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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Humiliation

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 17:03:01 -0700
From: bjjl <>
Subject: My Humiliation

It started for me when I was around eleven and went to summer camp. Us guys
played games involving teams. One team would try to capture as many of the
other team in the alloted time. I was not an aggressive boy, more of the
meek and submissive type. When I got captured the guys would strip me
naked, tie me up and force me to suck their stiff little peckers. Now,
these guys would tell other guys and I was forced to suck a lot of stiff
peckers, and even after camp.

At that time all most the guys were older than me, but the humiliation was
still very exciting to me. Humiliation and domination always gave me
pleasure. Like some sort of sexual arousal I can't explain. Besides sucking
cocks, some of the older guys fucked me in the butt with their hard cocks.
That added more fire to the humiliation I already felt. As I got older some
of the guys had younger brothers just like me and they made me suck them

When I was fifteen, my younger brother, Trevor was eleven. I was taking a
shower one evening when he walked in.

"Hey, Kevin. I heard from some of the guys you suck dicks. Is that true?"

I starred at him, silently for a moment before I nodded.

"Yes, Trevor. What about it?"

He dropped his towel.

"You wanna suck my dick? Its all hard right now."

I looked down at him and it was true. His little dick looked like a pole. I
had never considered doing anything like that with my younger brother, but
I was aroused by the role reversal. I quickly imagined my little brother
dominating me as I dropped to my knees and took his stiff pecker in my

I gave him the best sucking I knew how. I felt him orgasm, he squealed but
didn't produce any sperm. He just grabbed my hair and pumped his hips as
fast as he could.

"How did that feel, Trevor?"

"Really great! Let me see your dick."

I got up from the floor, Trevor quickly grabbed hold of my erect cock.

"Wow! That is big. About ten times bigger than mine. It feels really
hard. Do you jerk off a lot to make it so big?"

I smiled down at him.

"No, I don't."

"Show me how you do it."

"Not now, Trevor."

"Show me, or I'll tell mom you sucked my dick!"

His threat made my cock twitch. Trevor was turning into a real bossy kid.

"OK, OK. Keep your voice down."

I wrapped my right hand around my cock and began stroking. I could see the
excitement in Trevor's eyes as he watched my hand. He watched for awhile
then stopped me.

"Let me try. I wanna jerk that big dick off!"

"Trevor, please keep your voice down! You want mom or dad to walk in here?"

I could tell Trevor was a bit new to this whole masturbation thing. Either
that or he thought it required a lot more force on a bigger cock. He little
hands wrapped my cock and he yanked roughly up and down. His one hand kept
sliding up and over my cock head on each stroke. My glans were about to
burst. Suddenly they did! My sperm squirted everywhere. Including in
Trevor's face and naked chest.

"Wow, Kevin! That was great!"

I had to pry his hands of my cock.

"You can stop now, Trevor! I'm empty. Its all gone. Now, you better wash
that sperm off your face and chest. Its almost time for bed."

I soon discovered arousing the sexual hormones of my eleven year old
brother was not a good thing. Not since we shared the same bedroom.

Trevor was standing by my bed in the morning, with his little flag pole

"Suck it again. Make me tingle and shiver all over!"

I pulled the covers back.

"I have to take a piss."

I went into the bathroom and Trevor followed alone. He even stood there and
watched me piss.

I could see he was not going to leave so I knelt down and gave him another
cock sucking. His orgasm came quickly as before, he just squealed with
joy. Trevor had a huge smile on his face.

"That's sooooo gooood. We gotta do this two or three time a day!"

I took hold of his shoulders.

"Listen. We can't do this kind of thing in the house. Its too dangerous.
We'll get get caught by mom or dad."

Trevor turned and walked over to his bed and quickly turned back around.

"I know! The tree house!"

About six years ago dad built a tree house in the back yard for me and my
brother. I used it most the time because mom was afraid Trevor would fall
out of it. I out grew it and Trevor claimed it for his own. I assumed he
used it for the same thing I did. To jack off in private or with a few good

It was the perfect place for me and Trevor to meet. I was really beginning
to enjoy this domination thing between me and Trevor. It was very arousing
being ordered around by Trevor. I decided to add some bondage to make it
even more stimulating. Trevor was obviously anxious to oblige. It gave him
a chance to put his boy scout talents of rope tying to good use.

Helplessness along with humiliation was now more intense for me. Trevor
started out simple, hand and legs tied, stripping my clothes off, playing
with my nipples and cock. Spanking my ass, slapping my cock and yanking my
balls. All this would lead up to my sucking his cock and him masturbating
me. Then one day in the tree house, I planted an idea in Trevor's head.

"I bet you got some friend in school that like to have their little cocks

Trevor smiles.

"Yeah. A few."

"Suppose you told them you have your older brother tied up in the tree
house? They could make him do whatever they liked."

Trevor's smile got a lot bigger.

"Yeah! I'll bet none of them has seen a cock as big as yours. They could
play with it and slap it just like I do."

"let me know when you need me."

Just the thought of me being abused by those kids made me want to jack off
on the spot. The next Saturday Trevor planned to have his friends over. Mom
and dad were going shopping and I had to stay home to watch Trevor. Yeah,

Benny, Scotty, Carl and Thomas were all in the same grade as Trevor. They
were all in the 6th grade together. I hear them climbing up the stairs to
the tree house. Trevor had tied me up on the floor, gagged and blindfolded.
I pretended to struggle as if I were held there against my will.

"There he is guys."

My cock was already hard with anticipation.

"Wow! Look at his dick!"

"Yeah, its really big."

"What a boner! Look at his balls!"

Trevor spoke.

"Go ahead. You can touch all you want. Play with anything. He's all tied

I felt many inquiring hands rubbing, tugging, pinching and pulling at my

"Feel his nuts! They're really heavy."

"Really big too. Look at my little nuts. They're small."

I heard Trevor speak up again.

"How would you guys like to spank his ass?"

I heard them laugh.

"Roll him over on his belly."

I think they all took turns giving me a spanking. My ass must have been red
because it sure was burning.

I felt my cheeks spread open.

"There's his tight ass hole!"

I quickly clenched my pucker as someone poked it. They all laughed out
loud. I was rolled me over on the floor again. Someones hands found my
nipples irresistible.

"Titty twisters!" I heard them yell.

"I want my dick sucked!" Someone else yelled.

Trevor spoke out again.

"Here. Let me take the gag out of his mouth. His mouth is ready to suck

Everyone had a turn because I counted five little cocks that went into my
mouth. Two of them even had a little juice in them. The final event for the
day was masturbation!

Trevor started it, yanking my cock a few times.

"Go ahead! Grab his dick and jerk it up and down. I felt different hands so
I knew they were taking turns. The humiliation built up inside me until I
couldn't hold it anymore. I gave out a loud groan and let my sperm flow. By
all the OOo's and the Ahhhh's, I could tell they guys were impressed. What
I didn't count on was them playing with my cock after orgasm.

I found myself begging.

"Please, guys! Please don't play with that. It's too sensitive, please!"

That was like the go ahead green light for them. They rubbed and stroked my
glans with their fingers. I tried to fold my legs closed to protect myself,
but they held my legs open. For them, my reactions was the biggest thrill.
They enjoyed making me groan and twist around on the floor.

Then someone discovered how sensitive my balls were. A few slaps or flicks
of the finger placed just right, made my legs jumped and I mouth yelped.

"NO! Please! Please guys don't do that on my balls! Please, please."

They were all laughing. I heard one of the say.

"Do you like to suck my dick again?"

"YES! Yes, I'll do anything. Just be careful with my balls!"

I felt the little cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I also felt some
busy fingers pinching, pulling and twisting my sore nipples. Someone else
was busy poking what felt like fingers, in and out of my ass. I think they
achieved their goal. Making me hard again!

They took took turns yanking my cock up and down until I gave them another
orgasm. There was not a lot of sperm to shoot on this one. I think my
reaction was more what they wanted than anything. When I had an orgasm, I
groaned and my head rolled from side to side, my hips convulsed and my legs
quivered. I think that's what they like to see.

That evening I stood in the shower letting the hot water splash down on
me. Examining my body for to see if the boys left any marks. Suddenly the
shower door opened and Trevor stepped in.

"Really great today, Kevin!"

"Glad you liked it."

"I'd like to have my dick sucked right now!"

I was too tired to object. I got on my knees and sucked him off before he
went to bed. The next day this senior from high school came by and picked
me up. His name was Andy, he was a football jock. He was the brother of one
of the guys I use to go to camp with.

"You got you mouth ready for some sucking?" He asked.

I nodded and tried to give him a smile.

There were five other guys at his house running around in their underwear.
One of the things they loved to do was strip me, and they did quickly. I
was on my knees with a cock pumping in and out of my mouth. While at the
same time another cock was pumping in and out of my ass, but I was use to
it. Then came the biggest surprise of all for me. Andy's father came in the
room completely naked.

"Is this the fagot boy that likes cock?"

"Yeah, thats him, dad."

Now that cock was thick and hairy! I gagged the first time he shoved that
down my throat. I could hear everyone roaring with laughter. Sucking
someone in front of other guys was one of the most humiliating things for
me. It aroused me every time.

"Hey! The fagot got a hard on!"

I was tired when I hit the bed that night. Trevor looked over at me.

"The guys are coming over again Saturday. They want some more!"

I was beginning to understand the saying, be careful what you wish for.

I went the whole week without jerking off once because I would get plenty
of that on Saturday.

Trevor and his friends started tormenting me almost immediately. This time
they were a little more aggressive than before. One of them roughly grabbed
hold of my balls.

"You gonna do what I say? Or am I gonna have to punch theses!"

I spoke up immediately.

"I'll do anything you want! Please be careful with those."

He tightened his grip on my balls.

"My dad says any guy that gets fucked in the ass is a fagot boy. Is that
what you are?"

"Yes! Yes, that's what I am. Your grip is a little tight. Please be

"Bend over!"

When I did bend over, I felt the sharp sting of a paddle whack my bare ass.

I listened in silence as they talked among themselves.

"I think I'm gonna fuck his ass."

"Yeah! Me too!"

"I wanna have him suck my cock again!"

"I wanna jerk his big cock off!"

"Yeah! Me too. I wanna see him squirt."

"You always wanna do what I do, Scotty."

"Let me have a turn spanking his ass!"

"Look how his nuts hang down between his legs."

The all laughed as one of them gave my scrotum a slap.

"Did you see him jerk!"

"I think we should tie a rope around his nuts. Then if we want him to do
something. We just yank real hard on the rope."

"Yeah! Or we could tie a weight on it and swing it back and forth."

They had all sorts of ideas, since it was not their balls they were talking

I did get fucked by three of them that day. I think one was Trevor. The
other two slapped me across the face and ordered me suck them off. One of
them spoke up.

"You heard me fagot boy!"

"Yeah! If you don't do a good job. I'll slap your balls!"

Another one joined in the conversation.

"Ok. Lets milk'em like a cow!"

"Put his head down on the floor. With his ass up in the air. Spread his
knees open. Reach between his legs and pull his dick down. Now just jerk it
up and down until the milk comes."

This humiliation I felt was intense. I think I must have ejaculated within
thirty seconds.

"Grab his balls and see if you can squeeze some more milk out!"

"Let me try! I wanna be next."

"Pull his nipples so he'll get hard again!"

"Better yet, slap his dick back and forth!"

I soaked my genitals in the hot shower that evening. They took a lot of
abuse at the hands of those kids. That didn't bother Trevor, he still came
in for his nightly cock service.....

By the time I turned twenty one, I was working at a local hardware store
for Mr. Hamilton. He was the father of the high school jock, Andy. I had a
very secure job as long as I serviced his thick hairy cock whenever he
wanted. He had a very large desk in his office. He would make me get under
it and hold his cock in my mouth until it got hard. At which time I was
allowed to suck him dry. Sometimes he would take me to the store room, make
me strip and fuck me over some boxes. I enjoyed all the humiliation and I
was getting paid.

Mr. Hamilton had a secrete just between him and me. He liked to have his
cock sucked, but he liked to suck mine just as much. Many time he would
order me to strip and stand in front of his desk. He would lick and suck on
my cock for a long time. He wanted me to hold on as long as I could for
him. He also discovered that humiliation and domination aroused me the

After he closed the store, he would make me strip naked and and sweep up
and down all the isles in the front of the store. Sometimes people would
look through the store window and see me. I hid behind the displays until
they would leave. Mr. Hamilton enjoyed watching me get erections. He also
knew when I finished I had to come upstairs and service his hairy cock. He
liked to make me lick his hairy balls too.

My brother and his tree house buddies were all seventeen by now. They still
loved the opportunity to dominate and humiliate me, the older man. It was a
power trip for them or something I suppose. Trevor made me get my own
apartment since I was working and making money. I found a cheap place off
Elm street in the ally that ran between Elm and Prosser streets. It was
only two rooms. Kitchen, dining and living in one, and bedroom, bathroom in
the other.

Trevor always spent the weekends at my apartment. He would also invite his
buddies to come over and have some fun. They devised a new game to torment
me with. It was a round wheel with the flapper nailed to the top. They
called it "The Wheel of Misfortune"

There were 8 pie sections on the wheel. 1 was 10 slaps to the cock. 2 was
10 slaps across the ass. 3 was 5 tight ball squeezes. 4 was five slaps to
the balls. 5 was 10 strokes in the ass with a dildo. 6 was 10 smacks on the
ass hole. 7 was masturbate within 90 seconds. 8 was 10 slaps across the
face. Everybody seemed to like this except the tied up naked man standing
by the wheel.

Most of them were not to bad. The only difficult one was the to masturbate
in 90 seconds. In order to complete that one, I always had to stick my
finger up my ass and rub the prostate. Number 4 was kind of rough. Those
five slaps to my balls were painful. The other painful one was number 6 and
the hits to my pucker. Damn that would make my ass quiver and shake. I was
the focus of their attention until they all went off to college.

I'm forty four now, Mr. Hamilton is retired and living in Florida. I run
the store for him and get paid a nice salary to boot. Trevor is married and
has two sons, Hunter who is 15 and Mat who is 13. Trevor has told them that
uncle Kevin is their sex toy. They can play with me whenever they like. If
they run out of ideas, Trevor will think some up for them....

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Humiliation