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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Brother At Sixteen

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 21:27:05 -0800 (PST)
From: badboy jim <>
Subject: My Brother At 16

You know the regular drill-if it's illegal for you to read this stuff, then
move on. While it's a true story about me and Step-brother, I in no way
promote sexual contact between pre-teens regardless of the ages involved
and at no time do I promote sexual contact between 18+ and a preteen.

I in no way intend for these stories to be viewed as any kind of
pedophilia. I tell the story to relate what happened to me and relive an
exciting part of my life and for those who experienced the same to share
those experiences with them. Please do not send me email talking about
man/boy sex or explicit comments or stories about your own man/boy sexual
experiences. The experiences I relate are of my own adolescence and we were
all around the same age-there was no man/boy sex involved and I am offended
when you make my experiences seem like they were some kind of pedophilic

The story is copyrighted to me, so please do not present it in any other
format or use it in any other way. Enjoy it just as it is. Your comments
are welcome at

My Brother at 16

Since the time I started sucking my older step brother's cock, I had become
an expert cocksucker. He'd turned 16 several months before, which made me
12 and a half. I had started getting peach fuzz around my cock, but nothing
on my balls. My older bro found my fuzz fascinating and he would rub it
while he got me horny before I sucked him off. He called it, 'reving me
up', and I loved it. I would almost cum when he played with my
cock. When we began our dance of oral love, he didn't like playing with me,
but seeing that I sucked his cock everyday of his life, he'd gotten used to
playing with me and knew the more he played with me, the better I'd suck on
his cock.

With his new age, came a car and a job and much to my shock, dates came
with it too. At first I was confused, but then one night he talked too much
after a date while I was sucking him and I understood why he went on those

I remember that first date he went on as if it were yesterday. I was
confused inside and jealous as hell and thought for sure he was fucking the
girl. Not until he got home and tried talking to me did he realize what was
going on. It was the first time I ever heard the now familiar, "Look what I
saved for you."

>From then on I knew what to expect, although I never knew why he did it
until that one night. When he came home he quietly slipped out of his
clothes and into my bed. I could feel his hot body as he moved against
me. "Danny," He whispered in a soft sweet way. Even if I was dead asleep,
this gentleness would awaken me.

When I turned over in the bed I could see his bright teeth shine in the
dark and I knew what he wanted and knew I wanted it. That's when he'd say

"Look what I saved for you Danny boy." Then he'd pulled back the covers and
there stood his big beautiful 16 y/o cock, throbbing, beating out the
movement of his heart. I was amazed at how much his cock had grown. He
sometimes would say that if I hadn't been sucking his cock everyday,
several times a day, his cock wouldn't be so big, then he'd give me a
cheesy grin and thank me for giving him such a big cock.

He'd let me stare at his muscular body because he knew it turned me on and
he got off on watching me get turned on by his body, then he'd begin
rubbing his hand on my peach fuzz and playing with my cock and balls.

Sometimes our younger brother would sit up and watch us, but our older
brother never knew he was watching. I wondered sometimes if he'd make him
come over and join us. But then I'd think 'prolly not, he likes my sucking
too much', which was just fine with me because I liked doing him by myself
and then later when the coast was clear I'd have sex with my younger bro
all by myself and we loved everyone minute of that. For a 10 year old, he
could really get into sucking my cock and I really got off on him sucking
me as I laid back, just as I watched my older bro do, and think about his
cock in my mouth as the younger mouth sucked at me and brought me to the
most amazing orgasms. I don't know if I didn't have this sexual fun with my
younger brother that I could have appreciated why my older brother loved
having me suck his cock. But as I'd feel the mouth on my cock, I knew
exactly the ecstasy my older brother felt.

When he had brought me near climax a couple of times he'd lay back and
pulse his cock muscle and it would wave at the air as if to advertise it's
readiness for my mouth. I'd take it in my hand and feel it's hardness and
amaze that it didn't burst open with all that pressure. I'd reach down with
my other hand and play with his balls and I'd hear his breathing pick up. I
like for him to play with my balls but it didn't turn me on like it did
him. I like his rough hands on my cock, that's what turned me on-that and
his cock in my mouth.

I loved how his precum would begin to ooze out of his hole and I would work
it all over his cock until my hand would move around his rod easily and
then would slowly jack him off until I'd feel it pulse one time hard and
knew it was more than ready for my mouth.

As I moved it into my mouth he pulled in a sharp breath and his cock got as
hard as it did when he was about to cum. I quickly pulled off.

"Don't worry Danny, I wasn't gonna cum, I'm just really turned on
tonight. You should have seen this hot fucker that my dates friend had with
her. His lips were beautiful. All thru dinner all I could think about was
his lips on my cock and I couldn't wait to get back here to your great
mouth. So I'm really horned up tonight."

He seldom talked about other guys, but when he did it was always them
sucking his cock. I never heard him talk about him doing anything to

As I began moving his cock in and out of my mouth, I heard him talking in a
distance. His worlds revelied the answers to many questions I'd had lately.

"Oh shit Danny, I fucking love you. I wish Daddy wasn't so fucking hard on
me. Oh god your mouth is so fucking good on my cock!"

He'd stop his talk and breathe, only to begin again when I pulled off his
cock when I felt him start to cum.

"I'd never go out with any of those fucking nasty girls. I hate going on
dates. I have to sit and listen to them go on and on about their stupid
girlie shit. They fucking make me sick. I hate them. I hate them all...I
hate Dad for making me go with them. Oh fuck yeah, Danny, deep throat me
and swallow."

I knew that would be the quickest way to bring him off and I was loving
sucking his cock and listening to what he was saying to me, so I deep
throated him, but didn't swallow, then pulled off.

"Fucker! You're gonna make me wait. Just like a fucking girl. But you're
better than a girl, so I shouldn't say that to you. They stink, with all
that fucking perfume and they always want me to fuck them. Just the thought
makes me want to throw up. Pussies smell like dead fish. How could anyone
want to put their cock into that sewage! Oh suck me Danny, your mouth is
magic for me. I love you Danny, suck my cock."

Over the year he'd gotten to become more verbal when I sucked him and some
of the things he said to me were odd to me, but I loved hearing them. The
only time he told me he loved me was when I was sucking his cock. It wasn't
like he ever kissed me or even touched me when I wasn't sucking him. And I
wondered if this is what love was. Was it just a one sided proposition? Or
was it a give and take that me and my younger step brother did. We often
told each other that we loved each other when we were having sex. The whole
thing confused me but I wouldn't have missed sucking his cock for the

I also knew he wasn't gay, at least not gay like me. I loved to have sex
with my younger step brother-the way he kissed me and rubbed against me
until we both had our orgasm and I loved when he sucked me. Getting your
cock sucked didn't seem all that gay to me, so what my older brother did
didn't seem so gay to me. After all, I had long ago separated what we were
doing and sex and understood that a hard cock often had thoughts of it's
own. I'd felt it many times with my younger brother. I'd come in horny and
found myself saying and doing the same things that my older brother did
with me and loved the reaction I got from my younger brother when my cock
was in his mouth. But I always returned the favor and loved sucking him
almost as much as I loved sucking my older brother. My older brother never
touched me after he'd gotten me all horned up prior to me sucking his
cock. So it was surprising to hear him say he hated girls so much and that
he noticed the lips of that other guy. All I could do was think about how
big his cock was as I sucked my brother's big cock. The bitterness with
which my older brother talked about girls made it clear that he was very
much disgusted with them. But as I felt his cock swell in my mouth, I
forgot all about his words and pull off his cock and went to his big
balls. He'd recently started growing hair in this area and I loved sucking
at each nut and then nibbling at the hair there. He loved the feeling it
gave to his ball sack and would often talk me thru it. When I'd felt he
calmed down enough, I always returned to his swollen cock and pushed it
deep into my mouth.

"Cummon Danny, lemme cum dude, I gotta cum or I'm gonna burst."

I'd ignore him and suck at his balls and listen to him breath heavy in the
dark. I knew our brother was watching us across the room and as soon as our
older brother had cum he'd be quick to sleep and my younger brother and I
could go into the bathroom where it was safe to lock the door and get in
the floor and have great sex of our own. As I moved back to the leaking
cock before me I wondered if my younger bro would want to suck me off or if
we'd rub our cocks together until we both came. The thought of either made
me turn up the suction power on his cock.

"Fuck dude, you're gonna suck my cock off, or suck my ass thru my cock
hole. I love it when you do that."

I preferred to suck his cock in the daylight or when bedside lamp was on,
so I could see his beautiful body as I sucked him. It was one of my
favorite things about him. His body was amazing and often as I watched it I
understood why the girls all wanted him to fuck them. If I was a girl I'd
want him to fuck me too. But in the dark, I couldn't see the muscles on his
stomach that turned me on so much, so I reached up in the dark and felt his
body with my hand. While I preferred seeing his body, I have to admit
feeling it as the pleasure coursed thru his body, making his muscles bulge
in desire, was a turn on all of it's own.

"Yeah, little guy. You get turned on by feeling your bro's muscles? I got a
hot bod huh? You wanna start next time with you licking all over my tummy
and chest before you get down to my cock? I been thinking about talking to
you about that. You wanna do that tomorrow when we get home from school?"

The thought made me wanna cum. To feel my tongue all over that delicious
body of his. I knodded my head and he knew I would be all for it the next

I felt his cock get really hard and I pulled off fast.

"Motherfucker Danny. I can't take it any longer. Now get the fuck back on
my cock and make me cum!" The edge to his voice didn't scare me. We both
knew I'd suck him how ever I damned well pleased and he wouldn't do
anything to me. In fact, he hadn't hit me since he realized that I wouldn't
suck him if he ever hit me again. Our relationship had only grown better
over that time and it was like we had been born brothers.

As I leaned down and sucked at the base of his cock, he reached down for
me. I thought he might get rough and force me down on his cock. He did that
now and then if I made him wait too long and then when he was done he'd put
my head on his stomach and stroke my hair as I rode his tummy up and down
as he caught his breath. I guess it was his way for saying sorry for using
me so roughly. In a way it turned me on.

But instead of grabbing me by the hair and pushing me down on his cock, he
just stroked the side of my face. I guess he thought that by being gentle
with me, it would make me get to his cock faster. I was loving how his cock
was making me feel and it only would make time with my little bro all the
better, so either way, it was turning me on.

I felt his balls rise in his sack and thought to myself that whatever he's
thinking about is turning him on as I suck the base of his cock and he's
gonna cum anyway. So I put the head of his cock in my mouth and just held
it there.

"Oh my god dude. Suck my head!" At this point, it all felt good, so I just
held it in my mouth and swiped my tongue back and forth along the
bottom. It was enough to keep him on the edge, but not make him cum. I knew
he'd wait until I had his cock in my throat to do that.

His cock started to give me little bursts of precum and I knew he was
really close. I toyed with the idea of pulling off again, but I had had
enough and was ready for action of my own. I had heard my little bro get up
and go in the bathroom when our older brother said he was ready to cum. I
wondered what naughtiness he was up to in there. I also knew he'd be ready
for me when I got there and the thought made me want to go there now. So I
plunged my mouth all the way down on his cock and into his pubes.

"Shit dude! Suck me, suck me! Oh fuck!" I felt his whole body tense.

"Swallow my cock head dude!" And I did. His whole body went rock hard and
vibrated all over and only a squeak came out of his nose. I knew from
experience that this was one of his hardest ways to cum. It was also
amazing when he came this way because nothing would come shooting out of
his cock for quite a little while, which gave me more time to suck him, yet
he was still in the throes of orgasmic bliss.

I pulled his cock to my mouth and sucked at the head and heard him take in
a deep breath, then pushed all the way back down so I could swallow the
head. His body tensed again and I stayed there swallowing at his cock
head. Suddenly I could feel his cum gush out of his cock like a faucet and
his body jerked all over. He made very little sound as he came, which was
unusual, he was normally very vocal as he came, but not when he came like
this. I could tell by the way his body was reacting that he had been
thinking about that boys mouth for a long time tonight and once he got
inside mine, it turned on something inside of him. As I kept swallowing at
his cock head, I was amazed at the intensity of this orgasm and it turned
me on to think that I could make him cum this hard with my mouth. He also
came a really large amount. He usually came a lot, but damn, I could hardly
swallow it all. I think if it hadn't been half in my throat I wouldn't have
been able to do it.

Then I felt his hands on the back of my head, pushing me down.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." He said in fast succession.

Then just as quickly he pulled me offa his cock.

"Oh fuck dude, that was just fucking amazing." He let my head go. "See if
you can suck it some more, or is it too sensitive.

As I put my lips around the head again, I could feel that his cock was
still shooting cum in small spurts. His cock head was really swollen and I
sucked at just the head at first and then put it all in my throat to
swallow again. I was so fucking turned on I didn't really think about what
I was doing and I sucked at him hard.

"Oh fuck dude, I'm gonna cum again. Please stay there and swallow my cock

He didn't need to ask. He'd never cum twice in a row before and the thought
just about made me cum as I felt him tense again and groan deep in his
throat as his cum bubbled from his cock head. I swallowed over and over
wanting it to last as long as possible. I felt that familiar burning inside
my balls and knew I'd cum soon.

Then he pulled me off of his cock, my throat swallowing all the way off his
pulsing shaft.

"Fuck dude, you didn't even hear me say it was too tender. You were really
into that weren't you little guy."

In my mind I could see him smiling, knowing I was so turned on.

"That was amazing dude. I mean more than usual. Shit, if you could make me
cum like that every time I'd be worn out all the fucking time." I felt him
turn over in the bed and knew we were done. I barely waited to hear his
normal snore before I got out of the bed and hurried into the bathroom.

I stepped out of my underwear as I opened the door and saw him kneeling on
the floor in front of the toilet. I saw the way he looked at me and knew he
was just as horny as I was. I took my seat on the toilet and felt his soft,
warm, moist lips slip onto my cock and I was in heaven. I had taught him
how to suck my cock, just as our older bro had taught me how to suck his
cock. Seeing that we'd been having sex for over a year, he knew exactly
what to do to my body to make it feel the greatest. And damn was he doing
all the right things tonight. His mouth was fucking amazing on my cock, as
I felt him slip my cock into his throat and swallow. OMG, I knew exactly
what my brother felt as I sucked his cock like this. I could feel something
on my throat and reached up to feel cum there. In the final frenzy of the
second orgasm I didn't know some of it had escaped my mouth. Feeling my
little bro sucking up and down on my cock and feeling my older bro's cum
slick back and forth on my throat was a turn on more than I'd experienced
before. I ran my tongue around in my mouth to taste his cum there and could
still feel his cock filling me with his cum.

Little bro was really turned on tonight. There was nothing slow about him,
no playing around. He was sucking my cock and wanted to feel my cock cum
and he wanted it fast. And I wasn't gonna argue with him. As I felt my own
orgasm approach I wondered how he'd want to cum when it came his time
tonight. His tongue worked magic along the bottom of my cock as it swiped
back and forth, then he'd stop to deep throat me and swallow and I
shuddered all over at the amazing feeling he was giving me. Then back to
sliding up and down on my cock as I kept feeling of all that cum on my
throat and tasting the cum in my mouth, but when I felt him sink in as far
as he could go and swallow it was all over for me. I've heard guys talk
about the first time they shot cum being the best they ever came, but I
never felt a difference. I remember times both before and after I shot cum
that were absolutely amazing. This was one of those times. I lost all
connection with time as my orgasm shot thru my body. I could feel him
sucking at my cock, but it was as if I was in another body as the pleasure
carried me away. My ears rang and my toes curled and I had stopped
breathing. To say it was the best is an understatement.

When I came back into the room I pulled in a quick deep breath and my body
shook all over as he continued to swallow my cock as it pulsed in his
mouth. I loved the way he was sucking me and wished he could just suck me
all night. I rode several more waves of the amazing orgasm, then my cock
got too sensitive and I had to push him off of my cock. I could see his
eyes by the night light and saw the utter lust in his eyes. People that
don't think a 10 year old can have a look of lust never had sex with their
little bro. I knew he was as turned on as I was just minutes before when I
entered the bathroom, so I layed him back onto the rug and got between his
legs. And as I took him into my mouth and heard him pull in a sharp breath
I found myself hoping that my brother goes on another date where that boy
with the pretty lips would sit across from him, tempting him, only for him
to bring his hard cock home to me, so we could relive a night like this
again and again.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Brother At Sixteen