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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Pervert Dad - Pervert Dad 1

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 16:57:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: charles tyrrell <>
Subject: Pervert Dad Part 1

Roger had a beautiful 12 year old son. Sonny was slender and had the body
of a dancer. Long blond hair, full lips, puffy nipples and a hairless
body. Hairless because Roger shaved his son's slender legs and pubic area,
large cock and full balls.

This suited him because he lusted after young boys, very young boys in
fact. His own son even made it better. Sonny had a full sized adult cock
that was always hard. This because Roger had him on a Viagra diet.

It all started after his wife left them and Roger had Sonny sleep with him.
They slept nude and Roger loved to kiss and hold his beautiful young son.
This unleashed his most perverted desires.

Sonny's hormons hit hard at about the same time as the Viagra diet. Almost
every night Sonny had a wet dream. A big wet dream against his father's
skin. This was a turn on for his father waking in his son's sticky cum.

Roger always walked around in the nude and made sure Sonny noticed his
horny swollen hanging cock. And Sonny did notice. As the hormons
increased Sonny started masturbating more and more and didn't hide his
stiff cock from his father. He wanted to masturbate in front of his father
but hadn't so far. But he needed to parade nude in front of his father, or
anyone for that matter. It made him feel sexy showing his cock off.

One night Roger woke because the bed was shaking. Sonny was moaning and
jacking so hard the bed shook. He turned the light on and Sonny looked him
right in the eye and blew his load all over his father's hard cock and
belly. Sonny wanted his father to see him jack off.

Roger told his son that was fucking hot and now it was his turn and his son
watched as his father jacked off with a stream of cum splashing on his son.
He said he loved watching Sonny beat off and Sonny said his dad was also
fucking hot.

As they lay side by side, sticky with cum Sonny told his dad that he was so
fucking horny lately that the thought of trying another cock made him crazy
with lust. He asked his dad if he thought he was queer and if he was
ashamed of him. Roger said he loved him no matter what he thought or
needed. Maybe he could help him experience homosexual orgasms.

That gave Roger an idea, a very perverted idea. Sonny was crazy horny and
Roger knew that a lot of old perverts would pay for a good looking young
boy like Sonny. Besides, if truth be known, it excited him to think of his
little boy being fucked by strangers.

He took his son in his arms and kissed him, his son's tongue shooting into
his mouth. My! The little fucker was hot and horny, cock hard again.

Roger said he thought that Sonny should follow his homosexual desires and
see what he thought. He had heard the rather elderly minister of the
church that they didn't attend often liked boys and that might be a place
to start. They plotted Sonny's first trial run at the minister.

Roger called the minister and made an appointment to discuss a possible
problem with his son Sonny. A date and time was set.

The minister met Sonny at the door of the rectory and took his hand and
lead him to his office and closed the door. Seeing how Sonny was dressed
gave the minister a swelling cock problem. He placed a "Don't Disturb,
Counselling" sign on the handle.

Roger had dressed Sonny in a loose fitting cotton muscle type shirt showing
his alert puffy nipples and loose cotton shorts that were thin and showed
his impressive bulge. They had both jacked off in the lacey girly bikini
panties for Sonny's cock to lay in.

The minister had Sonny sit facing him, very close. He placed his hands on
Sonny's thin shoulders and asked how he could help. Sonny pretended to be
embarrased, looked down and started to cry.

The minister pulled Sonny to him, kissed him on the forehead and told him
to tell him anything, anything at all. Sonny said that lately something
was happening to him. He had naughty thoughts and had to releave himself
by masturbating which was probably a sin. Sonny peaked and the old pervert
had a wet spot in his trousers.

The minister asked about his naughty thoughts and Sonny said that while
masturbating he thought of older experienced men masturbating and cuming.
Sonny got up and put his arms around the minister, pretending to cry, and
said he was so ashamed and thought he had just cum in his underware. He
just knew that a man of God would be offended.

"Oh no my dear boy, the minister said, a man of God is not offended by
anything. Please take you shorts off and let me see your condition." Now
Sonny knew he had the old pervert.

Sonny removed his shorts and the minister gulped with unholy desire as he
feasted his eyes on the boy's stiff cock soaking in cum in the lacey
panties. The minister asked Sonny to remove his soaked panties so he could
clean him up. He took the panties to the toilet and put them to his mouth,
sucking the boy's cum. He was frantic to seduce this "innocent" boy as he
had others in the past years.

He returned to find the beautiful boy totally naked, stiff cock dripping a
stream of pre cum and rubbing his stiff nipples. He knelt between Sonny's
spread legs and started to wash the sticky cum from his rigid cock. Sonny
pushed his pelvis forward and suddenly his cock was in the minister's mouth
pumping streams of cum down his throat.

The minister stood, cum dripping from his lips and freed his old hanging
cock from his trousers saying, "Please help me. I need to cum."

The minister ramed his flacid cock in his mouth and Sonny sucked him until
he was hard. Probably the first time in years. The minister collapsed
after actually getting hard and cuming in Sonny's mouth.

Sonny started screaming, "What have you done? I came for help and you
seduced me. I need to call my father, you fucking pervert." The minister
was horrified and afraid he would end up in jail, his ministry and
reputation ruined.

While Sonny pretended to cry the minister grabbed a bunch of cash from the
church's fund for helping abused children and begged Sonny to take it and
forget the whole "mistake." Sonny grabbed the cash and ran from the
church, stuffing the money in his wet panties.

As he ran home his cock was getting hard. He burst in the door and into
his dad's arms. He said, "Kiss me." Roger did and tasted cum. He watched
Sonny undress and pull a wad of cash and his rigid cock from his cum filled

They both undressed and were stroking their wet cocks side by side in bed
as Sonny kissed his dad again and whispered his story in his ear.

"I love you daddy, what a fucking good idea you had. The old mother fucker
let me tell my story and had me undress and give him my cum filled panties.
He left and I know he licked the cum from my soaked panties. Then he came
back and started to clean my cock and I stuck my prick in his mouth and he
fucking sucked me off. Then the old pervert said to help him cum and I
sucked his flacid old cock hard and fucking gave him a blow job. Then I
pretended to be hysterical and the fucker gave me all this money and I
left. Oh daddy, I love sucking cock and making money for us too. I think
I'm a fucking whore and I need to do more."

They were both so horny and hot that they watched each other jack their
fuckers and blow cum all over each other. They went to sleep in their wet
sheets in each other's arms.

In the morning Roger told Sonny that he had a good friend who worked at a
mental institution for child molesters who had extreeme sexual fantasies
and were a danger to children. Also that his friend was corrupt and
looking to make extra bucks.

Roger called his friend Glen and Glen said the patients would pay big bucks
for boys who dressed as girls. Said they could all get rich.

Roger went shopping with the minister's money and came back with clothes
that would make them rich. Roger asked Sonny again if he was into
perverted derranged sex and Sonny said the dirtier the fucking better.

Roger braided Sonny's long blond hair into pigtails, dressed him in a thin
cotton blouse showing his puffy tits, short hip hugging blue skirt that
showed off his flat belly and slender legs, wet bikini panties that barely
held his swollen leaking cock, knee high white stockings, saddle shoes and
just enough make up to make him look like a girl who was ready to fuck.

Glen let them in a back door of the institution that was supossed to be
locked and to his office. Sonny twirled around and showed off his school
girl outfit and then lifted up the skirt and let Glen see his cum soaked
cock in the panties. Sonny said, "Gee mister, would you suck a horny girl
off? A feebie before I let the fucking perverts have my tender body?"

Roger was nude and jacking as he watched his friend suck his baby off.
Sonny was obscenely fucking Glen's mouth and telling him his perverts
better be ready for some nasty fucking. Glen wiped Sonny's cum from his
mouth and said this should be fucking hot. He and Roger would watch
through the one way glass and let Sonny through the locked door into the
day room, full of horny perverts.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Pervert Dad - Pervert Dad 1