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Nifty - Gay - Incest - New Sissyboy

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 12:35:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Beautiful Creamer <>
Subject: The New Sissyboy

The New Sissyboy
By Beautiful Creamer

One -- Daddy's determination

Dwight Doomey watched his eleven-and-a-half-year-old son Jimmy sleep.

It was almost time to gently wake Jimmy up for school -- a task Daddy
Doomey had always enjoyed. Especially now that Jimmy had developed into
the prettiest, sexiest boy Daddy had ever seen.

Daddy loved his son Jimmy VERY much. It was a good thing too, since
Jimmy's no-good mother ran out on Jimmy and Daddy two years earlier.

Jimmy was a sweet boy. Sweet and gorgeous. A dangerous combination in a
young boy. Which worried Daddy. And told him that, when the time was
right, he needed to teach Jimmy "things."

That day it appeared that the time for "teaching moments" was at hand.

Daddy could see that Jimmy's sheets were drenched with what Daddy
suspected was Jimmy's first-ever creamy spurts. At school, they teach the
kids that it's a "nocturnal emission." Most people called it a wet dream.

Regardless, it was a major moment in Jimmy's life. And Daddy's.

Daddy knew that Jimmy's momentous discharge had fundamentally altered an
already precarious situation. For at least a year, maybe longer, men and
boys had been looking at Jimmy in "that way." They wanted not only to kiss
and lick and suck and fuck the beautiful, innocent angel. They wanted to
possess him. Which was difficult enough before Jimmy started producing his
own sweet boy's cream. Now that Jimmy was spunking, Daddy knew that his
little angel would be seeking varied and better ways to discharge his

So instead of just men and boys wanting Jimmy, Jimmy would soon want men
and boys.

A challenge for a loving parent such as Daddy.

It wasn't the "gay" part of that that bothered Daddy. Not at all. Daddy
fully understood that boys of Jimmy's beauty and sweetness were sought by
just about all men, gay and allegedly straight. No matter what stories men
told themselves so they could sleep nights.

He just didn't want Jimmy falling for the wrong sort of men and boys.
The "slam-bam-thank-you-young-man" crowd.

Daddy wanted Jimmy to experience love along with his sex. And not just
as a side dish. Love should be the main course.

So, Daddy reasoned, he would have to show Jimmy what sexual love was.

Daddy didn't want any medals or merit badges for what he was about to do.
Just doing his job as a good parent.

That morning, Jimmy stirred awake, as Daddy witnessed a fascinating
scene. Jimmy's eyes opened to the sight of his loving Daddy. A sight that
made Jimmy smile.

Jimmy loved his Daddy VERY much. Like many nights, he had just dreamed
about his Daddy, which made seeing Daddy when he woke up extra spe...


Jimmy realized that his pajama bottoms were all wet!


And there was a wet spot on his sheets too!

Jimmy wasn't a bed wetter. But it appeared he had wet the bed last
night. And Daddy could see it.

The shame!!!

He wanted his Daddy to love him. Not think he was some freaky little

More shame!!!

Daddy would be so disappointed in him, Jimmy just KNEW it. And Jimmy
hated disappointing Daddy.

How had the wetness happened?

Jimmy was having that wonderful dream. The one he had been having a lot
over the past few weeks. He and Daddy were on a beautiful beach. They
were walking along the sand, holding hands. Most nights, when Jimmy had
the dream, he was naked.

Why was he naked?

Jimmy didn't know. But it was very exciting to be naked with Daddy. So
exciting that when he awoke the morning after a "naked dream," his little
peter was all stiff and red.

Why was it stiff?

Jimmy didn't know.

Last night the dream had been different.

Daddy was naked too.

And his big mancock was stiff in the dream. Stiff because of seeing
Jimmy naked!

Jimmy was all flush and heated in his dream. Seeing Daddy like that.
Being all dream-naked himself. He felt funny "stirrings" as he slept.

Then it happened.

Dream Daddy told Dream Jimmy that he was beautiful.

And then Dream Daddy kissed him.

On the lips.

Which practically threw Dream Jimmy off the dream roof.

Sleeping Jimmy felt an amazing feeling in his tummy, then a surge of what
felt like magnificent relief.

After that, Jimmy didn't dream any more that night. He just slept.
Until he awoke to see Real Daddy. Smiling at Jimmy. Lovingly.

But now Daddy would think Jimmy was a bed-wetting little dork. Who would
never be worth kissing.

Or not.

"Looks like you had a wet dream, Sport," Daddy said. Getting to the heart
of things quickly.

A wet dream? Like they told Jimmy about in that hokey "sex ed" in

Daddy saw Jimmy's puzzlement and said, "It's perfectly natural. A young
man makes his boy's cream and keeps making it until he shoots it out. Then
he makes more. After a while, if he doesn't shoot it, he spurts it in his
sleep. Maybe while he's having a sexy dream."

Jimmy blushed. Did Daddy think Jimmy was having a sex dream? Oh,
please, don't let Daddy suspect what it was about!!!

Daddy smiled, but didn't press the issue. He did, however, sit next to
Jimmy, on the side of the bed, and say, "Can I see the damage? Just lower
your sheet. Please."

Expose himself "down there" to Daddy? Jimmy couldn't. Especially since
he was in a humiliatingly stiff condition.

But Daddy pressed on. "Don't be embarrassed. It happens to all guys.
The first time you make cream is a big deal. Making boy's cream means
you're not a child anymore. You're an adolescent now. You should be
proud. I'm proud of you."

Jimmy blushed again. That time from pride. He loved when Daddy praised

Daddy wanted to see the actual evidence that Jimmy was growing up. All
boys wanted to grow up. He just had to show Daddy. So he pulled his sheet
down to his knees. And blushed fire engine red as Daddy looked at his
creamy condition.

And Daddy didn't just look.

He unbuttoned Jimmy's pajama bottoms. Exposing Jimmy's stiff, throbbing,
skinned, four-inch pricklet. And dangling peanuts.

Daddy gasped.

It was the most beautiful sight of Daddy's life. A gorgeous boy's
gorgeous jewels. Coated by the succulent cream of his first orgasm.

Jimmy couldn't have been more embarrassed. Or more excited.

Daddy was looking at Jimmy's nakedness. And gasping. That was good
right? It meant he thought Jimmy was cute. Maybe even [blush] sexy. Or
maybe he gasped because there was something wrong with Jimmy!

Daddy dispelled that little paranoiac foray by saying, "You have a
beautiful penis and testicles, Sweetheart. It's been so long since I saw
them. I was just overwhelmed by their beauty."

That made Jimmy blush even more redly. And tremble. Daddy thought this
"package" was beautiful. Just as Jimmy had hoped. Just as in his dream.

Jimmy almost fainted when Daddy began to inspect Jimmy's first
"full-creamer." With his right hand!!

Daddy was touching Jimmy's cock and balls!!!! And doing something else
too. He was rubbing the slick, creamy stuff that Jimmy had produced all
over Jimmy's balls. Driving Jimmy wild. Daddy had to see the effect he
was having on Jimmy. Why did he keep doing it?

Daddy moved his creamy hands to the head of Jimmy's cock and explained
himself a bit. "Wet dreams are nice, Jimmy. But they're a signal to the
boy that he needs to find ways to `empty his peanuts' while he's awake.
I'm showing you one way to do that. Helping you. Do you like what I'm

Jimmy whimpered out a "Yes, Daddy."

Jimmy adored what Daddy was doing. It was even better than his dream.
Which scared Jimmy too. A lot.

Lust and fear were boiling poor Jimmy's blood. Making him pant and gasp
as Daddy expertly rubbed Jimmy's cockhead. Telling Jimmy how beautiful he
was. What a sweet boy he was.

Jimmy was overwhelmed by it all. It was so good, yet so bad. He was
enjoying an intimate sex moment with a man!! And that was wrong. Right?
The man was his father. And that was wrong. Right?

Anyone would agree that it was wrong.

So why did it feel so good?

Out-of-this-solar-system good.

Daddy was going to make Jimmy do that thing the boy had done in his
sleep. Something Jimmy had only half-experienced -- being asleep and all

Jimmy surrendered to its imminence. And to Daddy.

He could feel something building in his tummy. Something really nice.
REALLY nice. It was almost there.

And then...

Daddy leaned over and kissed Jimmy. Right on the lips. As he continued
to stroke the boy's cockhead.

Jimmy screamed. He couldn't help it. It was muffled by the kiss. But
he definitely screamed.

And spunked.

Definitely spunked.

In thick arcs.

Joyously hurled in loving tribute to his Daddy's love for him.


Jimmy was cumming. Shuddering thrills that stabbed his guts with joy.

For the first waking time in his life. And it was everything it was
supposed to be.

Except for the guilt part. Which came later for Jimmy. But never
arrived for Daddy.

Daddy had wanked Jimmy and kissed him. So why was Jimmy feeling all the
guilt? And what would happen next?

That appeared to be up to Daddy. That naughty rogue.

But Daddy didn't even let his cock breathe free air. All he did was say,
"Wow. You really enjoyed that, Sport. I'm happy that you did. Boys need
to `empty their bags' regularly. Especially boys as deliciously pretty as
you. I can help you do that. Now and then. Whenever you think you need
it. If that's OK with you."

Jimmy almost peed himself with excitement. The guilt washed away and was
replaced with a fresh coat of boyish lust.

Daddy wanted to do that wonderful thing again!?!?!?! Whenever Jimmy
wanted IT?

What if Jimmy wanted IT 20 times a day? IT was that awesome!

What if Daddy got all excited by helping Jimmy doing IT and wanted IT

Would Daddy expect Jimmy to pull down his father's zipper and fish out
his mannish cock?

Jimmy shuddered.

What would Daddy's cock be like? Jimmy couldn't remember ever seeing it.
He'd seen it bulging his pants, of course. Lots of times when Jimmy was
around. The bulge looked really big.

Jimmy had thought about Daddy's cock dozens of times. Imagining how big
and hot and hard it was. What it smelled like. Even [gasp] what it tasted

Jimmy worried about that sometimes. About being gay. And in love with
his Daddy. Neither of which suggested that he would be president when he
grew up.

Jimmy nodded shyly in agreement with Daddy's highly salacious suggestion.
Then the mood changed.

"OK, then." Daddy said. "You'll probably need IT when you get home from
school this afternoon. But now you need to shower and get ready for

So Jimmy did. All the while wondering what was the license number of
that 18-wheeler that just hit him.

Two -- Daddy's temporary relief

Daddy sent a very aroused and disturbed Jimmy off to school that morning.
Watched him meet his friend Todd and take off walking. As they did every

Poor Daddy's already sore balls ached at the sight. That Todd was a
pretty little thing. Almost as cute as Jimmy. The way those boys wiggled
their plump little bottoms as they "sissied" to school! It was a wonder
they hadn't been attacked by wild packs of boylovers.

Daddy wondered if Todd and Jimmy were already sucking each other's pretty
little cocks.

Daddy doubted that.

He also wondered if Todd and his Daddy were...

That was possible. But Daddy doubted that too.

Daddy's lush, cum-drenched fantasies were full of scenes where he was not
only fucking Jimmy's plump ass, but also Todd's.


Dreams with Jimmy would be satisfied soon enough. Daddy was sure of
that. Especially after Jimmy's "enthusiasm" earlier that morning.

But Daddy had an immediate problem. Immediate and urgent. His balls
were getting very achy and painful. Time for some relief.

Daddy worked from home, so he had several opportunities during the day to
consult his "library" as he called it. A collection of cum-stained
magazines. A complete collection of "Sissy Boy," of course. The only
magazine for men who ached for the sexual comfort of the delicious young

Daddy sought an issue appropriate for current events. Hmmm. That one
should do.

The latest of the annual "Creamy Panties" issues.

Daddy loved those.

Gorgeous, very young boys displaying the "fruits of their passion" by
drenching their delicious, satiny, diaphanous panties. Panties with
inviting openings located and sized for ease of anal insertion of even the
thickest cock. So the panties didn't need to be removed -- even for

Daddy stripped naked and lay on his bed on his back. He held the June 12
issue of the weekly smut classic in his hand and considered the cover. A
delectable, ravishingly beautiful, 11-year-old boy wearing very brief, very
sheer, see-through, baby-blue panties. Smiling at the camera through a
face glazed with a monstrous load of man's cream. His cock and balls,
clearly visible through the panties, clotted and soaked by a tsunami of the
boy's creamy juices.

Daddy admired the boy's compelling charms. He was an angel of
love. Perfect. Though not as beautiful as Daddy's own boy, Jimmy. Whom
Daddy would be fucking for real soon enough.

Daddy was sure of that.

But that was later. His balls ached then. So he lubed his cock
liberally, then turned the page.

A brief montage of the cover boy, called Tommy, and his equally cutie-pie
friend Johnny. The boys were leaving school and Tommy said, "Want to come
over to my house and make `creamy panties?' It'll be fun!" Johnny eagerly
agreed and the following pages showed the boys stripping to their panties,
which they had been wearing under their school clothes all day. Daddy
wondered what their teachers would have done if they knew.

Probably what Daddy would have done with the little dolls, he thought.

Further pages revealed the lovely boys kissing and rubbing pantied cocks
until, inevitably, they filled their little "teasers" with rich, thick


Daddy was feeling "early twitches" in his nutbag as he reached his
favorite part. Tommy's Daddy appeared unexpectedly at Tommy's bedroom
door. The boys, who were kissing and rubbing their slick, restiffened,
wet-pantied cocks to a near-second orgasm were terrified when they were

Both boys screamed. But neither lost his erection. Johnny said to
Tommy's Daddy, "What are you going to do? Are you going to FUCK us?????"

That was the part that made Daddy cum. In thick, creamy ropes.

It was always the "payoff part." Daddy loved the thought that,
confronted by exposure as a cum-drenched, gay little sissyboy, Jimmy first
thought wasn't about exposure. It was whether the man who could expose him
would want to fuck him. And fuck his own son as well.

That was the world that Daddy wanted to live in,

He soon would.

Three -- The new sissyboy and his sissyboy friend

Jimmy and Todd took their usual route to school that day and got the
usual stares from men who all seemed to be out watering their lawns at that
time every day. Jimmy hadn't really noticed them before. That day he did.
He found himself wondering about the men. What did they want from him --
an innocent, young boy? And what did he want from them?

More than he had yesterday, Jimmy knew that much.

"Earth to Jimmy," he heard his best friend Todd say. "Are you all

Todd and Jimmy had been best friends since the 4th Grade. They were
probably the two sissiest boys in their school. Which bothered neither of
them. They just stuck together and grew closer. Oddly, though they had
talked about a full range of topics, they had never discussed sex in
anything other than the broadest terms, such as, "Did you see that Mary
Jane Kupps is growing boobs?" Which would make them both giggle.

That day, Jimmy had things that he just had to discuss with someone. New
things. Important things. So he began telling his best friend.

"I spurted boy's cream today."

There. He said it.

Todd stopped walking and looked Jimmy in the eyes. Jimmy's friend smiled
broadly and said, "Awesome! What a lucky duck! I can't wait until I start
spurting. Daddy says then we can..."

Todd stopped talking abruptly. It was clear that he believed he had said
too much.

Jimmy felt Todd had said too little. What was going on with Todd and his
Daddy? "What's going on with you and your Daddy, Todd? If you tell me,
I'll tell you what my Daddy and I did this morning."

Ah. The classic, "You show me yours and I'll show you mine" approach.
Very effective.

Todd bit his lip, then decided that a BFF deserves all the news, even if
he made a solemn, hope-to-die pledge to say nothing to anyone ever. "My
Daddy and I have been, well, kissing and stuff. When Mom's at the store.
Or volunteering. And Daddy says we can do a lot more...maybe
EVERYTHING...when I start making boy's cream."


Jimmy wasn't alone.

Todd had a randy Daddy too.

Jimmy wondered what Todd meant by "kissing and stuff." So he asked him.

Todd blushed fiercely and looked very disturbed about "telling."

"Let's keep walking or we'll be late for school. I told you something
already. No more until you tell me something."

Jimmy started walking again, took a deep breath and said. "I had a wet
dream last night. Daddy saw it and said I was an adolescent now and not a
child. So I would need to make boy's cream a lot or get sick or something.
And then he rubbed the cream I had shot all over my balls and stiffie. He
kissed me too. And made me spurt my guts out. I'm still shaking. Then he
said he would do that for me whenever I wanted. Your turn."

Todd stopped walking. He didn't care if he was late for school. This
was historic. "Your Daddy wanked you off? Oh my goodness. Your Daddy is
gorgeous and he's in love with you. You don't have a mom so you two won't
get caught. You'll be doing `everything,' starting probably tonight. You
are SO lucky!!!"

What was everything? And why wouldn't Todd tell him? Todd did admit
that he had voluntarily stroked his Daddy off as they were kissing.
Several times. And made his Daddy spurt in huge volume. More than Mommy
made him spurt, Todd's Daddy said. "My Daddy strokes me off every night,
hoping I'll make cream, so we can do `everything.' I have these awesome
orgasms, just like they taught us in school. But no cream. Though I've
been dripping pretty heavily the past few times and Daddy says that means
we're almost there."

Jimmy asked, "What's `everything?'"

Todd frowned. "Daddy won't say. But he says it's awfully nice."

It sounded awfully nice to Jimmy.

Four -- Almost everything

Jimmy was scared and aroused as he walked home that day after school.

His senses had been heightened all day. For the first time, he began to
FEEL the power of his attractiveness. He FELT men sizing him up. Lusting
for him. He FELT boys lusting for him. Which was why his ears were hot
all day. And his little peter was all stiff and drippy.

He didn't know what he would have done if it hadn't been for Todd.
During lunch period Todd and Jimmy had met in a boy's room stall. The boys
were VERY overheated as they dropped their pants and fumbled with each
other's cocks.

Todd was much better at cockstroking, having practiced extensively with
his Daddy. Jimmy was the better kisser -- he was a natural.

Yes, the best friends kissed as they wanked each other. Frantically
seeking the relief they craved.

It took only six glorious minutes for Jimmy to heave his guts out in a
creamy spurt. He would have screamed much louder if Todd weren't sucking
his tongue at spurt time.

Oh, it was delicious for both of the young beauties. Then it got better.

Moments after Jimmy's gusher, Todd felt something new and fabulous.
Something was happening. Something monumental.

In an agony of delight, Todd spunked out his first sweet dose of boy's

Three small glops. But real sperm and semen.

And an orgasm that caused graves to open at a cemetery three blocks away.

Todd squealed throughout his red-letter moment. Which could have been
awkward, had any other boy been within earshot. But no one was.

Well, "best friends forever" had taken on new meaning.

As had the pact they made to never reveal that Todd's first "creamy" had
occurred under Jimmy's tender care -- not his Daddy's. Todd would act
surprised when he "made milk" that evening with his Daddy. When his Mom
was out.

Maybe Todd would be getting "everything" that very evening.

Maybe Jimmy would too.

He opened his front door, wondering whether Daddy would be grabbing him
or something. Then pulling down his pants and making him spurt. The way
Todd had in the boy's room.

That would be wonderful!!!

But Daddy acted as if everything was "normal." As if nothing had
happened between them that morning.

Nice greeting. Normal hug. Milk and cookies. Small talk about each
other's day.

Then..."Jimmy, you can go out and play if you want and do your homework
later. Or you can do your homework now. Or, if you feel you need it, we
could take care of that little need we talked about this morning."


Jimmy blushed and trembled a bit. Then selected Door Number Three.

"I think I need your help with that again, Daddy," he said. "I've felt
achy all day."

That last part was true, except for the lunch period. Where his ache
went away for a while.

Daddy smiled and nodded. "All right. Good. Well. Let's go upstairs
then and get comfortable.

Which, it turned out, meant going to Daddy's bedroom and Daddy asking
Jimmy to "take your clothes off, Honey. All of them. It's much better
that way."


In front of his Daddy!?!?

Just like in his dream.

Oh my.

He couldn't.

Could he?

He could.

Because he wanted to be naked with Daddy. Just like in his dream.

Slowly, carefully, Jimmy removed his clothes. Daddy was watching and
Jimmy knew it.

Jimmy took off his shirt and undershirt, revealing his creamy shoulders
and puffy nipples to his Daddy. Who had those lumpy pants again and was
breathing sort of funny,

Then Jimmy took his shoes and socks off, showing Daddy his pretty feet
and toes. Wiggling them a bit to make Daddy even "lumpier."

Then the pants. Oh my. The pants. Revealing Jimmy's long, slender
legs. And the stiff "point" in his underpants. That told Daddy that Jimmy
was enjoying himself.

They both enjoyed themselves when Jimmy removed the last item -- the tiny
white jockeys. And showed Daddy his stiff "condition" and pretty jewels.

Daddy was breathing so excitedly that Jimmy was worried about having to
call the paramedics. Daddy sat in his bedroom's big stuffed chair and
beckoned for Jimmy to sit on his lap. In all his boyish, naked glory.

Jimmy was very "hot all over" when he sat on Daddy's lap for the first
time since he was a little boy and Daddy read him stories.

Daddy wasn't telling stories that lovely afternoon. He was doing great

Like carefully, lovingly skinning Jimmy's fat, little cockhead as he told
the boy, "I love you so much, Jimmy. You know that, don't you?"

Jimmy whimpered affirmatively.

Satisfied with his answer, Daddy bent over and began to lick and suck
Jimmy's left nipple as he teased and tormented his son's oh-so-tender
cockhead with his skilled fingers.

Oh, Daddy!!

Jimmy surrendered completely to Daddy's ardent love.

Daddy sensed Jimmy's sexual surrender and was thrilled with it.

Then Daddy upped the ante.

Poor Jimmy was "getting close" and wasn't happy when Daddy stopped
nipple-licking and cock-stroking and told the boy to stand.

But he did it. And was glad he did.

Daddy sat as Jimmy stood facing him. Jimmy's stiff, skinned, red-headed,
aching, throbbing cock was at Daddy's mouth level. Daddy leaned forward
and consumed its loveliness with his entire mouth.

Jimmy gasped!

This was way better than fingers!

Daddy's wet tongue was rubbing all over Jimmy's tenderest spots. His
little balls were sending out "here it comes" signals. Strong ones. Which
Jimmy ignored as he submitted to Daddy's sweet mouth.

Licking. Sucking. Then, as a little "extra-spicer," Daddy reached
behind Jimmy and rubbed the tips of his fingers between Jimmy's bottom
cheeks. From top to bottom.


That did it.

Big, spunky spurts. Into Daddy's eager mouth.

Was Daddy "drinking" it?

He was!!!

How sexy was that?

Swallowing Jimmy's sperm!!!

Jimmy fully realized at that moment that Daddy really did love Jimmy.

When Jimmy returned to our solar system, he realized that he should do
something for Daddy.

Maybe something similar to what Daddy had just done for him.

But how?

Maybe if Jimmy got onto his knees, Daddy would get the picture.

Daddy did.

The mega-randy man lifted his bottom, slid his pants to his ankles, then
leaned back in his chair. To enjoy a lovely treat. Beginning with Jimmy's
reaction to his first sight of mancock.



Were he and Daddy really both humans? Their cocks were so different.

Daddy's prick was massive. With purple veins and a pee-slit that
constantly drooled sticky goo. His testicles were the size of tennis balls
and his scrotum was a mass of wrinkles and hair.

Jimmy's pricklet was tiny and girlish, with a ballbag that resembled a
little, pink, sissy purse.

It was almost as if they were different genders -- Man and sissyboy.

Sissyboy was about to suck his first man.

The man awaited.

The boy began with soft, sissyish kisses all along the shaft. Daddy's
groan of lust said, "Good start, Jimmy."

When he reached Daddy's cockhead, Jimmy decided that, since he probably
couldn't have taken the entire beast into his little mouth, he would lick
it like an ice cream cone. So he did.

Daddy's deeper groans said, "Really nice, Jimmy."

Jimmy cuddled Daddy's fat balls in his soft hands as he licked and kissed
Daddy's cock in a manner most pleasing to Daddy. Acting purely on
instinct, Jimmy gave Daddy's peehole a tonguing that most men merely dream

Daddy soon paid novice Jimmy a compliment that could only be interpreted
in one way. He cried out (manfully, of course) and shot seven thick,
creamy ropes all over a surprised, but delighted Jimmy's face and hair.
Then watched as the creamy goodness slithered down to cover Jimmy's neck,
shoulders, chest and biceps.

Jimmy had worked hard for his "sissyboy's big reward" and deserved every
spunky drop. So he began licking it off of himself wherever he could reach

Daddy assisted with those hard-to-reach spots, such as Jimmy's face and
hair. Which led to a magnificently cummy kiss. Then another. And many

The new sissyboy and his Daddy slid into a sixty-nine that was meant not
for climaxes, but for penile renewal.

New stiffies produced, the loving couple addressed each other for further

Daddy had Jimmy lean over the side of Daddy's bed. Jimmy's feet were on
the floor and his beautiful, boyish, butt buns were facing Daddy.

The man knelt behind Jimmy and, much to his son's delight, began to kiss
Jimmy in several naughty places. He laid soft, lip caresses on Jimmy's
plump "globes." Then he licked the little crevice at the top of Jimmy's
"separation" crack.

That was exciting. But then Daddy held Jimmy's bottom cheeks apart,
things got really interesting. Daddy kissed his way down Jimmy's "most
secret places" until he reached the "one spot" where all sissyboys want
their Daddy's to kiss and lick.

His little, wrinkled boyhole!

Jimmy was blushing just at the thought of Daddy just seeing the place
where Jimmy pooped. But when Daddy began to kiss and lick it, Jimmy saw
the birth of the universe. And Daddy's sheets got the best kind of

Jimmy's orgasm didn't slow Daddy down one bit. In fact, it spurred him
on. Making him "excavate" Jimmy "down there" with Daddy's thick, long
tongue, until Jimmy was squealing like a little sissyboy's sissyboy.

Daddy showed no mercy until the pain in his own testicles dictated
action. The man pronounced Jimmy ready, spat on his hand to add lubricant
to his already well-pre-cummed cock, stood up, aligned his cock with
Jimmy's boypussy and, before Jimmy could say, "let me out of here," impaled
his son on his Daddy's huge cock.

It was a good thing Daddy had closed the windows. Otherwise, emergency
vehicles from three neighboring counties would have appeared.

Jimmy screamed. More from surprise than pain. But he screamed.

What pain there was became dissipated when Jimmy felt the first pressure
on his prostate -- an accessory he didn't even know he possessed.

Daddy's cock rubbing Jimmy's prostate. As he "gave himself" to Daddy.




A new sissyboy learning about pleasure in the accelerated program.

Grunting as Daddy fucked him. Feeling as if he were hanging desperately
onto a cliff. By his fingernails. Avoiding falling. And then letting go.

Becoming who he was.

Letting his prostate make him happy.

Cumming his pretty little guts out. As Daddy gave him a sperm enema.

And this was only Jimmy's day one as a sissyboy.

Men of the world, rejoice!

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"Sissyboy Shooting Lessons (gay adult youth) December 4, 2008
"Sissyboy Spunk Party" (gay incest) December 9, 2008
"Stepson Seduction" (gay incest) December 13, 2008

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