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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Father In Law

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 13:27:27 EST
Subject: My Father-in-law

This is my first story. I welcome email with comments or ideas for other

My Father-in-law

I had been married for two years when my Father-in-law decided to come for
a visit. My wife's mother had passed away when she was a little girl and
her Father never remarried. He had just retired and wanted to come and
spend some time with us to help adjust to retirement. We had just bought a
new house and had some minor improvements that needed to be done. Jack, my
Father-in-law, offered to come and do some of the work for me so I wouldn't
have to take time off from work to do it.

Jack was amazing. He did a lot of work that I would not have done within
the first year. I felt guilty because I wasn't able to take time off work
to help. He just told me that he was happy to help out and it kept him
busy. Jack finished all of the small projects on the house and he asked
what else I wanted done. We talked about some changes that I planned to
make "down the road". He insisted on tackling these projects while he was
there. The first project was a deck on the back of the house. I knew he
couldn't do all of the work by himself, so we planned to start construction
on a Saturday so I could help. My wife decided to go visit her sister for
the weekend. That way she wouldn't get in our way.

We spent the first day of construction putting in the footings for the
deck. It got pretty warm that day and soon we both had stripped off our
shirts. I know I had seen Jack without a shirt before, but this was the
first time I really noticed his great build. He had a well-defined chest
from years of construction work. He also had a nice chest full of hair. I
always admire guys with hairy chests since mine is completely hairless. We
got the footings all poured and decided to take a lunch break while the
cement set. I made us some sandwiches and grabbed a couple of beers.
Because of the heat, we had already downed a couple of beers each already.
After lunch we decided to start cutting the boards needed to finish the
deck. The footings wouldn't be ready to continue until the next day or so,
but this way Jack would have all the materials ready to assemble later. By
the time we had all the boards cut and organized we had finished off a few
more beers. Most of the beer was sweating right back out of me, but I was
starting to feel a buzz. We decided that was enough work for one day and
called it quits. We went into the house and took showers to freshen up.
It was too hot to get dressed so I just put on a pair of shorts and headed
to the living room. Jack was already there and was only wearing a pair of

"Too hot for you too I see."

I smiled and said, "yes and there is no reason to get dressed now."

Jack handed me another beer. Its a good thing Janice wasn't here. She
hates it when I have more than one or two beers in a day. It felt good to
be just the guys. Jack noticed that I was rubbing my shoulder.

"What's wrong, can't handle hard labor?"

"I'll admit I'm not used to it anymore, but I think I pulled a muscle
lifting some of those boards." "Well I know that perfect remedy for that.
Come over here and sit in front of me."

I walked over and sat on the floor between Jack's legs. I could feel the
heat from his furry legs as they brushed up against my arms. He grabbed my
shoulders and started to work the muscles. He had very strong hands and
the muscles started loosening up under his manipulations.

"This is no good."

"What do you mean? It feels great."

"I mean, I can only work the top of your shoulders in this position. Lie
down on the floor," he instructed.

I didn't hesitate. I moved to an open area of the living room and lay face
down. Jack moved over and straddled my lower back. His legs were now
touching my sides. He started working my shoulders again. "That's better,
now I can get your back and arms too." I let out a low moan as his hands
found the tender muscle. "Wow, you are really tight. I hope you didn't
hurt yourself. When I'm done we should put some Ben-Gay on this."

I barely heard a word he said. I was drifting off under his skilled hands.
After a few minutes jack sat back so that he was sitting on my lower back.
I could feel his balls pressing into my back. "I'm not too heavy am I?" He

"No, you're fine." However, his weight was pushing my privates into the
floor. The combination of his hands on my flesh, the heat of his body
toughing mine and the pressure was causing other muscles to react. I could
feel my cock starting to harden, stretching down the leg of my shorts. I
tried to think about other stuff to get my mind off my cock. But it wasn't

"Its been a long time since I gave another guy a massage. I forgot how
much I enjoy doing it." The idea of this very macho guy giving massages to
other guys was something that I could not picture. As he moved down my
back he repositioned himself so he was now sitting on my butt. I could
feel his balls pressing against my crack, and something else. Was he hard?
Naw, not Jack.

He worked my lower back for a while and then moved lower. He moved again
so that now he was kneeling between my legs. I was glad to have his weight
off me, maybe now my cock would go down. Then suddenly his hands were on
my butt, massaging my cheeks. "why don't we lose these shorts?" He said.
Before I could respond he grabbed the waistband and started to pull them
down. I raised up quickly so that they would come off easier. My cock
sprang up so that it was now pressed up against my belly. I was glad
because now he wouldn't see it sticking down between my legs. Once he had
my shorts off he went back to work on my butt. Kneading the muscles. Then
his hands worked there way down my left leg. He worked my entire leg and
then my foot. I had never had a foot massage before and could not believe
how good it felt. After a few minutes he switched to the other leg. If it
wasn't for my hard cock throbbing under me and rubbing against the rough
carpet, I would have drifted off to sleep. His massaging and the beer had
me very relaxed. "OK, turn over." He said, slapping me on the butt.

"What, that's OK. My back was more than enough."

"Nonsense, my massage isn't complete until I do the front too. Or are you
nervous about me seeing your dick?"

"No, its not that.."

"Oh I see." he said. I could here the understanding in his voice. "Don't
worry. That happens to me every time I get a massage too. In fact it
happens when I give one." He said with a little chuckle.

"What?" I said lifting up and looking back at him. I could see his hard
cock sticking out of the front of his boxers. I had never seen his cock
before. It was huge and it was definitely hard.

"So, are you going to turn over so I can finish?" I decided that I didn't
have anything to hide now, so I flipped over on my back. The cool air felt
good on my hot cock.

"Well, I see my daughter found herself a nice buck." He said looking at my
cock. I have always been proud of my 8", but it didn't compare to the
piece of meat sticking out of Jack's boxers.

"Yes, well its not much compared to that thing." I said pointing at his
cock. He flushed.

"Well, since you are in your birthday suit, do you mind if I get a little
more comfortable?"

"Suit yourself" I said. He chuckled when he picked up on my pun.

He pulled off his boxers and tossed them aside. I lied back and closed my
eyes. Jack straddled my abdomen. The tip of my cock was brushing up
against his crack. My mind was in torment. This isn't supposed to be
happening. This is another guy, and on top of that, it's my Father-in-law.
It didn't seem to bother him. His hands went to work on my chest. He
worked my chest and arms before moving to my abdomen. He moved so that he
was kneeling between my legs again. I was relieved that my cock wasn't
brushing up against him anymore. He worked on my abdomen and then moved
down my left leg. He worked my right thigh for a while and then switched
to my right one. His hands brushed against my balls several times. I felt
my cock leap every time he made contact. As good as this massage felt, I
would be glad when it was over. Suddenly his hand was on my cock.

"One muscle left." he said. My eyes flew open as he started to stroke my

"What?" I said. But my body was in control. His strong hand was gently
stroking my cock. "I don't think...." I didn't even get a chance to
finish my protest. He bent over and took my cock in his mouth. "Oh my
god!" is all that came out. My head dropped back down to the floor as he
took the entire length of my cock down his throat. He really knew what he
was doing. Janice didn't like to suck cock and when she did it was less
than satisfying. Jack on the other hand obviously knew what he was doing.
I tried to fight off the orgasm that was coming on quickly, but it was no
use. "Oh God Jack, I'm gonna shoot." I practically yelled it. I couldn't
believe how good it felt. My cock was extra sensitive after rubbing
against the carpeting for so long. I expected him to pull off, but he
started sucking even harder. I reached down and grabbed his head as my
cock erupted in his mouth. He never missed a drop. He let out a little
moan as he swallowed each blast of cum that flowed out of my cock. When he
had finally sucked the last drop of cum out of my cock, I let go of his
head and collapsed on the floor. He kept sucking for a couple of minutes,
milking any last minute drops of cum.

"There, now your massage is complete. Now it's your turn."

"What?" my eyes flew open and stared at him.

"Yes, its your turn to give me a massage now. Its only fair."

"Oh, OK. It probably won't be nearly as good as the massage you gave me,
but I'll try." Jack rolled over onto his stomach and I straddled his lower
back. My now limp cock rested on his lower back. I did my best to copy
the massage that he had just given me. I worked his shoulders. I marveled
at the hard muscles beneath my hands. I worked my way down his back,
buttocks and legs. Soon it was time to do his front. He flipped over and
his huge cock sprang up. I wasn't sure if I could do what he had done to
me. I straddled his stomach. His cock was pressing against my balls. My
cock went instantly hard. I had to get off his cock so I only worked his
chest for a few minutes and then moved down to his abs. I had to move in
order to do this. I was now kneeling between his legs. His cock was so
big that my arms kept brushing against it while trying to massage his
stomach area. Finally I moved down the legs, first one leg and then the
other. I knew what was next and I figured I owed it to him. I reached out
and took his cock in my hand. Slowly, I started to stroke it.

"You don't have to, if you don't want to.." He said, looking into my eyes.
I looked down at his cock, feeling it throb in my hand. I suddenly
realized that I did want to do it. Without answering him, I bent down and
took his cock in my mouth. I tried to take it all down my throat but only
got about half way down before I gagged. "Take it slow," he encouraged.
"Work your way down a little at a time." And that's exactly what I did. I
worked on what I could handle and once I was used to that, I would take a
little more down my throat. I was surprised that before long I was taking
the full length down my throat. "Yah, that's it. It feels great." I
grabbed his big balls in my hand and started to roll them around, squeezing
gently. "mmmm" he moaned. God, if my wife walked in right now. Here I am
giving my Father-in-law a blow job in the middle of our living room floor,
and loving every second of it. I started to work his cock faster now,
moving up and down the length of the shaft.

"Oh man, you're making me cum. I hope you're ready for this one." I wasn't
ready for the flood that followed. His orgasm was so intense he almost
bucked me off. I held on tight but I wasn't able to swallow all the cum
that flowed into my mouth. There was just too much to swallow. I
swallowed as fast as I could, but some still leaked out of the corner of my
mouth. After the tidal wave subsided, I pulled off and licked the cum that
had leaked out from the base of his cock. I never thought I would ever
taste another man's cum and here I was devouring it off his cum like it was
the last food on earth. When I had him cleaned off, I sat back on my
heels. I had forgotten about my own hard on. My cock was aching for
release again. Jack opened his eyes and looked down at me. He saw my hard
cock and said, "You're ready for more?"

"It looks that way. Usually I'm spent after one load." I admitted to him.

"Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that. But, let's get off
this hard floor." He said as he got to his feet and held out his hand to
me. I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet. We were standing
face-to-face. I was looking deep into his eyes and without any thought, I
bent my head forward and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed me back
shoving his tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled
him tight, our mouths tightly locked together. Our hands were gently
caressing each others backsides. He finally broke the kiss, took my hand
again and led me to the bedroom. He took me to his bedroom.

"We shouldn't do this where you and Janice sleep, it wouldn't feel right."
He told me.

"Where would it feel right?" I thought to myself.

He pushed me down onto the bed and climbed between my legs. He took my
cock in his mouth again. I just closed my eyes and moaned. After he had
my cock nice and wet, he climbed on top of me. He positioned his butt over
my cock and pressed down. I stared in disbelief. I was about to fuck my
father-in-law. His ring of muscle held for a minute and then the head of
my cock popped through. He stopped for a minute to get used to the feeling
and then started to slowly lower himself onto my cock. Soon he had the
entire length buried in his ass. He then started to raise and lower
himself on my cock. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and
started to stroke it, the whole time watching my cock slide in and out of
his ass. After a few minutes, I let go of his cock. I wrapped my arms
under his legs and rolled him over onto his back. I managed to keep my
cock buried inside him the entire time. Now I was on top of him. I let go
of his legs and he wrapped them around me, pulling my cock even deeper into
himself. I leaned forward and kissed him again, my tongue exploring his
mouth. I started to fuck his ass harder now.

"Yeah that's it. Fuck me" he encouraged.

"I never thought this could feel so good," I told him. I couldn't get
enough of his ass. I pounded away like I had been doing this my whole
life. My father-in-law reached up and started to pinch my nipples. This
sent shock waves through my body. He started to squeeze his ass muscles,
clamping down on my pistoning cock. "Oh man, you are incredible. You are
going to make me cum again."

"That's the idea!"

I lost control. I drove my cock deep into his ass as I started to cum. My
whole body shook from the intensity of the orgasm. I collapsed onto him as
my cock shot my load of cum deep into his ass. When I had finally stopped
shooting and shaking, he took my head in his hands and pulled my mouth to
his. We kissed deeply. Finally he broke off the kiss.

"Now its my turn." He said with a smile.

"But I've never.."

"Don't worry, I'll go slow." He pushed me off him and over onto my back.
He started to kiss me deeply again. I was melting under his hot mouth and
tongue. I was willing to let him do whatever he wanted to me. He broke
the kiss and started kissing his way down my chest. He stopped at my
nipples, nibbling and sucking on one then the other. He then kissed his
way down my abdomen to my cock. He sucked my cock into his mouth, cleaning
off the load that I had shot into him. He then moved to my balls sucking
one into his mouth.

"Oh god, don't stop."

He let that ball pop out of his mouth, then took the other into his mouth.
I started to squirm under him. He finally let go of my ball and started to
lick his way down between my legs. He pushed my legs up to my chest and
licked my crack. His tongue found my hole and electricity shot up my
spine. He worked his tongue into my hole. The feeling was incredible. I
never experienced anything like it before. I squirmed even more as he
sucked and licked my ass. He kept this up for a few minutes and then I
felt his tongue replaced by a finger. He slowly worked his finger into me.
By now my hole was pretty relaxed so his finger went in fairly easily. He
now worked his finger in and out. His mouth found my cock again. My cock
was now rock hard again. He sucked it deep while he worked a second finger
into my ass. Now I had two fingers sliding in and out of my hole. He kept
up the dual stimulation for a several seconds before pulling his fingers
out my ass. He stopped sucking and crawled up and laid next to me.

"Get my dick good and wet." He ordered.

I crawled down between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. My ass felt
empty now. I wanted his fingers in there again. I knew I was going to get
something much bigger this time. I kept sucking his cock until it was
glistening with my spit.

"That's enough. Now do what I did. Straddle my cock."

I did as he said. I moved so that I was situated above his hard cock. I
didn't know how I was going to get the huge tool in my ass.

"You are in control. Just lower yourself slowly. Don't force it." His
voice was very soft and soothing.

I lowered my self until I felt the head of his cock pressing against my
hole. I started to press down, but I couldn't get his head to enter my
hole. My hole refused to give to this intrusion. Suddenly jack pulled my
feet out from under me. My full weight dropped down onto his cock. I was
impaled on his cock. The pain was incredible.

"Aww, god that hurts." I couldn't move. Jack was still holding my legs so
I was forced to sit there with his full cock in my ass.

"Let yourself relax. Take deep breaths. You'll get used to it soon
enough." He dropped my legs and sat up. He pulled me forward to meet his
mouth. We kissed deeply, our tongues searching each others mouths. My ass
was on fire, but it was starting to subside. I focused on the kissing and
soon realized that my ass no longer hurt. He broke the kiss and fell back
onto the bed.

"Are you OK?" He asked.

I smiled and him and said, "Yes."

"Now, just start moving up and down, like I did."

I got my legs underneath me again. I started to lift up. I could feel his
cock moving out of me. I pulled up until I felt the head pulling against my
sphincter. I then lowered myself slowly again. I closed my eyes and
savored this new sensation. I started to move up and down faster now.
This was a very awkward position for me and I almost fell over twice.

"OK, Steve, pull off now." I didn't want to but I did as he said. I
pulled off his cock. "Lie down on your back." I laid down next to him.
He moved between my legs and pulled my legs up. He hooked an ankle on each
shoulder. I watched as he guided his cock back into my hole. This time he
went in easily. It felt good to have him back inside me. Now, he was in
control. He started to fuck my ass hard. I let my legs fall off his
shoulders. I wrapped them around him, pulling him deeper into me. He
started to kiss me again while he fucked me harder. His chest hairs were
tickling my chest. My throbbing cock was getting smashed between us. Every
time he drove into me he would press my cock against my stomach. He moved
his mouth to my neck and started to lick and suck. He was breathing very

"Oh yeah. Fuck me Jack. It feels so good." Did I say that? But it did
feel good, no it felt great.

"You like that Steve?"

"Oh yeah, Dad. I love it."

"Your ass is hot. I'm getting close. Do you want me to cum inside you?"

"Yes, fill me with your load."

"Oh god, here it comes!" He drove his cock in even deeper. I could feel
it expand even more as he started to shoot red hot cum into my ass. The
feeling sent me over the top. I exploded between us, coating our stomachs
with my own load. When Jack was finally spent, he collapsed on top of me,
breathing hard. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight. Finally,
he rolled off me, pulling his cock from my ass with a soft popping sound.

"Man, that was hot." Jack said between breaths.

"I've never done anything with a guy before. It was fantastic."

"Never?" He raised up on one arm and looked at me.

"No, you were the first. I wish I had tried it sooner though."

"Pretty fun, huh?"

"I'd say. I never would have though a guy like you would go for guy sex."

"I'm bisexual Steve. I've known that about myself since I was a kid. My
wife even knew it."

"You're kidding. Did you sleep with guys while you were married?"

"Sure, but never at home. Listen, we better get cleaned up and get some

"I'm not sure I can walk after that." We both laughed. He pulled me off
the bed and led me to the shower. We showered together, lathering each
others bodies. We then retired to the living room and ordered a pizza. We
spent the night talking about Jack's bisexual life. He told me stories
about sex in the military, college friends, even fellow constructions
workers. By the time we finished the pizza, we were both so horny from the
stories that we went back to bed and made love again. I slept with Jack
that night. When my wife called the next day to tell me she was staying a
few more days, I was not upset. Jack and I spent more time in the bedroom
than working on the deck. When my wife came back, I asked her if Jack
could move in. She happily agreed to let her dad live with us. Little did
she know the change in our relationship.

Jack has lived with us for three years now. We find every opportunity to
spend some time alone together. My wife thinks its great that I am getting
along with her dad so well, if she only knew.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Father In Law