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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Raunchy Son

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 21:25:42 +0000
From: Jorge Grossao <>
Subject: adult-youth/raunchy-son (not a series)

by Jorge Alvarez

Dear Grossao, thank you for posting Josman's pictures in your blog, They're so hot! I've always had a thing
for younger guys, since I was a sergeant in the Marines. I've fucked quite a
few young studs there and when I quit the Corps I became a highschool
football coach, so I always have a good stable of hot young jocks to fuck.

But I'd never thought sexually about my own son. That was until I saw those
Josman pics, especially My Wild and Raunchy Son. Looking at those hot scenes
between father and son, something clicked and I started to look at my boy in
a different way.

Justin is 16 and very athletic, big and strong like me. I'm very hairy, but
he's smooth. His butt is gorgeous, two big round melons begging to be
fucked. His cock is large like mine, though not as thick. I watch him in the
shower and then I have to beat my meat. I'm going crazy, horny as hell for
my own son...

Then one day I leave the page with Josman's pics open in the computer. It
works. Justin sees them and I watch him, hidden in a closet. He's beating
his meat! He's moaning:

"Yeah, daddy, fuck me! Give me your big dick, daddy, fuck your little boy,
fuck me..."

Damn, he's horny for me! I beat my meat in the closet and I hear Justin
cumming, begging me to fuck him. I cum too. I don't want to surprise him
right now, it might scare him. I have to plan this. I'm going to fuck my own
son, and he's going to beg for it.

The next day, with my wife safely away at work, I call Justin to take a
shower with me when he gets home from school.

"Wash daddy's back, son, please. Mmmm, you do it so good... Look at that, I
even got a hardon... Give daddy a hand, will you, Justin?"

"What do you mean dad?"

"Oh, come on boy, haven't you ever jacked off another guy?"

"No! Isn't that queer?"

"What?! You must be kidding. In the Marines we do it all the time".

"Really? I... I don't know..."

"Your dick is saying something different. Look how hard it is. He wants to

I grab Justin's cock and start beating it. He's so surprised, his jaw drops.
He stares at my own, much thicker cock. Daddy's dick. The one he's been
drooling for in his solitary jackoff sessions. He just has to move his
hands, and my big hard meat is his to play. Justin shudders all over as he
touches another cock for the first time.

"Wow... You're so thick... Look at those veins... Will I get those too?"

"Your cock is beautiful as it is, son. So smooth... You're smooth all over,
like a baby... I hope you stay like that when you grow older... So nice..."

I'm beating my son's meat with one hand and fondling his hot young body with
another. He's using both hands to jack me off, and my cock is so thick he
can't close them around the shaft. He's moaning loudly, panting, I have to
hold him or he might fall.

"Isn't that great, son, to beat each other like that, huh? You know what, in
the Corps some guys like to do something else, when they feel the other
guy's about to cum".

"Yeah daddy, yeah, I'm almost cumming daddy. What is it?"

"They suck the other guy's dick. Do you mind if I do that to you, son?"

"Yeah daddy, do it, daddy, please, suck my dick, I'm cumming daddy".

I go down on my son's shooting cock. He cums wildly, hot jets filling my
mouth. I have to swallow quickly, I don't want to miss a single drop of my
son's first load in daddy's mouth. So delicious, his young semen.

"Now, won't you return daddy the favor?"

"You want to me to suck your dick for you, daddy?"

"Not if you don't want to, son..."

Justin doesn't have to be begged. He goes down on dad's big hard dick, opens
wide and swallows the head. He must have been training for this in his
daydreams, for he does it well.

"Oh yeah, suck daddy's dick... You do it so well, son... Yeah, lick around
the head, now gulp it down, further down your gullet, take the whole cock,
it's huge huh? You love daddy's big dick, don't you, son? Oh, your throat is
so tight... So hot... Fuck, baby, daddy's gonna cum... in your throat...
Take it... Swallow daddy's cum... The seed that made you... Oooooh... I'm
cumming, baby..."

Damn that's so hot. Cumming in my boy's gullet makes me even hornier. I have
to fuck him now. But let him beg. Justin stands up and I kiss him, tasting
my own cum deep in his mouth.

"Oh daddy, that's so good. You know, I've been wanting this for a long time
now. You don't think I'm gay for wanting to have sex with you, do you, dad?"

"No son, not at all. Look at you, you're so masculine. You'll be a perfect
Marine if you decide to join. Dady's so proud of you, Justin".

"Oh daddy, I love you so much... I've been beating my meat thinking of
you... a lot! Then the other day I saw the pictures you were looking at... A
father fucking his son... So hot! I thought... Daddy likes that... Who
knows... he might want to..."

"Want what, son? Say it... I want to hear you say it!"

"Oh daddy... Please... Fuck me!"

"You don't have to ask, son, I'm so horny for you I can't think of anything
else. I know you want it as much as I do, don't you?"

"Yesss, daddy, yess. I want you to kiss my butt and stick your tongue
inside... Yeah, just like that... Oh my god, it feels so good, daddy, your
fat tongue working my asshole... Getting me ready for daddy's dick... Oh
daddy, you're such a horny stud... I want you to mount me, to fuck me silly,

"Yeah baby, you're so sweet, such a sweet boy's ass..."

"Have you fucked many boys, dad?"

"Quite a few..."

"How can they take a dick as thick as yours?"

"Oh, I know my way around a tight asshole, son. You're gonna see..."

"Daddy, I'm scared. Is it going to hurt a lot?"

"Only if you resist. If you trust daddy and let me do it, it's going to feel
wonderful. Just a little burning sensation in the beginning, that's all".

"OK, daddy, I'm ready. Fuck me!"

I've never been so horny in my life. I have to be careful not to hurt my son
but I feel the urge to shove my cock up his ass. It's hard to control
myself, he's so hot! So raunchy. He looks gorgeous, with his hands on his
knees, bending at the waist, ass thrust out, big buttocks open to show me
the tiny pink rosebud, my boy's virgin ring that I'm going to break with my
thick fucker.

I lock the throbbing head in position between my son's butt cheeks. He looks
back, anxious, feeling the first contact of my big dick with his quivering
hole. He tightens up, he's scared. So I give him a hard slap on the butt,
with both hands. He yells and jumps. But the surprise makes his pucker open
up and I shove the head in.

Justin screams.

"Fuck, you said it wouldn't hurt! You're killing me! Ayyyyyeee!"

My boy is crying, so sweet, but he can cry whatever he wants, I'm in. I grab
his hips and shove a few inches more. His ring is stretched to the limit,
I'm really too thick for a virgin boy, but what the hell, there must always
be a first time. He'll get used.

"Damn, you're so tight. Loosen up a little bit, baby, let daddy fuck you..."

Justin is crying out loud, so lovely. But his ass is responding. Turning
loose. Welcoming daddy's whopper. Yeah, gimme that pussy, boy. Like a good
Marine. Take it like a man. I have been saying this for so long, to so many
boys. Now it's my son's turn. And it always work.

"Do you want daddy to pull it out?"

"No, no! I can take it... It's feeling better... Pain's going away... It
feels so good... Oh you're so huge daddy. I feel my asshole overstuffed with
dick, daddy's big dick.. I love it daddy, fuck me".

I pull out a little and fuck just the entrance to my son's body with the big
fat head. He moans. My boy's really starting to enjoy his first fuck. He's
lucky to have as his father a master buttfucker like me. Never met a boy who
didn't love being buggered by me.

"You like daddy's big dick, huh, son?"

"I love it daddy... Give me that big babymaker, fat babyfucker of yours...
Fuck me harder, daddy".

He doesn't have to ask. I plow his ass so hard, I slam his body against the
shower tiles. My boy's handsome face is crushed against the wall, he humps
back with his hips, he's impaling himself on my big spear, taking it like a
pro. I start to wonder... Was he really a virgin? The thought that some
motherfucker took my son's cherry before I could makes me mad. I slam into
his butt, furious, with hard punishing shoves.

"You were fucked before, weren't you, bitch? Tell me, you've had that fat
ass plowed by another man before me, haven't you?"

"Please daddy, please, don't be so mad at me... I couldn't help it... It was
my soccer coach, that black Brazilian guy... He raped me!"

"You little slut. That nigger fucked you! And I bet you loved it, didn't
you, bitch?"

"No daddy, I swear! This is the first time I'm really enjoying a big dick up
my ass!"

"How many times did he fuck you?"

"Oh... I lost count..."

"He makes you cum with his dick up your ass?"

"Yeah, daddy, he always does".

"Then you really love it, bitch. But now I'm gonna show you how a slut like
you gets fucked by a real man".

Dear Grossao, as you can imagine it was a big shock to learn that I hadn't
taken my son's virginity. My boy has been a slut for big black dicks for
years. At first I want to kill him. I use my big cock inside his ass as a
weapon. But the little bitch loves it.

As he tells me more about his life as a sextoy, I become more and more horny
for him. It actually makes me hornier to think of Justin as a slut. He falls
on his knees, tail up, and I pound his ass real good as he answers my

"So, you little bitch, every time you go with your coach on soccer
tournaments you are actually servicing his big black dick?"

"Yes daddy, I'm his private slut, his sex slave. He rents me out to his
friends, too, all of them blacks with huge cocks. They all fuck your little
boy's pussy, daddy".

"You fucking son of a gun, take my big dick now. Does it hurt, huh?"

"Yes daddy, you're killing me... Your cock is so thick..."

"Good for you... So I'm thicker than those niggers, huh?"

"Well, not really. Edson took me to the soccer camp..."

"Aha, that soccer camp I pay a fortune for you to go to, it's all about
buttfucking, huh?"

"Yes daddy, the Black Brazilian Soccer School, BBSS, it's actually run by

'What?! So you have been fucked by him, by Grossao himself?"

"Yes daddy, and his cock is thicker than yours, much thicker".

I get so mad I ram my hips against my boy's ass, pounding him so fast, so
bad, that I may really kill him. But the little slut loves it, he's used to

"But isn't Grossao's school just a front for a boy brothel?"

"Yes daddy, your son here is a whore in that brothel. I'm much in demand,
you'd be proud of me..."

"Proud of you, you little slut?... While I'm working my ass off to pay for
your summer camp you're out there working your ass off for a bunch of

"Well, dad, from what some of the other boys tell me, whom you coach in high
school football, you are working their asses off..."

"True, son, I have my failings. I fuck a lot of boys. But I swear, I never
pay for it. I seduce them all! While those niggers are fucking paying to
fuck you, my only son!"

"I never see one penny, dad. Grossao and Edson share all the money I make
for them. I do it because I enjoy it. You can't imagine how many NBA
players, football MVPs, hip-hop moguls, Hollywood stars have fucked your
son, I'm their favorite. I graduated suma cum laude in Grossao's Class of
'06, Buttfucking 101. You should see my pictures in the yearbook..."

Damn, that makes me so horny. To picture my son being fucked by X and Z and
Y, all those black studs with their huge dicks. I'm still mad, 'cause I
should be the one making money out of my boy's ass, not those fucking
Brazilians, but it makes me so horny...

"Has so-and-so fucked you?"

"Yes daddy, many times".

"Damn, I'd love to see that".

"You can download the video from Grossao's store".

"Fuck Grossao! You're my son! Why do I have to pay to see my own boy taking
it up the ass?"

"Calm down dad, why don't you just enjoy the moment? After all it's the
first time you're fucking your son. And I'll tell you, you're better than
all those fucking niggers".

"Really? I bet you say that to all of them. Now, I have to tell you son,
I've fucked thousands and thousands of boys and you're really the best.
Please baby, do that thing again with your asshole..."

"The twist?"

"Is that how you call it? Yeah... Yeaaahhhh... Oh my god, you're so good. I
don't know how you do it, but there's nothing better. It's like you're
milking my dick..."

"That's the idea... I use my asshole muscles to wring your cock so I'll make
you cum. You can't graduate from Grossao's school if you don't learn that
trick. Now feel this one..."

Justin does something with his ass that feels like he's pumping my cock with
his fuck hole. His male cunt becomes a real mouth, sucking hard on my dick!
I feel the cum boiling in my balls and FUCK! I start to shoot deep in my
son's bowels.

"Fuck! I'm cumming baby! Daddy is cumming in your pussy, baby, for the first
time daddy is breeding you as his own little bitch... Oh Justin, I love you
so much..."

"I love you too daddy... Fuck, I'm cumming... Your hot spunk just triggered
me daddy... Yessss, yesss, cum in me daddy, I'm cumming with you..."

And so, dear Grossao, Justin and I started a new, much better and more real
father-and-son relationship. He promises he'll let me watch when he's fucked
by his big black studs. And I look forward to seeing you fuck my son too,

Contos do Grossao (Grossao's stories)

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Raunchy Son