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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Shh Dont Wake Daddy

Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 14:44:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Milford Slabaugh <>
Subject: Shh Don't Wake Daddy!

                      SHH! DON'T WAKE DADDY
                      By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

Two whispering boys in the darkness. "Wow, Mom and Dad were really
fighting, weren't they?"
"Yeah, I know. First time Dad came and got in bed with us, though."
"Yeah. He's so big, he's making the bed sink in the middle. I'm right
up against him."
"Me, too." Pause. "I think he's naked."
"No, he wouldn't! You're wrong!"
"Shh! Don't wake Daddy!"
"Daddy wouldn't be naked, not and get in bed with us."
"Well, see for yourself."
A shuffling sound of sheets moving.
"He is."
"Yeah." Giggle. "I guess he was too mad to put on his shorts. Like he
did on the camping trip, remember? And he slept with us then, too."
"That was a tent, Mom was in there, too."
"Yeah, but they were fighting then, too."
"Tonight was worse. You think they're going to get a divorce?"
"Maybe. Like Corey said, nobody can fight forever."
"I don't want them to get a divorce."
"Me, either. But we don't get a say in it. Corey didn't when his Mom
and Dad got their divorce. Now he has two homes, one week in each at a
"Maybe if he sleeps with us from now on, he won't have to divorce
"Okay. So what do we do now?"
"I'm getting naked like he is."
"You wouldn't! You know Mom doesn't like us getting naked in bed!"
"That's Mom!"
"You do it and I'll tell!"
"Shh! Don't wake up Daddy!"
"But you're getting naked."
"Daddy's naked, too. He sleeps naked, you know. We saw that time,
"Yeah, but.... Well, okay."
"Ooh, man, it feels good, getting those briefs off. Nice and cool!"
"Okay, but you're weird."
"Why don't you do it, too?"
"Come on, Daddy won't mind. We won't tell on him if he won't tell on
Silence. "I guess it would be cooler without them. Long as it's so
hot, I mean."
"Yeah. You doing it?"
"I said I was."
"Feels good, doesn't it?"
"Yeah. Wish Mom didn't make us wear clothes in bed."
"You know why."
"Yeah, I know."
"She caught us playing with each other that time, remember?"
"I remember, sheesh! She was so mad."
"And Daddy just laughed, too. Said all boys did it." Pause. "You know
what? I bet Daddy did it when he was our age."
"I guess so."
" want to?"
"Want to what?"
"Want to do it?"
"Shhh! Don't wake Daddy!"
"We can't do it now! Daddy's here. He's right in between us."
"I didn't mean do it with each other."
"Then what did... You don't mean that!"
"Sure, why not?"
"With Daddy?"
"Yeah, with Daddy. While he's asleep. Just to feel it, see what a
man's is like."
"You're weird!"
"So what? You want to do it?"
"We'd wake him up."
"Not if we're quiet. Corey and I did it with his older brother while
he was asleep. Guy never woke up."
"No way!"
"Shhh! You'll wake Daddy! We have to keep quiet."
"I'm not going to play with Daddy's wiener!"
"Okay, then. I'm going to."
Silence but for the soft shifting of sheets.
"Man, that's a big one! It's like holding onto a thick, warm snake, I
"You're doing it? You're really doing it?"
"Yeah. know, it feels like it's getting bigger, too."
"Yeah, it's getting bigger. It's turning all kind of hard in my hand."
"It is not!"
"Feel it for yourself. It's all hard and stiff."
Pause. "It is! I didn't know they did that!"
"Corey's brother's wiener did it, too. Corey said it didn't matter,
long as Steve was snoring, he wasn't awake. Daddy's not awake, either."
"Daddy's not snoring."
"But Daddy doesn't snore. Same rule, though, he's asleep. Go ahead and
play with it."
The sheets made a whuffling sound in the blackness.
"Wow, this feels great! All hot and stiff and so easy to pump up and
down. Better than a little one!"
"Let me do it a while."
"Mmm, yeah, nice and big and fat and warm, yeah!"
"Daddy's waking up!"
"He just moaned. People do that when they're sleeping."
"Don't wake Daddy!"
"I won't."
"Better stop pumping him so hard."
"I am, I want to try something else. Something Corey and me did to
Steve. Corey saw it in a movie that Steve was watching."
"What's that."
"I'm going to suck on it."
"Suck on it!"
"Shh! Yeah, suck on it. Corey said that it feels real good, better
than your hand."
"How would he know."
Pause. "He does."
"You did it! You did it with Corey?"
"Shh! Don't wake Daddy!"
"You sucked on Corey's weiner?"
"Corey said it felt good."
"Did he do it to you?"
"No, but he said he'd done it on Steve a time or two. Said it's just
like sucking on a hot dog wiener, kind of meaty-tasting and kind of salty."
"Oh." Pause. "So you're going to do it?"
"Yeah. Right now."
"How's it taste?"
"Just like Corey said. Nice and big and meaty-like. Only there's some
sticky stuff on top; it's extra salty."
"That's nasty."
"Actually, I kind of like it."
"Let me try that."
"Okay, but be gentle. You got to keep your mouth full of spit, and
watch your teeth. Just use your lips and your tongue."
"I will."
"That's the way. Just bob your head up and down as far and as fast as
you can."
"Uh! Daddy's moaning again!"
"Probably having a real nice dream. Keep doing it."
"Mm, mmph! Yeah, that stuff on top is really nice!"
"You getting more of it?"
"I want some. Let me do it again."
"Okay. I got it all nice and wet, now."
"Corey says when more than one is doing it, the one not sucking ought
to lick the balls."
"Lick the balls?"
"Said it makes the sucking even better."
I can't get between Daddy's legs to do that. He's got them close
"I know, but.... He's moving!"
"He's spreading his legs out!"
"Yeah. Still asleep though."
"So get to sucking him again. I'll lick his balls. I bet they taste
all meaty, too."
"Daddy's hand is on my leg. He's like the dog, when he's dreaming he's
running and his legs move back and forth on the rug."
"His other hand is on me. Keep licking those balls, I think Daddy's
having the best dream ever."
"He's moaning again, and.... Daddy's got my peter! He's holding my
"Relax! Daddy's just dreaming. Like a dog, remember?"
"He's got my peter and...and he's playing with it!"
"Just like you and me?"
"Yeah, only his hand is so big, he can only use his fingers. Oh! Oh,
that feels good."
"Keep licking his balls and...ooh! Now he's got mine, too!"
"Ooh, I'm getting close!"
"Daddy's wiener's getting awful hot! I'm going to keep sucking and see
what happens!"
"Do it, do it! Oh, man, my wienie's going crazy. Oh, oh, oh!"
"Mmm, mmmh, mmph, mph!"
"What happened?"
"It's spraying me. Got all in my mouth and...Umph! All over my face!"
"Same stuff?"
"Daddy's panting awful hard."
"So am I! Wow!"
"I want some of that."
"It's all over my face. You can lick some off if you want."
"I will, yeah. See if it's as good as before."
Pause. "Well, is it?"
"Yeah, mmm! I want some more of that! Think if we suck Daddy some
more, we can get more out?"
"I don't know. Maybe."
"I'm going to suck it some more and see if it will!"
"Oh, Daddy's playing with my wiener again! Oh, man, that feels
good. Oh, oh, oh, OH-OH-OH-OHHHH!"
"Shh! You'll wake Daddy."
"OHH, OHH, OOHH! Oh! Oh, oh, man! Ah-huh-ah-huh-ah-huh! Whoo! That
felt great! Oh, oh, oh, man!"
A deeper voice cut through the blackness between them.
"Shh! You'll wake your mother!"
"Yeah. Now, get back to sucking my dick, boys! And remember.... Shh!
don't wake Momma!"

                             THE END
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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Shh Dont Wake Daddy