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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Nasty Dad - My Nasty Dad 1

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 21:15:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: Marc <>
Subject: My Nasty Dad (t/t, M/t, incest, ws, scat)


The following story deals with incest between a consenting minor and an
adult. It also contains scenes dealing with watersports and scat. If
this subject matter is offensive to you, or if you are under the age of
eighteen, STOP HERE!

Author's Note:

Incest is a fact. It happens in the best of families. The story I am
about to relate is a work of fiction but has it's basis upon fact.
Perhaps this is your story ...

My Nasty Dad (Part 1)
by Rim4you


My name is Barry and I'm sixteen years old. My Dad and I live in a nice
house in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. Mom died when I was eight
and Dad has worked hard to provide a good home for me in more ways than

We seem outwardly to be the typical father-son team. But behind closed
doors, Dad and I share alot more together than your average father and
son. Over the years we've bonded together in a very
special way.

It all began one summer day when I was twelve years old.

Chapter One

Ever since I discovered the pleasure playing with my cock gave me,
whenever I had the opportunity I would masturbate. Sometimes my best
friend, Jeff, would join me.

Jeff was two years older than I. We started playing around with each
other when I was eight and he, ten. Over the next four years I watched
with wonder as Jeff's body emerged into puberty.

By the age of fourteen, Jeff was proudly sporting a thick pubic bush,
compared to mine which was just growing out, and to top it all off, Jeff
was already ejaculating!

It was on one such occassion of Jeff and I engaging in our favorite
pastime, thinking we were completely alone, that I got up the nerve to
take Jeff's load in my mouth.

It all started off innocent enough. Jeff and I were in the garage. One
thing led to another and before long we had shucked off our pants and
were pulling on each others' cock.

"I just love it when your cock leaks like that, Jeff!" I said, while
stroking my best friend's dick.

"It's called pre-cum, Barry."

"I wish my dick would do that."

"Don't worry, Barry. It'll happen and one day soon!"

"I hope so!"

"Trust me. It will and when it does you're gonna feel absolutely
wonderful. The pre-cum makes for a great jack off lube. Better than

I got down on my knees to examine Jeff's dick better. It looked so big
in comparison to mine and the slickness of his cock, slimey with oozing
pre-cum in my hand, felt nice. The grin on Jeff's face told me that I
was making him happy.

"Put it in your mouth, Barry! Suck my dick!"

I prided myself that I was able to take all six inches of Jeff's dick
down my throat but for some reason when it got to the point when Jeff
was about to ejaculate, I'd take my mouth off of his dick. Much to
Jeff's disappointment. I loved watching his young cock do something
that mine couldn't do. Ejaculate!

I'd turn his dick away from my face and watch with amazement as his dick
spat its creamy wad through the air. After he'd finish shooting his
load, I'd go down on him again to get a taste of his sperm. But today I
wanted to feel his cum hitting the back of my throat. I sucked and
sucked. My head bobbed up and down Jeff's cock making slurping noises
with my mouth. Spit dripped from my lips.

I felt Jeff's ball sac tighten and knew that the moment I'd been waiting
for was close at hand.

"I'm gonna cum, Barry!" Jeff gasped. "I'm gonna shoot my load! You
better pull off if you don't want it!"

But I did want it. I sank my mouth all the way down Jeff's shaft until
my face was buried in his pubic hair. The sultry aroma of Jeff's
teenage sweat on this steamy summer afternoon as I breathed the air
surrounding his crotch, aroused me.

"Fuck!" Jeff cried out. "I'm cumming!"

The first spurt hit the back of my throat. I pulled his dick forward
slightly so his cum would fill my mouth. I wanted to savor its full
taste before swallowing it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!" I moaned, as with each pulse of Jeff's cock, another
wad of cum would be emptied into my mouth. It was delicious. "Why
hadn't I done this before?" I thought to myself.

Overcome with his ejaculation and excited that I had taken his full load
in my mouth, Jeff tugged me upowards and kissed me. I still had some of
his cum in my mouth. Still tasting it. Still savoring its creamy
deliciousness. I could feel Jeff's tongue swirling over mine, sucking
his cum from my mouth into his, Together we tasted and swallowed his

We sat down on a box and leaned against the wall. Our dicks still hard.

"That was fuckin' great!" Jeff sighed, reaching over to stroke my dick.

"Sure as hell was!" I said.

"I can't wait till your able to shoot a load in my mouth, Barry!"

"You'd let me do that to you, Jeff?"

"Of course I would! We're best buddies and best buddies always take
care of each others' needs!"

With that, Jeff leaned over and swallowed my boy cock into his mouth.

"God! That feels good, Jeff! I wish I was able to cum!"

Jeff paused in his sucking, momentarily.

"Well, there is something that would be like you cumming in my mouth."

"What's that?"

Without looking up at me to see the expression on my face, Jeff

"You could piss in my mouth. Just a little to start with to see if I
like it."

"You want me to pee in your mouth?" I gasped.

"Yeah!" Jeff replied, a little nervously. "Seeing how you can't cum
yet and I figured that's the closest thing to cumming for you. Yeah!
I'd let you."

"Have you done this before?" I asked.

"No. Not with anybody else but I have aimed my dick at my mouth in the
shower and let some piss get into my mouth. It didn't taste all that
bad. In fact I kind of liked it!"

"Are you sure about this, Jeff?"

Jeff looked up at me with his big blue eyes. He was, from his
expression, being totally honest and sincere.

"You're my buddy! I'd do anything with you! Can you pee?"

"I think I can, Jeff."

"Then do it! Cum in my mouth that way!"

Jeff wrapped his lips around my dick but didn't suck. He just waited.
Looking down at him I could see that he was stroking his dick. I closed
my eyes and relaxed.

The first warm trickles slipped out of my piss hole into Jeff's mouth.
I stopped.

"Don't stop, Barry!" Jeff pleaded. "Cum in my mouth your way!"

I relaxed completely and before long that feeling of release came. I
was pissing in Jeff's mouth!

The idea of what I was doing and the fact that Jeff didn't pull away,
excited me.

"I'm cumming! I'm pissing in your mouth!"

Jeff wrapped his lips tighter around my dick. He wasted not a single
drop but swallowed my golden boy juice. When I had emptied my bladder
completely, Jeff took his mouth off of my dick. He looked at me and

"Wanna taste?" He asked.

I nodded my head. Jeff kissed me. As we kissed I swirled my tongue
within his mouth. I had to admit to myself and agree with Jeff. Piss
didn't taste all that bad. If my best friend liked it, I could learn to
like it too!

The kitchen door, which led to the garage, closed with a thud. Jeff and
I froze. Slowly, we turned towards the door but there was nobody there.
We scrambled to get dressed.

"I thought you said your Dad wasn't home." Jeff whispered.

"He said he'd be gone for a couple of hours. He must have come back and
just parked his car in the driveway."

"Do you think he saw what we were doing, Barry?"

"I don't know. Maybe he did."

"But wouldn't he have yelled or hollerd or something if he saw us?"

"I dunno!" I said, nervously.

"I think we'd better scram outta here for awhile," Jeff responded.

I nodded my head in agreement and the two of us bolted out of the garage
and headed towards the creek.

Chapter Two

"Do you think we oughta stop doing what we do together, Jeff?" I asked,
as the two of us skimmed rocks across the creek.

"Do you want us to stop, Barry?"


"Me neither!"

"Have you ever seen your Dad naked, Barry?"

"Sure! Lot's of times! After all, Jeff, it's just he and I."

"Yeah, I know. Does he have a big dick?"

"Well, yeah. Why?"

"Have you ever seen your Dad's dick with a hard-on?"

"No. Why?"

"Haven't you ever wondered what a man's dick looked like hard?"

"Yeah. That would be a neat thing to see."

I was wondering where all of this conversation was going but realised
that Jeff and I talked about sex alot. Especially about guys. It
seemed like neither one of us was interested in girls.

"Have you ever thought about you and your Dad? You know? Doing what
you and I do?"

"I ... uh ..."

"You can tell me, Barry. We're best friends. Practically brothers!"

"Well ... uh ... when you put it that way ... uh ... yeah, I've thought
about it. Have you thought about it too? With your Dad?"

"Sure have," Jeff answered. "Lot's of times! And another thing I've
been thinking of lately."

"What's that, Jeff?"

"Seeing how you and I both don't have Moms, haven't you noticed that our
Dad's hang out alot togeher? How the four of us do alot of things
together? Bowling, fishing, camping and stuff like that."

"I never paid attention to it before, but now that you mention it. So
what's the big deal?"

"Well," Jeff turned to face me with a broad smile, "just maybe our Dad's
are doin' each other the way you and I are!"

"Huh? How do you figure that?"

"Barry," Jeff continued, sitting down on a large rock, "when was the
last time you saw either my Dad or yours go out with a woman?"

"I dunno."

"Exactly my point! Neither one of us can remember our Dads being with a
woman since our Moms died!"

"You do have a point, Jeff. But ..."

"But they're always hanging around together just like you and me!
Remember a couple weeks back when you spent the night at my house?"

"How can I forget, Jeff. You let me fuck you that night!"

"Anyway. Remember they went out drinking and tied a good one on?"


"And they came back to my house all loud and noisy that it woke us up?"

"Jeff, get to the point!"

"Remember how all their noise died down for about an hour?"

I sighed.

"I bet you anything they were doing each other! "Cause after about an
hour you could hear them talkin' whereas before they were completely

"Maybe they were out on the patio, Jeff."

"We'd have heard them, Barry, if they were on the patio. My room is
just above the patio and they didn't come upstairs. No! They were in
the livingroom and I just got this feelin' that they were doing what we
were doing."

"Now that you mention it, my Dad did come out of your Dad's room the
next morning in only his underwear."

"Bingo!" Jeff cried out. "Now! When you go home and if it was your
Dad we heard at the door and you don't get the tar beatin' outta you,
then that's probably his way of telling you that what you and I are
doing is cool."

"What? That dosen't make any sense at all, Jeff. It could be that he's
just overlooking what we were doing."

"Or that he and my Dad are doing the same thing together and not making
a big scene over you and I."

"Hmmm. I didn't think about that, Jeff."

"It's getting late, Barry. We'd better head on home."

"Yeah, we'd better. I'm kind of nervous about going home, Jeff."

"Me too. What if it was your Dad who we heard and he called my Dad?"

"We both might get a lickin' then, Jeff!"

"Look on the bright side."

"What bright side?" I gasped, plunking a rock into the creek.

"We just might be in for the biggest surprise of our lives!"

"Yeah right, Jeff! I know what you're thinking and the chances of that
happening is next to none!"

"You never know!"

With that, Jeff and I headed up the embankment towards home and whatever
lay ahead.

"Call me later on, Barry!" Jeff hollered, as we parted and went our
separate ways.

Chapter Three

I breathed a sigh of relief when I rounded the corner and saw that Dad's
car wasn't in the driveway. However, my relief was short lived! The
garage door slowly inched its way open and there stood my Dad.

At thirty-two years of age, to a boy of twelve, Dad presented himself as
a towering, strapping figure of a man. He was tall, broad shouldered
and muscular.
Dad took care of his body with a proper diet and a daily workout. I had
to admit to myself that upon seeing my Dad standing there in the garage,
after what Jeff and I had discussed, a twinge of excitement throbbed
between my legs.

"Hi, son!" Dad shouted.

"Hey, Dad!"

"I was just about to take the trash out to the curb. You wanna do that
and I'll finish getting supper on the table?"

"Sure, Dad! No problem!"

Dad put the garbage can down and turned to go back into the house. I
breathed a sigh of relief.

"Supper's ready!" Dad yelled, as I slammed the front door behind me.
"Go wash up first."

As I sat down at the table, a clamy feeling came over me. Reaching for
my glass of water, I knocked it over.

"Gettin' clumsy there, son." Dad chuckled.

"Sorry, Dad."

"No big deal, Barry. That's why God invented Bounty paper towels.
They're the quicker picker upper!"

I laughed and mopped up my mess.

"So. Did you and Jeff have fun today?"

My mouth froze in mid air as I was just about to bite into the juicy
hamburger that Dad had fixed for supper.

"Uh ... yeah, sure Dad. Jeff and I always have fun together."

"Well, I'm glad to see that you two boys have become close friends.
Almost like brothers."

"Uh-huh!" I stammered, chewing my food and staring straight ahead.

"Mr. Richards and I are planning to take you and Jeff on a camping trip
next week. How's that sound?"

"That'd be swell, Dad!"

"Son, can I ask you something?"

Now my heart began to pound in my chest. I put my hamburger down on the
plate and hung my head.

"Yeah, Dad." I whispered.

"You know you can come to me and talk to me about anything under the
sun. You know that, don't you?"

"I know that, Dad."

"I won't scold you, judge you or punish you for anything you want to
discuss with me. You understand, Barry?"

"Yes, sir! I understand."

Addressing my father as "sir" was a term I used only when I felt I was
about to get in trouble for something I'd done.

"Barry," Dad said, in a gentle tone. "This afternoon ..."

My lip trembled and I tried to hold back the tears that were quickly
welling up in my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Dad!" I whimpered, hanging my head real low.

Dad reached over and cupped his hand under my chin. Gently he raised my
head so that our eyes met. My face was streaming with tears of fear and

"I love you, Barry! You're my boy and I do understand that young boys
your age want to experiment with certain things. It's a part of growing

At that, I sobbed even harder. Now I knew that the sound Jeff and I
heard earlier that afternoon in the garage was indeed my Dad!

Dad scooted his chair closer to mine and put his arm around me, drawing
me to his chest.

"I'm sorry, Dad! I'm sorry I disappointed you!" I sobbed. "I won't do
it again! Please don't stop me and Jeff from being friends! He's my
best friend, Dad!"

"Barry! Son! You've got it all wrong."

"Huh?" I whimpered.

"I would never prevent you and Jeff from being the best of friends! You
guys are like brothers! I, nor Mr. Richards would ever separate the two
of you! We're so happy that both of you get along so well and enjoy
being together."

"But," I stammered, "then you saw what Jeff and I were doing? I wanna
die, Dad! I'm so embarassed! I've hurt you!"

"You haven't hurt me in the least bit, way or fashion, son, and above
all, you haven't disappointed me."

Dad's voice was so soothing. So comforting.

"You're growing up, son. You're doing exactly what boys your age do. I
did the same thing when I was your age, so don't feel ashamed or

"You did, Dad?"

"I think you need a quicker picker upper!" Dad said, reaching for a
paper towel. "Dry your eyes, Barry. I'm not going to punish you if
that's what you're worried about and I'm sorry for bringing this up at
supper and ruining your meal."

I wiped my eyes and blew my nose.

"That's no problem, Dad." I sighed.

"I should have been more tactful with you and not have brought this up
during supper to upset you. Forgive me, son?"

"I love you, Dad!" I said, and wrapped my arms around him.

"If you only knew, Barry, how much I love you! And to answer your
question, when I was your age, I experimented with some things with my

I perked up, disengaged myself from my Dad and reached for my hamburger.

"You mean, you and Uncle Steven?"


"How old were you guys, Dad?"

"When it all started? I was nine and your Uncle Steven was twelve."

"Can I ask you something, Dad?"

"Barry," Dad replied, "you can ask me anything you want."

"How long did you and Uncle Steven fool around?"

Dad cleared his throat. It was obvious that I had cornered him in a way
but I was curious.

"Well, son, we fooled around as you put it for quite a number of years.
All the way through our high school years and then up until your Uncle
Steven joined the marines."

"And then?" I asked.

"That's when I met your Mom and Steven and I cooled our jets, so to

"Did you and Uncle Steven fool around any when Mom was alive?"

"Yes. We did."

"You loved both Mom and Uncle Steven, didn't you, Dad?"

"Yes, Barry. I loved them both very much and still do."

"When was the last time you and Uncle Steven played around?"

"Last summer. When he came out to visit us."

"Is Uncle Steven gay, Dad?"

"Yes. He is."

"Are you gay, Dad?"

"I've always been attracted to men, son."

"Then ... uh ... was I a mistake, Dad?"

"No! No! No, Barry! Not ever! The day you were born was the
happiest, proudest day of my entire life! I wouldn't take that day away
for anything in this whole world!"

"Can I ask you something else, Dad?"


"You and Jeff's Dad, Mr. Richards? Do the two of you have sex together?
I mean, Jeff and I were wondering? I know it's none of our business but

"Yes, son. David and I have been having sex for a couple of years now.
Does that shock you?"

"Nope! I guess if you can handle the fact that Jeff and I have been
fooling around since I was eight, I can handle you and Mr. Richards."

"Since you were eight? Fuck!"

"Are you mad, Dad?"

"No! I'm not mad. You and Jeff? For the past four years?"


"And only today you guys let your guard down?"

"That was a mistake on our part. We thought you'd be gone for several

"I guess so!"

"Where were you today, Dad? Were you with Mr. Richards?

Checkmate. Dad initiated this conversation and I knew that my Dad had
to play it out. Dad was a man of honor and integrity. If ever I asked
him a question I always received an answer.

"Yes. We were together today."

"Can I have another hamburger? I'm hungry! And can we still talk,

"Barry! We can talk all night long and you can eat me out of house and

Dad got up and fixed us both another burger, then returned to the table.
I was feeling bolder, more confident by the minute, mindful of the
conversation Jeff and I had earlier.

"Did you and Mr. Richards suck each other off?"

"Yes. We did."

"Did he cum in your mouth?"


"Do you like the taste of cum?"

"Very much so. Has Jeff cum in your mouth?"

"Today was the first time I let him."

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah! I really liked it, Dad!"

"Did you cum in his mouth, Barry?"

I hung my head dejectedly.

"What's the matter, son?"

"I can't cum yet, Dad." I whispered.

"But I thought when Jeff was going down on you ..."

"No, Dad. I wan't cumming. I was ... uh ..."

Now the tables were turned. Now Dad was asking the questions.

"You were what, son? You can tell me."

"Since I can't cum yet, Jeff asked if I'd piss in his mouth. It would
be like my way of cumming until I actually could."

"So you pissed in his mouth? Did he take it?"

"Every single drop!" I beamed.

"That's hot, son!"

"I even tasted it afterwards, Dad, when we kissed."

"Did the taste of Jeff's piss turn you off?"

"No. It didn't. That's when we heard the door shut."

"Can I tell you something, son?"

"Sure, Dad."

"When I saw Jeff sucking your dick and he was stroking his, I got a

"You did?"

"Yes. I did. When you heard the door shut I was so turned on with you
and Jeff that I went upstairs to my room, called David up and together
we jacked off."

"You told Mr. Richards about Jeff and I?"

"Take it easy, son! It's okay. Jeff isn't going to get into any
trouble. Trust me."


"I swear. David won't punish him."


"Yes, son?"

"Can I tell you some things about me? Be totally honest with you and
you won't get mad a me?"

"Son! I promise you, no matter what you tell me I won't get angry with
you. I welcome this opportunity for us to be so frank with one another.
Could we just finish supper first?"

"After supper then? After we clean up the dishes? Can we go to my room
and talk?"

"You have a deal, son!"

Chapter Four

The rest of supper went smoothly. Dad and I joked around and hankered
over our favorite football teams.

After we'd cleaned up the kitchen, Dad reached into the refrigerator and
got himself a beer. He tossed me a coke.

"You wanna talk now, Barry"?

"Yeah, Dad."

We climbed the stairs to my room. Together we plopped down on my bed,
popped open our drinks and looked at each other.

"What's on your mind, son?"

"Alot of things, Dad. I think I'm gay."

"There's nothing wrong in being gay, Barry."

"I'm just not attracted to girls."

"You're still young, son."

"No, Dad! It's not like that. It's like when I'm around Jeff, or any
guy, even you right now, I get this feeling I can't explain."

"I see. Go on."

"I get this feeling deep down and my dick gets hard. It dosen't happen
when I'm around girls. Just guys."

"Are you hard right now, son? Being around me?"

"Yeah! I am. Am I a pervert, Dad?"

"No, Barry! You're not a pervert. Your body is being stimulated
towards that which turns you on. Arouses you."

"But there's more, Dad! Much more."

I rolled onto my side away from him. So as not to face him.

"Tell me, son. Tell me what's on your mind."

"You promise you won't laugh at me or scold me?"

"I promise. I won't."

"Well ... uh ... sometimes when Jeff and I are fooling around I finger
Jeff's asshole."

"Does Jeff like that when you do that?"


"If it makes you feel any better, Barry, I do the same thing when I'm
with David."

Dad placed his arm gently around my waist.

"But it's what I do after I finger his asshole."

"What do you do, son?"

I gulped hard.

"I smell my finger, Dad."

"I see. And do you like the smell?"

"Yes. I do. It makes my dick rock hard when I smell Jeff's stink on my
finger. I like that smell, Dad!"

"Does Jeff know that his butt stink turns you on?"

"I don't think so, Dad."

"You've never told him that it does?"

"No! Never."

"But after today. When you pissed in Jeff's mouth and discovered it
turned Jeff on do you think you could tell Jeff that the way his ass
smells turns you on?"

"I dunno, Dad. It all seems so nasty. I mean, when I was pissing in
Jeff's mouth, that seemed to be okay. But what I was doing. Fingering
his asshole and then sniffing my finger? That seemed to be too nasty!"

"But you liked the way Jeff's ass smelled, didn't you?"

"Oh yeah! I liked it very much."

"Can I tell you something, Barry?"


"I like the way David's asshole smells when it's all hot, sweaty and

"You do?"

"Yes, son. I do."

"But there's more, Dad."

"Talk to me, son!"

"You promise you won't get mad at me?"

Dad leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"I won't get mad at you, I promise."

I rolled onto my back and looked deeply into my Dad's piercing green
eyes. His expression was filled with tenderness.

"Sometimes, Dad, I'd swipe your underwear from the clothes hamper, and
sometimes even your sweaty sox to sniff while I pulled on my dick!"

"Did you like the way I smelled?"

"Yes!" I whispered.

"But there's more, Dad."


"Alot more."

"Tell me, son."

"Sometimes, after you'd gone to the bathroom, after you'd taken a shit,
I'd go into the bathroom and kneel in front ot the toilet bowl and

"You did that for me, son?"

"Yes! I did. And there's more."

"Go on."

"Sometimes, right after you had taken a shit, I'd have to shit too.
Sometimes I was so turned on to the smell of your shit that I would take
my own shit and rub it on my dick thinking it was yours!"

"Fuck! That's so hot, Barry! I never knew!"

"And sometimes I would stick my dirty fingers in my mouth and suck."

"Is that what you'd want to do with Jeff?"

"What do you mean, Dad?"

"Have Jeff shit on you and you rub his shit on your dick and then taste

"Yes. I'd like that .. but ..."

"But what, son?"

"I'd like to do that with you, Dad!"

"Oh Barry!" Dad sighed. "I don't know if I could shit for you right
now but if you'd like, you could cop a whiff of my ass. I know my ass
is dirty and stink. Do you want to smell it?"

"Yes! I want to smell your ass, Dad! Will you smell mine too?"

"Fuck yes! Yes, I'll smell your ass, son!"

Cautiously, Dad and I got up from the bed and stripped off our clothes.
Naked, we faced one another. Our cocks rock hard. Dad's dick was
oozing pre-cum just like Jeff's.

I was amazed by its length and girth. It far exceeded Jeff's cock in
every way, shape and form.

"Lie down, son." Dad whispered.

I climbed back onto my bed. Dad joined me, positioning himself above
me, His hairy cock, balls and ass, hovering above me. As my Dad
lowered his hairy ass onto my face, he drew my legs upward and nuzzled
his nose against my smooth, hairless pucker. Instinctively and in
unison we each took a deep breath.

"Fuck!" I sighed, as the scent of my Dad's asshole filled my nostrils.
It was a ripe, pungent fragrance that as I pressed my nose against his
hole, I could feel its warmth and dampness.

In a like manner, I felt my Dad's nose make contact with my asshole and
I could hear his deep breaths as he sniffed my butt stink.

"Your ass smells so fuckin' good, son!" Dad moaned, as he rubbed his
face up and down the crack of my smooth boy trench. "It's so fuckin'
stink, Barry! I love it! I love you, son!"

My body quivered at my Dad's touch and the sound of his inhalations. I
pressed my lips against his moist, smelley hole and kissed his pucker

"Fuck!" Dad gasped.

I opened my mouth and darted my tongue around my Dad's anal ring. My
taste buds detected a bitter, tangy flavor but coupled with the aroma I
loved, my tongue probed deeper within my Dad's shit chute.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Dad hissed, grinding his ass on my face. "Smell my
stink! Taste my stink, son!"

Dad attached his lips onto my pucker and sucked. The stimulation on my
asshole caused me to push out. In doing so, I farted.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Dad groaned. "Blow me your funky kisses, son!"

Dad then moved his mouth from my asshole to my smooth ball sac and
sucked my boy nuts into his mouth. My body jerked and lurched upwards.

"Suck my dick, Dad!" I yelled. "Suck my fuckin' dick!"

Dad swallowed my cock into his mouth in one swoop. He sucked and sucked
at my cock all the while grinding his sweaty, funky ass all over my

"Smell my fuckin' dirty ass boy! Eat my stink ass!"

I slobbered my mouth all over my Dad's reeking butt hole. I was in
total ecstasy over the raunchiness of the way his asshole smelled and
tasted. I slammed my hips upward thrusting my boy cock into my Dad's

Dad clamped his lips around my dick tightly and sucked furiously. The
sensations that I felt as he sucked my dick electrified my body. I felt
something stirring. Something churning. My balls seemed to tighten. A
whole new wave of sensation rippled throughout my body. My legs
stiffened, My toes curled and my back arched upward. I let out a slow
wail followed by a piercing scream.

"Dad! Daddy!" I cried, burying my face into my Dad's hairy ass trench,
sniffing and gasping wildly. My body heaved upward. A million tingles
surged through my cock, followed by an uncontrolable explosion. A
release unlike what I had felt earlier with Jeff. This eruption was far
more intense. More pleasurable! My hips kept bucking up slamming my
cock into my Dad's mouth. My fingers clenched and yanked at the bed

"Daddy! Daddy!" I yelled, over and over.

"Cum, son!" Dad grunted, releasing his lips from around my dick for an

It seemed like my first ejaculation lasted forever! My body kept
spasming and with each spasm I could feel something spewing from my piss

"I'm cumming, Dad! I'm cumming!"

When my body began to relax and I felt that sensation of melting into
the mattress beneath me, only then did Dad release his mouth from my
cock. He swung himself around and gazed down at me.

"I shot my load, Dad! I came!" I giggled, with excitement.

"Yes. You did, son!" Dad whispered, lowering his head towards mine.
As our lips met I opened my mouth. As my Dad kissed me, he opened his
mouth and my seed dripped into my mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" We both moaned, as together we savored the taste of my
first ejaculation.

"Dad!" I whispered, as we broke our kiss.

"Yes, son!" Dad whispered back.

"You haven't cum yet."

"That's not important right now, Barry."

"I want you to cum in my mouth, Dad! Just like Jeff did!"

"Are you sure, son?"

"Don't you want to, Dad?"

"Yes! I want to, son! But only if it's what you want!"

"I want your cum, Dad! The same way I wanted your butt stink and your
shit too!"

"I'll give it all to you, son! Whatever you want!"


"I promise!"

I coaxed Dad up to straddle my chest so that his big cock was staring me
in the face. I leaned forward and sniffed his cock. It smelled of
sweat and sex. Much like Jeff's and perhaps, now too lke mine.

"Play with your dick, Dad!" I whispered. "I want to watch you jack off
and cum in my mouth!"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Dad moaned, as he wrapped his hand around his rigid
shaft and began stroking.

"Spit on my dick, Barry!"

I lifted my head and hocked a wad of spit onto the engourged, mushroom
head of my Dad's cock.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Dad moaned, as he lubricated his dick with my spit.

I reached behind him and trailed my fingers down the hairy trench of his

"Oh yeah!" Dad groaned, "finger my fuckin' dirty hole!"

As Dad stroked his cock, I slid my finger up his asshole. I drove my
finger deep.

"Find something up there you want, fucker?"

"Yes!" I sighed.

"Dig for it, son! Dig for my shit! I know that's what you fuckin'

"I need it, Dad! I want your shit!"

"Yeah! Go for it, son! My dirty asshole is your fuckin' playground!
Finger my filthy asshole, boy! It feels so fuckin' good!"

I drove a second finger up my Dad's shitter. He squirmed and moaned
with pleasure.

"Yes! Fuck yes!"

I dug my fingers as deep as I could up my Dad's raunchy hole. With my
fingertips I could feel a mushy object.

"Now smell your fingers, son! Pull your fingers outta my ass and take a
deep whiff. I wanna see you sniff your fingers!"

I withdrew my fingers from my Dad's asshole. A slurping sound filled
the air as I did so. I rubbed my fingers together. They felt gooey.

I raised my fingers towards my face and looked at them. They were
coated in a brown slime.

"Smell 'em!" Dad hissed. "Smell your raunchy fingers!"

Without hesitation, I brought my dirty fingers under my nose and took a
deep breath.

"Tell me what you smell, son!"

"I smell shit, Dad! Your shit!"

"You like that stink, boy? You like smellin' my shit the way you wanna
smell Jeff's shit?"

Dad's cock was dripping pre-cum on my lips and I lapped it into my mouth
hungrily as I sniffed my shitty fingers.

"I love your shit stink, Dad, and yes! I wanna smell Jeff's stink too!"

"That's my good boy!"

In my renewed frenzy, my reawakened hard-on, I raised my filthy fingers
up to under my Dad's nose. He took a deep, sucking breath.

"Fuck!" He groaned. "I smell stink! I smell fuckin' ass slop!"

"Lick it!" I rasped.

Dad flicked his tongue out and over my dirty fingers.

"What do you taste, Dad?"

"I taste shit, son! Fuckin' shit!"

"You like it?"

"Yes! Yes! I fuckin' love it, Barry! I'm gettin' real close! I'm
gonna fuckin' shoot my load! God damn! You turn me on, son!"

I lunged forward and took the head of my Dad's cock into my mouth.

"I'm gonna cum, son! Gonna fuckin' shoot! Take it! Here it comes,

My Dad's body spasmed. At the same time so did mine, again. He flooded
my mouth with his creamy cum while at the same time my boy cock erupted
shooting cream all over my Dad's hairy ass.

"Shit! Fuck! Fuck!" Dad hollered, as he emptied his seed into my
mouth, reaching back to rub my cum all over his ass! He collapsed on
top of me and I wrapped my arms around him and held him close.

"I love you, Dad!" I moaned, swirling my fingers in the pools of cum I
just shot over his ass and digging my cum tipped fingers into his

"I love you too, son! Fuck! How I love you!"

We dozed off to sleep. Dad had his arms wrapped around me, holding me

I heard a ringing sound in the distance. I opened my eyes and looked at
the alarm clock on my nightstand. It was well after midnight. Dad was
snoring contentedly beside me. I slipped out of bed quietly and ran
downstairs. The phone was ringing.


"Barry!" Came the voice from the other end. "It's me, Jeff!"

"Jeff! Do you realise what time it is?"

"Fuck that! It's Saturday night!"

"You mean, it's Sunday morning!"

"Yeah! If ya wanna be technical about it little brother! So what
happened when you got home?"

"It was amazing, Jeff! Totally awesome!"

"What was? Tell me!"

"I got off, Jeff! I shot my very first load!"

"What? You fuckin' creamed?"

"Yes! Not just once. But twice!"

"Fuck! And I missed it?"

"Yes! You did. But someone else enjoyed it just as much as you would
have, Jeff!"

"Someone else? I thought what you and I had going on was just between

"Oh it is Jeff! What you and I do is very special and I want to share
what happened to me tonight with you!"

"What are you saying, Barry?"

"Remember what we were talking about this afternoon? About our Dads?"

"Yeah! So what?"

"Everything you said, Jeff. It's all true!"

"You mean, your Dad and my Dad? Like me and you?"


"Fuck! You're pulling my leg, aren't you?"

"Nope. It's true. My Dad told me so when ..."

"When what, Barry?"

"When we had sex together!"

"When you what?"

"We fooled around together, Jeff! Just like you and I do. Only this
time I shot my load!"


"Once in my Dad's mouth and once all over his ass!"

"Fuck! You better not be shittin' me, Barry! Our Dads. You and me and
now you and your Dad!"

"I wouldn't lie to you about a thing like this, Jeff. I couldn't hurt
you like that. You're my brother and I love you!"

"Same here, little brother, you know that and I believe you. Fuck! I
want you real bad now!"

"You do?"

"Yes! I want you to cum in my mouth!"

"What about the other thing we did? My pissing in your mouth?"

"I want that too, Barry!"

"Something else happened tonight too, Jeff."

"There's more?"

"Yes. There is."

"You're making my dick get really hard right now, Barry!"

"Are you playing with yourself, Jeff?"

"Yes. I am!"

"Well. I fingered my Dad's asshole and it was all shitty and stink."

"Fuck! That is so hot!"

"You're not turned off or anything?"

"Hell no, Barry! If anything, I'm major turned on! I'm coming over
right now!"

"But Jeff! It's after midnight. Your Dad's probably asleep."

"Just like yours is?"

"Well, yeah."

"So? I'll leave my Dad a note telling him I'm at your house. As long
as I'm at your house my Dad won't worry."

"Are you sure, Jeff?"

"I want your cum, Barry! And your piss!"

"And I want your ..."

"My dirty ass? My shit?"


"It's what you want, right?"


"Well then. It's like I told you. Best buddies always look after each

"But Jeff! ... shit ... that's so nasty!"

"But you liked it, didn't you?"


"And you'd like to play with my shit, wouldn't you?"

"Fuck yeah! You know I would, Jeff!"

"I'm coming over right now."

"But Jeff! My Dad's fallen asleep in my room. In my bed."

"Is he naked?"


"Hot damn!"


"Don't worry. I won't do anything with him yet!"

"You know our Dad's are planning a camping trip for us next week?"

"Yeah. My Dad told me about that today. It could be very interesting

"Yeah! The four of us together, Maybe even having sex together!"

"You got that right, buddy! Maybe even really dirty, nasty sex!"

"As in?"

"Like having our Dads pissing and shtting on us then fucking the hell
out of our dirty boy cunts!"

"Fuck, Jeff! That would be awesome!"

"Well. There's always that possibility now that you and your Dad have
broken the ice and we now know that they've been fooling around with one
another. You did say that, right? That our Dads were fucking around?"

"That's what my Dad told me, Jeff."

"Cool! I'm coming over right now."

"But ..."

"You want my stink butt, don't you?"


"So what's the problem, Barry?"

"Where we gonna sleep, Jeff? Dad's crashed out on my bed!"

"Can't we just cuddle up?"


"I'm joking. Won't it be a surprise when your Dad wakes up and stumbles
to his room only to find us asleep in each other's arms? Now that the
cat's outta the bag, what could he say?"

"Not much, I guess."

"Exactly! He just might even join us or better yet, call my Dad and
tell him what he dicovered in his bed. Any way you look at it, Barry,
we hold the trump card."

"How's that, Jeff?"

"We're the minors, Barry! We could stir up alot of trouble."

"But we're not gonna, Jeff!"

"Of course we're not. We're just gonna get what we want. Our Dads!"

"Get your ass over here, Jeff!"

"You gonna smell it?"

"You gonna drink my cum?"

"Yeah! And your piss too!"

"Then I'll smell your dirty ass and eat it out too!"

"Cool! I can hardly wait. Maybe, we can do your Dad, or he us before
this night is over!"

"Yeah! Perhaps."


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