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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Sissyboy Daddy Reunion

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 12:06:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Beautiful Creamer <>
Subject: Sissyboy-Daddy Reunion

Sissyboy-Daddy Reunion
By Beautiful Creamer

One -- Homecoming Changes

Rock Bruisero was very happy to be home.

For four months, he had been in the Persian Gulf, away from his family,
sorting out some dumbass client's self-inflicted oil problems. But now he
was home.

And randy as any red-blooded American man could be.

Rock was happy to see his 12-year-old son Eli again. Really happy. But
he was especially happy to be reunited with Julie, his sexy, big-breasted,
red-hot, 35-year-old wife.

The man hadn't had sex in four months!

There were women there in the Gulf, all right. But they all had fathers
and brothers and cousins who would cut your balls off if you even
fantasized about seeing an ankle of their women.

And there were boys. Lots of pretty Arab boys. Willing and eager to
sleep with Rock and his colleagues. Many of his colleagues accepted the

But not Rock.

He preferred to wait for what he called. "the real thing." Julie's
pussy. And for the first four days he was home, Rock feasted on it.

Then Julie dropped the bomb.

"I'm going to my mother's for a week. Just a week. She's been asking me
to come visit and I'm going. I would have gone while you were in Abu
Whatever, but I couldn't leave Eli. He's at that age where he's going
through changes. Big changes. You'll see when you're with him this week.
I'm hoping you two will bond. If you're a good boy when I'm gone, we can
even do `anal' when I come back. I know you like that."

So much for Rock to process.

No pussy for yet another week. But "anal" thereafter.

Rock liked anal a lot.

Bonding with Eli. Who had allegedly "changed." Rock hadn't noticed,
though his priority had been on emptying his balls, not on his son's
development as a man.

Which made Rock feel a bit guilty. And determined to do better.

Rock gave Julie a nice farewell fuck (though no anal), took her to the
airport and was home by three to greet Eli when he got home from school.

Eli was such a good, sweet kid. Though Rock often wondered if he and Eli
were really from the same gene pool.

Rock was a massive, manly man. Six-foot-four, 240 pounds of muscle.
Eight hard inches of cock and gigantic, cream-filled, hairy balls. Huge,
rough, callused hands.

Eli was kind of a sissyboy, both in appearance and mannerisms. He was a
foot shorter than his father and quite slim and unmuscled. Rock hadn't
seen the boy's cock lately, but it was consistent with the rest of him --
pink, pretty and small -- barely three inches when "angered."

What really set the boy apart was his face. All of Eli's life, he had
often been mistaken for a girl. A very pretty girl. Prettier than his
beautiful mother.

When Rock left for the Gulf, he had hoped that the boy would have "manned
up" a bit.

He hadn't.

If anything, Eli was even sissier and prettier than he had been when Rock
left home.

On the plus side, Eli was very popular at school. With other boys. And
all the male teachers. Very popular.

So Rock shouldn't have been surprised when Eli brought Kyle home from
school that afternoon.

Rock remembered Kyle. He knew his parents. But Kyle was at least three
years older than Eli. A sophomore in high school. And a very manly kid.
A football player.

Rock wondered why he was palling around with Eli.

Eli and Kyle came in through the kitchen and Eli hugged Rock right away.
"I'm glad we'll have a week together, Daddy," he said. "Can we have pizza

Rock readily agreed to the pizza, while looking at Kyle. Expecting that
Eli would explain why he was at their house.

But all he got was, "Kyle won't be staying for pizza, Daddy. He has to
be home for dinner at 6. We're going to my room."

And they went.

Leaving Rock to wonder why.

For 45 minutes.

No noises or discernible activity from Eli's room.

When boys are younger, that meant they were doing something naughty.

What did it mean that day?

Were they doing drugs?

A responsible father would check on them. And Rock wanted to be a
responsible father.

So he crept up the stairs and stood ten feet from Eli's room. Sniffing
the air.

No tobacco smoke. No marijuana smell. Both good signs, but not

So he moved forward surreptitiously. And was pleased that the door
wasn't completely closed. Another good sign.

The door was open about five inches, so Rock peeked in. And saw what was
going on in there.

Which nearly singed his corneas.

Eli and Kyle were sitting on Eli's bed. Both were completely and
beautifully naked! They were kissing with lots of tongue. And stroking
each other's stiff cocks. At least Kyle's was stiff. Eli had clearly
already spurted his boy's cream and it glistened all over his restiffening
cock, tummy and Kyle's loving hand.

Kyle looked and sounded as if he would spurt any minute.

Rock stepped back and braced his back against the hallway wall. Trying
to control his breathing.

His son -- his only child -- was a homosexual!!

And bold-as-you-please about it.

Rock was certain that the revelation would kill Eli's mother!

Wait. Maybe she already knew. Thinking about it, Rock was pretty sure
she knew and was using this "bonding week" as a way to inform Rock. She
wanted him to "do something" about Eli's gayness. That had to be it.

Rock gathered himself and considered busting in there and breaking up
that disgusting activity. That they both seemed to be enjoying so much.


He would wait and talk to Eli later. Get him help. Cure him.

That was the plan.

But he just had to see what other bad things he had to speak to Eli
about. So he peeked again.

Eli was on all fours on the bed and Kyle was using his fingers to lube
and dilate Eli's bottom.

Rock had to suppress a gasp when he saw how totally effing beautiful that
bottom and bottomhole and dangling testicles looked from that position.

Rock felt and immediately suppressed a sharp pang of jealousy for Kyle.

Rock watched in horrified lust as Kyle lubed up his own cock, then
carefully, lovingly inserted it into Eli's hospitable bottomhole.

Eli didn't even wince. He was [gasp] enjoying a cock in his ass! Had he
been fucked before? It appeared that he had. Probably frequently.

Oh the shame on the family!

Rock watched the two perverted lust demons fuck. Quite enthusiastically.
Kyle, it seemed, was a least Rock's equal in pleasing his fuck partner.

And unlike Rock, Kyle got "anal" every time.

Eli grunted and whimpered and panted until his father watched his little
cock spurt in thick, creamy ropes. Then he saw Kyle's expression tell how
pleasurable his orgasm was in Eli's pretty butt.

Rock left quickly and quitely, scooting down to the kitchen. Ashamed for
his son. And himself. Yet sporting the fiercest hardon of his life.

Two -- Pizza with Daddy

Rock sat in the kitchen for an hour. Thinking things he's never dared to

It was horribly despicable to think that his son was gay. But far worse
to imagine that he, Rock Bruisero, could have gay feelings.

And it wasn't the first time.

Rock's bunkhouse neighbor in the Gulf was a guy named Randy. Randy was
married with children, just like Rock. But Randy wasn't waiting until he
got home to empty his balls.

Randy fucked local boys. Young, local boys. Young, pretty, local boys.

"I tell ya, pal, you're really missing something," Randy often said to
Rock. "These little creampuffs are a real treat. And they love to be
fucked. My favorite little lover, Mustafa, tells me that when he feels my
cock rubbin' on his prostate, he's in paradise. And the way he cums, like
he's near death with pleasure, I think he's telling the truth. You should
try one. Just one. You'll see."

Rock politely declined every time. Though the difficulty continued to
increase. Especially when that hot little falafel Mustafa batted his
pretty eyes at Rock. And wiggled that beautiful ass at him.

Rock shouldn't have had feelings like that. Nor should Eli.

What to do about it?

Rock decided on patience. Wait for the right moment.

So Rock pretended that he was fixing something under the sink when Kyle
stopped in the kitchen to very politely say goodbye.

Then, with Eli, he acted as if he knew nothing about the boy's

"Did you and Kyle have fun?" Rock asked.

Eli giggled. "Oh yes, Daddy. Kyle and I always have fun. Lots of fun."

Was Eli bragging about being a trampy little cockpleaser?

Rock changed the subject. "Why don't you go do your homework, Buddy?
"I'll call you at seven for the pizza."

"OK, Daddy," Eli said brightly. Then he hugged his Daddy.

Rock thought he would smell "sex" on the boy. He didn't. He just
smelled soap.

At least the boy had the decency to shower before he joined his father
for dinner.

Rock did some more self-immolating, unproductive thinking, then called
for the pizza. When it was delivered, he called upstairs to Eli, who
showed up all cheery and friendly.

Which would have been a good time to talk to him about "it."

But the pizza would have gotten cold.

During dinner would have been a good time too.

But then it would have ruined their digestions. And pizza isn't cheap.

After dinner, they cleaned up and Eli said, "I finished my homework,
Daddy. Want to watch TV with me?"

Rock agreed. That would be a good time, he thought.

Eli said, "I'll just get into my jammies so I can go right up to bed

That sounded reasonable enough.

So Eli went upstairs and Rock sat on the couch and turned on the TV.
Looking for something manly for them to watch together.

Football should do it.

That would inspire the right conditions for a manly exchange.

Rock proved prophetic about the "exchange" part.

Rock was watching some large guys slam into each other, really getting
into it. It was third and five. Twenty-two guys lined up to brawl when
suddenly the situation changed.


Eli was in the room.

In his "jammies."

Which was a spectacular sight. By any measure.

Eli glided by Rock, passing between his father and the television.

Giving his father a sight men dream of but hardly ever see.

Eli was wearing a baby-blue night shirt that draped and clung in all the
right places. It was so short that it barely covered the boy's penis and
only 80% of his testicles. If one observed closely as Eli passed, one
could see a bit of the boy's "cheek separation" as he walked.

The young beauty was barefoot, which enhanced the stunning effect. One
could only dream of kissing and licking those perfect, pink toes.

The crowning coup was that tiny, stiff, throbbing bulge that was
slightly, but clearly tenting the nightshirt.

Oh the fantasy fodder that engendered!

Not only in you readers. But in the boy's reluctant, tenuously
heterosexual father.

Brazenly affectionate, Eli sat to his Daddy's left and cuddled. Warmly.

Eli draped his left arm across Daddy's chest and said, "I'm so happy that
you're back home, Daddy. And that you're spending time with me. I love
you, Daddy."

Then he burrowed in for a closer cuddle with poor, overloaded Daddy.

Daddy was trembling. And his cock was outrageously stiff. Please don't
let Eli notice, he prayed silently.

But, of course, Eli noticed. And smiled softly.

They watched the game in companionable silence for a while, then Eli
said, "Those football players are all buff and hunky, Daddy. But none of
them are as hunky as my Daddy. And you're handsomer than they are too,

Oh, dear!

Poor Daddy's stiff cock twitched. Terror seized his heart. What if,
just from Eli's beauty, his proximity and his Daddy-praise...what if Daddy
spurted his man's cream????

The poor, challenged man was "close." He could feel it. Really close.

No, please, he prayed silently. Don't let that happen.

Daddy would be humiliated. Shown to be an incestuous,
underage-boy-loving homosexual. In front of his loving, innocent (??) son.

Daddy closed his eyes and thought about oil rigs. That would take his
mind off things. Oil rigs. Spurting oil rigs!!!

Oh no!

Daddy bit his lower lip and fought back his orgasm. Was it receding?


But then...he felt his zipper being expertly lowered. Then a warm, soft
hand searching for, locating and freeing his desperate cock. Then that
hand was rubbing the head, skinning the knob just right.

"It's OK, Daddy," he heard Eli said. "It's OK. You need it. I know you
need it."

Daddy opened his eyes, saw Eli's beautiful face looking at him lovingly.
And Eli's hand pumping his cock.

And Daddy surrendered.

To his son's needs.

To his own needs.

The man cried out softly, then began to hurl his hot cream in long, thick
ropes. As Eli pumped and giggled happily.

Cum was everywhere. On Daddy's shirt and pants. Eli's hand. It had
even drooled onto Daddy's huge, hairy balls.

"You really needed that, Daddy," Eli said. "Do you feel better?"

Daddy felt the first wave of shame and guilt attack his tapering
pleasure. "It's wrong, Honey," he said to his loving boy.

Eli smiled with a wisdom beyond his years and said, "Love is never wrong,

Then, in one smooth motion, he removed his nightshirt. Exposing his
magnificent, naked body to his father.

Eli loved hearing Daddy's' gasp of wonder and admiration. So he pressed
his advantage by sitting on his father's cummy lap and throwing his naked
arms around his father's neck.

Eli placed his face six inches from Daddy's and repeated, "Love is never
wrong, Daddy."

Daddy couldn't help himself. He kissed his son deeply. Urgently. With
plenty of tongue and saliva. Throwing himself into a pit that he knew he
would never climb out of.

But it was a very nice pit indeed.

A pit of soft, warm, surrendered flesh. Passionate kisses. And
one-and-a-half stiff cocks.

Eli's little poker was stiff as a frozen salami. But 80 degrees warmer.

Daddy's spent rammer was quickly regaining its former vigor.

You could cut the passion in the room with a butter knife.

Eli broke off the kiss and said, "My thing hurts, Daddy. Please make it

How could anyone turn down a request like that?

Daddy's compassion took over. He couldn't let his boy suffer.

Daddy scooped his boy up in his arms and, kissing all the way, took him
upstairs to Eli's bedroom. Daddy laid Eli onto his back, then gave the
writhing, whimpering boy an excellent, though brief strip show.

Two -- Bedded and Banged

Eli was drooling when he saw his Daddy naked for the first time. He was
way hunkier than any of his high-school boyfriends. Or those three
teachers at his school who had "enjoyed" Eli. Or even those construction
workers Eli "introduced himself" to two weeks earlier.

Seducing Daddy was so easy! Just as easy as it had been with all those
other men and boys.

Men and boys liked Eli a lot. And Eli liked men and boys. Especially
his Daddy!

Eli loved that lovestruck look in Daddy's eyes. Eli got that a lot --
but it was especially gratifying to see that look from his own Daddy. And
he loved the renewed stiffness in Daddy's cock. Especially mere minutes
after Eli had made Daddy spurt his man's cream.

Daddy couldn't believe he was doing what he was doing.

He was about to be in bed, naked, with his beautiful son. After being
jerked off by the boy when they sat on the couch.

He was about to do "things" to and with the boy. "Things" both he and
the boy ached for. Things the rest of the world would disapprove of.

Things he, and Eli, could no longer live without.

Things he would delay no longer.

Daddy lay next to Eli and kissed his lips lightly. Then, for reasons
unknown to both of them, Daddy slid down Eli's body and took his son's
tiny, stiff penis, into his mouth. And began to lick it. Then suck it.

The first cock Daddy had ever sucked.

He couldn't believe how pleasurable fun it was!

Daddy loved giving Eli such rapture. The boy was wriggling and writhing
in an agony of pleasure. Consummated by a heaving, testicle-draining
orgasm into his Daddy's eager mouth.

Modifying their relationship forever. In the best way.

Daddy thought his son's cream was the tastiest thing he had ever
swallowed. And he loved making him give it up.

Now Daddy wanted to fuck Eli.

The way Kyle had fucked him that afternoon.

Only better. Deeper. And wider.

So he had better prepare the way.

Daddy knew about the prostate. Eli's Mom Julie was a nurse and, when
they were younger, she would make Daddy see stars by putting her fingers
into Daddy's bottom, finding his prostate and massaging it to a blinding
orgasm as she sucked his cock.

Those were the days!

Earlier that day, he had watched Eli's sweet ecstasy as Kyle rubbed his
prostate before he fucked Eli. And Daddy was determined to be twice the
fucker that high school kid was.

Daddy looked into Eli's nightstand drawer and found a variety of lubes.
It appeared the boy did "regular entertaining."

Daddy hastily selected a serviceable tube and lubed up three fingers of
his right hand.

Eli was lying on his back, legs spread and bottom lifted to allow Daddy
full access to his "intimacies." He gasped when Daddy entered him with two
fingers, then three. And he cried out when Daddy found his prostate and
began to torment it manually.

Daddy loved Eli's reactions to his lovemaking. Better than Julie's, who
often seemed to be thinking about either world domination or her shopping
list as he fucked her.

He especially liked when Eli squealed as Daddy began to kiss and lick and
even [gasp] "love bite" his boyish nipples as he teased and pleased Eli's
aroused prostate.

Eventually, without Daddy even touching Eli's penis, the boy cried out
loudly, "I love you, Daddy." and gave up his boy's cream.

It was one of the greatest moments of Daddy's life.

Then things got much better.

When Eli's orgasm subsided, he begged Daddy to kiss him. Daddy eagerly
complied, as he continued to gently rub his son's prostate.

Five minutes later, Eli abruptly broke their kiss, wriggled to disengage
Daddy's fingers from his anus, then flipped over onto his stomach.
Drenching the sheets and giving Daddy a sight he would never forget.

Eli's open, lubricated, ready-for-Daddy's-cock asshole.

And the plump, round cheeks that surrounded it.

Daddy's cock was reinvigorated and ready to take full advantage of his
boy's kind offer.

He got onto his knees, checked his angle and mounted Eli from behind.
Pushing his cock against the slick opening and...missing it.

Too much lube?

No. It was just an extremely tight target. Which would no doubt mean a
tight, spectacular fuck.

No doubt.

Second try.


Daddy was in. First the head. Which felt awesome. Then, slowly,
defying several laws of physics, he managed to insert his ten-pound cock
into a two-pound opening.

It was the hottest, snuggest, sexiest place his cock had ever been. And
he loved how desperate Eli was for a good, stiff fucking.

Daddy gave him exactly that.

Telling him how much he loved his son as he pounded the boy's perfect ass
mercilessly. Balls deep. His testicles slapping against Eli's bottom
cheeks on each stroke.

Eli was squealing and grunting and panting and gasping throughout the
entire fuck. The way it's supposed to be.

The best fuck of Daddy's life. And Eli's.

The randy little creampuff spurted first. Further drenching his sheets.

Then Daddy, who had always wanted to visit other planets, got his wish.

He shuddered through a climax that tore off the nerve endings in his

And immediately began wondering how long it would be until he would be
erect and ready for a second fuck.

Daddy was in love.

So was Eli. No one can fuck a boy as well as his very own Daddy, Eli

A good lesson for us all.

And Mom would be gone for a whole week!!

Daddy began to wonder if it was a strict requirement that they both be
able to walk under their own power when Julie returned.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Sissyboy Daddy Reunion