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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Dad And His Best Friend Pete - My Dad And His Best Friend Pete 3

Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 01:29:14 +1100
From: M C <>
Subject: My Dad and his best friend Pete Part 3

The Usual disclaimers apply. If you shouldn't be reading this please don't.

This is a true story which happened many years ago. The copyright of this
story is held by me.

My Dad and his best friend Pete Part 3

I waited a bit until I heard dad snoring lightly and then I was ready to
put my plan into action.

My plan was to start sucking my dad's cock and he would wake up and enjoy
it seeing that mum wasn't around to help him. Then I would swallow his cum
and he would be satisfied and want to do it again.

It was simple, I was 12 and naive but I thought it was good enough to work.

I get under the covers and made my way to my dad's crotch. I grabbed his
cock and placed the head in my mouth and start licking it. After a bit it
started to get hard so I started sucking it. It kept growing and his cock
was big and thick close to 9 inches. I couldn't take it all in so I
continued sucking as much as I could get in my mouth.

My dad hadn't woken up yet so I continued to suck his beautiful uncut
cock. Finally I was getting what I was craving. All of u sudden I feel
something shoot down the back of my throat and then again and again and
then just pour in my mouth like a river that's overflowing.

I started swallowing making sure I don't spill a drop. I couldn't believe
what just happened, I mean I just tasted my dad's cum and it was amazing. I
could definitely get used to that.

I was surprised though that he didn't wake up. How could he control himself
while cumming? I still dry cum but my body goes into a spasm and the
feeling takes over and so does Pete.

I was a bit upset that he didn't wake up and want more. Obviously that
wasn't how the plan was supposed to go and now I had to start from the
start and get a new plan.

The next day was a Saturday and we both slept in as we didn't have to get
for school or work. I turned to my dad "how did u sleep last
night". "Really good, slept right through".

Hmmm well did I not do a good job at sucking that he didn't even feel it?

"How about we get up and have a shower and get dressed as Pete will be
coming over soon and we can have breakfast when he arrives!'

"Sure dad sounds good" I said with a bit of excitement in my voice. Was
looking forward to telling Pete what happened last night and maybe ask for
his help.

We got up and had our shower separately then I watched some tv until the
door bell rang.

"I'll get it, I'll get it" I yelled running at full pace to the front
door. I opened the door and there was Pete, He was wearing a tight singlet
that showed off his beautiful body and his little AFL shorts that really
didn't cover much.

I hugged him "hi Pete, how are u?' "I'm good buddy, I'm glad to see you as
well". He hugged me back

We walked in and went to the kitchen where dad was cutting up ingredients
for our breakfast.

"Champ how about you go play outside, I need to chat to Pete about some
adult stuff".

"Sure dad, call me when breakfast is ready". This was interesting was dad
going to talk to him about last night? Was he awake, no he couldn't have
been otherwise he would have been a little bit more animated.

My mind is wondering now so I go out and shut the door but I actually
didn't go and once the door was shut I stayed inside and tip toed to the
bedroom next the kitchen to hear the conversation.

"I have something to tell you but I didn't know what you're going to
think." Dad said in a worried tone.

"You can tell me anything we've been friends for 16 years, you should know
me by now."

"I know but this is something very different and I just hope u don't take
it the wrong way."

"Spit it out, the suspense is boring me".

"You're a dick." Dad said with a giggle.

"You're not the first to tell me that, it's a pretty good one as well."

They both laughed

"Last night I was sleeping and I woke up with the little one (nodding his
head to outside where I was supposed to be) sucking my cock."

There was a pause and silence.

"So what, last time he touched it and now he sucked it." Pete said breaking
the silence.

"Yeah but that's not normal for a son to be sucking his dad's cock."

"The kid is curious and he wants to discover himself, he might be gay and
it's better with you then a stranger," "what did you do." Pete asked

"Nothing, I was shocked so I stayed still with my eyes closed until I blew
my load (he paused) in his mouth."

I was rock hard and was stroking my cock. I couldn't believe what I was
hearing. My plan worked and now Pete can work on him to do more.

"Wow he must have given you a great blowjob". Pete said laughing

"I don't know if I should say something to him or just let it go."

"Did it feel good?" Pete said

"Take away the fact that it was weird having my son sucking on my cock, he
actually sucked really well. I couldn't believe it, no teeth and he worked
it well." Dad said with surprise in his tone.

"He's obviously a natural then. I can't believe he swallowed your load

I was jerking my cock so fast that I orgasmed.

"Yeah that caught me by surprise, my wife won't even swallow." They both

"Don't stress over it, it's probably just a faze and he'll get over it soon
enough when he discovers girls.' Pete said

"Yeah you're probably right". Dad said still cutting up the ingredients.

I walked back to the back door and opened it and shut it. I walked into the
kitchen "come on dad, I cook faster and I don't even know how to cook."
They both laughed

"Pete, can you come to my room I want to show you my project I'm doing for

"Sure champ, let's go". We both headed to my room and once we got in I
turned and looked at Pete and smiled. "I heard what you did last night."
"Yeah I'm a genius I know." Pete laughed.

"You did good persuading him to think that it was alright" I said. "You
heard all that?" "I did say I'm a genius didn't I?"

"I think you might be, just continue doing what u did last night and I'm
sure he'll come around." Pete said

We ended up eating breakfast an hour later and I was starving. I could have
eaten my arm off.

The day went by and we did some gardening and dad and Pete fixed the fence
and before we knew it it had started to get dark. Pete ended up leaving and
Dad and I had showers to clean ourselves up from the sweat and the mud.

"Well champ I'm going to go to bed, I'm exhausted." "Same Dad." I followed
him to his bedroom. "You going to sleep in my bed again tonight?" "Yeah, I
like sleeping with someone. Is that alright?"

"Yeah that's fine" dad said.

We got into bed and I got next to my dad and put an arm around him and
buried my face in his chest. Dad put his arm underneath me "goodnight
champ". "Goodnight dad, sweet dreams." Dad fell asleep quickly and I was so
horny and was hard. The way I lying was on my side against his body, he was
lying on his back. My cock was against the side of his leg. I started
humping his leg slowly, rubbing against it. It felt so nice and then I saw
the sheets move around my dad's groin area. My hand was lying on his
stomach so I slid it down and felt his cock was hard, I wrapped my hand
around his cock and started stroking it while humping his leg.

I continued stroking his cock and rubbing his balls and Dad hadn't moved or
opened his eyes. I continued humping his leg and I started to get close and
started humping faster and then I orgasmed. I closed my eyes and took in a
deep breath. I could feel something wet and I put my fingers on my stomach
and it felt like water. I touched the head of my cock and it was wet. I
then realised that I shot the white stuff. I had sperm, finally and it went
all over my dad's leg. That was hot and turned me on even more. I went
under the sheets and started sucking on my Dad's cock. Within minutes he
was blowing his massive load down my throat.

I ran my fingers over the cum that I had squirted on my dad and put it to
my mouth. I couldn't really taste it as I still had my Dad's cum in my

I was so excited that I had sperm, I couldn't wait to tell Pete and let him
taste it.

I woke up in the morning and Dad was already up. I got out of bed naked as
that's how I had slept and made my way to the kitchen. Dad was washing the
dishes he had just used to make breakfast.

"Morning champ, how'd u sleep?' Dad said with a normal tone not giving away

"I slept like a baby, best sleep I have ever had" I said enthusiastically.

"I bet" dad responded with a smile.

I knew he enjoyed it, he got hard when I was humping him so he obviously
was turned on even a little. Mum wasn't here so I was more than happy to
take care of him.

I went and sat on the couch, still naked and watched TV. Dad went for a
shower after about 10 min came out and sat on his recliner with no clothes

Dad doesn't normally walk around naked during the day, he only sleeps
without clothes.

I was staring at his cock and wasn't taking my eyes off it. I could see him
looking at me from the corner of my eye but never took eyes off his cock. I
was hard in seconds and I knew dad could see as I was lying on the 3 seater
couch next to his recliner on my back and my cock was upright.

"What is with you and your fascination with cock recently?' Dad broke the

I looked at him and was really nervous and my cock went limp.

"I really like cock, I enjoy sucking on it. It gets me excited and it turns
me on."

"Is mine the first cock you have sucked?"


"Who else have u sucked?"

"Just some guy."

"What guy? Who is he?"

"I can't say, I promised I wouldn't'"

"Yeah well I'm your father and you will tell me! Is he older?'

"Yep, close to your age."

"I won't have you fooling around with a stranger, that is going to end
right now."

"If you let me suck on your cock then I promise I will stop".

"It's not right father and son doing things like that."

"It's not right to smoke either but you still do it! Sometimes what is
wrong feels right".

My Dad just looked at me, he didn't say anything. He looked concerned and
puzzled like he didn't know what to do next.

"Ask me questions if you want dad, if that will put your mind at ease."

"What made you start thinking about penis?"

"You can say cock or dick dad, I've been sucking on it so we are passed
that point."

He just looked at me.

"I wanted to see sperm, my friends all had it and I didn't and didn't know
what it looked like. Once I saw it I wanted it all the time and then I
started enjoying sucking on cock and seeing the pleasure it brings to a

"Do you think you're gay?"

"Maybe, I don't know. Would you not love me if I was?"

"Definitely not, don't ever think that. You are my son and I will love you

"I don't want you fooling around with other people, you don't know what
diseases they might have."

"I understand Dad, I'll just stick to your cock."

My cock got hard again and I saw my dad look at it so I wrapped my hand
around my 7 inch cock and started stroking it. Dad was still looking at me
and his cock started to get hard, I could see it rising slowly.

I got off the couch and walked over to my Dad and got on my knees next to
his recliner. I slowly reached my hand out and grabbed his cock and then
lowered my head and started sucking on it. I was trying to put as much of
his 8 and a bit inch cock in my mouth as I could. He had his eyes closed
and was breathing heavy. He reached out a hand and put it on my naked back
and started rubbing my back.

I stood up now bent over still sucking his cock and grabbed his arm and
guided his hand to my cock. His fingers touched my cock and I moved my body
so my cock was against his palm. I closed his fingers around my cock with
my free hand and started to move his arm so he can stroke my cock. I moved
my hand away and wrapped it around his cock along with my other hand and
continued sucking.

After about a minute with his hand wrapped around my cock he started
stroking it slowly and at the same time feeling my balls with his index

I took my mouth of my Dad's cock and stood up straight. "You want to try
sucking mine?'

"No that's ok, this is fine."

"You should try it Dad, it's nice and I think you will enjoy it."

"No it's alright, this is for you."

"Please dad, I don't want to have to look elsewhere to get my cock sucked."

Dad gave me a look to say don't push it. I pulled myself up on his recliner
and I was standing on top of him now with my cock staring him in the
face. I leant forward till my cock was millimetres from his lips. He poked
out his tongue and touched the head of my cock and then put it back in as
to taste the flavour. He made a face as to say my precum was sour.

I pushed my cock onto his lips and into his mouth with some hesitation but
I got it in. He started sucking slowly not really sure what to do. I
grabbed a hold of his head and started fucking his mouth, sliding my cock
in and out. My dad was stroking his fully erect cock fast and hard.

I was getting close and I didn't know if I should blow in his mouth or take
my cock out. I wasn't thinking clearly as I was enjoying having my cock in
my dad's mouth that my decision was made to late. I pulled out and as I
grabbed my cock I shot my load all over my dad's face and in his mouth. He
shut his eyes and closed his mouth and turned his head sideways. My cum had
covered the front and side of his face and dripped onto his chest. He
started moaning loudly and with a grown shot his load in the air hitting my
ass and all over his chest.

Dad turned around and looked at me and I started laughing. "You are
covered, this is the first time I've seen my sperm." "Yep and it's all over
my face."

I got off the recliner and continued laughing. "Lick your lips dad and
taste it, it tastes nice." "I know what it tastes like, you got a nice
shoot directly in it."

I got down on my knees and licked the head of dad's cock cleaning off the
cum. Dad moaned as it was sensitive.

"Your turn to lick your lips."

Dad licked his lips, seeing that made me so horny again.

Dad got up and went and cleaned up. I was sitting back on the couch when he
came back to his seat.

"That was interesting".

"It wasn't so bad now was it? Next time it will be easier and you will feel
more comfortable."

"You can't tell anyone about this, you know that right?"

"Yes Dad I know, it's not right and it's illegal but it's our little
secret." I looked down to his cock "A big secret in your case." He smiled.

The day went by and we both didn't do much, sat around the house also did
some cleaning. It was time for bed so we both had a shower and made our way
to my Dad's bed.

My dad turned to me in bed "did you want to do anything before you go to
sleep or have you had enough for today? I'm just saying for you not for

"Sure sure, I definitely want to do more before we go to sleep, I find I
sleep a lot better."

"Don't we all" dad said.

I made my way to my Dad's cock and entered his already hard cock in my
mouth. I started sucking like a vacuum as I found this turned him on. He
reached his arm around me and started rubbing my back. I continued sucking
his cock and then moved to his balls taking each one in my mouth and moving
them around. Dad was moaning, he had sensitive balls and was enjoying
this. I started licking under his balls between his hole and balls and he
was enjoying it and moaning loudly.

He slowly moved a leg up to give me better access and I got my tongue lower
and in between his ass cheeks. He bent his legs up and spread them giving
me more room. I straddled his body my ass facing his face and was in
between his legs and my head in his ass and I found his hole.

I spread his cheeks with my hand and placed my tongue on his hole and
started licking it. Dad was moaning and breathing heavily. I felt his hands
rubbing my ass cheeks then I felt his finger slide over my hole. It sent a
shiver up my spin but I continue to lick his hole and trying to get my
tongue inside it.

Dad lifted his head forward and spat on my hole then slowly slid a finger
inside me. I lifted my head up and moaned. It felt amazing having my dad's
finger inside me. I'd love to feel his cock enter me and stretch my hole. I
made my way back to my dad's cock and started sucking. Dad took my cock in
his mouth and we where now in the 69 position, both sucking fast and hard.

I was close and I couldn't hold on any longer, I started shooting in my
dad's mouth. He started gagging but continued swallowing. I felt my Dad's
balls tightened and he shot his load down my throat, I took shot after shot
without spilling a drop sucking his cock head clean.

I lay on top of him for a bit as we both tried to catch our breath. I got
up turned around and kissed him on the lips. I lay next to him and he
spooned me and we both fell asleep. Not a single word was spoken but we had
just become so much closer through our actions.

To be continued........

I really enjoy reading the emails everyone is sending, telling me what they
think. Keep them coming ;o)

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Dad And His Best Friend Pete - My Dad And His Best Friend Pete 3