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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Movie Night With Dad

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 17:59:15 +0800
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Movie Night with Dad

Movie Night with Dad
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between father and his
preteen son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if
this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

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I had caught Daddy watching a naughty movie. He had his robe on, and his
hand was going up and down his hard thing. He didn't notice me right away,
so I kept watching. I was very curious why the woman was putting the man's
penis in her mouth and sucking on it, but she seemed to enjoy it, and I
heard Daddy say "Yeah, suck that cock! That feels so good!" After a while
of doing that, the woman got on her hands and knees, and the man came up
behind her. He put his thing in her and started moving back and forth, and
they were both making all these noises.

As I watched, I put my hand in my pajama bottoms and fingered my
butthole. It kind of felt good, so I guess that's why the lady was making
all that noise.

"Daddy, why are they doing that?" I finally asked.

"Shit!" he yelled and quickly looked for the remote to turn the TV off. I
came around the couch as he was covering himself back up.

"You're supposed to be in bed, Benny!"

"I heard weird noises so came out to see what was going on. Why were they
doing that? And why did they kiss with their tongues in each other's
mouth?" Daddy got up and escorted me back to my room. "Daddy, why won't you
answer me?"

"Ben, you're 9, and there are some things we don't really talk about until
you're older."

"Were they having sex?" I asked.

Daddy sat down on my bed. "Benny boy. . . yes, they were having sex."


He ran fingers through his black hair before answering, "Because they love
each other very much, and it feels really good. Now go to sleep."

"How come we don't kiss like that?"

"Because fathers and sons don't kiss like that."

"But you said they love each other very much. Don't you love me very much?"

"Of course, I do," he said leaning down. "I love you very, very much."

"Then kiss me." He gave me a peck on the cheek. "Not like that, Daddy! Kiss
me like you love me."

"Benny. . ." he said. I sat up and kissed him on the lips. "Okay now, go to
sleep," he said, but I leaned in again and kissed him on the lips. This
time I pushed my tongue out, but as I did I also put my hand inside his
robe and grabbed onto his dick. He tried to move back, but I just followed

When he removed my hand, he said, "Now you need to stop that." I had
decided, though, and so I leaned down and put his thing in my mouth and
started sucking on it. "Benny! Stop that!" he said, but he didn't shove me
away hard enough. His penis was growing, and I just kept sucking on it
really hard. I undid his robe and pushed it away as I kept sucking on him
like the lady had. I used my other hand and gently rubbed his big balls
through the black bush of hair that covered them. "This. . . this is wrong,
Benny. You shouldn't be doing. . . "

I forced his dick deeper into my mouth. It made me gag, but he stopped
talking. He leaned back as I sucked on his balls for a bit before
returning to his hard thing.

I did that for a while since he wasn't fighting me anymore. When I stopped,
I said "Put it in my butt now, Daddy. Just like on TV."

"Son, I can't do that. You're a little boy."

"You said you love me. I want you to do that to me, Daddy!" I shoved down
my pajamas so that he could see my butt and turned around facing him on my
hands and knees.

"Benny, I just can't do that."

I grabbed his dick and pulled it toward my butt. "Benny. . . are you sure
this is what you want? It's probably going to hurt."

"I don't care! I want you to love me like those people on TV!"

Daddy grabbed the lotion he uses to give me back rubs and put a bunch on
his dick. Then I felt him sliding a finger inside my butt. "Benny, you're
so tight. Daddy's dick will probably hurt you."

"I want it!" I said.

Daddy got behind me, and I felt chills when his thing poked into me. I felt
one of his warm hands rest on my butt as his hardness slowly pushed into
me. I started to gasp a little as his dick stretched my tight hole wider.
"You want me to stop?" he asked.

"No!" He was moving really slow, and it was starting to hurt more. I
figured it might help if he just got it in there, so I pushed my body
backward forcing more of his dick into my butt. I felt his fingers dig into
me more. I looked back and saw a look of extreme pleasure on his face. I
smiled and pushed myself back again. I was almost panting as I tried to
deal with the burning pain.

His hard dick felt a lot bigger in my butt than it did in my hand or mouth!
Soon Daddy was moving it back and forth inside my butt. That made me forget
about the pain, but I still wanted to feel the whole thing in me. I began
pushing backward again. Daddy made some strange noises. I felt his fingers
dig deeper into my skin, and I noticed his dick moving forward again. In
response, I pushed backward and could feel his thickness fill my ass. Daddy
pulled my butt back, and I could feel his skin pressed against mine.

"I can't believe you took the whole thing, Benny!" I looked back to see him
removing his robe. It made me feel so good to see him naked.

"I want it, Daddy."

He started humping my butt less slowly. He put more of his weight against
me, and I found myself lying flat on my bed. He supported his body on his
hands as he continued moving his dick back and forth in my butt. He started
going faster, and I heard him yell "Fuck!" right before he stopped
moving. I didn't understand what was happening, but I could feel his penis
twitching inside my butt.

Daddy pulled out after a bit and collapsed next to me. I turned over to
look at him, and he pulled me toward him and kissed me deeply, his tongue
moving all over mine. "Thank you, Benny boy. That was. . . incredible."

"I love you, Daddy!"

"And I love you. Now go to sleep." He grabbed his robe off the floor and
walked out of my room. I was going to pull up my pajama bottoms but decided
I'd rather sleep naked. My butthole hurt, and I reached back to rub it. My
finger found something wet, and I was scared. I looked at my finger, and it
had some white stuff on it. I smelled it, and it kind of reminded me of
Daddy's groin. I was curious, and so I tasted a small bit. It was slightly
salty, so I licked the rest off my finger.

At first, it was hard to fall asleep, but then it just kind of took me

When I awoke, I pulled my pajamas back on, went to the bathroom, and went
in search of Daddy. I kind of wondered if I had just dreamed this all last
night, but my butt still hurt, so I knew it was real.

I found Daddy sitting on the living room couch. He was watching TV and was
wearing his robe. When I saw some of his hairy leg, my thing started to get
stiff, which was kind of weird. I greeted him, climbed into his lap, and
gave him a kiss on his cheeks. "Did you sleep well, Daddy?"

"Yep, I sure did. How about you?"

"Really good!" I nuzzled my cheek against him and slid off. I got something
to eat and returned to the couch. I sat next to him. He seemed tense. I put
my hand into his robe and found his boxers. I started rubbing around trying
to find the hole.

"Benny, you need to stop that," he said, removing my hand.

"But I want it, Daddy."

"It just isn't appropriate what happened. It needs to not happen again."

I put my knees under me and started kissing him on the lips. While he tried
to move his face, I got my hand back on his bulge. His dick was getting
hard. I got my tongue into his mouth while my fingers moved into his boxers
and found his hard penis. I started stroking him as we kissed.

Since he didn't stop me this time, I stopped kissing him and immediately
dropped my head into his lap. I pulled his dick out and went down on
him. While I had his dick in my mouth, I pushed my pajamas down and wiggled
out of them so I was naked.

I moved my hands to his robe, undid the belt, and pushed it open. Daddy
reached down and pushed his boxers until they fell at his ankles. I sucked
on his hairy balls while his hand ran over my butt. Chills ran through my
body as I felt his rough skin over my rear.

I lifted my head and went back to kissing him. I felt his hand on my
hard-on, and I moaned. He lifted up and pushed me so that I landed on my
back. He shrugged out of his robe as he kissed me greedily. He scared me
just a bit with his hunger. Once he was naked, he reached down, grabbed my
legs and shoved them so that my knees were in my chest. My ankles were by
head, and my ass was pointed in the air. "This is what you want, right?"
"Yes, Daddy!"

He grabbed his dick with one hand and began guiding it into my bum. I
smiled as I felt him enter me. "Fine. I'm going to show you what it's like
to get fucked, Benny. Maybe then you'll realize this isn't such a good
idea." His dick pushed into me hard, and I gasped. I grabbed onto his big
arms and dug my fingers into his muscles as he put it into me much rougher
than last night.

As soon as it was in about halfway, he started moving it back and forth. He
let go of my legs, leaned down, and started kissing me hard. While he did,
he put the rest of his dick into me. My legs rested on his large shoulders
as his body pressed against mine. He only left it in there for a few
moments before he started fucking me much harder.

"Daddy!" I yelled as he started pounding into me.

"That big cock feel good in that tight ass, Benny?"

"Yes, Daddy! YES! Fuck me, Daddy! I want your cock!"

He looked at me in disbelief and began pounding me even harder. I could
hear a slapping noise as his body crashed into mine.

"You like that, son?" he asked.

"Oh yes, Daddy!" I gripped his arms and began moaning loudly. His big cock
moving inside me made me feel amazing. Yeah, it hurt a little, but mostly I
was feeling things I hadn't felt before.

"Fucking hell," he said as he continued ramming his thick cock into me.

"I want to taste that white stuff again," I said suddenly, remembering the
saltiness that was in my butt last night.

He didn't say anything. He just kept fucking me hard. Soon he was pulling
out. He grabbed me by the neck and pulled me up. I saw his dick going to my
mouth, and I opened wide. It didn't even bother me that it had just been in
my butt. I began sucking right away, and he pushed it in deep making me
gag. A few sucks later I was tasting his yummy stuff as he shot it into my

I kept sucking on it until he pulled out and sat back down. I immediately
repositioned and returned his cock to my mouth. I wanted every drop of that
stuff. Finally he stopped me. "You need to get ready for school."

"What is that white stuff?"

"It's called `cum'."

"I love your cum, Daddy."

"Go get dressed, Benny."

I scowled and went to my room. When I was almost all the way dressed, Daddy
came rushing into my room. "Fuck school!" he said. He shoved me down on the
bed. I felt him reach underneath me and undo my pants. He roughly yanked
off my pants and underwear. I moved onto my knees just as he got behind
me. His dick entered me, and he started fucking me again.

"I sure hope you really like this, because now I can't get enough of that
boy pussy!"

"I do, Daddy! I love your cock!"

He fucked me for a really long time. Sometimes he would go fast and other
times really slow. By the time he came in my ass, we were covered with
sweat. We lay together on my bed for a while, his dick still inside
me. Soon, I heard his soft snores in my ear. I closed my eyes and fell
asleep with him.

When we awoke, we were both really hungry. We got dressed, and he took me
to my favorite, McDonald's!

When we got home, I asked, "Daddy, I really liked your cum. How do I get to
taste it again?"

He smiled at me. "Well, Benny. That one is easy." I watched as he undid his
jeans. He shoved them and his boxers down and sat next to me. He took me by
the head and shoved my head into his groin. "This time you can suck it

Daddy relaxed while I sucked on his big dick. Sometimes he would shove my
head down so that his cock hit the back of my throat. He would hold my head
while I tried not to choke. When he let me go, I would move my head up and
take a few deep breaths while I continued working his hardness.

"That's right, Benny boy. Suck Daddy's cock. Get that delicious cum."

As I worked on him, he pulled down my pants and briefs. I started sucking
him harder when I felt his hand stroking me.

It seemed like forever before he finally shot into my mouth. This time
there wasn't as much. I ate it greedily before asking how come there wasn't
as much.

"Daddy's body only makes so much in a day. Each time I cum, there will be a
bit less."

"Does that mean you can't fuck me later?"

"Oh, there's nothing stopping me from doing that my wonderful son." He
kissed me, this time more gently. His tongue slowly moved around inside my
mouth. We kissed for a bit longer before I returned to his dick to get
whatever drops had come out.

I knew I had him where I wanted him now, and I was excited for this to
become a regular thing.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Movie Night With Dad