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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Spanking Paddling And Brother Love - Spanking Paddling And Brother Love 2

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 22:54:58 -0500
From: Eric Lattenhaus <>

SPANKING PADDLING AND BROTHER LOVE - Chapter 2 - Authoritarian and Incest
--by Eric L.
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[Story of three teen boys: Twin boys, Derek and Travis, 16; and
the younger son, Jeffrey, 14, and their dad, John Carnslee.]

"CRACK!" came a blow to Jeffrey's derriere.

The lad shrieked.

"This is just a warm-up boys, don't forget."



The air was thick with erections and testosterone laden sweat.
But the tension was too high, John could see. He put down the

"Come here boys," John said, gathering his boys around him. He
held Jeffrey and gently rubbed his bottom.

"Dad," Jeff began, "Y--"

"Hold on, Jeff," their dad said, as he hugged all three boys, and
spoke gently to each. He touched tem all tenderly, reminding
them that he loved them, which they acknowledged freely; and that
they loved each other, which was evident.

Then came an inspired pep talk.

Then, the big question. They knew this lesson well. They had
learned it through many hours of study and discussion, and almost
as many hours of getting their behinds paddled.

"You all know the importance of good behavior and discipline?"

Various versions of "Yes, dad" could be heard.

"Travis, tell me what the importance is."

"People are stubborn and they need a little pain to get the bad
habits and laziness out of them."

"That's good. That's enough, Travis. Jeff--tell me more."

"Boys need it more, but everyone needs it. The spanking gets the
bad thoughts out so we can obey the good rules," Jeff said,

There was some question as to whether the boys actually believed this
wholeheartedly. John listened and watched carefully.

"Okay, Derek, your turn."

"There's a dark side of the human mind that laughs at every kind
of punishment except spanking where there's real power and some
pain or humiliation. That knocks it out, more and more, until we
are real men, and cut the cr--I mean do the right thing, no
matter what."

"That's very good Derek. It's okay to say crap at a time like

Derek was the real brain of the three. John allowed a certain
language leeway during punishment. Normally, only the worst
words were forbidden. Aside from that, a boy had tacit
permission to shout out almost anything while he was getting his
hide tanned. In the worst punishments the bad cuss words
were okay, as long as not directed toward anyone.

"Jeff, Travis, your answers were also excellent."

"Thank you," all three said.

"Now the warm up--Jeff, you had 2 cracks of the belt. That's
enough. Travis, you get 5; Derek 4 more to make 5."

"Yes, sir."

"Travis let's get your 5 out of the way," their dad said. He
knew Travis would yell louder and would frighten Derek, thus
increasing the tension which was a good part of the punishment.
Setting up the right tension and fear was in itself, a
punishment. This allowed John to avoid excessive force, and use
a lower, more compassionate force, when disciplining.

If you asked the boys, they would say the lesser force was plenty
high. But the shallow depth of the welts and the total lack of
bleeding attested to the humane quality of John's methods.
Bruises were rare, and always superficial. The man loved his
sons and wanted to train them sternly, not torturously, although
he hugged the borderline closely.

"Jeff, Derek, position Travis. No, wait!" John said. "Stand in
a circle. Tell me, who's the odd man out?"

"Jeff is," Travis said. "He's hard and we're not."

'We' was the usual way the twins referred to themselves.

"Jeffrey--you watch. Derek--fondle Travis. Make your brother

Jeffrey watched intently as Derek began to succeed in partially
arousing his twin. Jeff knew the twins loved him, and it was
clear that Derek loved Travis, by the way he carefully handled
his twin's quickly growing penis.

"Derek, stop," John said. "Kiss him." Another new command.

A sigh from Derek, a blushing face, then a kiss to Travis' lips.

"Hug, him. Kiss him harder."

Both boys unavoidably heated up, giving to each other the kiss
that had aroused them many times. It was plain that Derek and
Travis both improved in size and stiffness through the magic of
the kiss. Neither was quite fully hard, though.

"Jeff, go behind Travis, support his back, so he doesn't fall.
Derek, suck your brother." John was nervous, having broken new
ground with this command, encouraged by his friend, Roger, on the
telephone. He worried that his tone was too casual.

Silence. Derek, stunned, looked at his father. Moments passed.

"Derek! Suck him. Give your brother a blow job."

More silence. A flushed Derek. Jeff looked on, his penis
throbbing just at the idea of witnessing this--at his
father's command, no less.

"Derek! do you mean to stand there and tell me you never sucked

Derek was out of breath, now. He knees appeared to weaken. His
embarrassment was plain.

"Dad, I--" Derek said. "No. I don't mean to say that, dad."

"Then say what you did in the past."

"I . . . oh, God! I sucked him," --a statement to which
Jeffrey's dick responded by throbbing visibly upward.

"Do it now. Get him hard and dripping. Get him ready to cum."
Turning to Travis, he had additional instructions, "Don't cum,
Travis! Push your brother away when you feel too close for

Jeff was now pulsating and dripping. It looked for all the world
as if 14-year-old baby brother would have a spontaneous orgasm,
watching the two sexy 16-year-olds, and wondering what part he
might play in this intriguing game of pleasure.


He knelt. Travis was quite erect, now. Derek put his twin
brother's dick in his mouth. Bobbing his head, he slowly
stroked up and down the handsome penis. Three strokes, then--

"Stop!" dad yelled at Derek. "That's good enough, boy! We'll
abort the idea of getting Travis all excited."

The lad was as excited as could be, from the looks of him.

Travis was then made to do the same to Derek. Then, the twins
were made to take turns sucking Jeffrey, even though that was
unnecessary. Their aroused, teenage moans excited John.

"Jeffrey, do the same to both your brothers."

The young lad trembled, but, blushing, obeyed his father's
command. John noted that Jeffrey took his older brothers' big
cocks all the way down his throat, but he said nothing about that

John made the boys take a five minute break. The twins' penises
deflated, while Jeff remained hard.

One of John's favorites with the twins was to deliver punishment
by having each, in his turn, stand at the foot of the bed, spread
his arms, and take hold of the bedposts.

"Travis, the bedpost position! Jeff, Derek, get behind him for
support." Jeff and Derek crawled onto the bed.

By placing his son's feet just so, and making him grab the
bedposts at a certain height, John achieved a beautiful, partly
bent-over position for Travis that was quite erotic with his
pure, unblemished ass sticking out invitingly. You could hear
the lad's tense breaths.

"You'll now get your five warm-up strokes and your 20 whacks of
the paddle." John wasted no time. He picked up his belt and
went to work.

"CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!" the sound of the wicked
strap echoed to the counterpoint of the stunning boy's yelps.
John could see Travis' penis deflate, while Jeff and Derek
throbbed increasingly.

"All right! Hold him mid-thigh," John barked, instructing Jeff
and Derek to hold the boy's legs to prevent his body from
crashing into the wood crossbars of the bed. John retrieved
his slotted paddle from the closet.

"WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!" . . . the fearsome smacks continued
endlessly, bellowing out the sound of the thick wood against the
moaning twin's glowing, enchanting bottom. This was not as
painful as the strap, but the paddle with its slots delivered a
mighty good sting.

"Ah! AH! OW!" the boy continued, but it was early in the stroke

Travis was screaming by the time the 20th whack had been
delivered. The other two brothers would have been shouting just
mildly if those same blows had been delivered to either of them.

Their dad knew Travis had the least pain-tolerance, and would
scream bloody murder, scaring the other two. And it worked.

The remainder of the punishment, for all three boys, was very
hard, especially the strokes of the tawse and cane, which were
marked by much loud screaming and kicking of legs. Except for
the paddle strokes, all the others were delivered to the lads in
a prone position, with lots of room for tormented boys with
agonized buttocks to swing and kick their legs.

Surprisingly, John skipped the standing-in-the corner routine,
and went right to applying the tea tree oil to each boy's well-
tenderized, but captivating bottom.

With 3 clean blankets on the floor, John placed each boy face down
on one, and rubbed their butts sensually. He played with the
skin, rubbed it lovingly, and eventually spread some
right on their tight holes, rubbing and teasing them lightly,
and delighting in watching these prime, near-virgin openings
twinkle right under the touch of his finger. John assumed that,
with all the other sex play the boys engaged in, fucking had
occurred at various times, but not often.

John was doing this to introduce the idea slowly to the boys--
that dad might start a phase of butt play that would go a little
further next time. From the wiggles and pleasant moans of each
son, John could tell this might become a popular activity.

His finger could hardly wait.


As they all showered together in the large stall, John brought up
the subject of their reward, admiring their perfectly crimson
asses the whole time. 'Reward' was a misnomer. It was actually
more of a compensation for taking their punishment well.

"Okay, boys, I'm proud of you. You all took it like men."

Just to spice things up a bit, he made each boy slap his other
two brothers in the sore buttocks, making for some interesting
shouts that bounced harshly off the hard, tiled walls. The
brothers playfully went beyond their dad's instructions, and did
quite a bit of slapping.

John realized that this was a healthy outlet for a boy's slight
sadistic tendencies.

"OW! Oh! SHIT! Oh, GOD! Ahhh!" was heard in that sweet,
youthful sound that only boys could make. They were good natured
about it, thus their smirks and smiles to each other, accompanied
by brisk comments about who hit harder and what wasn't fair.

"What would you like for your reward?" John asked his sons,
smiling and proud of them.

The boys froze momentarily, obviously stunned at this new turn of
events. Their dad had always chosen the 'reward' for them, and
simply announced it.

Silence hung as a heavy drape. Faces began to blush, presumably
with the torrid thoughts the three boys were entertaining.

Dad was patient. This was THEIR turn, he thought, to make a
decision, and determine their own fun.

All was quiet for some time, until Jeff spoke up boldly.

"I wanna fuck Travis!" he said.

Of course, all three realized this would be done in the presence
of the others.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Spanking Paddling And Brother Love - Spanking Paddling And Brother Love 2