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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Punishment

Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 16:53:40 EDT
Subject: Punishment

This story involves (mm) incest. If this story is illegal where you live,
please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story!


My name is Greg Freeman. This is a story that happened to me when I was
fifteen. One weekend I went to stay with my dad. My dad's name is Devon
Freeman. My parents got a divorced when I was nine.

Anyway, earlier that week I had gotten into trouble in school and on top of
that I talked back to my mom. My dad heard about it, and he was angry. I
tried to explain what happened but he wasn't having it. He told me that he
has had enough of my misbehaving and that I was going to be punished. He
ordered me to take off my pants. I was terrified. I felt his hand on my
ass, and I thought he was going to whip my ass. I was wrong!

The next thing I knew was that he was spreading my ass cheeks open. I felt
a wet finger being forced in my ass. I screamed out, "Dad, what are you
doing?" Dad replied by saying, "I am teaching you a lesson. After I am
finish with you, you will know right from wrong." "But Dad...", I said. He
wasn't listening. He continued to finger fuck my ass. I didn't know what
to think. I was straight. I dated and fucked a different girl every week
and yet I was starting to enjoy to pleasure my dad was given me.

Suddenly, the finger fucking stopped and then I felt something large poking
at my ass. I looked around to see what it was and then I saw it. It was
my dad's dick! It was so huge! I know now that it was eight inches long
and two inches thick. Anyway, with one thrust, my dad lunched that monster
in me. I yelled in pain. My dad put his hand over and my mouth. He then
whispered in my ear that the pain would soon go away. He kept thrusting in

Slowly, the pain went away. I was starting to enjoy this rape I was
getting. I couldn't believe it how much fun man sex could be. I started
to moan. Out of nowhere I yelled, "Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me like you would
do one of your bitches!" My dad really started to fuck me. The more he
fuck me the more I moaned. I was awesome.

"Oh son, here it comes! The same seed that made you." With that said, my
dad gave me my "punishment". It felt so good having dad come in me. After
he was finish coming, he took out of me and told me that he hoped I'd
learned my lesson. I said, "Yes, sir."

The moment he left the room, I took my dick in my hand and stroked it until
I busted the biggest nut I have ever busted. After that encounter, my dad
and I had plenty more "punishment" sessions. We still have them today.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Punishment