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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Black Construction Dad - My Black Construction Dad 2

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 19:22:06 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: my black construction dad Chapter 2

I awakened to deep groaning and as my senses focused I realised what
had happened the night before and to confirm it I felt I father's big cockhead
nudging my tender butthole. I shifted myself slightly and opening my legs
I manoeuvred that huge bulbous cockhead until it slipped under my balls
and eventually pushed through between my thighs. I clamped my thighs
around it and squeezed. My father moaned and thrust and his huge hard 10"
black fuck rod appeared, forcing my balls and thick rigid 6" cock up against
my tummy and he began to thrust as he fucked my thighs.

"Morning baby! My fucking head feels like it's going to explode but your
cute little body is making me so randy! How about you let daddy into that
tight hot little boy pussy! Hmmmm, you going to be nice to your old Dad?"
Whispered my father as his morning stubble, scratched against my cheek.

"I don't know! My butthole is kind of tender right now! I found some blood
when I wiped myself clean just now in the bathroom. Do you think I'll be
all right?" I answered in a quiet voice.

My father stopped thrusting and pulling me close he questioned me about
my situation but after he had heard the facts, he reassured me that I would
be fine and apologised for his actions. I told him not to worry as I had enjoyed
it and immediately asked if we were going to do it again and he laughed
quietly and said that we would most definitely be doing those things to each
other as soon as my boy pussy wasn't so tender. I squeezed my thighs
tightly around the rock hard throbbing black cock and humped up and down
while I watched up huge cock slide between my legs. My father groaned and
reaching around in grasped my hard 6" cock and again to wank and fondled
it as he ground himself against me. He grasped my hips and lifting me up
a swivelled me around and placed me in a 69 position, while a sucked my
entire cock into his hot mouth and worked his thick lips and tongue around
my throbbing cock, I crammed as much of his huge hard throbbing 10"
cock into my mouth and sucked as I swivelled my tongue and thrust it into
puffy piss slit, savouring his precum as it oozed into my mouth.

We were both groaning in lustful ecstasy as we sucked each other towards
a mutual climax, I wanked the thick, veiny shaft with one hand while I fondled
and tugged on his bull balls, I alternated between sucking on the bulbous
black cockhead and licking and nibbling the thick throbbing shaft. My father
sucked on my cock and then sucked my balls and he alternated as well. I
tried to suck on his bull balls but he preferred me to tug on them and suck
his big thick 10" cock. We worked each other until we almost simultaneously
erupted and discharged our seed into each other's warm wet mouths.

My father then dragged himself out of bed and into the shower, begging me
for strong black coffee. I scrambled off the bed and into the kitchen, stark
naked and made coffee with bacon and eggs for both of us. My father joined
me in the kitchen, stark naked with his big soft cock slapping his thighs.
Although his cock was soft it still hung a good 7" and retained that thick
appearance although not the rock hard thickness that I had experienced
up my virgin butthole last night but the thickness was there and it ran in the

"Well buddy, seeing as its Saturday and I have to work overtime and you
aren't going to school, I figured you'd like to come with me to the construction
site. There is only a skeleton crew working and I'm sure you'll find something
to occupy yourself with. What do you think?" Asked my father with a mouth
full of bacon.

"Great! I'd love to but are you sure I wouldn't be in the way?" I answered
eagerly as I downed my breakfast.

My father reassured me that I wouldn't be any trouble and I rushed off to
shower and dress. We climbed into his truck and while he drove my smuggled
against him and stared at the huge ample bulge that rested on his left leg
although now that I had had it, I was content to keep my hands off until we
were home, then it was mine. Traffic was at a minimum and it didn't take
long before we were pulling into a deserted road leading through unused
warehouses. Right at the end of the road was the construction site and it
was already 6 storeys high, with only the first two floors partially finished.
My father parked the truck and we climbed down and approached a group
of construction workers standing in a group of about 8 men. They all wore
denim jeans and their shirts had had the sleeves ripped off, exposing huge
muscular arms. The men were approximately all in the 25 to 40 year age
bracket, they all had the weather beaten rugged good looks and muscular
physiques although some had beer bellies. I was introduced to everyone
and told that as I wandered around I'd learn the names of the men. My dad
explained about my mother and the men muttered and shook their heads,
while they smiled sadly at me. My father then announced that if I was passing
by and they needed any assistance they mustn't be shy to keep me busy.

A bell sounded and a huge black man appeared, he stood about 6 ft. 5" and
he was twice the size of my father and most of the men there. I stared at
him, opened mouthed as he barked orders and just before he turned to
leave, my dad introduced me to the'boss'man and explained about my
mother. The big man smiled down at me and welcomed me to the site, he
reassured my dad that it was cool me being there and then he said to me
that if there was anything I needed to know, I only had to ask. He then
pointed over to his caravan/office and said he could be found there. My dad
and some of the men laughed softly and said I must have a lucky streak
because nobody was allowed to go near the office unless summonsed. I
watched the mountain of a man swagger away and my cock twitched in my
trousers and I thought to myself, if that man was twice the size of my dad
what would be the size of his cock.

The men dispersed and my dad told me he'd be on the fourth floor if I wanted
I could go up with him or I could mess around down here but I wasn't to
wandered because it could be dangerous. I opted to go up with my dad and
together we entered a small cage and were lifted to the fourth floor. My dad
grabbed a leather belt with a pouch and strapped it around his waist loosely
and it made him look even sexier. I looked around and made sure we were
alone then I groped the huge bulge on his left leg.

"Oh yes! That feels so good! Unfortunately we mustn't wake the snake
otherwise we won't get any work done! Although I could do with your hot
little mouth clamped on my man meat!" Groaned my father as he held my
hand against his twitching cock and rubbed.

"I could suck you quickly! You did say I was good!" I urged as I squeezed
the twitching, hardening cock.

My father begged off and promised me we'd get started as soon as we got
home. He began working and I wandered around the fourth floor investigating
and exploring. I found a flight of steps leading up and turning to see where
my father was and making sure he was busy, I climbed the steps. The fifth
floor was deserted and I made my way upwards to the sixth. I could hear
banging coming from behind a wooden partition and as I investigated I saw
a large burly man hammering supports against the partition. He had dark
olive skin, dark hair and a thin moustache, he reminded me of our Latin
teacher so I guess he must have been Italian or Mexican. He turned to me
looked surprised then smiled.

" Hello pretty boy! You son to Jake? You pretty like your mama! What your
name? Me Jose!" Smiled the swathy man as he wiped sweat from his brow
and beckoned me closer.

"Hi, I'm Jason! How do you do?" I answered as I stepped closer.

"I sorry your mama she vamoose, she no good to leave her bambino! You
miss mama?" He queried as he scratched his balls openly and adjusted

I nodded as I stared at him scratching and adjusting a sizeable bulge to
the right. He continued talking but I was mesmerised by the bulge, he
grasped his bulge and squeezed. I flicked my eyes upwards and he was
watching me and smiling in a leering way as he recognised the symptoms
I was displaying in ogling his crotch.

"Josson! Nice name, you watch my pee-pee, ha ha ha! You like no?" Laughed
the dark man as he squeezed his bulge again, he looked around then back
and me and winked, " you like I show you?"

The burly muscular man beckoned me closer and I quickly looked around
as I stepped up closer to him. He asked me again if I wanted to see his meat
although he pronounced it 'beeg mite'and I nodded. He lifted his leather
belt and pouch as he unzipped the fly to his baggy corduroy trousers. He
reached into the fly and extracted a thick light brown cock, it was as thick
than my dad's cock when it was hard and this one wasn't. He dropped it
and it hung out his fly, then he placed his hands on his hips and twisted,
making his cock flap from side to side. It had thick veins running along it
and the forskin had rolled back exposing a dark pink helmet shaped
cockhead. He then reached into his fly and groped his balls out, he dropped
them and they hung just above his cockhead, they were big and the scrotum
was a darker brown. It looked like leather and as I watched his balls moved
about in the fleshy sack. The 4" cock started to swell and it twitched, I
watched in fascination as it filled with blood and stretched thicker and it
started to jerk. The cockhead began to change colour as it swelled and
Jose thrust his hips and twisted again, his cock stretched to about 7" and
the veins pushed up through the skin making ridges.

"You like touch? Come pretty, touch my beeg mite! Jose like you touch!"
Coaxed the burly man as he thrust his hips towards me.

The brown cock before me was as thick as a Cola can with veins as thick as
a pencil that visibly throbbed. The forskin had rolled back like a polo-neck
cardigan behind the huge plum sized cockhead which had now turned a
angry maroon colour. Jose grasped his thick shaft and stretched the skin
back against his corduroy trousers and the big cockhead pulsed and
unbelievably grew bigger, right before my eyes. The burly man looked around
and then unbuttoned his trousers and exposed his incredibly thick bushy
black pubic hair. I was fascinated because I'd never seen so much pubic
hair before. He thrust his hips at me and the a step closer, smiling as he
approached. I reached out and grasped his big fleshy scrotum, fingering
the leathery skin and marvelling and the huge balls it contained. They seemed
to have a life of their own as they moved within.

The swathy man groaned quietly as he released his thick throbbing shaft
and I grasped it. I couldn't close my hand around the girth, I released the
big balls and fucking grabbed the thick shaft with both hands and squeezed
causing Jose to moan deep in his throat thin. Precum oozed from the huge
bulbous maroon cockhead and dripped in long silvery strands towards the
floor. I wanked the loose skin backwards, feeling the thick veins against my
palm and on impulsion I lent forwards and licked the huge shiny cockhead.
The warmth emanated my tongue and it was like I was licking a hot purple
ice-cream. I licked around the bulbous head, concentrating on the thick
ridge then I worked up the underside and to the big puffy slit. I savoured the
slightly salty liquid that oozed freely from within the throbbing bulb. The
burly swathy man moaned and whimpering as he reached into his shirt and
squeezed his nipple causing his huge cock to jerk and pulse. I tried but
couldn't possibly fit the huge maroon cockhead into my mouth and I really
stretched wide but the cock was wider. I then sanctioned onto the end,
covering half the head and as I sucked I swivelled my tongue and drilled it
into the slit if. I wanked that thick shaft hard and fast while the big balls
bounced beneath.

"Is good! Aah! YYeessss! You good boy! Aah ah yes!" Moaned Jose as his
hips bucked and thrust, trying to invade my small mouth.

I sensed he was close and increased the pressure, wanking fast and licking
on the sensitive puffy slit and the big man cried out as my mouth was
flooded with thick hot cum. I swallowed but it was too much and it squirted
out the corners of my mouth as the second blast erupted and I gagged on
thick salty liquid. Tears burnt I eyes and I pulled back only to be hosed in
the face as ropes of cum burst over me, coating my throat as well. Just as
Jose was winding down from his whaling a deep male voice boomed in
our ears.

black foreman and his great big body loomed over me. He snatched me up
into his arms and holding me as though I weighed nothing he shook his
enormous fist at the swathy construction man who stood with huge eyes
and his thick cock dribbling the remnants of his cum, "put your fucking
dick away and get the fuck back to work. As for you young man, wait for me
in my caravan."

He placed me gently on the ground and pushed me gently away, I hurried
down stairs to find my father but he wasn't on the fourth floor. I then headed
for the caravan and after entering I sat waiting. Thoughts flashed through my
head as I tried to imagine what the huge black man would tell my father and
what my father's reaction would be. It was about an hour later that the door
opened and the massive black man appeared, he had to crouch to enter
and his huge frame couldn't stand upright. He slumped down onto a couch
against the wall and his great big muscular legs extended almost right across
the caravan. His tight jeans held a massive lump at his crotch and a big
cylindrical mould formed down his big muscular thigh with a wet spot
showing dark blue against the faded denim.

"Now young lad! What in glory's name were you doing up there with that
Mexican? I'm shocked and by the way your father has gone to fetch supplies
which was what I was coming to tell you when I discovered that, that
spectacle." Said the huge black foreman.

I stared at the great big man, slouched across the couch and summed him
up. He wore his hair styled, he had typical African features, broad forehead,
almond shaped eyes, big splayed nose, thick full lips, square chin and a
thick bull neck than fit into enormous muscular shoulders, chest that
tapered into a long muscular frame. I noted the wet patch and any intimidation
I felt disappeared and I felt courageous in that instant.

"Well now, I was sucking a Mexican's big thick cock and you saw us! What's
to explain." I answer in a cocky tone of voice and took a stance.

The black giant eyed me with a ghost of a smile playing around his thick
fleshy lips, "so you like sucking grown men's cocks?"

"Yes, and by that wet patch and your big bulge you liked watching me suck
that Mexican, you want me to suck yours?" I asked as I watched he shifted
and rubbed his bulge as he stared back at me.

"Are you offering young man? Do you honestly think you could handle
this?" Smirked the black giant as he unbuttoned, unzipped and hauled his
ditch black cock out and dropped it.

I gasped audibly as I stared at the thick 8" cock lying semi erect between
the large foreman's legs. The thick cock was much darker than the giant
and his forskin hung over the big cockhead as the shaft twitched and
thickened in front of me. The one thick vein running the length of the black
shaft pulsed as the cock rolled across the muscular thigh, lengthening as
pumped into it. The cock continued the until it was pointing upwards and
up from his legs, it pulsed in its 12" splendour and was as thick as my dad's
except for the length it was identified to my dad's.

"By the way, my name is Zach." Said the big man in a soft but deep voice.

I nodded as I stepped forwards and grasped the huge black cock, the forskin
had peeled back revealing a very dark brown cockhead that was helmet
shaped and as I wanked the hot throbbing shaft I lent down and engulfed
the dark brown cockhead. Zach groaned and it sounded like distant thunder.
Zach lifted his hips and pushed his jeans down to his knees, I looked down
and a hairless scrotum with two extra large eggs lay nestled between two
muscular black thighs.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh Jason! Boy, you have one talented mouth for a kid your
age! Fuck yes! Yeah, I wonder if your daddy knows what a talented little
vacuum cleaner he has under his fucking nose! Aah yes! Ah baby, suck
my cock! Yeah, work that mouth!" Cried Zach as he placed his hand behind
my head and pushed gently, thrusting upward as his head rolled from side
to side.

Excited by the big man's deep voice groaning and moaning I sucked and
wanked harder, while Zach fondled his balls and squeezed his nipples. I
bobbed my head as I swallowed his big thick black cock into my throat.
This surprised the giant black man because he cried out louder as his
cockhead entered my throat and I sucked.

he tugged his balls and twisted his nipple.

I felt his cock pulse and throb in my hands and mouth and I quickly pulled
back until his cockhead rested in my mouth, I swivelled my tongue around
and he bucked up into my mouth and screamed as jets of hot thick cum
erupted from his rock hard pulsating cock and I swallowed as the salty,
sweet liquid gushed.

Oh yes!" Cried the huge black man as his body twitched and a macabre
dance of lust and ecstasy.

I continued sucking until Zach pushed me away gently, begging off due to
sensitivity. I reluctantly released the humongous cock and looked up at the
big sweating black man as he regained his motoring skills and gasped for
breath, although I still had hold of the still hard cock. Zach smiled at me and
without saying a word, he dragged me closer, pulled down my pants, picked
me up and placed me on his chest with my legs over his shoulders and he
began to lick and suck my rock hard thick 6" cock. Now I cried out in
ecstasy as the thick black lips engulfed my throbbing cock. Zach was very
skilled in sucking cock because he out did my dad, sucking my throbbing
cock and swirling his tongue as he bobbed his head from the root to the
head and making me cry out loudly as I clutched his head and thrust into
the hot moist cavern. Suddenly the caravan door burst open and a loud
angry familiar voice boomed into the caravan.

father as his frame filled the doorway. He rushed in slamming the door and
stumbling over Zach's huge feet and landing with his chin of Zach's muscular
thighs only inches from his big balls. His voice faded and as Zach and I
turned to peer at my dad we were both shocked to see him extending his
broad tongue towards the black sack.

My father actually licked the big black man's balls and without stopping he
grasped the hard 12" cock and began licking up the underside of the thick
shaft making Zach groan and swallow my throbbing cock again. I watched
Zach and my dad as a sucked cock and soon we were all groaning and
moaning. I cried out as I climaxed in Zach's mouth and my body jerked and
twitched in ecstasy. Zach held me until I regained my senses then he lowered
me to the couch next to him and as soon as I was settled my father with 8"
of thick black cock down his throat, hoisted Zach's long legs up until his
knees were pressed against his shoulders and my father lowered himself
down until he was licking and sucking on the giant black man's butthole.
Zach cried out and began uttering profanities and urging my father on,
then right before my eyes he reached around his thigh and guided his 12"
cock into his thick brown lips and began sucking himself, taking a good 6"
into his mouth and sucking hard. I was intrigued as I had never in my life
seem or even imagined a person could suck their own cock. In the mean
time my father had dropped his jeans and taking the tube of lubricant Zach
handed to him he lubricated his hard throbbing 10" cock and proceeded
to push it into the puckered black rossette. As my father began to fuck the
big black man, Zach continued to suck himself and as my father thrust into
him he drove the big 12" cock deeper into his throat.

"Aah yeah! Fuck you're tight! Yeah big tight fuck! Oh yeah! Suck your cock!
Yeah big man! Swallow that man root!" Groaned my father as he fucked the
the big black foreman.

I watched the two big black men going at each other and soon I was wanking
my hard 6" cock while imprinting the scene on my mind's eye for further
wank sessions.Zach gurgled and began swallowing and my father began
ploughing into the big black man's butthole faster and faster as he began
moaning, groaning and cursing until he suddenly thrust his full 10" to the
hilt right up the big black man's butthole. He threw back his head and an
animalistic sound erupted from deep within his chest as his burly body
began to shake, twitched and jerk and his legs quivered as his face twisted
into a macabre mask and he pumped his juices into his foreman. I was still
wanking myself when the two big black men regained their senses and
moved over to me, they lay me down on the couch and proceeded to lick
my cock together, for a kid my age this was heaven personified. I looked
down and watched as to broad pink tongues lapped up and down my
throbbing thick 6" cock. Zach sucked my cock into his mouth while my
father sucked on my balls then they both licked my shaft and changed
positions until my body was a twitching, jerking mass of tingling nerves and
total ecstasy. When I finally erupted, I screamed out loud and my hips leapt
off the couch while the two big black men captured my boy cream with their
broad tongues. After we'd dressed and exchanged thanks Zach gave my
dad the day off and we headed home together. Although Zach had extracted
promise from me to return soon and I happily agreed because after all there
was a whole crew of horny construction men that I haven't personally met

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Black Construction Dad - My Black Construction Dad 2