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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Sissy Brother - Sissy Brother 9

Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 11:44:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Will Shakespear <>
Subject: Sissy Brother - 9

Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. Any similarity
between my characters and real people, places, or events is
merely a coincidence. This story contains descriptions of
imagined sexual activity between teenage boys. If you are
not 18 years old or if it is illegal where you live to read
material of this kind, please stop here. If this story might
offend you please go to another site. Please do not copy or
distribute or reproduce this material for anyone or any
site, without the author's explicit permission. Everyone
please enjoy and feel free to send comments and story ideas

Sissy Brother - 9

Trevor finished his soccer practice early and decided to
wait around for me to finish football practice. He thought
we could ride the late bus home. As the football team
crammed into the locker room Trev was sitting on a bench
head down and nose in his Citizenship textbook learning
about the political process. "Crap!" I thought. "Just what I
need my little brother hanging around". I tossed my helmet
on the bench and started to strip off my gear. "What are You
doing here?" I grumbled as I pulled my jersey over my head.
"Michael left early and I thought we could ride the bus home
together" Trevor said absentmindedly as he continued to
read. "Whatever!" I grunted and pulled my pads off and
started on the laces of my pants. "Hey Jerk Off!" Devon
called to Trevor as he passed our row of lockers on his way
to the shower. He was naked and had a towel on his shoulder.
"Hey Devon" Trevor said as he looked up and a huge smile
appeared. "You keeping numb nuts here company?" Devon
laughed as he nodded in my direction. "Yeah" Trevor giggled.
"You guys want a ride home?" Devon asked as he turned toward
us a bit showing off his stuff. "Definitely!" Trevor said
without a second of hesitation. "Yeah, that's cool" I
mumbled as I started to feel like the odd one out.

"Meet me at the car" Devon said as he turned and headed to
the showers flashing his firm ass. I finished stripping down
and grabbed a towel. "Watch it!" I whispered to Trevor as I
headed after Devon. "Watch what?" Trevor said as I walked
away. "You know what! You little fairy!" I warned and I was

It was nice that Devon gave us a ride home. I hate the bus
and riding with Trevor would have been bad for my rep. As it
was, only a couple of the guys from the team saw us and I
made sure they saw me get in front with Devon and leave
Trevor in the back alone. It wasn't long and we were home.

I climbed out of the car and leaned in the window to thank
Devon for the ride. Trevor had his head over the front seat
and was talking to Devon. "Thanks for the ride!" Trevor
grinned, "freshman don't usually get to hang with the star
of the football team". Devon smiled, "Not really the star"
he said. I thought I was going to be sick. "What the
fuck!" I glared at Trevor. He cringed and sat back a little
grabbing the door handle and started to get out. "It's OK"
Devon laughed, "He's kind of cute!" I shot Trevor a warning
look and he grabbed his back pack and ran to the house, his
tight ass swishing and long hair tossing from side to side.

I gave Devon a stern look. "Don't mess with Trevor" I warned
and pulled my head back out of the window. "Chill" Devon
laughed, started the car, and drove off.

I was surprised at how angry I had become at the thought of
Devon messing with Trevor. Worst was the feeling that Trevor
seemed to be encouraging him. I tossed my back pack on the
chair in my room and went to Trevor's room. "What was that
about?" I said sternly. "Devon's a nice guy" Trevor
whispered as he sat on his bed with his back against the
headboard, his arms wrapped around his legs. "That isn't the
point" I said standing like a father over his wayward son.
"I'll do what I want!" Trevor suddenly shouted. It was
silent for a minute as we both glared at each other. "Fine!"
I said, and left the room without another word.

Things were tense between Trevor and me for the next few
days and there were more than a few glaring looks. On the
field, Devon and I still had the "magic" and I could
anticipate where he was going to throw the ball, but there
was tension there too. All in all things seemed to suck.
Devon drove me home after practice the day before the
homecoming game. "I broke up with Samantha" he said as he
pulled into the drive and turned the key off. I gave him a
quick look and could see he wasn't terribly disappointed.
"We all knew that was coming". I said as we sat for a
moment. "I've been thinking a lot about Trevor" Devon said
in a soft voice looking at the floor and away from me. "Oh
God" I moaned. "Are you fag?" I said with a little attitude
in my voice. "No, not that!" Devon said hastily. "But he is
cute!" There was silence again. "Look, I don't want any
trouble" Devon said turning to me. I knew this was going to
be a losing situation no matter what I said. If I told Devon
to back off he would be angry at me, and Trevor would also
be angry. "The little sissy likes you" I slowly said, trying
to choose my words carefully. "I guess its ok for you to see
him once and a while. But remember he's still my brother and
I own his ass!"

Devon relaxed and smiled. "Cool" he said and put out his
hand. We shook and then both giggled. "I feel like I just
traded a baseball card." I said, and Devon and I both broke
out laughing.

The homecoming game was close and it was a battle to see
which team could control the ball. By the third quarter we
were ahead by 7 points and Devon and I had found the sweet
spot. Several great plays later we were ahead by 14 and the
game was ours. We all went to the dance after the game and
Jennifer and I spent a lot of time catching up and enjoyed
being together. From time to time I glanced around the room
and saw that Trevor and Michael had a corner where they were
busy talking, and some of the other freshman were milling
around too scared to ask a girl to dance. Devon went around
the room and danced with almost every pretty girl in our
class. The quarterback charm was working and he was making
the most of it.

At midnight the dance ended and the crowd slowly dispersed.
I managed to get a ride with Justin and his date so Jen and
I made up a foursome. I glanced over my shoulder as we were
leaving and I saw Trevor with Michael. Devon was just
walking up. "Good luck bro!" I whispered under my breath as
Jennifer gave me a hug and we headed out.

"Hey!" Devon said as he came up to Trevor. "Hey!" Trevor
said grinning. "Need a ride home?" Devon offered. "Um, well
I was going to ride with Michael" Trevor said, "but I guess
that can be changed". Devon smiled, "Why don't you?" He
suggested. "Well, that is if you want to!" Trevor grinned.
"Yeah that would be great!" He said and quickly spoke to
Michael who grinned and nodded in understanding. "All set"
Trevor said, as he turned and the two headed for the parking

Devon drove away from the school and the two boys were quiet
for the next few minutes. "Are you hungry?" Devon asked
after a few miles. "Well, a little" Trevor said unsure of
what he should say. "We can stop for food" Devon offered and
Trevor shrugged his shoulders. "Sure!" After the usual
burgers, fries, and drinks the guys were once again headed
out. "You have to get home? Devon asked. "Not for a little
while" Trevor said, and the car got quiet again. A few miles
went by. Trevor could feel the tension. He was sure Devon
wanted to be close to him, but wasn't making any move.
Trevor was getting horny thinking about the stud football
player only a foot away. He remembered the nice cock he had
seen in the locker room just a few days before. Trevor made
up his mind and slid closer on the seat and laid a hand on
Devon's leg.

"OK?" Trevor whispered and looked up at Devon with soft wide
eyes as a puppy might. "Yeah" Devon whispered back looking
straight ahead at the road. Trev moved his hand across
Devon's legs and let his finger tip enter the crease of the
slacks near the crotch. "Um, nice" Devon whispered and
wiggled his ass a bit to give Trevor more room. "Thanks for
the ride" Trevor said as he let his hand move down and rub
against Devon's balls. Devon grunted a little. "My folks
aren't home" he offered and glanced down at the freshman
that was fondling his cock. "Can I see your room?" Trevor
asked as he cupped Devon's balls and softly squeezed. "Yeah,
no problem" Devon moaned, and headed his car home.

As Devon showed Trevor into his room, he looked around at
all his sports trophies, awards, and achievements decorating
the walls. He was a little embarrassed. "Nice" Trevor said
as he checked it all out.

Devin touched Trevor's hand. "You're really cute!" Devon
said. Both bys looked at each other and then Devon gave Trev
a little hug. They stood holding each other for a couple
minutes. Trevor pulled Devon closer and their crotches
rubbed and they kissed. The kiss was long, deep, and
passionate. Devon's hand drifted down to Trevor's cock and
stroked the outside of the tight jeans. "God Trevor" Devon
moaned as Trevor pulled Devon's zipper down and reached
inside for the prize. Devon wrapped his arms around Trevor
and kissed him deeply. He moved his hands down and grabbed
an ass check with each hand, pulling Trevor closer so their
hard dicks would touch. "Oh yeah" Trevor moaned as he felt
the teen stud paw his butt.

Devon moved to the front and unbuttoned the kid's jeans and
in a gentle move slid the jeans down below his ass cheeks.
"What the?" Devon mumbled as he felt the satin/silk feel of
girl's panties. Trevor giggled a little. "You only go out
with girls" he grinned as Devon felt Trevor's soft rear end.
"Yeah" Devon smiled. "So tonight I guess you're going to be
my girl!"

The kissing and fondling went on for a few more minutes and
then both guys were ready for more. Within minutes Devon was
naked and Trevor was only wearing the lacy panties. "I want
to suck you" Trevor whispered as he lightly kissed Devon and
then scooted down so that he could take him into his mouth.
At 7" inches Devon was longer than average but not too
thick, so Trevor managed easily. "God, yes" Devon moaned as
Trevor took the hard cock, licked it from the soft spongy
head down the base of the shaft. Devon raised his hips up
off the bed seeking to put more of is cock in Trevor's
mouth. He grabbed the boy's head with both hands and urged
him down onto his dick. Trev's long hair covered his eyes
and brushed Devon's crotch as he sucked. "Nice, nice" Devon
whispered as he felt the soft mouth tease and tempt his
dick. The sight of Trev's red lacy panties against his still
slightly tanned skin was turning Devon on even more.
"Fucking little slut!" Devon grunted as he fucked into the
mouth that was surrounding his hardness. "Mmmmm" Trevor
moaned as he wiggled his ass and worked his mouth back and
forth over the nice cock. Spit rolled out of his mouth and
he slobbered at the prick he had wanted for so long.

"Not too much" Devon warned as he pulled his dick back out a
little not wanting to get too close and cum too soon. Trevor
reached down to his own crotch and stroked himself as he
sucked Devon. The sound of sucking, grunting, and moaning
went on for some minutes as both guys got lost in their own
world of need. Devon finally pulled Trevor's head off his
dick and pulled him up and both boys kissed. They hugged
tightly and Devon felt Trevor's ass as he lay on top of
Devon. He slid his hand under the waistband of the panties
and played with the soft mounds of the freshman's ass.
"Gonna fuck your pussy" he whispered as he felt the deep
crack and teased Trevor's tight pucker. Devon rolled Trevor
to the side and with his dick flying straight out from his
crotch sprinted off the bed to his dresser. Coming back with
a tube of KY he grinned at Trevor who was on his side
watching. "I wanted to get Samantha's ass" Devon smiled as
he showed Trevor the tube. "She didn't want to get pregnant
so I was trying to talk her into taking it up the butt."
Devon got on the bed on his knees. "She said that wasn't the
way you were supposed to do it. So we broke up!"

"Come on girlfriend." Devon smiled. "Time for the real
thing." Trevor grinned. "All yours" he said patting his
panty clad rear. Devon motioned and Trevor rolled over on
his tummy. Devon popped the top on the lube and with one
finger pulled the panties down to expose my brother's butt.
"Nice" Devon grunted. "Glad I can see it with the light on"
Devon said, "Not like last time when you were sleeping."
Trevor smiled. "This should be more fun" He said and put his
face into the pillow and raised his butt up. "Come on stud"
he urged while wiggling his ass. "Give it to me!" Devon
lubed his cock and then inserted his finger into Trevor's
hole. "Here it comes" He warned and crawled over the top of
Trevor and lay down on top of him spreading his legs with
his knees and gaining access to my brother's butt. Without
using his hand to guide himself, Devon moved his hips and
the tip of his dick found his love tunnel. "Oh God" Devon
moaned as he stuffed his cock up Trevor's ass and sank into
him balls deep. "Shit" Trevor whispered as he felt himself
being impaled on the cock. He loved the feel of dick up his
ass. "Fuck me" Trevor pleaded as he waited for the football
star to start banging away. Devon powered up and began
slamming his cock home again and again.

Watching the two boys fucking was an erotic sight. The teen
football star fucking the freshman sissy would make any man
hard. The fact that it was my brother and my best friend
doing the fucking makes me hard thinking about it. Devon
slammed in and out, and Trevor moaned at every thrust into
his rectum. "Fuck meeee" Trevor groaned as he tried to raise
his ass higher and take more cock into his butt. Devon
grabbed a handful of Trevor's long hair and rose up a bit as
he slammed his cock in harder and deeper. "Slut" He panted
as he fucked again and again. Sweat pouring down his back
and into his ass crack Devon boned my brother deep.
Remarkably he pounded away for nearly twenty minutes. They
changed positions several times, with Devon taking Trevor
like a girl missionary style, like a dog, and finally ending
up standing by the door frame to his room.

Trevor held on to the door frame as Devon fucked his butt
nearly lifting Trev off the floor with each thrust. "Take my
cock bitch!" Devon moaned. "Huh, Huh, Huh," Devon grunted
slamming deeper up my brother's butt. "Jesus" Trevor groaned
as he felt the dick in his ass prod his prostate and make
him want more and more cock. "I need to shit" Trev moaned as
he felt his ass react to the stick pounding his bowels. "Not
yet! Devon grunted, "I'm cumming" Devon grabbed Trev around
the waist. He turned him so he was bent over almost touching
his toes. "Ugh, Ugh" Devon panted as he felt the sperm rise
from his balls and shoot out the tip of is cock and deep
into my brother's rear end. "Oh God" Trevor moaned as he
felt the rush of hot juice spurt up his butt. He grabbed his
own dick and yanked furiously. "Almost, almost, almost" Trev
panted as he masturbated himself to orgasm. "Oh Yeah!" He
yelled as his ass hole tightened around Devon's dick and he
too spasmed, shooting cum across the floor. Both boys
groaned as they shot their loads and tried to make the
shuddering climax last. Finally Devon pulled Trev down and
both rested on their knees. Devon still deep inside my
brother's hole.

The room smelled like a locker room. Sweat and stale air
mixed with the smell of fresh cum. The climactic sex came to
and end and the sound of heavy breathing became quieter.
Devon pulled his dick out of Trev's butt and softly kissed
him on the neck. "Thanks" he said as he rolled on to his
back and looked up at the ceiling. Trevor, still on his
knees, cum oozing from his butt, he leaned down and lightly
kissed Devon on the lips. "My pleasure" he giggled and lay
down also looking at the ceiling. "Does this make us a
couple?" Trevor asked after a few minutes of silence.

Devon was quiet for a moment or two longer. "I don't know"
he said, honestly unsure of what to call this whole turn of
affairs. "I don't think Jeremy would allow that." Devon
finally said a little uncertainty in his voice. "Fuck
Jeremy!" Trevor said defiantly. "Not me!" Devon laughed, and
Trevor broke out as well. "Yeah, I guess that's still my
job!" Trevor coughed and they laughed, and laughed, and

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Sissy Brother - Sissy Brother 9