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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Slow Seduction

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 17:03:05 -0600
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Slow Seduction

Slow Seduction
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his preteen
son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this
theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the
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Cody is 11 now. I've had full custody since before he can remember. He
has my brown hair and his mother's green eyes. He's a little tall for his
age, lean and toned, with a great sense of humor. Now, I know it's
. . . well, whatever it is, a dad isn't supposed to find his child sexy.
I've seen his bare ass, though, and it has . . . well, let's just say the
memory of it has helped me find release many a night. Call it lack of
pussy, lack of companionship, perversion, whatever.

Lately I have become more and more . . . obsessed with his hot ass. So
much so that I have caught myself admiring his body. His chest. His
developing abs. The crooked smile when he's being playful or clever.

As my attraction deepened, I found myself doing small things. Was I
testing to see how far I could go? I don't know. For example, today Cody
came and sat on my lap wearing just his boxers. I slowly stroked my
fingertips up and down his creamy white thigh, very slowly. I got to the
point where my fingers pushed the leg of his boxers up a bit. Then I moved
my hand to his chest and made small circles around his nipples, slid my
fingertips slowly down his chest and abs until right below his navel.

He thought I was trying to tickle him I think. It was so hard to not
simply slide my fingers into his boxers and touch his young prick, to give
him pleasure and make him mine. I had no doubt that if I could get him
going, get him hot, I could take it to the level I wanted. I remember
being his age. I was a total slave to anything that made my dick hard.

When he climbed off me to get some water, I made sure my hard dick was
buried between my legs so he wouldn't feel it when he sat down again. He
came back scratching his belly which, of course, only drew my attention to
his crotch more. "Can we go swimming, Dad?"

"Sure," I said.

"I'll go get my trunks on." I got an idea. "Why bother? It's just us

He stopped. "What do you mean?"

I had had adequate time for my cock to shrink. I reached down and stripped
out of my shorts and boxers so I stood bare. "We can skinny dip."

He looked at me stunned. I walked over to him, smiled, and yanked his
boxers down. He quickly covered himself with his hands. I began tickling
him. He dropped to the floor as I continued tickling him. My dick was
beginning to come to attention, though, so I stopped and got up. He was
gasping for air from laughing so hard.

I put out my hand, trying to avoid looking at his dick. He took it and I
yanked him to his feet. I put my arm around his bare shoulder and guided
him to the sliding glass door. Naturally I guided him through first.
Seeing those perfect mounds of his butt had my crotch tingling. He jumped
into the water, and I joined him quickly.

We frolicked in the warm water while I tried not to become aroused by his
bare body. It was so tempting to "accidentally" grope him. Although I did
manage to bear hug him once. His legs wrapped around me, and I thought I
would lose it. Daring, though, I put my hands on his rump to hold him up.
It felt like fire was in my veins. He laughed and pushed off me, swimming
on his back, his dick floating gently on the water as my cock grew fully.

I slowly swam backward, making sure to keep my waist below the water. I
needed to put some distance between us even though my inner self screamed
against it. As my lust warred with my brain, I was rethinking this whole
enterprise. But then I he climbed out of the pool. I watched the sunlight
glisten on his wet body as the water streamed off him. Well, you can
imagine which side won.

I went to the steps and closed my eyes and just concentrated on the water
lapping against my body while he splashed around, went down the slide, etc.
When my libido and cock were both finally under control, I slipped out of
the water and lay on a lounger to dry in the sun.

After a while I told Cody I was going to make lunch and headed inside. He
came inside after a few minutes. He noticed I was still naked. I saw him
ponder things and then shrug. He sat down at the table without pulling his
underwear back on. I smiled as I turned my back to him. My plan was
perhaps working, even though I was doing this totally on the fly. After
all, what experience did I have seducing a boy?!

After we ate lunch, he wanted to go to the store to get a new game for the
Wii. I was disappointed to have to get clothed, especially to see him
clothed again, but I said yes. As we drove to the mall, I rested my hand
on his upper thigh. At one point I needed both hands to turn the wheel, so
when I was done, I replaced my hand on his leg but this time higher. My
fingers were so close! I imagined I could feel the heat from his groin.

We got the game and went back home. It was fun sitting on the couch and
watching his little body bounce around the floor as he played the new game.
I admired how his shorts clung to his ass. I absentmindedly rubbed my

He went to a friend's house for a while, and so I rubbed one out. My poor
cock needed relief so badly!

We had pizza for dinner and then cuddled on the couch while watching a
movie. I had stretched out and spread my legs so he sat between them, his
back laying against my chest. I wrapped my arms around his chest. After a
while he said "Daddy, it's too hot," as his hands pushed at my arms.

"Here," I said, and pulled his shirt up and off. I peeled mine off as well
so I could feel his bare skin against mine. Once again my hands explored
his torso teasingly. I made slow circles down his torso. As I made
circles around his navel, I let my hand sink lower and lower until my
fingers were sliding beneath his waistband. I didn't feel elastic and
wondered if he had underwear on. Naturally my cock responded. I had to
think of other things before it grew and gave me away.

As I stroked his skin, I slowed things down so that my fingers spent more
time in the waist of his shorts. Finally I left them there. I felt his
fingers playing with the hairs on my leg as my hand rested on his belly.
With my other hand I rubbed his chest and gently stimulated his nipple. I
was in a trance from the sensation of his body and the proximity of his sex
to my hand. That hand sank a little lower now. His hand suddenly rested
on mine through his shorts.

My heart sank a little. What would happen if I pushed it further? What if
I just shoved my hand down to his dick and started rubbing? Would he stop
me then? I noticed my heart was pounding hard in my chest. My other hand
rested on his chest, and his heart rate seemed elevated, too. Or was it
just my imagination and wishful thinking? Suddenly he shifted, and my hand
automatically ended up even closer to his dick. Did he want this, I
wondered. Was it a fluke? I was terrified but filled with desire at the
same time.


I almost shook my head to clear it. "Yes?"

"There's something weird pressing against my back."

Shit! It was definitely my cock. I flushed, and from the heat I was quite
sure I was a brilliant shade of red. "Sorry. Sometimes. . . it just

"What does?"

I swallowed. "Well, you get excited and your . . . your penis gets hard."

"That's your penis?" he asked surprised.

"Yes. Sorry." I removed my hand from his shorts and adjusted my cock so
it pointed down between my legs.

"Why did it get hard?"

"Hasn't yours ever done that?"

He was quiet. "Sometimes in the mornings or if something rubs against it a

"Yep. Sometimes it just has a mind of its own. Nothing to worry about."
I hoped that was reassuring.

I tentatively placed my hand by his waistband again wondering if something
would be different now. No reaction. I reinserted my hand into his
shorts. I think it went a little further down this time, though.

I noticed his legs spread a bit so that they pushed against mine. I moved
my head and kissed his cheek. "Daddy? Mine is hard, too."

I think my heart actually skipped a few beats. "Yeah?"

He nodded his head.

I swallowed hard and then inched my fingers forward. I felt him shift
again. "Wanna feel something good?" I asked.


I took a deep breath and thrust my hand the rest of the way. As soon as I
felt his hard dick I began stroking. It was then that I realized
completely he wasn't wearing underwear. I ran my thumb across the head of
his dick, and he sucked in his breath. I moved my fingers to his balls.
As I fished his sac out, his legs spread wider giving me access.

After a few moments of this, I whispered in his ear: "Push your shorts

I felt the fabric move past my hand as he followed my guidance. I looked
down and saw my hand working his hard dick. I licked my lips. "Take them
all the way off, Cody."

He maneuvered as he removed his shorts. His ass crushed against my rod
which drove me crazy. As I stroked his meat, which was a little bigger
than I expected, my other hand rubbed his hairless thigh. I licked my palm
and fingers and continued working his cock. I loved feeling him breathing
deeply as his body moved with the sensations I was giving him. I wondered
if I should just enjoy this or go ahead and move it to the next level.
"You enjoying this?" I asked.


"This is our little secret, OK? We can't tell anyone."

He nodded his head vigorously in agreement.

As I rubbed his meat, he shifted position, and I felt him reach back and
rub my cock. "Stand up so I can get my shorts off," I said.

He got off the couch and stood in front of me, his cock jutting straight
out from his body. I quickly stripped out of my shorts and boxers.

"Wow, Daddy! Yours is big!"

I smiled at his praise. "Yours will get there, too, when you're older."

I reached out and pulled him toward me. "Let me show you something else
you'll really like." I licked my lips again, leaned forward and quickly
had his young flesh in my mouth.

He shivered as he entered my hot mouth.

I sucked on him for a while before he said "Daddy, I can't reach yours."

I released him and said "Why don't we go to my room?"

We padded to my room quickly and lay down on the bed. I got him into a 69
position and sucked his dick hungrily while he stroked my aching rod. I
stopped sucking him and holding his dick, I flicked my tongue against the
piss slit. He practically writhed! I then took his large oval nuts into
my mouth and sucked on them. As I did this I felt his hot breath against
my meat. I said a silent prayer he wouldn't stop, and then I felt my cock
enter his mouth.

I devoured his cock as he sucked on mine. He began sucking on me faster,
so I figured he was close. I sped up as well matching his urgency until I
felt his dick twitch. I was a bit surprised when something salty entered
my mouth. There wasn't much to it, but it had to be cum the way his cock
was spasming.

He stopped sucking my dick momentarily as he climaxed. I released him as
he continued blowing me. I rubbed his perfect ass cheeks as my orgasm
began building. As I grew closer I started moving my hips up and down
while my hand found his head and nudged it downward. I moved onto my back
as I started breathing harder, the pressure in my groin becoming fantastic
until finally I blew into my boy's mouth. He gagged and immediately
released me. I could hear him spitting as my cock unloaded.

I lightly smacked him on the butt as I got up and went to my bathroom to
wash my jizz off. When I came out he was laying on his stomach looking at
me. "Wanna sleep here tonight?" I asked.

"Sure!" he answered excitedly.

We slid under the covers. I moved him into a spooning position. I loved
being pressed against his backside. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, Daddy! Except when you peed in my mouth."

I couldn't help it. I laughed. "That wasn't pee, Cody. That was cum."


"Yes. You have it too just not as much as I do."

"So it wasn't pee?"

"NO! I wouldn't pee in your mouth, silly. And it feels really good if you
keep your mouth on my penis and swallow it like I did for you."

"OK, Daddy."

I was so hot again. I ran my hands up and down his torso. "I had so much
fun doing that with you."

"Me too!"

My cock was growing. "You're making me hard again."

"I didn't mean to!" he said defensively.

I lowered my hand to his dick and started rubbing his cock and balls.
"It's nothing wrong, son! You just really turn me on."

Soon my cock was poking against his buns. I so desperately wanted to plow
that virgin ass! I stroked his hard-on as I rubbed my cock against him. I
rolled onto my back and got some lube. I spread it on my cock and returned
to my son. "I'm going to try something different, OK?"

I felt his head nod against me. I slid my dick between his thighs as close
to his balls and ass as I could. "Oh that feels so good, Cody!" I said as
I humped his thighs while stroking him.

After a while of doing this, I had him move onto his back. I stretched out
over him. I ground my cock against his. "I'm going to teach you how to
kiss, son."

"I know how to kiss!"

That surprised me. "Really? OK, show me." I put my lips to his, and he
gave me a peck. I chuckled. "That's not what I meant. I meant . . . like
when you're with someone you love."

"I love YOU, Daddy."

"I love you, too. A LOT! But that's not what I mean. I mean when you
find someone you want to have sex with or that you like like a girlfriend."
I said, rubbing my groin against his. "Or a boyfriend." I sucked on his
neck gently. Then I moved to his lips. "Just go with it, son." I had him
cross his ankles, and then I reached down and slid my dick back between his
thighs. As I slowly fucked the tight space between his legs. I put my
lips to his and kiss him. I lightly sucked on his lower lip. As he opened
his mouth, I inserted my tongue. He hadn't been expecting that and started
to turn his head. I put my hand next to his face to hold him steady. As I
continued probing his mouth with my tongue, he began to mimic me.

I broke the kiss and moved back to his neck, but the other side this time.
I noticed his breathing was heavier. I returned to his lips, and this time
his tongue darted forward. I met his kiss and returned it. I grabbed him
and rolled over. He maneuvered with me until I was on my back. I gripped
his head as we kissed.

"Suck on my nipples, Cody."

He moved downward so he could comply. My hands rubbed up and down his
body. I gripped his firm ass. He moved up and returned to kissing me. I
couldn't take it any longer! I moved him off and told him to get on his

I began by kissing his shoulders and then worked my way down his smooth
back to his butt. I lightly bit his ass cheek which made him giggle. I
let my tongue follow his crack until I was near his balls. I spread his
legs and massaged his sac with my tongue. He moved his legs further apart.
I reached under him and pointed his dick downward and licked it.

I kissed my way down his delicious legs, occasionally stopping to suck on
the smooth skin, although he was lightly hairy the lower I went. When I
got to his calves, I switched to the other side and kissed my way back up.
When I got back to the cleft of his ass, I spread his cheeks and eyed the
puckered hole greedily.

Curious, I moved in and began probing his hole with my tongue. He squirmed
crazily and cried out "Daddy!" in ecstasy. I licked the hole furiously,
pushing my tongue against the entrance as his ass thrust into the air.

I wanted to just plunge my cock into that sweet hole, but I was close to
orgasm and wanted to really savor our first time. I held his ass as I
moved up. I wanted to test something, and so while he looked back I
gripped my dick and rubbed it against his hole as my other hand rubbed his
lower back. It was exquisite torture! He didn't budge, though. YES! I

I moved back and had him lay down flat. I momentarily rubbed my dick
between his cheeks. Then I had him cross his legs again, and I inserted my
cock between his thighs, pulling it close to his ass. Kissing his face I
went back to fucking his legs.

"For a minute there I thought you were going to put it in my butt!"

I was silent as I pondered how to answer or pursue this. "I wanted to."
"Really? Why?" he sounded genuinely surprised.

Because your father is a horny, perverted bastard? Wrong answer to give.
Hmmmm. "Because when you love someone so much you can't stand it, you want
to be inside them." Yeah, that was a LOT better.

I felt his ass push against me.

"Would that . . . would that have been okay?" I asked.

He nodded his head yes. I started kissing him again. When his mouth
opened, my tongue slid into it. Within seconds I felt my cock unloading.
"I would really like that, Cody."

When I was done shooting, I moved off him and guided him onto his back. I
sucked on his nipples and then kissed my way down to his twitching cock. I
licked the head and his legs practically flew apart. I swallowed his meat.
As I moved my head up and down, my tongue pressed against his cock.

I reached up and pulled his hands to my head. He held my head and began
pumping his hips. I pulled off his dick and said "Yeah, Cody. Give me
that dick!" I plunged downward again. I moved a finger to his ass and
slid it between his cheeks. I rubbed his hole as he writhed. I inserted
the tip of my finger and moved it slightly around the incredibly tight

"Daddy! Yes, Daddy!"

I slid more of my finger in, and he pushed against it. And then I tasted
his salty juice enter my mouth as his body went rigid. I sucked on him
gently as he came.

I moved away and lay alongside him. He cuddled up against me. "I love you
soooo much, Cody!"

"I love you, too, Daddy! Mucho, mucho!"

I chuckled lightly and let sleep take me.

In the morning I was the first to wake. He was snoring softly. I smiled
and carefully slid out of bed and hopped into the shower. He was still
asleep when I got out. I slipped on some shorts and went into the kitchen
and started breakfast.

The smell of food woke Cody up, and he came into the kitchen rubbing sleep
from his eyes. I turned around and saw my naked little boy. I gave him a
hug and kissed him chastely on the lips. "Good morning sleepy head!"

He yawned and replied "'Morning Daddy."

Almost as soon as we were done eating there was a knock at the door. I had
Cody go get some clothes on while I answered it. It was his friend Marcus
from next door. "Can Cody go with us to the water park?"

Cody came from behind me. "Cool!" I heard him respond.

My heart sank a bit, but I couldn't begrudge him having fun. "Of course."

Cody ran and changed into his trunks as Marcus left. It was hard to hug
him goodbye knowing he was naked underneath those trunks. Marcus' mom said
they'd be back by 3.

The wait seemed like an eternity. When Cody came home, he had changed into
jeans shorts and a green tank top. "Did you have fun?" I asked as I sat
down on the couch.

"Yes, Daddy!" he said, setting his stuff down on the floor and sitting next
to me.

"Good! I missed you, though."

"I missed you, too," he said. I pulled him close to me and played with his
hair. My dick began growing. I moved my other hand to his leg and lightly
stroked it. His hand moved to the tent in my shorts and began rubbing it.
His head tilted up. I lowered mine to his, and we kissed. I felt his
hands at my waistband, and so I lowered my shorts to give him access. He
stroked my cock as we kissed.

"You make me so hot, son," I breathed into his ear.

He moved away a bit, and saw him leaning down.

"Yes, baby!" I said and felt my firm rod enter his hot mouth. I pulled his
tank top off. I rubbed his bare back as he sucked on my balls. As he
moved back to my cock, I pulled my shirt off and had him pull my shorts
off. When he had my shorts off, I pulled him toward me. I undid his
shorts and let them drop down. He was wearing boxers, and his cock was
pushing the fabric out. I slid the fly over the tent in the blue and white
striped underwear and freed his dick.

I slid to my knees in front of him as he moved backward in response,
creating space for me. I sucked on the head of his dick as I massaged his
cheeks through the boxers. He slid his underwear down, and I moved to let
him step out of them. Once he was naked, I gripped his hips and turned him
around. "Bend over, baby."

I spread his cheeks and quickly moved my tongue to his hole. As I worked
the puckered entrance, he said "Daddy, my legs won't work!" That confused
me and so I stopped.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, but I can't stand when you do that." I stood up quickly and picked
him up. As I carried him to my room, I said "Then let's lay you down,
baby." We kissed passionately as we went down the hallway.

I placed him on the bed. He immediately moved onto his stomach and thrust
his knees beneath him, his ass jutting into the air. I returned to licking
his sweet hole as he moaned loudly. I rubbed his groin as I worked his

"Are you going to put it in now, Daddy?"

I stopped, breathless. "Oh yes, baby. I'm going to fuck you!" I hadn't
meant to swear, but . . . goddamn he unleashed something awful from me! I
grabbed the lube, spread it on my cock, and, just for good measure, applied
some to his hole, too. As I did I inserted my finger slowly.

"Oh Daddy!"

I had used my time alone wisely today and had done some research on the
Internet about how to fuck a virgin ass. I withdrew my finger and had him
get on his side. I placed my dick against the cherry hole and pushed
slightly. The tip of my dick entered his hole, and I thought I might
blackout from the sensation. "Ohmigawd, Cody!"

"Am I doing it right?" he asked.

"Oh yes my precious boy! You're PERFECT!" I slid more of my dick in. I
just wanted to plunge my cock in and fuck the hell out of that tight ass!
But I figured that would hurt like fuck, and I didn't want to do that to

I slowly fed my cock into his super tight hole. I sucked on his neck and
found myself lightly biting it. The combination of teeth and dick elicited
a loud moan. I was about halfway in now. "Are you enjoying this, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy," he sighed.

I pushed more of my dick in and started slowly humping his ass. With the
motion his hole seemed to relax more so that with each thrust forward more
of my cock was able to enter him. Now that the majority of my meat was in
him, I began fucking him harder. I finally moved him onto his stomach. In
this position it was harder to hold back, and I quickly found myself making
faster thrusts. Naturally, this drove my dick in further. When I saw
Cody's head lift off the pillow, I finished the process of introducing my
rod and buried my dick inside him. "Oh gawd, Cody! I'm in you all the way

As my cock sank into his hole, his head fell to the pillow, and it appeared
he was biting the pillow. I was so fucking turned on! I pulled my dick
backward and slowly pushed forward. When it was completely inside him
again, I squeezed my ass cheeks as if it would help my meat enter him more.
With his hole relaxed and my boy chanting "Oh Daddy!" I picked up speed and
soon was pounding his sweet ass. As our bodies slapped together, I felt my
climax rapidly approaching.

My rhythm increased, and I suddenly felt his ass muscles gripping me. I
could feel his dick twitching from inside his butt. I was so damn close to
orgasm, I was making shorter but faster thrusts. His face was on its side,
his mouth open in ecstasy. I leaned forward, kissed him, and then froze as
my cock virtually exploded.

"Goddamn I love you!" I said as my dick continued unloading. I reached
under my little boy and quickly found moisture confirming that sensation I
had felt was him cumming as I fucked him.

I carefully moved and guided him onto his side so that I stayed inside him.
I ran my hand over his chest and abs as I felt sleep begin to overtake me.
I stopped fighting it and fell asleep while I was still inside my son.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Slow Seduction