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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Bro Fucks My Son - My Bro Fucks My Son 3

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 13:58:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bobby Hung <>
Subject: Mo Bro Fucks My Son, Part Three

"Oww! Oww, Grandpa! cried Tad. "Grandpa, it's too big! Stop!" Tad was
beginning to whimper. "Ooh, Grandpa. Oooohhh! Aaahhh!"

Tad's grandfather laughed. "Tad, you wanted it - you've been begging me for
the past three hours. 'Fuck me, Grandpa' and "Ram it up me, Grandpa.'
Pussy! I'm just getting this biggest - and last -- dildo inside you, now
hush. I know your daddy hasn't used this one on you before. It's the black
one, the one you all call "Grandpa's Dildo" because it's the closest in
size to my cock. But, you'll take it. I've lubed it up, it's slathered in
lube, sweetie, and I'm working it in, so slowly and lovingly, so just be my
bitch and take it like the girl that you are. Seeing it worked into that
beautiful 10-year-old ass of yours, those beautiful butt cheeks, so round
and smooth, has me dripping pre-cum all over the bedspread.

"Besides, your dad's cock is nearly as big as mine and so is your
uncle's. Hell, your little cousins have dicks to be proud of, and I know
all four of those guys have rammed theirs up your tight - fuck, you're
tight, just like I like it! - your tight little boy pussy." Grandpa paused,
although he didn't stop working the dildo farther and farther into the
little boy's asshole, causing more moans and protests.. "Or girl
pussy. Yeah, I think you're my little granddaughter! I do love the taste of
your cunt!"

"But, Grandpa, it hurts. Ow!" His face was turned and his grandfather could
see tears in his eyes, even though he gleefully let his grandfather
handcuff him to the bed, eat him, finger him, lube and insert one dildo
after another, bigger and bigger ones, and then he watched his grandfather
generously lube his monster cock, his grandfather with a weird smile on his
face, the smile he gets when he is about to fuck a young boy, especially
one in his own family.

"Hold on, girly boy. Your dad said you took this black one to bed with you
many a night to suck on, practicing for my visit. And it must have worked,
cause you got my big 'shroom in your mouth, something most little boys
can't do, on the first try, anyway. I love the pic your dad took of you
asleep, your mouth holding the head of this dildo. It's one of my favorite
family photos. You are so, so cute, asleep, shirtless, your hard cock
sticking straight out of your Star Wars underpants, the Grandpa Dildo's
head in your mouth.

"You know how it works," he went on. "Let me get it in a little farther,
ummm, there, ummm, some more, ummmm, ooooh, fuck I'm sure that feels good."
Grandpa wiped the sweat off his forehead, then held on to my little boy's
waist again. He was on his knees on the big bed, with Tad's ass up in the
air and his hands cuffed to the rails of the head board (the smallest cuffs
that could be found were too big, so Grandpa had been sent Tad's wrist
measurements and he made these himself for restraining the little boy).

Sure enough, as Grandpa knew he would, Tad's cries of discomfort suddenly
ceased, as the big thick dildo got to its destination, with his adult lover
working it out a ways, in a ways, all the way, and he began that deep moan,
that growl, that gaspy sound from his throat that indicated he was deep,
deep into the pleasure of anal intercourse. It was the same sound, although
louder and deeper, that he had made when his grandfather had first
handcuffed him, then opened those gorgeous, smooth butt cheeks and began
tongue-fucking his little grandson's asshole. He was, as we all knew, the
best ass eater in a family renowned for ass-eating. He was capable of
making each of us shoot a load, our cocks untouched, just from his flitting
his tongue, his sucking the tender asshole skin, making us gasp and writhe
on the bed, pushing our butts towards him, begging and begging with our
movements for more and more and more tongue.

After much eating of his ass, Tad's cock, that Grandpa had already sucked
dry, was dripping like a leaky faucet, hard and sticking out from his
beautiful groin, the teeny bits of pubic hair of a 10-year-old barely
visible. His grandfather, veteran of many sexual encounters with boys of
this age, far far too many to count or remember, beginning when he was a
young teen, then lubed up two fingers and worked in one, then two, into
Tad's tight little asshole. More moaning. More leaking. More moving his
butt around in the air, never wanting his grandfather to stop. After the
fingers came the first dildo, the blue one that Tad knew from sessions with
his other family members, then after much more moaning and gasping and "I
love you, Grandpa! Fuck me with the dildo, Grandpa! Fuck your bitch! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck your little baby bitch!" my father slowly removed it and
replaced it with the green one, the biggest one I had ever used on
Tad. Slowly, slowly, Grandpa
worked it in, then nearly out, then in again, farther and farther, until
Tad jerked a load out on to the bedspread. Then came the black one, with
its big dark mushroom head, so like Grandpa's own white one, the biggest
cock head we'd ever seen and one all of us had learned to take into our
mouths, then into our asses, at Tad's age.

Then (I learned when Dad told me all about this a couple of hours later,
with excited interruptions from my son, now exhausted, still dripping cum
out his ass, still with damp sweat on his nude body, sitting on my father's
lap, giving Dad a slow hand job, never able to get enough of the biggest
cock he'd ever encountered), my father got on my bed, behind my son, and
took hold of his waist, pulled his ass up in the air, and began, without
using his hands, to push the huge head, an angry-looking mushroom, red with
excitement, into the tiny hole, so tiny even a doctor would say the boy was
certainly a virgin. He reached around and caressed my son's balls, slowly
with his experienced fingers, drawing even more moans from the 10-year-old

"Aaaahhhh, Grandpa. Yes! Yes! Oh, Jesus! Yes!"

"I told you, you little cunt. I told you it would feel good."

"Oh, Grandpa, you're the biggest of them all! Fuck me! Fuck me forever!
Never, never stop!!"

Grandpa laughed. He slowly eased the little boy down flat on the bed and
lay on top of him, his 10-inch cock inside a 10-year-old boy. Up and down,
grinding it in the boy's ass, never listening to the earlier pleading,
finding it, in fact, a super turn-on. Back home, he fucked little boys like
this all the time, sometimes while their fathers watched, masturbating cum
all over Grandpa's back, and it was the same old "stop" becoming "don't
stop" that he so loved. But this, this was his own grandson, the little
whore, and, man, this kid had kept up with him. They'd been together, just
the two of them, for three hours now, and the sexual intercourse was the
latest in a long list of things they'd done together, all at Grandpa's

He rammed harder into Tad, even though he was all the way in. "Squeeze me,
bitch!" he commanded. The sweat on both of their bodies mingled and Grandpa
held on to his small grandson, kissing and biting the back of his neck in
his passion. God, he was so tight! He loved that. He knew he would give Tad
a really big load. This was heaven. He wouldn't admit it to his son Dick,
but Tad was a better fuck than even Dick's little boys. Richie and Brandon
were whores, too, and serviced their father and their uncle (me)
constantly, as well as a few of Dick's friends, but Grandpa was finding out
what a lot of men now knew - Tad was the best fuck in town. And he was a
great cocksucker, too, as his grandfather already knew. And, he loved the
taste of a guy's piss and loved it spraying all over him, the warm feeling
of it in his hair, down his face, on his chest, and especially on his hard
cock and balls, and then he would take hold of the guy's cock and put it in
mouth so he could drink the rest. He still preferred cum, but, damn, he
would tell me, piss is a really really close second!

Grandpa had started out pissing on and then in his little grandson who sat,
naked in the tub. Grandpa had pissed on a pair of his own briefs and laid
them aside. Tad wondered what that was all about, but he found out
later. Then, Grandpa traded places with Tad and got on his knees in the tub
and held Tad's cock and began sucking on it, letting Tad let go of a lot of
piss he'd been holding for his grandfather. Man, he had to go! And Grandpa
drank every drop. He loved piss, too, and was proud that all of his boys
and his boys' boys were piss whores.

Grandpa reached for his cell phone he had laid on the bed and hit the
memory button No. 1. "Trey? Rich here. Yeah. Yeah. I'm in him right
now. Listen." He held the phone near Tad's head and began working on his
ass even harder with his cock and Tad, predictably, gave out a loud
guttural sound and a "Grandpa! Oh, fuck me! I'm a bitch, a bitch!" and
Grandpa put the phone back to his ear and mouth. "Hear that? Yeah, I told
you he'd like it. You'll get as much of this as you can take when I have
him for two weeks this summer. Yeah, you'll be his first black cock. I
think. Not sure." Little Tad's grandfather was breathing heavily. "Gotta
go, sweetheart. Love you." He shut off the phone and lay it back on the

"That was my buddy back home. I've told him all about you and how he's
going to enjoy getting blow jobs and fucking you this summer. A nice big,
thick black cock for you to taste and get it up your little white girly

Grandpa reached for the piss-soaked briefs and turned Tad's head to the
side. "Open your mouth wider, bitch," he said, and Tad did as he was told,
already having it open to breathe deeply and loudly. He took the wettest
part of the briefs and stuffed them into Tad's mouth. "There, cunt, suck on
that while I ride you home." He then put his arms under Tad's armpits and
held on to him, tightly, wrapping his big legs around Tad's slender smooth
ones, and concentrated on pushing and pushing and pushing his cock into his
little grandson's ass. Ten inches, ten years!! Tad moaned louder and
louder, but no tears this time. Through the sucking of the piss, the
stuffing of the dirty briefs in his mouth tht had held his grandfather's
monster cock earlier, Tad was uttering those low-growling sounds again as
his grandpa thrust his vein-bulging, sweat-and pussy-juice-covered cock,
the foreskin pulled back so that the big big head was exposed to the
interior skin of the
little boy, and my father was soon experiencing what he had experienced
with his two sons, his other two grandsons, and - he'd really lost count -
dozens and dozens and dozens of little boys at home, ever since he was a
teenager himself and found he had a real taste, a real desire, a desperate
need for the mouths and asses of little boys.

It was his turn to growl and moan. He held on tight, biting and licking,
pulling at his grandson's hair with his teeth, making the bed rock. He
sucked on Tad's earlobe, then blew hot air into his ear, over and over, and
worked his tongue into the ear, while sucking more on the lobe. Tad moaned
so sweetly, so softly, the pure sound of sex. Grandpa jerked and cried out,
"I'm cumming! Fuck, goddamn, I'm cumming!" and before he was even done,
he'd shot so much cum that it was dripping out the little boy's asshole, as
Tad clenched down on the briefs and continued to suck hard to get all of
his grandfather's piss that he could.

Both bodies were absolutely bathed in sweat and both males were breathing
hard. Grandpa pulled the briefs out of Tad's mouth. He kissed the side of
his face and whispered, "You are one good fuck, baby. One great fuck. Man,
what a wonderful granddaughter I have. What a pussy! What a pussy!"

Grandpa noticed Tad's tears running down his cheek. "Baby, what's wrong?
Did it hurt?"

"Oh, no, Grandpa," Tad sobbed. "Not after you used your big dildo. Oh, no!
Oh, Grandpa, I loved it. I am your pussy boy. I am your pussy girl. I want
you to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me! Your big cock is just what I
needed. I love you, Grandpa! I love you so much. Fuck me again! Please!
Fuck me again!"

My father lay on my son, resting after the latest and most exhausting
portion of his three-hour sexfest with Tad. "Ummmmm," was all he would
say. "Let Grandpa rest a minute. I just love the afterglow, the feel of my
cock, still hard, inside that pussy, skin to skin, cum all over the
place. But," he added, "as soon as Grandpa catches his breath, I ain't
gonna take my cock back out; I'm just going to start humping you again and
give you another load."

Both of my lovers sighed and lay there, almost falling asleep, one feeling
the joy of being deep inside another male; one feeling the joy of having
another male deep inside him.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Bro Fucks My Son - My Bro Fucks My Son 3