, taking in a couple of
inches and reveling in the unique texture of his flesh, the sponginess of
his cock head. I had the fingers of one hand on Kurt's cock and let the
other one come up underneath and fondle his balls. I was amazed at how soft
the skin was. I mean, I knew from my own shaved balls but feeling someone
else's was still different. I heard my brother moan softly above me and as
much as I wanted to stay I didn't want anyone to get weird ideas, at least
any more weird that might already be. In all of that I became aware of the
fragrance that was coming off of him. I recognized it as kind of a balls
smell but not totally. I knew what mine were like but this was coming off
of Kurt, a somewhat heady fragrance and I really liked it. I let go and
stood up and Kurt just melted into me and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't
a long one but it wasn't short either. I glanced at Davin and saw that his
right brow was arched, the questioning look but he got to his knees in
front of his little brother.

"That was amazing AJ, thank you," Kurt said as I watched Davin place his
mouth over Aiden's cock and close it. Never, in 8 million years did I ever
think, let alone expect to see my hard assed best friend with a cock in his
mouth. Davin's eyes were closed as he bobbed his head on his little
brother's raging hard flesh. I watched as his other hand went down and took
hold of his own hard cock and stroked it then stop immediately as if he
realized what he was doing. Like it or not Davin was responding to the
situation, in some way or another it was hot for him. I watched the hand
come up and fondle his brother's sac, hefting the large balls and gently
squeezing them.

"Let me do it to you AJ," Aiden said and without waiting for an answer he
dropped to his knees and took hold of my raging hard cock. He looked it
over as he held it. "What's this stuff coming out, it looks like pee but it

"It's called precum and the body makes it as a lube for putting your cock
in a girl,"

"It's so big and so hard AJ," he said in a voice seemingly more husky.
Kurt assumed the position in front of me and took hold of my cock. Like a
typical young boy he had to look everything over, squeeze up the length of
me and stroke once or twice. He leaned his mouth forward and before he got
my cock in his mouth Davin uttered a low gasp. I only had to turn my head
slightly to see that they had changed places and Aiden had the end of
Davin's huge cock in his mouth. The boys' eyes were closed; his long lashes
resting against his lower ones, His pink lips gripping his brother's thick
cock were almost too much. I looked at him, at Davin. There was something
there, in his eyes, but I couldn't read it. It wasn't resignation because
that wasn't a feeling that Davin typically advertise. No, it was something
else but I didn't sense that it was bad. Aiden stayed on his knees but
turned slightly as Davin stepped up to him. You wouldn't think a couple of
inches would make that much difference but still, he looked huge next to
mine. As his little brother took hold of Davin's python Davin closed his
eyes and when the boy closed his mouth over the swollen head I swear to god
that Davin let out a sigh of pleasure.

The warmth of Kurt's mouth on me caused me to refocus my
attention. Looking down on my little brother's sweet face, seeing his eyes
closed and his lips wrapped around my cock almost made me cum right then
and there. I'd had some great jack off fantasies in my life, and some of
the more recent ones had all 3 of the other males in the room playing a
part but actually seeing it, seeing those 2 gorgeous boys servicing a big
cock was the absolute fucking best feeling in the world.

Kurt hefted my balls and played with them as he sucked me and I knew right
then that if he gave me even the slightest hint that he wanted to do it
again, or learn more stuff I would do it without hesitation. I glance
quickly at Davin and saw him watching his little brother sucking his dick;
He knew I was looking at him and looked back at me, his eyes were half
closed in lust and a look of bliss was on his face.

The boys kept on sucking us longer than we had done to them and I wondered
what was going through their preteen and young teenage brains. Clearly they
didn't seem to be having any of the second thoughts that Davin and I'd had
nor did they seemed concerned in the least about what someone else might be
thinking of their behavior. They were young boys, caught up in a highly
charged moment and living it to the fullest that they could in that moment.

Aiden had hefted his brother's sac and I could see that it filled the boy's
hand, skin seeming to fall over the sides. Again, as if on some cue the
boys stopped and stood up. They looked at each other and grinned which
confirmed what I'd suspected and that was that the two had a plan of some
sort. Davin looked a little bit like he was in a daze.

"So let's get to the jacking off part," I suggested. Kurt and Aiden were
both excited for that. I didn't want to keep standing up so suggested we
lay on the carpet and simply got down there, the rest of the group
following my lead.

"So, like I showed you Kurt," I said, grasping onto my cock, "this is all
you have to do." I began slowly stroking myself in the basic jacking off
mode. "There are a bunch of different hand positions you and use and things
you can do to enhance the feelings. For instance, a reverse grip," and I
showed them what I mean. Then I showed them the finger and thumb grip. "You
can work on just the head, which is quite sensitive but usually you want to
use a lube or something. Both boys were sort of following along with me
while Davin simply stroked his python slowly. Since Kurt was sitting right
next to me I wiped some of the copious precum from my cock head then moved
closer to him and took hold of his cock, which readily allowed me to
do. Holding it I wiped the precum on his cock head then swirled my
tightened fist up over the rim.

"Oohhh gosh," my little brother moaned as a whole new bunch of feeling
ripped through his virgin body. As much as I wanted to keep my hand on
Kurt's dick I let go. "That was intense AJ," he said. I looked to Davin to
see if he wanted to give Aiden the same treatment and he gave me a slight
nod then moved in front of his little brother. We were close enough that I
could the amount of precum leaking out of my friend's cock and for an
instant I wanted to go lick it up. He wiped the stuff off and smeared it
over Aiden's cock head and did what I had done to Kurt and got the same
response. When he was done he moved away and I went on.

"Some of the other things that I do to enhance the feelings are to play
with my balls or tug on the sac a little while sometimes I like to squeeze
them. Sometimes I rub my body like this," I said then showed them what I
meant. "Sometimes just like to hold my balls, sometimes I hold my thigh,"
and I showed them that. "You want to add anything to that Davin," I
asked. Davin actually smiled but shook his head.

"So there you go you guys, that's how it's done." I started to stroke
myself, stopped and moved to the front of the sofa so I could lean back a
little bit, then resumed the action. I like to play with my balls when I
jack off so that's what I did. Ten feet from me Davin began doing the same
thing to himself. I had never watched another guy jack off before so in a
way the experience was instructional. Both Aiden and Kurt started their own
adventure, gripping their rigid flesh and stroking themselves. They both
alternated between watching themselves and glancing around the rest of us
and admittedly I did the same thing.

It was interesting to watch them, to see the different expressions play
across their smooth faces. It was interesting to see them either play with
their balls or lightly grip their inner thigh, something I'd also done. I
figured that jacking off must be pretty much the same for most guys and by
that I mean the feelings, the urges to do certain things, like gripping a
thigh or whatever.

There wasn't much sound in the room except for breathing but if you
listened carefully you could hear the sound of moving flesh. I could tell
when Aiden and Kurt started to get close. It seemed that their facial
expressions became a little more intense. I could hear soft grunts and
moans as feelings ebbed and flowed through their young, inexperienced
bodies. Aiden was the first one to pass comment.

"Gosh it's starting to tickle really bad."

"Well keep going, don't stop," Davin said and he seemed to pick up speed on
his own dick. We all watched and all of a sudden Aiden uttered a moan, his
head went backwards and his eyes closed. I wasn't close enough to actually
see what happened but I saw Davin get a smile on his face.

"You did it bro," he said in a voice that indicated pride and indicating
that perhaps his little brother had actually squirted. Kurt got that sense
as well and said,

"I wanna see," then moved closer to Aiden, whose eyes were now open and all
but staring at his dick as he continued to stroke.

"Is that the sperm stuff Davin," Kurt asked and my friend said yes it
was. "Cool," my brother said. He sat next to his friend and went back to
work and I'm sure the hope was that he too would have something to show for
his effort. I moved so that I could see and there, on Aiden's belly, was a
small glob of watery cum. It wasn't full on white and it wasn't clear, but
was something in between. There was a small amount of oozing on the tip of
his cock as well, the tail end of his orgasm.

It wasn't too long before Kurt said "something's happening" which I took to
mean the intense tickling that precedes an orgasm. If I remember correctly
when I first jacked off the feeling was incredibly intense, almost
unbearable. Kurt's mouth fell open and he watched his hand and since I was
right there I was watching it too. Much to my surprise and I'm sure Kurt's,
a little droplet suddenly appeared at his piss slit and because it was
small it didn't go anywhere but sat there like a water drop on a leaf. My
little brother looked at me through half lidded eyes and shot me a lazy

"You're making sperm Kurt." I was proud of my little brother, proud that he
was maturing, proud that he'd achieved that milestone in his life. I hoped
that I'd be able to see him do that in 6 months or a year. I wanted to put
my face down there and taste it but of course I didn't. No way could I pass
that one off.

I started to jack off in earnest. I wanted to cum, both for the feelings
and to show my brother and Aiden what they could look forward to. I think
that Davin was having similar thoughts because he started jacking off with
as much intensity as I was.

I could jack off for 15 minutes before I shot off sometimes. I could also
make myself cum fairly quickly. I guessed it was the same with most guys
and I think I would have like to discuss it with someone but that wasn't
going to happen either, unless maybe the experience softened up Davin to a
point where we might be able to talk about some small things like that.

So things were quiet except for the sound of sliding skin. I felt my balls
starting to gear up. I squeezed and tugged on my balls, tensed and relaxed
my perineal muscles. I think women call it a kegle exercise. All I knew was
that it helped speed up my cumming.

"Here it goes," I finally said. My fist had been moving pretty fast but I
slowed it down. Both boys were watching intently an actually, so was
Davin. Sometimes I have great cum shots, other times the stuff just pops
out; this one was in between. A stream of cum flew out and landed just
below my nipples, leaving a 5 inch slash of white on my body. It was
followed by 3 more jets of the stuff that didn't go quite as far as the
ones before them. After that large white globs oozed quickly out and ran
down onto my thumb and either dripped off onto my belly or flew off from
the stroking motion.

Aiden and Kurt appeared to be very impressed and I heard them say something
but it didn't actually resonate for me because I was caught up in the
feelings. Those feelings seemed more intense, or different in some way and
I figured out later it was because I had an audience and not just any
audience but people that meant a lot to me.

As my energy waned Davin's seemed to pick up. Watching my best friend love
himself was a dream come true. Like me, he tugged at his balls as he
stroked and like me he worked at the top of his shaft, concentrating on the
swollen head and to couple of inches of the shaft. From where I sat I
couldn't tell if there was an abundance of precum or not but judging from
the way his hand slid over the corona it let me to believe that there was.

The expressions on Davin's face reflected the feelings that were surging
through his body and they were expressions I'd never seen in my friend
before. I saw exquisite pleasure, awe, and what appeared to be pain but I
knew wasn't. All of a sudden Davin grunted loudly and the gusher began.

When a hard dick already reaches half way to its owners face, it's not
uncommon for cum to hit the face or the upper chest and neck. Davin's cum
hit both of those areas. I don't claim to be any expert on ejaculations but
I've been around the internet a little bit and I've seen my share of cum
shots but even at that Davin's was almost spectacular. The first jet
erupted and split into 2 distinct streams one of which hit on his cheek a
little higher than the end of his mouth and the other fell short of his
chin and landed on his neck. A large amount of cum burbled out and ran down
over his fingers and the motion of his stroking caused it to bounce off and
land on his belly.

He squirted again and that one pretty much followed the path and action of
the first one although it didn't get to his face. The third on broke up
into a group of large globs that seemed to rain down on Davin's chest
leaving dime sized globs of white.

The rest of his cum consisted of globs that oozed out of his slit fairly
quickly and because of the amount of liquid ran just as quickly down onto
his, some of it bouncing off and some of it leaving a single stream that
Eventually fell off onto his balls. Because there was no hair to catch it,
the stuff continued slowly downward, finding the little valley that
separated his balls and kept on going south

Aiden and Kurt stared open mouthed at the show that Davin put on and I have
to say that I was impressed as well. I wondered briefly if he always shot
out like that or if this time had been special for some reason or other. I
know that sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly hot, my shooting seems
more forceful and travels further and I had to wonder, and even hope, that
was what was going on with Davin. In my dream of dreams I envisioned doing
more stuff with him and if he had found the episode with our brothers
stimulating then the possibility existed.

"Jeez Davin is it always like that," Aiden asked and my friend answered
with a head nod. He was breathing heavy, as if he'd just had a work out and
I suppose he had to some degree.

"Hey AJ," my little brother said, "how come your dick has already started
to soften and me and Aiden's are still hard as a rock?"

"There are a couple of theories about that but I think the main one is that
this is brand new to you guys." In fact I remembered when I first learned
how to jack off it seemed like my dick stayed hard longer too.

"So how did you guys like that, which I guess is a stupid question?"

They both said it was awesome and great, and any number of other words.

"Well now you know. You're on your own," I told them.

"Can we do it again," Kurt asked and the question was repeated by Aiden. I
said sure, they could if they wanted to.

"Okay, but what's it feel like if somebody else does it to you," Kurt asked
and before I could answer Aiden piped up with,

"Yeah AJ, will you guys do it to us, will you jack us off?"

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