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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Bro Fucks My Son - My Bro Fucks My Son 4

Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 11:45:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bobby Hung <>
Subject: My Bro Fucks My Son, Part Four

I was sitting, nude, on top of my Dad's tall dresser, watching him prepare
Tad for the incredible, unbelievable group sex that was about to take
place.. The others, either nude or in jocks, wet pre-cum spots showing on
their pouches, waited impatiently while Dad began to rub oil very slowly
over all of my little boy's body.

Tad was on Dad's big bed, handcuffed and blindfolded, lying on his
back. His legs were spread apart and his feet were in stirrups Dad had
fastened to the ceiling. Tad, with his head on a couple of big pillows, had
his ass down at the bottom of the bed, actually a little over the edge,
pulled up slightly to give the boys and men access to eating and fingering
and fucking him.

My cock was dripping. I thought Dad would never finish oiling my little 10
year old, but he took his time, lovingly rubbing his hands over the entire
body, leaving only his face and hair untouched. He had carefully shaved off
the little bit of Tad's pubes and let a line of eager men eat them, their
mouths open like little birds, then wash them down with a generous swig
from the big glass of Tad's warm piss that Dad had just collected. Tad now
lay there hairless, since he didn't have any armpit hair yet and now his
pubic hair was gone. My god, he had already looked younger than his 10
years and now he could have passed for a seven year old. Except for that
glorious uncut cock that was fat and laying, not fully hard, but very
beautiful, against his balls (also quite a nice size for a little boy).

Tad was quiet, having no idea how many men and boys were in the room. I
could count 15 but some were in the hallway, out of sight, so I was
guessing many 20 or more. Dad was rubbing a very thin oil on Tad, mostly
for his own pleasure as he liked the men and boys to watch him run his
hands all over the boy's body as he lay there, almost a human hammock, his
wrists in the cuffs his grandfather had custom made for him and his legs up
high to give all of the men and boys easy access to his ass and groin.

The rest of the group quietly came into the room. Those with jocks slipped
them off and let others smell them, then toss them aside. I counted 25
total. A wonderful mixture. Black, Latino, and white. And an Asian boy who
must have been Thai with that lovely olive-colored skin (I had more than my
share of boys from Thailand both in the U.S. and in their home country, so
I was pretty sure that was what he was.) About half the group were young
boys, about Tad's age, a few teenagers, and the rest men from 21 to their
60s. One thing they had in common - a requirement from Dad: No matter how
old they were, they had to have big cocks. Even the youngest boys had nice
thick, fairly long uncut babies that would soon be in my son's mouth and/or
his ass.

They stood with their mouths open as Dad rubbed gently and thoroughly and
when he got to the cock and balls, a moaning began from the group and it
got even louder when he rubbed Tad's buttocks and oiled up his ass,
reaching again and again between his cheeks, even sliding a finger inside
his ass hole. Tad gasped. From the neck down, the entire body had been
oiled and caressed by his grandfather who had, only that morning, fucked
him roughly, holding Tad on his lap, facing him, as they shared one long,
long kiss while Dad rode his little grandson up and down on his famous

Before Dad fucked my little boy, he had given him an enema. I offered to do
it, as it was a favorite part of our foreplay, and Dad growled, "Fuck no!
You know how much I love to do this, especially with cute little butts!"
So he did, lying the nude boy across his lap, his hard cock pulled up
against him so Tad would have room, and slowly inserted the syringe-like
enema into the butt, the act itself and Dad's and Tad's expressions of
pleasure of giving and receiving enough to make me drip on the bathroom

Slowly, slowly, Dad inserted the tube holding the enema fluid into the
little ass hole, holding on to his little grandson with his other hand. Tad
sighed. "Oh, Grandpa, everything you put into my butt feels so good, so
goddamn good! Oh, I want to pleasure you, Grandpa!" Dad smiled, sort of a
crooked smile, staring at the tiny, smooth white buttocks, perfectly round
and "edible," as he would sometimes say. He seemed disappointed when the
fluid was all gone, so he left the enema "syringe" in Tad's butt for a
couple of minutes.

"Maybe I'll give him a second one."

"Dad, he took a good, big shit just this morning. He probably doesn't need

He gave me that same smile. "Well, maybe your dad does," he said, rubbing
my son's butt, then wiping off some of his own pre-cum and extending his
fingers down to Tad's mouth where the little boy quickly licked his
grandfather's cum and then sucked on the fingers.

"I'd better let him up. I don't want a volcano here!" We all laughed. Then,
we watched Tad hold it in, through the "false bowel movement" period, then
he dashed for the toilet and blasted it out, followed by a sensual shower
with Dad, who cleaned him far, far longer than he needed to, before drying
him off just enough to take him to bed and pump a load in his ass.

"Now, when you get fucked by the guys today, there will be a little more
room for them, Taddie," Dad said, as he leaned down to kiss my son on the
lips. He lay Tad down on the bed and invited me to eat him out, get my
father's cum, as much as possible, out of my son's ass and I was very happy
to oblige. Tad, who had had non-stop sex with his grandfather, Dad's black
lover (a high school boy, it turned out, a star basketball player who had
been ridden rough and hard by Dad since he was Tad's age and who now lived
with Dad in a foster-care situation set up by yet another of Dad's buddies
downtown at the welfare department), and a few of Dad's elementary-school
students' "alumni association," boys who had become lovers of Dad when they
were about 10 years old when he was a volunteer coach at their school (for
the sex, of course, and, to a much lesser degree, for the basketball) and
were now in their late teens and early 20s, and still keeping Dad happy -
and each other. In the two days I'd been there, I could hardly sleep for
the noise of moaning and shouting, beds squeaking and guys getting fucked
right outside my door in the hallway, the bottom sprawled on the thick rug,
crying out, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, baby!" To say nothing (and here I grin
broadly) of the number of "alums" who came into my bed to pleasure me. I
fell asleep, like Tad, out of sheer exhaustion, only to wake up, in a fog,
to find someone sucking on my cock and another boy eating my ass.

And now the group had gathered to get their taste of my son. He'd been kept
away from prying hands and hard-ons, even kept out of sight, so when the
boys and men came into the bedroom, and saw this tiny, beautiful boy,
hairless, incredibly young, with a raging hard-on, the foreskin pulling
back enough to reveal his 'shroom, not too different (except in size, for
now) from his grandfather's, as they watched my dad oil and caress his body
in a ritual meant to tantalize the group, some of whom began to masturbate,
then stop out of fear of cumming, some started masturbating someone else,
and got their hands pushed away (a rare action), for the same reason. All
of them wanted a piece of my son. Their eyes roamed his body as they
breathed heavily, thinking of tasting his ass, sucking on his balls,
fucking him (thinking not of "sloppy seconds" but "sloppy dozens"!),
kissing him, face fucking him, oh, hell, just touching him anywhere, his
perfect little body,
that alabaster skin set off by his dark thick head of hair.

Soon, Dad began to point to the assembled and they chose their positions:
One guy got on his knees and began to eat Taddie's ass. Another climbed on
the bed, squatted over my son's face and pushed his cock at Tad's mouth and
Tad opened it and took the boy's cock. Another began sucking on Tad,
crouching on the bed, deep throating the boy, another began sucking on one
nipple while the other nipple belonged to yet another eager male. The ass
eater stood and took some of the lube that lay on the bed, jacked his cock
with some of it, then slid it in so nicely, so easily that applause almost
broke out. Two more came, got on to Dad's bed (he'd built an extension on
his king-sized bed for just such occasions so plenty of naked boys and men
could be comfortable) and took hold of Tad's hands that extended up from
the handcuffs and began sucking hard on two or three fingers. Yet two more
came and each took a foot and soaked the bottom with big-tongued licks and
then sucked on the little toes and then the big one, sucking as hard as
the finger-suckers. Finally, Dad pointed to four more, and two went to the
left side and two to the right side of the bed, standing on the floor, and
began masturbating. With the excitement and the wild scene in front of
them, it wasn't very long before cum was flying through the air, landing on
Taddie's abdomen and also on the backs and in the hair of some of those who
were getting their kicks from whatever portion of my 10-year-old son they
were enjoying.

As the guy who was sucking Tad got him off, he climbed down.. As the guy
who was getting sucked, came in Tad's mouth, he climbed down. As the guy
fucking Tad pumped a load into his ass, he, reluctantly, pulled out, all to
be replaced by those who were waiting their turns.

Dad came over to me and began to fondle me, giving me a kiss and
masturbating me. "Awesome, huh? We'll keep this up for a while. Tad will
have to piss soon so the guys will get some of that, too. I gave Tad some
beer before you came up and I'll give him another sip or two if I can ever
find him without a cock in his mouth!" He smiled and continued to jack me
off, feeling the generous amount of pre-cum I was making due to the
incredible sight before me "These guys love beer piss, so they'll like to
see him drink some beer."

I held tightly on to my father, the creator of all of this, and jerked,
shooting several shots of cum into the air and on the back and buttocks of
the guy who was himself standing on my side of the bed, masturbating on to
my little boy.

It was an amazing ballet of naked boys and men, moving from one position to
the other, giving of their fluid to the central figure, the small swan,
accepting their offerings in his mouth and his butt, feeding them his own
white cream, allowing them to lick and suck on his entire body, taking
turns, each male dancer moving from one place to another, sitting down to
rest for a while, and then returning, as soon as a place was available, to
suck on a toe or a nipple, lick a funky armpit of its copious sweat,
worshipfully getting on one's knees to spread the cheeks of the swan's ass
and eat the white fluid that was pouring out, sticking a tongue deep into
the crevice, using one, and then two, fingers to scoop out the deposits of
those who had come before. Over and over again, as my son, the swan, moaned
and moved about, and was moved about, whimpering with uncontrollable joy,
as as many as a dozen men and little boys gave him pleasure as they
received it
themselves and others shot their loads of cum to join the other loads, his
oily stomach and chest now awash in cum from little black boys, older white
men, a Thai boy who had to be told to wait to eat the swan's ass, as he'd
had too many turns there already, and large black men, rubbing their hands
up and down my boy's legs while they rocked themselves back and forth,
their thick cocks wet and hard, entered my son's ass for the second and
sometimes the third time.

Joy was everywhere and my son's tears ran down his cheeks, only to be
licked by those closest to his face, a face almost unseen with the layers
of cum on it and a large black cock in the little boy's mouth, fucking him
and fucking him and fucking him.

Then, maybe two hours after it began, Dad told everyone to move away from
the bed, and the boys and men, most of them wet with perspiration, all
still with hard or almost-fully-hard cocks, some with their arms around
others, some of the men taking the opportunity to fondle the cock and balls
of the boy in front of them, looked at Tad, now suddenly free of the army
of horny males who had devoured him. He looked exhausted, but rather than
pity him, I was so proud of him. He was bathed in sweat, and spots of wet
or dried cum here and there.. He lay still, finally, his hands, of course,
still in the metal cuffs, his feet still in the stirrups. We sighed,
almost together, at the beautiful sight.

My father walked to the edge of the bed and said, "Taddie, was that good?"

Tad smiled and said, "Yes, Grandpa, it was so fucking goddamn goddamn
awesome!" and we laughed and clapped.

Dad climbed up on the bed, unlocked the handcuffs, then, as Tad rubbed his
wrists, he undid the stirrups. Then he slipped off the blindfold. Tad
blinked and squinted and then he looked around the room. "Hi, Daddy," he
said when he spotted me on top of the dresser. "Did you fuck me? I didn't
think so, but I wasn't sure."

"No, son," I said. "But I'm the only person in this room who didn't have
sex with you, most of them several times."

Dad asked for a show of hands. "How many of you fucked Tad in the ass?"
Many hands went up, some of the men holding up both hands. "How many fed
him your cock to suck?" Even more hands. "How many sucked his beautiful
10-year-old cock?" and several put their hands down.

Dad cradled Tad in his arms and they had a long, passionate kiss while Dad
massaged Tad's wrists and ankles and ran his hands over his grandson's
tiny, smooth body, hesitating at his ass to feel it several times, up and
down, the hands showing Dad's admiration and desire for the buttocks that
he and I had both photographed (and, OK, and fucked) many times. Several
began to masturbate, watching Dad comfort his grandson while we could see
his cock, rock hard, sticking up, shoved out a little between them.

Dad said, "Now, Taddie, we'll finish off this orgy with one more sex act."

"OK, Grandpa!"

"But, first, you must be thirsty." He reached for a beer he'd sat on the
nightstand. Holding Tad's head up, he helped him take a few sips. "That-a
boy, if you're old enough to get fucked, you're old enough to drink beer."
He sat the bottle back down. "Boys, I'm sure Tad has to take a piss before
we get it on. Got the bottle?"

One of the boys near the door ran out of the room into the bathroom and
returned with a two-liter soft-drink bottle with the top cut off and a
funnel resting on its place. He brought it to my dad who rubbed his head
and gave him a kiss on the mouth. "Thank you, Tony. Didn't I see you raise
your hand all three times?" Tony grinned and nodded. "So, you fucked Tad?"
Nod.. "You sucked him off?" Nod and grin. "And you face fucked him, too?"
Bigger grin. "Damn, baby, these 10-year-olds are fucking little cunts,
aren't they, Casey!" he said to a man I later found out was Tony's proud

Dad held the funnel and bottle up to Tad who began to piss and soon filled
up more than half of the bottle. Dad handed it back to Tony who raised it
to his lips and took a big swallow. "Now, share it, baby," Dad teased. Tony
handed it to Casey who pulled at his pubes and deposited the results into
the bottle before he took a drink. The bottle made its way around the
group, as the men (and the boys, if they had any pubes yet) did the same
thing. When the bottle got low on piss, the guys began to refill it with
their own and the bottle continued around the group, with more and more
pubes (and more and more piss), as everyone got a good drink. Some of the
guys could be seen reaching into the liquid for a few pubic hairs and
tossing the piss-soaked hairs into their mouths, chewing them up. Other men
removed some and fed them to the little boys standing cock-high in front of
them and the boys chewed them down as eagerly as they would eat a piece of

As the men continued to enjoy drinking the group piss and eating the group
pubic hairs, a kind of communion, with these very special wine and wafers,
consumed in religious fervor, in celebration of a god-given joy of gay sex,
whether man/boy or, better still, father/son incest, Dad began to kiss my
little boy on his neck, on his chest, down to his groin, where he sucked
for a while on the boy's cock, then he gently turned him over and pulled
him up by his knees. "I don't think I'm going to need any lube. This hole
is slick with cum!" He got on his knees behind Tad and worked his big cock
inside the very familiar hole and began fucking Tad. More of the group
began masturbating and I could see a couple of the boys had shot loads on
to the floor. Two of the boys had turned around and began giving head to
the men behind them (I later was told they were fathers and sons.) Dad
worked Tad for a long time, having exhausted himself with his own
involvement in the orgy. But, soon enough, we all heard the wonderful
growl coming from his throat and the louder and louder moans from my boy
and Dad was jerking back and forth, slapping his grandson hard on the
buttocks, crying out, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

We all applauded one more time and broke into cheers. "Tad! Tad! Tad!"
cried one of the boys and we all joined in, chanting his name over and over
again, while Dad slowly pulled out and lay down beside his fucked grandson,
holding him in his arms, releasing him only so Tad could go down on his
grandfather and taste himself on the big cock, licking his grandfather
clean of cum and ass juices, the cum of who knew how many was slathered on
the thick shaft of Dad's cock that I had learned to love a generation ago.

As Tad lay back in his grandfather's arms, both of them lying on their
backs, giving us a full view of their beautiful bodies, exciting those of
us men who lived their lives in a frenzied passion for sex with young boys
and the young boys who could hardly sleep at night for thinking of the sex
they'd had with men, especially their fathers, that day and evening and of
the promise of more sex, only hours away, when, once again, they would be
anally penetrated by their father's cocks while maybe one of their father's
friends had stopped by on his way to work to watch and then take his turn
with a boy who seemed never, ever satisfied that he'd had, just for a few
hours, enough sex to calm and curb his sexual appetite. (Many of the boys
would go off to school and head straight for a coach's office or the
history or English classroom where they would suck off the men who waited
impatiently for the little boy to drink their cum once again.)

The group of men and boys began to form into smaller groups and I could
hear a couple of men agree to trade sons for the night.. "Oh, that's great,
Dan," one of them said to the other man. "Jesus, I haven't eaten your son's
ass since, oh, since Thursday!" Both of them laughed, gave each other a
brief kiss, and their boys switched places with the men putting their arms
around the boys, fondling their nipples, rubbing their hands through the
thick hair, and bending down to stage-whisper things like, "Tonight, I'm
your daddy and I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll moan so loud they'll think
it's a tornado siren!"

One of the boys, a black kid about Tad's age, came up to me at the dresser,
where I had remained. He had a gorgeous smile. "Can I spend the night with
you, Bobby? My daddy is taking two of the boys home with him and I want a
man all to myself." Before I could answer, he took hold of my cock and
began licking the pre-cum that refused to stop forming, even though I'd
masturbated once and shot, hands-free, a second time watching my son being
violated by a dozen males all at the same time. The little boy started
sucking on me and I rubbed his hair - I closed my eyes and smiled at the
feeling of rubbing a black boy's hair, since black boys were a strong
preference of mine, the younger the better. "Is that good enough, Bobby?
Did I pass the test?"

Since he had given me an awesome example of what that little wet, warm
mouth could do and that he could handle my thick cock, I quickly grinned
and said, "Baby, you bet your sweet black ass!" I rubbed his head. "Why
don't you suck me off here and then we'll go out and grab a hamburger - you
can give me some more head in the car - and then we'll come back here and
snuggle down in my bed so I can pump some loads inside you. You are so
fuckably cute."

"My name is --"

I interrupted. "Doesn't matter. I don't care what your name is. I'll call
you 'son' and you call me "daddy.'"

"OK, Daddy, let me take your load now, then." And the unnamed boy, my son
for the night, worked back the foreskin, licked and licked my big mushroom
head, and was soon working up a rhythm that was comparable in quality to
Tad's incredible talents. I saw that several in the room were watching us,
seeing the cute little boy's backside and his head moving back and forth on
my cock while I caressed him and breathed through my mouth. When I realized
we had an audience, I smiled at them and said, "Jesus, he's good! Oooooh,
and I am not going to cum soon - been a long, drippy day! - which is great
as I'll get to enjoy this all the more."

And I did. It was several minutes later, after a couple of brief rest stops
by my "son" that I came, holding tightly on to his head, pushing it in,
deep throating him, hearing him gag but not caring and not able or not
wanting to stop, so I kept on, unloading yet another batch of
cum. Afterward, I lifted the little boy up to the dresser top and sat him
on my lap and kissed him, letting him feed me some of my cum in our hot,
sloppy kiss.

"Daddy," he whispered to me, laying his head on my chest, feeling my chest
hair and tracing his finger around my nipple. "Will you fuck me later? I
haven't been fucked since my real dad pounded me this morning. I am a
greedy little boy. That's what he calls me, but he always smiles. Will you
fuck me, daddy? Will you? I love my daddy's big black dick, but he knows
that I love, love, love white cock so much!"

How, I ask you, can you be a decent human being if you refuse the sincere
request of a small child? That night I was a decent human being. Twice.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Bro Fucks My Son - My Bro Fucks My Son 4