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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Slave To My Young Brothers - Slave To My Young Brothers 4

Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 18:54:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tom Dickson <>
Subject: Slave To My Young Brothers- Chapter 4

This is a fictional story based on young gay sex and incest. If you are
under 18 or offended by this topic please leave this site now.

I have written other stories on Nifty usually about my fantasy which is to
have a young dominant, sadistic, nasty and kinky guy make me his bitch or
slave. I am a white male who is 50, slim and born with just one nut,
really, so I know I'm inferior to any guy who has a pair. If there is a
young Master that wants an older faggot slave or you want my pics contact
me at: I live in a small town in SW Minnesota and
would love to have a live in Master. But this story is about a recent
college grad who moves home with mother, step father and two horny step
brothers who make him their slave. A young guy from Australia told me his
story so this is about him. Some of it is true but I did make up most of
it. Hope you enjoy the story.

                     Slave To My Young Brothers
                             Chapter 4

After we got back to our loft I asked Aiden if he had to use a toilet brush
to scrub me down. I told him it hurt and scratched me and I was red
allover. Justin said "I wanted to use a wire brush on your faggot ass but
Aiden said you were to much of a pussy to handle. So you saying you want
the wire brush now. I immedialely said "No, Master. The toilet brush is
just fine. Thank you for using it on me, I appreciate it and know I need
to be scrubbed hard to get the city stink out of me." The boys laughed at

Aiden told me to get my suticase and pick out some nice clothes for church.
Finally, I thought, I get to wear real clothes again. I don't like being
naked 24/7. I picked out a nice pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, a silk
tie and a sports coat and I even pulled out a pair of silk boxers shorts.
I went to put them on when Aiden asked me what I thought I was doing. I
told him that he said to pick out some nice clothes. He laughed and said
"For me faggot not you." He looked at my clothes on the bed and said they
looked nice. He even put my silk boxers on and said I was right they do
feel better than cotton. He threw a pair to Justin and told him to try
them. Justin loved them too. Then he put on my shirt. It fit pretty good
too even though I'm 8 years older than him. He didn't know how to tie a
tie so I did it for him. He slipped on my pants and they were a little
snug on him but they worked. He even wore my dress socks and shoes. Damn
he looked good. He looked in a mirror and admired himself. He liked his
new look. Justin wanted to dress up too but couldn't fit into my
clothes. He was wearing a dress shirt so I took one of my ties and put it
on him. He looked pretty sharp. I don't think either one of them ever
wore a tie before. Justin smiled with pride.

I went to pick out some more for me to wear but Aiden stopped me. He told
me that I would wear what he use to wear to church. He said he didn't want
me to look better than him. I really wanted to wear my own clothes but he
was right, he should look good and who cares how I look. Aiden threw me a
pair of nice jeans and a plaid shirt to wear and told me to clean off my
boots. I was going to look like a hick but I started to put them on and
again Aiden stopped me. He told me I can get dressed in the church parking
lot. I told him I didn't want to drive in town naked. He slapped me hard
and told me I go in the church naked if he wanted me too. I just told him
that I was sorry and he was right. I don't need clothes in a car anyhow.
I knew it would be embarrassing but I'm not allowed to say no to him,
afterall he is my superior.

Once the boys were dressed Aiden said "Faggot your Master needs to take a
piss" I dreaded it but I dropped to my knees and crawled up to him with my
mouth open. I didn't like being his urinal but he was in charge. He
looked down at me smiling saying "Why should I do the work you pull my cock
out and hold it to you mouth." I don't know why but it was embarrassing to
unzip his pants and fish out his cock. He and Justin were laughing at how
pathetic I looked. I held his cock up to my mouth. At first he just
dribbled some and it fell on my chest. Then the flow started filling my
mouth. I swallowed at quickly as possible. When he was finished I shook
it on my bottom lip and tucked it away for him. He was grinning at me and
said "Good work fag." Of course Justin didn't want to be left out. He
stood next to Aiden and said "I'm next big brother." I repeated what I did
for Aiden. It was really humilinating for me but I got hard while doing
it. Stupid dick.

Aiden ordered me down the ladder and once he was down he took my leash and
pulled me outside. Justin carried my shirt and pants. Mom and Jeff were
coming out of the house. Mom saw me naked being pulled around and with a
boner no less. She said "Aiden, your brother can't go to church like
that." Justin told her that he had my clothes. Aiden asked Jeff if it was
OK if he, Justin and I took my car and meet them at church. Jeff thought
that was a good idea. He said "That works, mom wanted to see her sister
anyway. So we're spend the afternoon there and you boys can come back home
then." They were happy. Aiden opened the back door and kicked my ass into
it. Of course he was going to drive and Justin would ride shotgun. I just
hoped he drive carefully and that no one would see me. I slumped down in
the seat. Justin noticed me doing that and ordered to sit up tall and put
my hands on my head. That was going to be embarrassing if another car came
by. Every car that went by Aiden beeped the horn and waved to them. I
just closed my eyes praying they wouldn't notice me. Justin noticed, so he
pulled on my leash causing me to jump. He said that I better get use to
riding around naked because I would only wear clothes when I got out of the
car. I dreaded going for rides now. Once we pulled into the parking lot
Aiden told me to get dressed and quickly. Justin threw my shirt and pants
at me.

We got out of the car and I followed behind Aiden and Justin. There were a
bunch of people standing around and talking before going inside. Aiden saw
a friend of his and called out to him. We all walked towards him. I
wasn't sure who he yelled to but as we got closer I noticed two boys
smiling and looking at us. Aiden and Justin walked up to them. Aiden said
Lance and Danny this is our step-brother Caden. He just graduated from
college and is trying to find a teaching job. Danny said that I didn't
like old enough to be a teacher. I told him I was 22. The boys turned out
to be brothers and Lance was 15 and Aiden best friend. Danny had just
turned thirteen and was in Justin's class. They were friends too. Both
boys were very blond, had deep tans. Danny was a skinny kid but cute and
Lance was on the wrestling team with Aiden and in great shape, plus he had

When the boys were talking Aiden told the boys that I was a faggot and
their slave. I couldn't believe that he just blurred it out like that.
The boys smiled and shook their heads. I don't think they believed Aiden.
I just stood there looking stupid. Aiden repeated that I really was a
faggot and their slave. Then he looked at me and ordered me to tell them.
I put my head down and said "Aiden's right I am a faggot and their slave."
The boys laughed their asses off. Lance said he never knew anyone that was
a faggot before. Aiden told him that I love sucking his and Justin's cock
and that he took my cherry already. Both boys were grinning from ear to
ear. Aiden told them that they drove here in my car and that his parents
were spending the afternoon at their aunts and asked if they wanted to come
over after church and going swimming. He said he could drive them home
afterwards. Lance said he ask his parents but thought they would say yes.
I guess the boys spent alot of time at each others houses. I could see
Lance's pants tenting. I think he was thinking that he would get a blow
job. Danny wanted to come too and of course Justin said he could. I
thought great, two more boys to humiliate and abuse me. I had hoped Aiden
and Justin wouldn't tell anyone about me.

I told Aiden that I really needed to go to the restroom. I was full of
piss from both of the boys and had to go. Aiden smiled at me and said
"What do you say when you have to go fag?" I said "Sir, may I please go
pee pee Sir." All the boys laughed. Aiden said I could go but we had to
hurry. We all went inside and went to the restroom. Once inside I saw no
one else was in there. I went to the urinal when Aiden said "When you use
a public restroom you drop your pants to your knees then go pee pee." It
was embarrassing but I did it and took a long piss. When I was done I went
to pull my pants up when Justin ordered me to turn around. I didn't want
to but I knew he punish me if I didn't so I slowly turned around and I was
getting hard. I tried to cover myself but Aiden told me to put my hands on
my head. Here I was in a public bathroom, pants down with a boner facing
four young teenagers, how embarrassing is that. Danny asked why I didn't
have any hair. Aiden told me to tell him why. I said "Sir, it's becasue
I'm a faggot and only real men like you four deserve to have hair not me."
They laughed again at me. Lance noticed my swollen balls. Justin said
that was one of my punishments plus their trying to stretch my balls down
to my knees. Aiden came over to me and slapped my boner hard saying "Our
big brother loves having his cock and balls tortured don't you bitch." I
said "Yes Master, please punish them. that's all there good for Sir."
They laughed again and Aiden told me to pull my pants up. This was so
humiliating and in a church yet. We went to go find mom and Jeff and take
our seats. While we looked for them I asked Aiden if he had to degrade me
like that in front of his friends. He just smiled and said "I'll do
whatever the fuck I want to do with you. Your only job is to obey us or be
punished. Pure and simple huh?" I agreed and followed.

When we found the row for us to sit Justin went in first followed by me
Aiden, Jeff then mom. I didn't like the idea of being between Justin and
Aiden but it wasn't up to me. As soon as we sat down Aiden handed me a
hymal and told me to place the book on my lap. That was no problem but I
didnt understand why. Then he told me to pull my dick out. I looked at
him and whispher "What, are you kidding?" He told me to do it but keep the
hymal over it so no one would see it. I didn't want to but I undid my
zipper trying not to raise any attention. Of course Justin was watching me
closely. I got about half my dick out and making sure no one saw. Aiden
picked the hymal up a little to see if I did it. He leaned over and said
take it all the way out. I whisphered "I won't be able to cover it when we
have to stand to sing." He just told me to stand closer to the pew in
front of us. So I pulled my cock all the way out. Justin was grining.
Aiden checked again then said "OK, so far so good now take out your balls
and hand me your leash." I begged him not to do this to me. He reached
under my hymal and sqeezed my dick tight ordering me to do it. I squirmed
in my seat and said I do it. I fished my swollen balls out and passed my
leash to him. My stupid cock started to get hard. I wish Aiden hadn't
touched it. I could hide it with the book while sitting but standing that
would be hard. Aiden yanked on my leash and I jerked. He just smiled at
me. He love seeing me suffer like this. While I was looking at Aiden
Justin knocked my hymal off my lap. Mom heard the book fall and looked at
me. I covered myself up and don't think see saw my dick. I quickly picked
the book up and covered myself again. Justin was grining of course. This
was going to be a long hour.

I tried my best to keep my boner covered but when Aiden wasn't jerking on
my leash Justin was flicking my balls with his fingers. I was jumpy as
hell and unable to sit still. I know the people sitting behind us knew
something was going on. When the prist started his sermon Aiden reached
under my book and started to jerk me off. I couldn't believe he was doing
it. It felt so awesome having this hot, young stud jerking my cock. I was
nervous as hell that someone would see but it felt so damn wonderful.
Justin and Aiden were smiling and watching me. My eyes were closed
comsumed in pleasure. I didn't hear a word the priest said. After a
couple of minutes I must have moan because Justin flicked my balls and said
keep quiet. I know I was close and just wanted to cum. I even forgot I
was in church with all these people around. Then Aiden stopped and grabbed
my balls and squeezed them hard and whisphered "Not now faggot." I was so
close and my cock was throbbing, I wanted to finish myself off but I wasn't
allowed to touch my cock. For the rest of the service my cock was throbbing
and twisting and I kept squirming in my seat. It's hard to sit still when
your so fucking horny and your cock is out begging to be touched and your
not allowed to touch it.

When the service was finally over I was stuffing my dick and balls back
into my pants. Aiden leaned over and told me to put my balls away but at
least half of my cock had to stick out. He was grinning but he was
serious. He told me I could cover it with my hands. We all stood up and
exited our pew. I kept my hands over my cock which was just getting
harder. When we were in the aisle with everyone else Justin told me to put
one hand in my pocket. I thought 'shit, I would look funny with one hand
over my crotch but I did itfeeling embarrassed and stupid. Once outside
Jeff said that they would be home by dinner. He leaned over and told Aiden
"Looking forward to dessert in the loft afterwards." He had a broad smile
on his face. Aiden told him he was looking forward to it. Jeff had no
idea what he was in for. He thought he was going to get to see his boys
cocks and watch them fuck me but the boys had other plans.

We hooked up with Lance and Danny. Of course Justin had to tell them that
I had my dick out the whole time and Aiden was jerking me off. He slapped
my hand away from my cock so the boys could see half of my boner sticking
out. They both laughed. Lance said they were sitting two rows behind us
and knew something was going on. He said he saw me squirming around and
tossing my head back. He said it looked funny. Aiden told me to go to the
car and strip naked. I said "Yes Master and left." Danny said "Is he
really going to be naked in the car. Justin told him that I could only
wear clothes when out in public but otherwise I'm naked 24/7 because
faggots don't deserve to wear clothes. Danny said "Cool." Then Aiden
added "If he doesn't do it he knows I'll pull his pants down and put him
over my knees and spank him right here in the parking lot. It's not like
it would be the first time." Lance and Danny were amazed at the power
Aiden and Justin had over me.

Danny asked what else they did to me. Justin said that they whipped my
back, ass and chest. Also, that they used a fly swatter on my balls.
Neither one of the boys could believe it. Justin told them that my balls
were swollen to twice there orignal size and when they got to the car they
could see it was true. Lance asked why I let them do it. Aiden told him
that I was just a fucking faggot and had no rights as a man and that they
turned me into their slave. He told them that when he took my cherry he
rammed his cock into my ass and I screamed like a little bitch. But then
when Justin fucked him he loved it. Justin said this morning when I woke
up with my morning boner Caden came right over and gave me a blow job. It
was awesome. The boys were eating it up. Aiden said that I loved eating
out their asshole and that they pissed in my mouth too. Danny said that
was gross. Aiden laughed and said it was but faggots love drinking their
Masters piss. Lance said he wanted to piss in my mouth. Aiden told him
that he and Danny can do whatever they like to me.

I wasn't looking forward to the drive back home. I got in the back and
stripped and sat in the middle seat. The four boys came and I covered my
cock with my hands. Aiden got in the drivers seat, Justin in shotgun and
Lance and Danny sat on either side of me. As soon has their legs touched
mine I got a boner. Danny couldn't believe I was naked. Justin told me to
put my hands on my head. I didn't want to but did it. Danny immediately
saw my boner and said "Wow, he's got a boner and it's big." Aiden laughed
and said "Danny, that's not big. Mine and Justins is bigger and yours will
be to when your older." Lance saw my swollen balls and said they looked
really sore. Justin took my leash and yanked on it pulling my balls out and
up so the boys could get a good look. I gritted my teeth. Justin told
them that they were trying to toughen my balls up and to stretch them out.
Danny thought it was funny that he had more hair at 13 than I did. Aiden
told me to tell Danny why I was hairless. He loved making me humiliate
myself. I said "Sir, I have to shave all my hair off because only real men
like you guys deserve to have hair not a faggot like me. And he also
reminds me that I'm not a man, I'm a faggot who lives to serve an service
men like you Sir." Danny liked me calling him a man and Sir. He asked
Justin if he could touch my cock. Justin leaned backed and slapped the
shit out of it. He laughed and told DAnny he could touch it, hold it,
squeeze it, slap or anything he wanted to do with it. He even said he
could slap my balls to. Danny grabbed hold of my cock and pulled it down
and let go so that it snapped back up hitting my stomach. Lance took my
balls and felt them and squeezing them but not to bad. All I could do was
sit there with my hands on my head and let them do whatever they wanted.
It was totally embarrassing, but I stayed hard.

We finally left the parking lot and I felt like fool sitting there naked
with four teenage boys laughing at me. I noticed that the town was bigger
than what I thought. It had 25,000 people, a shopping mall a Wal-Mart and
lots of fast food places. Just as we left town Lance pointed out a adult
book store with a tattoo shop next to it. He said it would be cool to
tatto Faggot on my chest. I panicked. Aiden said "I think I want my brand
on him but I want to think about it first." I thought brand. I begged
Aiden not to tattoo me. He told me to shut the fuck up and he'll do
whatever he wants with me. It was a 30 minute drive back to the house and
the whole time the boys were playing with me. Danny liked snapped my cock,
Lance was pinching my nipples hard and Justin was pulling on my leash. All
I could do was sit there and take it like a good little bitch.

Aiden pulled up to the house and said that we should eat before we go
swimming so we went inside with Aiden pulling my leash. I guess I was
starting to get use to it because it wasn's hurting as bad. We all went
into the kitchen and Aiden told me to make some hamburgers and fries. He
told Justin to go up to there room and get everyone a pair of shorts and
sandals to wear to the lake. I started with putting the fries on a cookie
sheet and put them in the oven. I was going to put the burgers in the
broiler but Aiden told me to cook them on the stove. I told him the the
grease would spatter all over me and asked if I could put my shirt and
pants on. He laughed and said "Fuck no bitch, if you get burned that's
your problem." The boys just laughed at me.

Justin returned with the shorts and sandals and all four boys stripped. I
guess they were use to seeing each naked in the locker room and at the
lake. Lance saw Justin's and Aiden boxers and asked what kind they were.
Aiden said that they were silk and they felt awesome. He said that he had
to try them. Aiden took his off and handed them to Lance. He tried them
on and agreed that it did feel great. Aiden told him to keep them, he had
more and said "It's not like the faggot will ever wear underwear again."
Of course Danny wanted to try them so Justin gave him his. He really liked
them too but they were to big for him.

When I was trying not to get burned by the grease I glanced over at the
four naked boys. Lance had a nice 4" soft cock hang and a big pair of
balls with a nice hairy blond bush. Danny had a small dick and tight
little balls and a small batch of blond hair, but it was well developed for
13. I found out that Justin was held back a year in school and that's why
their in the same class. Danny just turned 13 while Justin was going to be
14 very soon. Justin saw me looking at Danny and Lance and asked me if I
like what I saw. I blushed at being caught. I said they both had really
nice cocks. Aiden said "I bet you can't wait to suck on them can you
faggot?" I replied "Only if they want me to Sir." Aiden said "While we
eat fag boy here can suck on our cocks for us." They all laughed, but it
made me hard. I hurried as fast as I could with the burgers and only got
spattered a few times. I put the food on the table and got drinks for the

The boys sat down and Aiden told me to get under the table and to suck his
cock. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to him. He was
already boned. I kissed his cock head and licked it, licked his balls and
was sucking on his cock. He told everyone "This is the best way to eat."
Everyone laughed. Then I felt a kick and heard Justin say "Suck my cock
faggot." I left Aiden's cock and crawled over to Justin's. His was
dripping with pre-cum. I licked it all up, massaged his balls while I
sucked on his cock. He said he wanted to eat all his meals this way. Then
Lance said "Hey tell him to suck mine. I kissed Justin's cock goodbye and
went to Lance's. He was rock hard. He had a cock as big as Aiden's and
thick and two big balls to play with. I kissed his cock and balls before
swallowing his whole cock. I heard him moan. I was licking his head while
sucking. I was running my fingers through his hairy bush thinking I wish I
had hair like his. I only sucked on his cock for about a minute when he
tensed up and shot his load. He shot four jets down my throat before he
pushed me off his cock and he shot another two jets on my face. I heard
him panted for air. He told the guys that, that was awesome. Of course
Danny said "Do me." I licked Lance's cock off and crawled to him. He was
hard but he had maybe 4" and thin. I kissed his cock and he giggled. Then
I swallowed his whole cock and both of his little balls at the same time.
I was licking his head and sucking. He was moaning and really enjoying his
first blow job. He didn't last long either and he shot his load. It
wasn't nearly as much as his brothers but a nice size load for a kid his

The boys were amazed that an adult would suck their cocks. Aiden told them
that they could do whatever they wanted with me and I couldn't say no to
them because they were men and I was just a faggot. Aiden then put all the
food scraps from everyone's plate onto his and placed it on the floor. He
told me to enjoy my lunch. I was hungry so I went to the plate and started
to heat it. Justin told me "No hands fag." I put my hands behind my back
and ate everything they left for me. Then Aiden told me to get up and do
the dishes. I stood up and Aiden immediately slapped me saying "You forgot
to thank us for letting you suck our dicks." I said "Your right Sir, I'm
sorry. Thank you Sir, Justin, Lance and Danny for letting me suck your
cocks it was a real treat for me." They all laughed and I went to do the
dishes. The boys then put on their shorts and sandals.

By the time I was done the boys were in the living room. I crawled into
the room. Danny said "Look he's crawling. Justin told him that I wasn't
allowed to walk in the house, only men could. He laughed. They were
discussing ways to punish me for not thanking them for sucking their cocks.
I couldn't believe I had another punishment coming. Danny was pointing at
a candle and said "Why don't we stick the candle in his ass and light it
and let it drip on his ass. My ass tighten up. It didn't want candle wax
on it, that would hurt. Justin agreed saying that would be fun but I want
to see his face when it hits his asshole. Aiden had me lay on my back and
lift my legs up over my head and hold them. I knew this would hurt and
didn't want to do it but I had to obey or get yet another punishment. I
got down and got my ass high up in the air. Aiden spit on my hole and the
candle end before he stuck it in. He only put about 3" in and the candle
had 9" sticking out. Justin lite the candle. They all watched as the wax
started to drip down closer and closer to my hole. I was watching to and

I knew what was coming and started to beg Aiden to please not let the hot
wax hit my asshole. My nuts were laying on top and Aiden slapped them and
said he wanted to see my hole covered in wax. All the boys laughed and I
just gritted my teeth hoping it wouldn't burn to much. But I was wrong.
When the first drop hit my hole I screamed and jerked. Aiden grabbed my
balls and told me to hold still and that the candle had better not come
out. I held my legs tightly and screamed again when the second drop hit my
hole. I laid there sweating like a pig and trying my best not to squirm to
much. If the candle fell out I knew I be in even worse trouble. It wasn't
long before my asshole was covered in wax. After that it wasn't to bad the
new wax just laid on top of the wax already there.

Justin then suggested taking the candle out and cover my balls and cock
with hot wax. I was shaking my head no and begging them not to that I
couldn't handle the pain. Aiden just grinned as he slapped my nuts hard
and said "To bad big brother." He pulled the candle out and tipped it so
it would drip even faster and right onto my balls. He held the candle
about 6" from them. I did my best to hold still knowing what was coming.
When the first drop hit my balls I sreamed again, then another drop,
another scream. this went on for about a minute until my balls were
completely covered in the hot wax. All the boys were laughing and really
enjoying my pain. When Aiden was done with my balls he told me to put my
legs down and spread them. I obeyed him. My cock was limp so he picked it
up and put the candle right over the top of my cockhead. I begged again
but no use. I put my hands behind my head knowing I would try to stop
Aiden from this attack and I didn't want another punishment to deal with.
After another minute of screaming and crying and sweating my cock was now
covered in wax. Once he was done with that he lead a trail of wax up my
chest and covered my nipples and entire chest with the wax. I was
exhausted from the pain and finally Aiden blew the candle out. I was never
so happy. I didn't want to fuck up again so I immediately thanked him for
teaching me my lesson. They all laughed again saying how pathetic I was.
I didn't care, I was just happy the torture session was over.

Justin said that was fun but wanted to go swimming. So the boys walked
outside and I slowly crawled after them. I didn't know where their
swimming hole was and didn't know if I could wear clothes there or not.
All I had on was my boots. Once outside Aiden said he needed to take a
piss. That was my que to crawl up to him and kneel with my mouth open. He
pulled out his cock and started to piss all over me then filled my mouth
with it. Danny was amazed. He said "I can't believe your big brother
let's you do that." Aiden told him that I didn't have a choice. Lance
told Danny not to get any ideas. He wasn't going to be his slave.
Everyone laughed at that. Aiden ordered me to stand. I looked a mess. I
still had some of Lance's cum on my face and I was covered in sweat, piss
and candle wax. Aiden took my leah and said let's go. I had no idea where
we were going. Danny asked him are you going to make him walk down the
road naked. Aiden just said "It's not that far." I thought I had to walk
on the public road like this. Granted it's a gravel road out in the
country but someone may drive by. I asked how far was the lake from here.
Justin said about a half a mile down the road and a quarter mile down the
trail. I thought a half a mile being naked on the raod was quite a ways
but Aiden was pulling my leash and I had to follow. A couple of times while
we were walking Justin got behind me and kicked my ass telling me to hurry
up. I was doing my best but Aiden kept pulling my leash and it was killing
my balls. I felt like they were being stretched a foot ahead of me at
times. Luckily no one drove by and we made it down the trail to the lake.

Once there the boys stripped down and ran to a large rock and jumped in.
The rock was about 5' above the water. I wanted to wash the piss, sweat
and wax off of me so I took my sandals off and followed them in. They were
all swimming around trying to dunk each other and just having a good time.
It was fun being out there with them. I felt like a kid again. After
about half an hour the boys got tired and swam to shore to rest. They
grabbed their towels and laid down on them. It was an awesome sight. Four
young teenage boys laying naked with there cocks semi hard. Aiden ordered
me to suck his cock. He had his hands behind his head and spread his legs.
I went up to him, got down on my knees and took his cock in. It swelled to
it's full size in no time. He just laid there with his eyes closed
enjoying being sucked off. I was really starting to believe that I was
born for this. I started enjoying sucking boys off. It only took a couple
of minutes and he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock deep into
my throat and shot his load. He held it there for a second than pulled his
cock out and wiped it off on my face then cock slapped me with it. Of
course the other three boys were watching and enjoyed the show.

Justin was smiling and got up with his hard cock bouncing around. He told
me to lay on my back. I got down on his towel and laid down. He got
between my legs and lifted them up. He was going to fuck me in front of
the boys. He spit on my hole and his cock. He lined it up and rammed it
in. I cried out, my hole wasn't loosened up at all. It felt like I was
being raped all over again. Lance and Danny got up to watch this assault
on my ass. They were both grinning. I'm sure it was the first time Danny
and probablly Lance to ever see someone fucking. Justin was long stroking
me, pulling almost all the way out than jamming it in up to his pubes. He
wasn't being easy at all. He was getting off on showing his friends how
rough and hard he can be. He fucked me hard for about 5 minutes before he
exploded in my ass filling it. I could feel some of his cum dripping out
of my hole onto my leg. He kept his cock in my ass until he recovered than
pulled it out quickly with a pop and told me to clean his cock off. I
scrambled to my knees and clean him off of his cum and my ass juice. I saw
Lance and Danny jerking their cocks and they both were dripping pre-cum.
Justin stood up and said "And that's how you fuck a faggot." He was
grinning from ear to ear. I remembered to thank him for fucking me so hard
and hoped he enjoyed himself. I didn't want another punishment for not
thanking him. Danny said he thought that was so cool. He was getting into
all this stuff. Lance said that it made him really horny. Justin told him
to go for it. In the meantime I was wiping up Justin's cum off my legs and
licking it. I must admit that I did like the taste of his cum.

Lance said he wanted to fuck me doggie style. I got on my knees, put my
head down and spread my cheeks apart for him. He was rock hard and had a
big grin on his face. I don't think he ever fucked anyone before. He
looked a little nervous. He lined his cock up with my hole and pushed in
slow. Once he got the head in he said "This is so fucking awesome." He
pushed the rest of his 7" in and I felt his balls on my ass. He started to
pump my ass but not hard. He was taking his time and enjoying his first
fuck. I was moaning like a sick cow. He grabbed my hips and held them
tight as he picked up his pace and started to fuck faster and deeper. I
heard him moaning and when he was ready to cum he yelled "I'm cumming, I'm
cumming." And he shot his load. He shot quite a bit considering I just
sucked him off a little while ago. He collasped on my back all sweaty and
hot and he smelled good. He pulled out with his cock dripping in his and
Justin's cum. I turned around and licked it all off and thanked him for
fucking me. I told him he was great. I wanted him to feel good about his
first fuck.

Of course Danny wanted to try, but my ass was really loose now and his cock
was small and thin. He didn't care he just wanted to be like his big
brother and do everything he did. I got my ass up in the air again and
Danny rammend his little cock in. I didn't feel much at all but he was
having fun and going to town. He was pumping my ass for all he was worth.
His little balls were slamming into my ass and I thought his balls were
going to be hurting by the time he was done with me. I couldn't even feel
his cock tense up at all when he shot his load again. It wasn't much and
he was happy and pulled his hard little 4" out and said "That was great. I
never fucked anyone before." The other boys assured him that he did a
great job. Aiden said next time you fuck him first when he's really tight,
it'll be even better then. I licked the cum off of his cock and said
"Thank you Sir for fucking me so hard, I loved it." He was all smiles.
Aiden suggested they go swimming again and wash all this cum off of us.
They all ran to the rock and jumped in. It's exciting seeing four naked
teenages run. I think I'm going to like coming here with the boys.

After a while the boys decided it was time to head back. We got out of the
water and dried off. They got dressed. I wish I could put something on.
I didn't want to walk on the road naked again, but at least I was clean now
and not covered in piss and wax. We were all tired from swimming and
wasn't walking to fast so I could keep up and Aiden didn't pull on my leash
to much and Justin didn't kick my ass once. It felt weird walking naked
down a road but the breeze felt good on my ass and balls. I didn't mind
being naked outdoors to much anymore as long as no one saw me. It almost
felt natural being naked around Aiden and Justin them wearing clothes. I
wish they were naked all the time too.

When we got back to the house Aiden said they should get dressed and we
drive them home. Lance and Danny both stripped and put their church
clothes back on. I have to admit they look better naked. We all piled in
the car and took off. Lance said it would awesome if I taught at their
school then they could all get blow jobs. He added, it would be even
better if he helped the coach with the wrestling and swimming teams that
they were on so they could fuck me in the shower. Everyone laughed and
agreed. I said I already applied at several schools. Aiden reminded me
that none of them replied. Then Lance said "You guys know my dad is on the
school board I could ask him if he could Caden a job there. I felt sick,
thinking I would become the school faggot, get fired and thrown in jail.
But the boys all thought that was a great idea. Lance said he ask his dad
when he got home. I prayed his dad would say no. Being their slave at
home is one thing but at school too where I was their teacher, I don't
think so. Aiden asked Lance to see if he and Danny could spend the night
sometime this week. Lance didn't think that would be a problem. I guess I
was going to be their slave from now on too.

After we dropped the boys off Aiden and Justin were talking about me
teaching at their school. They thought it would be great then I be there
slave forever and at school too. I was hoping this would end by school
time but they had other plans. Hopefully the school wouldn't hire me, but
Aiden was right none of the schools I applied at responded and I did need a
job bad. Then the talk turned to what they were going to do tonight after
dinner with their dad. That was more interesting to me. They were going
to turn him into their slave. They knew Jeff wanted to see their boners
and watch them fuck me. They knew Jeff wanted their cocks bad and they
were going to take advantage of it.

We got back to the farm and went up to the loft waiting for their parents
to return. Aiden asked me about my laptop, if it had a camera. I told him
it did and I also had a digital camera that I could download pics onto the
laptop. He told me to set it up so his dad wouldn't see it. I knew he
wanted pics of his dad blowing them or something to blackmail him into
being their slave. I didn't like the asshole anyway so I was glad to help.
It was getting late when we heard the car pull in. Aiden and Justin were
excited and so was I. I couldn't wait to see how this turned out.

If you liked this story you can contact the boy who the story is based on.
His name is Caden Tyler. He lives in Higgins, Canberra, Aurstralia. His
e-mail is aussiemarcus95@hotmail and boy_spanked_naked@yahoo. His Brother
Aiden is 15 and Justin is 13. He will send you pics. These boys are for
real. I wish I was Caden or had a son like Aiden or Justin to use and
abuse me. Let me know if you liked the story and I'll write the next

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