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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Black Construction Dad - My Black Construction Dad 1

Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 09:21:38 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: My black construction dad (incest)

I had heard my parents arguing constantly from the age of two years old
and it was always about money. My father worked on construction and my
mother was a secretary to a high powered lawyer. By the time I turned
eleven my parents were only talking to each other about me otherwise
they were screaming insults and slamming doors.

I was a quite boy and kept to myself because I knew if I did take a friend
home they would be witnesses to the battle raging in our home and being
a black kid in a predominantly white school didn't help me much. The
fact that I was sexually attracted to men didn't help my complements in
making friends. I lusted after most of my male teachers and some of the
senior boys in my school.

I was often called pretty by older people, due to my feminine features
and colouring which I inherited from my mother who was half Spanish,
half African American. My father was pure African American and his family
was traced back to Africa and the slave days.

One month off my twelfth birthday that my mother finally walked out on
us after confessing to my father in a rage that she was indeed having
the affair that he constantly accused her of. When she had finally
departed my father hit the whisky bottle and when he was well on his way
he called me from my room where I learned to closet myself when the
battle raged. He was cursing and berating woman in general, calling
them bitches and saying that he could definitely live without them in
his life.

I entered the sitting room where my father had slouched his big burly
body on our couch, his shirt was open and revealed his hairy chest and
muscled torso, he wore his denim work pants that were tight and worn.
They outlined his big muscular legs and on the left thigh was a large
ample lump which was clearly outlined by the way he was lying there was
a big cylindrical shape arched over the lump which was thick and fleshy.
I had often wanked my 6" cock with that ample bulge clear in my mind's
eye and my fantasies usually revolved around me having sex with my father
and now as he drank from the whisky bottle he gestured for me to sit
beside him he patted the cushion next to him as he began to explain to
me in a slurred voice.

"Well my son, that bitch has finally left us. She was fucking that fat
butted white fuck of a boss of hers, so it's just you and me kid. Now
help your dad into the bedroom, I think I might have over indulged a
tad." Slurred my big burly father as he tried to raise himself.

"Okay Dad! Here let me help you." I said as I moved under my father's
muscular arm and supported him to the bedroom.

When we entered I guided my father over to the big bed situated in the
middle of the room and helped him sit. The heavy aroma of male sweat
emanated from his armpit and I felt my cock responding. I had track
pants on and no underwear as I had learned from my father that when at
home we men went without underwear, to air our privates as he had stated
when I was much younger. My track pants tented with my erection and as
my Dad sat and I straightened his face was inches from my erection.

"Wow son! Looks like you're sporting some wood there! Seems you're taking
after me in the cock department!" Marvelled my father as he grinned

I smiled shyly at the big burly man seated in front of me. My Dad was
just on 6 ft. tall with broad shoulders, a thick neck. His muscular
build was from manual labour and he was dark in complexion.
I inherited my mother's dark honey colour and next to my Dad I seemed
paler. His broad nose and thick lips were separated by a thick moustache
and his lips were equal in thickness giving him a large pouted appearance
and I had often fantasised about him wrapping those puffy lips around my
thick black cock.

My father unexpectedly reached out and grasping my cock through my
trousers he squeezed and laughed. I was caught unexpectedly and didn't
react so my father kept squeezing gently.

"You like that? Yeah! Don't worry, just relax its okay! Just some fun
between you and your Dad. My father and I used to do this when I was
your age. You do wank already don't you?" Queried my father in a slur.

I nodded my head as I watched my Dad's huge black hand squeezing my cock
through my trousers. My 6" cock was throbbing and jerking in his grasp
and I groaned as sensations flooded my groin.

"Yeah! My little boy likes that! Here help your Dad get comfortable,
take my shoes off." Said my Dad as he released my hard throbbing cock
and lay back on the bed.

I knelt down and removed my Dad's big work boots and his socks, the
strong aroma of sweat assaulted my nostrils. I then rose up on my knees
between his knees and was presented with my father trying to unbuckle
his thick leather belt. The bulge on his left leg was bigger as I stood
up to help him. He had removed his shirt and I quickly unbuckled his
belt, I unbuttoned his denim trousers and was unsure want next to do
when he spoke.

"Hey! Take them off little man! We going to have us some man fun you
are interested?" Asked my father as he groped his ample bulge and
smiled at me.

I quickly continued on my father's instruction, unzipping his denim
trousers. Bushy black crinkly pubic hair appeared and my father lifted
his hips and instructed me to remove his trousers. I obeyed him and
dragged them down over his board hips with my eyes glued to the sight of
his cock appearing. The base appeared nestled in the pubic hair, it was
almost as thick as my wrist and blacker than the rest of my father. I
pulled the trousers down and off, leaving my father naked with his
huge thick semi erect cock lying across his big muscular thigh. Although
the ebony cock wasn't fully erect it was still a good 8" and the forskin
was halfway back on the huge black cockhead. Veins ran along the shaft
and the cock twitched as though it had a life of its own.

"Well little man? What do you think of the meat stick that made you?
How about introducing yourself to him and shaking hands?" Asked my father.

He thrust his hips up and I noticed his huge scrotum, the meaty bag was
nestled between the thick muscular thighs and as my father encouraged me
to touch his cock, he grasped his scrotum and squeezed. Two huge bull
balls appeared, outlined against the stretched skin, they were easily
the size of goose eggs and my father waved them at me.

"Come wank my big daddy cock and lick my big bull balls until your unborn
brothers and sisters full your mouth. You are going to be daddy's cock
sucker from now on. How do you like that?" Queried the big black man as
he raised his head and smiled at me.

I nodded my head and reached for the big black cock twitching on the
muscular thigh, it had thickened and lengthened to 10" and it was as
thick as my wrist. My hand encircled the thick black cock and it felt
hot, hard and it throbbed against my palm. The forskin had rolled back
to behind the black helmet shaped cockhead. As I lifted the throbbing
cock my father groaned and instructed me to wank the shaft using both
hands. I complied and soon clear liquid appeared from the slit and ran
down the underside of the thick throbbing shaft onto my hand. My father
called it precum and instructed me to taste it. I lifted my hand to my
mouth and licked it, it tasted salty sweet and I decided I liked it and
lapped it all off. I then surprised myself I leaning down and licking
the underside of the hot hard throbbing man cock, working my tongue
upwards towards the big black cockhead that so bloated with blood it
was shiny. I licked the underside cleft of the cockhead and the slit
while my father fondled his big bull balls and groaned encouragement.

"Oh yes! That's my baby! Lick daddy's big meat! Yeah baby! Knew you were
into cock from a young baby! Oh that feels soooo good! That's my little
cock sucker, yeah, work that baby tongue!" Groaned the big beefy black
man as he fondled his big bull balls,"you like that don't you, you like
making daddy happy?.

My father lifted his head and stared at me and I nodded as I wanked his
throbbing cock harder with both hands. I forced his forskin over the
bloated shiny black cockhead and back down, forcing the skin back until
it was stretched taunt and the veins that laced the thick shaft stood
out. My father groaned encouragement and advice while his cock throbbed
and oozed precum.

"Take off those clothes, I want you naked. Show your daddy some skin and
that hard cock of yours needs some air. Let me see if you're as big as
I was at your age." Said my father as he raised himself up on his elbows
and watched me.

I reluctantly released his big hard throbbing cock and reaching for my
shirt I dragged it over my head and hooking my thumbs into my track
pants I dragged them down over my hips and stiff throbbing cock and
stepped out of them. I stood with my hands on my sides and looked over
at my dad. My thick 6" cock throbbed with my heartbeat and looked puny
compared to my father's huge cock.

"Well, well! My son takes after his daddy after all! That's going to
grow bigger than my 10"! Fuck boy you're packing some meat for your age
and your daddy's going to show you how to use it! Climb up and crawl
over here." Beckoned my father.

I mounted the bed and crawled on my knees towards my father, I couldn't
resist reaching out and grasping the huge black cock lying on his torso
but my father reached out and pulled me up to his shoulder. I knelt
next to him with my cock inches from his face. My cock jerked as I looked
down and saw my father's thick puffy lips so close my cock. Before my
eyes and beyond my wildest dreams, my father parted his lips and his
big pink tongue moved out and lapped my cockhead, my forskin had rolled
back and as the pink tongue rasped the underside of my cock, it curled
around my cockhead and my father's thick lips pouted and engulfed my
it. I moaned as the wet warm cavern moulded around my cock and sucked
me into it the strong aroma of whisky floated up and assaulted my nostrils,
I looked down and watched the thick meaty lips moving up my cock until
they were pressed against my groin and I could feel the crinkly moustache
scratching. I instinctively thrust against the meaty lips and my father
groaned, the vibrations reverberated through my cock as my father sucked
harder. I cried out as I grasped his head and thrust into the hot wet
heaven surrounding my cock, sensations I'd never ever experienced fondled
my very being and my cock jerked spasmodically in a dry orgasm. My father
kept sucking until my cockhead was to sensitive and I reluctantly extracted
my hard cock.

"Oh baby! That's some tasty meat and I'm going to need it often!Did you
enjoy that baby! That's cock sucking! Now big boy, you're going to suck
daddy just like that!" Exclaimed my dad as he directed me to take his
cock and suck it.

My father grasped my hips and lifted me onto his body, with me facing
his cock and my legs straddling his chest. I grasped his cock at the
base and as I squeezed I lifted it and began licking it like a ice-cream
on a hot day, curling my tongue around the bulbous head and licking the
thick ridge surrounding the big helmet. My father groaned loudly and as
I opened my mouth I engulfed the shiny black head as I sucked. My father's
hips thrust upwards and his cock pushed into my mouth and throat and
and before I had time to gag, the huge cockhead and past my gag reflex
and was down my throat. My father cried out and thrust again, forcing
the thick throbbing cock further down my throat and instinct kicked in
because before I realised it I was breathing through my nose and swallowing
around the huge cock. I suddenly felt hot breath on my butt and a wet
warm object probing my butt cheeks, it was my father's tongue and it
lapped up the crevice between my cheeks and over my tiny butthole. The
rough rasp on my butthole caused me to groan around the huge cock lodged
in my throat which caused my father to suddenly thrust his tongue into
my virgin butthole. I clamped down on the intrusion and my father slapped
my butt, so shock forced me to jump and thus release the clamp. My father
thrust and he forced his tongue deeper into me as he fucked my virgin
butthole with his tongue, swirling it and thrusting. He squeezed and
massaged my butt cheeks while he tongue fucked and sucked on my hole.
I was soon thrusting back onto his tongue to get more into me as this
new feeling was something I wanted more and more of.

He eventually introduced his finger along with his tongue and slowly
probed and pulled on my sphincter to relax me and once that was loose
he introduced a second finger while he licked around my butthole. As he
entered he probed until he touched something inside which sent sensational
feelings flashing through my butt straight to my cock and up through
my body making it leap and twitch in bliss as I groaned and sucked
harder on his cock.

"Right little man! You're ready! You sure suck my cock good! Now you're
going to feel it! Yeah! You're going to feel the wonder of butt fucking!
Yes sir! Can't wait to feel your tight boy cunt wrapped around my big
black fuck rod!" Exclaimed my big black father as he squeezed my butt
and lifted me off his body.

He lay me down on my back and lifted my legs as he crawled down and
positioned himself, he spread my legs and bent them back against my
shoulders. He then moved in and began sucking and licking my virgin 12
year old butthole, his tongue bore into my inner depths and made me
squirm and thrust against his thick lips, adding more sensations as his
moustache scratched against my butt. I was moaning and withering with
my father reinserted his two fat fingers and began reaming and stretching
my sphincter. He then produced a tube of clear jel and squeezed it into
my gaping butthole, then he squeezed copious amounts on his hard, thick
throbbing cock and positioned it against my butthole. He wiped a hand
clean and as felt the heat of his throbbing cockhead against my butthole
he lent back and looking down at what he was doing he pushed.

I felt pressure on my butthole and looked up at my father, his face was
pulled into a strange look as he watched and suddenly my butthole was
red hot and a burning sensation shot through my butthole and spread like
molten lava through my loins, I screamed in agony. My body lurched and
I tried to escape BUT my father grasped my hips and held me as he pushed
against me, again red hot pain and as I screamed out, tears poured from
my eyes and something lodged into my butthole. My father's big hand
covered my mouth and he spoke soothing but stern works, cautioning me
to lie still or it would hurt more. Sweat broke out over my body as I
shivered and my ass felt as though it was going to rip open but I was
determined to fulfil my fantasy and that cock was going up me.

"Easy baby! Easy little man! It's in! Daddy's in! Keep still and wait
because it's going to go away and you'll feel sooooo goooddd! I promise
baby! Just lie still!" Cautioned my father as he stared at my butthole,
"yeah! You look so, so good with my nigga meat up you! Yeah you want it!
I can see and feel, your body is just begging for this man meat! Take
it baby! Take it like a man! There's plenty more coming!"

Tears blinded me as the pain burned from red hot to burning mild stinging,
my father pushed another inch into me and again I squirmed but my father
used it to his advantage to push another three inches into me. My muffled
screams went unheard and I felt as though a log had been rammed up my
butthole until my father made his cock twitch and it touched something
inside. The pain and heat subsided and a different warmth and tingling
sensational spread through my butthole and loins and channelled straight
into my cock, causing it to jerk and hardened. My father twitched his
cock again and this time I groaned as he thrust against me, driving another
inch into me. As the huge cock moved in it scraped against something
and my body and cock jerked as something wonderful happened inside, I
groaned and stopped trying to escape as the thick cock scraped against
that something again sending sensations to my cock and ass.

"There didn't daddy tell you it would be wonderful? Oh baby! You're my
slut fuck! I knew you would love it! Here let daddy make you feel real
fine!" Cooed my father has he slowly pushed his huge thick throbbing cock
into my over stretched virgin butthole.

He stopped every time after a push and applied more jel to my butthole
until he had a good 7" embedded into me, then a began to slowly withdraw
until his cockhead remained them he slowly reinserted the thick throbbing
shaft. He kept up the slow rhythm, fucking me gently and talking me
through it until my body betrayed me and began to respond by thrusting
down on his upward thrust. My dad was waiting for that response because
grasped my body with his big black calloused hands and began to increase
the speed until he was thrusting rapidly into me and his soft cooing
voice disappeared and was replaced by a thick heavy panting voice that
grunted with each inward thrust.

"Yeah! My little fuck! Take my fucking meat log! Open wide for your daddy!
I'm going to fuck you good baby! There's plenty more here when you're
good and open! Oh yes! So fucking tight! So so tight! Oh fuck this is
good shit! Oh virgin boy!" Groaned, moaned and cried the big black man
crouched over me as he thrust vigorously into my butthole.

My body was alien to me, feelings and sensations I'd never ever experienced
jerked and twitched my body in a dance of ecstasy, my 6" cock was rock
hard and oozing precum like my dad's and it was fatter than I had ever
seen it. Sounds were coming out of my mouth that I never knew I could
utter let alone in front of my father and out of pure curiosity I reached
down between my thrusting father and the hand gingerly felt around my
stretched butthole, marvelling to myself has my hand encircled the hard
thick, thrusting man cock as it plundered into me. This caused my dad
to groan loudly.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my butt! Push your man meat into me! Use my boy
cunt! Fuck me!" I cried as I grasped my cock and wanked myself while
watching my father's face which was pulled into a mask I'd never seen
before. His lips were drawn back and his teeth were grinding together
as sweat ran down his forehead. His big arms bulged as he held me and
without thinking I reached out and grasped his big hard nipple and
squeezed it. This made my father cry out and thrust into me which made
me cry out because his cock invaded new territory within me, it pushed
up into something and I felt his crinkly pubic hair scratch my butthole
and his huge bull balls slapped my butt as he threw his head back and
howled, grinding me against his groin and flexing his huge cock inside
me making me cry out. Now he fuck me harder and harder, my head snapped
about on my neck as he grunted with each thrust. He was uttering words
I had never heard before as he swore and cursed and in between he
ordered me to grab his bull bulls and squeeze them hard which I did. My
dad then began to get louder and louder as he thrust harder and harder
and just as my cock began to jerk he lent down and sucked my cock and
balls into his mouth. My hips thrust and my body shook as liquid fire
flashed through my cock and into my father's mouth. He sucked me harder
and I could feel my butthole clamp around the monstrous cock embedded
within. This caused my father to groan with his mouthful of my cock and
I felt his cock get thicker and harder and suddenly I felt hot flashes
inside my butthole and knew my father was shooting his juices deep
within me and I hung on to his huge balls, pulling and twisting them
which made my father go crazy as he screamed and thrust wildly. He used
my body like a rag doll as he skewered me around his pulsating cock.

He released my cock and he cried loudly as he held my body tightly
against his groin.

my big burly black daddy as his body jerked and sweat poured all over
us and cum gushed into the depths of my bowels.

My father then collapsed next to me with his big hard cock still embedded
up my butthole to the hilt and he lay breathing as his cock twitched
inside my raw butthole. I could actually feel his heartbeat in his
twitching cock and my cock was still rock hard and leaking my very first
cum remnants onto my body.

"Oh baby! Was that good for you? Little man! You had your first cum and
daddy drank it, baby it was sweet! You're a man now and my cock made
you cum! It was sweeter than any woman I've ever fucked or will again,
now I have you. Was it good for you? Where did you learn to squeeze
nipples?" Questioned my father as he caught his breath.

"Yes dad! It was good but it was very sore in the beginning. My first
cum was very good and I once saw you pinching your nipple when you were
watching some men wrestling on TV." I answered as I shifted and immediately
caused the humongous cock to jerk strongly causing me to wince as it
stretched my tender butthole.

"I'm sorry baby! I should haul this meat stick out your ravaged butthole
but it feels so good up there and so tight." Smiled my father as he
eventually began to withdraw his cock slowly, it made a suctioning sound
as it slid out.

"OH!" I winced as the huge shaft slid out my butthole and as the big
bulbous cockhead popped out I fartted loudly and my father's cum
dribbled out and down my butt crevice.

My father reassured me when I pardoned myself and he laughed and said it
was our love music. I felt down to my butthole and it gapped open and
I panicked as I queried whether it would ever close. Again my father
laughed and reassured me that it would. He then proceeded to rub jel
onto me to ease the stinging.

"Now baby! Its your turn to fuck my big daddy butt! Would you like that?
Asked my father as he turned his head to kiss my forehead.

I nodded my head vigorously as I definitely wanted to experience the
sensations that made my father howl, sweat, swear and cry. I lifted
myself gingerly from bed and knelt behind my father who had lifted his
huge muscular legs up and gripped behind his knees, pulling them back
and open, thus exposing his black puckered rossette butthole and while
I positioned myself he rubbed his finger around it and pushed it in to
the first joint.

"First eat me! Then your turn, fuck me hard and rough!" Groaned my hunky
burly black dad.

I leaned forward and tentatively lapped at the puckered rossette, it
twitched and seemed to open because when I licked over it, it grabbed
my tongue and seemed to suck it in. I thrust with my tongue and followed
as my tongue sunk into the big black man. He groaned and urged me to
suck on his man pussy. I tongue fucked my father as best I knew and he
squirmed and thrust his big muscular bubble butt up at me with much
encouragement. I followed his instructions and soon had four fingers
and my tongue buried up his hot musky man hole and he was moaning in
pleasure. I then felt my father's big black calloused and grasped my
rock hard throbbing 6" cock and dragged me forwards by it while he
wanked it and demanded I fucked him.

I positioned myself and reached for the jel but my father informed me
that I wouldn't need it and he liked it dry. I guided my throbbing
cockhead against his puckered butthole and I pushed and my cock glided
into a hot wet something I had never experience. I thrust and my groin
ground against the muscular black butt. My dad sighed and I felt a warm
silky glove wrap around my throbbing 6" cock and begin to caress it as
the tight sphincter clamped tightly round the base of my cock, trapping
it and making me thrust. I thrust and thrust trying to bury my cock as
deeply as I could and instinct took command of my body as my hips began
to gyrate as I thrust and I reached for my father's huge scrotum and
reaching around I squeezed, trapping the two huge bull balls in their
meaty pouch and pulling as I thrust. My dad groaned loudly as he thrust
against me, cursing and urging me deeper. I lifted the rock hard, precum
oozing 10" black rod and began wanked and rubbing my hand around the
huge bloated cockhead, smearing the clear liquid and lubricating it
while making my father curse louder and groaned longer. He shouted that
I was doing good and hitting his joy button just right and the next
moment he wrapped his huge legs around me and squeezed as his hips
bucked wildly and his cock swelled thicker and his cock got harder.

as his huge body twisted, twitched and jerked in ecstasy and his face
was drawn into a mask as though he were in pain and ropes of thick white
stuff flew from the throbbing rod. It landed on his black chest and lay
in white puddles, it also landed on his face, lips nose and forehead.
He licked the white stuff off his lips as he screamed loudly and his cock
jerked wildly, spraying white stuff on his neck and tummy. His bull balls
seemed to come alive in their meaty pouch as they moved around.

His butthole sucked on my cock like his mouth had done earlier and I
felt my balls tighten as my cock became super sensitive and I cried
out as my cock throbbed and I shot my second cum into my dad's big black
muscular bubble butt and my 12 year old body jerked and twitched in
total ecstasy.When my body stopped twitching and I lay over my dad's
still hard leaking 10" cock and together our hearts beat rapidly. Cum
and sweat stuck us together as my father caressed my head and told me
I had done well and we should sleep now as he was fucked. He laughed for
a moment then fell asleep. I lay on top of his huge black frame and while
he snored , his cock remained hard, I lifted myself up and placed my
father's big feet on the bed with his knees bent I managed to get my
shoulders under his knees and while I pushed forwards I thrust my hard
throbbing 6" cock into his wet, hot butthole and I began thrusting as I
fucked his butthole again. My cock and it was rock hardas I thrust and
thrust into my father while he slept, thrusting deeply I lifted his hard cock
and crammed the head into my mouth and sucked while I fucked.
The big 10" cock twitched and hardened and I continued until my body
jerked again in ecstasy but only after about 15 minutes of thrusting
and sucking. I wanked my father hard until he groaned in his drunken
sleep and some watery liquid spurted into my mouth, then I withdrew my
cock and snuggled up beside my father's huge body and slept an sleep.

"Oh fuck! I'm, I'm cumin, I'm cumin! OOOOOOHHHHH!OOOOHHHHHhhhhh!"
I screamed as cum erupted from my throbbing 6" cock into my dad.

My twitching body eventually stopped as I withdrew my now very tender
cock, I had awakened an hour later and with my father lying on his side I
had free access to his big muscular body and with his legs drawn up and
his butthole an easy access I had fucked him again while he snored in his
drunken stupor. I knew he wouldn't have any recollection in the morning
and I was taking full advantage of that big black bubble butt while I could.
Come morning I might not have the opportunity again, I eventually drifted
into an exhausted sleep, snuggled up behind the big burly black frame and
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