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Nifty - Gay - Incest - My Son In The Bar - My Son In The Bar 10

Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 18:34:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: DOGG <>
Subject: my son in the bar-10




       As soon as I left Shawn at the bar (while I went in back to talk
with my best friend Ron), the guys started in on him like horny wolves in a
pack. Shawn barely got his lips wet with that beer before hands were all
over his back and ass, feeling and groping him like a teen celebrity
heartthrob. Hands were down the back of his pants, squeezing his soft/firm
cheeks and fingering his rosebud. Shawn (and I) pre-greased out assholes
before leaving home, making access for the guys easier. Shawn felt several
fingers fighting to push up in him, stretching his tender boy-hole as up to
3 guys tried forcing their fingers into him. But Shawn liked the
attention. He had always been a bookworm, and now guys (adults, jocks,
construction workers, truck drivers, etc) were paying attention to
him. More than that, they were getting their rocks off on and inside him.
       There was no particular pecking order that the guys had to follow,
basically anyone who wanted us could have us, no arguments no
refusals. They knelt Shawn down at the front of the bar right then and
there, taking out their dicks and slapping them against his face. Poor
Shawn probably didn't even get a chance to see whose dick belonged to who
before it was in his mouth, rubbing on his face, and jerking in his
hands. "C'mon guys..., give the kid a break until his ole man gets back
from in back..." said Joe (the bar's owner/bartender), from behind the

"He's back there with RON..." reminded one of the patrons, fingering
Shawn's ass. "...they could back there ALL NIGHT!"

"That's true..." said Joe, thinking it over...

"Hey..., Joe should get first dibs..." said one of the men sitting at the
bar. "...after all it's HIS place..., and he could keep the drinks coming
later on...!"

"Good idea..." said one of the guys standing behind Shawn. "...c'mon
Joe..., step around here and get your blow job...!"

"awww..., that's mighty alright of you guys...!" said Joe, stepping out
from behind the bar. Lifting his mid-thigh apron, Joe fumbled with his
zipper until he freed his enormous 10" erection, shoving it in Shawn's
face. Shawn wasted no time wrapping his pink lips about Joe's big baby
maker before sucking, bobbing his head back and forth. "Oooooh guys..."
moaned Joe, loving my boy's hot mouth. "...this kid is quite a find...,
quite a find indeed...!"

"Just make sure you cum soon..." said one of the guys, half joking.
       The guys all watched Shawn sucking Joe cock, drinking their beers
and getting a free erotic show. There were customers there that weren't
there to get blown, they sat in their seats as spectators, watching the
frenzy ensue as a small crowd surrounding Shawn, jacking their erections as
they patiently awaited their turns in his mouth. Shawn knelt halfway under
the bar, his eyesight at waist level as he had the perfect view of all the
different size dicks awaiting service. His mouth watered at the thought of
all the creamy cum hiding in those low hanging hairy nuts, just waiting to
bust down the back of his throat. Encouraged, he began sucking faster,
swallowing Joe's cock to the root. Joe groaned aloud as the guys all
cheered, mistakenly believing he had cum.
       This wasn't the first time we'd had sex in the small bar (not that
it happens all that often), but it's usually with some not so hot chick
who's had a bit too much to drink. With her judgment clouded, some guy
would talk her into giving him head in the men's room, then leave her there
to service the rest of us through the gloryhole in the side of the
stall. If we're REALLY lucky, someone would find a whore that can't get
enough cock who's willing to lay across the pool table in back and let us
take turns running a train on her. We've had some pretty wild times closing
the bar at night, spending several hours after closing hosing some whore's
cunt with our loads. But Shawn was the first GUY we used in that way. I was
surprised at how quickly the guys took to fucking another guy. I mean, even
I had to admit that Shawn was a pretty HOT looking boy, and was definitely
hot watching him take all those cocks like a pro. He definitely had
experience to be able to keep up with all those guys pulling at his body,
fucking him as hard and as deep as they wanted before filling his available
holes with cum. I just hoped I could be as impressive my first time
servicing a room full of my drinking buddies.

       Joe did his best to hold off as long as he could while Shawn sucked
his cock. But Shawn was too experienced, and too cum hungry to let him keep
the sperm in his balls for too long. He bobbed his head quickly,
corkscrewing his mouth up and down the full length of Joe's shaft. Joe
leaned back against one of the bar stools for support, looking down at his
cock disappearing down the back of my son's open throat.
       Tyrone (one of the 2 black truck drivers that fucked Shawn last
night) was steady fingering Shawn's greased asshole. Getting impatient, he
yanked my boy's pants down under his ass, then knelt down behind him and
began rubbing his big black 12" cock up and down his ass crack. Shawn
instinctively arched his back, inviting Tyrone to fuck him. Ty aimed his
cock up to Shawn's hot pink boy-pussy and pushed in, sinking all the way in
up to his hairy balls. Shawn groaned around Joe's cock, his face buried in
the bartender's lap as his body was impaled (both ends) by 22 inches of
hard cock.
       Tyrone gripped Shawn's waist, while Joe grabbed the back of Shawn's
head. The two men began fucking, pulling their big hard wet cocks from
Shawn's salivating orifices before slamming them back in balls deep,
fucking him front and back like the cheap bitch whore he was.

       The bar really started to become amorous to the scene as the
patrons began cat calling for someone to nut. Tyrone was fucking Shawn at a
pretty good pace, but Joe (who had been getting his cock worked over
longer) had gotten up off the stool and was now face fucking Shawn with
both hands holding his head. Shawn merely stood motionless as the two men
fucked him, doing all the work of pumping their bodies back and forth as
they drove their cocks in and out of him.
       Joe began showing signs of weakness when he loosed the buttons on
his shirt (exposing his hairy chest down to his hairy stomach) and began
breathing harder. Sweat broke out on his brow as his crotch slapped into
Shawn's face repeatedly. Shawn held his mouth open, his throat ballooning
outward after every deep stroke Joe made into his throat, his tongue gently
lapping at the underside of Joe's thrusting cock. Soon Joe was fucking so
hard that his cock became a blur. He humped into Shawn's face (burying his
cock down to the balls), titling his head back in ecstasy as he suddenly
came down my son's throat.

"UUURRHHHGGGG...!!!" he grunted heavily, his body jerking violently as he
       Shawn lurched once when the cock suddenly wedged down his throat,
then started belching thick warm ropes of cum down his gullet. After the
initial shock, Shawn's body quickly adjusted and accepted the rest of the
deluge, his soft lips nibbling at the dick root, milking the shaft of all
its cream.

"Fuck yes..." shouted Joe after orgasm. "...quite a find indeed!"
       Shawn waited until Joe's cock stopped spurting before he lifted his
head from his groin. Dragging his lips up the shaft, he sucked the last
droplets of sperm from the pulsing head before letting it drop from his
mouth. Joe moved aside while Tyrone was still busy riding in the saddle. He
and Shawn were on their knees on the floor, his huge hands holding onto
Shawn's supple waist as he humped up into Shawn's exposed backside, burying
his cock over and over again.
       Another paying patron sat in front of Shawn, his hard cock sticking
up from his open zipper. Shawn waited until the man was settled into place,
before covering his cock with his mouth. The man moaned aloud as he watched
Shawn's mouth stretch over his cockhead, then slowly swallow his cock down
to the root, whole.

"My god this boy can suck cock!" exclaimed the man, already feeling Shawn's
throat wrapped around his cock.

"Tell me about it!" sighed Joe, using his hankie to wipe the sweat from his
brow as he walked back behind the bar, tucking his spent cock back into his

"This kid's quite a winner...!" continued the man, already on edge from
Shawn's expert sucking.

"From the sounds coming from that back room..., Mike might not be doing too
bad himself!" laughed one of the patrons, as moans of Ron fucking me for
the first time began to heighten through the walls.

"Oh wow..." gasped the man getting his cock sucked, "...I'm about to
cum..!" he announced, just before he started hosing Shawn's mouth with its
second oral load of the night.
       The man began panting breathlessly as Shawn swallowed and ate his
cum, bobbing his head in his lap as he polished his entire cock with his
warm mouth.
       Tyrone began showing signs of coming also, as he tightened his grip
of Shawn's waist and started fucking harder. Shawn groaned aloud around the
man's spent hard-on, unable to move as Ty fucked him up into the man's lap
with deep thrusts. Ty was not a man to be denied, especially when he was
about to nut. He fucked Shawn extremely hard, ramming all rock solid 12
inches of dark meat straight up my boy's backside until he started to cum,
shouting out loud as he quivered and shook like a mad cow.

"FUCK, I'M COMIN'...!" he yelled, ramming in one last
       Shawn lurched upward as Ty buried his cock. He could feel the big
dick pulsating inside him, hosing his innards with its first burst of the
       The man whose lap Shawn rested in reached and began jacking his
cock, shooting a second load all over Shawn's unexpected face.

"Wow..." said Joe, having watched the scene from behind the bar. "Looks
like you two could use a drink...!" he said, pouring up two beers.
       Tyrone slowly eased his foot long cock from Shawn's gripping hole
(the dying snake falling limply from his puckered anus) before getting
up. The men helped Shawn to his feet as the man who came twice bought Shawn
another beer. But before Shawn could even enjoy it (or clean the spent cum
off his face), the men ushered him into the back of the bar (his pants
tucked nicely under his ass cheeks, showing off his plump juicy just fucked

"Take off those clothes...!" they ordered, as Shawn began to strip
naked. Another long time patron, --Gary Singer (a lawyer of some sort)
pushed Shawn back to his knees, the pushed his crotch into his face. Shawn
reached up and pulled out the lawyer's 6" cock, then took it in his mouth
without second thought.

"Oh YEAH..." moaned the man, holding onto to either side of Shawn's head as
he started to fuck.
       Shawn's body was visible to the bar's audience from the neck down,
giving full frontal nudity as the man face fucking him had his back to the
bar. Everyone could see how excited Shawn was to be there (being used), his
stiff 7" cock rock hard and drooling pre-cum. Shawn was afraid to touch it,
as he could cum any second.
       The man currently fucking his face was ramming deep, holding his
head in his hands (over his ears) as he pumped his hips into his face,
fucking his mouth. He rammed his cock back and forth, watching it disappear
and reappear in and out of Shawn's oval lips. He fucked Shawn's mouth (and
throat) so rapidly, that spit began to drool from my son's lips, dripping
down over his chin and down onto his chest.
       The man was ruthless, fucking hard and fast as Shawn's face began
to redden from a lack of oxygen. But Shawn was a trooper if nothing
else. He stayed with the man, surrendering his mouth and throat as he
gargled and gagged, hoping the man would soon bestow him with his load. But
the man had no intentions of coming in Shawn's mouth. When he felt Shawn
starting to get the best of him, he shoved him back against the pool table,
off his cock. Shawn looked up at the man befuddled, the man's reddened cock
pulsing with desire, as if seconds away from spewing it's seed.

"Up on the table, bitch...!" ordered the lawyer.
       Shawn scrambled to comply, climbing to his feet as he began to turn
around, away from the man. "No..." said the man, stopping him. "...face
me!" he demanded. Shawn did as he was told, and sat on the edge of the pool
table, his legs spread as the man walked up in-between them.
       Staring Shawn in the face, the man aligned his reddened hard-on
between Shawn's ass cheeks, then pushed in. Shawn gasped as the man punched
all 6 thick inches inside with one shove. Wrapping his arms about Shawn's
waist (pulling him even closer to the edge), he began to fuck, thrusting
his hips as rapidly as he did when he face fucked. Shawn gasped and groaned
as he was fucked face to face, forced to stare the man straight in the
eye. The man's pants fell down around his ankles while he fucked, exposing
his flat but firm ass to the room. Everyone could see him fucking between
Shawn's legs, fucking him as he would a woman (with Shawn's bare legs
spread about him). Shawn rested back against his out stretched arms, which
supported his weight as his ass was fucked from the front. Lifting his legs
higher, he was able to give the man more angle in which to fuck. The man
obliged by fucking even deeper, the spent cum inside Shawn's rectum acting
as lubricant as his cock sped in and out. The fucking was hard but short,
only lasting a good 5 minutes before the man started to give in.

"uhh fuck..." he grunted in defeat, knowing he couldn't possibly hold out
much longer.
       Shawn (sensing a pending orgasm) began squeezing his anal muscles
tight, milking the man's plunging erection as it punched through his
gripping anus. "AWE FUCK...!" shouted the man, coming hard as he continued
thrusting, shooting great spurts of spunk with every inward stroke, coating
Shawn's insides with another strong dose of semen.
       Shawn waited as the man continued to pump well beyond his
orgasm. He fucked until his hard-on softened, then slowly pulled
out. Pulling up his pants, he slumped away as the next man walked up to the

"Mr Jansen...!" said Shawn aloud, recognizing one of his teachers.

"Hello Shawn..." smiled the homeroom teacher, a large bulge tenting his
brown corduroys. "...I must say I'm surprised to see you here..." he said,
stepping in-between the boy's spread legs. "...surprised..., but glad! How
often have you been coming here to get fucked...?"

"This is my second visit...!" said Shawn enthusiastically, staring down at
the teacher's lump.
       Mr Jansen used his finger to wipe some of the cum off Shawn's face,
then presented the drippy finger for cleaning. Shawn had forgotten his face
was a mess, and happily took his teacher's index finger in his mouth, and
sucked off the cum coating it.
       While the teacher looked mesmerized by Shawn's boldness, Shawn
reached down and unfastened the man's trousers (pulling out his 7"

"You know THIS is going to cost you to have to stay after class
sometimes..." said the man, as Shawn aligned his cockhead between his ass
cheeks, kissing it directly against his reddened (glossy) rosebud.

"I certainly HOPE so, mr Jansen..." said Shawn, as the teacher pushed
forth, sinking all 7 inches in one shot.
       Mr Jansen groaned as his cock was suddenly encased in my son's hot
ass (the strong anal ring enveloped him, then sucked softly at his cock
root as he lay lodged balls deep in wet velvety goodness). Jansen hadn't
felt anything so exquisite in a long time. Pulling back and forth, he
started fucking his honor roll student, sliding his cock in and out of his
cummy hole. Shawn moaned like a college whore, lifting his legs to give his
teacher deeper access. Mr Jansen wasn't the type to normally butt fuck
someone in a crowded bar, but he had been hearing the tales of a hot in the
ass student getting bang banged by a bar full of men from the moment he
entered the establishment. He had only intended to grab a few drinks before
heading home after school to finish grading papers. But when he heard that
the student would be back tonight for round-2, and that the boy's daddy
might also be up to get fucked, he just HAD to stay and see if he knew who
the young child whore was? One could have knocked him over with a spoon
when he saw Shawn Harris walk in with his father, then heard that the party
was about to start. Jansen still found it hard to believe, until he saw
Shawn fall to his knees up at the bar. Jansen's cock was rock hard the
entire time he watched Shawn suck and get fucked. He had no idea that the
handsome 9th grader was into cock, let alone into getting gang banged like
a common street whore He'd sum his pants without even touching himself when
he saw the black guy cum up Shawn's ass, and knew he HAD to have him after
he was taken up to the pool table by the last guy.
       Having recently cum, Jansen knew he would be able to last at least
10 minutes in the boy's famous pussy. He pushed Shawn down against the pool
table (on his back), holding onto his thighs while he fucked in and
out. Another patron found Shawn's moaning mouth too tempting to pass up,
and climbed up onto the table to present his own erect cock for
sucking. Shawn saw the cock aiming for his mouth, and meekly opened up to
receive. The man leaned in over his head (in pushup position), then started
doing pushups into Shawn's open mouth. Shawn sucked the 7" shaft as he
see-sawed through his mouth, fucking back and forth like a pendulum.

       Other guys started to swarm around, getting more lusted after
watching all the action. Someone else (one of Ty's trucker friends) climbed
up on the other side of the table, then started to slap his black cock
against Shawn's cheek. Shawn spit the current cock from his mouth, then
turned his head in the opposite direction and started sucking the second
one. This man also leaned in over Shawn's prone head and started doing
pushups into his mouth, sinking his entire cock (down to the knotty pubic
hairs) into Shawn's throat.
       Jansen had wagered his prior orgasm would able him to last
approximately 10 minutes in Shawn's ass before feeling the need to cum
again. However he underestimated the heat inside the boy's furnace ass
oven, as well as the slick wetness of the prior loads shot inside. He also
watched Shawn whore himself between two cocks, turning his head from side
to side to allow each man to face fuck his mouth and throat for 2 minutes
apiece, before pulling off and turning to the other. The two men waited
patiently for the other to finish face fucking, before resuming, picking up
where they left off.
       Jansen found himself starting to thrust harder into Shawn's ass,
slapping his pelvic bone into the boy's ass as it hung off the edge of the
table. Cum coated his plunging prick, oozing down the belly of his
thrusting shaft to drip off his hairy nut sac. The anal pussy he fucked was
so warm and slick, that he couldn't possibly hold onto his second load
longer than 5 minutes.

"AWW fuck...!" he shouted angrily, shooting off sooner than he thought.
       Digging his nails (painfully) into Shawn's thighs, he trembled and
shook as he came, firing round after heated round of hot molten cum into
his student's ass. Shawn milked the spurting shaft with his anal muscles,
unable to see his teacher's face as he came, while being face fucked by two
       Jansen pulled out of Shawn's asshole as the hole (beginning to leak
involuntarily) quickly resealed to keep the seed inside. Another man from
the night before (Willie) walked up between Shawn's spread legs, then
rammed his 6" wrist thick milk chocolate cock straight into the boy's hole.

"UUHHHMMPPPHH...!!" groaned Shawn (painfully) around the cock currently
ramming his mouth. He couldn't see who was fucking him, but he knew the
man's dick was as thick as the black truck drivers' who fuck him last night
       Willie waited as long as he could (watching 3 men fuck the boy's
hot pussy) before he felt the need to breed. He knew Shawn's cunt was
thoroughly coated in cum now, allowing for a wonderful fuck of his
bowels. With 3 loads of cum lubricating his rectum, Willie would be able to
pulverize the anal chute without fear of doing any real damage to the boy's
track, allowing his thick black prod to slide almost effortlessly inside
(almost). Of course Shawn felt a twinge of severe pain upon first
penetration, but Willie knew the boy's talented pussy would adjust, relax,
and stretch to accommodate him.
       Shawn felt the thick dick lodge in his bowels, then hold steady. He
was grateful that whoever it was fucking him, was letting his body adjust
to the shock before resuming his fuck. Sure enough, Willie started
thrusting back and forth (dragging Shawn's anal ring along the length of
his tool) as he started to set a low, easy pace. He was in no rush to
cum. He wanted to enjoy the boy's warm bowels (as he did the night before),
before finally fucking his father later on.

       Shawn felt the thick dick pulling back and forth through him,
stretching his anal ring as it moved slowly through out. The man fucking
Shawn's face was now slamming his pelvic pubes into his face, hammering his
cock in and out of his mouth. Shawn through the man was going to give up
the cum, when he suddenly pulled out and allowed the other man to resume
fucking. The second man turned Shawn's head in his direction, then rammed
his black cock forth. Shawn felt the cockhead penetrate his throat, before
the man started to thrust. He wrapped his lips about the moving shaft,
careful to keep his teeth covered to keep from accidently scratching the
tender surface.
       The second man face fucked Shawn's mouth and throat for well over 2
minutes, plunging his dick 8" deep with every plunge. Shawn was definitely
sure this man would cream his raw throat, when he too suddenly pulled
free. Frustrated, Shawn watched as both men (on opposite sides of him)
began slapping their dickheads against his lips. Shawn opened his mouth,
licking at the juicy heads as they beat upon his lips. The men fisted their
hard shafts, jacking their (close to erupting) cocks as pre-cum drooled
from their piss-slits. Shawn could taste the sweet pearly droplets coating
his taste-buds, making him desire something more salty and substantial.

"Give it to me..." he moaned, wanting, needing, (desperately yearning) for
the sweet cream his body craved.
       The two men groaned lustfully, pumping their cocks harder as they
stared down into the hungry boy's eyes. Shawn stared up at them, his eyes
revealing the central of his lust, his soft pink pouty lips already swollen
from a day of cock sucking, "...please..." he begged, already a master at
pleading to men's cum. "...give it to me..."

"AWWWW FFFUUUUCCKKKKK...!!!" groaned the black man, aiming his cockhead
down at Shawn's mouth as he shot a thick heavy load. Shawn felt the warm
cum coating his lips and tongue (bursting his taste-buds in nutty flavor),
just as the first man started to unload also...

"Shit kid..., here comes another one...!" he gasped, firing his own load as
       Shawn was still savoring the first nut, when the second one started
shooting across his face and lips. Shawn didn't know which way to turn
first. He simply lift his mouth open as the men pushed their spurting
dickheads inside. Their dickheads pulsed against one another, coating each
other's heads in the other's sperm. Shawn's searching tongue licked away
the cum bursts, his Adam's Apple bobbing rapidly as he swallowed the
combined juices, loving the volume shooting from both pricks.
       He was busy cleaning off the dicks when Willie started to fuck
faster, spurred on by watching the two men share his nasty mouth.

"Damn..." he said to the room... "...this boy's one cum guzzlin' nasty

"Would you have him any other way...?" asked the black guy feeding Shawn
his load.

"Hell naw...!" said Willie, climbing up onto the table with them.
       Shawn felt his body being scooted across the table as big Willie
pushed him into missionary position. Forcing Shawn's knees down against his
chest, Willie doubled the kid in two, leaving his asshole completely
vulnerable. Shawn knew he was in for a rough fucking when he recognized the
truck driver from last night, and braced himself.
       Willie leaned in over Shawn's cummy face, then rolled the boy back
until he was supported by his shoulder. With Willie now in pushup position,
he began humping his big brown ass up and down, sawing his thick cock in
and out of the boy's ass, allowing the entire bar to see his dark dick
sliding in and out of Shawn's red raw ass.

"Damn that's hot!" yelled a patron, stroking his cock at his seat, before
he started shooting his load all over.
       Willie thrust in and out of Shawn's ass, causing Shawn's inner anal
lining to cling to his girth. Whenever Willie pulled out, the lining would
be forced to excrete from Shawn's rectal ring, then slowly recede back
inside like a sucking hole. Everyone watching could see the thick cock
boring through my son's rectum like a bull. Someone reached up and touched
Shawn's hard cock, and caused him to accidentally shoot his load all over
his own face. Shawn opened his panting mouth, extending his tongue as he
tried to capture his own flying juices.

"Fuck..." said Willie, watching Shawn eat his own cum. Slamming all of his
weight down into his last thrust, he held his cock in deep as his meaty
balls began to contract. "UUUHHHHHHH...!" he groaned as he flooded Shawn
cunt with cum.

"Oh god..." groaned Shawn, feeling the cock hose his innards with its 4th
load of the night. I came out of the back room at that point, finding
Willie and Shawn on the pool table. My buddy Ron had just finished butt
fucking my ass, planting his seed in me for the first (but definitely not
the last) time. My spent cock (having cum while Ron fucked me) started to
fatten and harden, as I felt Ron's warm sperm starting to leak from my
seeping hole while I walked... (how embarrassing).


This was the second installment of MY SON ON THE BAR written by for Please feel free
to email him or me with your comments and questions, or join me
on for updates of this or any of my other titles.
Also look me up in Nifty's prolific author's section at the top of
Their home page for the full list of my titles. Thank you. --DOGG.
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